Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Meet & Potatoes


We return at the exact point we left off last week because apparently knowing every little detail of Vicki’s relationship with Brooks is everyone’s business. Vicki tells Tamra and Heather that Brooks is part of her happiness and that she loves him. Vicki says they did not talk for two months and they both went to counseling separately and are back together.

Vikki wants to live with Brooks now that she is “one week divorced.” That is sort of sad. Tamra and Vikki are determined to get Heather to act like a lunatic and get drunk but she has an early flight tomorrow to get back to her kids. Oh and she also has decorum, a word the other two should probably look up.

Speaking of words people need to look up, Shannon needs to look up the word ‘cotillion’. It is not a class for children that teaches  etiquette and dance. A cotillion is a formal ball most often for the presentation of debutantes into polite society, or a military formal dance. I suppose the etiquette classes that young girls take have a cotillion component, but I’ve just never heard the word used the way Shannon does. Vicki

The girls are having some sort of Halloween (??) tarot card reading party. I missed the point of it exactly if there was one. I’m not really focused on the show tonight for some reason.  Of course Tamra is telling the event planners to scare Heather. Why? Why do women do this?  Do women in the real world actually act this way? Because it seems very common on the housewives shows, but I don’t associate with anyone remotely this calculating and manipulative.

I am not a fan of Halloween parties, but I must say this one looks spooktacular! Tamra’s event planners really went all out! Vicki and Shannon bond right away. This seems to bother both Heather and Tamra.

Vicki finally got Brianna and her idiot husband out of her house but now her son Michael is staying with her. He doesn’t seem any nicer than Brianna. Poor Vick.

Heather, Shannon and Tamra go to dinner. Heather uses the word ‘tactile’ this frustrates Tamra who insists that Heather not use “big words.”  Instead of expecting the world to dumb down to Tamra’s level, she should probably take a basic reading and vocabulary course at the local community college. Or even a verbal SAT prep class for high school students.

Shannon went to some sort of holistic dentist who “put jewels inside her teeth.”  I’m sure he convinced her he did just that. He also convinced her that in a previous life she saved “and entire nation” so after she said she could not pay $20K a tooth for invisible jewels he did it for free. Heather ever so gently tried to point out that Shannon may be a tad on the gullible side. Tamra of course took offense to Heather saying, “people like you” because Tamra is so intimidated by Heather she perceives EVERYTHING as condescending. That is Tamra’s issue, not Heather’s.

Tamra, who is going to court with Simon where he is seeking full custody based on child neglect, wants to have more kids because she only gets to see the old kids 50% of the time, so she wants to make some new ones to replace them. Eddie is not down with the idea. Neither am I. We really don’t need to continue to replicate Tamra’s gene pool. Heather tries to tell Tamra more kids will not replace what she has lost.

Vicki does on camera therapy because that always goes well on these shows. Vicki wants to know how to let go. Then in the same breath she says you don’t let go of your kids, ever!

I really like Shannon. She is crazy, but harmless crazy. Wait, the tiny little shack of 5K square feet that Terry can’t abide living in while he and Heather build another monstrosity is three minute’s from Shannon’s stunning mansion?  Terry is such a diva. He’s thrilled that his house is the only one with a motor court. I just don’t get this sort of materialism. It’s never made sense to me. I guess I am just a simple girl with simple needs who doesn’t require more than one bathroom to clean.

Shannon and David are both stressing out over their dinner party. They don’t seem to get along very well. Shannon starts screaming at the guests from the kitchen asking them why they can’t carry on a conversation out there. David is carving the meat and Shannon is irritated that the potatoes are not tender enough.  There is a lot of tension for such an elegant event.

How the hell do you make a cream of anything soup that is dairy free. If you don’t eat dairy then you don’t eat cream of celery soup. It’s simple. Shannon and David argue about zodiac signs and other trivial matters. Vicki says it reminds her of her relationship with Don. And it is similar.

Next week the dinner party continues.


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  1. Kate

    Maybe Terry forgot the cameras were rolling when he called his daughter a bitch. Someday she will see that episode or at least hear about it. I want to play john mayers song “fathers” for him and make him memorize the words.

    • Starrkitty

      I couldn’t believe it, I am hoping for editing on this one..Even if he was trying to be funny just distasteful..Tamara & Vicky’s behavior can get out of hand..which Heather makes sure she points out…But I read Heather’s blog, she fail to mention Terry’s very inappropriate comment about their child. Since she has a proclivity to point out everyone’s bad behavior. Just bizarre.

      • i’m glad that terry complimented shannon’s house, tho. it is beautiful and she has some cool extras in it. remember how heather made derogatory remarks after shannon graciously let her see it. that was so rude.

      • I mean yeah, but if I had been to her house and you and I were friends, I’d say some snarky shit to you. And the walls did look like vaginas…. I think Heather just talks to us like we are friends in her TH and doesn’t try to be fancypants.

        On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 9:49 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Kitty Mamma

      I think Terry is just a bitch. I am really starting to agree with TT re: Heather this season. I’m starting to like her more. The only thing that bugs me about Heather is how she gets ultra queasy about dumb stuff. She has many kids. Nothing should be “icky” if she’s been knee deep in poop. And I don’t like her saying “Shamps.” Just a matter of personal opinion.

      • aaron

        Heather probably is a good mom but I doubt she has ever been knee deep in poop. I’m sure her nannies take/took care of that.

    • AMTraveler

      Oh come on, maybe the comment was tasteless (I personally thought it was a bit funny) but there does not appear to be ANY lack of love towards the children in that house. If seeing that one episode some day undoes all of the positive reinforcement of familial love that she experiences in her life, then to hell with her. It was a joke. Terry’s not a comedian for a reason.

      • I agree with you. I think he meant it like those funny posts that say “reasons why kids are little assholes” or something. He just meant it to be funny, but I think he missed the mark. I’m sure he loves his kid.

  2. CocoTalks

    Tamra needs to take a look at herself or she will turn into Brandi Glanville the way she is starting in on Heather

    • Not remotely similar. Heather is annoying. Her need to always be right and to be so fucking judgemental is tedious. They laugh it off but at some point, it would grade on your nerves. Especially if you were dumb like Tamra and always the brunt of the constant corrections.

      • Muchlike me, Heather doesn’t have “the need to always be right” she just is. And her vocabulary is better than everyone else’s. Why should she apologize for being smarter that some ROOOC housewives?

        On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 12:18 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • because smart people wouldn’t have a life if all they did was correct other people. i’m a professional editor, but i don’t criticize others’ grammar/punctuation when i’m off duty. it’s a buzz kill.

    • pdt090

      I would argue that Tamra’s been far below even Brandi for some time now. She’s the worst of all the housewives for me.

  3. cherry

    TT thank you for clarifying ‘cotillion’! I was a denutante senior year of high school and I was thinking “is it different in Cali” lol! Moving on….I still think Brooks is shady and I dont know what he has done to Vic but I want better for her! Anyways I am headed to bed because I have to “save an entire nation” in the AM. Love the site TT ( the reviews are more entertaining than the actual shows for the most part)!!!

    • cherry

      *debutante ( I have had wine)

      • Thanks Cherry. To be honest, the whole thought of a “California Cotillion” makes me shudder. Because, um, it’s a southern thing.

        On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 11:02 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • HannahKingRose

        I’m from the south. We had cotillion prep classes. My sons had to be formally invited to attend these classes which were given biweekly. During the classes they were taught etiquette and ballroom dances. At the end of the classes usually during the Christmas season, a cotillion would be held for all the members of the class. My kids did this from ages 10 to 16. I was very surprised they enjoyed it but they really did. It was suppose to prepare them for the debutante balls as they got older but by then the fun had worn off and they wouldn’t have been caught dead in suits and gloves lol. The kids did call it cotillion because cotillion preparatory class was just too much of a mouthful. Thought the south was probably the only place that did those classes and wasn’t even sure we still did since it’s been 15 years ago we were involved.

      • auroracooper

        Our son went to cotillion here in Southern California (Palm Springs) they were taught basic dance steps and the social graces for their future in society. Did it help. Well our son loves to boogie down with the ladies but can I get him to hold his fork correctly to this day (he’s almost 30) not a chance! Oh well. The Navy seems to be working for him in other ways! lol

      • And you were not the least bit put off by Shannon saying her kids were going “to take cotillion?” I don’t for a second believe anyone in her family had a cotillion your mileage may vary.

        On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 12:17 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  4. guest appearance

    Love Heather. Shannon will be divorced within 2 years. Vicki will be married within 2 years or posting Camille style instagrams by years end.
    Cream of anything soup … non-dairy style:
    4 choices:
    Soy milk
    Almond milk
    Emulsified potatoes with any broth
    Emulsified white beans with any broth

  5. Kate

    Maybe Tamra thought Heather was saying terra dactyl and referring to the Jurassic period instead of tactile. I seriously think she thought the word was dinosaur related.

  6. What is a motor court?
    I’m not sure I know what tactile means.
    Do NOT “poor vikki”. She raised those monsters to be monsters. She allows them to speak to her that way. I’ll tell you what. NO ONE speaks to me like that. Least of all my child. He has been taught to respect people, especially his elders, especially women and most importantly, me.
    Shannon is NOT harmless fun. I know you want to think she’s blonde-Asa. But she’s not. She’s small minded and bitter and crazy on top. She does not like herself, therefore, she hates anyone who likes her. She treats her husband like shit. I think he might be a little retarded. But who tells people what a putz her husband is the first time she meets them? Shannon that’s who. It’s a reflection on her. But whatever. She’s going to be a mess.
    Where is new Lizzie. Why won’t they let us hate her yet?? Doesn’t look like she’s on next week either. That’s weird.

    • Kate

      Is a motor court a kind of driveway? Like the cobblestone kind? TT? Do we drive on one to the cotillion?

      • Honestly, I thought it was a fancy way to say motel.

      • MY GOD YOU PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS! How is it that the chick that lives in the ghetto has to explain cotillions and motor courts to the “rich people.”

        Perhaps you should own more “experiences” than shoes and not be so judgey about me living in the ghetto and trying to travel as often as possible?


        On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 12:13 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • HannahKingRose

        I looked it up and all it is is basically a parking pad for cars in front of your house. Rich people obviously have gardens designed around them to hide it till you need them. It can be made for as many cars as you want as long as you have the space. So Terry’s “motor court” is bigger than everyone else’s. They say men get fancy cars to cover up their lack in certain areas. Wonder if it’s the same with bigger motor courts?

      • Kate

        TT who are you calling an idiot?

      • Tons of people! LOL. Did it land in an odd place? I post from my email and sometimes the comments don’t line up correctly. That said, it likely still applies. :)

        On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 3:03 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • puravidacostarica2

        So I have got to ask: what “lack” are women who buy fancy cars trying to cover up?

      • How did you get in here, ‘rica! And now you are about to tell me about your fancypants car? #keepturningtheknife

        So since I seem to have lost the bet… when do I get to move into the maid’s quarters I Costa Rica?


        On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 9:25 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • lori

        I thought a motor court was a covered pull through/parking area in front of your house, like the ones they have in front of hotels. Guess I was wrong. Whatever it is, it’s sad that they feel the need to brag about these things with each other on camera. They always seem so happy when they’re discussing how much better they are than other people. Not that they’re NOT better/more educated than some of these housewives, but why the need to constantly point that out? I think it’s a bit tacky.

      • um, it is sort of the point of the show. And rich people compare themselves to each other all the time. That is what the RHOOC is SUPPOSED to be based on. THAT is the whole point we were supposed to be watching. Rich people comparing their shit. The problem is that most of them are piss poor broke. Don’t be mad at Heather and Terry for actually having a decent lifestyle.

        On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 12:24 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • puravidacostarica2

        Oh honey “maid’s quarters” is so gauche. And the car question was sincere. If men who buy fancy cars are making up for (I presume) a lack of penis size or bedroom skills, what lack are women who buy their own fancy cars (without a man’s help) making up for? And don’t say a lack of bedroom skills as my husband would beg (BEG!) to differ. LOL

    • Ericzku

      Motor Court = Parking lot in the front of a mansion or otherwise upscale house.

      Also: a term for an inexpensive roadside hotel, a/k/a “tourist cottages”, “motel”. Despite the fact that I like it, I have rarely heard “motor court” used to mean “motel” by anyone younger than my Grandmother’s generation.

      • and yet you had to look up a dated definition and cut and paste it here because you are the only one with access to the Internet.

        On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 12:34 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • HannahKingRose

      teecee totally agree on Vicki not teaching her children to respect her. I know this isn’t p.c., but always told my sons they would never be big enough to talk to me that way even if I had to stand in a chair to slap them. Never had to do it even though my oldest is 6’1″ and I’m 5’2″. Thankfully they believed me.

      • janet

        Same here, my sons are over 6’2″ and I am 5 feet even and just barely 100#, but even in their 30’s they know they piss me off and I WILL kick their ass into the future.

    • jesus @teecee you are a bucket full of stupid tonight.

      I thought you were fancy rich people. A motor court is when you have a circular driveway with some fancy shit in the middle that usually has two lanes do you can park in one and drive in the other. Tactile has to do with touch, as a teacher it means that you need to touch things to learn. An example of a tactile teaching lesson is having kids write the spelling words on a desk in shaving cream.

      Shannon IS FUN. She is not attacking the other shrews. She just belittles her husband. We don’t care about the men.

      The other bitches are supposed to show up in Ep 3…. if you have some insider info that they don’t , it doesn’t mesh with what I know.


      On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 12:04 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Ericzku

        What? I didn’t lookup/copy/paste anything from anywhere. I was simply responding to a question and a comment grom TC. Sheesh.

      • I’m glad we agree on Shannon. She seems like the right kind of crazy.

      • “Perhaps you should own more “experiences” than shoes and not be so judgey about me living in the ghetto and trying to travel as often as possible?”

        Wha??? Who judged you?

        Re: Shannon, let’s meet back here in five episodes and see how it’s going? She’s not going to be nice to the others for long.

      • Sometimes I reply to idiots who are in moderation because it is hard to tell the difference. I get a lot of shit in moderation for “begging for money” and then going on vacation. My living in the ghetto and having a donate button makes some folks angry when I cash in my skymiles once a year on my birthday. which is coming up. You should probably donate. some of YOUR skymiles. lol. I’m not beneath begging for skymiles. I ask NAA all the time and he pretends not to know of what I speak. 😉

        On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 8:58 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Honey, I’m on a plane right now using my Preferred Miles to head to your state. BFF is flying free. And I still have a zillion miles banked. Heading to India in July for monsoon season. That should bump those mikes even more.

      • I don’t get jealous of many things. But I am green with envy over your skymiles! Have fun on your trip! Eat plenty of shrimp and grits.

        On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 10:32 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • We had the funniest conv yesterday at lunch.

        Her: so and so told me to have shrimp and grits at blah blah restaurant.
        Me: you LIKE shrimp and grits?
        Her: I don’t know.
        Me: Do you like grits?
        Her: no
        Me: Don’t order shrimp and grits.

      • OMG it’s like dumb and dumber do Georgia! I’m guessing neither of you has ever had grits in your entire dumb yankee lives! Try a praline at the candy store if that’s not too far out of your comfort zone.

        P.S. I have raging PMS so this response may be a bit much. But it’s probably just because dumb Yankees don’t know how to eat.

        On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 9:15 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I’ve had grits in Camden sc, oak island nc and Atlanta. I do not like grits!!! We had pralines. I love them. I’m always say pecan both ways because I can’t remember which is which. Today has been a blade. Rooftop bar at the …shit I forget the name of the hotel on the river… Walked around forsyth park and saw mercer house. Going to the beach tomorrow! It’s fucking hot!! But loving it. Got a convertible. It’s FILLED with pollen and Spanish moss because we left it open in the street. Heh.

      • Well that sounds fun! If you are lucky you might find some She Crab soup…but that is more prevalent in Charleston.

        On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 5:06 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • “Least of all my child” sounds like you don’t think very highly of him or her.

    • bravocueen

      THIS! Exactly! I adore my kids and to some extent, may spoil them. But let there be no mistake about it, I am the Queen Almighty in my house and nobody better EVER speak that way to me. Not the King, not the prince and princess. Likewise, I never called my children names like Terry did. But he’s a bigger queen than me so maybe he feels entitled (he def feels entitiled). My apologies to queens everywhere.

    • “Why won’t they let us hate her yet??” Ha! Funniest line ever….

  7. syd3

    My father was career military. Cotillion classes were offered on base (for a fee) for a particular age group of students. We learned how to waltz and foxtrot (sometimes we square danced for fun) … and proper dance etiquette. Ballet and table etiquette were separate classes. This was on a marine base in California. Very egalitarian — classes were open to all.

    • But you called it cotillion class, no? You didn’t call the class a cotillion. That’s like saying you’re going to college when you’re going to take the SATs.

    • Well that was prep for a military cotillion which can happen anywhere. But for the most part, cotillions are a southern thing. I’m sure your Yankee/California Liberal thing was lovely though.

      On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 12:10 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • tobaccorhoda

        I, too, suffered through Cotillion classes, mine were on an Air Force Base in San Antonio Texas. All I learned is that 11 year old girls are way taller than 11 year old boys.

        Also, I am so ancient that I remember when motels were called motor courts.

        TT, you really missed the boat by not blogging Southern Charm, plus I would have loved your impressions. It was refreshingly devoid of fist fights. It was an interesting look at a certain class and culture in the south, both funny and kinda dark. Try to catch it in reruns. Pay special attention to Thomas. I have come to lerv him.

      • Starrkitty

        Apparently, in Orange county and parts of Los Angles they are using the term “Cotillion” to describe proper etiquette classes(charm school). At first I thought Shannon was taking her daughter to “Cotillion” as in the dance class in preparations for a debutante ball of some sort. Growing up in Southern California, I was in a few Quinceaneras and we had to learn el Cortll’on..I too was very confused when she started talking about manners, and how she too went to “Cotillion classes”..HUH??..I am not fancy..but even to my middle class income, that didn’t make any sense. I did go online and found in Pasadena there was some woman back in the 30’s named Virgina Gollatz who started teaching finishing classes and through the years the term got twisted side ways . So NOW what Shannon had made made more sense. But the word is just being used incorrectly. Must be a rich Cali thing.Even rich people get it wrong sometimes..

  8. Xanadude

    I actually have heard of the series of classes leading up to the event also called Cotillion, shortened from Cotillion Preparation Classes. Since no linkys allowed, google Cotilltion North Dallas. Maybe its a nouveau riche thing? or regional?

    • When debutantes prepare for their Cotillion there are classes but that is right before and they are late teens at the time not 9.

      On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 12:14 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Libba

        I grew up in northern Virginia and did “Cotillion” in 6th and 7th grades. It consisted of co-ed ballroom dance classes at a local church on Saturday nights with fellow schoolmates,and the girls wore white gloves. The end of the season culminated in a formal dance at the nearby Country Club, and parents came, as well. We didn’t have an etiquette component to ours aside from the dancing aspect, and none of us had any plans to become debutantes (though many of our mothers from more southern cities were).

    • puravidacostarica2

      I was born in Hollywood and moved to Oregon in the third grade. Never got a cotillion prep class. Most Oregonians I know at my age boogied their way to college age. No fancy-pants stuff for us!

  9. Terri

    Shannon really can’t figure out why her husband hasn’t gone away alone with her in 13 years? I can’t say I blame him.

  10. Great recap, TT.
    I tried watching but when Terry smiled he would have the only motor court and Shannon had a coat room, I was done.
    Why wasn’t there a stocked wine bar? Who needs a husband to bring wine home? This couple is going to confuse me. Are they broke?

    • Terri

      I thought the same thing when Shannon’s husband came walking in with the wine. I would have thought they’d have a wine cellar but I guess the coat check area was more important.

    • I wondered the same about the wine. Even ghetto bitches genially have a wine selection…

      On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 1:01 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • auroracooper


      • Starrkitty

        I thought the same thing, besides who needs to go to BevMo,when you can place a call at any of the Southern California wineries and have cases delivered…,With a wine connoisseur if the wine is going to be on about Wine by Wives!!!!!

    • Jesus Christ, Y’all really don’t know what a motor court is?

      I guess think of some fancy movie with a big water fountain in the center of a driveway. A motor court has double lane one for parking and one for picking up people. It’s a large circular driveway.

      • auroracooper

        You got that right! Big whoop! I’ll take my standard driveway! HA!

      • Cammie

        It can also be square with garages on either side, one side or square without attached garages. The circular ones typically have a cover like several pillars extending from the roof over the lane closest to the home. This is so that if it’s raining or snowing you can get in/out of the car to the house without getting wet.

    • JenB

      Maybe he had to go out and buy “Wines by Wives”..LOL

  11. Motor courts I’ve seen out here are enclosed court yards of stone or fencing that fronts the garages. Just for your autos.
    Some of the exterior entries are iron gated or have heavy wooden doors or left open like arches.

  12. auroracooper

    Love your blogs Tamara!

  13. auroracooper

    Us Yankees have Junior League and National Charity League that eventually lead to a society presentation after the girls are done with their contributions to various charities and reach the “proper” age. Usually between 17 and 18. That’s how they do it in our neck of the woods. Shannon is a California girl all the way.

  14. auroracooper

    I mean Shannon is a “kooky” California girl!

  15. surprised nobody else has mentioned this. doesn’t shannon remind anyone of hillary clinton? she looks like a younger, prettier hillary to me. every time i see her i think that and it causes a bit of a disconnect…

  16. Gingersnap

    After reading all the comments I am pretty well educated on motor courts and Cotillion. One thing’s for sure, NeNe never attended Cotillion :)

    Shannon’s daughter is going “to take Cotillion” to learn manners and then tells her father he has no manners. What’s wrong with this picture?! Speaking of manners, Vicki’s BOY, needs to learn some. He sounded like a surly asshole and like he had no home training. Vicki and Michael both look bad in that scene.

    Is it wrong that I wish everyone would leave Vicki alone, and let her fuck Brooks in peace?

    I like Shannon, she’s insane, but I like her…so far. Her husband kinda seems like a dick, but she sounds like a nag, so who knows? I did love the discreet way she tipped that delivery man.

    I think Terry was drunk when he called his kid a bitch. I thought it was funny, but don’t recommend it. I love Terry, even though he is a materialistic jerk at times. I did notice he didn’t get the bigger closet space that he wanted. No onion rings, no bigger closet space for Terry. Heather said so and that’s the end of it. Done!

    • imagrandma2

      TT your site is the go-to blog for “reality” shows. Your sense of humor keeps us all in check. Thank you.

    • aaron

      I don’t understand men like Terry. He is clearly paying for that house himself. He could make the entire second floor his closet if he wanted to. These husbands that are obsessed with making their controlling wives happy always frustrate me. It’s like an episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

      • puravidacostarica2

        Think what the wife might be doing several times a week to keep her husband in bliss… (Yes, some women actually enjoy it; others know how much their husbands enjoy it and how hard it is to find elsewhere). My apologies in advance to the faint hearted.

      • UM, I’ve seen your husband. It’s not a fucking sacrifice. You should be praising your lucky stars. #DAYUM

        On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 9:42 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • puravidacostarica2

        I do. Every. Damn. Day. (But despite his lovely exterior, his soul is the most compelling part about him. ….).

  17. Yes, alas there are “Cotillion Classes”. And people whose kids are enrolled say, “Kristin is at Cotillion today” and get to feel hoity toity. We got a flyer from the middle school – boys and girls go one afternoon weekly to learn which utensils to use when, table settings and dance instruction. Generally, a manners course.

  18. Tamra is so clearly trailer park trash (a Midwest term); she doesn’t appear to be educated or to have an ounce of class, which tells me she slept her way into the O.C.

    • Trailer trash isn’t just a midwest term. I’m pretty sure it’s nationwide.

    • sandra

      “Trailer park trash.” Clearly you and Emma don’t have an ounce of class. That term is so ugly and judgemental. Both of you bitches are idiots. And, no I don’t live in a trailer, but I know some very well mannered, intelligent folks that do. janagoodwin9, That sounds like a good name for a camper trailer. Is that what you live in?

      • puravidacostarica2

        Uhhh, hello? Most people, including me, use the term to refer to a certain type of upbringing (and not to the structure — mobile or not — within which one lives). Maybe a glass of wine would help with that whine?

      • sandra

        Emma said, “trailer parks exist coast to coast, and they all produce trash.” That sounds like people not a “structure.” I still think it’s an ugly term. I’ll have that wine now.

      • sandra

        I’m laughing at myself. I meant to say it sounds like she was judging all people that live in trailers as trash. See, that glass of wine made me see things clearly. LOL!

  19. jrleaguer

    I went to Cotillion. My husband and sons all did too. I do not know about the OC, but here you have to be invited and have sponsors or be a legacy. For girls, it is a pathway to being presented as a Deb. and Junior League. For the guys, it puts them on an approved list for Deb. escorts. Here, it begins in sixth grade and continues through middle school.
    I see Shannon and her husband’s marriage going south real fast (I also feel this way about Kristin on RHNYC).
    I remember when Simon (Bravo) hired someone to teach Tamra etiquette….that worked out well.

  20. tobaccorhoda

    I’m fairly sure Shannon is an oil puller.

  21. I’ve always thought Heather and Terry would be more suited on RHOBH. Vickie is the OG, I miss the original premise “behind the gates of Coto”. Motor courts and cotillions sounds more like “Southern Charm” than Southern California!

  22. Trailer trash have the best bar-b-ques and the coldest beer. I miss the 90’s.

  23. Oh, TT, your Charleston friends were wrong. The city looks BEAUTIFUL on this show and the homes were To. Die. For. As for the people, I for one was glad to see a show where I didn’t feel someone was about to be physically assaulted, and oh joy, no one was speaking that arch fake gay bullshit. No “hunty”, no “Yass” no tea no shade.

    It did show a class of people, and variations within, the wastrel trust fund kid, the dissolute but oh so intriguing ex-con politician, the weaselly mommas boy… I tell you, it was Truman Sapote meets Erskine Caldwell at midnight in the garden of good and evil.

    In short, it was made for your insights. Le sigh

  24. Why didn’t her chef match wines to the menu? It’s a big deal to serve only California wines at dinner out here.

    I was alone in my thoughts about these HW’s until I found this interesting blog. Thanks TT.

  25. Wampascat

    All of my boys went to Cotillion. They all know how to act like fine, upstanding, Southern Gentleman and which fork to use. Can’t get them to take shag lessons, though. South Carolina’s state dance. Pity…

    • OMG FORCE them to learn to shag. I can’t tell you how many SC men I fell in love with when they attempted two left footed me to shag. I still want to learn. I have SUCH a weakness for SC men… the one that got away…….sigh.

      On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 9:23 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • jrleaguer

        @TT~ I agree. Wampasscat should make learning to shag mandatory! I am not great at it, but can do enough to get by. My husband grew up knowing the dance and my guys all learned it too. This Georgia girl learned to appreciate beach music! :)

  26. If teecee’s friend likes polenta, she’ll likely be fine with grits.

  27. ExtraGood

    1. Although there are plenty of homes with “motor courts” I’ve never heard that term used before to describe them. Maybe it’s just a Cali term? 2. Is a “coat check” another Cali term for a coat closet, & if so, why did the HWs carry on about it? Don’t all homes have them? 3. Changing the subject, I loved seeing Charleston on Southern Charm & tobaccorhoDa described the show perfectly. Can anyone tell us why Thomas hasn’t married his baby mama?

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