Nene and Tony Dance the Salsa on DWTS

Fog horn Leg Horn

In case you missed LAST week. It was Foghorn Leghorn week, allegedly.

Great news! I don’t have to watch DWTS tonight for very long. Nene and Tony are safe this week and even better they are dancing first!  This is great because I have like four other blogs I need to be working on!

This week we see that Nene was upset with the package they aired where she acted like an ass and insulted Tony. After the show last week she was bawling because she thought he was mad at her. She really seems to like Tony and wants to make him proud.

Their package this week was back to being cute and fun. They have truly made up. Tony bought her a lovely floral arrangement for making it through the half-way point!

Their salsa routine is danced to Nelly’s, It’s Getting Hot in Here.   It was an interesting dance. I’m not sure it was a salsa, it might have been. There was a lot of bumpy grindy take your shirt off stuff that I don’t associate with a salsa. That said, I cannot dance AT ALL. So what do I know?

The costumes continue to be abysmal. She danced in kitten heels tonight. She was in a long wig with the usual hairline issues. She seemed quite pleased with herself.

Len FINALLY gave her some critique which was basically that she has come this far on personality and entertainment value  but she needs to develop some technique really fast if she plans to stay any longer.

Bruno talked about her upper body rhythm and then gently suggested she attempt to learn some footwork.

Carrie Ann said it was excellent.

RedFoo (are we supposed to know who this “International Party Superstar” is?) said she owned it. He says he is not there for the technical analysis, but that was hot.

I have never in the history of this show seen the judges coddle a contestant this way and give no constructive criticism at all. Upstairs with the STB, Nene stands there and plays with and fondles the fringe of her dress in the area directly over her crotch. It’s very disturbing.

They got all 8s and a 9 from the weirdo guest judge.  I just don’t know what to say about this. It’s very bizarre.


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56 responses to “Nene and Tony Dance the Salsa on DWTS

  1. Tamara

    By the time I turned it on they had already danced and I didn’t know until I saw your link for this post on twitter. :(
    The special guest is Redfoo from the music duo LMFAO.
    When you get a chance YouTube their song ” I’m sexy and I know it” it always makes me laugh because it’s so stupid

  2. O.O

    Well then I will say this: I can’t dance at all either, in fact I have trouble clapping my hands moving my feet and head at the same time but I do know that, that was not the salsA, perhaps a Latin commenter can clarify.
    Maybe the judges were paid off to give her good scores because although (once again ) I can’t dance I do know what good dancing looks like . Humph !

    • O.O

      One more thing . Are they clowning her on the sly? Why in the world would they put her in that yellow get up? It was a hot crispity mess.

      • Blanca

        Yes, they are clowning her. I’m convinced that Ne Ne is both Bravo’s and DWTS’s own “Empress in New Clothes” and at some point in the future she will rue the day that she let herself be made such a fool of, people smiling in her face but laughing behind her back.

      • @O.O. I think they are. They know she brings the ratings. That doesn’t bother me as much as the way they treat Candace. So who went home tonight did anyone watch to the end?

        On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 9:28 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • lori

        I ff’d to the end. Drew went home. It was sad. He cried. Such a nice guy.

  3. Tiffany Reed

    I enoyed the dance. I absolutely love nelly so that won me over. She did about 20 seconds of actual salsa footwork and I was impressed. Hey kitten heels is still heels. She has improved and of course highly entertaining. She put on a good show. Meryl and Max of course made it look wack after their performance.

    • Bravogirl24/7

      @Tiffany. See, that is my point. I think Tony is brilliant in the way he is marketing NeNe. No matter what style of dance is being featured that night on DWTS. Tony incorporates MAINLY, urban or street dance and hip hop with NeNe to disguise the fact that Nene has no technical skill, but has some basic Rhythm. Right now the judges are entertained but I doubt that this can go on much longer. In the end that’s why it’s called DWTS And not dancing with the professionals….. LOL

      • tiffany reed

        I agree Bravogirl24/7. Her technique is weak…she should be getting 6’s across the board.

    • O.O

      @ TT . I didn’t watch the end . I agree With you about candace, I think its disgraceful .The judges behavior is very odd this season .

  4. myinfo

    This use to be my favorite show. I now forget it is on.
    Nene is flat footed and a bad dancer. The judges saying she is doing well is BS.
    I am done, but will read your recaps.
    The show is bad Also because of Erin the worst ever host with a loud chalk board voice.

    • @myinfo OMG that SIB, Erin is HORRIFIC! I HATE HER.

      On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 9:38 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • lori

        What’s SIB?

      • That Stupid Interviewer Bitch! I actually felt bad for Nene for how she treated her when she was crying. It was sort of a moment where I realized I can go in on NENE but this Yankee assed stupid cunt CAN NOT.

        On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 12:29 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • lori

        Stand in bitch?

      • pfffttt

        What is interesting is that Erin is a big Housewives fans, and was excited that Nene was going to be on this season. She’s been on WWHL and said Nene is her favorite HW. I guess witnessed Nene’s stank attitude in person and is no longer a fan. LOL!

  5. lori

    I feel like any time anyone dances to that song it’s a crowd pleaser. I am also glad that they finally gave her some long overdue criticism. Hopefully we have indeed reached the point in the competition where actual dancing technique matters. I was glad they finally gave poor Candace a break!

  6. I vote to evict Erin from the big brother house (wait, wrong show, same idea… Ha!). And Meryl (for obvious professional dance experience reasons… and I’m tired of her overly made up face that she just can’t stop thinking she’s some sort of Disney character..)…

    Sorry… venting. I digress TT…

    Someone please tell NeNe She needs hair help. Not sure, with all her gazillions, she can’t seem to find hair that is normal. Jesus Christa, even on RHOA she looks cheap and ridiculous…. sooooo season 1 Kim!


    • lori

      I with you! That close up of her hairline tonight was gross!

    • O.O

      @bravogirl what exactly does me saying rap song say about me?
      I think what you said says a lot About you And I’ll leave it at that.
      Any person with a brain that works got my point . Which was : if she was doing the salsa , it should if been to Latin music not ” it’s getting hot in here”.
      @TT I really don’t know how you don’t bust a gasket, reading all if these porsha comments .

      • Oh these are the least stupid ones of MANY MANY MANY more. These are the ones that I think have potential to reclaim their senses and be interesting commenters on OTHER topics.

        Yes, my job is tiring. lol.

        On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 11:02 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • lori

        DWTS has always had them dance to unconventional music for their dances, no?

  7. Starrkitty

    She seems..a little…jumpy..maybe its the adrenaline rush after giving it your all…Ummm, the fringe playing on her costume..Yeah..very puzzling..Un-Nene like…

  8. Michelle

    I liked the dance. She has lasted longer than I thought.

  9. Katrina

    Drew went home tonight. They will be doing 2 dances from now on.

  10. Katrina

    I am enjoying the dancing. I never watched this show before. Max had a meltdown this week and Meryl seemed to help him get out of the slump. Meryl dances like a professional. Meryl looks like she wears full makeup during practice. Charlie is so fun and he is more confident again. I enjoy seeing Nene doing something totally different. I like Nene with longer hair. Candace is finally loosening up. Sad to see Drew go, I really liked his style. He was kind of down this week and it affected his confidence and his dance.

  11. Gingersnap

    Any respect I had for DWTS went out the window this season. I’m not sure who those judges are trying to appease, but it sure isn’t me. They can take their phony scores and stick them where the sun don’t shine. bloop.

    • I am not a fan of reality people gone “celebrity” and sold to the public as such. I fail to see any talent whatsoever in NeNe. Her dance routines are club dancing and is insulting to the people who are working in earnest to provide dancing entertainment, as it is being sold, to the consumers. My respect for the judges has been slowly diminishing over the last few shows but I can safely say, now I have none. Keep so called drama in it’s genre. Dancing is work and I admire those that show the results as true accomplishment. I am so disgusted with the show now that I probably won’t watch any more. By the way, this reply is agreeing with your assessment of the entire monkey show. Zeeking

  12. Dietrich

    Great recap …I am glad Len is finally offering some criticism of NeNe’s
    ” dancing” … When Tony has to take off his shirt so often, it is an obvious diversion to cover NeNe’s lack of dance technique . I agree with you that her costumes have been abominable and the “hair” would be better left on the horse !

  13. Belinda

    Speaking of Meryl…..her make up always looks like she is a geisha and makes her horrific nose even more prominent.
    I never realized what a BIG girl Nene is….not fat just huge and thick. The costumes are very unflattering and make her look very awkward. Does she get paid big bucks to do this ?

    • Linda

      “Nene looks awkward”…..she looked like a blown up Big Bird and danced like it also! What a complete disgrace for a show that for many years was so highly rated. Nene’s best dance needs a poll! It’s all about ratings. Look at the people that read and comment on this blog that have no clue about real dancing….people stating that Nene is doing well.

      • I was very complimentary of her first dance. She did much better than I expected. She tried. She was humble. There are always people like that in the beginning of the show. Old people, clumsy people, those people are there to get eliminated early so that the people with an opportunity for improvement can get settled and practice.

        Nene should have left several weeks ago. I think Drew was improving and doing much better than Nene. Still not up to par, but improving. The Australian kid that got sent home was robbed. He is WAY better than Nene and Drew.

        On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 1:28 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  14. kym

    “Hot In Herre”is a rap song by the rapper Nelly. All I notice from NeNe is smile, pout your mouth, run alittle – jazz hands..She does need to add some technique to her routines. I didn’t like that yellow dress, she looked very square. I want more from her now.

  15. X

    Tamara – Bristol Palin was similarly coddled through to the finals.

  16. Angel

    I am beginning to believe the show is marking her high to try to keep Nene. Part of the joke must be to put her in the most ridiculous costumes. They have had heavier women than Nene and dressed them beautifully. I assume Nene gets skimpy outfits because her legs are her best feature, but come on, why never anything flowey in tasteful black illusion or lace? I also expected their very experienced wig and makeup people to do better than what we usually see on her. Wrong again. Her dancing is not that great, but is better than her appearance. Usually, with the poor dancers, they at least look good in their outfits.

    I think they continue to have a bias against Candice. At least she got an extraordinarily beautiful dress.

    The female judge, I forget her name, had unusually god awful hair. It looked braided, then knotted with shiny cat toys, then a long straight blue switch of fake hair added to finish the look. All was placed lopsided on her head so the confused mess was in every camera shot of her.

    DWTS is such a mess this year, I was always a big fan. Now they have f’d it up with new music, or lack thereof, ignorant Erin, catering to lowest form of celebrities, and failing to fix it’s previous main fault, judges with worn out jokes that have past their expiration date.

    • Gingersnap

      The only thing I’m liking about DWTS is feeling like the wardrobe department MUST hate NeNe as much as I do.

      • AliciaN

        HA, the same people who made Kate Gosselin’s costumes for DWTS must be making Nene’s. Totally unflattering – almost bordering on insulting. lol

    • O.O

      @ Angel . Ahhhh now I get it .

      • Oh, Lord. This is making me laugh so hard. Just think back on the awful outfits. You can almost tell the “stars” they like by the hair, makeup and big bird outfits. Okay, now bring it on. The only bad thing is she really thinks everyone loves her and we will be hearing about her dancing queen stats forever. Gag.

      • lori

        Yep, and Gregg just keeps on drinking the kool aid. I don’t know which is worse… how great Nene thinks she is, or how great Gregg thinks he is for being married to her. Whose delusion is greater, his or hers? When he makes comments like “Do you know who my wife is? Miss Nene Leakes!”, it makes me feel terribly embarrassed for him.

  17. Linda

    It’s great to watch the dancers improve each week and to see their self confidence grow. But to see NN come out of the gate a little nervous and then to jump and explode with her “delusions of grandeur ” is a call for psychiatric help.
    Then to see her on the reunion show act like she’s too good and way more important to sit through that crap…….she’s gross!
    And why can’t they spray paint her wigs the same color?
    She needs to do a wig line or either do “bald and bad”!
    I can’t seem to shut up here!

  18. Dr. D

    Well I’m starting to question Tony’s “technique” now because he has yet to do the twirls and lifts that the other couples are doing…

    • You really expect Tony to lift Nene?

      On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 3:13 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Dr. D

        No ma’am^_^

      • Valerie

        A lift could end in disaster for Nene. Remember when Maks lifted Kirsty Ally and fell? Even though the judges didn’t mark Kirsty off because they said it was Maks’s error not Kirsty’s, Kirsty got up and was gracefulI after the fall, Nene, well… I don’t see her being graceful after a lift gone wrong with poor Tony. She would probably stay on the ground, kicking her feet, yelling, “I have embarrassed myself!”

        I loved watching Maks and Meryl. Their banter was foreplay and their Tango was sex on a stick hot. It was better than porn. Excuse me while I get a cold glass of water to throw in my face.

      • lori

        I can’t even put into words how much I would love seeing him lift her. The image of him holding her over his head, with her holding her arms out like an airplane has me cracking up over here.

  19. A

    Why is she still there?????

  20. tlrich33

    New viewer here. I enjoy your blog been lurking all day. In regards to Nene…I’m not here for her. I dislike how she is being coddled on this program. She should have been kicked off. Do you think there is a fix? I went on DWTS facebook and the commenters there are wondering the same as I. We all want to know why Nene is still on there. I get the general feeling that John Q. Public is not here for her either.

  21. WhitD

    Nene wanna be exotic so badly lol!

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