WWHL With Phaedra Parks:Drunky Boots!

wwhl Phaedra and qUAD

Phaedra is on with one of the chicks from Married to Medicine. I don’t watch that show as I am done with shows about Atlanta where all the women do is hate on each other like self-absorbed assholes. I know that on M2M they brawl a lot because Porsha Stans have pointed that out to me as a weird defense for Porsha’s behavior tonight. If that is true I can’t imagine anyone wanting to trust their health to any of the brawling mediawhores, but to each their own.

Cardboard Kenya is the bartender tonight and the drinking word is Nene Leakes says, “so nasty and so rude.” Both guests are drunk. Maybe Phaedra will actually say something real.

Andy asks the Quad chick about Porsha’s ginormous fake titties that she debuted tonight before they even had time to settle into the right place.  OMG this girl is bizarre. Someone name is actually Quad?andy cohen

Andy plays a collection of Phaedra slamming Kenya before the little retard sprung.  Is that shade or provoking Kenya into a situation where she is justified in dragging Phaedra by the weave?

Andy plays a clip from part two where Mama Joyce brags about having a paid off house and money in the bank and every kind of diamond that you can think of, while Kandi looks embarrassed.

Andy asks Phaedra if she was shocked, Phaedra says, ” Well, truth be told, me an Porsha had talked about this a lot before the reunion (since when are Porsha and Phaedra phone friends?)  we both knew that we were in very fragile states ( you have to hear her say that, she is totally trying to spin a story and is in full on fake Phaedra mode)  I had already warned her that this year I was not pregnant because last year Kenya had threatened to snatch me up and I guess you know beat me while I was 8 1/2 months pregnant, but she’s not violent now. ” OMG Phaedra is SOFA KING drunk and so is the other one.  “But this year I knew that I would not be able to tolerate all of the foolery and you know and I just told her to be calm and making sure you maintain the proper decorum.”

Oh this is so very interesting to me because more than one RHOA source of mine said that Nene and Phaedra suckered dumbass Porsha into getting physical. Watching Phaedra straight up lie is interesting, I wonder how Phaedra and Nene presented it to Porsha.  I am thinking it went something like this, “Now whatever you do Porsha, don’t get violent with Kenya because even if it will get you a huge raise for next season, and Lord knows you need the money, you are too good to sell yourself out for the hundreds of thousands of dollars that could bring you. ”

This Quad person is delusional. Is she a born female? Not that there is anything wrong with having a gender change, but her makeup and appearance sing to me as someone who got their vagina at age 50.  Um, no shade. Just asking.

Phaedra says she has not filed for divorce she is still very married. She flashes her ring and says , “Check out the bling!” Which is a totally appropriate reaction for a wife whose husband is accused of stealing other people’s identities, retirement checks and so forth. Look at what my felon husband with the IQ of a turnip put on my finger from his felonious acts! Phaedra says she will support him “until this is resolved.”

A caller asks Phaedra if she would ever want to mend her relationship with Nene. Phaedra says they have gotten closer this year (Close enough to come together to set the little moron chick up for the fall) . Phaedra says Nene is funny and she likes her.

On part two of the reunion, they say Nene and Cynthia get into it.

The game was a read off. They are both wasted and this is ridiculous.

This whole show was ridiculous..


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66 responses to “WWHL With Phaedra Parks:Drunky Boots!

  1. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    I was so over the fact that Phaedra and Quad kept overly using the gay lingo. “Yess” and “Hunty” and “Gawds” and her face was “beat”. Even Andy tried to get into it all of that, and he doesn’t talk like that when Jeff Lewis is on. They were a bit much for me. I can’t believe all these women are just condoning what Porsha did. I totally believe you TT when you say Pheadra and Nene got Porsha all riled up before the reunion. If not, why was Nene’s hoof covering up Porsha’s mouth like that after she was playing victim, something she claimed Kenya did earlier, on the floor?

    • Snookums Lynn

      Crazy Quad and her ex friend Mariah always talk like that. I’m not so sure of that lingo’s appeal. I mean how do u turn that on and off? My dude would look at me so stupid if I started talking like that, I mean he’d probably blank stare me in many conversations. Shit when I get into good conversation I stay yelling Gurl… My dude hates it! I can’t with the hunty and whatnot

  2. WhitD

    I was wondering if quad knew Kenya the way she attacked her on wwhl. And phaedra is angry and bitter at Kenya but turns into putty when Apollo, HER sorry husband, is mentioned! #shadyboots is right!

    • lilk

      @whitD : phae said many time she has called out Apollo but she does it in their bedroom and bravo didnt film it.

      • Bravogirl24/7

        There is a lot about Phadrea and Appollo that Bravo did not film —mail fraud, bank fraud, adultery, auto theft and pheadra said she embalmed over a thousand bodies and bravo didn’t film not one!!

      • WhitD

        Her faux marriage is laughable! She thinks people really believe they are in love. Almost every non cast husband that’s been on the show or mentioned when she’s around, she’s “dated.” Dated means she slept with powerful mean with connections to get further in life. Bc her lawyering skills def wasn’t enough!

      • One can also get far in law school, particularly at UGA by sleeping with the right people. Allegedly. So I hear. Just saying.

        On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 8:55 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Jarlath

      What does shady boots mean?

      • It means that grown women are talking like 12 yr olds. It started on WWHL when Andy had someone on from a play called “kinky boots” and they changed it to “shady boots” meaning someone is being shady, or throwing shade on someone, aka insulting someone often in an indirect way.

        On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 8:15 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  3. Cassie

    Is Phaedra delusional. She actually thinks Nene is closer to her and they bonded. What a dummy. It proves that she wants to be up Nene ass. Does she not remember that even this season she says I don’t know Phaedra. She and Chuck set her up for him to degrade her in the car. Mind you after she helped his butt out at the boys and girls club first. Put it out there in the world implied that she was a whore or “Head Doctor”. Phaedra just can’t get on anyone but Kenya. I am sure if you get a head count Kenya’s numbers are no higher than Phaedra I am sure they both need more than the fingers and toes to count their affairs. All Phaedra does is put on airs like she is more than she is. I just can’t anymore with her.

    • lilk

      @ cassie she said they are close than in the past.
      that to me doesnt mean she wants to be up nene’s ass.

      • Cassie

        Iilk don’t want to start anything but do you actually watch the show. If Nene threw all those jabs at you, just think back would you actually say that you bounded with her. The only reason she is not on Phaedra now is because she has devoted her evil towards Kenya and Cynthia. Just think back to all the reunions did Phaedra ever really go hard on Nene. They all seem to walk on eggshells only go so far then back down. But, Nene she will twist that knife. It as if she is paying their salaries. That is why I say she is up her butt. Now don’t get me wrong, I think they all are playing a character and I don’t dislike any of them. I only have a problem when it gets dark and dirty.

      • Nah, Nene said she never knew Phaedra like that. She’s older than Phaedra and they knew of each other but never hung out. Nene used to call her fakedra. Phaedra also contacted Nene’s step sisters and probably tried to have them spill tea on her on the show. Phaedra is certainly acting all close when Nene could give two shxts about her.

    • glimmer88

      I cannot stand Phaedra’s fake ass either. She tries to act like she is the epitome of a southern belle with some of the things she says–but all of it is fake, to me anyway. Her acting like she cares so much about the families who come to bury their loved ones is disturbing to me–all she cares about is what ridiculous over the top extra unneeded BS she can get them to agree to and make $$ off of.

  4. Michelle

    I thought the show was funny. Can’t believe people actually believe that Nene and a Phaedra wanted Porsha to get physical with Kenya. You can tell from her reaction that’s not the case. But I guess if you’re on the Kenya train you believe that story.

    • Bravogirl24/7

      Michelle, why did NeNe put her hand over Porsha’s mouth while she was lying on the floor screaming out her confessional?

    • BananaBug

      Remember . . . . Nene is a “great” actor.

    • JenB

      Michelle, Nene did not look upset or shocked during the fight. Phaedra looked bored. I had it on my dvr and played it on forward pause. Both of them were expecting this and were not concerned at all.
      Then Nene clamps her hand over Porsha’s mouth several times when P is trying to talk. Why would she do that to P? Nene has made it clear in interviews that she is not concerned about helping Porsha.

  5. pfffttt

    Quad and Phaedra know each other. Phaedra use to date Quad’s husband.

    • Snookums Lynn

      Well if he married that idiot Quad, Phaedra could have been a doctors wife. How do I not have a husband and these idiots are freaking married to doctors? My crazy is too well hidden, ima start letting that bitch out!

      • Teerii

        Phaedra and Quad looked, sound and acted out like two people on meth.
        They sound nothing like educated women, just two clowns. It was embarrassing watching them. And Phaedra just drips of vileness and stink. Phaedra is a real dark personality. Apollo has associated with Phaedra since he was 17 years old and she was 24. Look at where hooking up with Phaedra landed him, AGAIN.
        Did you hear her tonight distancing herself from his charges saying she had nothing to do with any of it and is going to watch from afar?

      • realityjunkie

        Lol! It really is bizarre when.looking at these women. Where did their husbands find them and what wool did they place over their eyes!

    • It’s beginning to sound as though Phaedra slept with, er I mean dated, almost every man within a 100 mile radius of Atlanta at one time or another. And she has the audacity to call Kenya Moore, a whore.

      • glimmer88

        Thank you ! That bothers me, when there has been no evidence of Kenya being a whore on the show, and numerous references to Phaedra the head doctor being one. Maybe that’s why Phaedra says it. Definitely not a Phaedra fan and i love it when Kenya makes fun of her. Kenya can think of some funny put downs. Like “I’d like Porsha to spell “scepter”….. we will wait……… ” that was funny !!!

      • JenB

        Amen. I almost choked on my water when Phaedra said she dated Quad’s hubby before he met Quad. LOL I guess being a psychiatrist doesn’t make as much money as Apollo.

      • Marilyn

        I know, everybody was on Chuck when he made that statement but It looks like Phaedra has been on a few teams.

  6. Thanks for the recap of the crap show given by WWHL.
    It was a hot mess. The better guest was the card board cut out of Kenya. To much Phaedra to much Quad. Does Phaedra have a real personality she can present us? Guess not because tonight she cloned herself into another Quad, just yuck.
    Andy isn’t buying her bs. And where was our poll tonight? Thumbs down. Andy give Phaedra a one on one so she can be caught in her lies.
    TT once again you bring the real behind the deceptions Phaedra tries to give us.

  7. pfffttt

    Also the clip of Mama Joyce… haha! What a hoot she is! I cannot help but like her!

  8. All I know is Phaedra kept calling Mariah from M2M a ‘whore’. Phaedra loves calling women whores, says the woman Chunk describes as usually playing on a team anyhow.

    Quad is usually funny on M2M but of course she was trying to defend Phaedra to the wall since they are both friends.

    • Teerii

      Phaedra”s whole orientation is sex based and motivated. Known as the head doctor in high school, uses sexual innuendos at every turn, hires an outrageously nasty stripper at Kandi’s birthday party who had people running for the door. And she planned another stripper show for Kandi’s bridal party. And to top it all off, Apollo lest everyone know that having a sex partner outside of marriage was okay as long as you use protection.

      It looks like Phaedra and Apollo model whore and slut more than anyone on the show.

      • SoCalCPA

        I agree. Phaedra thought it would be funny invite a long dong stripper to Kandi’s party, but that’s the kind of “down souf” dirtbag she is. Her clients are bottom-of-the-barrel type of people, and her friends seem to be sloppy too. I like Kandi, but it’s no wonder she and Phaedra hit it off so well — they are cut from the same sexual cloth. There’s nothing upper-echelon about this woman other than her house, car, and purse.

      • Teerrii you are spot on. Then she wonders why she has such an hypersexual husband now that never respects marriage and always has the wandering eye elsewhere.

      • Sona

        Yes. I also suspect that Phaedra is very much into women (and that homey Kandi sometimes goes that way as well). Throughout Phaedra’s appearance on RHOA she has constantly made lecherous remarks about other women’s bodies, and I think there’s more to it than a mere appreciation of the female form. I think she married Apollo mainly for his DNA. I suspect that Phaedra isn’t really bothered by reports/rumors of Apollo’s philandering because they have an agreement regarding other women (for both of them!). I think what she doesn’t like is him not being discreet and especially not pursuing a cast-mate (Kenya). I obviously don’t know these people, but that’s the impression they’ve made on me.

      • I’d say that impression is right on the money!

        On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 8:35 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • @Sona, Yeah, I’ve observed the same sly (Phaedra does sly very well) comments she’s made about women too. And how she acted at the strip club. Remember when they all went to the strip club and Nene commented she thought Phaedra was more into women than men! I remember that. That’s why I say Phaedra is the freak! Apollo’s DNA? Thank goodness dumb is a recessive gene.

    • Oh My Goodness, I just had a thought. Phaedra is more likely to want Kenya as much as Apollo! What a hypocrite!

  9. Reading Beads

    We can just skip this mess, that Quad woman has been on the crazy train from day one. If the M2M women represent medical care in ATL, better run to any small town hospital for real medical care.

    • pfffttt

      Dr. Jackie seems like a very classy lady.

    • lilk

      the drs dr jackie and dr simone act proper. they are both obgyn. the rest –quad, mariah, toya– are married to drs. even toya doesnt act crazy like mariah and quad, but she did get in a fight last season with mariah.

      this season 2 new ladies ; 1 is dentist dr heavenly. other is a wife lisa nicole.

    • joker

      Quads ghetto ass with her multiple convictions of petty crime is only married to a doctor because no self respecting black woman would marry him. He’s a cross between creepy Erkel and Quasimodo. I can’t stand hearing him talk or looking at him. Just all around creepy.

  10. Blackbyrd

    Atlanta is small…Phaedra dated a LOT of men – Quad’s husband too.
    Clearly Phaedra’s go-to insult for everything Kenya is “whore. For someone who has so CLEARLY been the friend with benefits you don’t marry around Atlanta, she might want to keep that “whore” down a bit.

  11. Bravogirl24/7

    WWHL tonight appeared to be a contest on who could exhibit the least CLASS,GRACE and SOPHISTICATION!!

  12. Urethra Franklin

    Phaedra takes phoniness to sociopathic levels. A bible toting sex peddling southern belle lawyer turned mortician living the thug life. Who the fuck is the real Phaedra Parks?

  13. Juclips

    Wow, Did Phaedra really did just say that she was “Totally against molly whopping and MONKEY STOMPING”…. as Quad giggled in the back ground? WOW! Just when one would think these ladies have reached the bottom to behavior they reveal to us all that they have more bad behavior to share. And for what? So they can wear LOANED gowns, RENT larger homes (most not all), amass followers on Twitter? Or is it that they truly just don’t know better and have the mentality on prepubescent mean girls entering middle school?
    I stopped watching the show several seasons ago but tonight couldn’t sleep and the WWL rerun was on and thought why not? It only took the first few moments for me to recall why not. These ladies are truly ………. words really escape me…really.

  14. MicroOp

    Anyone can get snag a convicted felon straight out of jail. For most of us, being single is much more desirable.

  15. Jennifer

    Why does a sociopath such as Parks remain on the Housewives? Lies, lies and more lies. Andy Cohen, the pimp, loves it. What happened that Quad person’s hair line? And who did her makeup?

  16. Dietrich

    Brilliant recap as per usual !

  17. Blanca

    Okay I admit it Quad is over the top and her eye shadow contrasted so starkly with her lipstick that even I wondered if she’d recently left home to become a clown, but I like her so far. She is sometimes rather funny unlike the vile, Mariah Huq. It is sad no one close to her recommended she remove that lipstick.

    Mariah, is M2Ms, resident Nay Nay ever full of pride and with a shockingly low level of self awareness.

  18. missyrocks5

    Thought the same. Phaedra confirmed all the reunion antics are planned. And porsha was wrong but she absolutely was provoked no doubt that her job was on the line & someone’s gotta pay for that ridiculously ginormous house she clearly rented. And like others noted, nene was covering porsha’s mouth to keep her from revealing how they told her to act up for the reunion. I still like porsha on the show. Hope she isn’t fired for real.

  19. Born 2B Lucky

    Phake-Phake is delusional and That Southern Belle act is BEYOND old. She keeps calling Kenya a ‘whore,’but Karma is a Bish. I hope the FBI and the US Attorney get her or her husband turn on her in a plea deal. This woman needs to be fully expose for all her lies… …OH! I forgot she’s untouchable cause she’s a lawyer (eye roll)!

  20. Dracla Dunning

    I fly in and out of Atlanta and pray I never have a medical emergency since I doubt I would be able to communicate with the treating physicians as I speak neither Ebonics or RuPaul Drag. What self-respecting southern belle wants to be referred to as a cross between a cunt and a honey as a term of endearment? Phaedra is rotten to the core. With the lying that comes so easily to her, she will not have to worry about purchasing hair for her weaves. Phaedra can harvest it from her tongue. There seemed to be something more than alcohol affecting her. She looked off…chemically.

    • Kitty Mamma

      @ DD: Wait, “hunty” is a portmanteau of the words “honey” and “cunt”? And this is supposed to be cute? Sigh…

      • Why yes it is. It’s gay man slang much like tea and shade that has been OVERLY adopted by middle aged women attempting to sound relevant.

        I sort of regret adopting No Tea No Shade for this blog’s tagline at this point. It’s become so two years ago….

        On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 9:00 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Self-medicating. Now I see why her eyes are starting to close up. Trying to cope. That’s how she staying cool, calm and collected in the face of this legal shitstorm. Wonder who’s prescribing her meds. She’s just way too calm. Must take a lot energy to have to maintain so many fake faces. And it’s starting to show.

  21. I heart Andy’s dog. #WhyIWatchWWHL LMAO!

  22. kym

    They had a fight on “Medicine Wives” in ball gowns last season. Mariah and another woman and they are back for this season. And they all talk about “shady boots” or some version of it..

  23. JenB

    In the drinking game, the word of the night should have been whore since Phaedra said it so many times. Ugh… so disgusting.

  24. Mari Anne Souza

    These two looked/acted like a very bad comedy team. I hate them on their respective shows. I can’t stand the way Phaedra speaks, it’s so deliberate and affected.

  25. Riley

    Isn’t this Friday, April the 25 th, Apollo’s latest court date?

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