Cynthia Bailey Has More to Say About Nene Leakes


The back and forth between Cynthia Bailey and Nene Leakes rages on Internet today as Cynthia takes a turn at the whole “open letter” genre of shade. Unlike Nene’s all caps Instagram meltdown, Cynthia takes more literate route, spelling out exactly how she feels in complete sentences replete with proper punctuation and grammar. Cynthia says that she is relieved that the friendship is over and feels as though Nene is acting out of hurt because Cynthia has moved on.

Here are some excerpts from Cynthia’s Open Letter in Uptown Magazine

Since the airing of the Watch What Happens Live episode featuring my fellow Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Nene Leakes that essentially gave her a platform to show how vindictive and vicious she can really be, I have been bombarded with questions and requests for interviews about my views on what really transpired between Nene and I, and why our friendship ended.

Cynthia and Nene

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[portions snipped]

However, the most challenging part for me has not been disagreeing with my husband on camera or finding out my family essentially considered sabotaging my impending wedding in my first season on the show or even the unfortunate argument with fellow cast member Kandi Burruss during the Pillow Talk party this season. In all honesty, it’s been watching someone who I thought was a friend first attack my husband and then attack me by suggesting I be fired from the show.

Fans have asked why I didn’t return fire when Nene lashed out at Peter while in Mexico. Others have suggested that I am weak because of the way I choose to handle situations. Don’t let the pretty face fool you. I just choose my battles wisely, and prefer to get to a solution in a more appropriate and classy way. Frankly put, it’s just not who I am and I don’t respond that quickly in those types of extremely uncomfortable and volatile situations. In fact, I was completely stunned, and more than anything, I didn’t know how to respond in that moment.

First of all, I was shocked that Peter and Gregg were even having an argument at all. They were always so engaging and had a special level of respect for one another. Peter was a groomsman in Gregg’s and Nene’s wedding. So to see the two of them going at it was incredibly hard for me to comprehend. When Nene became involved, I assumed she would attempt to calm the situation and shut it down. She shut it down alright, by essentially verbally attacking Peter, who like me, had done nothing but support Nene and Gregg in good and bad times. Nene and I had spent that entire day together on and off camera, and the issue of her and Peter’s exchange at Kenya’s charity event never came up.

The “bitch” incident was very disrespectful and a low point in our relationship. But as mature adults who genuinely cared about each other, we worked through the mess, and decided our friendship could survive. Don’t get me wrong; it was very difficult to forgive Nene for her harsh insult towards my husband because I would never refer to a friend’s husband in such a derogatory way. But we moved on.

We were all in a good place, or so I thought, until Nene felt that I was becoming too close to Kenya, “the enemy” as Nene referred to her on Watch What Happens Live. There is this ridiculous notion; of course being perpetuated by Nene, that Kenya and I have somehow become BFFs. Nothing could be farther from the truth. However, I am as friendly with Kenya as I am with Kandi Burruss, Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams. What I will not do is stop being friendly, cordial, respectful or accommodating to people just because my friend or anyone else thinks I should. I don’t do petty. It’s not in my DNA.

Because I allowed Kenya to host a model call at BarOne, genuinely felt sorry for her when she lost her dog, and was seated next to her at the reunion, I am now somehow her best girlfriend. That’s absolutely ridiculous. Viewers will remember during her first season on the show, Kenya caused all kinds of confusion at my Bailey School of Fashion during a model search.  On and off camera we had conversations about the incident and her unfortunate behavior. She apologized, we ironed things out, and moved on. Never have I gone on any talk shows or interviews and suggested that Kenya lose her job. And as far as I know never has she in regards to me. I think it’s unprofessional, divisive and petty.

But that’s exactly what Nene did when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live. I have seen the very best of Nene Leakes, and I witnessed the very worst of her during this appearance. What she did and said was not coming from a good place, and was downright dirty. The damage she thought she was doing to me, in turn has damaged her image more.

So, are we done with this now?


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87 responses to “Cynthia Bailey Has More to Say About Nene Leakes

  1. LLO

    “The damage she thought she was doing to me, in turn has damaged her image more.” Love this comment and hope it chokes the “Moose” and takes that turned up “stank” face of hers down the dirty mole hole into oblivion. SOOOO over Nene….

    • Mia

      If you would have added “Bloop!” to your comment I think I would died and resurrected.
      I so agree with your comment.

    • Oh my!

      Bloop ! Ploink! Pluck ! Plock!

    • Anjanette

      I would think that NayNay would be pretty put off by what Cynthia said in her writings. That’s mainly because Cynthia speaks with a learned/educated mind. I don’t believe that Nay Nay has the same background.

      When you mix the two (higher educated and high school educated) it’s unfortunate, but eventually sooner or later the “higher educated” is looked at with disdain by the high school educated. And soon thereafter, the higher educated is accused of looking down at the other because of the full sentence structure, correct punctuation, thoughtful writing, etc.

      “Acceptance” in this case becomes a double edged sword. Cynthia accepted NayNay up to a point. Probably to a larger extent and longer amount of time than she should have. Cynthia is looking at this scene with logic, common sense and care.

      NayNay is looking at it with emotion, passion and anger and street language which basically amounts to NayNay taking her ball and going back home with an attitude. They are different animals and really shouldn’t be compared.

      Cynthia can look at this with a reasonable mind. Nay Nay looks at it with a radically emotional mind. They are governed by different parts of the brain. NayNay is in fight or flight…Cynthia isn’t.

  2. well,well,well

    I believe Cynthia. Nene has stopped being friends with Kim, Sheree, Marlo, Kenya and now Cynthia all in the span of about 6 seasons. She’s obviously the the common denominator.

  3. I feel this says a lot about Nene. She’s had way too many fall out with the women on the show and now Cynthia! Ridiculous! I’m glad Cynthia finally spoke up at the reunion but she should of done it a long time ago.

    • kym

      Co-sign – I’m glad Cynthia did more talking on the reunion and NeNe was very shocked that Cynthia had more to say. NeNe feels Cynthia goes where the wind what? She can be nice to whomever she wants and since NeNe doesn’t approve she wants her off the show. Amazing. I hope Andy keeps her just to spite NeNe to see how she reacts. LOL!

      • It’s really obvious now that Andy “feels some kind of way” toward Nene now and it’s not so good. I’ve noticed lately that he has been almost bristling at some of her responses. Is it up to Andy solely who gets to stay? I’m sure he has a lot of input, but does he have the final say?

      • It’s my understanding that it is all up to Andy. He gets input, and discusses it with people but it is his call.

        On Thu, May 1, 2014 at 2:26 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • @TT Thanks. I knew you would know! Oooooh, Nene better tread carefully.

      • Valerie

        Can you imagine being at work and “falling asleep” (Nene at the reunion) while sitting next to your boss? (Andy, sitting right next to Nene.) I know she was just being rude and pretending to fall asleep while Kenya was talking, however Andy is her boss and who in their right mind decides it’s a grand idea to fall asleep at work with the boss sitting right next to you. Eventually Andy can only take so much disrespect can’t he? BTW, Sometimes when I watch my kids sleeping I think how incredibly cute they look. Nene fake sleeping, not so much.

  4. I really like Cynthia. She is class and style all the way and does it looking gorgeous. I like her intelligence.

  5. ClassyLady80

    New post!! Yay!! That means you made it through the night Tamara!!! There will be round two of storms/tornadoes tonight if you didn’t already know… so be safe!!

  6. MicroOp

    No. Unfortunately there will probably be another round coinciding with the last installment of the reunion. :(

  7. Vanessa

    If their friendship has really been dissolved, why are they going back and forth at each other. I believe they are both still hurting. Maybe Nene and Cynthia should get together and talk quietly one last time. We don’t need to hear the outcome. It should stay between the two of them because this has gone too far. All the best to the both of you.

    • Philly Finest!!

      Nene make comments in public , and then expect Cynthia or anyone else for that matter to address her in private (not in public) Cynthia has the right to express in public how she feels about the situaion.

      And Nene is not the spokesperson for the rest of the people on rhoa… ( she not only one can make statements etc.

    • You have posted the absolute wisest comment on this thread.

  8. LisaLisaDiva

    Cynthia has shown herself to be a Queen among swine and I do believe this move has just locked in her contract renewal. Checkmate bitches!

  9. SoCalCPA

    I really don’t understand why she was friends with Nene in the first place — Nene is a bottom feeder and quite possibly the worst type of friend to have (as we’ve witnessed). I know people like her — they feel like they’re always the “Alpha” female, and all others are Beta. Poor Cyn was Beta-female in this friendship, but, bless her heart, she didn’t care; she was just happy to have her as a friend at the end of the day. It’s a shame she couldn’t see the red flags early on in their friendship. Honestly, I would love to have a friend like Cynthia — it’s rare to find quality friends like her.

    • LisaLisaDiva

      Well said SoCalCPA. I have three friends like Cynthia who I love like no others. They are my sisters forever and have shown me the same deep love and loyalty that I have shown them over the years. NeNe really clowned herself on this one. Ride or die chicks are a rare breed and betraying one is stupid beyond measure.

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        @LisaLisaDiva, I can identify with your comment: ‘sisters forever who have shown me the same deep love and loyalty over the years’. It’s a privilege to have friends like this isn’t it? Adult female friendships can be very complicated and challenging. I have two close friends and lots of acquaintances. Real friendship is a precious gem.

        While I feel a bit sorry for Cynthia, I am also very pleased that she has found the inner courage to confront Nene. She has probably been thinking and analysing Nene for a while. It wouldn’t surprise me if she had been discussing her actions privately with a gnawing sense of revulsion/discomfort. Cynthia has taken a lot of criticism for her unfaltering loyalty to Nene over the past three seasons.

        NOW_NENE_HAS_CROSSED_THE_LINE_BY_PUBLICLY stating that Cynthia brings nothing to the show.

        Talk about a disloyal narcissist. This is unacceptable not only because Cynthia really needs her Bravo cheque!

        If Cynthia returns next season (and I hope she will) I predict that we will see a self assured and confident Cynthia who has zero time for Mrs Lenethia Leakes. I wonder if Nene secretly regrets what has happened.

    • Marilyn

      Yeah – they did come across as an odd pairing. When Cynthia moved to Atlanta I wonder if she knew anyone. And then there was Nene – the so called top dog on the reality show. I’m sure Cynthia thought this is good because Nene could teach her the ropes of reality TV. Of course after Nene made fun of the friendship contract and was yucking it up with Kim about it – I would have created some distance between us.

      • LisaLisaDiva

        Once NeNe gets over her anger, I think she will talk herself into believing Cynthia wasn’t a real friend either. Right now she just seems really shallow yet confident in regards to what she brings to the show and her success as top paid housewife in the Bravo franchise. From a business point of view, I’d give NeNe a pay cut and Kenya a pay raise. NeNe really has no leverage with Bravo because if she leaves; what else is she gonna do to keep herself in the limelight.

    • Anjanette

      In my not so humble opinion, it’s a leveling issue. The education level of Cynthia is higher education. That seems clear by what and how she talks and writes. Cynthia is a reasoning logical person who listens well.

      Now, NayNay seems to be a not so higher educated person. She seems to be more emotionally charged and reactive as one sees and hears in what she says and writes.

      Now there isn’t anything inherently wrong with either. They are just very different and sometimes/many times have a pretty hard time connecting, especially in a heated situation.

      • I have to disagree. There is something inherently wrong/disordered with Nene. She lacks empathy and she is very jealous, the smallest slight sends her into a destructive rage and because she cannot handle criticism (even constructive) she sets out to take revenge. Nothing inherently wrong? I’m sorry but I have to say she has something extremely wrong with her and it’s visibly obvious it is to the detriment of her relationships (the ones she cannot exploit). I feel sorry for what she did to her husband just for TV and to further her sense of self-importance. If there is nothing inherently wrong with her, then God have mercy on the rest of us.

  10. ClassyLady80

    Wow…. Cynthia tied that petty, low class, dust bunny up in a pretty little bow and POOF… blew her away to oblivion. That was the most eloquent dish of shade I have ever had the pleasure to experience!!! Standing ovation… she just came out on top and showed just what a class act she really is.

  11. Belinda

    I have never watched even one episode of RHOA……my interest was aroused by the blogging by TT. I watched Part 2 of the reunion yesterday and have a few (possible uninformed ) comments. Out of all the women Nene is, IMHO, the least pretty (fugly comes to mind), the least sexy, the most thick, the least put together in general appearance , the least well spoken, the least intelligent and the most dour, sour and unpleasant personality. She is a hater ,in general, and being surrounded by women who all have individual attributes that she does not possess makes it impossible for her to project anything other than the innate nastiness SHE
    possesses. What an all around unappealing woman.

    • ClassyLady80

      Just one episode and you’ve got NeNe absolutley pegged from top to bottom… well said, Belinda.

    • Angel

      You got it right about Nene. There could be more negative said about her, if you did watch the show. It is mind boggling that she has many, many fans.

    • @Belinda Well, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So nice to have the perspective of someone who can provide initial impressions without being influenced by all the other stuff. I’m curious. Had you seen her in any of her other “appearances” not related to RHOA? Just trying to gauge her level of infiltration into mainstream television.

  12. pdt090

    Going against Kenya and now Cynthia must be a nightmare for Nene. Sheree, Kim, and Marlo, women who just shout drag queen lingo and insults back at her, could never really beat her at her own game but she has no real defense against people who explain their positions intelligently.

    • Teerii

      Girlfriend, You just said a mouthful!!! Spot On!!!! This is where the tsunami waves are flowing from. When intellect meets pure ignorance it rises up like thunderous waves soaking everyone in reach with an experience of “WTF was That” feeling.
      Some people were raised with parents yelling and screaming at them for just breathing. And please don’t speak and express yourself, they were told to “shut-up, you talk too much! Some were actually taught to disdain intelligence and education. Now these folks are finally able to express themselves. But the only thing they bring is the results of their upbringing. So, thus stupidity, jealousy, ignorance and violence abounds on the internet and in tv-land among viewers and the so-called celebrities.

  13. HotinAK

    It is no surprise to see Nene break her friendship with Cynthia. To Nene getting close to someone she dislikes is being disloyal. It is a shame that Nene has not learned to grow out of this behavior.

  14. Cynthia is a goddess. I feel bad for her being duped all this time. Her only friend on the show was Nene. Everything else is just business. Home girl has bills to pay and restaurants to desperately keep open.

  15. patrice

    Cynthia is a true gem. I wish the world had more people like her. I never was a fan of Nene. She has always been spiteful and evil. I stopped watching when she and Dwight spoke not so nice words about Kandi’s fiance AJ .(RIP) Nene doesn’t care who she hurts. Cynthia just be happy you got that toxic individual out your life because it would have continued to drain you.

  16. As Cynthia says, she brings balance to the show. Bravo needs to cast more like Cynthia on the show because it’s becoming vomitous at this point. I cannot even watch Beverly Hills. I tuned into one reunion show to see if there was anything I may have missed. Nope. Didn’t watch the second or third reunion show. I was getting that way with New Jersey also. Couldn’t stand Caroline Manzo or Jacqueline and barely hanging in there with Melissa. So we’ll see if I can watch the new season. Bravo, better pay attention, this can get old.

  17. RahRah

    Cynthia found her voice but I think she is confused. I get that Cynthia gets a lot of flack for being Nene’s bff and posters pointing out how Nene does this or that to Cynthia and now Cynthia is insulted by the whole friendship with Nene thing and apparently growing balls for the wrong reason.

    I personally thought highly of her and Nene’s friendship and to me it appeared genuine. I see this as Cynthia letting all this go to her head and I really feel like she made the wrong judgment.

    Cynthia of all people knows what kind of personality Nene has, alpha female. I would have more respect for Cynthia if she honestly just said she did not like Nene and that Nene isn’t her type, because Nene is the one who hasn’t changed since season 1.

    Peter has been whispering in her ear to grow a backbone, telling her Nene is running circles around her, etc., the poor woman.

    I would think that Nene and Peter have such a friendship that they would allow each other a disagreement.

    This is just another example of Kenya’s mess even though indirectly, dragging them to some charity that I still don’t know was a scam or not, lost interest.

    • Nene hasn’t changed since season one? BWAHAHAHAHAH

      On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 2:10 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Shirley

        Lmfaooo rotf!!! Even her wig has changed!! What is wrong with ppl!!! Jez all these ppl swim in the Nile river !!

      • O.O

        Yeah, RahRah is a perfect example of someone with impaired critical thinking skills . Wow!

    • Snookums Lynn

      Why would Cynthia want to be friends with a woman who says she shouldn’t have a job? Cynthia ain’t confused. You got it twisted

    • LisaLisaDiva

      NeNe isn’t an Alpha female. Alpha females are natural born leaders, she’s an extroverted personality who has find her niche and profited in being in the entertainment industry. With that said, she needs to change her game up fast because she is starting to damage her brand, NeNe’s fifteen minutes of fame may be safe (for now) on the RHOA front but she’s losing momentum in Hollywood as a one dimensional character in life and on screen.

  18. I agree..NeNe was wrong for putting her friend on blast like that…that was a below the belt move to suggest that Cynthia not return for the next season. Cynthia showed loyalty to NeNe for many seasons and it all appeared to work for her, until NeNe turned on her. Cynthia-you threw shade at the other girls on a sneak-tip too, and now you can see how hurtful that can be. It’s not in you to be spiteful like NeNe..she has a deep down anger issue and wants fame and fortune so bad that she will sell her soul to get it. In a nutshell, she did you a favor…you just haven’t realized it yet. During the many seasons, we watched you gravel to her and her nonsense that cast you in an unflattering light…be glad that you don’t have to suck up to all of that anymore.

  19. I am a NeNe fan, but what she did was disappointing. I think NeNe was hurt, because she truly was friends with Cynthia. She owes Cynthia an apology and lots of sucking up. It can’t always be everyone else, sometimes it’s you.

  20. Snookums Lynn

    That’s clear and completely understandable. Bye Felica, lol

  21. papa smurf

    Well done Cynthia!
    Your take down of Ms. Leakes was intelligent, elegant, and to the point.
    You truly have risen above all Nene’s mayhem, foolishness, and sloppy takedowns. This is the way to put a period at the end and move on to bigger & better things. Just let Nene stew in her own hate & negativity.

  22. Mannie

    Im Confused so why didnt she address why she was okay and accepted Nene’s apology and was all of a sudden heart broken when the show aired again. I wouldve been mad at Cynthia to. Im not defending Nene i just look at and say If you were okay enough to travel with me and spend time socializing on holidays when i apologized and be photographed with me……I say all of that to say I feel like Cynthia played this up for the reunion and like Nene said for a storyline next year.

    • Vanessa

      Mannie, your point was well made.

    • Teerii

      Mannie , I understand your confusion. Its All On Tape. So you can go back and watch what was said by everyone and not just read off of NeNe’s twitter or facebook page. Watch Andy Live,that’s where the split came for Cynthia with Nene putting her down and going for her job.

      • Mannie

        One other point I get everyone saying Cynthia should be mad about the WWHL interview but wasnt that taped AFTER the reunion had been taped? If so how would Cynthia use that as an excuse to be pissed?

    • gigi

      whew! i thought i would get to the end of comments without seeing one person with a sane remark. (kidding.. not kidding)
      thank you mannie!

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      @Mannie. Here’s my 10 pence. I think Cynthia was embarrassed. They “got over” their differences off camera but when she saw herself, particularly her passive reaction to Nene’s ‘bitch’ comment, she realised how bad it was and that she needed to redeem herself pronto.

      Also, Nene’s comments about how she was raising Noelle, not comforting her when she was crying, her diva-ish reaction at Kenya’s charity ball and other minor incidents this season have the cumulative result of = IS NENE REALLY MY FRIEND?/DOES SHE REALLY HAVE MY (and Peter’s) BACK THE WAY I HAVE HERS? Unfortunately, the resounding answer to those questions is a big fat NO!
      Cynthia can now clearly see who Nene is and it’s an ugly sight.

      She should invite Sheree, Kim, Marlo and Kenya over for a ‘We have seen the light’ party.

    • So Mannie, you’ve never seen friends make-up and then break up? Happens everyday. Why should Cynthia be held to a gold standard as if she represents How to Stay Friends Forever. If I saw my GOOD friend telling the world I should be fired as well as the other things she said, well that would be like a punch in the stomach, and a sucker punch at that. MAD AGAIN? You bet your ass. Some things you just can’t overlook.

    • @Mannie
      I must respectfully disagree with you about Cynthia playing this up for the reunion and a story line. I feel that once the season began to air, Cynthia took note of all of Nene’s talking heads, and the extra shade that was continually thrown at Peter and Cynthia after being in the Leakes’ wedding.

      If you recall the first part of the season when Cynthia was concerned about Noelle, Nene downplayed Cynthia’s feelings about the issue in the grocery store, and then she went in on Cynthia about the same subject on the trip to Savannah. Once Cynthia began to cry, Nene had no sympathy for her “friend” and began dogging Cynthia out to Phakedra and Kandi. Nene felt that she could never get crunk with Cynthia because Cynthia always had a calm demeanor and even tone when she voiced her opinion.

      Furthermore, Cynthia was not aware of the fact that Nene had been dogging out Peter all season long until she saw the show played back with the rest of us. This is the deliberate part of disrespect that Cynthia and Peter cannot get over because they never saw any of this coming. Neither one of them addressed the fact that Gregg was living in the basement for three years as the Leakes went through their fake divorce to have a story line. Nene forgets that when she had problems with her son Bryson, she turned to Peter (not Gregg) for help and Peter was glad to abide. Cyn owns her home and actually has a mortgage while the Leakes have continued to rent their sound stage for the last five years.

      The only reason Nene wanted to be friends with Cynthia to begin with was due to the fact Cyn was a renowned international fashion model, and NayNay wanted all of us to look at her the same way. Therefore, NayNay was always ready for any photo op with CYN because that was the only way the public would take her seriously as somebody’s fashion model. Cyn can still model now, but she came to Atlanta because she loved Peter, and he sold her a pipe dream. Cyn misses her life in NY, and has been like a fish out of water since coming to the ATL. NayNay being the shark that she is, tried to ruin Cyn’s bridal getaway by suggesting she, Cyn, and Diana leave Miami and return to Atlanta because she had some business she wanted to take care of. We all know NeNe wanted to get with Peter, and although Gregg was used to her wandering eye, Cynthia did not like it and quietly put a stop to it. Cyn was also with Leon Robinson, and Peter was with Nia Long, ergo they have a lot of acting contacts that NeNe would not access to otherwise. I believe Cyn was the one who really schooled NeNe on the entertainment game, and made her understand she had to be bi-coastal (NY/LA) if she wanted to be taken seriously and create a name for herself. Remember when season four came on, the main story line for NeNe was possibly dating the Italian man, owning a pizza parlor (in Sacramento, CA), and her tension with Sheree after she took money out of Sheree’s pocket. She hasn’t been interesting for the last three seasons because she was trying to prove she was a serious actress in Hollywood.

      Of all the of brides we have seen on Bravo, IMHO Cyn was the most beautiful bride of all time. She beat out both Kim and Nene, and the other RHOA cast members who continue to follow in her footsteps. Her wedding was sparse at the Fernbank Museum, but no one could take their eyes off of her. Kim and NeNe were married in smaller venues, and spent a lot of money they did not have trying to out do one another. NeNe was the center of attention when she was growing up in Athens with her aunt, and she cannot tolerate not being the center of attention at all times. Cynthia gets attention naturally because people are drawn to her looks and regal manner. NeNe gets attention by pushing anyone out of the way who she thinks is taking her spotlight, carrying on like a buffoon, and acting as if she can act (our comic relief). Nene has arrived, but I feel she would not have gotten very far, if Cyn and Peter had not given her the career advice she needed.

      • Philly Finest!!

        I noticed Nene flirting with Peter all the time too. If what you are saying is true about Cyn quietly putting a stop to it…then that would explain why all of sudden Nene is going hard at Peter.

    • NiKki-T

      @Mannie: You are right and I don’t see how these people are getting the timing confused. During the filming of RHOA, Cynthia, Peter, Greg and Ne-Ne had a confrontation while in Mexico, Ne-Ne supposedly apologized, they return to Atlanta the couples went out and she apologized again. After filming both couples were hanging out, taking trips, sharing dinner, etc., I guess Ne-Ne felt things were ok between them. After the show aired with Ne-Ne calling Peter a B**** and the fans were blogging and making comments, Cynthia and Peter started feeling some kind of way, they made a show at the reunion instead of going to one another. After they fell out again, Ne-Ne said Cynthia should be fired while she was on WWHL. You are NOT confused at all.

  23. Alicia

    Cynthia handled herself in a high class manner. She is not like any other females on some of these shows. They conduct themselves unseemly. Cynthia does not have to lower herself to the gutter and pig pen like NeNe does. This woman has no concept of what friendship means. She is so quick to nitpick everyone else’s faults but when the shoe is on the other foot, she accuses Cynthia of not being a true friend. The best thing Cynthia can do is to cut her loses and move on. This is a lesson learned and she will now be the more wiser. Keep your head held high and move forward.

  24. Paige

    I like Cynthia. I think she is the classiest one on the show but what I hear noone saying is that NeNe told the truth. Peter was ACTING like a bitch and he needed to go sit down somewhere. Peter thinks he is somehow marketable entertainment and it was very obvious he was on a one-man campaign for his own show. As a friend, I should be able to call my friend out when they wrong. Nene basically told him to his face what everyone was thinking. The whole bitch thing was blown up (by Peter). He should have admitted that maybe he was getting a little too much in all of the ladies’ business. I think Cynthia can do a whole lot better than Peter. The only time I have seen her truly smile and look genuine with a man was when Leon showed up.

    • SnookumsLynn

      Them and the Peter situation was water under the bridge as far as I can understand, for Cynthia her reasons for dissolution are when Nene said she should be fired…that was like 2 weeks ago.
      Nene doesn’t know when to shut the hell up! She talks so much shit

  25. kb

    Yes they may have hung out after the incident where Nene called Peter a @#$%, but as Cynthia said, watching it all over again just opened up old wounds. When you watch the episode where Nene apologized at the table, or even the day it happened, she used the word “sorry”, but in the same breath, she continued to insult him. If you are really and genuinely sorry, you would not try to justify your actions, you would admit you were wrong to call your friends husband a derogatory name, and leave it at that, not continue to make snide remarks. She even threw Cynthia under the bus when she said that Cynthia let’s Peter say and do whatever he wants. Even if that’s true, that’s your friend. Why did she have to embarrass her like that on TV by talking about her like that. That to me seems extremely disloyal. I think that when Cynthia saw all that again on screen, she was probably hurt. From what I understand, the reunion was already taped by the time Nene was on WWHL so more than likely she was just being vindictive when she spoke about Cynthia being “dull”. She was probably mad that Cynthia started to speak up for herself.

    • Dr. D

      Those confessionals are taped AFTER the events so if there was true remorse or forgiveness to her “friends” it would have been reflected then so to Cynthia her apologies weren’t sincere.

  26. Nicole

    I’ve always liked Cynthia and now I like her that much more. What a lady.

    • Josie

      Agree, Dr D. Cynthia was hurt and, I think stunned, to see NeNe do that to Peter. She thought NeNe’s apology was sincere and the friendship continued and they taped the show. They went on vacation and continued to hang. I’ve read that they get the tape of the shows the same week as the viewing public does. That has the talking heads interviews. Cynthia was probably so hurt seeing NeNe basically taking back her apology and justifying why she called Peter a bitch over and over. Cynthia also saw the conversations with nene and Gregg where she was not remorseful. Also, this was probably the last straw. I’m sure there must have been other ways that NeNe showed that she wasn’t a good friend. This was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back. It is sad. Friends like Cynthia are rare…nene will regret it.

  27. joyce thomas

    nene is mad because she has more money than cynthia and not half the class.

  28. She was never your friennnnnnnnd-ah!!!!!

  29. Fraîche Prince

    Oh boy, Nene certainly has things twisted when calling Cynthia out as a “flipflopper!” Nene has literally spent entire seasons MALIGNING Kandi and Phaedra only to see her this season ALIGNING with them out of sheer strategic necessity! Why? BECAUSE MISS NENE HAS NO FRIENDS! She really needs to take a good hard look in a SHATTERPROOF mirror to see who the real phony in her cast has been!

    She has constantly belittled both Kandi and Phaedra’s respective accomplishments and accolades (Law degree, Grammy’s, Platinum records et al.) while having none of her own to show for… And even now, what does she have? A cancelled network TV sitcom that failed to find an audience, an irrelevant bit part on a TEEN show, a truly embarrassing stint on a D-List dancing competition, and her equally shameful participation on The Apprentice where she ridiculed the King of Pop’s own sister and a once well-recognized TV personality. They hardly afford her enough clout or credit to think of herself as a major celebrity player. She thinks that being loud and nasty and coining token sound bites can buy her a ticket into the A-list? Girl, please. It’s no wonder that her reception amongst the illustrious black Hollywood establishment was such a cold one. Her fake ass had to run back home to the ATL to film in grocery stores and other people’s houses this season because Lil’ Miss N had nothing going for her in Hollywood. PLONK!

    And now she’s chummy with Kandi and Phaedra? Really? After insinuating at a reunion show that it was possible that Kandi (who of course is well-known for her successful production company and retail endeavors) wasn’t as rich as Lil’ Miss N? Girl, bye. Nene is only friendly with Kandi because she needed to secure screen time this season. As for Phaedra, it was very clear that Nene arrived this year with a plot to sabotage her reputation. Wow girl, what a wonderful friend you are! And of course this now begs the inevitable question, what will come next season when Kandi and Phaedra embrace Cynthia since Nene has clearly proven time and time again that she can’t be friends with people that embrace her “enemies”.

    So who is the real flipflopper?

    It’s very clear that Nene has a real problem with accomplished women, or even toward women en route to accomplishing their dreams; I.e., She’s one jealous bitch! In Season One she clowned on Kim’s song because she couldn’t handle seeing her friend on her way to achieving her dream to be a singer… Nene clearly didn’t have a problem accompanying Kim on Dior shopping sprees while Big Papa footed the bill until Kim took the initiative to make her song happen. Why didn’t she tell Kim to close her legs to married men whilst Kim spent money at Neiman Marcus? Her relationship with Sheree was always an antagonistic one so I’m not even going to give it much weight other than to say that Nene’s bitterness was clearly built on Sheree being on a different level at the start of the series; Sheree was about the Zaglianis and catered events (albeit at Bob Whitfield’s expense) and Nene was by all accounts shopping the sales rack at Loehmann’s trying desperately to put on the dog. She even fought with Dwight when he had the gall to out a soured private business deal with Gregg in front of the cameras. And this season she turned on Marlo Hampton after championing her inclusion into the series by bringing her in SOLELY to embarrass Kim and Sheree… Clearly a case of pea green envy toward a “fabulous” (Nene’s own words) girl who however the case may be can at least walk into an Hermès boutique and pay for Birkins in cash and not have to be waitlisted AND THEN put one on a credit card! BLOOP!

    And let’s not forget a brief tiff she engendered on a New Year’s Eve show with Lisa Vanderpump after the latter made a comment about RHOBH out-rating Atlanta… Don’t nobody dare try to outshine Miss Lenethia Leakes. No ma’am! She’ll fight the Virgin Mary if she too injured her over-inflated ego!

    As for her current cast, she’s been dead jealous of Kandi from the start! Because Kandi has been rolling in success since way back in the days when Nene was still showing off her butthole for a dollar as “Silk!” She didn’t like Kandi at the start and she obviously doesn’t like her now. Nene pretended not to know Phaedra from day one, thus discrediting Phaedra’s reputation and life story, and until recently she has treated Phaedra like an obsolete member of the cast. She was only nice to Cynthia because Cynthia was coming from an illustrious background as a trailblazing black model. Cynthia arrived with an indisputable cachet that served as a stepping stone for Nene to further her path toward celebrity, something that none of the other girls in the cast could afford Mrs. Leakes. I mean, how many former Paris runway models does an ex-Atlanta stripper meet in a lifetime? For this very reason she embraced both Marlo and Kenya with equal enthusiasm. In the case of Marlo she saw someone that could grant her entry into Atlanta’s elite society, and Kenya of course arrived wearing her Miss USA crown and touting her IMDB credits and accomplishments on the west coast… Both of them seemingly more significant to Nene than a down-on-her-luck ex-Footballer’s wife or a dildo-peddling Grammy winner! But now she’s TOO BIG for even them! Hell, by the looks of it she’s too big for Bravo now, too! Bye, Lenethia!

    And for all her talk about storylines (and self-published screen capped leaks) I am convinced now that Nene’s divorce and subsequent TELEVISED remarriage was nothing more than a carefully constructed “storyline” crafted solely to further her prominence on the network… It got her a spin-off and a supplemental paycheck for crying out loud! And there’s no doubt in my mind that Gregg’s foolish confrontation of Peter in Mexico was nothing more than marching orders from Mrs. Leakes herself for yet more screen time! Ditto her ill-fated slumber party and the now botched mêlée between Porsha and Kenya at the reunion (which she clearly had a hand in constructing). I mean, was she really covering the girl’s mouth to stop her from further incriminating herself or from outing Nene as the mastermind behind the beat down?

    And it should go without saying that if this reunion ends without a well-deserved cameo from Marlo Hampton then both Bravo and Andy Cohen himself are playing mangey lapdogs to D-list Hollywood never-was Nene Leakes. And here I thought Ryan Seacrest was the devil for unleashing Kim Kardashian to the world. In the words of the late great Isabel Sanford in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: “This here is something else!”

    Anyway, this was one bad season for Mrs. Leakes. For all her talk about success and money in the bank she certainly didn’t display any significant signs of wealth like many of her counterparts on the other housewives franchises. Are we really supposed to buy her tall tales of deep pockets when we’ve seen the homes of housewives like the Vanderpumps, Blacks, and Dubrows? Hell, even Miss Burruss has much more to show for her hard work! But way better than seeing Nene resort to filming in other people’s kitchens at long last the unraveling of her farce has now officially commenced. It’s only a matter of time before she joins the Giudices, Nidas, and Armstrongs on the pantheon of Reality TV tragedy.

    Adios, Lenethia!

    Don’t let the door hit you where the good lord… Oh, you know what? I hope it splits you real good! TLOCK!!!

    • Thank you. LMAO. Totally agree. At long last the unraveling of her farce has officially begun. My prediction: late summer, early fall next year she will be taking her pedestrian saunter back to her former pedestrian life and we can stop shielding our eyes and ears from her soon to be “unrich,” unwanted and expired presence. Nothing will be more fun to watch as she finally disappears.

    • O.O

      @F. prince . I am clapping and saying amen . You forgot to say ” drops mic and walks away”. That tirade was absolutely Fabulous !

    • Valerie

      Ok, it took me a minute to get through F.prince but totally worth it. Loved every well thought out word.

    • Cagey1

      Andy,…is that you? You betray yourself with the use of “Lenethia” and your in-depth knowledge of the series from way back…..if this isn’t Andy it sure seems like someone close to production….

  30. Mannie

    One other point I get everyone saying Cynthia should be mad about the WWHL interview but wasnt that taped AFTER the reunion had been taped? So how would Cynthia use that as an excuse to be pissed?

    • Katrina

      I think Cynthia was trying to end her friendship with Nene or modify their contract at the reunion. Cynthia was really struggling and Nene was not going to get emotional about it. Then Nene went on the WWHL interview. Andy tried to get Nene to reveal who she wanted off the show, but she would not. Nene did not name names, but she mentioned some plot lines and then Andy brought up Cynthia’s name. Nene said Cynthia was boring, changes her opinions with each situation and it makes her look weak. This is what Cynthia needed to make her mad enough to finally break her frienship up with Nene. Now Cynthia will probably be more accepted by the other women. In the past, Kandi, Phaedra, and Sheree said that Cynthia was up Nene’s ass and she was not in control of anything. By not being Nene’s friend, maybe it will provide better opportunities for her.

  31. JoJo

    What a bad week for Nene. Her momentary resurgent ‘star’ flooding the airwaves on DWTS is extinguished & she has now lost her only ally left on RHOA. I’d bet money that she’s seen the end of her lone appearances on WWHL, too. I have no clue if Cynthia’s intentions & ‘open letter’ were a true response to regret over the loss of their friendship. It wouldn’t be surprising it was a chess move and she chose the bigger bandwagon containing the rest of the cast.
    If Nene isn’t the glue holding RHOA together anymore, is there any reason to ask her back if the rest would rather get lice than film with her?

    • Valerie

      I admit I didn’t start watching this show before last season, but was Nene really ever the glue holding the show together,because if so JoJo that’s over with and I agree with you about the whole lice vs filming with Nene. I see so little entertainment value with Nene and Gregg any more. I can’t believe I watched her whole celebrity wedding show. She’s either been a fraud this whole time or changed drastically for the worse. I know she’ll be signed another year, but do I care enough about the other women in the cast to waste my valuable time watching this egocentric, non talented, unfunny, disloyal loud mouth? Does that seem harsh? I do wish Nene would do something positive for a change, but she’s in too deep with the negative crap. Any charm she might have had has left Atlanta for good. I know she’ll be back, I’m just not sure I will. Oh the humanity!

      • Cynthia, I would like to express that if you’re not being bullied by Nene you are being bullied by Peter. I think if Peter had a real job he wouldn-t have time to be in the :housewives business. Unlike Todd who does have a job (and he was in Kandi’s and Todd marriage business too) I think Peter is the one on the “come-up!”

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