Alicia DiMichele Quits Mob Wives and Withdraws Guilty Plea

Mob Wives In the past few years I’ve practically earned a law degree specializing in federal law. I’ve spent more hours than I care to admit reading court documents on Joe Giudice, Teresa Giudice and Apollo Nida alone.  In this week’s episode of my favorite felon, we have two federally indicted  reality fools headed into the courtroom.  Tomorrow, if things go according to plan, Apollo Nida is expected to go to court for what I anticipate will involve him accepting a plead deal. However, one thing I have learned is that you can’t expect for court proceedings to actually occur on the date they are originally set, or if they do actually take place, they don’t always go forward in the way you would expect. That was the case for former mob wife, Alicia DiMichele who was supposed to finally be sentenced yesterday in a Brooklyn courtroom.

I know I have done a detailed post about Alicia’s plea deal but for the life of me I cannot find it. I hate when that happens. So I am going to have to explain this part based on memory, and we all know my memory sucks.  A million years ago, or so it seems, a plea deal was reached.  This means the prosecutor and Alicia’s attorney are in AGREEMENT and they have a deal. I believe the terms of the deal would have given Alicia  some house arrest and she would be required to pay a fine, plus $20,ooo in restitution to the Teamster’s Union who was the victim of her embezzlement in exchange for her pleading guilty and avoiding the expense of a trial.

But then she agreed to be on Mob Wives and this seems to have really fucked things for her. The prosecutor’s panties got all in a bunch because he felt she was profiting from her criminal activity. Alicia was paid $8K and episode for a total of 12 episodes. The prosecutors wanted that money added to the fines.  So there were a lot of delays while her finances were investigated and there was some mention of the total fine increasing to $200K.  Still, the plea deal has to be accepted by the judge and she can pretty much do whatever she wants regarding the fines and restitituion  and technically could give her five years in the big house if she wants to.

Mob WIvesSo Alicia has been nervously waiting to hear her fate. There have been numerous hearings scheduled  for sentencing and each time they get postponed because the prosecutor is reporting more income. It seems that her boutique was doing so well she opened a second location. The Feds want money.  They love money. The more money they think they can get the longer they drag this whole ordeal out. Alicia got the usual bump up raise for signing on for a second season of Mob Wives. They want that money. Alicia is doing club events for large hosting fees. They want that money.

But that is not the only agency trying to get Alicia’s earnings. The teamster’s union has an attorney in the ring fighting for more money in restitution. Last year the prosecutor and the defense team agreed that restitution would be set at $20,000. But now, suddenly the teamsters say they are out $2.8 million dollars and that is what they want in restitution. It’s not really up to the union to set the restitution amount, but they do have the ear of the judge who does decide.

So yesterday, the judge denied the plea deal saying that she could not accept the $20K in restitution part of the agreement and she gave Alicia the opportunity to withdraw her guilty plea.  So she did. So as of yesterday everyone is literally back to square one.

Basically, Alicia is now waiting on prosecutors to offer a new (much worse) plea deal than she had before. The changes will be less about the time she gets but focused on increasing both the fines and the restitution. A LOT.  So despite Alicia publically doing her best Teresa Giudice imitation and saying everything went fine, things in fact did not go fine at all.

In the meantime, a few days ago, in advance of the court appearance Alicia resigned from Mob Wives. Because what is the point of working if the Feds are just going to seize all of your earnings, and also because she is trying to remove the whole “profiting from her crimes” stigma the prosecutor is so heated about.

So, that is the lastest on the felon of the week!














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9 responses to “Alicia DiMichele Quits Mob Wives and Withdraws Guilty Plea

  1. Shellbelle

    I kinda sorta liked her… You think Karen will come back now?

  2. Mollymom

    I guess the Feds are coming down on her so hard because she actually has money, whereas the Giudices (who stole 11 million) still live in the gaudy mansion, drive fancy SUV’S, wear expensive clothes, have hair and make-up done, family ski trips etc. and haven’t paid back anyone.

  3. Born 2B Lucky

    TT didn’t want to post without saying” How u Doing? Not a southern bell, so if I start posting sporadically making no sense please forgive. I sort of like Alicia as well not sure why maybe it’s feeling sorry for her who knows. “Do you believe the FEDS will be hard on Appollo or allow him to walk free? Fakedra did tell Ms. Andy it was just a complain not an indictment he was being charge with and she does have a lot of attorney friends in the ATL. FBI is involved I get that, but what if she (FAKE-FAKE) threw money at their feet and yes they do love money will it change their minds. I know I’m crazy it’s recently given birth and all this darn crying every two hours have my mind distorted girl.

  4. RealChicagoHousewife

    Coming from Chicago I did a double take when I read the Teamster’s were going after an allegedly mob related situation. Kudos to them for cleaning up their act I guess.
    Too bad she won’t be on the show. I found her situation interesting to watch.

  5. Alicia

    I think Apollo will get prison time. He is a convicted felon. Phaedra doesn’t have unclean hands in all of this. It was reported that Apollo got the information on the people he scammed from the legal website Lexxus. In order to gain access to this website, he had to have his wife’s password. Phaedra reportedly signed off on a lot of the paperwork, so she cannot say she had no clue about her husband’s activities. The FEDS may not make it public but you can best believe they are crawling up her backside with a microscope. As for Alicia on Mob Wives, Miss Thing may get jail time. If you do the crime, you must do the time.

  6. lori

    Thanks for the tea Tamara! As I’ve said since the Jodi Arias days, I have often been blown away at what a great and thorough job you do with the all of these court cases. Your knowledge and breakdown of the details of the dirt in these cases, and as well as your breakdown of the often hard to understand laws, charges, etc is beyond impressive. I think you would be an AMAZING lawyer. I think if you ever wanted to work as someone who does all of the tedious research behind the scenes of a law practice, if you showed them some of your work, you’d have yourself a new career. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these lawyers have learned a thing or two about their clients and their cases from your blog. Anyway… I liked Alicia being in mob wives too for some reason. Not sure what about her I liked so much, but I did. I thought she rounded out the group nicely. I had no idea her victims were the teamsters. That’s stupid crazy!

  7. O.O

    I know I’m late but … What??? Is everyone who signs on for these shows that dumb or has everyone just gone mad?
    I’m wondering If her attorney told her bad idea. She shouldn’t need anyone to tell her that.
    She opened a second store??? Party appearances after the whole Vegas drama?? Are there a lot more porsha’s in the world than we all know about?
    I’d like to live as a dummy for 24 hrs just to see if they live in a happy place with no worries . I’d also be interested in knowing if any lucid thoughts enter their heads that they snuff out or tell go away.

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