Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Recap: Porsha Goes Psycho!

Kenya Porsha Cynthia

It’s time to watch what will likely be the most watched episode of any Real Housewives franchise ever. It’s part one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion where Porsha is about to lose her mind in a very short period of time.

Wow! Before we even get started Nene Leakes has her stank attitude going on. And Porsha and Kenya have some stank face happening too. The word is that there was some conspiring amongst the ladies to get Porsha to go after Kenya and it sure does look like something happened before the cameras began rolling.

Andy compliments Kenya on her dress and inquires about her scepter. Kenya explains it is something Queens carry. She is already grinning at Andy and asks if he would like to be knighted. Andy agrees to let Kenya “knight” him. This already has Phaedra rolling her eyes and pulling faces. Andy acknowledges Porsha’s ginormous fake titties. RHOA Kenya Porsha Cynthia

The very first thing Andy asks about is Phaedra husband’s impending stay in the pokey. Phaedra says “that’s actually a complaint, not an indictment. We’re doing fine, thank you for asking.”  Phaedra says she was not involved in any of it.  You can just see Kenya thinking “bullshit” to herself.

Nene is so salty! I am telling you these ladies all started off pissed. The only one that seems happy in bride to be Kandi!  Even during warm up talk about twerking and funny things, stank faces continue. Porsha is eye rolling and neck rolling every time Porsha speaks. Phaedra is too. Did they force all of these women to eat bowl of dog shit before coming on? I have never seen then this amount of attitude from the first introductions.

Nene continues to throw shade on Kandi’s play. Nene talks about all the jobs she has to turn down.

Cynthia says she doesn’t know Todd well enough to know if he is an opportunist.

Nene gets snipping with Kandi and vice versa over weight issues. Really? Six grown women are going to sit on national TV and talk about each other’s weight and fat asses? It’s come to this?


Gif Credit: RealityTVGifs

A viewer points out the hypocrisy of Phaedra calling Kenya a whore all the time while proclaiming to be some sort of upstanding Christian. Porsha grins like a hyena. I am starting to think Porsha may be on something. Maybe painkillers from the boob job?

Phaedra seems to truly believe she is a funeral director rather than someone who completed mortuary school.  Phaedra is really going in on Kenya. Mocking her infertility saying that she is no one’s mother, calling her a whore, threatening to wrap the scepter around her throat.  She’s being very provocative towards Kenya. I seriously doubt if Kenya had jumped up and put the beat down on Phaedra that everyone would be saying Phaedra deserved it.

Now we move on to Kenya’s boyfriend. He lives in Nigeria, she visits him often (she’s tweeted her boarding pass to Lagos on numerous occasions Nene has met him. I don’t know why this is such an issue.

Porsha continues to interrupt Kenya. Kenya is not provoking Porsha, Porsha is provoking Kenya. Porsha is talking some bullshit about Kenya trying to pay D’Banj  15K to come on the housewives. First of all, Kenya and D’Banj are good friends. She has done many promotions with him both in Nigeria and the US. I blogged about them long ago, you can run a search on D’Banj and find out the real story. When it came out that her boyfriend was Nigerian there was a lot of talk about Kenya and D’Banj becoming more than friends. It has since been determined that her boyfriend is not D’Banj but someone they both know. Porsha is an ignorant fool that believes stories she reads on MediaTakeOut.  OMG now Porsha has a friend who talks on the phone with D’Banj’s mother. Well, I can confirm that D’Banj’s mother is always up in his business, but I seriously doubt Porsha has friends in Nigeria. Or anywhere for that matter.

Andy says he feels bad for Kenya’s scepter just laying there on the floor. Porsha begins making her threats saying to Andy, “Don’t feel bad for it, if it comes back on this stage it is going up her ass. Right between those balloons, baby. Don’t point no daggone scepter at me!” Well, clearly Porsha and Phaedra worship the Lord together at the First Church of Cunty Hypocrites.

Kenya gets on the bullhorn and says, “I would like Porsha to spell ‘scepter'”  I die. Everyone laughs, even stank face Nene. Porsha comes back with, “your breath smells like a septic tank bitch!”  That ladies and gentlemen is the problem with Porsha, she is just too damn stupid for verbal sparring so she gets angry and resorts to violent attacks. Porsha is extremely heated in this segment where everyone with any sense is letting Andy and Kenya talk about Kenya’s relationship. This whole African Prince thing got Porsha so upset that she made up one of her own and tweeted fake pictures of the gifts he gave her and leaked a story to TMZ naming some terrorist dictator’s son as her sugar daddy. EVEN THE TERRORIST DICTATOR disassociated himself from Porsha releasing a statement saying he has no idea who she is!

Now Nene is denying having met Kenya’s boyfriend when they were in LA. But then she tells the story of Kenya’s boyfriend approaching her and telling her Kenya was across the street. Only she could not understand him. Then Kenya called her to ask why she walked away from her boyfriend. Kenya says that what Nene is saying was true but she was very rude to her man like she is with her fans. She just blew him off. Kenya says he said she was so nasty and so rude he told her not to bring him around people like that. Nene keeps repeating “so nasty and so rude” for some inexplicable reason.

There is a discussion about karma and how it seems to be biting Phaedra and Porsha in the ass this year. Porsha goes on a long diatribe about how Kenya laughs at everyone and then plays the victim. I think Porsha wrote that down while watching the RHOBH reunion hoping to work it in later. But while it fit Brandi Glanville, it doesn’t work for Kenya. Porsha is just super butt hurt over Kenya having a boyfriend when she doesn’t have a man. The shoe is on the other foot for Porsha this season.

Kenya says, (while Porsha continues to talk over her) “It is ridiculous that she is sitting here as a single woman because her man put her out on the street.”  That is the first mean thing Kenya has said after a dozen or more mean comments to her.  Porsha says something about no one claiming Kenya. Kenya responds with new information claiming that Porsha cheated on Kordell. AHA! That is why she didn’t want to go to court. She didn’t want that tidbit to come out but  as Camille Grammar would say, “Now we said it!!” THIS is what sets Porsha off, Kenya revealing that she cheated on Kordell.

Porsha calls Kenya a slut from the 90s and Kenya picks up the bullhorn and says, “You are a dumb ho shut up.” Porsha smacks Cynthia in an attempt to get to the bullhorn. When that doesn’t work she stands up and runs up on Kenya. Kenya says if you want to hit me, hit me and get fired. Porsha grabs Kenya by the hair and starts dragging her across the room. A security guy is trying to pull Porsha off Kenya but that RETARD STRENGTH has kicked in. When they finally pull her off Kenya it takes four or five people to hold her down. Porsha starts screaming “I’ve been through so much! ” over and over. Nene Leakes is the ONLY housewife who goes to comfort Porsha trying to talk her down.

Kenya walks off the set with Miss Lawrence saying “I’m not about to get hit on national TV, I’m done.”

Now Phaedra is over there trying to assist with Porsha. Nene keeps putting her hand over Porsha’s mouth so she can’t scream out something like, “I should have never listened to you too! Now I am going to be fired! ”  When Nene removes her hand she screams “I can’t believe I did that! I have embarrassed myself!”  Am I the only one that thinks of that scene in the Wizard of Oz when the wicked witch dies when Porsha starts kicking her feet?

Some guy on the production team has to carry the psychotic Porsha off the set. She tells him, ” I can’t believe that ratchet hoe made me go there.” Well, that is very Christian and remorseful. This little dude apparently just likes carrying Porsha around here and there. Nene and Phaedra and Kandi comfort Porsha by saying that Kenya is a hater. Phaedra suggests that Kenya is gonna get her teeth knocked out.

Andy goes to Kenya and says, “I am really sorry that happened. I really wish that I had gotten her away from you quicker, but I absolutely did not think that would happen.”

Andy goes in to see Porsha who is getting her makeup done like she thinks she still has a job.  Andy asks he what happened. Porsha says, “I honestly …like I don’t know if I was ready for this. I feel like it’s just been so much happening so fast.”  She didn’t like her saying stuff about Kordell, and then “the blowhorn” (OMG I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING AT HOW STUPID SHE IS!)



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423 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Recap: Porsha Goes Psycho!

  1. Kat

    Bows to Blog Queen TT before commenting…… I still don’t see how she was provoked to the level of getting violent. Porsha snapped when Kenya called her a dumb hoe. Now how many times have Phae called Kenya a whore? Did she raise her hand at Phae? How many times have they thrown shade at each other and kept it nonviolent? Porsha is a child and she can’t control herself. DID YOU SEE THE KICKING AND SCREAMING TANTRUM?

    • Blackbyrd

      Porsha had to resort to violence because she had nothing else. Even the bullhorn was only used a couple of times. Kenya was not speaking with the bullhorn the entire time and we could hear what Porsha was saying. I don’t know why everyone is mad at Kenya. It has to be something off set because I did not hear Kenya say anything more offensive than what the other women were saying.

      • KReality

        You are so right. They put each other down all the time and don’t fight over it so I’m not sure why Porsha snapped. Phaedra said she talked with her about this before the reunion but as much as phaedra talk about hitting Kenya I seriously doubt she gave Porsha good advice

    • Teerii

      I so agree. These girls, especially NeNe, Phaedra, and Porsha had it out for Kenya. But NeNe took the cake. Why did she bother to show up at all? I mean she sat there like she was so bored with everyone. I have never seen such pretentious behavior from someone who consistently exhibits low class behaviour.

      • i agree. This is the most boring Nene has been at reunion. Which could surely explain why she got that special WWHL last week, to make up for this reunion.

      • Marilyn

        I don’t think I have ever seen a reunion show that nene wasn’t stank face. She always act like she’d rather be anywhere else. Don’t they get paid for being there – geesh.

      • Marie

        Porsha needs to be fired! Everyone on this show gets their share of name calling, especially Kenya. However, Kenya doesn’t need any cheerleaders she holds her own. They should not condone violence on this show, it is disgraceful. Porsha talked just as much trash as anyone, the only difference is she couldn’t take it. Boohoo, she plays the victim well though. I’m happy she got arrested, maybe it will teach her a lesson.

        On another subject: Nene needs to take the stick out of her a**, I bored with her. The $ and fame has clearly gotten to her head.

      • equinox2009

        Can you stand “that face” NENE had from the first minutes of the reunion! She thinks she is so above the others. I would no be surprised if NENE and Phakedra put Porsha up to trying to bring Kenya down The only one with any class is Cynthia. She’s a lady. All of the ho talk from Porsha and Phakedra made me sick. I’m all done with RHOA!

      • Pretty much everyone except for Kandi looked highly pissed and irritated from the beginning. Clearly SOMETHING happened before taping even began.

        On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 12:59 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • They talk about Kenya needing meds. I think Porsha Williams needs them, talking about she blacked out. You are right what was said did not rise to the level of her pulling Kenya’s hair and trying to fight her, and then she’s on the floor talking about the year she’s had. I personally think she is a violent thug. When they played back their caribbean trip, she got in Kenya’s face the same way she did at the reunion with the same aggressive manner….what was her excuse then. #ratchetho

  2. Anna

    Everyone has a limit as to what they can take. Violence is a no-no but so should scepters and bullhorns be a no-no.

    • God you are a moron. Please find a new place to post. Thanks!

      On Sun, Apr 20, 2014 at 9:52 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Bravogirl24/7

        You you are compelled to violence on the slightest insult, I suggest strongly that you stay in the house.

      • lilk

        @ TT : do you think kenya sayong that porsha cheated on kordell is what set off porsha ?
        why is anna a moron?.props shouldnt be allowed.

      • Tamara, this made me laugh so hard, I woke up my deaf Granny! Happy Easter! HAHAHAHAAAA!

      • Reading Beads

        Thank you TT. Mostly for identifying the comment as moronic. Sending her off to another place to post was more than I hoped for.

      • LittleP

        Co-signed! Props & paperwork have been brought to every reunion! Kenya & Andy weren’t even talking about stupid Porsha, why did she keep cutting in & get so riled up? When was she provoked? If anything, she was provoking Kenya AND Andy by constantly interrupting them – no one cares what you have to say Porsha! Shuddaup!

      • ShelbyMoore

        Bwahahahaaha….I swear TT, you have me in tears. Gurl, youz funny!!

      • Mrscallahan

        TT, You are HILARIOUS! I agree with your reunion rundown completely. What is wrong with all of these Kenya Haters? I can’t figure out what she is doing that is so much worse than what the rest of them do?? Are they really just that jealous of her? I just don’t get it.

      • Lisa pistorino

        Tamara you are brilliant!
        You recapped it to the T great job!!

      • Glory from jersey

        I agree Tamara. If u can’t see what’s going on and admit what’s wrong is wrong and what’s right is right, well find another site to rite!

    • Jarlath

      They should all be in straight jackets right …

      • Teerii

        Every time, I watch Kenya on that bullhorn,I crack -up! It was her timing and her responses to Porsha that were classic. Kenya has some great come back responses for all of them. Loved it when Phaedra spat out you’ll never get a husband. And Kenya retorted, “I won’t have to look far because some people’s husband’s stray” LOL. Did you see the stupid look Phaedre put on her face when Kenya said that, “Priceless and funny as hell!!!.

    • If you watched that reunion and you blame Porsha’s behavior on props, or being provoked or having Graves disease or anything at all other than her being mentally deficient, do not post in this thread and identify yourself as a complete moron.

      There are plenty of blogs for idiots where you will find like minded people. This is not the one.

      • Jarlath

        I hope that wasn’t for me, I was being sarcastic 😉

      • lol nothing bad is ever for you Jarlath. I am posting from emails. If you are talking about my last comment it was for bunniecarrot who seems to be a bit overserved NTTAWWT but tonight, I am enjoying this simple test for people who are too stupid to post here. :)

        I would think if you (the global you) wanted to post here they would hide any ignorant thoughts they have about what Porsha did not being completely her fault.

        On Sun, Apr 20, 2014 at 10:42 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Middle Child

        Hee hee hee, rubbing my hands with glee.

      • Glory from jersey

        Amen. Tamara you absolutely got the reunion right on the money. And Hene Leakes is getting stale and boring . She’s got nothing else left to give her viewers. Time to go Hene ! Hoped u saved some of that million a year you got paid.

      • lori

        Hi Glory. Nice to meet you. Can you please go read Tamara’s rules. One of them is that you are not allowed to use any annoying nick names here. So like Nene would be Nene, not Hene. You can still say it in your head if you’d like, but please don’t type it here. It’s a really great rule!

    • Oh my!

      You are an idiot.

      • lilk

        @oh my! why is anna an idiot.
        props SHOULDNOT be allowed.
        but porsha is still responsible for her behavior.

      • Victoria

        I agree, violence is inexcusable. Kenya didn’t deserve to be dragged across the stage for doing her job: being provocative.

        However, I also agree, all the ladies in set deserve respect. No matter what Porsha was saying she didn’t deserve a bullhorn in her ear. Most CERTAINLY, Cynthia did not deserve a scepter in the face or a bull horn directly in her ear drum.
        Surely, we can all collectively agree on that. There was absoluey zero concern given for Cynthia, her personal space, or her comfort.

    • So I take it you hit your co workers at your job in front of your boss! If so he or she must be as hood as you are.

      • Marilyn

        LOL!!! Yeah, how do people operate in the world. I have co-workers that drive me crazy so I ignore them.

      • Or I take measures that are given to me. No way I’m loosing a job in a tough economy over a bullhorn and specter. People are missing the point while they are being so busy proclaiming themselves as #TeamPorsha.

    • Teerii

      Oh grow-up!!! It’s “entertainment television with props, gadgets, and anything else that makes it interesting. The grown women on the show just laughed at the bullhorn and jokingly called Kenya a clown. Kenya took it in stride and said nothing to that comment.. Cynthia was alright with the antics until Porsha grabbed the secpter and then her breast.OMG! Now that’s a problem. So, out-of -control you are physically violating everyone within reaching distance? That be Porsha’s issue problem!!!

  3. myinfo

    Porsha now has fake boobs and she talked about Kenya’s so called fake butt.
    Porsha has fake African boyfriend vs. Kenya’s fake African boyfriend.
    Porsha at the musical felt she was Beyonce. Oops. So did Kenya.
    Porsha is trying to be Kenya.

    • Actually, didn’t Beyoncé try to be Kenya ;gone with the wind fabulous)?

      • Bella

        I find it amusing that Beyonce is team Kenya. I think Porsha is mentally unstable in a scary way. She displayed so many extreme emotions all within a short amount of time: anger, humiliation, violence… She is crazy.

      • Destiny Khan

        Beyonce quoted Kenya Moore ‘s Gone With The Wind Fabolous. TEAM KENYA. What Porsha she should go to jail. Being around stank face Nene, Phaedra, these women are horrible. They keep following Nene.
        Nene said that Kenya should be fired. And that Kenya deserved to be beat down. Are you kidding me. A woman who was beaten herself. Nene you are such a fruad. I feel really bad for Kenya. Having to deal with all this hate. It’s bad.

    • Did you also see how Porsha Williams shook her breasts and asked Andy Cohen if he wanted to smell them. I’m telling you she’s tacky tacky tacky. I don’t care how dressed up she is and how much hair she puts in her head and how much makeup she wears, she is still gutter trash.

      • i think she was joking about the new car smell. sorta funny but mostly offensive of her, knowing andy isnt into girls.

      • Valerie

        Weird ass thing to say.

      • lori

        I didn’t think it was funny. The girl has zero wit, and proved it once again in that lame attempt at a joke. It was just plain, tacky, immature and rude. Oh, and dumb… can’t forget dumb.

    • I don’t think Porsha is trying to be Kenya. But I am sorry Porsha went and got fake tits. Now she is no different from the rest of them.

      • Gabriella

        I agree – I thought she looked lovely before the fake boobs. They are too big for her frame and set much too high on her chest and they’ve got that strange shine that a lot of fake boobs have.

  4. JenB

    T, great recap. The only thing that happened after your dvd kicked off was Andy telling Porsha to go home. Then Andy announced that Porsha would not be returning to the stage while he was back on stage.

    Did you notice NeNe and Phaedra’s faces when Porsha was dragging Kenya. Phaedra looked bored. NeNe looked serious but not surprised. Kandi was shocked as she had her hand over her mouth and obviously Cynthia did not see this coming.

    I agree that NeNe clamping her big hand over Porsha’s mouth was to stop Porsha from blurting out something that NeNe or Phaedra said earlier. Phaedra kept saying, “Remember we talked about this the other day?”. Also NeNe said something about talking to her the other day, so it does sound like Phaedra and NeNe had a talk to Phaedra.

    Phaedra was being snarky from the first words to Andy. She was riled up and ready to fight. Every time Kenya spoke, P & P rolled their eyes like a 12 year old girl. Kenya never made a face when P & P spoke, she just did her pageant smile or a polite smile.

    Phaedra has been slamming Kenya for 2 years. Kenya has not provoked P anymore than P provoked Kenya. Bye Porsha… hope you have the money to pay for those boobs. You boob.

    • I absolutely loved every word of your comment.

    • This was a priceless post. Thank you.

    • Simone

      I absolutely agree and heard and saw Phaedra and Nene trying to shut Porsha up and for that reason I believe Bravo should investigate to see whether this was a planned fight and if so, they asses should be FIRED too. You are no better then the fighter if you instigate a fight. Very dangerous behavior and Nene and Phaedra should be FIRED if they boosted Porsha up in any fashion. Both of those hood rats can be replaced easily.

  5. Redhotmama

    Andy told her he didn’t think she could handle the rest of this day’s taping, that she should go home and calm down. And that at some point she must apologize to Kenya.

    • LittleP

      That was a nice way of him telling her to get the hell out of there. You can tell Andy has an absolute disdain for Porsha – his goodbye hug was so half-hearted, so clear that the producers made him go speak to her. I would feel the same way – be gone lunatic Porsha!

  6. myinfo

    1 It is obvious that Nene, Kandi, Phaedra and Porsha planned to go after Kenya. BUT nobody told the FOOL Porsha to attack Kenya. Porsha was having personal problems and took it out on Kenya.
    2. Porsha boobs are too big and positioned too high on her chest. Why did she ruin her body? I bet she regrets it.
    3. Nene’s hair and makeup was SO wrong. It was drag queen meets Barbie.
    4. When Kenya asked Porsha to spell scepter I laughed so hard.
    5. I think Nene and the other ladies are pissed that Kenya came out of the blue and is now the star of the show.
    6. Why does Nene wear the worst lace front wigs!!!!

    • Reading Beads

      Porsha’s bosom seemed to be missing in the dressing room scene. Perhaps she did get a boost from an A cup to a B cup, but without the water wonder bra, she was back to her flat chested self in the dressing room when Andy went in to dismiss her.

  7. pfffttt

    Glad Kenya called Nene out on being rude to her fans! Nene is such an arrogant cuntSatchel.

    • Michelle

      I have met Nene and she wasn’t rude. Was she rude to you?

    • I love how Nene was trying to lie and claim she never seen Kenya’s boyfriend before! Nene is definitely not a depended person to get facts from especially when she has declared you an enemy. The only thing Kenya is guilty of her not owning she has a man and she danced around the subject.

      • Happy lyfe

        Isbitchbetter, but did u catch the lie nene made sure to throw in? Nene said after the african guy tried to pronounce kenyas name and she couldn’t make out whose name he was stating, nene and a friend drove off, soon after kenya calls nene and asked y did u leave, that was my boyfriend driving away in thai black ferrari, Nene said to kenya “WE”, as in her and a friend was in the black ferrari, kenya did not dispute that at all. For the record I could care less about any of em’, they all lie, front, cap, hate and bash each other, no one is better than the next, they pretty much equally show their asses. I will not single out one because of dislike, since I watch them all, I’m judging them all.

      • Buck Henry

        Exactly, also I think when Kenya said she cheated on Kordell that caught Porsha off guard. And your right Tamara, that may be the reason why she didn’t go to court. She was afraid of being found out that she wasn’t faithful.

    • pfffttt

      No. I have no desire to meet Nene, but I’ve heard the stories. She is very rude, and treats her fans like they are invisible and shouldn’t be speaking with her.

      We’ve seen her display that behavior on the show, when she called them “twitter people” and said she was not use to being around a bunch of “twitter people.”

  8. Kate

    It looked like Nene was suffocating Porsha with her hand over her mouth and nose. I know she was stopping her from telling out something incriminating but it looked very strange.

    • Reading Beads

      “Porsha, we talked about this before”. Clamp. Nene was holding her mouth shut, Porsha was wide eyed, almost as if she couldn’t get her breath. When Porsha began spouting again, Nene grabbed her mouth with both hands.

      Nene arrived on set with an attitude…..wasn’t there some kind of Bravo contest for ‘new comer awards’? Maybe Kenya won….I haven’t checked.

      Well, and Nene being in the bottom on DWTS and Kenya’s the Donald’s new darling, Nene just cannot take that pressure. I see Nene has her DWTS medical excuse ready and waiting, just in case she hits the in jeopardy spot again. Nene (Lenethia Leakes), time to move on old girl. Nene went after every one of the women, even being rude with Andy. Apparently Andy did not take her advice about firing Cynthia on WWHL, she couldn’t let the reunion go off without a hitch. Nene loves payback. She engineered this, probably for ratings. It’s not like she understands those things.

      • Kate

        If they are getting reprimanded for putting hands on each other, I don’t see why Nene’s attempted suffocation of Porsha is excused. It was aggressive.

      • lol. Kate that was the scariest part of the whole thing to me. I was trying to type and watch the screen at the same time just to see if Nene was going to actually snuff out Porsha on national TV!

        On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 11:49 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Destiny Khan

        Yes there were awards Kenya won 2 of them. Nene won for that terrible party. Where Brandon was injured badly. Can you believe that Nene won for that. Nene is mad because let us be clear. Kenya is taking over that show. I just wish that Nene, Porsha, Kandi, Porsha, and Phaedra would leave the show. Keep Kenya and Cynthia. Cynthia add’s balance. And get a new cast. I really hope Andy does not bring Porsha back. To bring drama between Kenya and Porsha. However has anyone notice how angry Phaedra is toward’s the beautiful Miss USA Kenya Moore. Should not Phaedra be mad at Apollo. Again I feel so bad for Kenya. The way her mother treats her this is very sad and hurtful. However I really hope that she win CA. NENE NEEDS TO BE FIRED. I AM SO SICK OF HER. NENE IS TOXIC SHE IS TURNING ALL THE WOMEN AGAINST KENYA. EXCEPT CYNTHIA. Did anyone see Kandi’s mother and the way she treat’s Kandi it is so very sad.

  9. Gravlax

    I think Kandi deserves a better cast around her. She’s the only one who is above board.

  10. Michelle

    Kenya provoked? No Porsha was provoked and I believe she wasn’t mentally ready to be there. Damn TT nene and Phaedra get the credit for Porsha going after Kenya? Did she really need help or encouragement? I guess all roads and everything revolves around nene chile

  11. NiKki-T

    No Kenya didn’t get hit on National Television, her body was mopped on National Television.

    Hilarious! This reunion show was nothing less than comical, great “entertainment” for a Sunday night.

    The ladies looked very nice but they should have worn a pair of jeans, t-shirt/hoodie and a pair of Nike’s because that is what they were giving. I have said from day one Porsha should have gone back to school while being married to Kordell. She is not the smartest of the bunch. However, she is human and she has feelings. Kenya has taunted Porsha from the beginning of last season. Bravo should not allow props and clearly Kenya was trying Porsha. Often the bully goes after the weakest person but Porsha had enough and cashed that wolf ticket Kenya was selling. Once Porsha got to the bank to cash the check, she was told there were insufficient funds, Porsha cleaned to floor with Kenya. Hilarious!

    • Kat

      I liked all the dresses except Kandis. Phaedra was about to pop out if her dress lol

      • Marilyn

        As usual. That woman squeezes into her clothes.

      • Ohana

        No kidding! Phaedra works push-up bras to the limit and then her clothes do the rest. It does her no favors.

        Normally, I wouldn’t suggest such a thing, but I think implants would do a world of good to her style choices. It would free her in so many ways.

      • She always wears things that are too small for her bust area, I bet she wears a bra that’s too small too, it hurts my tits just to look at hers. I bet they are so happy to be realeased at the end of the day.

    • This MORON agrees. Just as much as my parents taught me to keep my hands to myself, they also told me to watch my mouth. People can only take but so much.

      I so can’t understand all of the Kenya fans. That chick is a liar, a hypocrite and a tease.

      Porsha is an idiot, but I understand why everything went down the way it did.

      • pfffttt

        Porsha made remarks about Kenya’s vagina. Called her a slut, and interjected herself into questions Andy specifically asked Kenya.

        I don’t think she should have been fired, because it wasn’t as big of a fight as we thought. Nobody had an injuries. But I don’t think we can say that Kenya “provoked” the fight. From where I was sitting Porsha interjected herself into Kenya’s questions.

      • Aaron

        After the brawl Kenya said something along the lines of “She goes or I go.” Idk if Kenya has that kind of control, but like her or not, she MADE this season. That could’ve contributed to porsha’s firing. Also, what really set porsha off was the dumb ho comment. You can’t tell me that she was provoked because a second earlier she called Kenya a slut from the 90s. Porsha should’ve been fired and she won’t be missed.

    • AlwaystheTeacher

      I respectfully disagree. Most of the time, even when Kenya was not addressing her, Porsha would chime in her two cents and then get mad when Kenya would put her in her place. If Porsha hadn’t interupted Kenya, she would have never had need for the bullhorn. Furthermore, there was no fight. Porsha simply pulled her down by the hair…that is all.

      • Lele

        I agree 100% Always the Teacher. Porsha hurled terrible insults at Kenya from the start of the reunion. Seems to me they are now replacing “shade” with “provoked” because it’s the only way they can turn this entire scenario on Kenya. Porsha was wrong and I am SO glad Andy sent her home and told her she needed to apologize. Unfortunately, I doubt Kenya will receive that apology.

      • Happy lyfe

        All of them have over talked, interrupted and jumped in each others convo, no one else ever pulled out a whistle or any silencer for another adult, it was childish.

    • Bravogirl24/7

      Well now that Posha has had one check that was marked insufficient funds, she should take note because after this reunion and LOSING HER JOB because of her actions. There will be a lot of her checks in the future that will be marked INSUFFICIENT FUNDS. You pay for your actions!!

    • worldgirl

      I’ll be glad when this ghetto mentality leaves the community.

    • It’s interesting how Porsha was so-called “taunted from the beginning of last season”. Two things: If I am a self-proclaimed heterosexual man and you use your platform on national tv to constantly infer that I am gay, and I was married to you, then THAT is serious taunting. 2. If you accuse me of meeting your special education level criminal ex-convict of a husband and giving him BJs and say it far and wide that I am a whore, then THAT is serious taunting.
      But calling me dumb because; a. I am, b. I believe that the Underground Railroad had a train, c. I said there are 265 days a year, etc., is simply stating the obvious – numerous times.
      So Kordell would have been within his rights to punch and drag Porsha by those Malaysian peoples’ hair because of what she said about him?
      Would everyone root for Kenya if she punched Phaedra in the face (although you couldn’t tell) for calling her a “whore”?
      From what I can discern, Kenya has a particular talent for homing in on the insecurities and vulnerabilities of the other ladies and making them sweat. Porsha, who has never shown herself to be anything other than stupid, went above and beyond to prove how “buck” she thought she was. I hope she can explain it to all of her fans in the unemployment line who are wearing her brand of horse hair and looking just a big of a clown as she does.

    • O.O

      Mopped? When ? Where ?
      The idiot pulled her hair , they went down , they were separated. That was it .

    • Teerii

      Catching someone off guard, and Gowns Sliding across a floor, Easy! The Assaulted rebounding without a scratch and blowing up the life of the perpetrator, Powerful !!!
      Porsha can dish it but she can’t take it, Sounds like you might have that as a way of being in the world, too.

  12. Kat

    You could cut the hate towards Kenya with a knife. I truly believe they tried to train porsha into provoking Kenya but she just doesn’t have that level of intelligence to handle being read

  13. HeyWig

    Don’t get mad TT but my friend worked at Cartier in Atl and said the same as Kenya. Do you see Porsha tweeting thanks for the support and she is trending on Twitter . Its really really really weird that Phadrea and Nene huddled over her I need someone to spill the tea on whats really going on. cause I only remember heating about Kenya in the news In March for CA so why would Nene and Phadrea have to talk to her the other day about Kenya she hadn’t done anything publicly. And it was really sad to watch her react that way she told Kenya her vagina was rotten thays why she can’t get a mam Kenya smiled. KENYA called her a dumb hoe she snaps? Im a little lost and disappointed in the support for Porsha actions . Im at a breaking point in my life with a coworker guess what I did took some Pto time off…..

  14. KB

    You didn’t miss much after that. Shortly after it went off. Andy went all PSA on us about not condoning violence. This is the first time ( with the exception of the Stassi slap) that they showed a fight from start to finish without cutting or editing. I found that interesting. Anyway….that was so uncalled for. Porsha was out of control.
    and it did seem as though things were discussed with Porsha before the reunion and that’s why Nene was covering her mouth.

  15. denise

    It is sad what people do for money. Outside of Phaedra and Kandi, the ladies seem to really hate each other. I would hate to work with people like that.

    I think it was a buildup of nastiness that Porsha took from Kendra. It was obvious though that Porsha was planning to attack Kenya verbally throughout the night. She had her lines down pat about boyfriend, etc. Nene and Phaedra had planned it out.

    I still believe Kenya should not have had the props on stage. I would have snapped if someone talked to me through a bullhorn. I don’t think I would have hit anyone and for that Porsha was wrong.

    Thus both of them were wrong IMO.

    • Teerii

      You would Snapped? Is that before you called someone a slut or after. Because that’s what Porsha did, she called Kenya a slut first which prompted Kenya to comeback with the horn…….

      • Marilyn

        Or to be so gutter as to insult another woman’s vagina. You could tell she was really proud of herself.

      • Happy lyfe

        We can call each other names all day long, I hate for someone to point their finger in my face lest known a damn object, porsha should have had more control of her emotions. those gimmicks of kenya set a tone once she used them which I thought at first was hilarious until I took a second look and thought damn a classy lady wouldn’t be that childish to scream thru a bullhorn, but once again we’re speaking of RHOA.

    • Bravogirl24/7

      I thought Porsha came from a legacy of NON VIOLENCE. That’s the shameful part.

    • Wasn’t Porsha the one last season at that trip saying if Kenya touched her she would sue her. My oh my has the tables have turned. She’s a hypocrite times 10x. But no cares to remember history only remember the present.

    • SnookumsLynn

      I agree they are both wrong..u can talk to me like you have some sense..but Andy and Kenya were working the drama factor…so while I don’t condone what Porsche did, Kenya, wrote a check and her ass was just made to cash it! Kenya was an ass! regardless if she was a refined ass, she was out of pocket also, but no she doesn’t deserve anyone to touch her. but F that I’m not having no B shove no toys in my face cause she thinks the shit is cute!!!

      We can’t cosign on bullshit just because it got out of hand for her…Kenya didn’t deserve anyone touching her, but she played the fool and damn, did that shit backfire!

      • Yet another person that watched a different show where Kenya got in someone’s face with a toy…. I really wish they would air all the same versions of the show everywhere. The one I watched Porsha repetitively attacked Kenya with regard to her Nigerian boyfriend and would not let her speak to Andy on the subject without interrupting with made up Media Take Out gossip. Yet when Kenya dared to mention that she cheated on her husband who kicked her to the curb, then suddenly that was a provocation that just asked for Kenya to be battered. I really wish they would have aired that version of the show where Snooki lives.

        On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 10:57 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  16. Jarlath

    OMG can’t wait to watch this tomorrow. I can’t believe all the ladies comforted Porsha and not Kenya

    • Teerii

      They weren’t comforting Porsha. They were making sure she didn’t blurt out the plan to destroy Kenya during the reunion. NeNe was covering Porsha’s mouth like she was a big sister who didn’t want to get “ratted” out for instigating the trouble. They are beginning to remind me of the “roadrunner (Kenya) and the coyote (NeNe, Phaedra, Porsha, and yes Kandi)

  17. lori

    First of all, Nene looked just like a turtle tonight. Secondly, I love how right before snapping, Porsha was saying how sick she is of Kenya playing the victim, meanwhile, after she attacked Kenya, every word out of Porsha’s mouth was placing herself in that role. Even in her talk with Andy. Bye bye Porsha. I really hope that Bravo sticks to this and you won’t be back.

    • jb44

      I noticed that, too. Porsha was definitely playing the victim after she was the one who resorted to violence. I think Bravo has to fire her. If they don’t, it would send a wrong message to all of the housewives. Bravo didn’t fire the husbands from RHONJ after they resorted to violence. Then we see the husbands on RHOA resort to violence without any consequences. Bravo has to take a stand against violence.

      • Mari Anne Souza

        I think the difference here, is that the Porsha-Kenya fight happened outside of filming the day-to-day of the season, after filming had ‘wrapped’. The guys’ fight was part of the season. JMO

  18. Blanca

    Why won’t Phaedra own up to who she is on the inside. Her words make it clear. Every woman living must get old one day and fertility lessen. Nearly every woman living has known at least one other woman who cannot have children. For Phaedra to speak of any woman’s “scambled eggs” tells me every single thing I need to know about her. She pretends to be honorable while representing strippers and porn stars.

    • Blackbyrd

      Phaedra, Kenya’s won. Your huzzbin lusts after Kenya AND he’s a criminal. You got nothing. Take several. _/

    • lori

      Totally agree. I think it’s despicable when other women make comments like that.

    • At least the porn stars and strippers make their money honestly, unlike Phaedra’s husband.

    • Phaedra is a freak! She tries to hide it, but she has to be. What well-bred, educated woman would choose from a pool of criminals to be her husband. What, she didn’t like online dating? I don’t like Phaedra. Her talking head always has something to say about Kenya being a whore. That’s all she’s got. Perhaps Apollo likes whores and since she thinks Kenya is one, she must feel threatened. I guess the only whore Phaedra wants to see is a dead one. Maybe Andy can arrange that for Phaedra the Phreak at the end of next season.

      • Deb

        It’s hard for me to understand how Phaedra would be willing to have children with this criminal Apollo. Clearly he has no intention of changing. He is the definition of career criminal. Why would you bring kids into this relationship? What is wrong with this woman?
        Tamara your recap slayed me. FirstChurch of Cunty Hypocrites. Retard strength. Hee hee ROTFL

  19. Truthseeker

    Nene covering Porsha’s mouth after she attacked Kenya was a strange, abnormal reaction. Clearly Phaedra and Nene put her up to this. Kenya keeps the pageant smile because she is polished. Nene is reduced to being a supporting cast member when Kenya is around.

  20. Brewhaha

    Maybe I’m in the minority but I believe Porsha AND Kenya BOTH have a role in what happened. While I do not condone violence in any way, I thought it was totally unacceptable for Kenya to continue to taunt Porsha with her props. Kenya is smart, speaks well and holds her own. Why does she even need those props? Again, I’m not saying Porsha was right but Kenya is just as wrong and they both need to apologize to each other.

    • LoveShackAus

      Wrong. Porsha would not allow Kenya to speak. Porsha continued to slander Kenya. With so many dumb people believing anything anybody tells them, I don’t blame Kenya for having to use the bullhorn because Porsha would not allow Kenya to defend herself from the constant insults coming from both directions.

    • charmaine howell

      Tamara she said she block out, it seems, as though every time she does something or say something stupid that make her look like a fool she block out. She wants to say all types of nasty things about Kenyaamore but when Kenya hits below the belt she wants to fight. Nene and Phadra put her up to fight. Phadra is deeply involve in Apollo fraud, his statements comes to the house. Portia was already on the chopping block began. TT, I do still believe Kenya is dating Dbang she just don’t want us to know.

      • Sill afraid to block Charmaine just in case she is talking in tongues….

        On Sun, Apr 20, 2014 at 10:49 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I found it telling that Kenya’s conversation with Andy was not on camera. I am sure she was crying in her dressing room after being skewered by pretty much everyone out there. Meanwhile, Porsha is having her makeup touched up, shedding nary a tear and preparing to go back on stage.

      • Bravogirl24/7

        I’m curious to know if ANY of the cast went to comfort Kenya after this battery happened at the reunion. I saw everyone comforting Porsha while she was lying on the floor. How did she get on the floor?

      • Middle Child

        I just love Charmaine’s comments. Granted, I don’t understand most of it, her words make me smile.

    • From what I saw, Kenya was being bombarded with dirty insults from Porsha Williams. The worst thing Kenya called her was a “dumb ho”. How bad is that after she made some dirty reference about the woman’s vagina, and her breath, and her african boyfriend and calling her a 90’s whore. Kenya should have been the one angry enough to hit her. You have to be gutter trash to verbally and physically attack on the level she went.

    • SnookumsLynn

      I agree – neither of these tricks is innocent…for every action there is a reaction…kenya got something she hadn’t expected and something that shouldn’t have happened..but she fa sho had a role in it…there are no innocents in this situation…Porsche was just a dummy and went over the top. But Kenya has blame in this situatino also and she should especially apologize to Cynthia…what an ass Cynthia was to sit there like that anyways, I would have been like nah bitch, take this shit somewhere else…but that’s scary ass Cynthia for you..afraid to take ANY stand!

  21. 'The Jam'

    “EVEN THE TERRORIST DICTATOR disassociated himself from Porsha releasing a statement saying he has no idea who she is!” Bwahahaha! Oh TT you’re so mean! Guffaw *sniff*

  22. 'The Jam'

    Honestly I was torn, at least porsha had the good sense to know she acted the fool and I really felt sympathy for her, at the same time I’m annoyed because all of twitter seems to be supporting her bs. I LIVE for Kenya’s rendition of Erica Kane. Is no one seeing she set that girl up got dragged to the floor, popped up with nary a hair out of place and demanded the girl be gone…now she’s gone. That was all highly entertaining.

  23. bunniecarrot

    Buuuuuuuttttt in the rhony we see one housewife slap and injure another. But it’s an issue to be violent now???? Mmmmm OK. Married to medicine had a full out brawl but both ladies are back. I call bullshit. Bullshit on Andy and a hypocrite as well. Coincidentally these 2 shows I referenced TT no longer blogs about. I’m not sure on married to med because I just came to TT in the past 6 months or so.

    • Please step away from the Internet.

      On Sun, Apr 20, 2014 at 10:40 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • O.O

        Oh TT , I haven’t smiled or laughed all weekend unto I read your “I’m still afraid to block ” you know who . Thanks that was really funny.

    • I remember that fight on married to medicine. It was a full out fight. Clearly the fans are leading the direction that Bravo will take when considering the future of these women role on RHOA. What’s sadder is that more ratings are made with the negative, demeaning, derogatory, comments made by these women to one another. I really enjoyed the Tia and Tamara show it was clean, real life stories of how two sisters/entrepreneurs respected, loved, and encouraged one another. We need more of this type television. This stuff is garbage.

  24. CityGirl81

    TT, your tea was on point. Stupid Porsha was out of her mind that day. Anyone that tries to say Kenya brought this on herself is stupid. Porsha came for Kenya and the whole Nene covering her mouth and Fakedra talking BS confirms they set her up.

  25. k8lynn

    Love your blog TT. Kenya has really grown on me. First off.. like most people have said the eye rolling from Porsha and Shaedra was ridiculous. NeNe’s attitude sucks, she is so bitter that shes no longer the queen bee. She looked terrible, and Phaedra is soooo porky, she was busting out of that dress- and that hair my God. It would not surprise me if Porsha was on drugs tonight. I don’t understand how people can say Porsha was provoked. Kenya was provoked by almost everyone and let it roll of her back. Porsha and Phaedra said some terrible low blows to Kenya I thought it was disgusting. I thought it was funny how NeNe ran over and covered Porsha’s mouth while she was throwing her temper tantrum. And that guy carrying her around WTF bitch can’t walk? Something was so shady with Phaedra, NeNe, and Porsha. Hope we find out what went on. Then Porsha telling Andy she “blacked out” while attacking Kenya- bitch bye you really are a dumb hoe. I really hope Porsha and Phaedra don’t return next season. I wouldn’t be sad to see NeNe go either.. there all so toxic and negative.

  26. Jan

    Hi all. I have never commented before but I had to mention that Porsha told Andy she blacked out and couldn’t remember anything until she was on the floor looking up at NeNe. Sure sounded like she was taking responsibility for her actions, not!

    • charmaine howell

      Tamara she said she block out, it seems, as though every time she does something or say something stupid that make her look like a fool she block out. She wants to say all types of nasty things about Kenyaamore but when Kenya hits below the belt she wants to fight. Nene and Phadra put her up to fight. Phadra is deeply involve in Apollo fraud, his statements comes to the house. Portia was already on the chopping block began. TT, I do still believe Kenya is dating Dbang she just don’t want us to know.

  27. realityjunkie

    I don’t understand how anyone could applaud Porsha for her behavior. Then she had her little 2 year old tantrum on the floor. Ridiculous! Also Nene needs to just get up, leave and never come back. Her nasty attitude is simply too much to deal with.

    • People who have hated Kenya since the beginning won’t change their minds. They applaud stupidity so as long it’s not them in that situation. But I wonder would these same individuals give Porsha job if she was cold, hungry, and barely making. Me thinks – NOT!

  28. Johanna

    I’ve been so excited to read your recap! Not trying to kiss your ass, but I have to say I agree with all the points you touched on, and yes, I too had a Wizard of Oz flashback when Porsha was kicking her feet :) Kenya sure can take a lot. She’s a smart woman, she gets what is wanted/ needed from her by the producers and she brings it. Porsha is incredibly dense and immature for 32. I don’t know, maybe that’s super bitchy to say but she comes across almost…childlike. I can’t stand when Porsha and Pheadra say stuff to her about not being married or having children. Porsha wasn’t even married for two years and she sat there and lied through her teeth last reunion and can Pheadra stop acting so high and mighty? Look at the situation Apollo is in, is Kenya supposed to be jealous of these two? Does not being married mean Kenya had never been loved?Ugh.

    • Porsha seems to take a lot of direction from her so-called friends. From Kordell to now this situation that has gotten her fired. She doesn’t have brain and loves when her cast mates gas her up. They still have their jobs and she is jobless. She’s an idiot.

    • Lele

      That wasn’t b itchy at all, that was 100% truth.

    • lilk

      johanna, porhsa wasnt married long but SHE WAS MARRIED, and she was pregnant but miscarried. Phaedra is married, has 2 sons, a law degree.
      Kenya is seething.

      • O.O

        @lilk .. Please! Seething at a miscarriage why would anyone want to go through that??? Seething At a rude overbearing , not good looking at allrumored gay husband ???? Seething at being Married to an illiterate , cheating , criminal ??? Are you kidding ??? I can’t believe you wrote that!! You should be embarrassed .

      • Kenya’s issue of having fibroids is something that A LOT of African American women suffer with once they get into their thirties. Just because you have fibroids it doesn’t mean that you don’t ovulate or your eggs are bad. You people need to educate yourselves. Conception is only a surgery away for most women who are afflicted with this. As for Phaedra having two sons, I bet now that Kenya has had her surgery, she can most likely have a baby. She damn sure wouldn’t have problems finding a man fresh outta prison who is dying to have unprotected sex with a woman. Like she said she got 99 problems but a dick aint one. Apollo’s dick isn’t worth all the trouble. Any woman would be better off as a single parent rather than having an example such as Apollo for their kids to look up to. Men are the gatekeepers to their daughters heart and self esteem but they are examples to their sons. Phaedra really is in a bad position with having sons with Apollo. A man damn sure can’t teach his sons to become decent men from behind bars. PS Phaedra is the dumbest lawyer I have ever come across and she is able to manipulate people because she hangs around people who were/are easily manipulated like Angela Stanton and Apollo. No sensible people are checking for Phaedra!!! Porsha on the other hand was a beard and that is not something to be proud of. Kordell got her pregnant one time and couldn’t get it back up again (Porsha said he wouldn’t have sex with her anymore) to get her pregnant a second time.

      • Look up Aquarius women! Just look into the Aquarius ….jealousy is not in our nature…. She could care less about marriage and children and still feel fulfilled

      • Happy lyfe

        @antigua, of course kenya may have 99 problems but a dick aint one, but I’ve witnessed the nastiest broad unclean, no food to eat, packing 5 kids around but plenty of dick being offered, but no one wifed her. Looks have nothing to do with it, dick is always being offered when any woman step outside the door.

      • lori

        I like the way people think “getting married” is some big accomplishment. Anyone can marry a loser. Having a successful marriage (happy, respectful, supporting, etc) is an accomplishment. Neither Porsha our Phaedra have that. I’d much rather be single than be in either one of their “marriages”.

      • Bravogirl24/7

        You speak the truth

      • MicroOp

        Believe it or not women can feel happy and fulfilled without being married.

  29. SoCalCPA

    LOL — great recap. I also thought it was funny how, at the end, Porsha was back and ready to go with her makeup re-done….only for Andy to tell her to go home! Her reaction was priceless. I LOVE Kenya’s attack on Porsha’s minimal intelligence. Rendered her speechless, almost. Phaedra is scum. Nene is scum. I hope Angela Stanton’s case makes progress soon! Phaedra needs a good slap in the face right about now.

  30. Mimsy

    Porscha is stupid. Im sorry. We are all adults in this life. There is that one (or many) people in our lives that we would like to go upside their head. But this is real life and you just cannot do stuff like that and think its all good. She looked like a damn fool and rightfully got put out. I like how Kenya got her ass right back up. Not a strand of hair out of place. Yes! But this is what the housewives show is about. Throwing shade and being catty. What did Porscha think she was signing up for? Her mental capacity is severely lacking. Kenya was throwing effortless shade and Porscha was trying to come up with things to say. And that vulgar, disgusting comment about Kenya’s vagina…..nobody thought that was funny. It goes that Porscha really should’nt be on this show. She doesnt have the mental capacity nor any relevancy.

  31. tleighb

    I am so sick of Nene’s sour face and holier than thou attitude.

    Porsha’s retard strength matches her IQ. Kenya played her ignorant ass like a violin and walked away the victor.

  32. Blackbyrd

    I thought it was impossible to dislike Porsha and Phaedra anymore than I already do and yet tonight… they have proven me wrong. Porsha was a pig from the beginning, with the bitch talk, and shoving things up people’s asses (add the tacky “smell my new breasts” comments and it was all stupidity all the time) – from my perspective.
    I think Phaedra trash attitude is as nasty as Nene’s. I don’t the she will ever take responsibility for the hot mess she married and the hot mess her life is. It’s so much easier for her to blame Kenya and to focus on Kenya. At first I thought Nene was trying to protect Porsha from saying something stupid on camera by covering her mouth. Now I believe she was stopping Porsha from revealing their little plan, the things they talked about before filming the reunion.

  33. Ericzku

    What did you miss? Next week: looks like Mama Joyce finally gets called out on her being the opportunist and money-grubber in the House of Burruss. They showed a clip of Kandi saying something to her like, “…and you had credit cards in my name that I didn’t even know about…”!

  34. sarcasatire

    I shed a tear for Porsha. She knew she had done wrong and acted out of character, and yes, violence is not the answer, but I felt compassion for her breakdown on the floor. She seemed more angry at herself and aside from those who react without remorse, I do believe she learned from this and won’t react again when provoked. I do love the sisterhood of the women rallying around her to calm her down. But I do think she needs a break from filming.

    • lori

      I don’t. I think it was over theatrical.

    • lol at the sisterhood covering her mouth! (who does that?) and trying to be sure they were not implicated in the set up.

      On Sun, Apr 20, 2014 at 11:14 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • sarcasatire

        No. Because Nene is beefing with production and didn’t want to give them any good material. Just like Alexis screaming at Marlo, “Doing give them this!” Nene didn’t want Porsha to give Kenya, Bravo, or Andy the satisfaction.. Alas, Yorick, too late.

      • lilk

        @sarcasatire please share what you know. nene is beefing with bravo production ? why ?

      • Yes, and NeNe was quite forceful in the way she was trying to muzzle her. Really makes one wonder what in the world doesn’t she want her say. They must have thought Porsha lost it and they didn’t know what would come out of her mouth.

    • Bravogirl24/7

      How, how can you shed a tear for someone who’s SOLE INTENT tonight was to act a fool and act out on national TV. Porsha had an agenda tonight and that was to go head to head with Kenya. Look what happened. She actually thought she could take on Kenya intellectually. No she can’t, so she resorted to the only thing she knew VIOLENCE.

    • neeneepooh

      I don’t believe that that was Sisterhood I I think that was the ladies coming around her saying let me hurry up & shut this chick up before she say something we don’t everybody to know . thats why NeNe covered her mouth

    • Teerii

      Kenya kept yelling at Porsha that she would get fired if she continued her aggression. And after she pulled Kenya’s hair and Kenya went to the floor, Porsha quickly claimed embarrassement and disbelief as her story. She thought Andy would buy it! Block-out my behind, she was very aware of the mess she was in…. Posha is a scheming deceptive person.

    • Teerii

      That was Porsha’s ,”please don’t blame me script.” She never said she was sorry. And I believe that’s why Andy told her to go and then reminded her,she stilled owed Kenya an apology.
      If you want to know who was blamed for all this, ask Andy. He apologized to Kenya immediately and then went right over to tell Porsha to leave the stage. Then he announced Porsha is Gone!!!
      Andy continued to say he did not see that coming. In other words nothing was said or done up to that point to cause Porsha to go off on Kenya.

    • Bravogirl24/7

      @sarcasatire. I think Porsha was upset that she could not stick to the script or plan. I think NeNe and Phadrea and with Porsha as the antagonist were teaming up to take Kenya down. They wanted to make sure they had material on her for every subject that Andy presented. Porsha was intent on telling the” fake African boyfriend story” to the point where she was getting hysterical trying to tell it as Kenya kept interrupting.
      What really threw Porsha off was not the props that Kenya was using, it was the accusation by Kenya that Porsha had cheated on Kordell that infuriated her. That’s why she asked Andy to repeat what Kenya had said and when he did Porsha forgot about the plan of attack on Kenya that the 3 of them had agreed upon. She went Ghetto….. Who is jealous of whom? Nene is jealous of Kenya taking her title as Queen. Phadrea is jealous of Kenya for taking the attention of her husband. Porsha is jealous of her intellect and the ability of staying on the show with no husband or boyfriend or children. It was very telling on the reunion with the eye rolling, lip smacking and name calling these three were doing to get a rise out of Kenya.

  35. Okay help me understand TT. I don’t know but why would anyone ever be supportive of Porsha?
    What the hell? She has no respect for anything, herself, the show (her job), the cast, and on and on.
    If I were the producers I would ask who else can we find to work with Kenya, Cynthia, and maybe Kandi (maybe)❄️
    I hated the evil faces, I hated Porsha, Phaedra and Nene’s, fucked up attitude.
    So we have them saying such hateful things to Kenya, yet they don’t want her to respond?! Calling Kenya a whore, a liar, making comments about her relationships. Was Kenya suppose to be silent. They don’t listen and interrupt her all of the time maybe she needed the sceptor and damn bullhorn.
    Hell Andy didn’t mind the props so get over it.
    Then the shady hands over the mouth what the hell? I can’t with them. Glad Kenya pressed the charges.

    • Angel

      Exactly! Kenya had extreme patience putting up with all the stank faces and taunting from Phaedra and Porsha. Porsha had a big jackass smile on her face at everyone elses sour faced comment to Kenya. I think she was preparing to do something big. Nene wouldn’t hit to floor to render aid to anyone. She was desperate to shush up Porsha from spilling some evil plan. I have absolutely zero sympathy for Porsha. Kordell is lucky to be rid of this imbecile.

    • I am amazed Porsha has so many fans all of sudden. It takes her putting hands on someone for her to get them to respect her. So all I have to do now is put hands on an unliked person and get friends/fans and respect. I hope Porsha enjoys her street cred because the same people won’t be helping her with monthly bills.

      • Right! Porsha redefines stupid. I never thought anyone could give such a simple word so much depth.
        Then here comes Porsha the reimergence and true insight to stupid.

  36. gagirl86

    Tamara I absolutely love you and your site but your response to this is wrong. Kenya provoked her over and over. I dont condone violence but pointing things in my face and using a bullhorn will totally get you beat down. If a damn near 50 yo women acts like a child ill treat you like a child and spank that behind

    • You are an animal. And you have no class.

    • KReality

      Everyone has their breaking point but they can also choose how to handle it. Me personally will walk away from any situation before I feel I can’t tolerate a persons verbal abuse. She could have easily got up and walked off the set but she CHOSE to jump in her face. Not sure if she really blacked out but Andy made the right choice to send her home because she proved how unstable she was.

      • lori

        Yep, she could have busy gotten up and squeezed herself and her big new ta-tas on the other couch. Our walk away for a minute. Or a million other things. She’s immature, and tonight cemented that fact.

    • JenB

      Gagirl, I have had much worse in my life than what Porsha was dealing with on the reunion and I chose not to hit another person. This constant bashing is just part of the show. Porsha knows it and she dished it out for 2 seasons. She could have left anytime she wanted, but instead she attacked Kenya. There is NO excuse for Porsha’s behavior.

      No one was arguing with Porsha except Kenya. Yet, Kenya was under attack from Porsha, Phaedra and NeNe. Kenya kept her cool. Kenya was doing what she was paid to do.

      • gagirl86

        Lights camera action. You say that now but being put on camera with 10 mil pounds of make up weave a pageant gown and burning lights you would snap to. Not to mention talking about her failed marriage.

      • lori

        Oh… do you mean after Porsha went on and on about Kenya’s fake boyfriend, spewing lies? How DARE Kenya say anything back! Good Lord…

    • If you saw the same show I did where Kenya took shit over and over and over and over and over and then gave some back and the little retard cunt jumps her… and you think KENYA provoked Porsha, you need to find another blog to like. But first. Watch the show again make a list of things Porsha said about Kenya, and things Kenya said against Porsha.

      Don’t get back to me at the end, I already think you are stupid.

      On Sun, Apr 20, 2014 at 11:21 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • gagirl86

        Did you really just call me stupid for stating my opinion? So if we dont agree with you were wrong? Wow……

      • Reading Beads

        Can’t we all just do a happy dance that Porsha is gone? Porsha had the fake marriage, the fake house, no story line, no man (not even when she was married) and none, no housewife in history, is as dumb as that girl is. She has no class. “Do they look new?”. “Smell ’em”. “They smell new”. Oh yes, that young socialite from the Hosea Williams foundation is a treasure. Now, go back to making rap videos where you belong. And, take Nene and Phaedra with you.

      • Gingersnap

        Porsha also told Kenya that her breath smelled like a septic tank, bitch and that her vagina was so rotten, no man would claim it. Before she yanked Kenya down to the ground by her hair, she told her she would fuck her up. I’m very curious as to when her convenient black out started since it ended when she opened her eyes to see St. NeNe over her.

      • Gingersnap

        I just remembered something. When Andy was asking Porsha what happened, she was blathering on about whatever and mentioned Kenya bringing up Kordell. So, her blackout must have happened AFTER Kenya brought up the cheating rumors. Ha Ha.

  37. gagirl86

    Its clear nene and phaedra put her up to it. Covering her mouth was a clear indication. She shouldve been an adult but weve all had shouldve couldve situations occur in our lives.

    • bishop336

      Tt you have outdone yourself with this blog..I’m correcting my friend’s who have watched the episode and I haven’t even seen it yet! And when they wind it back..YOU’RE RIGHT! NENE planned that ish. I think this was all planned to get rid of Kenya.. this helps their case to show they can be #1 WITHOUT Kenya and she provokes the worst and represents the wrong a

  38. sarcasatire

    Interesting how Ashlee yanking out Danielle’s weave out didn’t warrant a PSA…

    Not the first incident of violence on Housewives but this one they’re treating… different.

    • lori

      Ashley is not a “housewife”, and I don’t think she even gets paid at all (not sure about that one). She was also a minor at the time. Not that I think that was okay in any way either. It was equally as awful. I just think maybe those two facts may make the difference.

      • sarcasatire

        Okay, but where was the PSA? Or when Tom decked Jax on Vanderpump rules? No PSA or firing there either.. No one on one with Andy about not condoning violence. Tom even got a monologue (Hamlet) on WWHL after that! Hypocrisy? Double standard?

      • That is not Real Housewives.

    • O.O

      I’ve never seen a housewife attack another physically during a reunion . Theresa who I’m not a fan of pushed Andy out of her way which was wrong but is far different than porsha pulling Kenya down to the floor by her hair .
      And so what, the stop the violence or you’ll lose your job has to start somewhere . Maybe Bravo is tired of the fighting .
      Stassi’s slap was during the show
      The NJ men fighting – during the show
      Apollo fighting – during the show
      None of those people were dismissed
      A line has to be drawn somewhere . If they let fighting occur during the reunion they may as well call the show
      Bad Girls Club reunion .

      • Exactly. Thats what Ive been thinking about for the last week. It’s one thing when they act like animals from a zoo on the taped episodes, but during the reunion there will be a fine line. Even Jacq’s daughter Ashley from NJ had to find out the hard way about putting hands on HWs. She got a nice little fine it and that was during a taped episode. Yet was it at a reunion? No. Viewers need to wake up they cant have everything what they want.

      • shimag

        Ha! “it’s one thing to act like animals during tapings, but at the reunion there will be a fine line.”

        Whaaaaa? lol! Ridiculous. So you condone violence any other time but the reunion? Hypocrisy at it’s best.

  39. KB

    Watching WWHL and Phaedra is really trying to act like Quad from M to Meds and is failing miserably.

  40. Tamara she said she block out, it seems, as though every time she does something or say something stupid that make her look like a fool she block out. She wants to say all types of nasty things about Kenyaamore but when Kenya hits below the belt she wants to fight. Nene and Phadra put her up to fight. Phadra is deeply involve in Apollo fraud, his statements comes to the house. Portia was already on the chopping block began. TT, I do still believe Kenya is dating Dbang she just don’t want

  41. LisaLisaDiva

    This was a hot mess and the fake shade was in full effect from Nene towards Cynthia, Phaedra/Porsha ongoing war and Kenya’s prop mastery. It as HILARIOUS. Porsha’s reaction along with NeNe and Phaedra’s jacked up cover up made it even funnier…BAAAHAAWAAAAHAAAA!! Kenya was annoying as hell with that specter but if Porsha is too limited to successfully go against someone verbally she should have took her dumb ass home. Ignorance can be fixed, stupid is forever.

  42. Did anyone see Cynthia’s tit pop out her dress when Porsha jumped?!?!?!?!?!


    • Greg

      I DID!!!! So funny!

    • lori

      Lol! I did see something really quick, but my eyes had to jump away to the rest of the action too quickly. I’m gonna have to rewatch that part again.

    • The Disher

      I am so glad you mentioned that because I had to rewind it and do a second take. The titay was out and about for quite some time before Cynthia realized it and Bravo pixelated it out. Too funny! TT– the “retard strength” comment…OMG…I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I read your recap tonight. So funny. I don’t watch the show anymore. Just read your recaps & watch the reunion.

      • LisaLisaDiva

        Porsha’s dumb ass knocked Cynthia’s ttity out trying to get to Kenya. I tried not to laugh but poor sweet Cynthia getting the hell outta the way made it funnier cause she didn’t even know it was out at first.

    • Kitty Mamma

      Ha! I saw Righty’s debut, too! I was wondering when Cynthia was going to catch a draft. Lol!

      • Gabriella

        It’s 2.25 in the morning here in Oz and I am laying in bed laughing at these posts about Cynthia’s tits! It’s like the 21st century equivalent of having lots of American pen friends!

      • Aussie Aussie Aussie Oy! OY! OY!

        Sorry. That’s just some much fun to say. I randomly shout that out for no reason all the time. I think I may have Australian Tourette’s !

        On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 12:24 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  43. Kari

    Can someone explain to me why Porsha was getting carried around the set like she was attacked?

    • O.O

      Bwhahahaha that was the best part ! It looked to me as if they’re probably involved . Did you see how tight he was hugging her ? She couldn’t move.

      • Gingersnap

        I think that scene pissed me off worse than any other. Porsha yanks Kenya to the ground by the hair of her head, and Porsha is treated like the injured party. This Carlos dude (producer?) was laying it on REAL thick, and it was sickening. That bitch could walk and she didn’t need her stupid house shoes either. GAWD.

  44. Teerii

    I just saw the actually fight. Kenya walked out of there like she was in charge. Porsha laying on the floor acting like a clown. What was NeNe and Phaedra talking about saying,” this is what we were talking about three days ago?” Evidently these two gangsters NeNe and Phaedra planned to gang-up on Kenya. And Porsha couldn’t play the game with the Big Girls. I bet Andy was interested in what they were talking about.

    Now I understand Andy’s attitude towards NeNe during their interview. He was not happy with her. I wonder if he believes she was behind Porsha’s behaviour.

  45. Blanca

    Do Phaedra’s lips look different? Perhaps it was the lipstick but on both on the reunion and wwhl they looked, to me, slightly smaller.

  46. Greg

    PLEASE TELL ME SOMEONE ELSE NOTICED THAT PORSHA PULLED OUT CYNTHIA’S BOOB WHEN SHE GOT UP TO FIGHT KENYA!! I was laughing so jar when I first saw it and had to rewind 5 times. Porsha gets up and pulls down Cynthia’s dress and Cynthia’s boob fully comes out. I felt so bad for Cynthia but it was so funny!

  47. MicroOp

    Honestly I don’t get the intense hatred for Kenya. Sure she can be annoying, crazy and weird. She also is a shit stirrer but it’s so obvious she is in on the joke and doing it for entertainment sake. I don’t think these women should take her too seriously and they should be grateful she has made their show more interesting.

    • geyser

      they shouldn’t take her that’s why i love phaedra who dishes it right back and then some…two can play at that game. porsha is dealing with other issues…i feel sorry for her after tonight. the underground railroad bloop made people feel a certain way about her and that’s unfortunate. i just really really feal for porsha right now..

    • Completely agree. It’s obvious that these ladies, well NeNe and Phaedra in particular, are still upset that Kenya is The One making the show. Someone said here that they didn’t see her coming, and I agree with that.

    • 'The Jam'

      It’s because her shit stirring also stirs up their insecurities. If she was doing all of this and she wasn’t beautiful and she wasn’t successful, I don’t think she would garner much more than a few eye rolls.

  48. All these so called insiders and people who believe them should give TT an apology!  There was no smack, punch, beatdown or slap.  Just an aggressive hair pull w a drag.  There was NO FIGHT!  And TT was spot on about Nene & Phaedra being fishy after Porsha was acting like a child on a playground.  Nene & Phaedra were acting like supportive friends, but let’s face it, they were covering their tracks.  Phaedra even said on WWHL that her and Porsha spoke about if Kenya pushed one or both their buttons they would come for her in some type of way.  BUSTED!

    It’s time these amateur bloggers and tweet insiders need to retire!  TT only has the real and closest dirt!

  49. lori

    I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that soon we may see a one on one with Andy and Porsha (I’m sure it would only be a half hour show, because she can’t possibly be expected to manage a whole hour of actual sentences). Anyway… I would really HOPE that if mouth holder Nene or Phaedra had anything to do with what transpired that she will put it on blast. That I would watch.

  50. Porsha should have gotten fired always harassing Kenya along with kandi, nene and especially Phaedra ugly self thinking she look good you dont and you wont ever look good undercover criminal.

  51. patrice

    I couldnt believe bravo didnt even have adequate security. Thats a major lawsuit waiting to happen. If I was Kenya I would walk away from the show. This show is too stereotypical and degrading. Im turned off by the hatred, jealousy, and envy. I cant see how some of these women are even married they have such ugly personalities particularly Nene and Phaedra.

    • One would think that little ambush displayed by Porsha and orchestrated by Nene/Phaedra would be away to chase Kenya off the show. Hopefully Kenya stay with it and not pay these hood birds no mind stick with it.

    • One thing is for sure Patrice, I bet Andy and friends will have security from here on out at all the reunions.

      • lilk

        @isbitchbetter, when kenya pulled out the scepter and pointed it andy should have taken it away . It is sharp and could be used as a weapon.
        And when she pulled out the megaphone andy again should have said something. And if he wanted a laugh, he should have said ‘kenya this isnt glee and you arent coach roz! bloop!’

      • You won’t get any argument from me that Andy is mostly to blame. However Porsha should be in control of her behavior as well! Andy did tell Porsha to have a sit but instead she wanted a fight. At the end Porsha put hands on Kenya, that scepter didn’t even touch Porsha nor did that bullhorn shouldn’t have caused her to want to fight. She played right into Kenya’s hands and now she’s fired.

  52. Judy McKenzie

    Great recap! lmao. Church of the”see you next Tues.” hypocrites. Love that!
    Phaedra really thinks Apollo is “all that”… must be his “physicality ” and the way he stretches his medulla oblongata ((primitive part of brain)…or maybe his juvial personality. I don’t think Kenya is that hard up. Sounds like a match for poor Portia.
    Anyone else hear Portia throw shade at her boss on “a mother’s love?” Lark is her name. Pulling rank and mocking her??? Spoke volumes of her character.

  53. I’m tired of everyone ganging up on Kenya & acting like she is so wrong when they all hurl out insults and derogatory names. Let’s not forget that this is an entertainment show so if they can’t stand the heat gtf out the kitchen. No matter how you cut it Porsha was out of pocket. Why didn’t she drag NeNe when Nene covered her mouth? IMO that warrants a physical response. A bullhorn, magic wand not so much. They need to be thanking Kenya for heating up the season & helping the ratings which in turn helps their paychecks. I can’t stand when a bunch of people gang up on one person. Porsha is an idiot & deserves to be fired with her non singing azz!

  54. Great post! Thanks, Tamara.

  55. Sara

    One thing I like about TT is that she is fair. Unlike other blogs that go with the belief that their friend is right, TT always tells it like it is. She will call Kenya, Porsha, NeNe, and etc. So glad I discovered her blog, my motto is: “If it doesn’t concern you then shut up.”

  56. vivaladiva831

    Lol I don’t know who you sources are, but Porsha most definitely did drag Kenya across the floor by the hair. And I felt sorry for Porsha too. Phaedra is right, Kenya’s always doing crazy stuff and going to get her teeth right now. Honestly, should you expect to be able to shout insults in someone’s face with a foghorn and expect them to sit back and do nothing?

    • Oh you questioning TT and her sources.. when for the last few weeks she has been spot on with her sources on what dirt happened on the first part of reunion. I can’t wait for TT’s response to you to your post.

  57. Angel

    It is amazing that people are heaping compliments on Nene for being such a true friend to Porsha by covering her mouth to not allow her to say anything embarassing.

    Kenya could not sneak the bullhorn and scepter onto the couch. They had to be either approved or provided by producers and Andy.

  58. Easy_Green

    I believe the guy carrying Porsha around was Carlos King, the executive producer, which made his interaction with her all the more interesting. The reason why NeNe kept repeating the line from Kenya (in regards to NeNe being rude to fans) was subtle shade that everything Kenya does is rehearsed, calculated and manufactured.

    Trying to respectfully rationalize both sides, I ended up comparing Kenya’s prop choices. While not conventional weapons, the s-c-e-p-t-e-r (not an easy word to spell) and bullhorn both were invading personal space far more than last year’s GWTW fan (unless you’re name was Kandi), and this year’s props could be considered threatening to personal space, well, depending upon one’s mental state, I guess. I agree that Porsha should have just refused to sit there anymore.

    I don’t get why Kenya, the Gallagher of the Housewives franchises, resorts to using them other than to instigate and irritate.

    • Easy_Green

      Ultimately after all the Asian hair has settled and gone away, I find the most fault with Andy. So gleeful in the escalating antics. He’s more Springer than Oprah. His goal was to take the reunion to a certain level, but ratchet can only turn so much before the screw snaps. Porsha showed that she was reaching a limit by snatching the scepter and threatening Kenya and warning that if a prop was used again there would be trouble. I repeat that he certainly is not the fault for her pulling and dragging Kenya, but the environment was ripe and the warning signs were there. If he were that caring, he would have got rid of the props because it was clear that somebody’s Jesus Jugs were leaking and a malfunction was imminent. He can try and PSA his way out of it, but he openly admits to being a shit stirrer and when you do it that hard, you get shit blisters.

      • Kitty Mamma

        Well put. Andy was the host. He allowed Kenya to clown on Porsha at the expense of Cynthia. I wonder what the outcome of the show would have been had Kenya and Porsha been sitting opposite each other on the ends of the couches, minus props.

      • Um, Andy allows them to clown on people all the time. Of course he loved the props. It’s humor. NORMAL PEOPLE do not react to props by physically attacking them and NORMAL PEOPLE don’t blame inanimate objects for their violent behavior.

        On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 11:48 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • 'TheJam'

      Nene kept repeating the line from Kenya and winking because that is her answer to everything. She always makes faces with the expectation that whatever utter nonsense she is saying will come across more entertaining, or seem deeper than it is with a “bloop” or a goofy expression. She has just overused her ‘catchphrase’ and now she looks like a fool when she uses it. So if Kenya is the gallagher of housewives ( that was funny btw) Nene is some kind of annoying ass 90s boy band.

  59. neeneepooh

    I loved your blog. The show was good but the only one who was like the center of attention was Kenya. When asked a question everybody was real short with Andy. Kenya made the show. Porsha obviously has nothing going on in her life so she couldn’t talk about herself because she is nothing. But those attitudes that were on that stage tonight were terrible. If it weren’t for the clips of the fight later in the show I would have been changed the channel.

  60. PlusOneForLuck

    I absolutely CAN NOT LISTEN to one more of these “ladies” give an interview and try to blame Kenya for the fact that Miss I Don’t Know Anything About Anything attacked her!!! They’ve all gotten together and created some script about Kenya “provoking” her and it’s such complete and utter BULLSHIT!!! Always followed by the obligatory “I don’t condone violence”. Are you fucking kidding me?!?!?! That’s EXACTLY what they are doing. They are condoning the idiots behavior. We all know that none of them can take the fact that Kenya is EVERYTHING as far as the show is concerned — I fully believe that’s the reason for Nene’s appalling attitude all night — but to get that stupid bitch all worked up, set her loose and then make excuses for her?? Shame on every single one of them. And shame on every single person responding to this blog in the same manor. I don’t care what Kendra said, what props she used, or the tone in which she said it… You keep your ass on the couch. End of story.

    • I agree, it wouldn’t have mattered if Kenya had props are not, the plan was set. The goal was to go after Kenya and use everything that they had against her. Her desire to have a bady and they felt she was lying about having a boyfriend. They thought by insulting her with the issues that were dear to her heart, they could take her out. But they forgot Kenya knows how to use her words and fight back. Apparently Nene, Phadera and Porsha didn’t do their homework.

    • 'TheJam'

      What i find to be even more deplorable is the obvious PR campaign that’s going on. In what sane world is Kenya a BULLY. It’s nonsense.

  61. Deb

    I’m so sick of phaedra and her mouth she really need to shut up. Sitting there calling somebody a whore. She slept around along. She slept with the football player, she dated Quans husband from Married from medicine. She’s been a whore herself and the guy dissed the he’ll out of her own the show. Sitting calling somebody names and her husband stealing everybody’s identity under the moon and she’s all smiles. What the he’ll is she laughing and smiling about? Is bad enough she married a convicted felon but now hes menacing society again and she’s on Andy Cohen laughing, and saying she had nothing to do with it. She knew he was doing it.

  62. Bravogirl24/7

    NeNe was a waste of time on the couch. All she did was roll her eyes and lips. Did anyone notice how Andy went down the couch and introduced NeNe and Kandi then skip over Phadrea and introduced Kenya on the opposite couch. It just seemed strange and telling at the same time.

  63. Ac1111

    I have my MA, and I just learned how to spell scepter. It just looks weird. Sceptre. Sceptor. Sceptore. Sceptur. Fml. Kenya Moore made me think.

  64. Brianna

    Porsha had a personality disorder lol. Everything she said that Kenya was “a victim and intimidated by other women” is her precisely. She has played the victim for two years and she is clearly initiated by Kenya. Obviously Porsha wasn’t fired at the reunion she bowed out basically offered to go home. Andy seemed to feel genuinely bad for Kenya because he was there he saw how the ladies were treating her and kept calling her names. Everything Kenya said about karma was right! She said it eloquently and without calling someone out of their name and it got Porsha bubbling — can’t wait to see how the hair pulling will effect Porsha’s karma throughout the next year!! #teamkenya

    • Ac1111

      They all have personality disorders. They signed up to have their lives on camera. All are narcissistic… Some are just a bit more likeable. I love that Kenya is honest and treats it like a job

    • KReality

      Porsha didn’t now out or offer to go home. Andy sent her home. When the cameras went into her dressing room she was all made up again thinking she would go back out to tape the reunion. He told her she wasn’t ready for the rest of the day and to go home and rest.

      • Brianna

        Yes because she implied that the whole thing was just too much for her. She’s the one the first stated that taping happened too soon after her divorce so Andy probable felt compelled to send her home since it’s all just “too much”.

    • Teerii

      NO Porsha was told to go home. And Andy told everyone that Porsha is GONE!!!! And said, he does not condone nor will he tolerate violence on his show. Then all the housewives took pictures for bravotv’s blog and Porsha was not in it. Looks like karma came early for Porsha.

  65. HannahKingRose

    Seems like Porsha has been attending the Brandi Glanville School for Housewives. She has learned to take no responsibility for anything she does, plays the victim card quite well and has graduated to the vulgar, crass comebacks about others’ lady parts since she isn’t smart enough to actually verbally spar. It would not have mattered if Kenya had used a feather and a puppy as props. Porsha was coming for her either way. How convenient was it for her to black out and not remember anything until seeing Nene standing over her after it was all over. Kind of backfired on her. If you are so mentally upset that you can’t remember what you’ve done, what’s to stop it from happening again? It was a good thing she started throwing her temper tantrum and saying she had embarrassed herself. I was half expecting Nene to smother her with those big beefy hands of hers trying to keep Porsha from letting the cat out of the bag about her and Phaedra’s part in all of it. What I think I have figured out that all of us have been discussing are the lines on Porsha’s face in her mugshot. The way the production guy picked her up twice and carried her out of rooms made her look like a ventriloquist dummy. So that’s what those lines were. It’s just like on a dummy’s face. Lol

  66. Isa

    I am in complete shock everyone is Team Porsha over this mess. All these viewers are pretending Porsha did not insult Kenya with some nasty words and snatching scepters and making faces and all of that. Porsha had 5 seconds of hair pulling and Kenya still got up and walked off like a queen (either she’s gone or I’m gone) while Porsha was kicking her legs on the floor crying like she’s the victim. I believe that’s why many of the viewers were team Porsha, they ‘sympathized’ with her because she cried her ass off. I’m still upset viewers are saving she was provoked when all Nene, Porsha and Phaedra did was make faces, throw shade, and say some disgusting things to her going as low as involving her dog. Have you seen the videos Kandi posted on Instagram? That ghetto trash proved herself unworthy of Kenya’s respect, and to think Kenya invited her to Velvet’s memorial and there’s Kandi mocking her death. DISPICABLE!

    • A

      You are so right on all points.

    • yd14

      What did the videos show? I don’t instagram! Lol. I think Kandi is upset because last year Kenya did call her fat. Kenya denied it at the reunion but she did.

    • Remember when RHOA was looked at so differently from other housewives franchises for not ganging up one individual, those days came to a close after last night. ALL these housewives shows live for the gang up mentality or defending a person with blind eyes. I’ll never understand it. Yet there are certain fans that don’t make the situation better not calling them out over their horse crap.

    • lori

      I’m not on Instagram. What did kandi post?

  67. A

    Porsha told andy to smell her fake breasts???? How disgusting and rude.
    Porsha clearly was 100% at fault for this attack on kenya. No one or anything touched porsha. Bravo please get rid of mr. Nene. She really think everyone and everybody is beneath her. Why is phaedra constantly saying she is gonna slap the dog mess out of kenya?? Fake phaedra you aren’t going to slap anyone. You need to focus on your criminal husband. Cynthia
    Is the only one with class and self respect. She doesn’t
    Need friends like mr.nene.

    • bkisses

      Nene was so full of herself did you see the way she talked down to Andy …with attitude like Nene’s no producer will hire her on their show.. she is a risk.

    • Teerii

      Did you hear Kenya’s response to Phaedra’s remarks about somebody wrapping that scepter around your neck? Kenya said, “it won’t be you besides you are too short to reach it!!! I hollered!!

  68. KeepingItRealfortheRHOA

    First, Porsha is an alley cat and foolish. She came to the reunion with a whole lot to say, which I found to be unprofessional and unladylike. Who speaks of another woman’s vagina and call it rotten? Only someone who has no relevance and trying to pick a fight. She interrupted Kenya each and every time she tried to speak, although Kenya was trying to answer Andy questions. Porsha looked ridiculous, with those breasts sitting under her chin, and had the nerve to ask Andy if he wanted to smell them. Why smell fake breasts? The question was a testament of her inability to communicate effectively.
    Secondly, she was the threat. Kenya had a scepter and bullhorn, however, she used the bullhorn as a measure to let Porsha know that she would not be spoken over, and her voice could become louder than Porsha. Porsha was raising her voice at a loud pitch to drown out Kenya, I would have used a bullhorn on the crazy bitch. She snatched the scepter out of Kenya’s hand, and threw it to the floor, which she wasn’t touched with it. That item belonged to Kenya and Porsha actions was unnecessary. How would she have like for Kenya to throw something down, belonging to her? She communicated a threat to stick the scepter up Kenya’s ass if it came back onto the stage. Who the hell is she to bully another person? She called Kenya a slut from the 90’s. Porsha was 8 years old in 1990. I wish she would stopped with the outright lies on Kenya. Kenya was crowned Miss USA in the 90s, and if she had been whoring around, believe you and I, the crown would have been pulled. Her reputation was never in question. Porsha knows nothing about Kenya, and should have been learning her multiplication and simple division at this time, however, we all know the outcome of her school days. She just kept threatening Kenya and looking over at Phaedra, and Mr. Ed, in George Washington wig and teeth (Nene), as if the scene was rehearsed. Kenya tried to ignore her foolery.
    Third, Phaedra needs to give it a rest, calling someone a whore, and they don’t have a man. Hell, she is the whore, (didn’t know how many months pregnant she was) and she doesn’t have a man. Chuck Smith basically called her a whore, while Nene said she was the high school’s head doctor, and I don’t mean passing out aspirins. She didn’t get into an argument with him, so I guess she knew it was the truth. Just because someone is married does not mean that they have a man or woman. Apollo is nothing to brag on. She is a delusional, thirsty woman for any man, so that she can feel relevant. I prefer Kenya’s life any day over these three clowns. Nene was a pole dancer and could not come up with no one other than old mac daddy Greg Leakes, another woman’s husband with five children. Her sister gave an interview and leak this information. Nene is such a hypocrite, asking Andy that he now uses her first name, and called him Andrew. If I were Andy, I would dismiss this chick so fast, she would not know what happened. Her attitude is stank and a disrespect to all. She hurried up and jumped down there, on the floor, putting her hands over Porsha’s mouth. I initially thought that she was trying to smother Porsha, until I realized she was keeping Porsha from spilling the truth on her and Phaedra. How awful to set someone else up to do your dirty work. I wish Andy get the truth out of Porsha, fire Nene and Phaedra and bring someone else on the show. That would be great.
    Lastly, Porsha didn’t drag anyone anywhere. The guy was trying to get her away from Kenya and as a result of her holding onto Kenya’s hair, everyone were going in that direction. All of that for what, losing your only source of income? Everything Kenya said, Porsha put it out there, playing the victim and trying to destroy Kordell’s reputation. When no one believed her, then, like Phaedra, she became angry.

    • Cammie

      Yes, well said. Your comment makes me wonder if Porsha was supposed to goad Kenya into hitting her, per NeNe and Phaedra’s direction but poor Porsha couldn’t control herself like an adult. NeNe’s hand on the mouth may have been stifling the “I tried to get her to hit me like you said” comment. Lol

  69. bkisses

    what gets me is why Andy went to check on Porsha she wasn’t the one being attacked it was Kenya go to the victim not the abuser.. Kenya was the one attacked he should have checked on her first then went to Porsha …

  70. Jennifer

    I don’t support any of the cast involved in this fiasco. Porsha is emotionally handicapped. Throughout both seasons she demonstrated the inability to intelligently respond to the shenanigans of the Kenya, Nene and Pheadra. The latter two are diabolical and criminal minded. Andy Cohen pimps these women for entertainment. and knows women line up to replace the fired ones. Sad

  71. N Dot

    Porsha is the epitome of when ‘Keeping it Real Goes Wrong.”

    I remember 2 years ago, Wendy Williams said she didn’t understand why Porsha was going on the show. She had a set life for herself; she didn’t need to mess it up with going on the Real Housewives.

    Less than 2 years later, this girl has lost everything she came in with. No husband, no money, no condo, no job, no cell phone, and now an arrest record.

  72. blkgrl

    I have always been voyeur and only read the articles and comments. However, I am compelled to comment this time. If one only looked at the reunion, Porsha had no reason to attack Kenya. If we looks at the last two seasons, we see how Kenya has constantly taunted and bullied Porsha. In my humble opinion, Kenya only goes after the ones she thinks she can beat. She initially went after Cynthia last season but befriended her when she realized she had no one else. She has gone after Nene only in her talking heads and always plays nice to her face. Kenya has not liked Porsha from the first time they met and has continued to go after her every opportunity she gets. I am in no way condoning violence but how much do we really expect Porsha to take?

    Lastly, to say Kenya does not play the victim card is comedic. She has repeatedly taunted Phaedra about Apollo, talked about Kandi’s weight, taken shots at Cynthia and Nene, and was relentless to Porsha. Phaedra cracks on Velvet being her only friends and Kenya claims that’s a low blow. My words to Kenya are, don’t dish it if you can’t take it.

    • 'TheJam'

      Phaedra’s cracks on Velvet are low because the dog is dead.

      Kenya does play the victim – no argument there

      Kenya goes after anyone that she feels has insulted or hurt her. There is no weakest link. Phaedra is a strong adversary and she went toe-to-toe with her, Cynthia’s sister, Nene and Christopher Williams and his wife. Where do you see the “going after the weaker person”.

      Kenya behaved like a fool at Cynthia’s casting on season one, but in no way has ever attacked cynthia personally

      • Happy lyfe

        In my opinion it wasn’t a direct crack on velvet., but more of an insult to kenyas character of not having any other friends.

      • 'The Jam'

        I get that, but making cracks INCLUDING the recently departed TO their loved ones is too much. This chick calls herself burying dogs but doesn’t seem to know that people love their animals like they were kids. I haven’t had a dog since I was a kid, but if someone made that comment involving Laska right after he was poisoned- I dunno I might just go all porsha on ’em. 😉

    • Teerii

      You are unbelievable. Really, this looks and reads like a summation. Never written about this before, unbelievable. Anyway, How would you feel if a stranger invites you to an event under the pretense that they want your input and really don’t?They just want to use your celebrity. And then they resort to attacking your character by saying you belong on the curb and for added measures call you’ashy” because you choose to leave the event? This is where Porsha and Kenya begin, with Kenya graciously accepting her invitation and Porsha’s disgraceful behavior towards her guest.
      Kenya has told everyone to their face she is nobody’s victim, and that she has been disappointed in the way she has been treated by NeNe and Phaedra and their buddies. And frankly so amI.

      • blkgrl

        We obviously watched two different versions of last season. As I recall, Porsha invited Kenya to her event and Kenya was stank face from the beginning. It wasn’t until after their falling out in Antigua that they met for lunch Senate where Kenya continued to belittle Porsha.

        I think many of you fail to realize that Bravo creates these interactions. Kenya attending Porsha’s event was set up by the producers.

      • blkgrl

        Teerii…not quite sure what you are so upset about. This is the first time I’ve ever commented on a blog about anything. I appreciate your compliment that my response reads like a summation. Nonetheless, reading so many ridiculous comments about how Kenya was the victim caused me to comment. My intent was not to hurl insults at people…kinda like you’ve done in response to my comment. Rather, I used this forum to express my opinion.

      • Hii Blkgrl We tend to be pro Kenya on this particular issue because I am of the mindset that Porsha was not in anyway, provoked or attacked and she as clearly the aggressor. I have been zealous in deleting comments from people who say things like “she got what she deserved” or any myriad of other excuses that abusers give to their victims.

        I did not have a problem with you comment because you don’t seem to share the rapid “blame the victim” mentality.

        That said, please understand that many of us here are a bit raw over the whole thing. Plus lots of us are bitches (especially me) so, take it with a grain of salt for now.

        We’ll all be much less agitated soon, and I appreciate your intelligent input even though I disagree with some of your opinons.


        On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 8:22 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Bravogirl24/7

        I’m happy that blkgrl can make an intelligent point. But who am I. I’ll answer that!! NOBODY.

    • kiki80

      I disagree. From their very 1st meeting Porsha displayed jealousy and cattiness toward Kenya. Go back and watch the footage. Her body language was very competitive and insecure. Then to level the playing field Porsha went on and on about being married and having babies since that was the only way to one up Kenya.

      Next, was the whole ‘accidental’ introduction of Kenya as ‘Miss America from 1990 whatever’. Finally, Porsha went in on Kenya MANY times based on age. Nope — Porsha was gunning for Kenya from jump. Some of yall may not remember, but I do.

  73. Katie

    NeNe looked like the Cowntess from PeeWee’s Playhouse. Were they all on Xanax?

  74. myinfo

    It appeared that everyone was so pissed to be at the reunion. There was no joy in the room. Was everyone pissed that Kenya was sitting next to Andy?

    Were they pissed that Kenya is on CA?
    What type of shoes did Porsha have on? When she on the floor or chair it looked like she had on gold slippers?

    • Teerii

      NeNe, Phaedra and Porsha were gunning for Kenya so their attitudes were cocked and sitting on their shoulders. Cynthia is in mourning and disbelief that her relationship with NeNe was not genuine. And Kenya was still grieving the loss of Velvet.
      Kandi was the only one beaming from honeymoon after- glow.

  75. Nelly

    Ok I watched the show and did my rewind twice.
    its really funny to me when Porsha talks about Kenya wanting to be a victim , when clearly
    after her attack she plays the victim.
    Throughout the last two seasons Kenya really never talked about her marriage or talked her out of it like the other girls did
    the only time Kenya talked about her marriage was in Mexico at the table when it was a discussion at the table. How she was gonna fix his reputation.
    Porsha goes out of her way to comment on Kenya’s boyfriend. So does Phaedra. Yet both day she’s jealous.
    Note How Phaedra talks about Kenya having a rental boyfriend. Yet her husband looks more like a rental.
    Porsha, funny how when asked about karma she says she didn’t deserve it, yet after her deforce she talked about her ex like a dog, insinuated he was gay. If it is true about her cheating, thats why she got nothing after the divorce, and would not go to court
    with Kordel. Hummmmmm?????
    Very Funny how Porsha says she is irritated with Kenya, and says Kenya felt threatened by her and Phaedra. Sorry Booboo Kenya or any other woman has no reason to feel threatened by you or Phaedra. One she speaks english and can pronounce her words. Do I have to say more? As far as most of us are concerned, the way her ex talked down to her and how Apollo talks to Phaedra no woman is threatened.
    Ironic how Porsha is playing the victim after the fight, how she’s been through so much. All the while throughout the season the woman refused to film with kenya, after the pillow fight they all blamed kenya and agin they all are around her outside of Cyntha,
    protecting her, not one woman went to Kenya’s way to help her? Im so confused here.
    Porsha looked like a mental patient on the floor, when five people had to come and calm her down and cover her mouth.
    And carry her way.
    Question to Kandi, does that look like the victor of a fight
    To Porsha:
    You should be embarrassed for not Knowing about the underground Rail Road, talking about your ex saying he’s a bitch. Telling the world you are his beard, not pronouncing your words properly or all the way. Not seeing how Nene is playing you.. Talking about another woman’s vagina. Getting fake breast yet can’t spell scepter, singing flat notes in the studio, talking about how old Kenya is yet she looks better that your so called young child woman self. Having no career or education, not getting ishh form your divorce, yet you went to a lawyer, wanting a dressing room and perks on your first play that was gifted to you.
    eating pizza with your mamma and sister on your marital bed. This fight was the least of your embarrassments, what you should have done after the fight was stand up like a woman and own up to it and say yeah, I’ll do it again and walk away, so sorry booboo you let Kenya stand up back straight and walk away.
    Porsha you started the fight yet you end up on the floor crying like a VICTIM.
    Porsha is so stupid she has a fight yet cries like a victim.
    Team twirl

  76. myinfo

    TT love your recap. I watched but reading your recap I realized I missed a lot.

    “Cynthia says she doesn’t know Todd well enough to know if he is an opportunist.””
    WOW, she could have said NO

    There so much tension in room because Cynthia is friendly with Kenya.
    Nene and Cynthnia are not friends.
    Phaedra and Porsha hate Kenya with a passion.
    Best Line: Kenya asking Porsha to spell spector. At least there was one laugh

  77. Maya Simone

    ….”First Church of Cunty Hypocrites” LOL Tamara, I just can’t. I just spit my coffee out when i read that. Your ass is hilarious…lol

  78. myinfo

    Who is doing Nene’s makeup? The foundation color was off.
    Was Nene still pissed because Bravo gave her the so called bad edit?
    Was Kenya in her dressing room calling 911 and that is why they did not show her?
    Can’t wait for next week. This season has been off the chain.

  79. Sarahj

    Omg!!! TT you are officially my fav blogger now!!! You are refreshing, zesty & hilarious!!! Well done!!!!

  80. Storm

    TT something about this brawl doesn’t ring true. It seems staged. Why wasn’t Apollo fired after his violent outburst?

  81. London Void

    I see that we are all on the Kenya train. Now don’t get me wrong Porsha should have handled herself a little better, but I remember last year Kenya was on that, I’ll beat a pregnant women down talk. Looks like all that mouth had no back up. I don’t feel bad for either ladies. Andy didn’t have much to say to Kenya, because he didn’t really feel bad for her. And I honestly don’t think she is or will be fired for that fight. Trust that isn’t the first fight they had on Bravo and it won’t be the last.

    • Cammie

      Needless to say, or maybe not? There is quite a difference between saying something and actually doing something. Did she actually beat a pregnant woman? I missed that episode. I don’t think Kenya can’t back up her mouth, I think she’s smart enough not too and that’s why you’ll continue to hear her mouth on TV, while Porsha’s future TV time will now be limited to reruns of ‘The Top 10 Stupidest Moves By Reality TV Stars’.

      • Teerii

        I agree.You need to read Kenya’s latest press release. she will tell you what she can do and why she did not approach that door with Porsha. Also did you see how Kenya just leaped up off the floor in one movement in a ballgown and gave Porsha the 411 on her future, you’re Gone!!!! And Phaedra threatened Kenya first and Kenya let her know, don’t think you can come for me and hide behind your pregnancy, if you are foolish enough Phaedra to go there. That scene was all in Phaedra’s court,going no where!!!!

    • grandma koi

      Let us not forget that Phaedra also threatened to wrap Kenya’s scepter around her neck. Look folks, you can speak foul, trashy unspeakable words 8 days a week And, they may even be PERCEIVED as threats even though in most cases it’s just talking shi$t. The bottom line is this. Kenya used her words to battle with the bitches and the dumb one could not control her emotions resulting in a PHYSICAL assault. Forget about Brandon and Appollo, they are non mutha freaking factors who are not on contract with Bravo. For all of you Porsha fans, I’d be willing to bet the farm if someone struck you or one of your smart mouth kids you’d call the POlice faster than you can remember the number 9-1-1.
      Porsha allowed Nene the trollop as in horse, and Phaedra the head doctor, who really knows how to give it (advice)

  82. Nelly

    Funny how people love to call Kenya crazy, yet after the fight, she gets up, looking fab and gives her ultimatum and then walks away. Porsha is on the floor like a mental patient with someone’s hand over her mouth.

  83. 'The Jam'

    Why does everyone who condones violence start out by saying ” I don ‘t condone violence”? TRUTH: I don’t insult people but saying ” I don’t condone violence but I woulda beat her ass” is basic on at least three levels. THREE!

  84. equinox2009

    Aside from the Porsha and Kenya, I am absolutely mortified at NENES attitude from the very first minutes of the reunion! Talk about ratchet. She acted like she was some important “actress” and couldn’t be bothered She had a puss that would stop a train. She was thrilled that Porsha lost it! I got news for NENE, she is not all that!

  85. Urethra Franklin

    What’s wrong with being a slut in the 90’s? Oh I miss the good ole days.

  86. Cassie

    Porsha, Porsha, Porsha, I said it before and I will say it again. Porsha did not have time to recover from that shock of a divorce. She should have gotten off reality tv but it is a seducer. She needed the check and the attention but she has not been prepped to play the game. She is getting bad advice. She should have told Kenya how she really felt. Kenya, you are older I need help I am falling into the abyss. Kenya, being the nice girl, because if you notice she only attacks if someone is attacking her. Kenya would have stopped all of that and tried to be supportive. Porsha is making a lot of bad decisions just look at the breast way to big for her body. It is apparent that Porsha did not feel a need to apologize. Bad mistake. She should have taken the time to fly to New York and speak to Kenya and just apologize for her behavior she did not have to elaborate. Kenya probably would not have pressed charges. I believe they will all be back on the show we will just have to wait and see next November or when they start filming this summer. Kenya is also letting this get out of hand. If she would just tone it down a bit. Not all the way because I need the laughter lets face it she and Nene does the most in the shade department. Phaedra please get something else to say besides whore this and that. Please and go and check you count because you just might be a whore. Khandi don’t know if your people check this site don’t start that it will make you look bad and you are most of our favorite housewife. The instagram mocking I have not seen it so I don’t know if it’s true. Don’t do it you are an accomplished business don’t go all ghetto. Looking forward to the rest of the reunion.

  87. SaraK

    I don’t get it. People are defending Porshe by bring up other violence on other Housewives shows. Here is the bottom line…it is unacceptable. Should .bravo have drawn the line sooner…yes. Does that mean that I am mad at them for drawing it here No. This same line…you don’t touch someone else in anger…should be applied to all shows.

  88. harrison

    Most of the housewives have made threats this isn’t the first last reunion Kenya said she would beat up a pregnant phaedra there all hypocrites including Kenya

    • I agree harrison, this wasn’t the first reunion where threats have been issued and won’t be the last. Kenya and Porsha are a bit off in their own ways and neither was acting ladylike, respectful, or considerate of themselves or the woman sitting between them.

    • Holly Burnett

      Nobody got out of their seats and was thrown to the ground. Words words are always thrown no doubt but Kenya has been accused for 2 seasons for giving fakedra husband a blowjob inventing a whole storyline to make Kenya look like she was trying to break up someone family that’s low and disgusting, Kenya threatened her! Oh well if your gonna set someone up make sure you can handle the trash back.

  89. Enough Already

    The guy that carried Porsha off was the executive producer…Carlos King…

  90. kb

    Porsha should be allowed to apologize and come back. Cynthia should be on the chopping block if anyone. But I feel the cast itself works.

    • Unfortunately I must agree with you. If any changes are made, Bravo’s rating could go south.

      • Holly Burnett

        Andy giving a pay cheque for what? Dead weight?Come on now ththat’s not how buisness works these shows will prosper no matter what and firing Cynthia? What’s wrong with your head next season I’m so excited to see Kenya and Cynthia vs nene cause Kandi and Phaedra have nothing!!

  91. Here is a little treat for reading this far into the comments!

    • Holly Burnett

      Love it!! Masterpiece somebody needs to link this to porshas TL!!

      • Nobody needs to link from here to any Housewife. Please do not include me in any tweeting activity with housewives.

        On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 1:47 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • lori

      What do you make of him saying that Porsha was told she was fired BEFORE the reunion?

    • LisaLisaDiva

      BAAAHAAAWAAHAAA….Get NeNe some reverse liposuction please!! This dude gives life seriously. Nene’s dress did look like tri-tone pepto bismol expiration 2002.

    • O.O

      Thanks that was hysterical.

    • Oh Jesus Harold Christ on rubber crutches – am completely sharing this and giving both this man and you TT credit on FB, Twitter, and Tumblr. Cheers!

    • Teerii

      Brilliant!!! except using the gay “F” word!!! I don’t think that’s socially acceptable, is it?

      • If you ask the word police no. If you care you may want to request of words we are not longer allowed to use. Frankly, it’s my biggest pet peeve when people suddenly declare words off limits. It just makes me use them more.

        On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 8:51 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • 'The Jam'

        He’s gay so If it applies to you’re group I think it’s okay. It’s like me using the ” N ” word or nene Leakes using the term ” Moose”. See what I did there? :-)

      • Please, so may gays use call each other faggots. I have been a fag hag all my life, and now some 12 year olds have decided the term is fruit fly and fag hag is now deemed derogatory. Whatever. Change it after my life time dickwads.

        I’m a fag hag. Not a fruit fly. I do not subscribe to changes in the rules of terminology where one word is suddenly evil because some PC group decides it is degrading. Same thing with retard. There is a huge campaign on that word which at one time was a medical term, along with moron and idiot. three words based on different levels on an IQ test. These days you can mock stupid people by calling them an idiom all day long but the word RETARD causes people to go into full blown seizures. WHY? Insulting someone’s IQ is insulting their IQ. the ride the short bus, the are retards, they are morons, they are idiots, they are stupid, whatever terminology one uses it all leads to the same place. To try to say that insults developmentally disabled, otherly abled, special needs, or whatever you want the politically correct word to be is ridiculous.


        I shall point them out using whatever terminology feels appropriate at the time.

        On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 12:22 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • While calling them an idiom may be verboten as well at this point, I meant calling them an idiot.

      • Teerii

        TT, thanks for the FYI. LOL! Just wanted to know what I can laugh out loud about without feeling too guilty. This guy is hilarious!!!!

  92. sequoia

    Did Porsha actually change her dress when she got her makeup retouched? That doesn’t seem like the action of somebody who was beside herself with grief, horror, revulsion and disbelief that they had just pummeled a fellow cast mate and had to be carried off set, sobbing and babbling. It doesn’t matter how much time passed before Andy came to her dressing room. It’s not normal behavior.

  93. Holly Burnett

    It’s irritating me reading comments so blatantly stupid. First there are fights on the shows but the reunion is difBS rent everyone understands to keep your seat and talk out all differences from the season. Andy sitting there being involved in this is what he seems disrespectful and gross. Has nothing to do with what they want to film on their own time.

    Porsha has done and humiliated Kenya all season it’s a damned joke to think it was provoked she yelled all kinds of BS. Called her a whore talked about her vagina and how she has to pay a man while everyone smiled and giggled at her. Kenya mentions kordell and all hell breaks loose she afraid of something? Dumb people accusing Kenya is rediculous and Kandi is only supporting Porsha because of her play porsha has a part in Kandi play she doesn’t want it tainted now.

    Last thing nene retweeted last night “Fuck the reunion” then went on with watch matchmaker and DWTS I think Andy is not going to like this be prepared for another bad edit for nene next season

  94. The Alanta wives franchise is over for me. It’s become an embarrassment, small minded, extremely mean and is no longer entertaining at least for me.
    Kenya is the only one that knows this is a TV show and has little emotional involvement. The show is not who she is. Kandi and Cynthia have lives away from the show but for the others the show has become their identity.
    Of course, Porsche assaulted Kenya and it was within Kenya’s rights to report the attack. Kenya had the choice to not report the assault also.
    Nene, Phaedra and Porsche continually threw nasty remarks at Kenya so she had no reason to show kindness to Porsche.
    I can’t stand Phaedra’s mouth/remarks and her jealousy. Same with Nene, horrible attitude. Two women that have become very ugly because of their attitudes.
    Porsche is so lost and emotionally broken but she will carry on just as she has been. I’m thinking Porsche is intelligent enough that in tim, this will be a lifelong learning experience in so many ways.
    Guessing I wrote the obvious.

  95. Tanya Tamara

    I love this blog! Finally!! Decent folks with good home training, morals and common flippn sense! Porsha is straight ratchet! Kenya just served Porsha and Phaedra with the same tea they brought with them all season. She needs to go…

  96. LisaLisaDiva

    I think Cynthia is going to get a contract renewal, she’s no more boring than Phaedra or Kandi, plus we get to see the sparks fly as the Kenya/Cynthia and Phaedra/Kandi’s friendships excludes of NeNe. Yes more shade and more tea is coming on season7. Hmmmmm…I wonder who’s going to replace pitifully played Porsha for the new season.

  97. Sunny days

    Seriously the best part of the reunion was when kenya said, “I’d like porsha to spell scepter….we’ll wait.” That was hilarious! As for the fight, I noticed that phaedras dress was gorgeous from the back. The fight is not surprising to me – stupid people resort to stupid. BUT – do I want to see porsha back on rhoa – yes- bc u know when kenya has to film with her – she will have the stank face for sure!!

  98. Truthseeker

    Mama Joyce is on HLN sounding very ignorant speaking about the fight.

  99. yd14

    I’m still trying to figure out why Kenya seems to want Nene’s approval so badly. It’s like an abusive relationship. They clearly are not friends yet she randomly tells her man to approach Nene on the street? I’m just baffled by that.

    • Truthseeker

      This took place before the last reunion when Kenya and Nene were on better terms because Nene was in LA working on The New Normal. Nene was happier then because she thought she was on her way to Hollywood and leaving RHOA behind.

  100. Ktina

    Did anyone else notice that the scepter was the end of a curtain rod?

  101. Truthseeker

    Porsha’s supporters have gotten so desperate they are not calling the props weapons. I can’t deal with that crowd.

  102. Ms1Dimple

    Well, this certainly a different take on reunion that I’ve read anywhere today. It’s what makes the world go around different opinions.

    If course Porsha was wrong and we all know she’t not the “sharpest knife in the drawer”. I don’t think Kenya should have been allowed to bring “props”. I may have waited until we got outside around the corner in the back alley. Loll ( just kidding) Nene’s stank face is too much this heffa is delusional and really thinks she’s a star ( it’s a little sad) Finally Cynthia is punched enough to see Nene is not her friend unless she’s getting her A** kissed. I’m very happy for Kandi, and I think Cynthia is very classy. Looking forward to the rest of the reunion installments.

  103. Truthseeker

    Porsha should have to make a PSA telling kids to stay in school so that you won’t wind up uneducated, violent, and arrested like her.

  104. HannahKingRose

    We all know that Porsha is going to be needing a new job now. I think I’ve come up with the perfect job for her…VENTRILOQUIST DUMMY. The way Carlos King was carrying her around last night and the strange marks on her mouth in her mugshot show she has potential. Plus she won’t have to actually say anything .

  105. lori

    Geez… if I have to read one more person say “I don’t condone violence BUT…” – There should be a period at the end of the sentence, not the word “but”, or don’t even bother saying it. If there is “but” following “I don’t condone violence”, then you DO condone violence.

  106. Tamara, thanks for the recap! I did not watch the “RHOA Reunion” show because I do not condone violence. I could not bear to see Porsha drag Kenya by her hair. So, I went for a run on the beach instead.

    I am surprised that so many people in the media are Team Porsha. I appreciate your honest point of view.

  107. VV

    Actually, the way these harpies scream and yell over each other, I thought the bullhorn was a clever prop!:)

  108. Truthseeker

    Kenya is a genius. She discovered the only way to shut Porsha up was to request a spelling bee. You could hear a pin drop when she requested that Porsha spell scepter.

  109. Bliss

    I just have to say Nene’s wig made Kim’s season 1 hair look real. It looked like hair from a Thumbelina doll with some wierd bronze paint around the hairline.

    Secondly, I am officially on Team Twirl now. Kenya has all them bitches dancing for her while she pulls the puppet strings. She has been a breath of badly needed fresh air for this sagging franchise. I’m already looking forward to next season! :)

  110. Bliss

    Also it seems that Porsha went to the a Jodi Arias school of excuses. Apparently she was afflicted with a terrible case of transient global amnesia which blocked all memories of said altercation.

  111. Cammie

    Of course, I haven’t read all the comments YET, but I have to say, yet again…Kordell watched this and was smiling ear to damn ear. No one can blame him one little iota for leaving this bag of crazy, stomping her feet like a 5 year old and blaming someone else for HER ACTIONS. That is beyond immature, it’s mental, period. If I were her I’d be using a home grocery delivery service for a couple years.

    I can just hear NeNe and Phaedra egging Porsha into this with a who’s gonna hit her first gets the glory set of lines. Completely over Phaedra’s sick hypocrisy. Did she really have the sac to say no one has claimed she’s involved with Apollo’s fraud? Next she’s going to say her lawsuit against Angela Stanton was a figment of everyone’s imagination. I’m completely over NeNe’s with her ginormas ego too. Tuck it up woman, a D list acting career and a HSN 19pc clothing line does not make you Halle Berry and you’re playing with a box of rocks upstairs if you think alienating your fans before you’ve gotten to that level is a smart move..but then that’s the issue, she thinks she’s there.

  112. Sam

    Hi Tamara, i’m Sam from London,UK this is my first encounter with your blog. I actually stumbled upon it because I wanted to know what was up with NeNe’s attitude last night as she seemed oddly aloof. Well, I’ve got to say I haven’t laughed at a piece of writing like I did today in so long. I don’t know if you realize it but you are ridiculously funny. “That retard strength kicked in” LMAO.

  113. I hope someone stabbed you in the throat mid-post.

    • I do too, but sadly I deleted her before I saw your post.

      On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 7:49 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • crazy nutbars came out of the woodwork. They mostly have no idea what to say when someone gives it back to them. I just realized that there are a lot of crazy people who tweet celebrities constantly and expect no repercussion or response. What the what?? Anyway, way off topic. But that was a revelation. I mean I knew people tweet nasty shit to celebs. But I had no idea that they’d be such pussies when calked cunts. Kind of like here when people say all kinds of personal shit about celebrities but are appalled if someone says BOO to them.

      • I know. People actual whine when they get blocked on twitter as if the person they are bitching at is obligated to read their horseshit.

        I must admit I do feel bad that a lost ONE someone in the firefight last night to friendly fire, but I think I made it really clear I wasn’t going to tolerate any excuses for Porsha’s psychotic behavior especially the ridiculous idea that that Nene and Phaedra and Kandi dreamed up that it was because of “props.” I just can’t.

        On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 8:02 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Weird! Half of that went missing. It started with:
        that’s ok. I been having too much fun on twitter. Kenya retweeted a description I tweeted to her about nene’s “look” of the evening…commence to the part about crazies coming out of the woodwork…

      • Ha I saw that on Kenya’s TL today when I was stalking her for CA (I have new spoilers I just don’t have time tonight to blog them).

        You save all your best work for twitter. Then again, if you posted them here then people would praise you and I know you live for the tards who come for you on twitter. I’ll have to go take a look.

        On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 8:06 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • lori

        Awww, too bad you deleted the original comment. With teecee’s response, that was the funniest thing I read all day.

    • lori

      That is too funny teecee!

  114. Nelly

    After the fight yes, I had flash backs of the wizard of oz, when she was stomping her feet, than had a flash back of the body guard when the man carried her away like a baby.

  115. MicroOp

    So, I want to know… Did Porsha cheat on kordell? It sure would make a lot of sense! I was shocked she didn’t fight for a better settlement…

  116. yd14

    I keep seeing comments where people think this is Kenya’s show. Ok people get the glare out of your eyes. She’s a cast member. This is an ensemble cast. She cannot carry the show by herself! Name one thing that she did this season by herself that was interesting. Velvet’s funeral??? They all play off of each other. Also there is a reason Nene is the highest paid housewife… it won’t happen. But keep dreams alive though.

    • I’ve read nearly 500 comments today (most of which were not put through) and I don’t see any that claim this is Kenya’s show. She is just the one that brought the GOOD drama this season, while Nene incited brawls on the season and behind the scenes of the reunion.

      On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 11:03 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  117. What the Crazy He double L was up with Nene’s hair??? She has bronze powder or something all over the front and then a fake bright Barbie blond bun clipped on the back- someone send her a real stylist!!!

  118. Shaun

    I am going to guess that Porsha has had a lot of people make fun of her over Kordell. I bet her moma talked a lot with her about people laughing. If anyone noticed right before Porsha snapped everyone seemed to be enjoying Kenya. When Kenya was putting together the bull horn, they were laughing, when Kenya first pointed the scepter at Porsha, they laughed and said Kenya was a clown. When Kenya told her to spell, everyone around the world laughed. I believe that when Kenya said those last words Dumb Ho over her portable PA system, Porsha did black out, like Carrie with the pig blood, everything was blurry and she kept hearing their all going to laugh at you, at that point her brain made Kenya move around.

  119. Nene and Phaedra are so ghetto!!! It’s a mockery that Phaedra who waited for released prisoners by the side of the road to marry her, would seriously taunt a person on matrimony!!! Nene has no style. Did she come in her h her house gown?? that looked horrendous. As for the glued on two headed monster of a wig….ughhhh I cant.

  120. Porsha, now i know why Kordell left this dumb chick. My God. Scepter and septic tank are not in the same semantic family. Come on. Would you let this stupid 30 something old woman next to your child??? Bye Porsha.

  121. Daniel

    This is not Bad Girls Club, nor the streets. These women should be able to speak their mind and express their opinion without having to be in defense-mode. Kenya was caught off guard.
    I’m always trying to break up girl fights in my office, but never taking sides. I just feel like most women go through, and have been through so much, they should not be so vicious against each other. No woman deserves to be pulled by her hair.
    Porsha disgusts me. If she’s on the next season, I will fast forward through all her clips.
    On a side note, watching this happen to Kenya on the reunion made me write and FedEx a letter to my mother letting her know that she has to answer to god for all the physical abuse my older sister had to endure by my mom.
    Women need to band together.

  122. Karma

    After your DVR but out Andy told psycho Porsha it’s best for her to go home & relax but at a point she will have to apologize to Kenya.

    What the hell was up NeNe ass that face of hers couldn’t get screwed up anymore i don’t know wth these ladies ate smoked or drank but they came out very hostile exp for Kandi & Cynthia.

    Porsha bomb job looks so fake & weird bet she regrets getting em now that she has no Bravo say check coming LMFAO serves her right.

    Back to NeNe i used to really like NeNe even ur to the reunion (not as much as before) but she’s just lost it she thinks she some sort of a Hollywood mega star and a legend.

    NeNe honey you’re 15mins will soon be over you’re acting like a Diva i call BS on her turning down so many roles worth millions you’ve got NOTHING girl so stop talking shit.

    So gladannoying Porsha has gone she had no storyline anyway good riddens Porsha use the spare time you now have to grow the f**k up & get educated on everything

    Porsha mum & family have to stop enable

  123. khintx

    I choked on my drink when Phaedra claimed there is no indictment, just a “complaint” Porsha aint right. I thought Nene was going to suffocate her right on national TV. That was so bizarre. Porsha getting carried from place to place is also unexplained. I guess Porsha someone told Porsha she is such an accomplished actress she could pull this off and claim blackout.? Bitch please. She was getting ready to go back out and rejoin the reunion? This whole thing was bizarre. Cynthia was truly shocked. Kenya came ready to bring the entertainment. You go Kenya. Someone has to. kh

  124. Isa

    They officially banned props at reunions. I think Bravo is reacting on all the dumb Porsha fan reactions rather than what is RIGHT. Are we the only bunch who see that Kenya is NOT at fault for this?! People are acting like Porsha did NOT put her hands on Kenya and did NOT attack her verbally and physically. I wouldn’t say what Kenya did was bullying or verbal attacking. They excuse Porsha’s actions because a lot of viewers do not like Kenya and they know Porsha is dead wrong and this is a point of no return. They wanted someone to physically harm Kenya because they can’t stand her because she puts them in their place verbally. Bravo better take Kenya’s side on this and that props ban should be the last step they take against anything Kenya did. This is ridiculous!

  125. natalie

    Everything but the actual hair pull seemed completely staged and badly acted…. I mean why would someone carry Porsha…..and Andy’s little talk with Porsha afterwards…just really fake and emotionless…

    • Teerii

      Maybe you should ask the Police who charged Porsha with assault about how Real it was. And ask Porsha if she was Really in the police station in Atlanta,Georgia getting finger printed and taking a mug shot.

      • natalie

        true that…still seemed phony and staged, more emotion and passion here in comment section of a blog than between those women. Maybe they should call the show…females from ATL…

  126. Daniel

    Also, considering who her grandfather was, and what he stood for; it’s obvious he had no impact on Porscha.
    Aside from the hair pulling, Porsha not pursuing higher education, becoming a video hoe, showing up to the reunion with TJ titts (bad breast implants purchased in Tijuana), then offering Andy to smell them, thinking there are 265 days in a year, knowing nothing about the underground rail road; Porsha is not her grandfathers granddaughter, simply put.
    NOW if you let word out that there is a professional athlete in the Underground Railroad somewhere, damn heffa Chaka Khan (holding a large pizza of course) will sniff him out and send her daughter to marry him.
    Porsha go read a book.. Start with Dr. Seuss.

    • yd14

      Porsha is definitely an idiot no dispute there but being a video ho if a criticism for her should be for Kenya as well. She did that type of work back in the day. Additionally she started the day talking about being offered dick everywhere she goes. Cynthia an equally beautiful woman smartly points out that she does not get offered dick everywhere she goes. Just saying that to say all of these women are a mess (maybe except Cynthia). Kenya does not get a pass. She is as low class as the rest.

  127. Daniel

    Nene on twitter saying Kenya had nothing to lose & would do anything for $2..
    Who’s talking about “anything for $2”?? Nene was stripping In some barn 15 years ago.
    I’m sure there were times guys did not even come close to tipping $2. I’m sure many threw bus tokens, quarters & nickels, maybe some lint from their pockets.. I’m sure she gave lap dances for close to $2.
    So, who will do anything for $2??
    Nene will always be that chick from Season 1 with rotten teeth, bad weave, living in a home without the owners consent, car getting repo’d from Home Depot, son stealing from Wal-mart.
    Nene, don’t forget from where you came; you’ll be back soon as a freak show 60 year old stripper.

  128. MareW

    Finally!!!! You get it! I am sick of everyone feeling bad for Porsha! I am sick of the excuses everyone is making for her.

  129. A

    Why are people so impressed with nene? She wants to call kenya a bully but what about how she constantly bullied kim, even to the point of chocking her.

    If kenya leaves the show, I won’t be watching. Kandi is a joke. Phaedra has no storyline whatsoever and is really useless. Nene wants people to think
    That Hollywood is beating down her door just begging her. She probably could be cast in a role of big foot

  130. Snookums Lynn

    I finally watched this!

    I disagree with much I’ve read…not this thread but opinion pieces

    Kenya was an ass and Andy was eating that shit up! Andy encouraged it and Kenya was feeling ENCOURAGED by it. It was showing in her shitty attitude.

    Nene and Porsche were absolutely getting to her.

    Porsche was embarrassed because she really did get in over her head. She started sounding kinda articulate and was speaking up for herself as well as she can. Kenya was doing the fool and the poor child got frustrated.

    Porsche should have kept her hands to herself!

    But if she was gonna go there I would have preferred a good old Hollywood slap, rather than slamming Kenya floor bound by the head!

    I love when she said she blacked out, that’s the actress. She came back quick; Nene and Phaedra talked her off the ledge.

  131. A

    Kenya is the only reason to watch rhoa.

  132. SilkyMay

    It really pisses me off to the highest level of pisstivity that Bravo fell for this stanning PR BS! I believe this is Nene and Phaedra’s attempt to save Porsha’s job because they geeked Porsha up to fight Kenya and got her fired. Notice they’re friends with most of ATL’s gossip/blogging community. They Basicly leaked the reunion lying about the details brain washing folks to believe that Kenya was waving sex toy in Porsha’s face and taunting her about Kordell’s sexuality/beard comments. They Basicly brainwashed social media with their biased twisted views and opinions of the reunion before it even aired. If they ban props, they need to make people sign gag orders and keep bloggers away from the reunion and any cast mate who leaks info about the reunion should be fired or fined. You can’t out slick a can of oil and I may have been born at night, but I stayed up. Phaedra and Nene are as shady as they come and are will to do anything to get Kenya off the show and the props thing is just another smokescreen/attempt. Shame on Bravo for falling for the banana in the tailpipe.

    • I am not sure I even really understand this comments, but simply based on the phrase, “to the highest level of pisstivity” it gets 5 Tamara Tattles Tokens.

      It’s true Andy has always loved and encouraged the props, but they have now been banned from the reunion. This is just like when the principal takes monkey bars off the playground because some clumsy kid breaks an arm.

      On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 11:03 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • SilkyMay

        I was responding to a comment above about Bravo banning props, but my comment ended up way down here and the auto correct on my phone hates me…

        BUMP ALL THAT….

        I GOT TOKENS! Yay Me!

  133. Evelyn

    IMO, Kenya brought the bullhorn in preparation for Nene. Nene has been known at other reunions and through the seasons to get in your face to out talk and yell over her adversaries. Remember no one on the platform at other reunions could get a word in edgewise. Kenya via her talks with Marlo had found out that Nene did not like her and was out to make her life miserable. But instead, as you said, Nene and Phaedra had gotten into dumb Porsha’s head. Porsha of course, being a retard, and has always been disrespectful to Kenya; kept interjecting herself into conversations that had nothing to do with her, making up lies, talking about gossip from a non-credible website, saying nasty things, and talking over Kenya. Kenya of course, had to pull out the bullhorn to tell her to STFU. It is not good that poor dumb Porsha had to associate herself with evil Nene & Phaedra. And of course the scepter was to let Nene know that she is the queen; and Kenya is in fact a former beauty queen.

    • I’m having flashbacks of when NeNe was on Celebrity Apprentice and practically ate Star Jones face and tried to rip LaToya a one. I never liked NeNe before CA, or ever, but I detested her when I saw what a classless, big mouth bully she was. And quit like the coward she really is. NeNe using the bully word is shocking. Her fifteen minutes is lasting too long for me, but I will be watching when she falls from the tower.

  134. roiluv

    Porsha not taking responsibility for her actions, manipulating, lying, using and scamming others is a genetic family trait. They have that I am the victim act down to a science. Just Google Hosea Williams and DUI, also Hosea Feed the Hungry wedding email and Hosea Feed The Hungry tax dispute. Porsha is her grandfather’s granddaughter. She does not come from an affluent family legacy. Her behavior is a glaring truthful reflection of her family values.

    A portion of Hosea Williams legacy in Atlanta is that he was a known drunk who had repeated DUI’s, fled the scene of car accidents, had repeated arrest for drunk driving, ran a scam charity where they played bingo and he used alot of the proceeds from that scam charity to chase women and fathered several children outside his marriage.Those outside children from one of his girlfriends now run Hosea Williams Bail Bonds company, which Hosea Williams allegedly founded as a result of his repeated drunk driving arrest.

    Also, the family charity/foundation have been accused repeatedly of scamming donors because the charity was all over the news stations and in the newspapers and being investigated in Atlanta a couple of years ago for misusing (stealing) donor funds, asking donors to give money for a lavish wedding for one of their family members and not paying taxes.

    Please stop the “great” legacy talk.

  135. I think the biggest highlight for me with this reunion was two things….Porsha calling out Kenya and saying she plays the victim too much….I almost lost my dinner….If anyone is playing victim all season long, it was Ms Porsha “look at me” Stewart. Up until Andy sent her stupid as home, this girl was still blaming Kordell for her behavior. The second thing was dude carrying her around like she had been wounded…her character, her reputation perhaps, but physically wounded….me don’t think so. I mean she looked soooooo pathetic, so bad and he made her look worse!! LOLOLO

  136. Philly Finest!

    I keep reading about all these people supporting Porsha cause she was bullied by Kenya. Seriously! If Kenya raised her hand to Porsha then I would be inclined to agree that she got what was coming to her. Truth be told! Kenya didn’t do anything ,but run her mouth. Porsha was dishing it but she couldn’t take it. hope she do gets fired to teach her valuable lesson that keep your hands to your self unless someone actually lay hands on you, and get rid of the victim act.

  137. I love your commentary.I only heard of your site today but I love the fact that you do not cater to those that hate Kenya.

    I can’t stand Phaedra and she said some really mean things to Kenya out of jealousy and Kenya just ignored her.Porsha is just a dummy that keeps on giving.Both birds love to look their noses down on Kenya because they don’t know her personal business.Neither Phaedra or Porsha can give any advice on men. One married an ex jailbird who is soon to become a jailbird again. The other agreed to be an undercover gay dude’s beard…

    Team Kenya….

  138. Valerie

    I want a scepter, I need a scepter, I am getting a scepter.

  139. Espi

    On a lighter note.. The seating arrangement was a dispute before the cameras rolled too! Phaedra was scheduled to sit next to Phaedra and Cynthia at the end. Porsha at the tip next to kandi. Could explain all the eye rolling and tense atmosphere. That tantrum from Phaedra set all the defensiveness off. I would have loved to see that set up!

  140. Keya

    Awesome post!

  141. Missy

    Well we know what team you’re on–your blog is so one-sided against Porsha! I will agree that the fight never should have happened, but if Porsha gets kicked off the show, then every husband that participated in the fight with Brandon, NeNe for choking Kim and the incident on the bus, and several housewives from the other franchises who have had fights need to go as well. It is very hypocritical of Bravo to say they have a zero tolerance for violence and fire Porsha, and allow everyone else to stay!

    • Wow you are so astute! Yes, I am one sided against Porsha, she’e a moron video vixen evangelist idiot with the education of a third grader on her best day. She handles adversity by getting fake tits and suggesting her gay boss smell them. She is currently slandering her husband all over the Internet and playing the victim card. She’s an embarrassement to women everywhere. The fact you feel the need to support her lets me know you are clueless. The husbands do not get paid and are not under contract, nor is Brandon. Have a seat.

    • Brianna

      Porsha was fired before the fight even happened —

      • See, I don’t believe that. I know a lot of people say she was already on the chopping block. And surely she did need to do something interesting at the reunion, they all do really, to secure their spots. BUT this was the highest rated season ever. Andy doesn’t usually monkey with the cast when the ratings are high.

        Up until Porsha showed she was mentally unstable, I think everyone would have come back. But now Andy has a big mess. Word got out that Porsha was fired right away. And she was arrested because of behavior on the set. I am sure he is aware of Nene and Phaedra’s role in the whole mess. So he is pissed with both of them.

        Phaedra is also a problem because of her felonious husband. Nene and Gregg’s mugshots also hit the media this season.

        So now he has a much different show that what he began with. If you remember, RHOA was supposed to be about rich people and their lavish lifestyles. That curtain was pulled back very early. In the first season’s Nene and Gregg were all over the news with bankruptcies and scams. Then Sheree ended up living in a rented condo feeding her kids bologna sandwiches while they slept on air mattresses and the TV mysterious disappeared. Then Apollo is arrested for cashing other people’s Delta retirement checks and frauding dozens of banks. There have been numerous scandals with fake charities And now Porsha has been arrested for battery.

        Andy has a decision to make. Is he going to try to produce The Real Criminals of Atlanta? If so, he can keep the cast he has. Apparently the viewers love the salaciousness of it all. Or he needs to cast some women that actually have some affluence and common sense. The problem with choice 2 is that no wealthy, educated, women of substance would go on this hood rat show.

        On Sun, May 4, 2014 at 11:42 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Brianna

        That’s true but the only reason why I think she was already fired is because even though the RH franchise has turned catty most of the women have used it to make a name for themselves ; whether it be writing a book or opening more businesses then they previously had. The ladies that haven’t done so, have left (or been fired) even brandy wrote a book that I heard was quite successful. Then romona with her wine (these are just a couple exampleS). Porsha’s sole reason for gaining exposure outside Atlanta and on RH was because of Kordell. Now that he’s gone what is her purpose? Ok she was in Kandi’s musical but Kandi (and Todd?) own that. Her music… I’ll let that be. Her hair company?? Anyone with an Instagram can start that. I just think the entire tone of the show is changing from bubbly, air heads to women that can think for themselves (I use that term loosley) and are trying to manage their business and personal lives… More Heathers and less Gretchen’s. I could be wrong but that’s just the pattern I have witnessed.

      • Yes, you have to be using the term very loosely. If you noticed, my support or disdain for all the housewives changes with the seasons and sometimes with the episodes. Up until Porsha went batshit, I thought her stupidity brought a light humor to the show. We loved to point out comments like, “we’re like Siamese cats!” and the whole underground railroad debacle.

        This season, Porsha got a big head, started thinking she was a diva, even when it came to Kandi’s play. That might have gotten her in trouble, but I still say if not for the criminal activity with her and Apollo, I don’t think they would have changed anyone out.

        On Sun, May 4, 2014 at 1:59 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


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