Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 2 Chapter One!

Oh My! That Bullhorn is soo scary and threatening! Must use fistisses!

Oh My! That Bullhorn is soo scary and threatening! Must use fistisses!

We arrive back at the reunion with Porsha ejected from the show and a definite line in the sand drawn between the left couch and the wrong couch. Andy is very clear in his defense of Kenya and his disdain for Porsha. Oh my how wrong this little plot of Nene’s and Phaedra’s has gone. They both will be wearing their stank faces for the rest of the reunion shoot. You never win when you play dirty ladies!

After explaining that violence will not be condoned under any circumstance, Andy asks Kenya what happened. Kenya says, ” Well, we were talking back and forth, um, all I know is she got up out of her seat and stood in front of me and I got up and she just lost control.”

Nene thinks it is a violation for anyone to be in her face.

Nene thinks it is a violation for anyone to be in her face.

Here comes Nene to reinterpret the facts for us. “That’s how you saw it? You were pointing ‘that thing’ in her face and you were also screaming through the burrhorn in her face and that’s a violation also even though you didn’t hit her, you had it this close to her face.” Oh bullshit Nene. We all saw this on TV! Kenya was at the opposite end of a LONG ASS couch away from Porsha with an entire person in between and room for another person in on both sides of Cynthia. Kenya says when Porsha got up nothing was in her face.

Andy says that violating someone’s personal space has come up this season, and it has come up in the past.  This is Andy saying, “Y’all fools be violating each other’s personal space on the regular, that is the whole point of this dumbass show!” for those of you who needed it translated to hoodrat. Kandi starts talking about how threatening it is for someone to be all up her grill. Andy interjects to point out that physical contact is not the proper response to someone getting up in your face. So far Andy has shut down Nene and Kandi. Perhaps it is time for Phaedra to get her turn with Andy.  Kenya makes some bizarre world legal statement that is neither rational nor accurate. Phaedra sucks her teeth in response.

Andy asks Cynthia her thoughts. Specifically he asks her about the bullhorn and the wand which were in fact in her personal space. Andy asks if she felt Kenya was going to strike Porsha. Cynthia said, ” No! I did not feel like Porsha was under attack. We’re here to answer a lot of hard questions. And we are not going to like all of them, but at the end of the day (drink), I do not feel like anyone should like actually physically fight each other.”

Nene’s stank face is full on and it looks like the top may blow off that giant bottle of Pepto Bismol. She is jumping in every chance she gets to blame Kenya and cover her bright pink ass. It ain’t working honey. That shit might play to the Porsha stans but it doesn’t play here at Nene says she doesn’t need anyone’s hand up in her face.

Kenya says she is just having fun with some props. These people do not understand fun, Kenya, when they come to the reunion taping they come loaded for bear. Every movement is a perceived threat. Nene says it is a violation to point anything her face. Nene is a big fat lying hypocrite who got Porsha to do her dirty work and it back fired right in her big ugly face.

Andy says he knows that Kenya’s intentions were to be playful (read dramatic) with the props. He asks if she feels that others might find that intimidating. Kenya says that Porsha’s problems are far, wide and deep and don’t have anything to do with the props. Kandi seems to be very invested in this situation too. Phaedra has the sense to keep her mouth closed and let Kandi do the talking. Kandi asks Kenya if the props had not been there would Porsha have reacted the same way.  Kenya says she is not going to predict some hypothetical behavior and that once someone crosses that line she feels them capable of anything.  I’ll answer that question though. Props or no props dumbass Porsha was wound up tight by Nene and Phaedra (and now I even wonder about Kandi) to explode on Kenya. Props or not. Kandi is laughing at Kenya.

Kenya launches into a soliloquy on the hardships of her life. Kandi mocks her to Phaedra asking if they are on The Color Purple….”All my life I had to fight….”  Okay, that was funny.  They totally missed the point of the monologue which was about women respecting women.  Andy looks really upset. Like OMG I hope we don’t get sued upset. Over on the wrong couch Nene is pretending to sleep and Kandi and Phaedra have tuned out as well.

After Kenya’s non violence speech, Andy solemnly turns to the other couch and says, “I think we can all agree with that.”  Finally, Phaedra gets into the mix and says Kenya has a way of provoking people.  Really Phaedra? How does she do that? Does she call them whores in her talking heads while grinning and picking in their faces? How does she provoke, people Phaedra?

RHOA Don JuanKenya says that often times before reunions we get phone calls. Nene is wide ass awake and paying attention now, trying to cut up with Kandi and distract from this situation. Kenya says that last year Nene called her and tried to pull her in to go against Phaedra. She sais that Nene wanted to “get Phaedra” during the last reunion.  Oh now Nene is hot. She totally wants to put her giant man hands over Kenya’s mouth and push those words back in. But Kenya is no Porsha that can be run over by Nene. Kenya explains that you can’t win playing dirty.

Nene tries to shut down Kenya again and says “Don’t make me call Porsha.” Interesting. Followed by a slam from Kenya “Don’t make me call Marlo.” Nene did NOT appreciate that.

Finally moving on they start with the Athens trip with Nene and Phaedra. TamaraTattles commenter Destiny Khan gets her question read for Phaedra and Kandi asking why they continued to smush Chuck if he had such a little dick? Congrats, Destiny! Phaedra has the nerve to sit on that stage and say she is happy with her husband and Chuck is happy with his wife.  I suppose Chuck is probably happier in his marriage since his wife is not going to prison and she is perfect for hiding behind when felons like Apollo start swinging in hotel rooms full of women.

Someone asks Nene if she never knew Phaedra in high school, how did you know she was referred to as the head doctor? Nene says it was something she had heard and that she did call Phaedra and apologize to her for saying it. See? Nene can say or do whatever and everyone is expected to forgive her or over look it. Phaedra jumps in and says that was never a rumor because anyone that knew her from back home knew she was one of the smartest girls in school. (Some smart girls can be head doctor’s Phaedra. Claim your skills, girl.) Then she says she didn’t hang around the type people that Nene did in school. Kenya jumps in and says that the head doctor stuff is in court documents. Click here if you would like to read them, they are quite amusing.

Phaedra tells Kenya to shut up because that has nothing to do with the show. Then she calls her Miss America. Phaedra is burnt up. I think when one housewife calls another a head doctor on national TV then you talk about it some more on the reunion, it’s part of the show when it shows up in legal documents later.  Nene laughs at the Miss America comment. All these women sure are pressed about Kenya. Phaedra calls her Miss America again. Kenya calls her a head doctor again. Phaedra is really overheating she says tells Kenya she will never have a husband. Kenya says if she wanted a husband, someone’s strays… Phaedra says that if he strays he doesn’t do it with you, “barren woman.” Well is he doesn’t do it with Kenya, Phaedra, why are you so consumed with calling Kenya a whore every chance you get? Kenya points out how very Christian Phaedra’s comments are.

That took an hour and a half to blog 15 minutes of show. I think I will make this a two part recap so y’all have something to work with while I am watching the rest of the show.






















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108 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 2 Chapter One!

  1. Jarlath

    “Nene’s stank face is full on and it looks like the top may blow off that giant bottle of Pepto Bismol.” Lol!

  2. Urethra Franklin

    I was soooo amused to see Phaedra lose her cool when Kenya mentioned those court documents.

  3. RVA

    Mama Joyce is HIGH on something!!!!! am I the only one who feels this way?

    • NO! But I just didn’t want to say that about someone’s mama! Good lord have mercy!

    • Sona

      I was very embarrassed for her! What a disgrace! Even Andy seemed uncomfortable with her behavior ( I picked-up on some barely-concelaed disgust on his face). At first he found it amusing but I picked-up about half-way through her segment that he was no longer amused. There is something very wrong there and substance abuse is only part of it.

      It was also interesting to see how thoroughly Joyce has mind-f*cked Kandi. Her manipulation goes so much deeper and is much more devastating than I imagined. I’m convinced that Joyce can do just about anything to Kandi and Kandi will feel obligated to forgive her. I don’t think it’s love, though – there’s a sickness there.

    • lori

      Sorry, but that woman is just batshit crazy, and obviously taking the wrong KIND of drugs for whatever it is she has. It made me uncomfortable too. Mama don’t know when to stop and have some class. She could have taken this opportunity to redeem herself, but sadly, no.

      • Bravogirl24/7

        It was really uncomfortable to see Mama Joyce’s pathology play itself out on TV. She clearly has something wrong with her and is trying very hard to appear sane or failing miserably at be sarcastic. I do not care how much weight Mama Joyce has lost, she is still a very UGLY old women. Mama Joyce has been alive too long to be acting like this. Kandi was clearly embarrassed. My heart went out to her. The only person uglier than Mama Joyce on that stage of horrible performances is NeNe Leakes she is one hateful, despicable, nasty, condescending, low budget, money means more than class, ratchet moron. With all the cosmetic surgery, fillers, peels and laser, she has had on that mug, she still is incapable of making a pretty face. Money can’t buy you class but it sure can pay for some etiquette classes.

    • LoLo

      Her segment was hard to watch…SMH! She was definitely under the influence!

  4. Jennifer N

    What is wrong with momma Joyce ! She’s acting so crazy. Lord she’s a hot mess!

    • peachteachr

      You heard her. She’s waiting on her peach. I must say that Kandi is a very loyal daughter. She’s a much bigger person than I could have been. I feel so sorry for Kandi.

      • Gabriella

        I agree, Kandi needs to realize that she will be spending the end of her days with her husband and children, not with that old bitch MJ. She’s a jealous old hypocrite. How did she manage to get credit cards in Kandi’s name that Kandi didn’t even know about? I would have paid the old cow off long ago.

  5. @14GBB

    I realize I’m exhausted but this part 2 is giving me a headache….

  6. Now that you mention it, Why is Kenya even a “Real Housewife” when she’s never been married, nor does she appear to have any prospects of being a “Real Housewife?”

    • Teerii

      Well if you recall, Bravo Hired her knowing full well, Kenya was Not married just like Kim and Kandi. And, Andy said this year that the name of the show really had nothing to do with someone being married or a housewife. Go figure?

      But Kenya evidently is satisfying her bosses who issue her paycheck . And they let her know, and so did the viewers, she won Two Awards this year.

    • 'The Jam'

      There have been MANY women on this entire franchise that came in with no husband.

    • Oh my!

      Go ask Bethany, Joanna, Kim Zolciak, Gretchen, and the other ladies. Who also were not married . When they joined the HW. Please spare us your BS outrage. Puuuuuuuuhhhhhhh leaze !

    • lori

      There are, or have been, unmarried housewives on all the franchises.

    • SnookumsLynn

      only three of the chicks were married when this farce began & the second season started with only 2 married females I believe..this show has always had chicks on that will stir the pot, mixed in with married females, Andy don’t care, if you bring the juice and the drama! If Marlo wasn’t so hood with a serious case behind her, I imagine that spot Kenya got could have been slotted for her

      • I totally agree with you on that – about Marlo and the slot. But it seems like there was also talk about her being late, or not showing up, to film. That’s got to be more trouble than it’s worth.

  7. Marilyn

    I guess Phaedra is using Kandi as her mouth piece now. I agree with TT if Phaedra knows Apollo isn’t doing it with Kenya – what’s her problem. Oh right Apollo’s lust for Kenya exposed her fake happy marriage.

  8. I noticed no props were present for part deux. Guess Bravo rethought that props are fun allowance.

  9. She Thinks Clearly

    Tamara you have a new fan. I love your blogs. You take the time to check facts and speak the truth.

  10. LisaLisaDiva

    Yes TT, NeNe’s dress looked like pepto bismol that expired in 2002. I truly hated it and I know she could have done a lot better. WTF???

  11. Isa

    This was INTENSE! Notice how all the women (except for Cynthia) kept coming for Kenya, and I have to say +respect to her for being able to sit there and take the heat like a real woman and throw back that shade one comment after the other. Nene you were a doormat this episode, you were walked on and it feels like someone rubbed their muddy boots all over her. “The moose has spoken.” that killed me.

    Next week though, they just need to get rid of the whole texting situation. It’s disgusting and worn out, stretched, and makes me uncomfortable. Apollo in general makes me uncomfortable, and I see why Kenya chose to approach him alone in Mexico. When he’s with Phaedra he makes up a new lie every two seconds, last reunion he said she was chasing him in LA and that she texts him, this year he says she texts him again. I can’t with this bullshit. Bravo needs to worry less about props and more about having criminals sitting on that fancy couch.

    • Teerii

      I am so with you on your comments. Apollo and Phaedra are a modern day version of Bonnie and Clyde. Apollo lied and took his phone out like he was going to show a text until Kenya said please, “do you think I’m stupid enough to text you?”
      It gives me great joy to know Apollo will soon be put away for his crimes. And I am looking forward to the day when Phaedra follows him.

  12. Gingersnap

    I love knowing that even though it’s been four against one, and now, three against one, those bitches just can’t bring Kenya down, even with NeNe’s considerable bulk. I don’t know who I dislike more at the moment, NeNe, Phaedra or Kandi. Mostly I dislike Kandi because she’s so up Phaedra’s criminal ass, it makes me doubt her integrity, or judgment, or something. Phaedra is pathetic and I hope she gets busted sky high, if for no other reason than to wipe that shit-eating smirk off her lying face. She cackles like the witch that she is, so it’s fitting.

    • Isa

      I couldn’t agree more. As much as this part two delivered, WAY better than part 1 (hair pull who?) I feel like the show has become too hateful, fake, and evil. The way they gang up against Kenya and use the lowest of insults is unsettling. But I love how Kenya throws that shade right back. As for Phaedra, her true colors are showing. She is a hateful, evil, deceitful woman who hides behind a bible to save face. Her and her criminal husband should be off the show. Marlo is not their ‘brand’? Then what the hell is Phaedra?

      • Gingersnap

        Thank you! AND another thing (I’m all riled up :) all those little prayers she was saying to Jesus in the background. Please. Like she cares about Jesus.

    • Teerii

      I so agree about Kandi! Kandi has a great work ethic and sound financial intelligence. However, it seems like Kandi is easily led by those who are cunning by nature. Phaedra has spun her nasty spell on Kandi like she has done with others who have been impressed by her BS. Kandi had better”ask somebody”.
      Kandi loves to pass on gossip. And, we have gotten a full on view of both Kandi and her Mom when they get emotional. So, I think we are expecting a level of sophistication and intellect that she doesn’t possess yet.

    • Marilyn

      I know – what’s going on with kandi. Shouldn’t she be head over heels happy with big headed, short Todd and dealing with her crazy, gambling, credit card stealing Mama. She doesn’t have an issue with Kenya. As I’ve said before I’m beginning to think a plan was hatched at Kandi’s wedding.

    • I agree with you BUT I think Phaedra disgusts me a LOT MORE than Kandi. I just look at it that Kandi is really really loyal when it comes to her realtionships no matter how vile the person is behaving (Joyce, Kim, Phaedra). Phadrea is still insulting our intelligence by playing this role. As for Nene I will forever be grateful to Kenya for exposing this mess for what she is.

  13. Wallace

    Mama Joyce was a hot mess. I don’t believe for a second that everything single dollar she has is not a result of Kandi’s success. You can bet that Kandi has been paying the bills since that first platinum hit in high school.

  14. Oh my!

    Kept my word and haven’t watched.
    But I love reading your recap. I’m #TeamTwirl

  15. Teerii

    America watched NeNe damn near snuff Porsha’s light’s out trying to prevent her from spilling the beans. And then Kenya told how NeNe called her last year to gang up on Phaedra. Priceless,simple priceless.

    • Josie

      Good point. Phaedra doesn’t even seem to care that NaeNae befriended her to get in the head doctor nickname on the show…so determined is she to get Kenya. Definite alliance. She looks like an idiot pretending NeNe was being genuine. What is up with Kandi?? Is she going to purchase Phae’s life story for a play called The Head Doctor: A Felon’s Story??

  16. 'The Jam'

    Phaedra and nene looked like sad pathetic harpies. Every time kenya spoke they were making goofy faces or cartoon noises. It is very obvious that they formed an alliance with Elmer’s glue that will soon fall apart as they can’t really stand one another. Kenya needs to stop damn speechifying. It works be better for her if she stopped using those big ass adjectives when describing how she has been victimized. She always does it in pairs too. “I was floored by these scurrilous and degenerate insults.”

  17. Josie

    Good for cynthia for standing up for herself. I loved when she said that a friend doesnt continually blow you up on twitter and facebook and then call up to apologize. No respect. NaeNae is very sneaky. She became friendly with phae so she could let everyone know the southern belle was known as the head doctor in high school.

    • Gingersnap

      I think NeNe siddled up to Phaedra, and Porsha, in an unsuccessful attempt to bring Kenya down. NeNe knows she doesn’t have the brain power to go it alone, God KNOWS Porsha didn’t, and Phaedra is supposed to be smart and glib.

  18. I need Phaedra to be gone. She is so fake and her silly faces are repugnant. Doesn’t she watch herself on TV or are both she and NeNe have magic mirrors? Who dresses them Bravo or do they have personal make-up people? smh

  19. Riley

    Next week looks a little on the uncomfortable side. Fasten your seat belts…..
    oh yeah… Nene’s dress that ole timey crush velvet? :-)

  20. papa smurf

    I hope Kenya keeps mentioning the court documents, it’s really bothering Phaedra. I would love to see her loose it too. All three of them really have it in for Kenya, why does Kandi have such a problem with her? Nene has been exposed again with her conniving ways. You can never win when you play dirty, girl bye.

    • bkisses

      Kandi is Phaedras friend instead of finding out the truth for herself or keep neutral, she is taking sides with Phaedra later on that bs might come back to kick Kandi in her big behind.

  21. KB

    It’s official NeNe is impossible. She gets on my last nerve. I do like Kandi tho and it will be interesting to see her and NeNe go at it next week. I feel for Cynthia. I kind of understand where she’s coming from with her friendship with NeNe. She’s so sfraid to end the friendship with NeNe that she was willing to put up with her treatment of her. Not only does she do it to keep the peace but Cynthia probably thinks it’s easier to be nene’s friend than her enemy. Even on the reunion she had a hard time ending it. I hope she comes to her senses and cuts her losses. Nene cares more about saving face than humbling herself and admitting her wrongs.

  22. Michelle

    Really hope Kenya doesn’t come back. Of all the ladies she is the fakest and is not likable in any way. She is thirsty jumping in conversations that have nothing to do with her.

    • JenB

      Watch the show again. Count each time a HW interrupts another HW. You will see that Kenya and Cynthia did it the least. Nene and Phaedra are the 2 most fake of the group. Nene has a criminal record but she makes nasty comments about Marlo. Gregg also has a criminal record. NeNe is acting 100% of the time. All of those dramatic facial expressions and body language. She was behaving like a po’d teenager. Hell, I wanted to slap the crap out of NeNe.

      • Completely agree re Kenya and Cynthia. I don’t understand why people have it in for Kenya, but I do get what Tamara said earlier about Bravo perhaps overestimating the intelligence of some of the HW re the props. Kenya is many things and witty is one of them. :)

    • Teerii

      Somebody liked her she won two Bravo awards this season. And jumping in the conversation is what Bravo is paying all of them to do during the taping of the Reunion.

  23. Gingersnap

    Hi charmaine ~ I agree, they will not stop at anything to try and defile Kenya’s character. No doubt, they made a pact to try and make Kenya look as bad as possible. How wonderful that all of a sudden NeNe and Phaedra became bosom buddies. Partners in character assassination crime, is more like it. What’s great though, is they are just exposing their own classlessness (is that a word?) and skank.

  24. myinfo

    Nene knows this will air during DWTS and is stressed and does not know how to act. She can dish out insults but can’t take ANYONE insulting her ugly wig ass.
    Mama Joyce loves Kandi but she acted like a fool. She did look good.
    Everyone hates Kenya except Cynthia which is pissing off Nene.
    Phaedra was not the old Phaedra because she knew Kenya had the info on Apollo’s chargers and was willing to state Apollo’s affairs and crimes.
    Kenya was having fun with the dumb props but Porsha over reacted due to her own personal problems.
    Cynthia should be over lace front Nene.
    Damn Nene is now a piece of S+it in my eyes.

  25. It’s incredible, just incredible how Nene can sit up here and talk about personal violation. Did all the 2 dollar peroxide eat the last bit of her brain cells up! Nene has attacked Kim, Kenya, and Dwight and violated their person space. Kenya is no where near close of the bully as Nene is. Nene is on one, for sure.

    Kandi isn’t buying having this Phaedra/Nene friendship. Good! We don’t neither. It’s all a set up to get those two to tag team against Kenya anyhow. As we have seen in the last few reunion episodes. Nene and those faces makes me think she wasn’t as invested. If that’s the case, Andy/Bravo please don’t renew this woman’s contract we won’t miss ya!

  26. denise

    Kandi is soooo funny. I loved the comment about “is this the Color Purple”.

  27. Hmmm I would have hit Phaedra back with a “and he certainly doesn’t do it with you either, dropping 8 g’s and strip clubs and taking tips to L.A.” I’m sure those 8 g’s bought him more than a lap dance.

  28. RVA

    it is one of my fondest wish that this show will go back to the lighthearted show it started out as. before egos, (I see you Nene) and Pride and all the animosity came on.

  29. Glory from jersey

    TAmara u hit it out the park. This is why hene put her manhands over porshas mouth . Hene was afraid porsha was going to let it out that 2 days prior to reunion that Phaektra and her got together with porsha to tell her to get Kenya pissed as hell , but not to hit her. And this is why porsha kept saying , I can’t believe I did that, I’m sorry I f- ked up. And then Phaektra chimes in , we told a couple days ok and hene chimes in and says , we told you you can’t do that . Hene is a hypocrit. She so jealous of Kenya. And she so angry that she’s not the queen anymore, remember she said, I’m above all these women. Well why the heck is she still with the rhoa. And hene if your face gets any stanker and uglier girl you have lost a lot of fans. We are not buying your clothesline outfits. Matter fact you the one that needs to get fired. Along with Phaektra .

  30. KB

    Now we know that at least Kenya reads all the blogs because she called NeNe “moose”. I died …!

    • They all read all the blogs which is why I as that we keep things civil. It’s not my intention to hurt anyone’s feeling on these shows. Just to comment on what we see. Well, except for the felons and morons and they won’t understand anyway, right?

      On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 11:00 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Josie

      Lol!! So true…also when she said look up the court documents :)

  31. TT.. only two words for ya.. GOOD LAWD! (I’m exhausted just saying that… you poor thing, and you, blogging that. My love. Forever giving u love)!

  32. cab3014

    Nobody has to bring Kenya down, she does that all by herself. She is a phony, with no prospect for a husband or significant other. She a shit stirrer and tries to circumvent the conversation by using a lot of double talk. Her ignorance was clearly visible when she questioned being given a “mock” baby that was “black”. Does she really think she’s having a “white” baby? She is the most vicious RHOA, and is trying to be as controversial as possible in order to keep a job that she can hopefully use to segue to better financial endeavors. Nobody knew or remembered her as Miss Anything. Finally, she needs to (1) buy some Spanx for her ass and (2) buy Proactive for that ugly mug of hers and twirl back to Detroit.

    • Hey cab you ignorant cunt, how bout you get off my blog on to Lipstick Alley or whatever hood rat place you need to be. BYE FELECIA!

      On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 11:23 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Bravogirl24/7

        what does “bye Felicia” mean and why does everyone keep using it?

      • SnookumsLynn

        I don’t understand why everyone is absolving Kenya of her BS, just cause Porche got out of hand. Kenya been a mess since day one! She stay messy and she stays trying to talk shit to her adversaries..I get it, please don’t act like Kenya is above all the bull shit and that Kenya starts a whole bunch of it, whether it’s warranted or not, Kenya is not an innocent in this. Of course she didn’t deserve anyone put hands on her, but she’s a shit starter and shit distributer like the rest…she is mildly more entertaining than the others and she’s well versed, so sometimes her superiority complex shows, but she’s a bitch too!!!

        Bye Felicia is from the movie Friday, it’s like a way to dismiss people, you ain’t trying to hear anything that’s coming from’s funny that it’s getting a total resurgance in popular venacular, me and my girlfriends been using it since the original Friday and have never stopped…we’re California girls and hella silly…

      • 'TheJam'

        @SnookumsLynn I think the difference is that even tho Kenya is crazy. She get’s TV crazy on purpose and is fully aware that she is on a TV show and is doing things to entertain us. I for one am thoroughly entertained by her Alexis Carrington style evilness. It’s funny. Kenya is crazy like a fox, Everyone else is genuinely ratchet.

    • O.O

      What does her having a husband or a prospect have to do with anything .how do you know if she’s dating or not ? I hope that you are at least 80 with that a man or husband means you’re whole otherwise you sound ridiculous . Dies the same go for men over 40 who have never married ? What does the white baby joke have to do with anything ? Lord let it go! And if she wants a white baby so what? First the Asian babies were in style now it’s babies from african decent .madonna has two. Sandra bulock has One and so do a few others, What’s your point? What does a white or black baby have to do with the topic at hand?

    • Bravogirl24/7

      @cab3014. There is absolutely nothing IGNORANT about Kenya. Quiet as its been kept, Kenya is the smartest women on the RHOA. She has played her position as the drama queen to academy award winning levels. Being an observant viewer you would realize that the majority of this BS is scripted and planned out way ahead of time, and situations that occur on the show and in their individual lives are manipulated to add drama. You do not know what God has planned for Kenya whether it will be a family in her future or not, just as you do not know what the future holds and God has planned for you. If funny how you come in here and question Kenya intelligence when you yourself did not understand or realize this show is for entertainment and the word “Reality” in the title is used loosely, just as the word Housewife is really not the entire reality of these ladies either. How could you not see being an intelligent person as you imply that when Kenya questioned the babies ethnicity she was joking. As far as her being the most “vicious” housewife. Clearly you are not watching the reunion because if you had you would have seen the deplorable behavior of NeNe and the violent tendencies of Porsha. Finally, guess what, ALL those women are on the show because they NEED the money and that includes kandi and Phaedra. OH and one more thing, as for her needing Spanx for her ass. Every last one of those ladies have on body contouring support clothes under those fancy gowns, and as for her face needing Proactive, have you notice the fillers and botox and acne pot marks that NeNe has on her face? Just some thoughts.

      • HeyWig

        Uhm Proactive needs are for Nene too I.e season one and two. Under all those layers of makeup is a crater face my dear. Kenya is a well spoken Nene . I ooved Nene untill she became this hypocritical Hollywood actress . Im not buying that her a Phadera are best buds.

  33. lori

    OMG Tamara, this blog entry had me dying laughing, pictures and all. I’m off to read part 2!

  34. lori

    Oh, and how I wish that people would stop calling Nene NayNay. There ain’t no NayNay. That is just another way for her to not take responsibility for her ugly on the inside self!

  35. Teerii

    It was so cute when Phaedra put her son on the phone to talk to Andy and only said three words. Sorry Phaedra that fell flat. LOL But when Andy said, be good and do everything your mama tells you, I thought, and if you do you will end up in prison like your father.

    • Snookums Lynn

      That little boy is very articulate and I thought he was cute. I thought it was weak she said he needed to speak to Andy Cohen. Do u always take meetings and your son needs to talk to the people?

    • lori

      Lol Teerri. You guys are coming out with some funny shit tonight!

  36. ECA

    For them not “condoning” violence, they certainly promoted the heck out of that fight.

  37. The alliance between Phaedra and Nene held together by a wet band-aid is pretty ugly. They absolutely hate each other, but they got exactly what they wanted this reunion with Porsha. Poor girl, used and abused by everyone.

  38. khintx

    This reunion brought the shock back to shock TV. Nene, Phaedra are beside themselves and look as though they may spontaneously combust. Go Kenya! And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse (read: better) that crazy mama joyce twirls in and, wait, is she talking baby talk? Too bizarre! kh

  39. yd14

    Did anyone watch wwhl with Cynthia and Rita Ora? I feel terrible for Cynthia but something about her weakness is also irritating. Nene treated the girl like crap yes but then her running to Kenya who I’m sure is also using her is pitiful. I wish she would just grow some balls. She’s one of these women that always needs a stronger woman in her corner. I think her sistser Mal serves that purpose most of the time but if not then she needs a Nene or a Kenya. Poor woman! Stop letting people walk all over you!

    Oh that poll that they did asking whose side viewers were on Nene’s or Cynthia’s was waaay closer that I would have thought. For sure I thought Cynthia would have won by a landslide but surprisingly she did not. Hmmm

    • 'TheJam'

      At this point I’m sure that Cynthia and Peter are using Kenya as well. I don’t think it’s the same type of friendship.

    • Philly Finest!!

      When Cynthia and Kandi both showed up for Kenya “dog” funeral. I knew right then and there that tides were turning. I betcha that kandi is not feeling this new found friendship between Phaedra/ Nene regardless of their common enemy (kenya)

    • Teerii

      Well that just goes to show you that at least 54% of the viewers are people who can see through NeNe ‘s BS. LOL!

  40. ki

    Public opinion seems to be leaning towards the props being the problem. However, what folks don’t realize is that in an interview with Bethenny, Porsha said that she had thoughts about hitting Kenya. Also, as Kenya eluded to and TT has pointed out, Nene, Phaedra and Porsha ( I don’t think Kandi was involved) conspired to “get” Kenya before the reunion taping. Therefore Porsha’s attack was premeditated and had nothing to do with the props.

    • MicroOp

      I think Phaedra wound her up but I think she advised her not to hit her, bc Phaedra said “we talked about this a few days ago.” I think Porsha told nene and Phaedra that she was going to beat Kenya up. nene was like “do it!” and Phaedra half heartedly told her not to.

  41. Jessica E.L

    Phaedra has been really nasty. How can a woman call another woman barren??? I think at this point she is taking the blessings of God for granted. It is God that gives children and if Kenya has not been blessed with children yet, no need to mock her. You don’t do there! Another question, does Phaedra really think Apollo is a prize? If you have to hang around the prison and wait for a prisoner’s release and take him home to your bed and eventually marry him, does that make you better than Kenya? No, it makes you pathetic and desperate. She keeps mocking Kenya for not having a husband and its getting really old and it has been annoying me.

    • Snookums Lynn

      Phaedra is awful for that. That’s not Christian like and above that, it’s hellaciously mean… She don’t have to go there and that’s gonna come back to bite her.

  42. Okay, so I have a question. I watched this last night , and noticed that when Nene, Phaedra and Kandi were trying to comfort Porsha in her hysteria, Nene kept putting her hands over Porsha’s mouth. That seems like a very odd thing to do to comfort someone. If I were as pissed as Porsha was and some chick was putting her hands over my mouth, I would get real froggy. Did anyone else notice that?

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