The Blacklist Recap: The Pavlovich Brothers (NOS. 119 -122)

Who is Tom Keen?Finally, after an eternity of waiting, it’s finally time to see the show where Liz and Tom come face to face and confront each other. Thankfully, we are not in China, because the Chinese government pulled the episode from the internet today because it portrays the Chinese government in a bad light. I bet the Chinese fans are freaking out!

I am only watching the trailer of things from previous episodes and I am already lost. When was Lizzie in a car with a little girl who says she wants to call home and let her Daddy know she is okay and then they get hit by a mack truck? I have no recollection of that whatsoever!

We start in China where a bunch of women in a labor camp are being vaccinated. One of the women is shot up with something different from the rest and immediately has a seizure of some sort and her heart stops. The nurses insist that she be taken to a hospital. The military guys say no, but eventually, she is placed in an ambulance. In the ambulance, suddenly all the nurses are speaking in English and one of the military guys radios someone in English to say that the passenger is enroute. Meanwhile, the head military guy inside realizes that one of the syringes is not like the other. He tries to stop the ambulance but it has gotten away. They are taking the woman to Washington D.C. because that is where everything happens on this show. The Blacklist

Some Serbia terrorist types get a phone call and are summoned to Washington D.C. to retrieve the prisoner.

Meanwhile in make believe land with Liz and Tom, Tom is questioning Liz on why Jolene has gone from a missing person case to a homicide. He should be nervous seeing as he is the one that killed her. Meanwhile Liz plants a GPS tracker in Tom’s car key.

Liz and Red are staring blankly at their stupid crime wall with all the photos and arrows. Red gives Liz her next case, The Pavlovich Brothers.  It appears that these four guys were responsible for that car crash scene I was mentioning before. It was from the pilot episode when the General’s daughter was kidnapped. The brothers were hired by the Chinese government to snatch back the woman from the labor camp. It seems the CIA grabbed her first to get some information about biological warfare systems the Chinese government has.  Our merry band of idiots rushes to protect the woman, whose name is Lee, from the brothers, but alas they are two late, the brother have already grabbed her and flown away with her in a badass helicopter.

Tom surprisingly doesn’t have time to teach fourth-graders today and calls in sick. Red has a team of people following him. Liz goes to meet with Red because she apparently isn’t that busy with work either. They tail Tom to the National Archives where Tom was supposed to pick up something from an older black man carrying a green package. But because stupid Liz runs into the building for no apparent reason, Tom starts to feel like something is off and suddenly halts the exchange and leaves. Red’s people take pictures of the older man and the car’s license tag.

Meanwhile the Pavlovich brothers have Lee in some deep dark place because of the shortage of lighting funding for this show, at least 70% of every episode must be filmed in utter darkness. Or something. The woman has something in her hand that we can’t see because, DARK!  One of the dudes shoots her up with something. She appears to be trying to write something on the wall.

Later at Chez Keen, Tom has found the music box Red made for her. He seems very suspicious about the box. Because, um? Music boxes are very suspicious things, like snow globes. The two lovebirds talk about their day. There re is very little truth in either version. Tom pretends he went to work and then mentions he stopped by the National Archives to see about booking a field trip. While he was there he saw a woman who looked just like her. She lies and says she was in the office all day. Tom suddenly has to walk the dog. Oddly, he tells her he loves her before he leaves.  Seconds after he leaves with the dog, the dog walks back in. Tom is nowhere to be seen.

I never knew there were still so many payphones in the world. Tom finds one and calls Berlin. He says, “Mockingbird knows. Requesting immediate evac. She knows.” Then he destroys the keys with the GPS monitor.

Liz goes to Red to tell him Tom has bolted. Liz is embarrassed and ashamed that she has been duped for the past two years. Red basically tells her to get over it. Liz is becoming unraveled.

Red and Dembo shake down the driver of the car the black guy left the archives in who reluctantly tells them where to find him. The guy appears to work at a University copy center. The two shake him down and get a list of all the drops he has made (there were four) where the items were picked up and where they were dropped. The green package contained an advanced calculus text with some sort of code written inside. Red makes a copy of the code and tells the guy to make the drop as if nothing has happened. He takes copies of the guy’s ID and the code from the text book.

The hot middle-eastern dude uses some farfetched whackadoodle method to determine the location of the brothers. It was utterly ridiculous. But at least the hot middle-eastern guy got a scene, and really, that’s all I care about.

Red has tracked Tom to one of the drop off sites he got from the guy with the green package. He’s been inside for four hours. Dembe asks if he should call in an extraction specialists, but his regular guy is on a job elsewhere. However will they get him out? Liz tells Red about the lead on the brothers. He tries to talk her out of handling the Tom situation on her own, but he can’t because she is an idiot.

The evil scary brothers put Lee in a box with an oxygen tank, looks like they may just ship her on a slow boat to China. Suddenly Red arrives and introduces himself. Instead of riddling him with bullets and turning him into swiss cheese they put their weapons down. Because….he’s Raymond Reddingtion!

But the time Team Post Office arrives, everyone is gone. Ressler notices the writing on the wall.

Meanwhile, the brothers are blowing up the guards around safe house where Tom is holed up. There are all sorts of bullets flying and cars being chased and guys with leather jacket on motorcycles shooting things up, and other really macho shit. They whole thing ends with the Serbs getting their man.

Liz can’t get in touch with Red. So she goes to look for him. At her apartment. Which makes no sense whatsoever. There she finds all four brothers and Tom tied to a chair. “A gift from Reddington.” says one of the brothers. Liz has no reaction to finding four Serbian terrorists making themselves at home in her apartment while he sham of a husband sits bound to a chair with duct tape across his lying mouth.

The Serbs leave and Liz starts ranting on Tom. The girl can’t even rant properly. She barely raises her voice. She doesn’t slap his lying face. It’s a piss poor confrontation.

But Tom, oh he cuts her to the bone with this monologue.

“It was the shoes. That’s when I knew. It was those brown leather shoes. It was our third maybe fourth date, you’d come over to my place on Halstead, we’d ordered takeout and rented a movie that we never finished because we ended up…and you had to get up early for work and by the time I got up you were gone. I remember standing at my closet half-dressed reaching for my shoes when I saw that you had drawn this little heart in the dust on my shoe. You remember that? It was the sweetest thing. And ever since that moment I just felt sorry for you. Because I knew. I knew that I had you. Part of me didn’t want it to work, but it did.”

HE FELT SORRY FOR HER? Why has she not Lorena Bobbited this dude yet? And why did Red leave her alone in a room with this guy? Where is Red?

The Blacklist Aram

Meanwhile, middle-eastern guy has decoded the message written by Lee. It is even more ridiculous than his helicopter analysis theory. Apparently, a symbol for Archimedes water displacement theory means she is on a slow boat to China. It also tells them exactly what boat and what port and the color of underwear the captain is wearing. Did I mention the guy is hot? I think they just count of us focusing on that rather than the ridiculous writing.

Liz gets in touch with Red and he tells her how to find Lee, she tells the Feds and they go get her. But who cares about that? No one that is who.

Back to Liz and Tom. Tom asks if Daddy Red is going to come make him talk. She says he is not, she is going to do it herself.  Liz starts breaking his fingers one by one with a wrench. Well, that’s a start. Liz wants honesty. She says that Tom has been making her pancakes for two years. She hates pancakes. Tom replies with, “If you are going to handcuff someone, don’t break their thumb. and jerks his arm out of the Ziploc baggie tie the Serbs used to restrain him.

Then the most ridiculous hand to hand combat in the history of television breaks out between the two. Tom gets her gun which apparently she felt no need to keep on her person when deals with a man who has been posing as her husband for some unknown nefarious purpose. He makes her handcuff herself to the bannister.

Tom tells her that he is not there to hurt her. That was never part of his job. He is one of the good guys. Reddington is not who she thinks. He tells Liz to take the key that was hidden under the lamp to the bank and open the safety deposit box. The information inside will prove that he is not who she thinks he is. He tells her goodbye and leaves.

Outside, Red and Dembe watch Tom leave. They have two people posing as a young couple in love follow him.

Back in the storyline no one carries about Lee spills her guts. Director Cooper asks about Liz. What was going on with her today? Where did she go? Ressler says, “I think she is having troubles at home, sir.” Well that’s an understatement.

Liz takes the key to the bank and finds an orange envelope which has something so bad in it that next week she tells Red they are done and he is a monster.  Also, Red is under attack by a really big bad Blacklister and apparently has to rely on the goof troop to protect him. That doesn’t sound good.































































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15 responses to “The Blacklist Recap: The Pavlovich Brothers (NOS. 119 -122)

  1. First, Bwahahaha!@ Chinese pulling the Blacklist!

    So excited to see a new episode with the deliciously devious Red!

    TT: The first episode is being played back involving Lizzie’s first assignment with Red. The little girl was abducted but later retrieved in a busy park where her backpack was filled with explosives. The bomb was diffused and taken by a shady business acquaintance of Red’s. In the mean time the “snatch and grab” brothers got away and have now returned to abduct the Chinese scientist. But…. awww… ooops! They are killed when the scientist is recovered.

    I am still trying to sort the design that keeps appearing in random episodes. The same shape of the scar on Lizzie’s wrist is also on the top of Tom’s stash box (passports, money, and gun(s?). It has now resurfaced once again, as a type of ink blot on the envelope that Tom gives to Liz with the ominous warning of how she didn’t really know Red. I fear the pictures obtained within the envelope might be surveillance photos taken when Red smothered her “kinda father”. This would definitely place a wedge in Red and Lizzie’s relationship. Pity, for I find the relationship between Red and Liz to be of complete sincerity on Red’s behalf.

    As always…. lovin’ me some David Spader. He has yet to disappoint in this role!

    • Oh my!

      The scar on Lizz wrist is from the fire that was in her house. I think she got burned. I think Red killed Her biological parents. In the first episodes they flashed back to the fire in the house, and a little girl which I assume was Lizzy with a stuff animal hiding under the bed. Then the man leaned over and pulled her out. They never showed the man face. But I’m guessing it was Red. Because of his shoes! TV shows, and movies always give away plots by the angle they turn the frames. Or maybe I just read too much into things lol.

      • Your are so right. Every little nuance becomes important as you watch the series. I don’t record this so I can’t go back and figure out the clues like the scar, the shoes of the person dragging her out (good one), the music box (why did it spook Tom, was Lizzie s fam part of a sleeper cell he knew about so he remembered the box) Never ending speculation.

    • Louise

      Totally agree with you as to what is on the photo. Just one correction, I believe you meant James Spader.

      • I so did! Thanks for catching me, Louise… I just get so flustered when talking about this deliciously, eccentric, intelligent specimen of man meat….

  2. Angel

    Now I am not certain Tom is a bad guy. He has been bad to Liz but what is his real mission? This show is so crazy, I am afraid they will end the season with no resolutions, only more questions unanswered. I will be so pissed off!

  3. Redhotmama

    I love your Blacklist recaps! I agree with Sammiejane about Lizzie’s scar, etc. I wonder where that’s going, as well as Tom possibly being a good guy. Does that mean that someone besides Red wants to keep a close eye on her? Did they want her to adopt a baby in the hopes she’d quit the FBI to be a SAHM? It’s an interesting question because if I recall correctly she was basically a brand spanking new rookie until Red came along and catapulted out of rookieville onto the blacklist. So maybe team Tom Keen wants her off of the fbi, while for some reason the superbly well connected Red needs her to work for the FBI? (Side note: Am I the only one distracted by the wigs/hair pieces they have Lizzie wearing on this show? It’s like the ones that Kim wore on RHOA where the real hair shows in the front and the wig sits towards the back of your head. It really doesn’t suit her. She had a kind of pixie cut that’s growing out when she was on the nbc thanksgiving or Christmas parade.)

  4. Finally you recap. It always makes me feel better because I am not the only one scratching my head! The Chinese lady storyline must have been created to reintroduced us to the brothers before THEY KILLED THEM!!! WTF I had to squint through all the darkness so I gave up trying to follow what was going on with Ms. Lee. Tom and Liz fight was anticlimactic BUT I liked his “silence of the lambs ” monologue on when he met her and duped her into a relationship. Why didn’t she have her gun? Doesn’t every law enforcement person keep their gun on when they first enter the house and then when she saw Tom trussed up like a turkey at Thanksgiving why would she disarm!!! But…I’m still team Reddington no matter what Tom says. The writers are stringing us along with that little plot twist so now we have to stay tuned to find out what’s in the damn envelope. I think it’s Red smothering her dad. But why was Tom really there? To question her dad about Reddington I bet and Red killed him to keep his secrets since he was terminal anyway. God I love this show even when it pisses me off.

    • Oh Red smothering her father is a really good guess. But it was a mercy killing!

      On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 8:27 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Yes but maybe Red knew Tom was there, he knows EVERYTHING , so it was a two-fer. Remember the dad said he was feeling some kinda way and wanted to tell the truth to Liz. The dad didn’t k ow Tom was a fake husband so marRed knew if Tom got to him the dad would spill the beans thinking he was talking to his son-in-law stepping in because his daughter couldn’t get there in time. So Red needed to kill him to keep him from talking. Remember Red is a calculating killer. He always killed for a greater purpose

  5. Oh my!

    I’m dying to know, what was in the envelope Liz opened. She is annoying . They need to replace her. With the woman who acted in “Damages” with Glen Close. Rose whatever Her name is. Would make a much better character for Blacklist. Funny Rose and Lizz look a like!

    • Oh my!

      Yes Tom was there when Red killed the guy in the hospital. Remember when Red walked out of the hospital. Tom was sitting out side at a table with a newspaper . And Red made threats to Him to stay away from Lizzy. As I think of it. Since Tom was already sitting outside at the hospital. Tom most likely, had already gathered what information he could from Liz dad! Before Red smothered the dad.

  6. Oh my!

    I know what the photo was in the envelope. It was of Red killing the Joelee girl. Or the phot is of him killing the other Agent (older) lady with the white hair. That he shot ,and killed in her house.

  7. Monihew

    “A girl named Cynthia something or other…..…never wore a brassiere……always had a bounce in her step……….”

    James Spader, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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