Apollo Nida Is Single-Handedly Redefining Stupid

Apollo Nida Traveling While Out on Bail

Apollo is out on tour y’all!

Just how stupid is Apollo Nida? Super stupid. Porsha Williams stupid. So stupid we need a better word than stupid to even begin to scratch to surface of his stupidity. He’s so stupid that I’m guessing he is still stealing retirement checks from little old ladies who worked for Delta while he is awaiting his plea deal! He’s just that stupid.

Apparently, this week,  the one that started on Monday with him waiving his right to an indictment and sailing on toward a plea deal,  he is apparently giving interviews and “doing charity events.”  When ROL hit him up on speed dial his response was to thank his fans which is ludicrous, but what is more ludicrous is that a commenter in the post about Gayla St. Julien one of our commenters said she likes him and is “hoping for the best.”  I suppose Hitler had fans too.  The other thing he said to them was that he thinks Gayla will probably only serve 25 months and she has already served seven so she will be home soon. Basically, he reaction reads like it was worth it.  It still makes me wonder why in the holy hell he is not doing time now while awaiting a plead deal. It makes no sense. Why lock up Gayla right away but not Apollo? This boggles my fake lawyer in the Internet mind! Oh and he also told them he was boarding a plane to go to a “battered women’s event” in D.C.  The sheer lunacy of that statement is amazing.  Either he is lying about the whole thing, or someone somewhere is having him speak at a battered women’s fundraiser. The world has truly gone mad either way.

Felons by Bravo

Felons by Bravo

And then there is this interview he gave this week defending his spending habits at the strip club and all the money he is making. I just can’t believe what I am reading!

Apollo popped over to the office of Jamie Foster Brown, Editor of Sister2Sister magazine to talk about his money making skills and his love for strippers. Because this is apparently what you do when the Feds have you on the hook for bank fraud, aggravated identity theft, embezzlement and conspiracy. Here is an excerpt of their conversation. You really need to go straight to the site for this one to see the short video piece. I can tell you right now that no lawyer on planet earth is going to put Apollo on the stand. He is the worst liar in the world.

Jamie: What do you think about spending thousands at the strip club? You make money from the videos and what else?

Apollo: Well, I make money from the videos. One of my monthly checks from the videos is $32,000 in sales. I mean, we make money. I purchase properties. I flip them. I bought my last house at $12,500; I sold it for $46,500. So just do the math. So, it was a party and $8,000 was spent. But it doesn’t matter if it’s $5,000, if it’s $8,000. If that’s your vice and if it’s your money and that’s what you want to do, cool, because guess what? There’s no difference—and I hope you word this right. There’s no difference—

Tamara: Nobody believes you are pulling in $32K a month selling a damn donkey booty video, Apollo. Okay, Porsha might believe that, but no rational person believes you. Remember when you were a repo man, then a financial consultant, then a fitness instructor, then a video sales guy and now all of a sudden you are a property flipper? You are none of those things Apollo. You are felon and a criminal that preys on women and steals their identities and their retirement funds. You are a felon and a criminal that scams banks for fake car loans in the name of the victims of your crimes.  So even if stripping is your vice, it is one of many vices and stealing money doesn’t make it yours to spend.

Jamie: It’s going to be worded exactly how you say it.

Apollo: There’s no difference than $8,000 spent on a strip club versus $8,000 at a Versace store or $15,000 on a Hermès bag. So for NeNe [Leakes] to sit there and say, “You should’ve spent that $8,000 on your kids,” well, you should’ve spent that $15,000 for that Hermès bag on your kids. It’s no difference. It’s what you wanted. It was your vice at that time. So I don’t feel like that was taken out of context because everybody has something that they like to do.

Tamara: Yes, and you like stealing women’s identities and cleaning out their bank accounts so you can make it rain in the strip club because you have the IQ of a nematode and lack even a shred of integrity.

Forest Gump: Stupid is as stupid does


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119 responses to “Apollo Nida Is Single-Handedly Redefining Stupid

  1. Hey, maybe Porsha and Appollo will get together when Phaedra finally gets a clue and dumps him.

    • OMG no! Only if they don’t reproduce. Two words: “Recessive Genes!” It just wouldn’t be pretty. They could have a nene [lower case intended].

  2. sym382013

    Stupid is as stupid does. Classic! And the perfect phrase for this entire situation.

  3. Clearly, he is so dumb, only a mother could love him.

  4. BananaBug

    So . . . according to Apollo, crime pays. Lol . . . .

  5. Urethra Franklin

    I remember years back Phaedra described Apollo’s job as “asset recovery.” MmmHmmmm

  6. 'TheJam'

    I had to go look up “nematode”. Lol!

  7. Dr. D

    Well he can’t use that he doesn’t know her in his defense because he spoke so candidly on how many months she was sentenced, how many she’s served already and how many she will likely serve…REALLY APOLLO? He’s speaking as if he’s a lawyer but most criminals assume they are!

  8. In Phaedra’s tone, Chile please, the only thing you’ll be flipping is your gender in the gray bar hotel.

  9. Katrina

    So if Apollo is so dumb, how is he stealing millions of dollars in such a complex scheme? I wonder if we will ever find out how he did it? It does not seem logical for them to let him stay out of jail, travel the world, set his bond at minimum if they have the evidence to put him away. The case is about identity theft? Maybe they are trying to catch him in the act by giving him enough rope to hang himself.

    • They have their case all laid out. All the details. All the evidence. His computer records, his fake drivers licenses he made for Gayla, all the post office boxes he rented in the names of the victims. The bank transactions. The shell companies. They have a MOUNTAIN of evidence. There is no need for him to be out of jail let alone flying all around the country doing appearances. IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. It’s mystifying.

      On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 3:17 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • eastjames

        The ONLY way it makes sense is like you’ve already said, T. He’s about to roll over hard on somebody. There’s NO way he was smart enough to concoct even this idiotic scheme. He’s been taking orders from above.

      • lori

        Maybe he’s wearing a wire/collecting evidence to bring down the actual brains behind this operation, because we know it isn’t him!

      • Buck Henry

        I know Tamara it doesn’t make sense, they have him dead to rights. The feds are either working real hard for someone real major and/or Apollo has done work as a federal informant in other cases and they are lenient on his dirty behaviors.

      • eastjames

        Either that or he made some dirty connections during his white collar prison stint.

      • lori

        Oh… just read your other post where you said exactly that. Not that I thought for a second that you didn’t already figure as much, of course.

      • charmaine howell

        Phadra knows all these money were in his accounts, she advise him on how he should get it done an she pretend she don’t know , and he is so dumb he thinks he will not get caught. When ever he is indicted if the total amount he has in these accounts is less than the amount he has stolen from these people, their properties will be cease because of community assets. He should be given twice the amount of time for each person money as a convicted felon. flakedra telling Kenya she will not be a housewife, Kenya will soon be a wife and flake flake will be a prisoner wife once again. She forget that all human beings has a seasoned and she should never laugh at Kenya because Phadra comma is on its way.

      • O.O

        @tt . I’m saying this with no knowledge of the courts or justice system but could part of his plea deal be that he’s allowed to stay free until sentencing ?

      • No. There is no plea deal yet. In fact if they locked his ass up, he would agree to a plea much faster.

        On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 10:38 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • It would have made sense if they were trying to nab Phaedra. Apollo may be wearing a wire like “Junior” did to Renee. They don’t care about kids, wives or family. His mother looks like he’s never given her anything. Probably never knew his father. Phaedra’s smart. Always a step ahead of his egotistical idiot azz. She put him out immediately and I’m sure has calculated conversations with his wannabe Scarface azz when he visits the children.

    • He knows he’s going to jail, nothing new for him. He figures he’s some kind of celebrity now (à la NeNe Leakes) and he’s got some clout, he’s kinda important, everybody wants to interview me, I’m rich. He figures “they’ll probably be lenient on me this time,” as he looks at his freshly manicured hands; “this will be a piece a cake. I’ll be out in no time. Whatever. What’s my next stop on this tour. I’m enjoying this.” You can’t teach people like Apollo anything. They are dumber then dumb, dumber than Porsha as TT says. lmao. Oh my God he is dumb, and Phaedra, what does that make her. Oh right, an accomplice.

      • O.O

        @TT ..oooooo.idk it is odd especially since hes been to jail more than once but if anyone can find the answer to that question it’s you. I can’t wait to hear .

      • wikunia

        I don’t know much about prison life, but I watched “The Shawshank redemption” twice  (mostly because I like Morgan Freeman so much) and I figured that the way Apollo Nida is behaving right now is not as stupid as we thing.
        He’s building his image for prison life and a place in prison hierarchy. I don’t think his stupid remarks will matter to the sentencing judge at all, but could help him a lot once he gets to the big house.

  10. Gramss

    That is a good question. Why isn’t he locked up? Is it because he’s a D-List Celebrity?

  11. Linda Miller

    You’re on a roll T!
    This update is so darn funny!

  12. Valerie

    Holy freeking hell. What is happening? Who, what, where, when and how is he able to be easy breezy free. Running around without a care in the world. Flipping houses my ass. What does Delta have to say about this loser. Curiouser and curiouser. I can’t understand this.

    Tamara, I tried to wait until tonight to read this most current blog, but it was calling to me. Thanks again Ms. Fake Lawyer on the Internet. You do a fantastic job.

  13. gerly1

    “Nobody believes you are pulling in $32K a month selling a damn donkey booty video, Apollo. Okay, Porsha might believe that, but no rational person believes you”. Priceless TT, simply priceless! He really is a dumb ass!

  14. KReality

    Yep he’s got that celebrity disease called delusional. He does show hecknowxthe system and its highly likely he will get a reduced sentence but he will feel the pain when he gets sued by all the people he robbed after he pleads guilty to these charges. I hate federal cases. They are too long, slow and way too lenient

  15. puppylove

    He is so stupid and caught up in himself he thinks he is untouchable. He is a celebrity (NOT) but he thinks so. Remember when celebs actually had talent for doing something.

  16. Redhotmama

    All I can say his bless his lil heart. He’s special and doesn’t even know it. Bless Phaedra’s heart, too. I just couldn’t live in the same house, nor share children with this dingbat. I hope he does some time and is ordered to pay restitution.

    • Phaedra supposedly put him out in November? That’s another reason he was always seen with that backpack. At this point Phaedra should be scared of this goul, but definitely NOT divorce him until he’s safely behind bars. While he’s her husband, he can’t incriminate her unless he has her on wire. He has shown the world that he doesn’t love her. In fact, saying in many instances that she’s more like a mother than a wife along with practically living at strip joints. And I’ve yet to hear lil’ Ayden call him dad.

  17. Truthseeker

    If Apollo has all theses sources of income and we know Phaedra claims to have “jobs” as she told Mynique in Savannah why is he stealing from other people? That should have been the follow up question. He’s just criminal minded.

  18. myinfo

    $32 in sales NOT profit. Minus the cost to produce the video and distribution cost they probably netted 25 cents.
    Anyway why is fool giving interviews?
    Phaedra really married a winner!

    • The fact that he is ON CAMERA listing all the money he has while his lawyer is scrambling for a plea deal that will include fines and restitution is beyond all logic.

      On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 4:41 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  19. ScrappieONE

    Another Thought: We all know that there is absolutely no chemistry between Apollo and Phaedra. The look on Apollo’s face whenever he’s around his wife speaks volumes. Well the other day I was reading something about Phaedra and her claiming that she and Apollo are happy and will remain married, blah, blah, blah. Now I’m beginning to see why, am I right that a wife cannot testify against their spouse and vice versa.. Hmmm something is really rotten in this whole relationship. PLUS what wife would tolerate their husband spending thousands at strip clubs and YES I also pointing the finger at Peter, who claims he goes several times a week… WTH

    • Husbands and wives testify against each other all the time. In some jurisdictions they have the RIGHT not to testify against a spouse if they choose to exercise it. Or they can hang them. Whichever they prefer.

      On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 5:11 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • ScrappieONE

        Thanks TT… There’s got to be something they have on one another because it’s obvious Apollo is there for a reason and it ain’t love.

      • Valerie

        I prefer she hangs him. And him her. I’ll miss her though. It’s a sickness. Are there meetings I can attend?

      • You are at one here. I keep trying to wean you guys off the Bravo teat. You’re a stubborn bunch.

        On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 7:06 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        Thanks Coach. I can change, really I can.

  20. ScrappieONE

    I too am also baffled how this crook is not in jail… Either he’s talking or our system is that screwed up…

  21. SB

    at least when he’s locked up the world will be (temporarily) rid of his dumbness. I honestly don’t know how Phaedra, whether a part of this or not, could put up with his ass for so long.

  22. I saw the comment you mention on the other post about him. Had no words. It’s mind boggling. Just as mind boggling as his interview. Maybe that commenter was really him?! Doubtful I know, but they’re cut from the same brain power cloth.

  23. Riley

    He can’t seem to help it…he’s just too full of himself.

  24. Crazylegs

    Tamara, I enjoy your site and you’re pretty funny! But I have to complain that every time I go to that crazy Sister to Sister website, it begins playing some ad and video sound, and I can’t even find where it’s coming from. If it was the Apollo video I wouldn’t mind, but’s it’s something else playing, and I can’t turn it off! I’m glad you gave us a re-cap! I loved where you said no one believes you’re making all that money on the Donkey video! I know I don’t!

  25. baybek8s

    I love the “Felons by Bravo” caption. Tamara T keeps my days bright. :)

  26. jrleaguer

    During the last episode, I kept wondering if he was walking around the crowd at Kandi’s play with a RFID card reader in his pocket. There has to be someone above him because, bless his heart, he is just not bright enough to come up with this on his own.

  27. LOL, I had to look up Nematode also.
    Hilarious, perfect description.
    Makes no sense a convicted felon is not in jail waiting for his plea deal.
    He certainly isn’t special so what’s going on?

  28. Valerie

    Also, he is free to spend and/or hide all the $ he’s stolen from these people because they haven’t fined him yet. They need to start seizing some assets as fast as they can.

    • Alicia

      Girl, you just hit the nail dead on the head. You can best believe that the FEDS is coming after Phaedra’s tail too.

      • Simone

        ALicia, that is what I am most curious about….Do they want Phaedra like that? Are they coming for her too and will the FEDS make the deal soooo sweet with Apollo the he would roll on her? That’s the real drama right there…this is getting serious

  29. Alicia

    This train wreck just keeps getting better and better. Here is this fool spending STOLEN money in a strip club, acting like all is well with the world. This guy has nerve. He should be sitting in jail, not out spending stolen money. I’m surprised that his assets has not been frozen. From the looks of things, the FEDS will most likely attach his assets to Phaedra’s. Old girl may lose some of her bank account. Rightfully so because she is in it up to her neck.

  30. steve

    how many of the videos were bought by the stolen IDs?

    • LOL all of them.

      And those funds are comingled with Phaedra’s. hmmm

      On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 7:30 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • jrleaguer

        @TT~ Since I think that Phaedra is up to her eyeballs in this, and between the two of them is the only one with connected brain cells, I have to think that she has the good sense to not co-mingle her finances with his. I would not be surprised if her house and all of her other assets are not in the names of corporations or family members (not including Apollo).

      • The new house is in her name alone.

        On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 8:03 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • jrleaguer

        TT~ Now that I think of it, I do remember you posting a while back that the new casa was in her name. :)

      • Maple

        You are correct, all of their money is co mingled, or fungible.They bought a new house, cars, threw parties, paid for mortuary school , and unless all the money from the DVDs, Phaedra’s businesses, including her investment in Willie’s funeral parlor, etc., was kept separately, HIS ill
        gotten gains were commingled. That is a huge problem.

        Definition of ‘Fungibility’

        A good or asset’s interchangeability with other individual goods/assets of the same type. Assets possessing this property simplify the exchange/trade process, as interchangeability assumes that everyone values all goods of that class as the same.

      • The house was recently purchased in Phaedra’s name alone, cars would be titled individual, parties were paid for by Bravo, Mortuary school was probably paid for with stolen money but her Bravo check is capable of covering it so hard to prove. The DVDs are probably not making a profit unless they are laundering the stolen money through them, she has not interest in Willies Funeral Home he lets her hang around for Bravo publicity…

        The DVD thing may be what gets her.

      • Maple

        So following the thought that Phaedra had to be very careful about commingling her funds with Apollo’s “funds” she would have had to pay for everything from money that only she directly made, Bravo salary, law practice, etc.Insurance, nursery school, nannies,gasoline,garden ears,hair and make up, clothing, etc.Everything!

        So how would she know to do that if she didn’t know how Apollo was making his money? She wouldn’t.

      • JustasIam

        Oh boy, I didn’t think about them buying Donkey Booty videos with the stolen money. Hmmm! The plot thickens.

  31. Valerie

    I just read this blog again. These women at the battered women’s shelter he’s going to, better keep their purses close to them at all times.

    What really bugs me is him saying what is the difference between him spending $8,000.00 in a strip club compared to someone spending $8,000.00 on a Hermes bag. The difference being that HIS $8,000.00 is STOLEN! Can he be that big of a moron? STOLEN, STOLEN STOLEN! If some man (or woman) wants to take their hard earned money and spend it at a strip club that is a non issue for me. You’ve earned it, you’ve paid your taxes and you didn’t steal it from someone’s grandmother. Spend away. But the way he says it he thinks he too earned it and will spend it in any fashion he wants. Like we’re judging him for spending it at a strip club (which does make this story that much more scandalous). Yes, I judge him a little for that because he’s gross, but the real judgment comes from the way he got that money to spend there. He is a big fat rat without a tail.

  32. Child to hear his woman talk, you’d think he was chairman at Chase. Paedra married a con man, own it honey, cause everyone else has!!

  33. This man is an idiot of the worst kind…he thinks he is slick. He must be a master of the swim breathing method for distance to turn women out

  34. Ok I’m no Nene fan like I use to be but Apollo has some nerve to compare her legal yearly salary to his ID thief/fraud money theft! He has no job, and with his criminal background who the heck would hire him, he has to depend on Phaedra to provide. Loser!

  35. oh sheila! you a good judy

    everybody knows that a battered woman charity is another name for strip club **snarkabooty Phaedra voice**

  36. steve

    The Real Felons of Bravo, is that one of the new shows?

  37. Is it me or is does Apollo look high as a kite in this picture?

    • oh sheila! you a good judy

      heh heh.. it’s not you. it’s him. and he’s reeal high and all kinds a stupid!

    • No kite, 747 high. The comments are hysterical.

    • Angel

      Looks like his trusty backpack full of fraudulent papers, stolen checks, and dollar bills for strippers, is on the seat next to him. He probably has medicinal weed for being mentally impaired.

      I never agreed with those that thought he was good looking. it is sick to see the comments with that picture, women still wanting to be with him.

    • lori

      I can’t tell if he’s actually high or just trying to give that standard gangster face. I also saw that someone observed and commented under the picture that he isn’t wearing his wedding ring.

  38. AND he’s got the backpack with him! Who the hell is minding the kids while Apollo and Phaedra go on these tours (separately)?

  39. Witchy

    S2S must have edited their video since you posted this article Tamara. They only show dumb-ass Apollo talking about the money;hermes bags, houses and videos, not Gayla.
    What charity in their right mind would have Apollo come speak? Really? This is a man who stolen identities of women as Tamara pointed out. I am sure Apollo’s victims will be happy to know that The Nidas, Apollo & Phaedra have money to pay them back.

  40. O.O

    Lol! You forgot master barber and contractor.
    People pay him to speak ? Please! i wonder if he believes what he’s saying .Smh Aydin has a larger vocabulary and a better command of English than he.

    • Phaedra does seem to go out of her way to prove her kids didn’t get the STUPID gene…

      On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 1:24 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Undine

      Thank goodness those kids didn’t inherit much of anything from Apollo, Aydin iswhip smart and cute as a button. Even their cuteness can’t be ascribed to him, as much hype as there has been about him being supposedly attractive, he’s a troll. He is one of those guys who is marginally attractive and has ridden it all of his life. If you put him next to a truly attractive guy, like Idris Elba, Apollo’s so called “fineness” is ethered. What I can’t get over, is how dumb he is. Like really really dumb. And he appears to not understand simple morals. He really seems to think he was entitled to other people’s monies. I suppose just get him talking and he will blithely spill all of the criminal doings to anyone who will listen. I’m sure his lawyers hate this fool by now.

  41. Middle Child

    I don’t understand how Phaedra gets a pass and Theresa Guidice doesn’t, isn’t it more likely that Phaedra being the smart, intelligent, knowledgeable woman that she is, more than likely knew what her husband was up to than the ditzy, traditional Italian wife that Teresa is? Teresa was and is still being called a liar and a thief in the public forum. I’m I wrong in thinking that the Nida’s crimes are a lot worse than the Guidice’s. Off topic, but I\m just wondering folks.

  42. myinfo

    The house being in Phaedra’s name only is a big RED FLAG.
    Apollo would had to supply tons of fake documents to prove his fake job’s income so I am guessing Phaedra knew Apollo had dirty money and fake income. That is what got the Guidices in trouble.
    Apollo and Phaedra never have appeared like they loved each other. Phaedra also seemed to look down on Apollo because he always says stupid things.

    • Katrina

      If the house is Phaedra’s name only, she would not need anything from Apollo. Plus, Apollo probably doed not have good credit because he was in jail. They really have not been married that long.

    • O.O

      It’s sad but Mr president ( dylan) may be dumb like him. We’ll never know because if she has any sense she’ll get off that show and go into hiding . Aydin may take after his mom and use his intelligence for evil. Most of the time when people are rotten and evil to the core with no remorse the children’s lives suffer .
      I really do not understand how she could sit on the couch with her head held high and say to Kenya she’ll never be a wife because she can’t find a husband when she’s married to the man version of porsha plus he’s about to go to jail, again !???! I would be so embarrassed how can she look so unashamed ? That’s my question . She must be a psychopath .

      • She has to have some type of disordered personality to actually be involved in these criminal schemes and to walk around like she’s just an old-fashioned southern belle. Imagine the conversations that go on in her head where she’s telling herself all of these lies. My intelligence would be insulted for anyone to try and make me believe she is not intricately involved in this illegal enterprise. In fact, when I saw her on WWHL with that other chick, Quad, who has an annoying affect, Phaedra has this look of ignominious guilt in her body language. She absolutely knows that all hell is about to break loose and yet she still keeps the acts going, which once all the details are exposed, when you think back at all these interviews, it’s going to be mind blowing thinking about her all the performances she’s entertained us with. Psychopath is about the only word that seems to fit actually because she clearly does not have a grip on reality. I do not see how she can be on TV. I’d be in the mountains of Colorado somewhere far, far away, or even better, some place with no extradition treaty with the US.

    • puravidacostarica2

      They have already exhibited the four horsemen of marriage apocalypse: criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling, and (the big daddy) contempt.

  43. MicroOp

    Phaedra needs to get him back on a leash.

  44. papa smurf

    Can anyone confirm that a battered women’s shelter in Washington, is paying this clueless idiot to speak at their function? I just can’t believe anyone would pay this convicted felon to speak on any subject, besides how to commit identity theft & bank fraud. I just have to shake my head in disbelief at the level of his delusion… It’s obvious he has zero remorse for his crimes, and that this is just a way-of-life for him, and a few months of incarceration, is just par for the course. And this bs about flipping houses, please…the family home is in Phaedra’s name. I hope the feds are playing close attention to this fools ramblings, and give him his just reward.

  45. papa smurf

    And why is this magazine putting this felon on the cover in the first place?
    Are they that hard up for a positive role model?

  46. Foxee

    T.T., you seen the “Catch Me if You Can” movie, right? Well, he got “freed” from the can cause he’s smart and they wanted to use those smarts to their benefit. They know good ‘n hell well what kind of intellect their facing when it comes to Nida. So if he gets off, how? What legal-reasoning will they offer the public???

    Jesse V. & Michael Moore’s documentaries attempted to tell us how those big Wall St. tycoons got away with their predatory activities.

    Who’ll do that for us with this Nida case? T.T., hopefully that’s YOU. :-)

    Plexico B. did 2 years for harming himself, stole from no retired people…yet Apollo may walk? Not wishing any ill on him, though we’re sure the ones he stole from may be, but for the curious’ sake, how? How does one get away with such GRAND larceny [from what’s reported]? What kind of political power does Phaedra have??? T.T., keep us tuned in. Darn the lois site, can learn law right here at ….tattles. :-)

  47. Undine

    Hmm. After thinking about it for awhile I have reached the conclusion that Phaedra knew tangentially about the current Apollo criminal endeavors but stayed out of it. I do think she was fully in involved in the Angela Stanton shenanigans of years past though. Apollo and Phaedra have an awful relationship, they don’t connect and barely cooperate with each other. We’ve seen this on camera for awhile. I can’t see how they could collaborate or agree on anything to get a criminal enterprise off the ground. I can’t imagine them agreeing on what pizza to order right now, let alone how to set up fake business, etc. I think Apollo, with the help of “right hand bitches” and maybe some street bros, doing these schemes, stealing people’s hard earned money, and spending it on foolishness like cars, backpacks, and stripper booty. Meanwhile Phaedra turned a blind eye, kept her money separate and glowered in the background. I think their marital discord will actually save Phaedra from going to prison. Lol.

  48. Lu

    I think this is sick I’ll never watch that show if thugs and people like apollo are on that show. I can’t believe people can watch this garbage when apollo steals money from people and his wife had to know because were else was that loser getting money? I hope he gets what he deserves and goes to jail for what he did. Sad thing is that his kids will prob grow up thugs like him and steal from people who work hard for their money. Apollo why don’t you try to earn your money you low life, god knows what you did and you will be judged by him.. Sadly you will prob get off on less charges but in the end your poor kids are the ones who have to grow up knowing that their dad is a criminal loser. Also you give good men a bad name that work hard and are good dads instead you go to the strip clubs instead of being with your wife and kids.. Down right horrible..

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