Lindsay Comes to A Merciful End

OWN Lindsay CarI am not sure what anyone expected Lindsay on OWN to be. Those who expected or hoped for a redemption story were woefully denied that outcome. Those who were expected amazing ratings were also disappointed. What we got was a whole lot of Lindsay in denial and unable to accept the help that was provided to her in large quantities.  In stead we saw relapses, fuck lists and lots and lots of excuses.

It’s interesting to note that, due most likely to ratings that plummeted below 500,000 total viewers, the final two episodes were flushed out all at once last Sunday. It seems that OWN just wants it to be over.

In the seventh (of eight) episodes,  Lindsay refuses to let production film her preparing to go to a Funny or Die shoot. She also very nearly missed the shoot with an afternoon call time because she would not get out of bed. Then she claimed to be sick and when asked to do two pick-up lines. She said she wasn’t up to it. TWO LINES that would take less than five minutes. She doesn’t seem to realize that she is a bitch to work with and extremely unprofessional and she is being filmed. How does she ever expect to get work?Linsay Lohan

She is late again leaving for the Jingle Ball where she has been hired to introduce Miley Cyrus because she has to wait for her teenaged Russian boyfriend who kept her up all night the night before playing Dare or Dare with a knife with his friends. You know what else Russian boys like to do all night? Drink vodka. At the Jingle Ball Miley refuses to meet with Lindsay and ignores her tweets. Her minder, Matt tries to shut her up about Miley’s snub reminding her she is wearing a mike.

Despite having the a really cushy community service gig (working with young children!!!) she complains in her talking head that the legal system ought to just tell her she doesn’t have to do her community service anymore.

Lindsay doesn’t seem to comprehend why she is having problems booking work. It’s hard to remember that Lindsay is only 27 years old.

On the final episode, Lindsay has a photo shoot for a minor magazine. She shows up on time and does the work without issue. Progress.

Lindsay talks to a literary agent about a book deal. I would by the book. The agent expects to get a multi-million dollar deal.

Lindsay and her brother are working on an app called Just Sing It which is some sort of Karaoke thing. They went to promote the app at an event with an open bar.

Lindsay goes to Shanghai to receive a fashion award and do a couple of photoshoots. Then she heads to Utah for the Sundance Film Festival where she will speak at a press conference about a new movie project, Inconceivable that she has been cast in. The producer seems super impressed to have her. After the press conference, a Wall Street Journal guy gives her a bit of a hard interview but she handled it fine.

Matt goes back to LA for a bit without really saying why. The show puts up a couple of tabloid stories claiming that Lindsay could not longer afford to pay an assistant after the show wrapped. It sounds like OWN was paying Matt’s bill.

The show ends with lots of candid interviews with people who have seen some of the first episodes.  There are some good comments and some very negative ones.

After six weeks in LA Matt goes back to New York at Lindsay’s request. I love how Matt is always in a suit and tie. Matt attempts to deny the tabloid story about Lindsay not being able to pay her. He says he always gets paid upfront. Matt is back in town mainly to do press for the show with Lindsay. She is going to do Letterman and Andy Cohen…

The owner of the apartment Lindsay is renting wants to sell the apartment so she has to move out. She talks about the fuck list saying it is either step five or step 8 of her recovery to take a sexual inventory. Um, this is twice now this girl has made me double-check to see if one of the steps is actually to make a fuck list and provide it to your sponsor. The closest I can come is step four which involves taking a moral inventory. I would think acknowledging that you are a big ole slut would be sufficient without naming names.

Then Lindsay drops her final bombshell excuse. The reason she stopped filming so much was because she had a miscarriage. Lindsay starts rambling about seeing a shaman and seeing herself die and be born. She says she feels good and that she is happy. I should point out that she is crying while telling this story. She claims to be in a better place and looking forward to her fresh start.

But is sounds so hollow and untrue.

There will not be another season of Lindsay.


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29 responses to “Lindsay Comes to A Merciful End

  1. RealChicagoHousewife

    In recovery you are supposed to take what’s called a Personal Inventory but I’ve never heard of someone thinking they are supposed to put all their sexual partners on a list so I’m going to assume she’s lying. More than likely she was playing truth or dare or doing something stupid like that.

    When I saw Lindsay smiling like a Cheshire Cat right before announcing her miscarriage I remembered when you said in a previous post that she seems to always smile when she lies. Since when does a woman smile before speaking about a miscarriage? If she did lie about this she’s totally unredeemable. I would love to be a fly on the wall in Oprah’s office during all this BS.

    • You are correct that it isnt a part of recovery, maybe for a sex addict I dont know but she has been quoted for many years, (talking about when she was like 20 yrs old) to brag about her sex life. I remember reading that she said Jared Leto was too big, that surprised me a lot about the wee man. There were always bits like this about her, one time Eli Roth was at Chateau Marmont with a friend (now Eli does like them young) she was looking at him and walked by when he heard her say to her girlfirend, no they’re too old. He laughed when he told the story I guess it was ironic in light of the girls he dates. But reading about Miley ignoring her makes me like that Cyrus girl.

  2. Hopefully the show not the being. She is a hot mess and I am sure the “O” machine is regretting this docu-drama fiasco.

  3. Riley

    Now wasn’t that a total waste of everyone’s time and money.

  4. oh sheila! you a good judy

    I wanna see the schtup list! b-t-dubs, why have interviewers been petting this girl, instead of asking her real questions, and when they book her, why are they acting like they got some real get? like she’s expressly important or something? lastly, thanks TT, but for you, I would never have even known about that show! I watched it and enjoyed!

  5. Nelly

    I started watching because I wanted to see the train reck. I really began to like her and sympathize with her after seeing her mom give her that loveless hug and how creepy her dad was.
    Oprah had no business putting a girl fresh out of re- hab in front of a camera.
    I found her to be very intelligent, I really liked the person.
    I didn’t like how they withheld the keys till she signed off on the show.
    I realized that she was kind of broke and has been the family bread winner since she was a young girl.
    I did not like all her little helpers. Outside of finding an apartment, does Lindsay really need a full time assistant. Also AJ the spiritual coach/ trainer got on my nerves. AJ Lindsay is not your friend.
    All her little helpers were just her yes men. No one told her to get up and clean your house. Pick up your clothes, how many weeks in did her house look like a crazy mess. She needed someone to yell at her and tell her to wake up, little spoiled brat it’s 2 pm
    She really started to get on my nerves, when all she wanted to do was be on a movie set. Well me too Lindsay, I want to be on a movie set too, get my ass kissed all day and then make millions. She makes it fell like till she’s back at work she won’t be happy. She also kept on saying how she’s such a great actress.
    We all remember what a block buster Liz and Dick was. She’s an ok actress
    She messed up her face a bit. Stop, with the fillers and the mermaid hair if you wan’t to be an actress. Yes she was a good child star, but as an adult she has not proven herself, and my never get a chance because she burned too, many bridges.
    It’s hard for me to believe the miscarriage story, because she never went to the hospital, that would have been a great way to get the cameras off her back
    I kind of liked her more because she did not want to be filmed all the time.
    She never said she was sick, what’s more disturbing is she had no boyfriend, she was drinking, and she just got out of re-hab. So when did she get pregnant?
    Was she not trying to book a movie, why would a director want to hire you?
    She should have kept that to herself.
    I realized that she’s a bit trashy, spoiled, outside of working on movies she’s a spoiled rotten brat, who never had a chance seeing her parents.
    She’s lessening her brand with all the d- listed work she’s getting, she needs to take a couple of years off move to a remote place find some kind of work to create discipline in her life. I realized she has no discipline. Without discipline you have nothing. I guess the personal assistant was her form of discipline, but he could not get her out of bed, nor her trainer. Or sober coach. You can not buy self discipline you have to create it for yourself. Poor girl has no friends, no real person to look out for her, to tell her no outside of her assistant, who is basically afraid of her, and needs his money.
    All I see is Lindsay wanting to get back in the game and be a big star, not wanting to get better first. At first I sympathize with her, and I still do, but honey booboo you had a one in a million spot as a Hollywood star, and you blow it, more that once, I say give it to somebody who really deserves it. I’m over you.
    Her community service to me looks really fun. If I were rich I would do that for free just to give back.
    Oh and Oprah is not renewing her show because it had low rating, Oprah if you really cared make her do one of your life courses.

    • Kitty Mamma

      @ Nelly: I agree with so much of what you say. So many people are still hanging on to her: her parents, her assistant, AJ, Oprah (for ratings), etc… How will she ever find a good head space when she’s still being exploited like that? I wish her well, but I don’t expect much, unfortunately. Why would someone who’s newly sober become such a night owl? She should have had her butt up every morning by 8am and been on time to every meeting and every shoot. Certainly she knew she was being scrutinized. Certainly she knew that this was her big “comeback.” This does not bode well for Lindsay. She is sabotaging herself. However, you cannot drag someone to prosperity.

  6. lori

    All I know is Matt looked pissed when he was the bartender on WWHL with her.

  7. Valerie

    The whole series was so so sad for me. I went from total disdain to pity moment by moment. I would watch more if they made more. I can see why people wouldn’t watch after that first show, but when they showed Lindsay with the children I thought she seemed happy. I think she should get her teaching degree but that is something you must get up and go to every day like a real job so no. I kind of became addicted and watched them all in like three sittings. I think she’s doomed. But what do I know? Also Matt said he was Prince’s assistant for 5 years – I wanna hear about that!

  8. Bliss

    There is a sex inventory as part of step 4. I’ve done one and last names are not necessary.. I didnt write them down and I’m not famous so not sure why she felt compelled to do so. I would think she would be a little more careful given her celebrity status. But overall i just don’t see a girl who is capable of being honest with herself let alone anyone else, and she probably won’t get very far if that doesnt change imo..

    • puravidacostarica2

      And if you’re not a celebrity and over 40, how would one even remember last names? :-)

      • Kitty Mamma

        Hell, I married most of the guys I slept with, and I don’t remember their last names. Just kidding! Just kidding!

      • Skeeter

        @Kitty Mama – I’ve gnawed off an arm to escape in the wee morning hours to avoid asking the last name! :)

  9. Bren

    It stuck with me when you noted that she smiles when she is lying and it seems to be her tell. Dina is a real piece of work, practically salivating when Oprah came over. I mean, come on, play a little hard to get.
    Sadly, I don’t think that Lindsay will ever be okay. Her parents did a number on her and she doesn’t seem to have much of a starting point in recovering. There were brief moments, like when playing with the kids, where there was a little flash of hope but I’d don’t think anything stuck with her.

  10. fascinated

    I agree TT that the last two episodes came quick and fast. I hate to use this analogy but I think it fits… this show was like an unfulfilling lover. You have high aspirations but it is disappointing and cold.

    In saying this, I actually appreciated the way OWN produced the show. They didn’t hype up the drama and they didn’t try to portray her in any certain way. I think they just portrayed her honestly. She is an addict and she chose to do this documentary for the money (as she has none) instead of going into sober living or focusing on her sobriety.

    She was forced into rehab and didn’t think she needed it. She left rehab with the typical language, I’m in a better place, I know what I need to do, etc. However, she still does not believe that she has a problem. She kept saying that she couldn’t wait to work again but ignored every opportunity to instil trust into others in helping her work again. I only hope this series helped other addicts identify what she could have done differently and are able to maintain sobriety. I know many cannot understand how she continues to stumble even though she is famous. I think this show, demonstrated that addiction is not glamorous or logical; it is a disease and a hard one to treat.

    • Bella

      @fascinated I couldn’t agree more with the disappointing lover statement. That is exactly how this show made me feel. I started off watching this show with an open mind, trying to see Lindsay in a non-judgmental way but it didn’t take long for me to dislike her even more than I did before. She is full of excuses. I have dated a recovering addict and I understand it’s not easy, however for a person who has been to rehab 6 times Lindsay does not take accountability for anything. She has an excuse for everything. Nothing seems to be her fault. It’s “them” not her. And yet she fails to see that it’s actually her, not “them” who is the problem. At this point I doubt she will ever change. As much as I don’t want to say this I think we will more than likely be hearing of Lindsay on the news, something along the lines of her being found unresponsive in her bed by her assistant or a “friend” a la Amy Winehouse/Heath Ledger.

  11. O.O

    I don’t believe her miscarriage story . I think she would of made a huge deal if it really happened .She would of called 911 ,faked passing out, gotten a ride in the ambulance ,got to the hospital , died, came back to life and then would of been under strict dr.’s orders to remain in bed for 6 weeks or until a party came up that she wanted to attend.

    • Kitty Mamma

      @ O.O: A simple blood test can tell a lady exactly where they are in their cycle or where they are in their pregnancy, even if it’s early in the first trimester. Maybe she didn’t know until after the fact. I would hate to cast stones at a “mother.” (I define life at conception.) Motherhood is life changing. It gives one pause. I don’t know why she would lie about something so serious after she already admitted to relapsing. Perhaps she had quite the reality check. It’s obvious she loves children. Poor girl must have a hole in her heart.

    • Sad…but that was a funny accounting of the timeline

    • Bella

      O.O not trying to be rude or anything as I love your comments and this one made me laugh, but why do you say “should of”? I’m not a grammar nazi or anything but I always wonder why people say that when the actual term is “should have” or “should’ve”. “Should of” doesn’t exist, it makes people sound super ignorant. Please don’t take offense I like you!

      • Seriously? Everyone says should of or even shoulda …Shoulda coulda woulda

        On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 9:05 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Bella

        Just because everyone says something doesn’t make it right. It irks me like when people say women when describing one woman lol. It’s very Porhsa-esque to me. It’s all good though.

      • Clearly you’re not from the south. Shoulda known.

        On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 9:56 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Also Bella, sometimes you just have to thumb your nose at grammatical rules. For example, I think “all of the sudden” sounds correct but technically the correct phrase is “all of a sudden” which to me sounds Porshaesque. I often ignore it on auto correct. If for some reason I am writing formally, I just go with suddenly. :)

      • lori

        “Makes people sound super ignorant. Please don’t take offense…”. Geez

  12. Kishmish

    Maybe the miscarriage is true; most likely it’s a lie. Either way it’s hard to feel much beyond relief that some little innocent newborn isn’t going to be sucked into the maelstrom of denial, lies, confusion, and the deceit filled booze fueled self destruction that is poor Lindsay’s life. That baby would have had a very rough way to go with mom and the people who would have been its maternal grandparents.
    Some baby out there just dodged a gigantic bullet and I’m happy for him or her.

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