Nene Leakes Finally Gets Voted OFF DWTS

Please stop pawing my inner thigh, Nene! I'm a married man!

Please stop pawing my inner thigh, Nene! I’m a married man!

First of all, I can’t believe James and Peta are in jeopardy tonight. They were fantastic tonight.  OMG, did they just say that Abby Lee Miller is the judge next week? OMG Please, please let Nene still be in for that!  Danica just danced with a broken rib. Stupid Interviewing Bitch is still Stupid. She said to Danica, “Well, Ricky Martin just did my job asking you how you are feeling.” I really dislike SIB. She’s just awful.

Nene is all stank face tonight behind the person being interviewed. Then, when she realizes she is on camera she puts on the fake happy face. I am mesmerized by this episode and will keep watching instead of switching over to Real Housewives of Orange County.  I am out of it and very nervous about the weather so I may hold off on recapping the Orange County girls until tomorrow. IF I LIVE THROUGH THE NIGHT! #tornados.

As it should be, Nene is in the bottom and is likely going home. If they send home Charlie or James before Nene than the world is even more fucked up than it already is.  The told Nene and Tony they were in jeopardy and then said you are dancing next and Nene just guffawed. I’m not sure I have ever actually witnessed a guffaw until that moment.  There was also some silly social media thing where people voted for Tony to dance shirtless or not. Tom himself said that whole thing was us actually witnessing the moment when social media jumped the shark. Nene Leakes Season 6 Episode 14

Nene Leakes is COMPLETELY WITHOUT MAKEUP in her DWTS reel with Tony in training. It’s shocking! Not just the look, but that she would have the balls to do a full on sit down interview without a shred of make-up. I give her props for that! She says she realizes that everyone else is athletic and has dance experience and “they are just like the little odd ones over here.” Well, yes, you are correct everyone else can dance. I am glad you have at least that much insight into your surroundings. Nene says that in her Argentine Tango she will be bringing out some NayNay.  Oh Lord, this is going to be a hot mess, isn’t it?  Tony brings in a bunch of dancers to cover for the fact that Nene or NayNay is not really dancing.

Oh my lord. She starts by standing in front of a microphone and yelling “Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to NayNay’s Lounge Darling!”  and the make dancers motorboat her and dive between her legs. I am not making this up. There are four couples on the dance floor and Nene actually has a small amount of footwork. The problem…problems are, the other three couples are all in sync and Nene is out front not knowing she is off beat. She is also wearing high heeled boots of some sort. I thought her get up was the best yet, and maybe it is but that is not saying much. This is not just bad, it’s ridonkulous compared to the competition. It’s embarrassing that they kept her so long, and I truly think that is the point. I think the show is deliberately letting her embarrass herself for ratings. I give her props for hanging in this long and not quitting, but for her um, “brand” she probably should have taken a dive a few weeks ago.

Those of you wanting a lift got one, though it was more of a drag. I hate to comment negatively about someone’s weight living here in my glass house and all but she seems to be gaining weight on the show. I am not sure how that is even possible. And her feet. My god, her feet are so heavy. I don’t know how else to explain it. When you hear the phrase “light on one’s feet”… well she is the opposite of that.  The boots just make that issue worse. It’s bad y’all. After the dance was over Nene stopped to kiss the other three female dancers delaying the live show. Tom is freaking out.

OMG Ricky Martin starts with “Was that NayNay or Ninny! ”  I don’t think that was a dis, I just don’t think Ricky Martin has any idea who she is or how to pronounce her name. Nene is taken aback but quickly recovers with some Nayne combination crap.  Ricky was right, that was full blown Ninny!   Ricky seems to realize he has insulted and says that he loved how before the routine even started she took a moment to get into character. Then he says she was “floating on stage” and we all get that the judges are told to be overly complimentary to Nene.

Len can’t stand having to participate in this farse. He says she is an entertainer and mentions she might want to learn some technique.

Bruno sort of subtly mocks the strip club aspect of her performance and then mentions that she needs to learn how to um, dance.

Carrie Ann says her opening walk was a ten. That said, Carrie Ann says that her footwork leaves a lot to be desired, but she is impressed with how far Nene has come.

During the interview part we are blessed to see Nene shoving her hands up her skirt to yank her Spanx down on national television. #Klassy Why does she always seem to be playing with her twat during these interviews? it’s worse tonight than ever. She is fiddling with the fringe on her dress right over her Hello Kitty!  She says she is very proud of herself. Because, of course she is.  She gets 8s from everyone except Len who gives her a 7. This is SOFA KING insulting to those people who are dancing for real. This is just not even funny anymore. She really needs to go home, but next week, with Abby Lee there… I would have loved to see Abby give her a 2! :)

Oh and they still have a team dance to come.  It would suck to have Nene on your team.  I’m just saying. It would really lessen what your could do. Dance around the Maypole and Nene is the pole? We shall see.

RHOA Nene Mexico

GIF BY RealityTVGIFs a GIF blog by T. Kyle MacMahon The best source for animated Real Housewives GIFs.

SIB is interviewing Amy who has somehow injured herself and is enroute to the hospital. For her team’s dance they are going to use the footage from the dress rehearsal while she goes to the hospital to find out what is wrong with her. BTW not to be crass but if you are wondering who Amy is she is the double amputee and she has been doing so great. I hope she is okay. If she is not, they may use that as an excuse to not eliminate Nene tonight.

Wow Len just slammed the fuck out of Charlie’s dance. The package was about Charlie wanting straight tens. Len said, “To get a ten you have to do something special, this was not special.” Boos from the crowd. Bruno was harsh too and pointed out two errors. Carrie says that to get a ten he needs to have an ending on some of his moves. Ricky was like, I was in the moment and I was blown away!”  Charlie’s partner seems to be worried Charlie is injured. He keeps blowing her off.  LEN GOODMAN IS SUCH AN ASSHOLE HE GAVE CHARLIE AN 8 JUST LIKE NENE!  Are you kidding me? Len thinks Charlie and Nene deserve the same score? Ricky gave them a 10 and the other two gave him 9s.

OMG they just keep on ragging on Candace on this show. She is apparently having trouble with the live show aspect of things so they send her to a sports psychologist. Who is this “sports psychologist” (a term that does not fucking exist????) Oh look it is couple’s therapy idiot, Dr, Jenn. How ridiculous is this whole package? Very ridiculous. Candace really just doesn’t want to disappoint Mark, her partner.  She did great! Of course Carrie Ann gives her an 8 but everyone else gives her a nine.

Well, to be fair to Nene, I must say that Meryl who got straight tens last week brought on just as many dancers as Nene. However, Meryl was in sync with all her dancers. I hated her choreography this week.  So did Len!  Bruno said she was dancing in front of six of the best dancers in the country and she pulled their eyes on her. BECAUSE SHE IS A PROFESSIONAL ICE DANCER!  How is that even allowed? Ricky said it also, she is a pro! That is not what this games about. But she is fun to watch!  She get’s all tens expect from Len who gives her  a 9.

OMG the team challenge involved Meryl and Charlie being team captains. They chose teams like in middle school dodge ball. Everyone picked on Charlies team is in jeopardy. lol. Charlie picked Nene over Candace. WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE ON CANDACE? IDGI?

They have Nene dancing up in the stands alone. lol. At some point I think they guys are going to do some sort of lift. Okay, I have to admit, that may have been Nene’s best dance ever. It was almost as if she knew that she was getting the free ride, and she might have cared if she fucked up other people’s chances. But we all know she doesn’t care about other people. SIB apparently heard Nene say something about their scores and Nene immediately went into denial mode and said she was happy for the scores… lol   The  scores for this don’t really matter anyway.

OMG the other team ROCKED! They played their dress rehearsal because Amy is in hospital, but my GOD they were so good. They should get all 10s!!!! It was brilliant and miles above the other team. The guys all danced the dance the dance during the replay and Derek danced without a partner live for the crowd! They get all 10s except a nine from Len who is delusional tonight.

Time to eliminate Nene. Nene says she is so proud of herself and hopes she has inspired woman all over the world to be the brunt of joke for money.  I paraphrase. She said , I am so proud to be here with Olympians to be Nene Leakes!

I’m kind of disgusted by her.

And thee you have it. I am now going to batten down the hatches and prepare for my ultimate demise as tornados are headed my way,,,




















































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62 responses to “Nene Leakes Finally Gets Voted OFF DWTS

  1. beverly

    Stay safe TT.

  2. ICassie

    Didn’t get a chance to see anything our local abc channel has the meteorologist on since 5 talking about the storms no touchdown in this immediate area. Stay safe all. Nene girl you hung in there be proud of yourself.

  3. Katrina

    There seemed to be a lot of injuries tonight. Hopefully everyone will heal and be ready to dance next week.

    • Leelee

      There would have been a lot more injuries if the guys would have did what they said they were going to do in the live team dance routine and that was to lift and flip Nene. During the rehearsal she almost knocked all their heads off with her big feet and huge body. They sure did change their minds about that move.

  4. gigi

    it was a good run! #teamnene

  5. ICassie

    Tamar is it true that none of Nene’s cast mates supported her. No shout outs on twitter, etc. I forgot to ask.

  6. Singing the song from Wizard of Oz “the wicked witch is dead”…finally those feet can curl up and disappear!

  7. Also TT be safe. We love the blog but get in that closet girl if it gets bad.

  8. beth

    Nene does look especially heavy, but I think it’s the style of the dress – not flattering at all. At least her feet didn’t look like submarine sandwiches tonight haha!

  9. riann

    Nene had an awesome run on DWTS, she was amazing and very fun to watch, of course she was not going to win , there is simply to much good competition, and I’m rooting for Max. Nene ….Take a “BOW”.

  10. Judy McKenzie

    Did anyone notice poor Tony trying to drag our plus-sized Neens across the floor by one leg? lmao …she went home.

    Praying for you throughout tornado season. They’re really vicious this year.

  11. lori

    WTF? Is Carrie Anne jealous of Candace or something? She WAS just named one of People magazines 50 most beautiful people, do I think I’m gonna have to go with that theory. Oh, and Nene… girl BYE!

  12. Angel

    I thought Nene’s costume was her best. Good color for her but odd fabric. The overlay sarong thingy was like a rubber shower curtain with fringe.

    Candice had my favorite pairs dance. As usual, they marked her unfairly low. Some marks same as Nene’s for a tango of no comparison. The team dance for group in red was the best ever.

    Nene had a long run. Twice in her good bye speech she mentioned Olympians. I guess she thinks they caused her to loose. There were other girls there not dancers either. Nene was a paid dancer in the past, lest we forget.

    This whole season has jumped the shark. The changes with musicians, host and other things is due to loosing viewers and belt tightening. I bet the lousy judges are way over paid. That is what should change, way past their welcome. Guest judges was not the answer.

  13. LisaLisaDiva

    Damn, Nene’s dancing was like she was trying to move her legs through 3 feet deep mud. Well, that’s over, I’m like TT and batting down the furniture for the storms. Have a wonderful night gang…goodnight!

  14. PlusOneForLuck

    Stay safe, girl. There are weather radio aps you can download on your phone. The one I have is called Storm Shield & I think it cost something like $3.99. I’m like a 3 year old when it comes to storms/risk of tornados & it really helps me to feel safer….

  15. Teerii

    I wish blessing and safety to you TT and all of you who are threatened by this tornado.

  16. I have to admit I only watched DWTS this seaon to see Nene show her hood rat ass. Maybe the judges put up a united front to execs by saying they were sick of coddling “big personality/ little talent” Nene and her 100 pound feet.

  17. Valerie

    You’re in our thoughts Tamara! So scary, I cannot even imagine.

  18. HannahKingRose

    Tamara, be sure to prepare your safe room in your house in case of tornado. Don’t forget your blankie, you pillow, flashlight, wifi enabled computer, phone, and most importantly your chocolate and liquor, wine and or Xanax. Be safe.

  19. Valerie

    Tamara please let us know as soon as possible that you’re allright. The news is scary as hell. When you get a second to yourself just leave us a comment that you’re alive and well. Thanks.

  20. gosh, tamara, i’m gonna bet your recap is better than the actual show. the ringers on the show stopped me from watching some seasons ago. lol re the ricky martin ninny thing!

  21. oooopsi

    I hope everybody is safe tonight

  22. We love you. Be careful T… (Oh and side OT, did u see the Southern Charm reunion… So love. Katherine was just, Well…. Katherine. And Cameran… love that girl… )

  23. Mary

    Well… Nene certainly had a good run and frankly I didn’t think she was all that bad. She certainly did 1000% times better than Wendy Williams whose feet were twice as big & twice as heavy as Nene’s — LOLOL!!

  24. Vivi

    Do you think Candace gets treated unfairly because of her conservative religious beliefs? Where the judges may be more favorable to Nene because she has a large gay following.
    Regardless of wether you agree with Candace’s beliefs the girl has really surprised me with her ability to
    dance & should have better scores

    • I was thinking the same thing….. Hopefully not though.

      • PlusOneForLuck

        No, I honestly don’t think that has anything to do with it. Remember Bristol Palin, Donnie & Marie Osmond just to name a few. I agree they have been hard on her – but I think it’s because they judge each contestant on what they perceive they could be capable of. If she’d let go and get out if her head she could be really really good & I think that’s what they are trying to reflect with their scores.

    • lori

      Is she anti-gay or something? I did not know that. If so, that would make sense to me, because nothing else does.

      • Kris

        She’s really stiff and tries too hard to be sexy. She’s cute but not sexy. She just doesn’t have “it”.

  25. Riley

    Yes Tamara, please send a quickie letting us know you are safe. The tornadoes are the worst. Little warning.
    As for DWTS….like you I was hoping Ninny (sorry…couldn’t help myself) would be around for Abby Miller. But let’s face it, she needed to go before any of the rest. I wasn’t even aware that she was doing the Argentine Tango until I saw the feeble attempts with her footwork halfway through the dance. My Lord…what a mess!!

  26. myinfo

    Nene did OK. She should have been voted off week 3. She is heavy footed.
    But I do think she gets credit for trying something new. Her fans keep her on the show so somebody still likes her. Not me. She stayed way longer than Lisa.

    • We made it through the night. :) It still nasty outside. We are not getting weather updates because some idiot shot up the FedEx… We have another storm to get through today.

      On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 8:14 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  27. I guess you will have to eat your “How long until Nene Leakes quits DWTS” post. She tried something and while I don’t think she was destined to win, she did her best.

  28. She is such a phony hag. She went on the TV show this morning that has the booted couple and said she made friends for life, GAG

    • Leelee

      Nene is delusional. What “real star” is going to be or want to be her friend forever? They are probably telling their friends, “I never want to see that fool ever again for life”. Wishful thinking Nene. You better hope that your contract on RHOA is renewed. After the circus engagement next month that you are hosting, you will be back on the “D” list.

  29. SoCalCPA

    Praise God for Nene’s elimination — hope you’ve made it through the storm okay, T.

  30. jewels

    YES!! So happy Nene L. is finally gone!!, she is so fake and self sentered.

  31. Adrienne

    This is the most hilarious recap!!! Love it!!! I could not stomach watching Nene dance again. Her first dance on the show was my last.

  32. Angel

    When Nene stood in front of the microphone stand and shouted out the ladies and gentlemen, all I could think of is it being a preview of her upcoming Vegas stint. I think you said she will replace a vacationing drag queen as MC of a Cirque drag show.

  33. Sandy Banx

    First, I hope you are safe, TT! Natural disasters are harrowing.

    Commenting on your blog: KUDOS! You recapped it so right. I have no idea why neens was on so long. The drama? RHOA? Surely young heart throb ummm…the little Australian dude…had way more fans than neens. I guess she was kept for a reason. In that time frame, judges, dancers, staff & sponsors had a chance to check out the RHOA programs. Especially the one that aired on the 27th. Yup! The REAL neens. Different, huh, than her image on DWTS?
    & last night, there were real tears. Not the mock croc show that she put on after tony & her “tiff.”
    Get a grip, girl! Did she think she was going to be a finalist? First she had to put on shoes, instead of the toe jewelry she wore. And last night, a little graphite on the gladiator shoes might have helped that so-called (attempted) lift across the floor. Umph!
    She hopes she has inspired women “around the world.” COME ON, did she think she was on the short list for the Nobel Peace Prize? Really!
    As she likes to say, while pouting into the distance, flicking her loooong fingers, “Girl. Bye. BA-loop!”

  34. Reading Beads

    Nene Leakes should never have been a candidate for DWTS. I’m sure the cast is thrilled to be rid of her, she is a vile, offensive excuse for a woman. Rather than learn her routines or take the advice of the judges to improve her ‘dancing’ (sorry, I cannot call what she did dancing without wincing), she complained about having Olympians and professionals on the show. Every shot and closeup of her was one of her RHOA snarls, she was disrespectful of the show and the cast in every interview, the ‘spat’ with Tony was more of her delusional paranoid diva-mess. Was this the first time she’s seen DWTS? Olympians are standard fare. How does one gain 40 pounds while working out 6 hours a day? Poor, poor Tony. And, to think, she really thought she deserved to dance with Derek or Maks which was an ‘oh hell no’ from both of them. Poor, poor Tony. Now, if only we could vote that horrid woman off RHOA. Gregg Leakes and his creepy looks of love are just gross, time for both of them to get off the air for good.

    • Sandy Banx

      So insightful & true. It appeared she considered her pouty snouty mouth her “accessory.” Bloop!

    • Zoe D.

      Kudos…I couldn’t agree with you more. That Moose thinks she’s so entitled, I hope the DWTS cast saw the real NayNay come to life during the reunion shows. And Greg…well NayNay is his bread and butter…he’s only too happy to hang around for the ride.

  35. Ronnie

    I was doing a light jib when Nene was eliminated….about time!

  36. Zoe D.

    You know…I just can’t help but think NeNe was throwing some shade last night. I mean really…how many times did she say “Olympians”? I think it was twice. The way I heard it was…”You all know I didn’t have a chance since we have some real pro’s here…”Olympians”, so why am I even here? I was waiting for her to roll those googly eyes…lol I’m sorry…but i just can’t take the “fake” NeNe during interviews. It seems like she tries so hard to speak so properly…so much that it sounds forced. I’m glad she’s gone…she was only there to entertain…but somehow it became to painful to watch.

  37. Valerie

    I would absolutely love if Kendra was on DWTS next season. I would like to see her and Maks together. That’s entertainment people.

  38. Sandyreal

    Tony probably dropped to his knees and thanked the heavens above after Nene was voted off. I hear she will be joining Cirque du Soleil’s “Zumanity”. Well, she has finally found her calling — starring in a CIRCUS! Nene, I have only one word for you — “BLOOP!”

  39. hmb

    What took them so long to vote Nene off – she brought the same $%#@#$ attitude to DWTS and embarrassed herself telling off Tony when the problem was that she cannot dance.

  40. Trishabelle

    I have to say, I’m really glad to know in advance that she is gone. She knows nothing about sportsmanship, friendship, or any other ship for that matter. All along during other couple’s interviews, you could see her putting on that awful and telling fake smile. I admit that I have watched her on RHOA, and see episode after episode how she undermines others and how she thinks she can do no wrong. It’s much the same here on DWTS. I wish DWTS had used her slot for a real celebrity, someone who can face a challenge with grace and determination. Her disgusting and disrespectful behavior during the reunion rehearsal with Tony was, well…typical and more proof that she honestly beleives she can treat people exactly the way she wants to. WRONG! She needs to do some serious soul searching and come back down to earth.

  41. Trishabelle

    Tamara, I sincerely hope all is well with you.

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