Bravo Announces New Scripted Show “All The Pretty Faces”

Pic Credit: Twitter

Pic Credit: Twitter

NEW YORK – April 23, 2014 – After Bravo Media recently unveiled a diversified slate of original programming including “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce” and “Odd Mom Out,” the network continues its expansion into scripted programming announcing the development of “All the Pretty Faces,” from executive producer Jennifer Garner’s Vandalia Films in association with Warner Horizon Television.

Written and executive produced by J. Mills Goodloe and set in the bucolic beach town of Half Moon Bay, California, “All the Pretty Faces” is a dramedy-mystery centered on two warring families engaged in an epic, decades-long feud. The death of one of their own brings both families together in search of the secret to the affliction that has plagued them for generations…immortality.

“‘All The Pretty Faces’ tracks with Bravo’s tradition of presenting strong, relatable characters and tackling provocative subjects in an entertaining way,” said Andrew Wang, VP Scripted Development & Production for Bravo Media.  “By teaming up with the incredibly talented Jennifer Garner, we can bring fans a compelling family drama with a fun, mystical twist.” 

“All the Pretty Faces” is from Vandalia Films in association with Warner Horizon Television. Jennifer Garner and J. Mills Goodloe are Executive Producers, with Juliana Janes serving as a Producer.

Um, okay, Jennifer Garner sounds good. Dramedy-Mystery sounds good. Warring families, also good. And then it appears to get all Twilighty. Immortality?  Someone in the immortal family dies? I’m starting to waiver on this. We have a whole lot of time to decide what we think, it will be at least a year if not more before the show airs.

Even Bravo gets that this reality shit has gone on way to long it seems. I keep trying to lure you into other things. Go read my super cool Blacklist post right before this one!


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21 responses to “Bravo Announces New Scripted Show “All The Pretty Faces”

  1. I was raised in Half Moon Bay Ca. Unless it has something to do with Brussels sprouts or pumpkin farmer families, I can’t imagine what the premise could be based on.

    • WestCoast Feed

      Portugese fishermen and their secret cioppino recipes, of course.

    • I think since it’s scripted, Half Moon Bay is just the location and nothing more. It’s not like it’s based on the town’s comings and goings.

      • WestCoast Feed

        Or it could begin with the townsfolk still reeling from the horror of having been visited in the past by those horrid simian folk from New Jersey. You remember, the horrid screeching and the ungodly accents. It was torture!!

      • No you didn’t come for Jersey! Got something against Bruce Springsteen and Frank Sinatra some of the original Jersey Boys? Don’t start an east coast west coast feud up in here valley girl or surfer dude person.

      • LOL! Cant stand Bruce, never could. Love Frank though!

      • Those “ungodly accents” are usually from Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, NOT true New Jersey. If you want to hear a true central Jersey accent, just listen to Springsteen when he talks. That’s more of what we sound like around here. South Jersey, interestingly, has a strong Philadelphia accent, with more drawn out “o’s.”

      • As a true Jersey girl I agree. Perfect description.

    • Cammie

      I thought the same, I’ve visited there many times and I can’t wrap my head around “two warring families” in…Half Moon Bay?? Wtf?? The bayou, yea I could see that, even some hillbilly folk from the middle of OR if they had to set it on the West Coast but Half Moon Bay?? What are the families warring over the tofu supply?

      • If they are immortal, I’d imagine they eat cheeseburgers and onion rings and stuff like that there. No need to eat healthy crap like tofu!

        On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 12:53 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  2. Riley

    I’ve been saying for quite some time that Bravo has run amok with reality tv. How refreshing to hear about some scripted shows. Tho it has to be well written and entertaining it shouldn’t be too hard to improve on the so call reality / scripted shows they give us now.

  3. tlrich33

    Will Nene have any roles? You know she’s an accomplished actress now…../sarcasm

  4. There was a TV show many moons ago based on immortals who could only be killed if you chopped off their head. Can’t remember the name but the lead was really dreamy and the theme song was by Queen. Loved it! There were movies also along that premise.

  5. I am advocating for everyone to come on over to TT Blacklist post. As the plot thickens, TT recaps what we are all screaming at the TV and we exchange entertaining theories about what it all means. Maybe the writers should read what our ideas cause I think they are making as they go with no clear ending yet.

  6. Katrina

    Highlander. I loved that show. Duncan McCloud!

    • Thanks Katrina. Had major brain freeze. I Watched that show to the end, then watched all repeats in syndication. If Bravo can do a show like that with a good storyline, I’m ALL in.

  7. Valerie

    Lure away. I’ll give it a try.

  8. This does make me wonder of these shows are any bit successful will that be doom for the reality shows, especially housewives. Good reporting TT.

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