Contestant on Upcoming Bachelorette Season Dies!


Atlanta’s own Andi Dorfman is the next Bachelorette and most if not all of the filming for the show has been completed. Sadly, one of the eliminated bachelors has died in a paragliding accident according to multiple sources. Eric Hill, a hot young adventurous guy was paragliding in Utah when the parachute part of the glider malfunctioned.

Am I the only one that finds watching dead people on TV kind of ooky? I remember when RHOBH aired the season with Taylor Armstrong’s dead husband and we were all kind of freaked out.

eric HillThis guy appears to have been all kinds of awesome. His website, The Global Odyssey  show Eric’s travels as he attempts to visit every single country and do charity work.  This guy clearly did not waste a moment of his life and was constantly seeking adventure and looking for the best in every country. The first country he visited was North Korea. You can read all of his travels stories on the website.

It’s all pretty heartbreaking. And yet another reminder we should never leave the couch except to get beer.


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9 responses to “Contestant on Upcoming Bachelorette Season Dies!

  1. Thanks for the update TT. I was wondering how this would affect the show. Hopefully the don’t drag it out through several episodes. Or bring in Dr. Phil. You are right about it being cooky when they do that.

  2. Gingersnap

    It’s disconcerting when you’re watching someone alive on television knowing they have died since then. It kind of messes with you.

  3. sequoia

    Cheers to anybody who dies doing exactly what they want with their life. If I ever get off my couch, that’s how I want to go. I’ll leave my stash, beer or otherwise, to Tamara, to dispose of as she sees fit. It will be a video will ( hate typing). I hope it isn’t to ooky. But I’ll be dead so I won’t care.

  4. Seeing someone I know is dead in RL, on tv, is slightly disturbing. I watch Deadliest Catch and every time they show Captain Phil, I tear up and then get creeped out.

    The season that Taylor’s husband died was my first for watching that show. I knew in advance the man died and yet still had to watch to see how the network handled it. It was still weird to watch knowing he was dead.

  5. lori

    He sounds like he was a really great guy. Do sad. I can’t imagine how his family will feel seeing it. Remember when they trashed the whole “Megan wants a millionaire” because one of the guys killed his wife and cut her up, and then killed himself? They def made the right choice not airing that show. That got that girl Megan done with reality tv really quick! Scared the Hell out of her, understandably, but I digress… I know this is different, and yes, I agree it’s gonna be strange to watch knowing that he is dead now. It was beyond uncomfortable watching Russell on RHOBH, but that had an extra “icky” factor. It also took me a long time to get myself to watch Batman The Dark Knight. I don’t know how anyone went to see that in the theater. Same with going to see the new fast and furious movie (not that I’m an f&f fan anyway), but since it was unfinished at the time of his death, they will be using stand ins, and voice overs done by Paul Walker’s brothers. It’s all very creepy to me.

  6. Belinda

    Chris Harrison was cohosting the view this morning. He mentioned that Eric had sustained a serious injury and was in a coma . Senile,annoying and inappropriate Barbara jumped in with ” you have a real problem….how will you edit him out ?” Chris seemed very annoyed and disgusted and said that was not even something to be thought about. They were concerned for him and his family.

    • MicroOp

      Barbara Walters kisses Assads ass because she loves to vacation with him. She’ll go on the view saying woody Allen never molested his daughter (as though she knows that for a fact) because she wants to still go to his parties. She is an self serving and unprofessional idiot who sadly represents women in “journalism”. I’m not surprised she was insensitive about this poor mans death. She doesn’t care unless it gets her into a party.

  7. You’re so right, Tamara, it does feel weird. Even now, if I see RHBH S2, even clips, & they are talking about Russell Armstrong or he’s in a scene, it gives me the chills.

    This is such a sad thing that has happened. Thanks so much for providing a link to this young man’s website. He seems to have been a wonderful person, one who was living life to its fullest, all the while helping others along the way. I could only hope to do as much to touch other’s lives in the way I’m sure he did. My thoughts & prayers are with his loved ones.

    Instead of the couch, the place I am most of the time is the front porch. I think I might just stay seated on the front porch, rocking & waving to the neighbors & the mailman/woman. I’m sure to become ‘that crazy old Indian lady down the street’. LOL

    Thanks, once again, for another great post. I’ll always love your blog & your sense of style in informing us all. :)

  8. Yeah Tamara, Of all the blogs I’ve come across, yours is the best. And I agree with most everything you say!! I’m new here and lovin’ it.

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