Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part Two: Chapter Two

RHOA Reunion 2014 mama joyce

Okay, the first fifteen minutes of the second part of reunion were so jam packed, they have their own post here. For the remainder of the reunion, I am going to try to just hit some of the highlights, or low lights as they will likely be.  I just could not get over the defensiveness of the ring leaders of the attack on Kenya in the first part of the reunion and wanted to make sure I got it all down.

One thing for sure is that Andy is having a hard time getting back into a playful groove with the ladies on the reunion. He seems way more serious than he usually does on reunions.

Andy is going in on Phaedra! When we return from break he says to her, “That night both head doctor and dick surgeon were trending on Twitter, how did that make you feel?” Phaedra says “At the end of the day (drink) I know that that’s never been a rumor, so I knew that it wasn’t the truth. And I mean, what Kenya’s talking about (that would be the deposition taken in a room full of attorneys and Phaedra when testimony is given about Phaedra’s head doctor ways. See Link) I’m not even thinking about. ” Welp, Phaedra. It must be nice to have so many legal proceedings involving you and your husband going on and not even giving them a second thought. Kandi You Trying ME! RHOA

Andy asks Kandi what he thinks about this relationship between Phaedra and Kandi.  Kandi says it just seems out of the blue to her. Oh Kandi, it’s not out of the blue, Nene needed someone to team up with to try and take down Kenya.  Then Nene pops up with another “At the end of the day” comment so.. (drink!).  Nene is mad now at Kandi for questioning how the two got together and asks her if she wants them to continue to fight. Kandi says she just wonders where this new friendship is coming from. Nene’s whole plan is failing so very miserably and she can’t stand it.

Mama Joyce comes out and Kenya is so up her behind and cheering her on. That’s odd. And a poor move on Kenya’s part. This is one of the times when you need to sit back and let someone else be the fool. In this case, it’s Mama Joyce’s turn. Mama Joyce has lost forty pounds over the stress the Todd situation. She says she has tried every diet in the book and it took Todd to get her in shape.

Mama Joyce doesn’t know what remorse is and that surprises no one. No need to name a feeling you’ve never had. Andy tries regret and Mama Joyce says, she regrets that people said she set him up, because she did not set him up with none of that James Bond shit.  Yep no regrets, no remorse.  Mama Joyce says that the only time people said bad things about her on twitter were because of that. Kandi disagrees saying that MJ is always mad about twitter and facebook comments about her. Kandi is standing up to her mother tonight, y’all!

Mama Joyce is likely drunk. It’s hard to tell with her. Apparently, Todd’s mom called MJ a bitch, likely at play. MJ said something about her having everything and Todd’s mamma ain’t got nothing.  She said when she called her a bitch she wanted to come across the table but she just thought about bread (money) again. They are now subtitling her because she is so…um… off.  Kandi said she didn’t think about nothing, they had to hold her down.

Kandi Burruss TuckerMama Joyce says she raised her daughter to be a millionaire and Todd is a hundredaire. Everything she says is about money. It’s really sad to me to see someone her age who still thinks life is all about the money you make. She is literally screaming about all the stuff she has. It’s truly heartbreaking to watch her wave a “padparadscha sapphire” in Andy’s face as if it were the crown jewel. (I hate to burst her bubble but padparadscha sapphires are orange. Shhhh let her think what she wants she’s old and it’s clearly important to her.)

Mama Joyce is trying to claim that Kandi does not support her. Kandi disagrees. Kandi says that MJ took out credit cards in her name without telling her. Kandi says that her mother spent all her money on gambling and the Home Shopping Network so she had to set a budget. Kandi then says her mother doesn’t have to explain where she gets her money because she raised her and as her daughter she feels the need to give back. Kandi is getting emotional again.  MJ says people don’t know “what extent she went to for her children.”  MJ says that she would have been swinging on a pole if she could have rather than working ten hours a day in a pie factory.

Phaedra sneaks in another “at the end of the day.” (drink)

MJ says that she thinks that Kandi is a great writer who wrote a great play but it was not a depiction of her mother’s love. Denial, it ain’t just a river in Egypt.

Time for the Cynthia and Nene showdown. Alternately, known as the portion of the show where Nene proves she is a heartless bitch that has no friends, only people that she uses and that Cynthia is too trusting. When the infamous bitch episode aired, Cynthia realized that Nene did not respect her at all. Phaedra is over there praying to JESUS for Cynthia because she is crying. Bitch, you need to pray for your own dayum self and get your mind straight and stop insulting Christians everywhere with your Jesus schtick.  Cynthia says  at the end of the day (drink if you have any left) there is a sisterhood there, but she has never felt like the respect was there. Nene is not sure where that is coming from because she does not understand how to respect herself or other people. She has no concept of what the word respect means. Again, this is sad, and I don’t enjoy watch people with this much damage. I get we are all damaged people living quiet lives of despair or whatever the quote is, but seeing this level of emotional detachment and desperation playing out on the TV is becoming a bit much to handle.  How am I to make fun of the hypocrisy of you wearing a Johnny Tremain hat on your head while calling another woman wig, when you are so very clearly such a fucked up mess?

Everybody tries to tell Nene that she is being a bitch, even Andy and then Andy and Nene exchange words. Kandi tries to get through to Nene. Kenya tries to explain the concept of friendship to Nene and Nene goes off again. Nene says she is an excellent friend!  I think Nene thinks being a good friend is buying them stuff. I really think that is the problem for most of these women. Money is their only currency. The only thing they value.  Andy takes another whack at Nene listing all of her former friends she has fallen out with. Cynthia basically says Nene can dish a heaping mound of shit out there but she can’t take the tiniest bit of shade thrown her way. Cynthia is mad that Nene blogs about her negatively instead of calling her directly. Wow, Nene is worked up now!

Nene seems angry at Kenya for being friends with Cynthia. Nene is screaming at Kenya that Cynthia is no damn angel. Kenya says, “The moose has spoken.” Nene responds with “Yes she has.” And Nene is down for the count.

Next week: The men, and perhaps the best line of the whole reunion when Nene tells Kenya that she sits up here an acts the fool for two dollas and fifty cents.  ROFLMAO.  That is Nene’s entire life. Playing the joke for quarters like an organ grinder’s monkey. But the organ grinder’s monkey doesn’t run around claiming they are rich bitches making millions of dollars when it just is not true.

Alright I am not editing this tonight. I still have WWHL left to go and I’m mentally exhausted.



















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132 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part Two: Chapter Two

  1. Michelle

    It’s interesting reading different blogs and each one has an interpretation of events based on who they like.

    • Gingersnap

      What’s truly sad is so many people condoning yanking someone down to the ground by their REAL hair (f*ck you NeNe).

    • MicroOp

      It is interesting. I’ve found myself here more and more often though because it turns out Tamara is the only consistently intelligent blogger on RH. I don’t have the patience reading blogs about how people should beat up other people.

      • DJ

        I totally agree… I come here all the time too. Tamara just doesn’t blog, she has a keen rational, and a way of deciphering things, and making me go.. hmmm… how come I couldn’t see that. Our girl’s IQ must be 180!

      • LittleP

        Agreed! TT & another blog were my top two but now I just come here – the other blogger doesn’t seem to be able to digest the drama & truth behind the RH’s behavior as intelligently and insightfully at TT. It’s super irritating that other RH blogs just ooze stupidity

  2. Blair

    Love your recaps.

  3. SoCalCPA

    I pray to God that a heavy dose of Karma falls on Nene and Phaedra before next season starts. Does anyone know if they issued contracts out yet? Andy’s taken so much shit from Nene — it’s time for her to be gone.

  4. ICassie

    Did Mamma Joyce sell her soul to the devil. She has become despicable. Kandi should not have shared that information about the credit card. Kenya can not take hints couldn’t she tell Ms. Joyce was not feeling her. Kenya also needs to learn when not to talk especially when Cynthia and Nene were talking. Cynthia needs to come to the conclusion that Nene is not her friend on her own. You were right Andy looked as if Nene is something else he couldn’t believe how bad a friend Nene is. Cynthia seemed so genuine. Kind of sad.

    • Teerii

      It was clear to me that Cynthia was spot- on with NeNe tonight and their failed friendship. Its amazing how if people are expressing their feelings without profanity and high emotion some people think that,” they” just “don’t get it. Cynthia was crystal clear, she said, somethings just come to an end, meaning her friendship with NeNe.
      And Kenya had every right to add her two cents worth. That’s what she’s getting paid big money to do at the Reunion. And I agree it is kind of sad.

  5. papa smurf

    You know, a few seasons ago, I used to think MJ was the voice of reason.
    It really is sad that at this stage in her life, that the only thing she really cares about is money & material possessions. There’s no fool like an old fool. Is anyone really surprised that Nene isn’t going to own up to her outrageously bad behavior? It’s never going to be her fault. She’s only going to be sweet to people who she thinks can forward her career. She shows nothing but disdain for those she feels are below her (majority of people). She’s even turning on Andy, for having the nerve to question her behavior. It’s pretty clear she’s not at all happy with the way the reunion is going, and she will be wearing her stank face until the finale. I was praying they would trot Marlo out, so she would flip her lid…

  6. tleighb

    “How am I to make fun of the hypocrisy of youwearing a Johnny Tremain hat on your head while calling another woman wig, when you are clearly such a fucked up mess?”

    Damn you are good.

  7. Gingersnap

    Gawd, if Joyce wasn’t on something, then she should be. I didn’t think she was ever gonna leave.

    • Kitty Mamma

      @ Gingersnap: Perhaps Ms: Mama Joyce was all up on the yak? Whatever, she was bold as hell! Someone acting as trifling as that around a child (Kandi) is exhibiting signs of substance abuse. (My opinion.)

      • Gingersnap

        Hey Kitty Mamma ~ On WWHL, Kandi called in and left a message saying Joyce wasn’t drunk and that she doesn’t drink. Of course, there are all kinds of ways to get intoxicated. Maybe she was all jacked up because she was sitting on the Bravo couch and the bright lights were on her. (shrugs shoulders)

  8. LisaLisaDiva

    TT, may I ask if your sources have confirmed that Cynthia hasn’t gotten a contract renewal? If not, I think they lost out on a great new twist on NeNe’s former best friend becoming best buds with Kenya next season. I’m going to watch WWHL for sure to see Cynthia’s recap on the reunion.

    • For some reason contracts are taking awhile. Porsha is out and that is all I know. There seems to be some arguing going on.

      On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 10:25 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • LisaLisaDiva

        Thanks TT. Well Andy loves him so classy Cynthia and her diva looks so even though Nene brings the money watchin drama, Andy (I believe) has a (or the) major role in deciding who stays and goes. Let’s see if he comes to the same conclusion and uses NeNe’s friend alienation tactics in the twists for next season. Hey, it worked during the NeNe/Kim debacle over multiple seasons, Kenya in the mix should make for even better ratings for RHOA.

      • Dr. D

        Do you think Bravo will feel pressured from the “support” that Porsha is receiving and bring her back? It seems likely…

      • HeyWig

        TT with all the support from the (urban community) for Porsha ,do you think they will renew Porsha contract based on that? She kinda has a storyline now from her rant against Cynthia last night on Twitter , I believe she will be a baby Nene now.If they re-new her contract.

      • bravogirl24/7

        LoL @support from “urban” community!

  9. I’m willing to bet Mama Joyce and Porsha had the same alcohol before the reunion started. Mama Joyce was lit for sure or smoked a dimebag! But she kept me laughing because she’s so delusional and truly was giving me some good deliveries on her questions asked by the fans and having fun with it. She was knocking her questions out the park until Kandi called her out about Mama Joyce trying to overstep spending too much money on gambling and HSN (Bravo’s plug advertisement, lol).

    And Cynthia – about effin’ time! It only took you about 3 season, but you have finally seen what many have been seeing and saying about Nene Leakes. She’s a user and she’s no one’s friend. Period. If she can turn on you and Marlo, and to a lesser degree Kenya, she’ll turn on anyone. Nene was truly trying to get away from not answering questions on their friendship towards the other women but yet 2 weeks ago she had tons to say on the WWHL interview. What a b____ and coward! Cynthia had every right to defend her husband and you know why that’s what you’re suppose to do. Had that been Nene she been in everyone face and spitting fire to protect Gregg. I hope this will be the new Cynthia and not being Nene’s yes-person anymore.

  10. Wow Nene is just SO awful, it’s a shame. I’m glad her Friendship Contract with Cynthia is null & void. Cynthia deserves better. Team Kenya & Cynthia!

    • peachteachr

      LOL, J.D., I was wondering when someone was gong to bring up the friend contract. Cynthia appears so easily hoodwinked. I wonder if Peter will stay once he spends her into the poorhouse?

  11. Sona

    I looooove that Peter is going to tell-off Nene next week AND he brings a peach! I hollered when I saw that part of the preview.

  12. Also, I LOVED Phaedra’s comments throughout the entire show: “Fix it Jesus.” “Jesus take the wheel” As shady as she is, she is SO funny. Remains one of my favorite housewives despite ALLEGEDLY being a career criminal posing as a southern belle Christian.

    • Bravogirl24/7

      Pheadra is NOT funny is a pathetic liar.

    • Victoria

      I think Phaedra is hysterical.

    • Zoe D.

      I don’t find Phaedra funny at all…she’s an insult to Christians, women and the human race.

    • Teerii

      Sounds like that might have been the mantra Phaedra was using when Apollo and Angela were stealing cars and checks.

    • Jessica E.L

      Those prayers and side comments Phaedra made were not funny to me. If anything I was irritated. Why call God’s name in vain for entertainment? Phaedra was not funny. Her hair was nice but her attitude stank and it made her look ugly

    • Katie

      Phaedra is not my favorite, but I, too, find her pretty damned entertaining at times. She wasn’t at her best this year, but since her husBAND is going to jail, who can blame her. And while I am team Kenya this year, I recall being so disgusted last year when she threatened a pregnant Phaedra with physical violence. How times change.

      • I totally agree Katie. I COULD NOT STAND KENYA last season. I was praying that she would not return. This season I am Team Twirl. Bravo manipulates us like their little playthings. :)

  13. O.O

    Sigh I agree ,watching the behavior of Phedra, NeNe,Kandi and MJ is sad and disturbing, they haven’t matured past the age of 16 year old mean girls who dislike the new pretty girl for no valid reason so they make some up. These women have embarrassed themselves beyond repair, no normal thinking people will ever take them serously . All of the faces distorting and no eye contact when being asked a direct question was so rude. Its a good thing that kandi doesn’t depend on the show for work, and Phedra can go trick the blind Christians who don’t understand that just because a person is well spoken and says Jesus along with whitty slogans that rhyme doesn’t mean you’re a real Christian . Phedra will become the pastor/ funeral director if she gets away with this last scheme .
    Maybe Kenya was kissing up to MJ because she craves a mom , any mom or to irritate Kandi.

    • k8lynn

      completely agree!!! thank God some people see these people for who they are.. i only like kenya and cynthia. they gotta do something with this cast.. this is the most intense/hostile reunion ive ever seen. the dynamic is awful.. i really hope at least porsha, phaedra and/or nene are not brought back!!!!

    • Teerii

      I can’t think for Kenya and neither can any of you, but have you ever been in the company of a friend’s parent whose behavior was so outrageous, the only thing you could do was smile and pretend to be amused for fear of appearing horrified? I have. LOL!

    • Bella

      You hit the nail on the head O.O. They reminded me of the angry, below average girls in middle school. They made themselves look so pathetic and made Cynthia and Kenya look like the only two civil adults on the show. I would be so embarrassed if Mama Joyce were my mother.

    • Bella

      If Mama Joyce wasn’t drunk she was definitely on whatever Naynay was on at the pillow talk party. If she wasn’t on anything it’s even more scary and sad. She was very uncomfortable to watch.

  14. Hopefully MJ was drunk or high as an excuse for her delusional responses to questions about her spending. I’m sure she supported her daughter’s career, hell she needed out of the pie factory and that was her best option. No problem with Kandi supporting MJ but MJ acts like her daughter owes her. Children should not be treated like 401k plans. We hope they appreciate what we’ve done but a parent should NOT hold their children hostage. She IMO is as despicable as NeNe. No discernible skills and Desperately seeking attention and money.

    • Josie

      MJ was as high as a kite and showing her true colors! Now I know why Kandi takes so much disrespect from her…she guilts Kandi to death. The audacity of going on an on about working to support your kid after getting called out on opening a credit card on your chile without them knowing and acting like 700 dollars a month is nothing?!

      • Anna

        That’s what parents are supposed to do: take care of their children. No child ever asked to be born. Poor Kandi has been beaten down with the guilt belt all of her life by a cruel and calculating mother.

      • Skeeter

        I wish someone was handing me $700 a month! That would solve a lot of problems!

  15. MicroOp

    Yikes. I can’t handle how rude Nene is. Just sit there and listen like and adult! Look at people when you talk to them! I love that Cynthia did not play dirty and got her point across.

    Mama Joyce is an embarrassment. I have to give kandi more props bc I don’t know how she turned out decent with that woman raising her. Good for kandi for calling it how it is.

  16. sarcasatire

    Cynthia hit Nene with the ill blindside! “Yes, you’ve apologized, we’ve hung out numerous times since, but for this storyline, Ima need to cry.” Hahaha!

  17. Fayth

    I absolutely loved Kenya’s speech about violence against women. It cannot be disputed. It’s interesting that Phaedra considers herself a wordsmith but sticks to slut shaming. Apollo is an idiot/cheat/thief/liar, nobody wants him. I need Phaedra’s insecurities to stop showing. Nene is a big evil moose with a surly disposition. Cynthia deserves better.

  18. Shirley

    Hey TT I just wanna say how no one has mentioned how Kenya got right up from that fight like nothing!! She almost rolled out floating!! Lolz, anywho MJ is crazy Andy just said she doesn’t drink but lord she spoke like a drunk!!! She made no sense I couldn’t even understand her!
    My fav part tonight was whn Kenya said I will call Marlo!! Nene’S face, Priceless like that credit card commercial Lmfaooo!! I die lolz

    • Gingersnap

      Yep, that comment struck fear in Nene’s big old black heart. She’s all bark and no bite.

    • Josie

      By the way how does someone retire, own rental property have all the bling she has from holding down a job at the pie factory? I think Kandi has helped Momma Joyce a helluva lot more than MJ is owning up to….AND Kandi is letting on. Did you see how disrespectful she was to K by pretending not to know the wedding was a wk away and saying she wants to wear black? A mother’s love? More like “A Mother’s Greed”.

  19. MicroOp

    Also, why does mama Joyce refer to herself in the third person? Never a good sign…

  20. sarcasatire

    I dunno…while the non-violence PSA needed to be said, I find it a little uncomfortable that Andy all of sudden felt this was the time to do it. Like Juicy Joe and Gorga wrestled to the floor in a brawl until everyone was covered in black tar, Ashlee left the Brownstone with a fist full of Danielle’s hair, and Teresa threw Andy like a rag doll to get to Danielle. And Andy just laughed it off. No tweets about “gross and inappropriate behavior, no PSA’s reminicent of 90’s after school specials, it was a comment, a chuckle, and business as usual.

    Heck, Jax punched Tom in the head and drew blood on Vanderpump Rules but no PSA appeared during that episode or the reunion. But, oh, look at the gravity Andy displays now as he clutches his pearls and acts like he’s not used to that kind of thing. He’s disturbed y’all! That kind of thing just doesn’t happen around here! Oh wait…

    • O.O

      Oh boy ! It has never happened on a reunion . Should bravo wait for another fight at a reunion to crack down ? When do you think would be the appropriate time to put a stop to an adult woman striking another?
      Andy didn’t say it was gross when Kim said nene choked her . He didn’t say it was gross when Apollo beat Brandon . He hasn’t said anything about fighting that occurs in any franchise during taping .

      • sarcasatire

        Exactly, my point.

        Which is why I find him clutching his pearls this particular time…interesting.
        Or are you seriously trying to say that violence during the taping of a show is somehow more acceptable than violence during the taping of a reunion?

    • Anna

      These are black people fighting. I’m sure Andy and the white producers had all the stereotypes of people pulling guns and knives on each other and the fear they would be shot by an errant bullet.

    • Middle Child

      Oh for Pete’s, I really do not understand this argument that because violence between cast members has not been discussed or condemned in the past, that it should continue. There has to be a certain point when common sense takes over and enough will be enough. So what if Porsha is made an example off, my point is, it has to start somewhere or who knows where it will end.,
      It looks like Bravo has now decided to do the right thing and clamp down on such idiotic behaviours before serious injuries result.
      Is it also possible that their present contract carries a no violence clause, which is why Kenya said (before Porsha attacked her) something that sounded like ‘touch me and get fired’
      Violence isn’t entertainment in my opinion.

      • SnookumsLynn

        I agree with the commentor sarcasatire…why does Andy NOW find this so repulsive? It’s because of Kenya…Kenya pushed their backs against the wall by calling the police and crying lawsuit. That’s why Andy is soooo against it now. He’s full of shit, just like they all are. If Kenya would have taken it like any other Bravolebrity, it wouldn’t be an issue. But we know Kenya likes her drama with a little stank on it, so she put the two on the ten and called the police..I’m not mad at her, but that’s the exact and only reason Andy is clutching his pearls in this situation…Bravo is full of it and they didn’t just decide to do the right thing, Kenya has seen too much BS go on and she decided to change the game! Since it was filmed in their presence, they have no choice but to decide to do the right thing…Kenya forced their hands, otherwise it would have been like all the other altercations described above

      • gigi

        +1 SnookumsLynn

      • O.O

        @middlechild .. Exactly! But people with impaired logic skills will never agree with anything that makes perfect sense.

    • MicroOp

      Maybe it being at a reunion has made a difference because he saw it in person for the first time. When a television screen mediates our experience we don’t feel as fully as when we are in an environment with all of our senses being engaged.

      • sarcasatire

        I agree with Snookums. Probably the fact that Kenya got the cops involved. Or that when white people fight on Bravo, it’s entertaining, when Black people fight, it’s low-class, gross, and doesn’t fit with the Bravo brand. Either way, his switch up was noticeable and alarming in its intensity.

  21. Ericzku

    Lord, was Joyce a drunken mess. And I mean mess! I wonder if she will watch this after she sobers up and feel any embarassment. Who am I kidding? Of course not. Apparently there is an inverse relationship with her between alcohol consumption and verb conjugation skills.

    More than ever, I feel sorry for Kandi and also admire her for being able to rise above her mother’s attitudes, namely:

    She wants a damn medal for not going on welfare while raising her kids, and working to support them. As if millions of other women don’t work hard to support their kids and stay off public assistance. Yet somehow this entitles her to grab up all the money she can from her daughter. Really?

    “I raised a millionaire”. Gee Joyce, how ’bout those inconsequential things like morals, ethics, contributing to society? Things non money-grubbing mothers are concerned about?

    Shaking my head at this woman. I’m also thinking Kandi raised herself.

  22. Bravogirl24/7

    This is nothing but a shame, its not even entertaining anymore. I feel sorry for every women on that platform. Kenya appears to be on an island. I don’t know how much money it would take for me to WORK in that environment, and I said WORK because it is a job. Its sad to see Black women act in this manner. But surfing the blogs and other sites it appears that is behavior is some what normal. It sad how easily we can call each other hoes, sluts, bitches and other disparaging words on TV without so much of a thought of how it looks in our community and to the rest of the world. Not to mention our children, our boy and girls who need direction and examples. Let me get off of my soap box, its lonely up here.

    • O.O

      @sarcasatire if that’s what you gathered from my statement then there’s no need to discuss the violence on the reunion , it will be a never ending back and forth with no resolution .

      • sarcasatire

        All I gathered from your statement, O.O, is that when i mentioned all of the violence on Bravo shows that preceded this RHOA incident, that went unchecked, and PSA-less, you made a point to say, “It has never happened on a reunion.”

        So, clearly for you, there’s a difference. Violence vs venue.

    • @Bravogirl24/7 Yes, this is getting tiring now. It’s gone from entertaining to Jerry Springer and I definitely don’t subscribe to that kind of mess. I sense a shift coming with this reality farce. And the atmosphere has changed and the strain and the negativity is becoming unbearable to watch. I definitely would not want to be there either. I mean I’d never subject my life to this kind of scrutiny. It’s like selling your soul and Bravo is the Devil. One should only go on a show like this if they want to divorce their husband, lose their friends or go to prison. The price is too high for fleeting fame and a little money. I saw some of NeNe’s past mug shots recently and watched a report from Atlanta’s local news about her and Gregg’s “business ethics” and realized I’m watching THESE low level thugs running around trying look like diamonds. Well, a cows ear dressed up to look like a silk purse is still a cows ear and what we are seeing are a bunch of cows ears, and one moose — NeNe, Phaedra, Porsha, MJ….. the list goes on in all these franchises.

  23. always on point TT. best blog hands down.

  24. Mama Joyce had a joint and some Hennessy before she hit that stage tonight and you can;t tell me different. Now Nene’s dumb behind is posting pictures of her and Cynthia hanging out after the show like ma’am she said ya’ll hung out, but that doesn’t mean the comments you mad on the show and in your blog did not hurt her feeling and the most you can do is say I’m sorry. Especially about her social media attacks. I love how Cynthia clocked the fact that Nene has no story line either so she needs to cut the BS. Andy is definitely over her attitude.

    • Teerii

      Now that’s interesting because last night on Andy’s Live show Cynthia said NeNe was her worst enemy and she was quite over her. NeNe knows she cannot recover from this self-imposed fall-out with Cynthia.
      NeNe twitted a threat during the show that Andy read spouting some crazy comments about next season’s show.
      This girl is having a major meltdown before the whole world.

      • @Teerii, Stop teasing. 18 months. I give her 18 months before she crashes to the ground — teeth first. No one is more deserving. I really sense Andy has jumped off the Nene train. And he is not someone to burn bridges with if you value your Bravo job.

  25. Love your recap Tamara. I’ll wait until you post for tonight’s WWHL. This was more interesting and revealing about NeNe and I’m detecting a little attitude from Andy. Seems to be a bit on the attack re NeNe and what she said about Cynthia during her 1on1. I’m glad he did that. Can’t wait for your feedback.

  26. lori

    I think Andy is REALLY fed up with Nene, her bad attitude and that constant stank face of hers. I loved when she said she’s not discussing her and Cynthia’s friendship here, that it’s nobody’s business, and he said something like “ummmm, you are on our SHOW which is about just that”. In other words… why are we paying you bitch?

  27. ab

    Great recap TT

    Was it me or did Apollo seem crazier than ever on the preview for next week

    • Teerii

      Yes, I totally agree. I had to watch that clip a few times to calm down. I mean Apollo was totally ratchet!!! When Kenya asked for security, she put everybody on notice that she wasn’t having a repeat of Apollo’s attack on Brandon.

  28. Gingersnap

    TT ~ I wanted to tell you thanks for all you do. I love coming here and have so much fun reading your blog and the comments. Thanks also for giving me a place to vent. I’ve left so many comments tonight, I’m kinda embarrassed, and now I’m leaving another (yikes!) but like I said, this is fun. Appreciate you :)

    • Simone

      @Ginger, I agree with you about TT and her great blog. I too can vent and read intelligent and oh so shady posts. I love the bloggers. And TT shuts the dumb crap down filtering out nonsense in order to provide a great blogosphere for me. I hate sifting thru ignorant post writtien by people who did not have time to do their Language Arts homework and now they want to blog. I am so impressed I will be leaving TT my insurance copay next month, ranting on her blog and agreeing with others has been very therapeutic to me. And the recaps are wonderful and entertaining reads. I appreciate TT entertaining me and I will do what I can to keep this great blog going.

    • Yes TT, here’s a group hug to you and all you do. I know you said you’ve been moving a little slower lately but I hope we, your readership and commenters can re-energize you with a hug. This has been a really unique experience for me and a new home!! Thank you!

  29. Teerii

    When Kenya was speaking about violence against women and the cameras spanned to the idiot’s couch……NeNe, Kandi, and Phadera were sitting there looking like the three stooges.

    And Yes, Phaedra was outdone when she realized how NeNe was coming for her hard via Chuck. She just didn’t want to show it because of the pact to”kill Kenya”, that she and NeNe had together. At least Kandi had the balls to not go for NeNe’s BS. I respect her for keeping her integrity about revealing her true feelings regarding Nene’s foolishness.

    • Zoe D.

      I agree…she saw that NeNe really set her up but her hands were tied. She can’t go against her co-conspirator…their cover will be blown. Their good buds now…lol

  30. Zoe D.

    I find it so sad that most of these women’s main focus is money and status. I’m glad you mentioned that in your recap Tamara which by the way…I always love. Look at NeNe for instance…she is always talking about her fancy shoes, clothes, and all the money she’s making. Let’s not forget the name dropping to make her look so important. I rarely hear anything about just normal stuff or charity work if it doesn’t benefit them. It’s always a me…me…me, and the coin attitude. I really believe this is how they define their self-worth. If you don’t have it you are not important. Same with Phaedra, Porsha and now Mama Joyce. It’s so sad…what will they do if it’s ever gone? Apollo will go to jail, and hopefully Phaedra will follow. NeNe is getting to old for that “Bloop” stunt, and Porsha…well, Porsha still has some hope.

    It saddens me that the hatred NeNe, and Phaedra (yes, the ring leaders) have for Kenya…will cloud her better judgement about the fight. I mean come on…really? I have said it before..and i will say it once more. Porsha was not an innocent lamb in this situation…she spewed some vile comments at Kenya too. Only difference is Kenya hit a core with her when she called her a dumb wh@ore…and she cheated on Kordel. this drove her to go ape sh@t! She lost all self control. Which of course was wrong on so many levels. This made NeNe and Phaedra happy…because now they have a reason to attack Kenya. Now, Kenya has her bad moments but let’s be real her…she is the most genuine, and so interesting. I like her.

    Cynthia learned the hard way about Nene..I felt so bad for her. NeNe truly showed how cold, and insensitive she can really be. Karma bites girl…and it bites very hard so watch out.

  31. christina

    Karma is already starting to kick her big behind. She will outlive her usefulness on bravo, as she probably already has in hollywood. She is no Meryl Streep (just citing one example). Everyone interviewed claims Meryl is a joy to work with. Can anyone say that about Nene. I second the comment F*ck you, Nene. As for Mama joyce, she proved that Kandi is her gravy train, by taking out credit cards behind kandi’s back. Joyce doesnt approve of anyone, because she’s afraid of losing that money.
    Btw absolutely love your blogs. Glad I found them!

  32. cherry

    This may have been asked…..but was mama joyce (caps snatched) drunk?

  33. ECA

    I hope Kandi kicks MJ out of her life and never let’s her back in. I had a grandmother like that and there is truly nothing you can gain from having a relationship like that.

    Thanks for the hard work TT! I can’t imagine having so much to recap in such a short span of time! I would just get overwhelmed and take a nap! Lol

    • Zoe D.

      OMG…did you hear her say she was worried that if Kandi choked on a chicken bone…Todd will throw her out! I hate the way she referred to Todd as one of the workers…when she was talking to Phelony in her office like she’s a millionaire with high status, lmao

      • O.O

        @zoe d. yes I found it quite strange especially since she was said worker before her daughter put her on easy street. Smh she’s a spectacle just like nene I’m surprised that although kandi is in agreement with the gutter mentality and with a mom like that you never hear her boasting about what she has, how much she has or how much whatever she has costs ,she seems to be humble .
        Bravo needs to send all of them to etiquette school . That would be a storyline for all of them .

  34. A

    Get rid of nene. Cynthia is one classy lady. She brings a lot to the show. Nene, phaedra and porsha should be let go. They are a true embarrassment to watch. All they know how to do is act like a fool. Kenya should stay on also. How long is andy going to let nene disrespect him? Is she his boss??

  35. Bella

    Excellent recap TT. Mama Joyce was just a mess. A big, hot mess. Nene should have just stayed home. I would trade her to have Kim Zolciak back. As bad as her wigs were they were a whole lot better than that weird thing Nene wears on her head. She has to go. I wonder if Bravo regrets paying her so much. She isn’t worth it. Cynthia impressed me though. She was able to make her point without looking or sounding like an ignorant lunatic. I think she is the classiest of all of them. Nene cannot be friends with anyone. I fail to understand how people make Kenya out to be the crazy one when Nene is clearly the one with all types of mental problems. They are all crazy but Nene is like a sociopath.

  36. A

    When did kenya put the bull horn in dumbo porsha face? Kenya was sitting next to cynthia. So therefore,it was NOT in porsha face space, area, etc

  37. RahRah

    why does no one call KM out for instigating ill will, KM certainly didn’t show PW any respect.

    All KM had to do was stick that pole in my face one time and she would have been wearing it like a necklace–is that violent or is that asking for it?

    • gapeach

      I agree, Rah Rah. It would be the last time she ever stuck anything in anyone’s face if she tried that with me. No one calls KM out because it is not PC. Patience is definitely a virtue, however, instigators get no free pass from me. She is 50 going on 12 and she is bat sh*t crazy. It’s truly sad as she has no self awareness whatsoever. At least we can say Porsha is still young and immature. Poor Kenya is old and immature, She believes because she is offered d*ck everywhere, she must be desirable and valuable, It’s so sad she values her self so little. She’s just too old to keep playing those games. I know we are in the minority with our feelings, but that’s OK, too.

    • bravogirl24/7

      You absolutely right. NeNe does have a mug shot and a shady boots back story, yet she is the 1st one to proclaim that she is better than anyone else! She shows no empathy, sympathy, intellect or class. I would hope could see more examples of Cynthia’s character.

    • Zoe D.

      And Porsha didn’t show her respect either. so, she got none. She didn’t stick the scepter or bullhorn in her face…she pointed it her way. Big difference.

  38. RahRah

    KM speaking about violence is like an alcoholic warning against the bottle.

    KM has all of the deportment of a baboon, not of a queen cause and lady doesn’t act like that..starting to wonder if KM has an anti-social disorder that causes her to miss read people thus over stepping the bounds of good taste. I see any interaction with KM leading to violence of some form..

    • Bravogirl24/7

      Let me see who depicts less deportment Kenya or Porsha or NeNe. Well first off Porsha can’t spell deportment so she is out. Nene has clearly had a stank attitude on both reunions 1 & 2, with not a kind word for anyone on the show, not even her good Judy Cynthia. Kenya has exhibited excellent deportment by maintaining herself while being attacked from both sides of the room. The plan was to be a 4 on 1 attack against Kenya, but that went down as an EPIC FAIL!! “You can’t win when you play dirty”.

  39. Foxee

    One more note I neglected to mention in that lengthy scribe I just left…pardon my sometimes inability to exercise brevity; but anyhoo:

    Ne Ne, you told Kenya she was actin’ a fool for $2.50 cent. Really? That’s how much Bravo is paying her? Well, if so, just cause they may be paying you the whole $3.00 to act “your brand of fool” don’t mean you should tease her for being pennied-down to act similar. #hypocrisy

    To pull a Kenya number, spell it, Ne Ne. Spell “f-o-o-l.” Well, that’s an easy one. But when you said “conversating” to Andy [on Apollo & Kenya’s stuff] then “perspective” to Arsenio, when that wasn’t the correct usage of the word in that context;…girl… We can’t!

    In short, you should be the LAST person addressing ANYONE as “acting a fool!” We bet you Kenya could spell each and every word she utters–can you?

    And didn’t Phaedra say you showed your cervix for how much? A quarter. How ironic–that “25” again. Kenya has never made such a comment on air about you. And why do you hate her again? You’ve given no sound logical reason for WHY you hate Kenya. Yet, you’ve befriended Parks, the one that dissed you and your sensitive body part on national TV. Girl, come again!

    pardon typos

  40. myinfo

    MJ looked great, loved her toned arms and her dress even if she is nuts. “HELLO” said in MJ’s voice.
    Kenya mentioning the Court Documents let Phaedra know that Kenya was willing to take her out. This shut up Phaedra.
    Phaedra knows Kenya is laughing at her over Apollo’s crimes.
    Nene is so unhappy. What the hell is wrong with her??? I don’t think she can handle Kenya not backing down when she insults Kenya. I also think Nene knew the reunion would be shown when she was on DWTS and she was pissed.

  41. SilkyMay

    Tamara, please tell me you saw Nene’s Instagrams to Cynthia before she deleted them last night! Chile, she is truly a low down dirty monkey with a wig and 2pay on at the same damn time..

  42. SB

    Wow mama Joyce really made an ass of herself tonight. I think she got drunk, used to drinking with that 40lbs she lost!

  43. Jessika

    Hey Tamara! Love your blog, tend to agree with all but I do believe Pheadra praying for Cynthia was not a bad thing. It wasn’t obvious nor was it shallow. I thought it was so real in fact that I found it touching and for only that second saw compassion in Pheadra. No matter what trials and tribulations people are going through whether self inflicted or not, we should definitely pray for people in pain or for encouragement. Everyone up there on those couches knows NeNe is a big Bitch, Cynthia has just figured that out and Cold, emotionless, heartless Pheadra was simply praying for Cynthia’s strength. Not everyone can be a big, catty Bitch. Cynthia tried this season and it didn’t work. So I rather have someone praying for her strength to get through a rough situation than laughing at her Pain.

  44. A

    Kandi please put a muzzle on your mom or teach her how to speak in public

  45. ki

    Public opinion seems to be leaning towards the props being the problem. However, what folks don’t realize is that in an interview with Bethenny, Porsha said that she had thoughts about hitting Kenya. Also, as Kenya eluded to and TT has pointed out, Nene, Phaedra and Porsha ( I don’t think Kandi was involved) conspired to “get” Kenya before the reunion taping. Therefore Porsha’s attack was premeditated and had nothing to do with the props.

    • Excellent legal mind @ki. Hehehehe. Snickering. Only problem is can we prove that Nene, Phaedra and Porsha indeed did conspire? Kenya did mention last night that Nene called her to conspire against Phaedra for last season’s reunion show. Oh Nene did not like that at all. I so enjoy watching her squirm. You know, Nene is starting to look like she’s losing ground all-around. She will soon be going to that “elephant graveyard,” where old and tired bravolebrities go to die off. Maybe Phaedra can be the mortician and Andy can officiate the goodbye ceremony. I’ll come!

      • ki

        @katimir…as Porsha was lieing on the floor having a tantrum, both Nene and Phaedra said something to her about discussing the situation with her a couple of days prior to the taping. This indicates that at least they knew it was going to happen and at most, they conspired with and/or put Porsha up to it.

      • lori

        Maybe Porsha will spill the beans in her one on one with Andy? Oh no, wait a minute… you’d have to be smart to do that.

  46. As far as I’m concerned, NO one can cause a reaction unless it’s already in you! Tis all!

  47. Jessica E.L

    I wish Bravo would keep Kandi out of the next season because I don’t think I can hack another season of Mama Joyce and her shenanigans. Its ridiculous and I am really trying to be polite because she is elderly; but this is just too much. She is very abusive to other people and she is shallow. Why torture the viewers and fans of the show with Mama Joyce. Kandi is boring anyway so we would not lose much if Bravo cuts her from next season.

    I feel sorry for Cynthia because she is over 40 and has not grown a spine yet. One would expect that by now she has come into her own, found herself and has established boundaries. It has uncomfortable to see her suck up to NeNe all these seasons and take what NeNe dishes.

    I really hope they fire some housewives and cast new housewives. I am over the current set especially Phaedra and NeNe (and ofcourse Porsha and Cynthia). Its always the same story, same struggles, same type of conflict. Wait – did Apollo say he gave Kenya her storyline this season? He isn’t in jail yet? Why

  48. worldgirl

    Apollo talking to Kenya came across like a pimp speaking to his ho.” I made your ass, I made you, look at me! Look at me!”

  49. Deby

    Oh how I wish NeNe would get the boot! She is not funny, appears to bored with the show and nothing more than a straight up wanna be. That teeny tiny little bite of Hollywood she got has made her think she is some big time actress. Whatever money she has, she’ll probably never be able to touch Kandi – I am really surprised she doesn’t show more jealousy of her than she does. I cannot stand Porsha! OMG – she makes me sick, especially when she was having her temper tantrum and yelling “I’ve been through so much.” What was so funny to me is that just minutes before that, she was calling Kenya on using the victim’s card, which BTW, I never saw. I used to love Phaedra but not so much now. Her jealousy (IMO) and insecurity toward Kenya is very unbecoming. Also, my opinion on her changed drastically when I read that e-book called Lies of a Real Housewife and Shame the devil or something similar. Plus all of her fake Christianity is too much for me. This is the first season that I’ve actually enjoyed Cynthia and I really do. However, her husband I could do without and certainly her sister.
    Thank you for your blog – I love it so much and the comments are fascinating and very entertaining!

  50. beth

    Did Andy ask Nene about the “Saving Our Daughters” charity debacle?

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