Nene Leakes on Millionaire Matchmaker

MMatch-S6Okay, I put this off long enough. Let me suffer through this episode. I may need something to get me through an hour of Nene and Patti. As usual, Bravo is off timing. It appears I have some Married to Medicine happening in the front of the show, so the damn DVR will cut off again.

Oh God. I am going to have to listen to Nene say “bri may” ten thousand times, aren’t I? I do have to begin by giving Nene props, I love her hair and her short-sleeved geometric print jacket.

Nene says that Diana is basically a doormat who does way too much for the men in her life. Diana has 13-year-old twins who plans to return to a career in nursing.

Dawn is a business executive who is used to being in charge. Nene says Dawn is bossy. Which is funny coming from Nene. Dawn is pretty, in shape, educated, has a great job, likes to cook and watch sports. Um, what is the problem? She should have men lined up around the block!

Patti and Nene are interviewing potential dudes of the mixer. Despite Dawn hinting that she is open to other races, the guys are all black. To me that seems to really narrow the playing field unnecessarily unless the girls both said they did not date outside their race.

Patti is making the guys strip down, because she is ridiculous. I am not impressed with these men so far. Oh wait, there is a white guy. When they sat down Patti said the guys were “all chocolate.” I guess they threw some white chocolate in there as well. I don’t like him either. I like Demarco, married 18 years divorced because his wife cheated. I have a weakness for engineers but I am not feeling the nervous kidney donating guy. Plus all of these guys live in LA.  Dawn lives in LA but Diana lives in Atlanta. They needed to invite some ATL guys to the mixer. I am not impressed with any of these men.

At the mixer, Patti is irritated that Dawn starts talking sports. I can’t stand Patti. Patti brings in an annoying white guy named Ryan. I just cant with her choices. I like Demarco for Diana.

Dawn picks the token white boy, who is a god awful annoying aging surf bum, and Isaac who seem quite taken with her and works as a TV producer, I think he said for TVOne. I like Isaac. Ryan is a douche. Dawn needs to choose Isaac.

Yay! Diana chose Demarco, and another guy, Dante who I didn’t pay much attention to. Oh is Dante the engineer from before. He is coming off much better now. He looks like someone famous, but I can’t place him. Magic Johnson maybe? Diana is sort of an interrogator. Diana and Demarco are both bowlers. She needs to pick him.

Diana chose the wrong guy. Dawn chose Isaac, they are going on a double date. That is another bad idea. It seems they did that so they could Patti could have an on camera spa date.

Just as I predicted, Diana picked the wrong guy and they are not together. Dawn and Isaac seem like a match made it quirky silly heaven and continue to date.


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  1. Riley

    Hi T…We used to have the same problem with our dvr
    (we have directv) cutting the end off of our shows. When we moved last fall, we automatically got upgraded dvrs. They not only get every last second of the shows and movies..they keep recording a few mins. of the following program as well. Man….it is so frigging nice to see entire shows again. So if you have directv…it’s worth a call.

  2. Kapu

    Hi Tamara! First time poster, but long time reader and admirer. Dante totally looks like Deion Sanders. Total doppelganger.

    • OMG! Thank you! As you may know if you read here often I have terrible facial recognition skills. It’s some sort of a brain defect or something. For example, I shop at a grocery store near my house several times a month and have “favorite” cashiers that know are fast and reliable. I ran into one of them, mind you, this is someone I speak with in passing several times a month, at the farmers market and knew I knew her but I had absolutely no idea where I knew her from. Did we used to work together? Do I know her from the gym? I had no idea and it is very embarrassing. I also have trouble watching movies when someone is in the beginning of the movie and then turns back up later. I’m never sure if it is the person from the earlier scene or another person. It’s very odd.

      So thanks for telling me it was Deion that I was trying to think of. :)

  3. Angel

    I never thought Diana was attractive. She looked pretty last night. Double dating is for tweens. Patti and her boyfriend are as boring as hell. Everytime I see him, I am nearly certain he was on The Bachelorette. This whole show just seemed like more crossover pimping out bravoleberities. At least no fighting and minimal cursing from stinker Stanger.

  4. myinfo

    I was watching this last night and I just realized I did not watch it to the end.
    That is the jacket Nene wore during her HSN clothes line scene.
    I hate the MM and RH cross over shows. The worst was the Manzo boys.
    Thanks for recap

    • Bravogirl24/7

      @myinfo. You are right it’s the same jacket. Marlo is somewhere shaking her head. That’s the deadliest sin to a real fashionista!!

  5. sequoia

    Comparatively speaking, the only person who could make Patty Sanger look less of a loud mouth fraud, is Nene Leaks. Two peas in a sad delusional pod-by-Bravo bitchfest. Thanks for watching, Tamara, so that I didn’t have to…. Not that I would have,. I have to draw the line somewhere.

  6. I really like Isaac and Dawn. Very cute. Diana has serious self-esteem issues. I have a feeling it will be awhile before she fixes her “picker”.

  7. Nene and Patti are Bravo’s most over-exposed, over-rated talents. They both need to look in a mirror and realize they are average looking, middle aged women who need to tone down the attitude…the next 10 years are not going to be kind to your looks, so you should really work on your personalities.

    • Bravogirl24/7

      NeNe’s nose looks funny. I’m wondering when she had time to have a rhinoplasty done, but does look like more than just contouring with makeup.

      • Do you mean another rhinoplasty? Cause you know she had a nose job couple seasons back…when Kim was still on the show. Had it narrowed. I haven’t watched this episode yet. Have it recorded on the DVR, but I dislike her so much. Maybe I’ll have to do like TT and sip some wine or something to get through it.

  8. Bishop336

    Well with Diana she looks like the total package but if you recall she has a PAST! Those twins she had by a wealthy “married” lawyer / or business man and she gets madd child support and almost destroyed his marriage

    • @Bishop I thought about that when she said she was studying to get her nursing license renewed. I wonder if that is preparation for when those HUGE child support checks end in a few years. I hope she socked some of that coin away….

      On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 12:10 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • lilk

      @ bishop, why you put married in quotes. arent willie and gloria still married even now 13 yrs later ?

      tamara willie gary took diana’s *ss to court. she was spending child support money on plastic surgery, clothes, shoes trips. she left the twins with nannies, put her older daughter in boarding school and went on trips.
      willie got the support reduced from28,000 to 5k a month. willie appealed to appellate court. i dont know the result of that. could you find out if you are able. thanks.

      the reason i ask is i want to ask nene ‘close you legs to married men’ leakes how is she friends with diana who had sex with and got prgnant by a married man, willie gary ?

      willie–who is still married to his wife– shouldnt have cheated!
      dirty dog.

  9. Just Me

    Diana, didnt store any of those coins away. I dont know what she did with that money. But at least she has something to fall back on that will sustain her and her kids

  10. kym

    Patti should of had some guys there from ATL for Diana – and she was too “smiley” for that guy.

  11. ShelbyMoore

    Did Patty lose weight or is that just a bad photoshop job?

  12. lilk

    patti sanger herself is not married. why do people got to her?

  13. I was pleased with how Nene behaved with Patti until I realized she was behaving normal. Normal behavior has become something I noticed. Sad.

    Patti and her boyfriend are strange.

  14. MMM is so fake, why anyone watches that crap, only God knows and the fact its been renewed…incredible!! The only rich people I know who need help are those with one foot in the gay closet!!

  15. DeMarco

    Tamara thanks for comments about the show, I’m glad too know somebody thought Diana should’ve picked me ! Lol! Take care ! Peace

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