Million Dollar Listing New York Recap: Reach High

Bravo Million Dollar Listing

I can hardly wait to watch this episode of Million Dollar Listing New York because I am so worried about Ryan ruining Luis’s big fancypants open house.  Last week, Ryan was just arriving to the event. Ryan immediately starts trying to steal Luis’s client and then starts clowning on Luis. Luis remains calm and has Ryan escorted out of the party.  The open house is a huge success and Luis is so happy with himself!

Fredrik gets a potential luxury apartment building with $180 million dollars of apartments. Construction has barely begun and the builder wants to start taking presales. Considering the smallest apartments will be listed at $10 million it will be difficult to get a buyer to purchase without seeing the finished product. Basically, Fredrik has a dollhouse replica of the building built as a selling tool. Fredrik has invited 165 brokers to the builder’s house to see the dollhouse model. Amazingly, Fredrik was able to sell nearly all the apartments in two weeks! Ryan Glo in the Dark

Ryan is still trying to sell the penthouse he listed for $6.5 million with the emotional mommy seller. It’s over priced and he has no client in sight. So far the buyer is not budging on price. Ryan has a buyer that he is able to get a $6 million offer. The seller backs out of selling. She decides she just wants to rent it.

Luis brings in an offer of $7.1 on the $7.8 listing. The seller will not budge. Luis promised $7.8 and listed it at $7.8 I think he should have listed it higher so that there was some wiggle room. Luis’s seller pulled the listing from him after four months.  He looks like he is going to cry. Poor Luis. He tried so hard.

I can’t believe the show is over. Um, shortest recap ever?


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13 responses to “Million Dollar Listing New York Recap: Reach High

  1. sandra

    Ryan is such a jerk. I admire Luis’ restraint when Ryan was shoving his pocket square in Luis’ mouth. I felt so bad for Luis when the seller took the listing from him. Seems like the seller would have allowed Luis the 2 more months on the listing that they had agreed on. I agree Luis should’ve allowed some wiggle room.

    • jb44

      I agree. Ryan is a total jerk. I felt so sorry for Luis. I was really pulling for him to make the sale. He is always so happy and has such a positive outlook that is was heartbreaking to see him so down. He really tried. He just set his goal too high.

    • Terri

      Ryan’s behavior is gett jerkier by the minute. I did feel sorry for Luis when the listing got pulled 2 months before the deadline. I think that Helen(?) let him do all the work attracting potential buyers that her in-house staff would never have drawn in and then decided she didn’t want to have to pay Luis the commission if he did manage to sell it.

  2. myinfo

    My stupid comment is Ryan has big head and is not attractive. It drives me crazy that he thinks he is hot. I think Ryan is just doing scripted fake drama. It just seems fake to me.

  3. Ashley

    I can’t stand Ryan! He is always a jerk! I would never have him sell my house! They need to fire him!

    • Terri

      At this point I wouldn’t mind if they got rid of both Ryan & Fredrik and added two new people to the show. Fredrik pissed me off with the way he treated Luis last night too. I was glad to see that Luis isn’t going to forget the way Freddy treated him last season.

  4. joker

    Fredrick tone it down a bit please! I did feel bad for Luis but he shouldn’t have promised that price. It was insane and I think they both knew it from the start and she was going to let him hang himself but then ended it as nicely as possible. I couldn’t believe Ryan was making those derogatory comments about Luis bosses looks in front of her/him like that! I wonder if she pulled the listing from Luis early based on those comments Ryan made at the party?
    Can anyone clarify for me the price of that model Fredrick had built as 100,000? That can’t be what I heard he paid for that. If so, I’m changing careers.

  5. Kishmish

    This may be planned for Ryan to go out on a bang since I’ve heard (maybe someone else knows the whole story) that he finally got the movie, or ongoing TV drama, opportunities he’s always wanted.
    He was never SO weird and was gearing up, from the great lavender moped ride of last season’s final show, to be the lovable, good looking, regular-joe of the show. That’s all changed and now he’s the villain.
    I’m beyond impressed at how much restraint Luis has shown with both Ryan AND Fredrik. He’s kept his eye on what he’s there for and not allowed himself to get sidetracked by Ryan’s nastiness or Fredrik’s tacky comment about “How low can he go?”
    Luis just watched, took it in, and moved on.
    I LOVED how he had Ryan surrounded by bouncers who walked him out of the building and then immediately went back to being the genial and charming host.
    I saw a still and some of the security guys saw Ryan shoving a piece of cloth into Luis’s mouth. In any real world they would have been just WAITING for one look from the man who was running the party and hired them to chuck that troublemaker OUT.
    I love it that we’re starting to see the kind of steely self mastery that could take a very young man from working as a janitor (!!! If Luis hadn’t said it I wouldn’t have believed it) to where he is in such a relatively short time, and not just Luis but his brother Daniel, who is in finance, as well. Those Ortiz boys are up-and-comers!

    I got the feeling that the owner of Luis’s listing liked *him* but thought he’d bitten off more than he knew how to chew.
    All I can say about Ryan’s Emelia is that she surely MUST know who she’s dating. Ryan’s phone will always be permanently grafted to those model worthy hands. A man’s gotta be driven to do what he does on the level on which he does it. Career comes first, “couples” cooking classes come a distant twenty ninth.

  6. Ryan’s listing felt fake from the get go. She never wanted to sell. Hell I bet she doesn’t even want to rent.

    Loved that Fredrik and his team were able to sell so many units so quickly.

    I’ve seen Luis’ seller lady on Selling NY. She’s always come across as prim and proper. I think her letting Luis try to sell in the building was just for storyline. She knows Bravo and HGTV will pay well and there’s also the free publicity for the building.

  7. Gossip Junkie

    I don’t know about any of you but during the Ryan / Luis moment, they kept showing them licking their lips and I really thought “Are they about to kiss each other?” things that make you go hmmmmmm

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