Celebrity Apprentice Spoilers 2014 Through the Final Task!

Celebrity Apprentice Kenya PM Shoe Task Five

Tamaratattles.com has  some more tea on Celebrity Apprentice, that I have been trying to put together that will answer all of your questions (well most of them). So click through if you want to know how it all ends. Sort of.



Celeb Apprentice VIVICA Universal

Celeb geraldo wizardUPDATE: I’ve been told by what APPEARS to be a reliable source that Vivica was fired on a NYC task (one of the last ones that seemed to happen quickly getting us to final two by the Monday after Easter.  As of today, filming seems to have wrapped. This means I may not be able to get a definitive answer as to the final two project managers. The photos seem to clearly show Vivica running around with the PM folder, but Geraldo was off somewhere working by himself as the rest of the team roamed the park. Several pictures of Geraldo on the phone holding some paperwork.  So if the new source is right and it was NOT Vivica it’s Geraldo. Because the only other person on Vivca’s team who could have made it to final two and is Ian, and he seems to just be loafing around watching the crowd go by.

So for now, it’s Leeza versus either Vivica, Geraldo or Ian. At this point I am leaning toward Geraldo. My reasoning is that Geraldo more often than not picks men at the end. Geraldo was dressed as a wizard yesterday in the Harry Potter part of the park. Geraldo was working on lots of things on his own, as if he had sent his team mates off to take care of less important things while he set up the filming.

If I hear anything new I will let you know.





Here is what I know for sure. On April 17th, the Thursday before Good Friday, Geraldo, Vivica, and Kenya were on one team shooting a marketing campaign using Claudia Jordan as a model. It now appears that this team lost. Because…

Kenya is out and back in Atlanta.  She was on one of the evening tabloid shows last night being interviewed about the Porsha meltdown at the reunion.

Somehow, we seem to be down to final two as of yesterday. I am not sure how that is possible.




Celebrity Apprentice

Tamaratattles.com can confirm the following people are at Universal Studios in Orlando filming what appears to be the final challenge. Geraldo,  Vivica, Ian, Brandi, Leeza , Johnny  Lorenzo and Kevin.  Lorenzo and Kevin have been confirmed as gone for awhile, so clearly it is time for the bring back some fired people to help the final two with their challenge.

Brandi is there with her kids who are being shown around the park by two of her friends, one is possibly her gaygent. Y’all know how I am with faces. :) It’s nice to see she has taken some time for a beer break.

So based on the pictures, it appears that Leeza and Vivica are the final two!  Leeza’s team has Brandi, Kevin and Johnny. Team Vivica has Geraldo, Ian and Lorenzo.

Celeb aprrentice Vivica Fox

Pic Credit: BehindtheThrills,com

Photo Credit Amusement Buzzz Ian seems to be slaving away for Vivica...

Photo Credit Amusement Buzzz
Ian seems to be slaving away for Vivica…

Based on the two teams we are insured a female winner this season! My money is on Vivica. From the many pictures I looked at she seems to be running her own team. Plus, you know when the hairstyle is “bagel head” it means serious business!  Leeza on the other hand seems to be listening to Kevin Jonas very intently for some reason. That is odd to me because after following Kevin for the past month he seems to have the mentality of a teen-aged boy. Perhaps that maturity level combined with his insane fan base that follows his every move on twitter, will work in Leeza’s favor?

What do you think?
P.S. I have banned puravidacostarica from this site for obvious fucking reasons. /giggles


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44 responses to “Celebrity Apprentice Spoilers 2014 Through the Final Task!

  1. I’m loving that you have so many spoilers from this season because there’s no way I would ever watch Donald Trump for even a microsecond, but I AM curious about how the Housewives have been doing. Although I would have loved it if Kenya won because she’s the bee’s knees.

    • PlusOneForLuck

      I am a gazillion percent with you Snapnoodle. I can’t watch that prick for 2 seconds & I’ve been incredibly torn over what to do this season. But thanks to TT, now I don’t have to!! TT – will you still recap the episodes so I can know the details without watching the self-aggrandizing SOB at all??? Pretty Please?!?!?!?

      • Of course, but you may not like them. I love Trump. But truth be told you should watch he is only on at the beginning and the end. It’s the middle that is the good part. DVR and zip through him if you must.

        On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 11:32 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Deborah

        I feel the same way snap and plus one.

      • PlusOneForLuck

        Ok TT — ONLY because you are my official gangster on a things in the land of reality tv — I will DVR the show. However, if I happen to catch a scene or two filled with duche baggery, I can’t be held responsible for my reactions!! :)

    • As long as Brandi doesn’t win I’m happy.

  2. TheHousewives

    I’m so proud of Kenya for making it so far in the competition, everyone is really coming down hard on her but I know she will prevail and twirl through.

  3. Dr. D

    Thanks Tamara…prepare for the stampede of folks applauding Kenya’s firing!

  4. JenB

    Thank you T for the CA spoilers. You are the best! I am sorry Kenya did not make it to the final 2. But I am happy she made it as far as she did. Also, thanks for the ban on PVCR…. :)

    • RVA

      @ceebo, not trying to be funny or anything but when you read the post, what did you get out of it?
      There is a part there that said Kenya was out and about in Atlanta….you could infer that Kenya was….what?

  5. ICassie

    Kenya’s not having a good week.
    Kenya hold your head up girl.
    Hope you get a movie role that is more than a cameo.

  6. Urethra Franklin

    I liked puravidacostarica. Did you really ban her?

    • puravidacostarica2

      Thanks UF (and I’ve missed you around here)…nah, she’s just mad that I won’t be buying her an apartment in the City of Light.

  7. puravidacostarica2

    Hey TT, we booked the best room at your favorite hotel for a night this weekend. We’ll christen it and let you know how great a time we had. Besitos! :-)

  8. fascinated

    I’m impressed. I would have thought Ian would have done better than Leeza. I can’t wait to see how it all pans out on the show. Thanks TT.

  9. myinfo

    Well Brandi must have brought something to the Table because she was picked to help in the final challenge.
    Thanks for scoop.

    • I think she gets along well with Leeza, and by all accounts she played a really good game. You know it pains me to say that. :)

      On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 6:50 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  10. I can’t with vivica fox. She is SO annoying. Not sure I’m going to be able to watch it with her. She did the reunions for jerseylicious and just was awful.

  11. denise

    Impressive deduction! I am so happy a female will win this year.

    I was hoping Kenya would make it to the end, but glad she made it as fas as she did. Not a fan at all of hers, but thought she would do well in this environment.

    Please keep us informed so we know winner. Based on the teams, Vivica’s seem stronger. I thought Geraldo would win on beginning so it says a lot when you bring back other strong personalities on your team.

  12. Hot Mess

    snapdoodle you should try watching CA. The Toupe is only one briefly in the beginning and when he runs the boardroom later he’s actually awesome at getting people to hang their own noose from the tree.

  13. Michelle

    Please say it’s Ian…..I wanted him in the final 2.

  14. Snookums Lynn

    I love me some Vivica! I think she’s a strong female who’s probably a little business savvy and she gives great bitchface! Bagel hair sucks, especially in business!
    Where’s Kenya from last update to this one?

    • Kenya was fired after her team lost a challenge. :( She’s back in GA.

      On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 4:28 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • joker

        Just a guess but if it’s between Leeza and Vivica, trump will pick Leeza. I’m sure Leeza has had plenty of scoop on the toup and didn’t use it.

  15. Brandi looks really uncomfortable in that pic, like she’s totally out of her comfort zone.

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