Flipping Out Recap: Hostile Work Environments

Flipping out I just watched last week’s episode where Jenni came back to work. Thank God she did because they can’t have this show without her. I imagine they just shut down production for a couple weeks to wait on her return. Her “Head of Human Resources” schtick this season is hysterical. I love her deadpan talking heads where she solemnly discusses the infractions she must handle as head of human resources.  Megan Weaver and her giant beaver are not doing a damn thing for me. Even Jeff seems over her hungover ass. Wait, did Jeff fire her at the end of the last episode? I kinda tuned out a bit and was making a salad. I have forty-seven million shows to watch between now and Saturday when I change providers and get an DVR! Bye Bye to my huge collection of No Reservations episodes! I will miss you the mostest!

Jeff is back on the landscape project with that bitch Lisa and her poor husband. Blech. Neither one of these people can make simple decisions when presented with choices.

Zoila is learning to twerk. The head of human resources is not amused. Fuck. Megan is there. Why? Jeff loves mocking Jenni about her clothes and telling her she should stick to maternity wear a while longer. Jenni looks great by the way. Jeff Lewis

I wish they would finish up the Chaz Dean job. Something about him just skeeves me out. Chaz’s business manager is a bitch with an unrealistic budget. Jeff is really staying on top of the project. The project manager, Mark, is slacking and half of the employees have not even started their projects yet. Now Mark wants an advance payment. Andrew and Megan go to the worksite and there is not a single worker on the site. Andrew almost seems to know what he is talking about on the site. I’m amazed.

Jeff and Jenni go to Jeff’s dad’s birthday party in Newport beach. They take a booze cruise around the harbor (after retrieving the boats which someone forgot to tie up to the dock.) The party spilt into two boats and a food fight ensues between the two boats. Jeff comes by his crazy genetically.

Jeff meets a new remodel client, Nikki and Robbie. They seem like a simple remodel but Jeff is already nearly doubling their $300K budget. I’m not sure if he will get the job.

Andy did a great job overseeing the Chaz project and Jeff actually appreciated his work. That project is going well. Hopefully it will end soon.

Jenni goes with Jeff to his therapist to get some back up with her head of human resources role. She needs the therapist to give Jeff a stern talking to. The therapist says he is creating a hostile work environment and he is being abusive. This is hysterical. Scripted and fake but hysterical.

I kind of love this show.


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20 responses to “Flipping Out Recap: Hostile Work Environments

  1. Palid Polly

    Scripted and mildly inappropriate as it is, I still like this show.
    There isn’t anyone I don’t like. I find Jeff oddly charming. And I know I’m in the minority but I do like Gage. Jenni’s delivery is spot on, and Zoila is pure gold! Even Andy has grown on me.
    Enjoy your new DVR! Mine gets a workout every day.

  2. Gingersnap

    I love Jeff, he is such a little shit! Zoila has been a little bit of a shit lately too, but I’m not loving it with her. Job security can cause that.

  3. Victoria

    I LOVE this show! Jeff Lewis is my first love in the world of Bravo. He’s everything that’s right about “reality” tv and I hope he has many seasons more.

  4. I love this show. So glad Jenni is back. I can’t stand Megan! She annoys me worse than Andrew. Also tired of seeing Chaz and Nuria.

  5. Belinda

    Chaz sells on QVC and his creep factor is over the top. I always wonder about Jeff’s bedroom abilities. That would be an OCD porno worth watching.
    Something about Gage really appeals to me….something about Andy really
    Turns me off !

  6. Terri

    My favorite part last night was Jeff putting his briefs on Megan’s head (because I don’t like her either). I love Jenni and Gage but Andy really does have the same effect on me that Chaz has on you. I can’t wait for them to be finished with Lisa’s house because she grates on my nerves everytime she opens her mouth.

  7. I’m a huge fan, this show is my Bravo love. I like Gage and Meagan is ok. Zoila is funny but she is an employee which she seems to forget. Andrew may not make it with Jenni as head of HR.
    Nuria should not be on a construction site.

  8. joker

    I’m in agreement with TT. Loving this show. Still not a fan of Gage or Andrew or Megan. Of the three I’d have to say Andrew is the one I like the least. There is just something so sketchy about him and his behavior. I think he has a serious mean streak that he’s hiding but will be his downfall in the end. I really liked Zoila and find her naiveté charming and loveable but not liking her descent into evil. It’s like seeing a two year old use the word fuck. Some parents think it’s hysterical and Jeff is kinda like that parent with Zoila. I like her speaking up but the use of words or terms that they teach her just not funny to me. I think I’m going to like Vanina (sp?) I know she’s been on for like 3 seasons but she never spoke so it’s nice to see her come out of her shell. Can we get rid of Megan and Andrew and hire some new talent? Maybe some hot, straight guys? 😉

    • Angel

      There is a lot sketchy about Andrew. The first season he was on he told Jeff and crew he was some kind of super rich guy living off his inheritance. He just wanted to work because he liked it. He was fired for being a total liar. Jeff brought him back as a pity hire and he had some talent. The guy is a mental case IMO.

  9. Shellbelle

    I’ve Said it before but this is the best show on Bravo.

  10. Flipping Out, Southern Charm, Vanderpump Rules and People’s Couch are the best of the best on Bravo…the Housewives franchise is getting out of control and ridiculous with all the fighting.

  11. Angel

    As others seem to be falling more in love with this show, I am falling out. Same old tired naughty jokes.Same old annoying clients that I didn’t like the first time around. Even Zoila isn’t funny anymore, just a pain in the ass. This show needs a new shtick.

  12. I love this show. It’s the only Bravo one I actually watch all the way through–though I still love reading your blog about it, Tamara. It’s not only hilarious, but unlike the rest of the reality universe, it’s not depressing. The other shows can take some pointers from Jeff and his crazy crew. #1 Get an effing job. Housewives have way too much time on their hands. Which is why I don’t fast forward Lisa or Kandi. #2 Like each other. You can tell that even though they are constantly pranking each other–Jeff and his staff really like each other–even Andrew! #3 Don’t take yourself so damn seriously! Maybe a session with Jeff’s shrink might help.

  13. Wallace

    Love, love, love Flipping Out. I watched season 1 episode 1 again and it had me in tears I was laughing so hard. Comic genius. Some day in a restaurant I may just have to pretend to flip out and yell ‘no onions, no onions, no onions’ for the fun of it.

  14. Aerin

    Love this show; I even loved Interior Therapy! They are actually authentic and I love to see them working as well as snarking. I’m so frustrated it’s not On Demand.

  15. Espi

    Best show on bravo!

  16. fun to watch jeff with his family. makes me like him even more. the only real bad guy in this one to me was andrew. the fact that he even admitted he was being disgusting in order to drive the new intern away tells you a lot about him. a lot of it is joking around, but that part was definitely setting up a hostile work environment. not cool at all. other than that, i think this is the funnest bravo show. really look forward to seeing it every week, especially the end product re design.

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