Nene Leakes on Arsenio Hall: WTF?

Um, what do you think of Nene’s hair on Arsenio? And her dress.? This is the stupidest interview I have ever heard. I used to love Arsenio but he appears to have gone senile. It doesn’t surprise me that Nene thinks if she rear ends a car she should be able to blame the car she ran into.


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  1. Is that a dress from her stripper days? Fugly. Also not liking the hair though it might be better than her blonde helmet wig.

    • O.O

      @ Karma ..I don’t know if I really believe nene was a stripper . I need to see proof. If she did strip it must of been for 1 night because her dance moves are neither sexy or sultry. I’m not a man but I thought one had to be attractive or at least have a nice shape to strip .

      • O.O. I could strip in Atlanta. Sure it would be at the Clermont, but … anyone can strip. The less attractive ones usually end up as prostitutes. Um, just giving information.

        On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 11:41 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • You’ve obviously never been around military bases hahaha Anybody can be a stripper 😛

  2. Dr. D

    Nene was made herself the face of the franchise because she’s the only “original” housewife. She sees Kenya as a threat to that and she’s going to use the fight as a way to further tarnish her character in efforts to prevent Kenya from being the “Queen B.” You would think the fact that both being rejected by their mothers and having strained to no relationship with their fathers would bring them closer… Arsenio’s a joke…If Nene had any sense she should have given that reunion recap a minute of her time and then used that platform to promote what she was upcoming; she can’t even see the disrespect of everyone who speaks to her is asking about Kenya. So if her plan is to silence Kenya, she must not know that whatever you don’t feed will eventually die^_^

    • O.O

      @TT bwhahahahahahahahahaha. Lol! Thanks now I know .

    • Foxee

      Dr. D. Your discernment is on 10! Exactly. Seems like no one can interview Ne Ne without bringing up Kenya (or Marlo), that should tell her something.

      And we had thought the same thing: With the maternal & paternal similarities Ne Ne & Kenya share, THAT alone should have endeared Ne Ne to Kenya. I doubt if she was EVER that chile’s friend. And Kenya…after you gave her your furniture in California…this is the thanks you get?

      You may wanna go see Kim’s reader “Rose” before selecting “a friend” again. J/S

  3. sequoia

    The hair looks cheap. The dress looks cheap. The make up looks cheap. Her answers were self serving, I’m not a fan.

    • The dress looks like a hooker dress bought at the discount store. I like her hair (wig) better than the gold helmet she usually wears. The way she had it for her Arsenio appearance softens her face.

    • Anjannette

      I agree with you.

      What I don’t get is this. If Nay Nay is such a rich B*tch, why can’t she actually get her hair done right (not like pieces of fake hair put together with color that doesn’t even get close to matching), get a dress that fits correctly, and come up in the world with makeup that isn’t put on with a trowel.

      No question that Nay Nay is nothin’ but a self absorbed, self serving arrogant and loud mouthed wench.

      Oops…did I say too much?

  4. Everything about this appearance was a WTF moment. WTF was she wearing. WTF was she trying to prove. WTF was Arsenio doing rolling on the floor pretending NeNe was “trying to help Porsha not get fired. WTF was NeNe doing buying Loubotin (sp) shoes for her DWTS partner when she don’t have money for a good wig. This interview was so ridiculous. Does she really believe she is an actress? Arsenio enabled her delusions and since Donald Trump sponsored him I am tilting my head and saying “things that make you go…WTF!

  5. Bravogirl24/7

    Now you can see how difficult it is to make a right out of a wrong. It’s plain gibberish.

    I thought Arsenio and Kenya were friends from back in the day.

  6. Thanks TT for letting me get that shit off my chest

  7. lori

    She didn’t seem to treat Porsha like she was so fragile when she was telling her what a horrible friend she was this season. The way she started out this interview with her typical, blowhard self… just ick.

    • Right! Porsha wasn’t even loved by Kandi/Phaedra most of the season, most her scenes were with her mom and sister. And when she did hang around Naynay herself, Naynay made her cry about being a bad friend. And yet Kenya is bully? Naynay has bullied Kim Z, Dwight; Broke off a long time friendship with Cynthia because she wasn’t hood enough or not holding her end of the friendship contract; dropped Kenya/Marlo because they got to close and Kenya was stealing her thunder. Nene is about self. Anyone who chooses to be friends with her is a damn fool!

  8. Nene is on a media blitz to discredit Kenya. She feels threatened by the new Queen of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Nene would rather destroy the show and lose viewers, if she cannot be the center of attention.

    • Marilyn

      That’s such a good point. I think she would destroy the show rather than take second chair. Actually I thought Kenya was the 2nd highest paid as a result of last year’s contract. Come this year Kenya might be the highest paid – all I can say is she would certainly deserve it – being physically attached in itself is worth an extra 500,000.00

      • Kenya should be the highest paid cast member. She more than doubled the viewership. However, recent media reports state that Kenya is uncertain whether she will return to the “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

      • @WIP Chile please. Avail yourself of the commenting rules here Your violation of rule three is ridiculous.

        On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 11:45 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Bravogirl24/7

        But the problem is EVERYONE is talking about Kenya. Every blog, every TV talk show, every radio program. They are talking about Kenya!!
        And even Porsha
        Are being interviewed about Kenya!!
        NeNe best defense is a good offense. She working overtime trying to maintain her status. Thank you Porsha for being such an loser!!

      • I HATE more than anything that you guys fall for all the rumors about RH salaries. THE WHOLE REASON REALITY SHOWS TOOK OFF WAS DUE TO THE WRITERS STRIKE. They wanted more money and those shows has real actors. So why you believe the HYPE that these people are paid MILLIONS… for fuck sake do you have any idea how few REAL Oscar winning Actors don’t get paid millions? Or how many tabloids contact ME for salary info and when I tell them I don’t have access to actual figures for the past three years and yet they don’t care? They just want me as “sources say” and I would get paid?

        It’s common logic people.

        On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 10:56 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • THIS EXACTLY. She was on a talk show where she was supposed to be talking about DWTS and she chooses to go for Kenya. She’s not Queen Bee anymore and she is finally getting that.

      On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 10:35 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Bravogirl24/7

        Thank you Tamar!!!
        If I can see this and I’m blind in one eye. Than I KNOW that NeNe sees this. But the madness continues.

        NeNe. Next season suggestion, apologize to Kenya, be her best buddy. Use every opportunity to film with her that would = you staying relevant and make for good TV. It could be a entertaining duo like you and Kim use to be!!

      • Bravogirl24/7

        How could I misSPELL the owner of the blogs name??!!

        Spell check is not my friend. Also proof read BEFORE you press send…LOL

    • Katrina

      How is Nene causing RHOA to loose viewers? Nene was not in a fight on national TV. People are talking about Kenya, but it is not as a victim. People did receive the reunion quite the way they thought. Kenya came to replace Nene and she knew it. What she did not anticipate was the need for the producers to make her the evil, jealous character again. It worked, then we get to the reunion it all fell apart.

      • On youtube and other places around the Internet IE DWTS facebook etc, the comments about Nene are all horrendous. She seems to have fallen from public favor.

        On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 8:11 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  9. About if you hit the brakes and somebody slams into the back of your car, NeNe said, “…but you provoketid it.” She so smart.

  10. beverly

    What does she say at the beginning? “Everybody was in their perspective rooms”. I think the word she’s looking for is “respective” rooms. I listened a few times. Wasn’t sure what she says.

  11. And she tried to imply that the competition was “underbidding her salary” to maintain their spot on the show. And Arsenio rubber stamped that shit! Why was he kissing her ass? Please anyone explain this to me.

    • BTW if you missed the show, the clip TT supplied is only one part of her delusional interview. YouTube has several snippets from this Arsenio appearance which portray NeNe at her best in fantasy world. Go see and come back here where reality exists and we can all say…WTF

    • Teerii

      It sound like he was mimicking her to me. When people egg-you on, it doesn’t always mean they are laughing with you.

  12. Valley Girl

    Compared to that helmet hair she has been wearing lately, this hair is much much better. I think she needs to ditch the blonde hair and go back to the red or brown or whatever it was a few seasons ago.

    The rear end analogy was not a good one. There is a thing called following to closely – if you are at a safe distance you shouldn’t rear end them if they slam on brakes or not because you have time to react. Other factors like rain could still cause a rear end accident, but ultimately I see why it is always your fault if you rear end someone.

    I have NO sympathy for Kenya whatsoever, but Porsha should not have done what she did. I’m not going to label Porsha as a thug or goon because she hasn’t established a pattern of violent behavior a la Tammi Roman or Evelyn Lozada on BB wives, but ultimately she needs to take responsibility for not keeping her hands to herself.

  13. ICassie

    We just need to face it doesn’t matter how bad Nene’s behavior is she is winning. Her opportunities keep coming.

    • Maybe she is just like Omarosa. No relevance but just won’t go away. Is that winning? Guess that means these reality turned sex tape faux-lebrities are winning also. NeNe will be bottom feeding to stay in the spotlight soon.

    • Teerii

      Winning at what? The more people see NeNe in action, the more they despise.
      her behavior. She is being pimped for tv ratings. Look at the shows she’s booked on. Don’t forget these appearances are booked months in advance. What you are witnessing is her current rampage and her scheduled appearances syncing up together.

    • icassie! You are so right! She will be filling in for a drag queen when he goes on vacation from his Las Vegas show this summer! Opportunities abound!

      On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 11:21 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        Tamara, you took the words right out of my mouth. I guess that’s why you’re the Boss. I heard she was making a billion dollars for her part in the Las Vegas show.

      • I heard it was a gazillion!

        On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 4:40 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • ICassie

        You know I didn’t say I liked it. Let’s just look at all the national exposure she is getting. You barely here about any of the other cast mates except maybe on local radio shows although syndicated. She uses each platform to knock Kenya . Each opportunity she gets puts more money in her pocket.

      • Bravogirl24/7

        @Valarie did you say billion with a B.?

      • Valerie

        Yes Bravogirl, but Tamara corrected me. It’s a gazillion.

    • O.O

      @ cassie . yes but prosperity of fools destroy them.( smh nene has me quoting scripture ) She’s not even smart enough to set people in place to make smart business moves for her so that her time in the light will have her set .
      It appears that she spends a lot on rent, clothes, jewelry ,bags and shoes. Because in her fool mind that spells wealth and prosperity and maybe acceptance from the wealthy.
      She won’t be winning for much longer a more entertaining coon will come along and take her spot

      • @0.O Yes, yes it’s the acceptance from the wealthy that defines her very being. When I have allowed myself to think about NeNe, I concluded that she always saw wealthy (“rich”) people as better than herself and that being “rich” means she must be better than everybody else now. She’s too dumb to know how this makes her look, and it most certainly will be her downfall–teeth first. Eeew, that’s gonna hurt. Love the biblical quote!!

  14. Angel

    Same old Nene, year after year, jealous, self serving, liar. The only thing that changes is the degree of bad wig and wardrobe. Today’s wig was better than some, this dress will be hard to beat for being ugly and tasteless. Well suited to wearer’s personality. I should just not comment on her, I’ve rarely anything good to say.

    I never liked Arsenio either.

  15. O.O

    I wish I knew what it is delusional people see when they look in the mirror . It seems as if they live in a happy place that the rest of us don’t know about .
    That wig is just awful And why blonde all the time ? uggh .She must have broken up with her original hair person . Those things she’s been wearing on her head looks like a Derrick j production . She needs Lawrence. Maybe she borrowed the dress from dancing with the stars. Sigh, everything she’s says does and wears is just baffling.
    She’s such a sad case. If she Weren’t so haughty I would probably feel sorry for her . She’s like small dogs that bark at and try to attack huge dogs because they don’t know how tiny they are. She’s a circus clown and doesn’t know it. I hope she doesn’t have a kardashian shelf life.

  16. PlusOneForLuck

    It would be absolutely impossible for me to be over this woman anymore than I already am. From her nasty I’m better than everyone attitude all season long, to her stank face during the reunion, to her horrible dancing on dancing with the stars, to these ridiculous appearances in the media…. I just can’t stand to look at her for another second!!! And I have to say that she used to be one of the things I most enjoyed about RHOA. Someone on her team needs to tell her to STFU…and they need to do it soon….

    • Her team is getting paid and they know she has no talent so they’re looking down and pretending she’s not a buffoon. Will that outfit make you buy her line? Wouldn’t you think a good PR person will tell her that? She obviously only has yes ma’am folks around her.

      • Blind ignorance. She won’t see it coming. She’s as oblivious as they come. But let her enjoy it, because that big grin is going to be wiped off her face soon enough. But her 15 minutes has lasted way too long. I’d say she has about 18 months before the fade starts.

  17. ceebo

    The dress might be ugly…but its Gucci

    • Gingersnap

      Even Gucci has bad days I guess…I don’t like the dress either. I think it’s the green/gold metallic, or maybe it’s those stupid shoulder cut-outs that she is so partial to, or it could be that I can see too much of her tits and it makes me uncomfortable. It could be just because NeNe is wearing it, but I’m not digging the look.

      • @gingersnap I am not even going to investigate if the dress is Gucci. If it is she had to sew two together. Seriously.

        Whoever made the dress made it for a NORMAL SIZED PERSON! just saying.

        On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 12:23 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Leelee

        Maybe it’s because of her ADAM’S APPLE. She is just plain ugly. Ugly attitude, ugly mug, ugly body, ugly personality, ugly clothes style, ugly, ugly, ugly everything. Greg is with her again, but this time it’s because he’s in the spotlight with her. He’s a user, why would you marry a Moose? He know that his shoe bottoms look better than her Mug. She is famous only because she is a spectacle that we all are laughing at. She is so jealous of Kenya it hurts to look at such a beautiful creature. Porcia is Nene version of beautiful, and Nene couldn’t even get that right. Poshia is one link above of Nene’s ugly ass. Bloop. Get a real life you fake RICH BITCH???

      • I still don’t understand how this woman makes a 1M bucks a year and looks like a thrift store everytime she’s on tv. Yuck!

    • Bravogirl24/7

      @ceebo. See that’s the wrong mentality. Every label/designer is NOT for everyone’s body type, fashion should be what looks good and what works FOR YOU. Every CLOTHING item does not have to be a “label” for it to be apart of a SUCESSFUL wardrobe.

    • Enough Already

      So because it’s “Gucci”…that makes it cute…Donnatella must have been on vacation the day that one got past…it’s awfully ugly…

  18. Igbogirl

    If you recall, you mentioned about a month ago, that Porsha said on “Bethenny” that she thought a lot about slapping Kenya, ( this was a few days before the actual reunion.

    Nene is a mess. Why is she still relevant?

    • lori lacy

      I wonder if that comment will come up in court?

    • If this whole incident happens to go to court, hope Kenya’s lawyers presents that as evidence!

      • I just don’t see how Kenya can take this to court because I don’t think Bravo would have or want that. If she did that, it puts Bravo in the hot seat too as they were working at the time. Kenya then could jeopardize her future in the franchise. Either Bravo will pay Kenya off to drop the charges (then fire her later), or persuade her to drop the charges. It’s a misdemeanor. I know she just wants to make a point, but the courts have real shit to deal with. I’m sure the Court would not be interested much with this reality show catfight. A bunch of nothing would happen. But I don’t think Bravo wants to start going to court on behalf of the Players in their Farce.

      • Katrina

        Kenya has already filed the incident report. It is in the hands of the court now.

  19. MableLean

    That Maloproping Bride-maid! She used “perspective” for “respective”. She’s as bad as The Braxton Clan.

  20. WhitD

    People keep saying nene covered her mouth to stop her from saying incriminating things, but she already assaulted her at the recording! What else could be said to worsen that? Bye wig!!!

  21. Michelle

    I didnt like the outfit but I thought the interview was funny. Go Nene and the opportunities keep coming.

  22. KReality

    Is she on some kind of “I’m still the Queen Be/ free Porsha” campaign?

  23. Truthseeker

    Nene is giving Kenya a lot of airtime. How can Kenya stop Nene “the superstar” from demanding a huge salary? She’s giving Kenya a lot of power. She’s reduced to interviews where the host wants to ask her about Kenya first. Nene was never that smart.

    • Nene is for sure milking the negative press of what happened between Kenya/Porsha in her favor. Nene schooled Porsha to be violent/do her dirty work and Kenya is getting nasty press and blogs written about her and Nene is like “Remember me I’m Nene Leakes. I still run this bitch!” I see right through Nene’s shamwow bullshit. She’s too obvious.

  24. Truthseeker

    Prediction: When the reunion is over and Nene is no longer on Dancing with the Stars, (thereby limiting her access to the media) Kenya is going to conduct interviews and shade her and all of her contradictions.

  25. gigi

    her analogy was based on a “brake check” where someone purposely slams their brakes on a person following too close.

    the “brake checker” can be charged with driving recklessly if their action caused an accident. kenya was acting reckless and caused an accident.
    she got punished for it. end of story… lol

    and why do yall keep saying nene is jealous.. i’m seeing nene on major tv shows almost every day of the week..kenya can be found on tmz with a 90 second interview at the airport.

    i know this is the official meeting place for the kenya fan club, but lets keep it real, kenya is not winning in this situation.

    check out the clip of marlon wayans reenacting the dragging scene on arsenio.. HILARIOUS!!!!

    • Teerii

      Punish? This is an entertainment reality show, not someone’s classroom. Kenya Moore received two Bravo Awards, that ‘s winning, Spanky! And Porsha was asked to leave and not return to the Reunion, now that’s punishment, Boo!

    • O.O

      @ Gigi how does anything in your statement mean that nene isn’t jealous ? Jealously has no reasoning ability . Jealousy is envious of people for no sane reason . NeNe is jealous of anyone she thinks is doing better than her not just kenya .She’s been that way since season 1. We’ve all been watching the same show.
      She has many obvious reasons to be jealous of Kenya , the list is far too long to type .
      One would think that with everything that she has going on and all of the money that she thinks she’s making that she would just enjoy this time in her life and have no time to talk bad about anyone.

      • gigi

        i see you o.o !! :)

        ok… the list is too long to type… how about listing just three general things… lol

        and if nene is so delusional, why on earth would she be jealous of anyone.. she’s riding high on delusion.. she is god in the world of nene!! bow down or be gone!! lol lol

      • Bravogirl24/7

        @gigi let me try.
        1. Command of the English language.
        2. A banging body
        3. Her real hair.
        4. Miss USA
        5. Actual movie credits
        6. No criminal record.
        O MY …..I’m sorry you said name 3
        7. And her name is in everyone’s mouth. How you doin Kenya?
        8. Producer.
        9. College graduate.

      • gigi

        ok i’ll give you #3-hair … the rest not so much. lol

      • Valerie

        Gigi, the biggest and best reason that Nene has to be jealous of Kendra is because Kendra is way more entertaining than Nene. She’s much more fun to watch. Nene’s as unfun as it gets. IMHO of course.

      • gigi

        i can always count on nene to make me literally laugh out loud.. the girl is funny.. you can laugh at her or with her.. she’s funny… kenya is different in her own way. she got issues… lol

      • Valerie

        Gigi, I admit that Kenya has issues (of course I have no issues of my own), I’ve always thought Kenya had issues; However, there’s no way you don’t agree with me regarding the fact that Nene has her own issues as well. Also I understand that Nene has stayed on the show because she makes people laugh and is entertaining to many. I used to be entertained by her too. But, for instance when she sits on the couch at the reunion with her attitude, didn’t it rub you a little bit the wrong way? That’s what I mean by unfun. She sat there as if she was some kind of suffering saint, and her audience was the great unwashed that she had to suffer through. She’s become so much better than everybody else this season IMO. She is no longer entertaining to me. I really wanted to like her on DWTS, but I can’t. In the word of Canadian Gordon Lightfoot, “I don’t know where we went wrong, but the feelings gone, and I just can’t get it back.” Do you get me, just a little? I mean come on, I quoted Canadian Gordon Lightfoot!

      • gigi

        yes, i get you valerie. she explained her attitude at the reunion.. she knew it was going to be negative and she couldn’t get in a “good place.” i get that too. she will probably warm up in parts two and three… lol

        i actually liked kenya but i lost it for her when she pranced around in her landlord’s wedding dress. that was foul. she seems not to know where to draw the line.

        ok team twirl here’s a question… what did u think about kenya giving everyone a “gift” at the retreat… a picture of herself!
        ha! and you talk about nene! hmp! lol

      • We thought it was ridiculous and funny. The thing with Kenya is, she is trying to be funny on the show. She is trying to play a ridiculous character. In season one it was too obnoxious and too close to Nene’s personality. You know how in season two everyone becomes more themselves and usually we don’t like them anymore? Well in Kenya’s case it worked the opposite way. She was more herself, while still being ridiculous, and we liked her better.

        I think Kenya is in on the joke, while Nene is totally oblivious to the joke. Kenya is laughing with us and Nene doesn’t realize she is being laughed at .

        On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 12:41 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • gigi

        i laugh with nene. i laugh at kenya. i don’t want to laugh at kenya but that dragging scene was pretty friggin hilarious because i think she deserved what she got. i don’t want to laugh, but i can’t help it… does that make me a bad person? lol

        some people get kicks and giggles from correcting grammar… ummm i guess that could be funny if you’re a grammar nerd or if you need something to make yourself feel superior. laughing at a person because they need more education is not really funny to me. like the plethora of “porsha is dumb” jokes. i didn’t really laugh at those too much.

        on a similar note, imma need kenya to spell dust mop. lol lol

      • @GIGI, Nene is not laughing with anyone. She seriously thinks she is an actress slumming on the RHOA. Kenya is in on the joke. Your usefulness here is to translate the occasional illiterate comment here into standard English. Stay in that lane. There is a reason you are supportive of the morons. #BirdsofaFeather.

        On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 2:08 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        Ok Gigi, here’s my Kenya vs. Nene breakdown regarding some of your last comments and questions (I’m doing this in a spirit of friendliness because I’m a nice person and really this is fun for me).

        Kenya’s attitude vs. Nene’s attitude at the reunion. I’m just hoping you’re correct and Nene stops being her annoying negative self. I think you might be disappointed thinking she is going to warm up for episodes two and three. Kenya wins this one because Nene was a bore. That’s unforgivable in my book. Murder someone, maybe I’ll forgive you, bore me, I cut you loose.

        Kenya’s behavior by prancing around in her landlord’s wedding dress, vs. Nene’s behavior at the charity event. I know it turned out to be a fake charity (which I don’t blame on Kendra), but it was one of Nene’s favorite charities and her behavior was the last last straw. For me that showed the real Nene, just as for you Kendra’s prancing probably showed you the real Kendra. IMO again Kenya comes out the winner because her behavior was no where near as bad as Nene’s.

        Lastly the whole Kendra vs. Nene regarding gift giving. I agree with Tamara that it was ridiculous and funny. Of course Kendra gave a framed picture of herself to everyone, was it really a surprise? I saw this coming. Kendra wins this one as well, I mean who’s picture would you rather have, Kenya’s or Nene’s? Be honest.

        Kenya – 3
        Nene – 0

      • gigi

        TT did i touch a nerve?
        thank you for putting me in my place.
        i will stay in my lane.

      • Yep! When you say someone deserves being dragged around by the hair and you think it’s funny that’s a nerve. I like you in your lane though.

        On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 9:38 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • lori

      @Gigi, Trust me, if Kenya wanted to be on any talk show that has Nene on it, she would be, and then some. You really think they’d rather talk to Nene about Kenya the whole time, or they would rather have Kenya (the real star of rhoa and actual victim of the assault) herself on the show? Kenya isn’t talking for a reason. Either because she doesn’t want to, or because of a court case in regards to the whole reunion fiasco. Oh yeah… and she’s also on CA. It’s just that unlike Nene, Kenya isn’t running around bragging about what a HUGE star and rich bitch she is, because she doesn’t have delusions of grandeur, unlike hot mess Nene.

      • O.O

        @ Gigi . I think you’re playing devils advocate here. I refuse to believe that you don’t see any reason for NeNe to be jealous of Kenya
        .Folks with the jealousy character flaw will be jealous of anyone for no valid reason.
        However NeNe has many .
        You asked me to list 3 reasons and Bravogirl did it for me..I’ll just add to hers.
        1-Kenya and NeNe are very close in age and nene Looks a lot older.
        2- Men ooooh and ahh over Kenya’s beauty. I’ve never heard anyone . Man or woman say that NeNe is sexy or good looking except for her complimenting herself.
        3-Kenya was allowed to be on the show even though she lives in California and has never lived in Atlanta.

      • gigi

        2-nene is married. she don’t need that for validation
        3-??? what you talkin bout willis?

        ok #teamtwirl, i guess ill do something productive now. enjoy! :)

      • wikunia

        So you think that dragging scene was pretty hilarious because you think Kenya deserved what she got.
        By the same token… if your husband, or your friend, or a neighbor decides that your behavior (or your big mouth) is annoying and you deserve a punishment, would you be OK with any of them to grab you by your hair and mop the floor with you?

  26. Grandmalou

    No matter how you slice it, Nene is Coonery and Bufoonery at its Best. The sad part is she doesn’t even know it. I’m so ashamed of this woman and I’ve had enough. Arsenio is trying to get in where he can fit in; his days are limited. Once a bore, always a bore. TT you derserve an Academy Award for taking the time to watch this dogdoo for us..Take a bow sista!!!

  27. Philly Finest!!

    If these “handlers” don’t stop trying hard to discredit Kenya it’s going to backfire on them. Especially! funky talking about Kenya was kicked off apprentice for stealing phones. Seriously! That the best they can come up with.

    I wish this reunion was over all ready.. it’s to much… I need another scandal so the topic can be changed.

    Kenya ain’t never get this much air time.. I hope it works in her favor and she gets a big fat raise.

    • Foxee

      Well didn’t FD once say he’ll always have a permanent place in heart of “go IN and let HAVE” for K.M.? Thus, he WOULD say such. It’s expected from any detractor really. But I hope he prefaced the ill say with “allegedly.” Cause if it isn’t proven, that’s defamation of character. A suit.

      You know what else was odd? He [in one of his vlogs] said how Kenya didn’t speak to him at the Bailey Bowl. HELLO!!! You don’t like her, and exercises each and every opportunity to exhibit it. Why on earth would she “speak” to you? That ego, y’all. It is truly fragile, no wonder it’s so sensitive.

      Kenya, remember when the elders used to say “Whether they love you or hate you one thing’s for certain, you’re on their mind!” Power!!!

  28. Awe nene leaks deserve to get clowned she never apologize to anybody its always everybody’s fault so therefore she has a big problem that needs to be resolved being a hooker in the day nene doesn’t know who are truthful there is

  29. NeNe Leakes got a lot of nerve saying I want to Kenya doesn’t look like her dad Kenya is nene mad because she never knew her dad don’t be mad at the world it’s you dont know her trick she got pregnant by and then dropped you off with your aunt

  30. N Dot

    “Everyone is in their perspective rooms.” – Nene Leakes

  31. myinfo

    Arsenio on the floor is so dumb. Who does that? I can’t stand him anymore.
    Nene’s tit dress was not a good look.
    Her wig was an improvement.
    I am sick of seeing her. She has fans because she is still on DWTS and she can’t dance!

    • Teerii

      NeNe is on DWTS because they need the ratings and audience. After she’s gone they will probably scrub everything down, especially Tony’s dance studio. Their viewers are livid with NeNe’s because of her rachet behavior towards Tony. And no amount of “shoe gifting” will change that……

  32. Nelly

    Nene Leeks should be a case study in delusion. Truly interesting.

  33. Riley

    I tried to watch the interview. I had to stop after her explanation concerning why she covered Porsha’s
    mouth. Nene…you are the devil in a fugly dress. How many people truly believe you were trying to stop Porsha from further incriminating herself? From everything that Nene and Phaedra said and did it certainly looks like they are guilty of getting Porsha worked up before the reunion started. Nene was more worried about Porsha saying something that would incriminate Nene and Phaedra.

    • lori lacy

      To further incriminate herself, she would have to be criminal already. I thought NeNe said Kenya was at fault.

      • Foxee

        lori lacy, you caught that mild hypocrisy/contradiction too, huh?

        Saying she’s “Team Porsha” in one breath, yet referring to her as dumb in another; and let’s not forget what she said to her when they were on their way to Savannah–recommending she see a head-doctor. Yet, Porsha took cues from her. Dumb cues! Now, you’re without a job. Sigh.

    • Foxee

      Riley, exactly!!! Just typed about this…scroll down, read it..or scroll up…not sure how this’ll lay once sent. But yes, that’s it! Your discernment is on 10, too!

  34. BananaBug

    Not surprised to see Nene dressed as a “peacock” but I am surprised to hear that she’s never seen a “violence clause” in her Bravo contract. Also, can’t believe she’s yap’n about this all over the media when a court case is pending. Has Nene gone . . . . rogue!

  35. Katie

    Oh Lord. I need a nap. My first thought upon reading this headline and seeing the video still was, what? NeNe pissed on Arsenio’s couch ala Vicki Gunvalson?? But after I watched it, I see she IS marking her territory…

  36. Maya Simone

    It really ain’t hard to figure Nene out. She is a profoundly jealous and envious person. She has no real friends because she doesn’t know how to treat them. All she has is a bunch of get-wits and followers who only stick around because she’s “famous”. Oh I forgot… she has her closeted lesbian stalker friend Diana. Kenya on the other had has REAL friends and real industry friends. I’ve seen many interviews where celebrities like Nia Long, Regina Hall, and Kevin Hart all say she’s a sweet person and regard her as a friend. Even Nicki Minaj did an interview a few days ago and when asked about the Kenya/Porsha fight she gushed about how much she loves Kenya and that she’s her friend. I believe Nene knows Kenya has real Hollywood connections but more importantly she’s well liked. And being as though Nene is trying to make a name for herself in Hollywood, she’s jealous of that. That’s why she tries so hard to tear down Kenya’s image every chance she gets.

    • gigi

      if she’s so connected, why is she doing STUNTS on RHOA? surely that ghetto/hood/country show is beneath her. RHOA was a long drawn out hot ratchet mess this season and if she wants to be the queen of that… she gets her wish.

  37. tlrich33

    Nene is detestable and delusional. I wish someone would find Star Jones and Latoya Jackson and ask them how they feel about Nene and provocation.

    • @tlrich33 Please don’t get my blood boiling. It was watching her on Celebrity Apprentice that put a wrench in my stomach about this woman. This solidified my contempt for her–I was never a fan. Star was smart not to put her dukes up to that beast or come down to her level, and the way she bullied LaToya was just sad and unnecessary. I have flashbacks! The only thing she did that allowed me to continue watching was quit. I’m OK now….

      • Leelee

        The reason Nene quit the CA is because she know she is not a true celebrity and she is as stupid as Porsia. She could’t roll with the Big ” Dogs” (STARS). She was a mess on the CA.

      • Foxee

        Katimir: Marlo & Sheree` collected that Karmic debt from Ne Ne. She ain’t do them like she did the: Kim’s, Latoya [straight up jealous of Latoya’s family legacy…Ne Ne couldn’t reincarnate into such a tribe in her dreams!], Star’s, Kandi’s & Kenya’s. ..

        Karma knocks on every door! Some doors won’t open. Fine, she’ll come through a window. But she’ll balance the b.s. Trust!

  38. puppylove

    I liked Arsenio but what the f is he doing. He must be desperate for guests to have Nene on. She thinks she is the greatest and damn if she seems to be convincing others to think so too. I don’t get it.

  39. baybek8s

    Seeing Nene on Arsenio’s show doing that fake laugh reminds me of the scene from the movie “Brown Sugar” where Taye Diggs’s character introduces his fiance to his best friend.
    On another note: I wonder why didn’t Nene wear something from HER clothing line on Arsenio? Oh, I know why; because even though that outfit was hideous (she claimed Greg picked it out) it was a better choice than the mess she will be trying to sell.

  40. sandra

    Nene sure was all touchy feely with Tony as Gregg lurked from stage left. She put it in perspective and “provokeded” him.

    • baybek8s

      lmbo. Before Nene tries to be all bougie and proper, I wish she would learn the English language. It is like she has been to prison and read the dictionary now she is out using words words in the wrong way and mispronouncing them thinking she is the intelligent one.

    • And obviously it’s her money cause what man agrees to buy Loubotin(sp) for her dance partner

    • Angel

      I always really liked Tony on DWTS, but I never saw him in the past seem to change his own personality to fit his partner. He is turning me off with his extra gushing over Nene. Possibly I never heard him speak much, he was usually soon eliminated, except when with Melissa Rycroft. Maybe I attributed class to him that he didn’t deserve. He seems to be getting a pass long over due, maybe that has him excited, but certainly with the wrong partner.

      • Teerii

        I think the entire staff of DWTS were on high alert with NeNe Leakes. It looks like the agreement was to keep her on the show for the ratings at all costs. Tony was probably offered a bonus for accepting her as his partner. He looks like the kind of guy who doesn’t and would not under normal circumstance put up with the BS NeNe was serving up. Hey its show business!

    • Teerii

      NeNe’s behavior with Tony on the sofa was straight-up lewd!!! What woman rubs on a man’s thigh on national tv. Tony brushed her hands away a couple of times. And Greg was looking like he wanted to jump on somebody.

      • Middle Child

        Can you imagine the vitriol and uproar, the whore and slut salvos from all directions if Kenya was the one (sat) on the couch rubbing a man’s thigh.

  41. Carol

    She says to Arsinio about arriving to the reunion: Once we arrive, everybody’s in their “persective” rooms. I think she meant respective?

  42. Jarlath

    How strange, Nene turns down million-dollar contracts but chooses to be on such a negative show for chicken feed … Golly is she full of or what

    • yd14

      Jarlath – I was a consultant for many years. About 5 years ago I was offered the biggest project of my career – $250,000 for a 6 month client project. I turned it down for a project that paid much less $75k because the higher paid project would have required that I travel abroad frquently and I chose staying with my family over money . People turn down money all the time for various reasons.

      She may be lying I have no idea but it’s possible. Sometimes people look at their careers and goals and chose paths that they think they want to take. Somtimes it’s a mistake and sometimes it’s not. I’m reminded of Jessica Simpson. She was offered millions to be the chicken of the sea girl but turned it down because she wanted to focus her career elsewhere . Fast forward to today and she runs a billion dollar empire. And she’s not even a smart person so anything is possible in this crazy world.

      Nene does need to stop with this rich bitch shit though. It’s tired.

      • Wait, you don’t think Jessica Simpson is smart? She played an entire country!

        On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 12:40 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Jarlath

        @ yd14 oh definitely, I know people who have taken a lower-paying job for various reasons. However, I also know people who claim to have turned down high-paying jobs but are simply lying. I think this is the case with Nene. Like I said, she chiooses to remain on a show that she hates even though the pay is shit? Why?

  43. yd14

    Nene may be jealous of Kenya as most here say but I think she has check mated Kenya big time as a result of this fight. Just because people are talking about Kenya does not make her queen b. They are also asking about Porsha.

    It seems in the court of public opnion most people think she got what she deserved. This is not my opinion but just judging from what I have seen Nene’s message is really getting through. I don’t think people like Nene either but they surely seem to go to her as the hbic. So I call check mate.

    • Teerii

      In what “Court” of public opinion? People who endorse violence as a means to an end, are people who don’t think, they react. And we are talking about two women on Reality “Dumb-down the public” TV, who don’t like each other. Not two warring solders are wrestlers or opposing athletes.
      NO one is going to NeNE she is running her mouth and insisting on having a Say in all of this to diss Kenya.

      And Please chess is a thinking person’s game. NeNe’s antics don’t even rate a “checker’s analogy.

  44. yd14

    @Teerii I agree with you. I’m just pointing out what I have seen. In this last week every major blog and entertainment site has beentalking about this fight. Some have polls and some just have commentary. I would say 75% are against Kenya. Twitter and other social media outlets have pretty hands down been against her too. People seem to be rejecting her particular brand of “reality” tv. Again not my particular opinion just what i have seen. So that’s the court. I might add that bravo seems to be suffering as a result of this too so maybe Nene is jumping on that bandwagon too by now bashing her bosses. .

    The chess analogy..well I choose to have a little more of a high minded view than I know it deserves.

    • gigi

      thank you yd14 for keeping it real…
      some of these girls need to be taught! lol lol

    • Valerie

      Maybe the better game analogy should be Trouble.

      Hands down the person that wins is whichever makes us turn on their show to watch. For me it’s Kenya for Atlanta and Lisa for Beverly Hills. However, I’m ready to get off Bravo’s teat and follow Tamara along a more scripted path. American Greed is kinda scripted and the narrator is Stacy Keatch…anyone? Anyone?

      • Here is my problem with getting you all off the teat. Actual actors do not make the news. You do a recap, and you wait for the next one.

        My posts on felonious activity bring all the boys to the yard. Same with Bravo.

        On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 1:19 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Katrina

        I like scripted shows, but they don’t have the same effect as the reality shows. The Real Housewives series reminds me of a soap opera. There are just certain characters we like and some we don’t like. Sometimes people have a hard seperating the character versus the actual person. Since it is reality TV, we usually assume they are the same, but sometimes they are not the same. I think it is fascinating that people can watch the same show and yet everyone has a different opinion of what is really going on. Then add in that these are real people with issues and living their lives in public view.

      • Valerie

        I loves me some felonious activity. I’m staying with you Tamara scripted or non scripted. I like this place, it’s a weird, intelligent, addicting little drug.

  45. Enough Already

    The dress and the hair are awful…her hair stylist should be fired…I would never admit to putting those helmets on her head….

  46. papa smurf

    Butt ugly dress, obviously not made for her body type.
    This is some press. I’m sure Gucci doesn’t want…
    But, I’m going to say one thing in agreement with Nene, it was not right for Kenya to bring a bullhorn to the reunion, it was bad enough last year with the fan. But, as you’re all aware, this is exactly what Bravo wanted.

  47. Foxee

    Ne Ne, for most, when Marlo was beefin’ with you out in that park, the “Donald Trump” remark left the lasting impression. For us? It was when she called you “dumb.” It was how she said it…albeit, angry, yet very matter-of-fact. Like she didn’t say it to “diss” you per se`. She said it cause she discovered it to be fact.

    We all thought “Hmmm…”

    Then with that one-on-one with you and Andy on WWHL, and you said “con-ver-sating” when speaking about Apollo. WTF?

    Then, now, here with “perspective” rooms. WTF? You meant “respective,” right? Ooo, let’s hope so.

    About the wand & the bullhorn…let’s theorize, they would not have come out had Porsha not constantly interrupted Kenya. Not a Kenya fan, just a fan of logic. Yes, those props were a tad over-the-top, but again, I’m sure they wouldn’t have been applied had “rude interruptions” not been PARAMOUNT. ..and predicted, why KM brought the props. So creative, I might add. J/S

    Any “unwanted touch” is considered assault on the law books, now. Research it. With that said, I can see why Porsha would be let go, Bravo nor NBC need any Moore suits; but why was Cynthia fired [if it’s true]? Marlo been gettin’ $$$, betchoo she’s like “no skin off my snakeskin sandals.” Lol…

    pardon the typos. 😉

  48. Foxee

    Oh, Ne Ne, about the WHY your mittens, we meant hand, covered Porsha’s spout and with such a force, seemingly…the reason you gave Arsenio??? Girl… Really? You didn’t want her to “incriminate herself,” or YOU?

    Rosie had once said that kids don’t edit themselves. And Porsha has been described as having a childlike quality to her persona. You KNEW at any minute she could SHOUT out that 3-way convo you, Phaedra and she [allegedly] had. You couldn’t be EXPOSED like that, huh? Who’s the patsy, here? Porsha, if you’re reading this, was it worth it? Was it worth losing a pay check? If you’re gonna do someone else’s bidding for them at the auction at least get paid for it.

  49. Its so funny candy said she doesn’t condone violence but kandi wanted to drag poor Cynthia kandi had so much hate and anger in her eyes kandi was going in for the kill and apollo,nene acted like the biggest fool ever at

    nene’s pajama party but kenya was the blame wow people lie so good

  50. NeNe Leakes of crazy as hell and she is a sociopath and everything is funny to kandi it just looks really crazy to me her rocking back and forth laughing all the time while being two faced with an evil she’s
    not really laughing she’s being mean and evil

  51. gigi

    wikunia, if i did what kenya did with the props, i would know in the back of my mind that something crazy might happen. but my thought process is probably flawed because i’m team nene. normal upright people don’t expect consequences for disrespecting others for the sake of a laugh.

    kenya should have had the security team she had in season one…
    security! security!

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