Porsha Williams Assault on Kenya in Picturebook Form For The Porsha Stans

It seems like the Porsha defenders have trouble understanding the story in words. So here is a picture book version of what occurred. Kenya was not in conversation at all with Porsha, she was speaking with Andy when Porsha kept interrupting. Kenya turns to her waving her magic wand and tells her to shut the fuck up and stop talking over here.

Then this happened When Kenya turned her attention back to Andy.

Porsha Williams Mugshot

Somebody mad.

Porsha gets up off the couch and walks over to Kenya cold cocking her in the head and then tries to grap her bullhorn, and her hair. And Andy rushes over to save Kenya while carefully protecting his note cards as a member of production has to physically drag Porsha and carry her happy ass off the set.


Gif Credit: LittlePieceOfDribblePiss /SurvivorSucks

Does that help you Porsha fans at all? Do you get why she is fired now? Assault is a crime. Don’t try and blame Kenya for reporting it. You just look as stupid as she is. The only person to blame for Porsha’s behavior is Porsha. Nobody asked her to whoop Kenya upside the head with a scepter and wrassle her to the floor.


Do I have lipstick on my teeth?

If you want to self identify here as a Porsha fan, don’t come crying to me about it.


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248 responses to “Porsha Williams Assault on Kenya in Picturebook Form For The Porsha Stans

  1. Alicia

    Sooner or later, Kenya was bound to get her butt kicked. She pushed one button too many. I thought it would have been Phaedra to put the smack down on her. Kenya can dish it out but she can’t take it.

    • Jalen

      Did you even comprehend the point of this entire blog post? Kenya didn’t provoke Porsha. Porsha inserted herself when she wasn’t being spoken to. How you completely missed that but commented anyway baffles me.

      • Some people are stupid. I tried pictures. I can’t dumb it down any further.

        On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 1:02 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • spc

        I would like to thank Porsha for shutting up that hideous woman if even for a moment. THANK YOU, PORSHA!!!!

      • marshmel

        So people are stupid for not believing your version of something that hasn’t even aired yet? You don’t have to be directly talking to someone in order to push buttons. Telling someone to shut the F up is probably going to push his/her buttons. The stupid people are the ones who can’t see that Kenya has been begging for an ass kicking from someone for quite some time now. That type of inflammatory behavior is the reason she remains on the show.

      • What type of inflammatory behavior? I thought you said we have not seen anything yet? How do you suppose I accurately reported the story the day after it happened and before any clips were available?

        You real are an ignorant twat bag, aren’t you? Please see yourself out and on to some blog full of idiots like you. There are plenty to choose from. This one is not for you.

        On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 6:36 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Bravogirl24/7

        @marshmel “and that’s why she remains on the show”. And now you can stop typing.

    • denise

      Waiting to see entire thing on Sunday. Bravo has a tendency to edit a certain way to hype the event.

      What I do know is that if someone spent two seasons being extremely rude and dismissive of me and then waved a wand in my face, I probably would have snapped.

      I also think that bravo is responsible for allowing props on stage. How dare any adult use a bullhorn to stop others from talking.

      Anyone of the other women would have done the same thing as porsha especially after dealing with the two years of rude behavior.

      I thought bravo prohibited lawsuits?

      • Kevin, is that you? I answered you on the other post but will repeat myself. NEVER ANSWER YOUR DOOR ON HALLOWEEN! Children will be very dismissive of you, they just want the candy! And will wave their wands in your face while grabbing handfuls.

      • Oh my!


        You are an idiot!

      • Superfan (of Atlanta)

        Using a bullhorn and waving a wand in someone whom you’ve had nothing but ish to say concerning them for 2 seasons is not provoking? I can’t remember Porsha making one remark about Kenya this season on her talking heads but Kenya bashed Porsha and all the other ladies every chance she got. So talking over someone warrants Kenya’s behavior? Porsha is a bird brain but a blind man can see Kenya came on the show with a character and script in mind from the beginning. I know being called by the wrong title didn’t offend her that much nor was it the first time that somebody mixed it up. Heck I don’t know what her real title is and I watch the show faithfully.

    • Kenya hasn’t assaulted anyone. Porsha escalated the confrontation by physically assaulting Kenya. Porsha is wrong. Being an asshole doesn’t mean someone deserves to be assaulted. That is animal behavior.

    • Andy is at fault also for allowing Kenya to bring her little wand. Kenya had no right to be shaking that wand at other’s. Porsha should have kept her cool. She gave Kenya just what she wanted.

      • Wands don’t hurt people, people hurt people!

      • puppylove

        Hi Sharon – I agree with you. Kenya got what she wanted, after all if someone comes after you, now you can sue for MONEY, and I think Kenya is in desperate need of it. We all know Porsha is not the brightest light bulb in the box, but she took all she could I guess and snapped. Even though she wasn’t being talked to. If someone pointed that damn wand in my face and talked to me from a bull horn I would want to smack the crap out of them. One thing though I wouldn’t do it in front of all the people filming. I am not a Porsha fan I am absolutely not a Kenya fan. In fact I have not been watching HWOA that much this season. They all kind of make me sick. But as Bravo and some of the instigators know, anyone who ever watched will be watching this one, due to the fight. Works every time for good ole Bravo. Kenya needs to be brought under control with her mouth and her actions or get her ass kicked of the show too. As for Porsha , girl needs to GROW up, go to school and learn some things that will help her in life, probably a private tutor would be best. She needs to be brought up to speed on so many things.

      • SnookumsLynn

        she gave Kenya what she wanted…
        Kenya could seriously use an ass whoopin, but she’s grown and grown folks don’t get ass whoopins…
        Porsche was an IDIOT for giving Kenya what she wanted and putting her own livelyhood in jeapordy – even though I think she was about to be fired ANYWAYS!!!!

      • joker

        Andy is a huge pussy for allowing the scepter wavin and the bullhorn blowin on stage like that. You have to see that provoking an angry reaction.
        Porsha was wrong, she shouldn’t have laid hands on Kenya. ….but I understood why she did.

      • You fools objecting to props on a reality show reunion crack me the fuck up. You know production approves of all of them and in some cases provides them. Kenya is a character just as Phaedra is. Good Grief.

        On Sat, Apr 19, 2014 at 12:05 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I don’t have pictures so I’ll try again to use words to explain my position using more aggressive vocabulary. I don’t give a fuck about props and anyone would have to be a fucking imbecile not to realize production,who put together the seating chart and gave them what they’re suppose to say, didn’t know about and approve of the goddam props. Did I lose you yet? Here’s some sparkly shit to catch your attention if I you are having problems keeping focused

      • Oooh something shiny!

        If the prop was okay before Porsha snatched it like a two year old. It was okay after.

        On Sat, Apr 19, 2014 at 9:10 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • What a sad world some of you people live in where you actually think that “sooner or later” someone deserves physical violence. You are an animal and should be caged instead of sitting on your fat sad eating Funyuns and drinking orange soda.

      • I love Funyuns.

        On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 4:06 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Everytime I post it goes in the wrong place!! WordPress is a dry hump in the time of blowies.

      • Justasportsnut

        I too am am amazed at the number of people, mostly women, posting comments that reveal that they may have proclivity for physical violence.
        I hope that after watching the RHOA Reunion, that they “get it” and the comments will change or at least cease.

        I hope.

      • And sadly the ones YOU see are from the regulars here. You should see what the great unwashed Porsha masses are screeching in moderation. Threats to Kenya, threats to me for not allowing them to make threats to Kenya, it’s a circus. Couple that with the usual bevy of spelling experts and volunteer proofreaders, run of the mill haters and the chorus of “this is the worst blog I’ve every read every hour of my life for the past two years!” and things are rather busy.

        It’s a sad commentary on women. Most of them sound like spousal abusers… “The bitch deserved it!” “There is only so much a person can take!” “If she would just act right…”

        On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 3:07 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • lori lacy

      Can anyone tell me what those holes are down the side of her nose and continuing down the side of her face. They look like surgeon’s marks but they usually wipe them off before you go home.

    • Ac1111

      Good to know that if I antagonize a man or irritate him…. I had the beating coming. People would be infuriated if this was a man hitting a woman. Assault is assault.

  2. Jalen

    Your blog post are everything. I think you are the only blogger who actually makes unbiased posts that are logical. Porsha is always inserting herself into Kenya’s conversations with other people. She’s such a child, I can’t even begin to understand. I really don’t understand why people believe kenya is so provoking. What has Kenya said to Porsha that Porsha hasn’t already done or said herself. And of course Kandi’s hood rat ass would condone porshas behavior and find it humorous.

    • Kandi condoned Porsha’s attack of Kenya? When was this? I normally am a big fan of Kandi but that’s just ignorant.

      • I assume they are talking about Kandi’s appearance on Dish Nation today. They asked her who won the fight, she said, I guess since Kenya didn’t even have a chance to defend herself, then Porsha did or something to that effect. Then she invited Porsha to her wedding. Kandi is just ride or die for Phaedra. That may change if Phaedra ever answers for any of her transgressions….stay tuned…=

      • Snookums Lynn

        I think Kandi is excusing the behavior too. Today she posted free Porsche on her Instagram with stupid hashtags defending her, I think one even said get her back on rhoa (I didn’t feel like deciphering her hashtags)? I can’t believe her really consigning on this bull!

      • Kandi isn’t some sweetie pie herself and I usually like Kandi. Who remembers “I’m gonna drag you in this bitch” to Cynthia’s sister. Or Mama Joyce “I’m going to drag your ass up and down the street, you ol low down heffa!” on Carmen’s answering msg. So no surprise Kandi is going to defend Porsha’s act of violence.

    • 'TheJam'

      I don’t love the fact that Kandi doesn’t always speak well, and she has questionable friends ( phaedra) but I really do like Kandi. I don’t think she condones porsha’s behavior. I think she likes porsha and doesn’t want to publicly chastise her. If Kandi apologized SO profusely for her own fighting behavior what makes you think that she would approve of porsha.

      • Because I have watched her lips move as she said it on muh TV at least three times this week? And read it on her twitter feed?

        On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 4:54 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • The Jam

        I just saw a clip of the bethany interview…*SIGH* why Kandi WHY?!?

    • Unbiased? Bwahahahaha!!

      Watch what happens when you respectfully disagree with anything posted. Hope you have thick skin!

  3. Terri

    I’m not a Kenya fan & her behavior is always annoying but Porsha physically attacking her is not acceptable. I also noticed that Porsha was wearing a jumpsuit instead of a dress so I think she may have planned on jumping Kenya and she wanted to be sure her lady bits would stay covered.

  4. 'The Jam'

    Honestly I’d have given her kudos for the scepter snatch. That was ballsy. She should have quit while she was ahead.

  5. We have a few fuzzy pictures and at best, 5 to 10 words. We really don’t know what happened, as far as who was saying what to whom. I am not stupid nor do I need a picture book. I prefer to wait for ALL the facts.

    • Well I’ve had them for about a month now, but if you don’t see enough in those pictures, the police being called on Porsha, Porsha being arrested and fired and Kenya staying and finishing her commitments and still having a job, then, well, I’m gonna judge your intellectual abilities. #SorryNotSorry.

      On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 1:20 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Penny

        Tamara I really do love you lol

      • Jarlath

        You can lead a horse to water but …

      • But you can’t make the horse see that water is wet…

        On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 9:38 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Patricia P

        Wow…..I thought this comment section was a place where we could all discuss what went on in these crazy shows freely, without being called out. I was also unaware that I was required to “rubber stamp” your or anyone elses version of anything that goes on. For the record, I am NOT a Porsha fan nor do I like Kenya. At the end of the day, I don’t know any of these ladies. As I said before, I choose to see all the facts, 2 mins. of footage does not provide context. I am not denying what happened, I have more of an issue with why it happened. So if it makes you feel better to “judge my intellectual abilities” rock on! I feel a little sad because I thought you were fair….

      • Under what magical context is it okay for Porsha to do what she did. We saw plenty of context. We saw Porsha interrupting Kenya when answering a question, being told to STFU and then going HAM on Kenya. Housewives get told to STFU on every single reunion show but they don’t snatch things away from the person who told them to and start beating them around the head.

        You seem to think there is some context where that behavior is okay. I think that is a stupid opinion. What’s not fair about that.

        Perhaps you and some others should avail yourselves of the commenting rules avail on a tab at the top of the page. You’ll find it explicitly stated that if you feel the need to be coddled and patted on the head, you are at the WRONG blog.


        On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 1:13 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Assaulting someone while you are being filmed isn’t very bright. Porsha doesn’t know that if somebody is making you furious you walk away? I think the silicone from those ginormous boobs that ruined her cute figure leaked into her brain.

    • 'TheJam'

      Lol! I’ve honestly scrolled up three times now to figure out why you seem so nasty. Maybe you and TT know each other personally, and your miserable comments are some kind of inside joke i’m not aware of.

  6. Kungfoohustle

    Porsha has the affect of a 19 year old girl, not a 32 year old world-wise woman. The same people clapping and congratulating Porsha on her “achievement” are loath to help her pay her rent next month. The same housewives that were “banding together” probably aren’t even taking her calls now.

    • No one was ever banding together….

      On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 1:49 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Dr. D

      Clinically, Porsha is NOT where she should be for a woman in her 30s, it’s painfully obvious if you work in the mental health field or just have common sense^_^ The people stanning for her are only doing it because they hate Kenya, trust me they still think she’s dumb, cute but dumb…I just don’t want her to crash and burn now that’s she’s getting all this attention that she’s craved.

  7. French

    Great post! Loved the pics! Needed the giggle before bed! Thanks Tamrar Tattles!

  8. Ericzku

    Poor, poor, dumb and deluded Toyota Porsha. All I can do is shake my head…although that GIF with the cascading bullhorn is HI-larious!

  9. Angie B

    Porsha should have stopped at grabbing the scepter and most people would have supported her. It was irresponsible for Bravo and Andy to allow Kenya to bring “props” to the reunion like a bullhorn for goodness sakes, and what essentially could have been a lethal weapon. Why should Cynthia have to put up with Kenya reaching across her to point that scepter for 12 hours? And have that bullhorn in her ear? I forgot who it was, but Kenya’s fan last year was invading the space of the person seated next to her. Game night was not Kenya’s fault, but Nene made a good point on WWHL when she pointed out how Kenya was grabbing her ear in one scene, trying to incite an escalated physical reaction from her.

    Let’s not act like this is the first violent encounter we’ve seen on Housewives. From what I’ve seen thus far, Porsha should face charges, and if she gets fired fine, but Bravo better have alot of pink slips ready to hand out from here on out. Just about the whole New Jersey cast should’ve been fired. Weren’t the Manzo boys involved in an overseas fight during filming where someone was seriously injured? If Andy is so shocked by Porsha’s “disgusting” behavior, why wasn’t it edited out of the reunion footage? Why is it being used in promos instead? Ratings, that’s why. They edited out Brandi’s nasty comments to Lisa as a last ditch effort to save her reputation. Bravo protects who they want to protect, and the bottom line is Kenya is the perfect reality television star and Porsha is boring. So Andy pretends this is something he’s never seen before.

    • Undine

      Preach! I don’t condone Porsha’s behavior but she gets fired while Teresa Guidice who actually assaulted Andy gets to keep her job? If there is truly a zero tolerance for violence, let it be across the board on all franchises. Including cash cows like Teresa. The footage looks bad and I don’t know if I can watch Porsha’s breakdown. Getting fired from the show may be a blessing in disguise, she needs to get out of limelight, read a few books, and grow the fuck up. Poor chile. Sigh. These HW shows used to be so much fun…

    • Sona

      You make a lot of great points.

      [Let me disclaim – I am not a fan of Porsha (I have actually been a Kenya supporter and defender since last season, if for no other reason than she revived this show and is great to watch); I do not condone what Porsha did; I agree that she was wrong and is fully accountable for her actions; and I think that she should be let go (honestly, I thought she should have been released last season).]

      That being said, Bravo should not have allowed the props. Besides being annoying and childish (and putting aside the fact that they can be used as a weapon by an ignoramus) they can also cause unintentional injury. I remember the last reunion when Kenya was flicking the fan and she almost hit the person who was sitting next to her (I think it was Kandi???) and said person even made a remark about it. It just takes a sudden jolt or flick of the wrist to have something go flying out of your hands if you’re not careful and that scepter and bullhorn both looked heavy.

      Also, I take issue with all the faux outrage from Andy Cohen, and just how he has handled this situation in general. If he is so disgusted, why use the footage at all – and why use it in the trailer especially? And like many people are saying, where was this outrage when Theresa PUSHED him (hard!) during her altercation with Daniel on RHONJ? What about the half dozen (or more) other physical fights that have occurred on that franchise alone? Why appear to throw the women of your highest rated show under the bus all of a sudden? Why are you publicly holding them to a different standard? (Honestly, I have my own answers to these questions, and I’m sure a lot of you all do too so no point getting into it) It’s really painfully obvious that Andy is exploiting the heck out of these women for as much as he can get and he really gives No Fuqs about any of them!

      Anyway, before this altercation was leaked and has now spread like wildfire I was really looking forward to the drama at the reunion. I thought it would be juicy, but clean. Now my whole mind has turned and I’m feeling mildly disgusted. I’ll probably still watch but with a lot of trepidation and heavy sighing.

      • puravidacostarica2

        The only thing Andy cared about during this altercation was his cue cards. Damn, what would he have done if he had dropped them?? *clutches pearls*

      • brillke

        I’m not saying what Porsha did was right but I’d be a damn liar if I didn’t say it made me smile. If that makes me a Porsha Stan, I can live with that.

      • brillke


        I think you and Sona said what many of RHOA are thinking and you both said it much better than I ever could.

        What Porsha did was wrong and she will suffer the consequences of her actions. I really hope this violent act can be a lesson to both Porsha and Kenya but I really can’t see either woman thinking they have anything to learn.

    • riann

      Finally someone who speaks their own mind and makes great points.

    • Karen W

      AMEN. Tell it.

    • Oracle5

      This stupid person Porsha, also, hit Cynthia’s right breast with her left hand, as well as, pull on Cynthia’s gown, when she stood up to confront Kenya. Cynthia’s right breast was exposed, then Porsha proceeded to confront and assault Kenya. Cynthia was assaulted too! Why would Cynthia have to put up with Porsha’s stupidity? Andy told Porsha to go home and rest. Porsha didn’t realize that Andy was speaking in a code, which meant that she was fired.

  10. Redhotmama

    The scepter snatch was hilarious. She should’ve been like, “Let me hold that for you, sweetie.” And smiled sweetly. Instead, Porsha just HAD to take it to the next level. Use your words, honey.

  11. Kat

    She deserved to be fired!! And phaedra and Kandi should be fired for condoning it!!

  12. All I can say is I’m SHOCKED ! The RHOA have always been over-the-top and the arguments are plain stupid !

    But, what kind of woman would attack another woman ? Then, we see Porsha being restrained and rolling around the floor !
    What happened to self respect ! Porsha’s behaviour is shameful and inexcusible ! :(

  13. Katrina

    So Porsha hit Kenya with the scepter, then they continued the conversation. Porsha kept interupting, so Kenya used the bullhorn to shut her up. Then Porsha got up and tried to get the bullhorn. So maybe there were 2 different events or one action led to the final struggle on the floor. After we see this unfold, this will change how these women come together. They probably will push back taping next season.

  14. patrice

    I hope that Kenya sues her and bravo. She was never provoked to hit Kenya. To be provoked someone has to physically touch you or spit in your face. I still believe Nene and Phaedra got in Porsha’s ear to fight Kenya. Why would she risk getting locked up and being sued. Wow Porsha you really are dumb.

  15. Are you kidding? THe Bravo contracts they sign willingly states that they can not sue Bravo for any reason, ever, in perpetuity. Where is Johnny the Greek’s lawsuit? He signed a waiver, so he can’t sue. Bravo covers their asses very well. One would have to be an idiot to sign their contracts.

  16. myinfo

    I don’t get it?
    We see Kenya and Porsha stand up near their seats with Andy near them. Then we see them again near a wall. Then Kenya on floor. Did Andy break the fight up then it started again?
    Porsha could have really hurt Kenya.

    • Katrina

      I think the Gif is an edited version. I guess we have to watch and see. It is either 2 seperate events or one happened right after the other. We saw Kenya using that bullhorn.

      • Katrina, I know you can read. That said, I am not understanding what you are not understanding. TT spells it out clearly below the pics. It’s one event and the two gifs above happen one after the other.

      • Katrina

        I am trying to figure out when Kenya was using the bullhorn to talk to Porsha or whoever she was talking to.

  17. Denise

    I love how one is holding on for dear life to his note cards and the other to a toy blow horn. All I can say is Kenya is one smart cookie. I don’t think i would have been. Porcha would have had to pick her teeth up off the floor.

    • myinfo

      How the hell did Kenya end up on the floor on her back hanging onto the bullhorn??
      Hitting or pulling someones hair when they are down and not facing you is a crazy punk move.
      It appears Porsha lost her mind.

      • Teerii

        I think Kenya was holding on to that bullhorn so hard, to keep Porsha from hitting her in the head with it.

    • The funny thing about Andy in this why the heck he have Porsha sitted on the same couch as Kenya. Those 2 don’t like each other one damn bit. I can see where some fans might see this as a set up, but Porsha is a big girl. There have been lots of housewives that have had their buttons pushed and guess what they do – walk off the set, take breather and regroup yourself. Porsha is a huge loser in this.

      • Sona

        Yes, the seating arrangement was the very first thing that struck me as strange when I saw the initial trailer for the reunion.

      • So perhaps they should have put Phaedra next to Cynthia instead of the sweet little bastion of non violence and Christianity ?

        On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 9:42 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Hell, we saw Joyce and Yolanda on the same couch, along with Carlton. Those three are not on good terms but none of them resorted to anything other than telling each other to shut up.

      • I would had Kandi, Kenya, and Cynthia one couch. Kandi, to me, should had at least been first chair to me this season, she earned in my opinion. Nene and Phaedra were on the same couch last season when they had words and no one fought. But Kenya and Porsha supremely hate each other. Andy’s little sitting arrangement failed this year.

      • Katrina

        Kandi probably asked to be moved. So they just swapped Kandi and Cynthia. Porsha left and cried at the trunk show, she left the pillow talk, and she stopped herself in Mexico. I’m sure it will be a part of Kenya’s storyline next season.

      • One thing is for sure Katrina these women will be clowning Kenya episode 1 s7 about her getting dragged around the horn.

    • eLLe85

      Agree, It would be all I could do not to bang Porsha upside the head with the bullhorn had she pulled my hair like that…

  18. Jessika

    I am so glad that Kenya decided to press charges. I never understood Porsha’s beef anyway. Porsha and Phaedra are some fake, cackling bitches always throwing shade and painting themselves like they are perfect. They can taunt and tease Kenya but when Kenya does that same back to them, Kenya is OH So Wrong..lol. I just don’t understand the hating mentality. Phaedra has always been a snake, a sneak and a phony. I rather be with a man that is faithful, honest and true than to deal with Apollo dumbass on a daily basis. and Porsha talking about fake body parts and brought her the ugliest breast that money can buy…wanna fake like her marriage was all about love, when she was really a hoe dressed in a wedding dress. Karma came back and bit those ugly bitches in the ass real hard. God does not like ugly, NeNe is next on the chopping block. Anywho, because the charges was a misdemeanor, it won’t tarnish Porsha too much but to all the hood rats watching, if you come at me using anything but your words, you will find your ass in jail too… (oh ok, rant over)

    • Pam

      Hood rat? Lovely terminology there. So does that term just apply to black folks or am I one too as a white woman who has actually been in an ” altercation? ” just wondering

      • Jessika

        I said not a single thing about color. I have been in altercations as a youth but as a grown ass woman, the only time I will lay my hands on someone is if they have physically threaten my kids, my husband, my family or myself. What is worse that if I do get in an altercation all hell will break loose, so I save those times for when it is meant to happen not because I just dislike someone.Where did the white comment come from again?? You can be a little gutter hood rat no matter your color…ugh..

  19. Understand dumb porsha brought that on herself she picked at kenya the hole time she was on the show,Kenya’s not hard to get along with them mean women treat kenya like a rag doll she doesn’t deserve that i think marlo needs to be brought back sharey and kim change the crew up if they wanna walk let them there nothing great.

  20. I feel everyone has a breaking point, even with your own family members. I have had to walk away many times from people so I do not hit them, When I was young I would want to fight as I matured ie in my 20s I would just walk away and say ok you are right. I do not think Porsha has developed these skills yet. She may be an adult in age but her mind is very young. Kenya is skilled in the art of pushing buttons. If you can not fight her with words you have to walk away from her. I feel Bravo is wrong for letting Kenya or any housewife come to the reunions with props. I know Bravo and Andy love this because their ratings will be off the chart because everyone will be tuning in to see the fight.

    • Teerii

      What is it about a woman who can hold her own with her intellect, that people just don’t like? Yes, Kenya can dish it right back at yah like it ain’t nothing, but remember these women are on her 24/7 with character assassination plots and remarks.And all I hear from a lot of you is “Kenya talks too much, Kenya pushes buttons?
      But as long as someone is cussing-up a storm that’s okay?

      Who are you people?

      • I totally agree with you. Phaedra has called Kenya “whore” constantly, on and off the show (interviews, etc.) and Porsha constantly inferred that her estranged husband Kordell, is gay.

        Now. Everyone who condones the violence of Porsha, are you also in agreement with Kordell punching Porsha and dragging her by the Malaysian weave across the floor because “there’s only so much people can take”? And then saying that’s “good for her”? Because if you are in agreement with that, you are just as stupid, if not more stupid (if at all possible) than Porsha, who is, as we speak, waiting for that midnight train to Georgia on the Underground Railroad.

      • Blair

        My thoughts exactly

  21. loo

    I will reserve commenting until I see the show. But fire Apollo, Nene, Sheree (obviously) Tom & Stassi for Vpump, Mariah from Married to Medicine, Toya ,Mariah’s mom and I am forgetting some I’m sure. But no violence should be no violence for Anyone on Any show . So why are most of these ppl still here here? IF they site Porsha’s attack as being grounds for firing then obviously it is grossly unfair. At least have the balls to say we were going to let her go anyway because she brings nothing to the show. But if they are saying she is fired based on this attack, it is laughable as an excuse as well as grossly hypocritical.

  22. ICassie

    Well since Kenya pressed charges I wonder will that effect her returning to the show? I believe Porsha should have jumped Kenya but in doing that you also have to be prepared for what comes next. Just ask Kanye. Porsha was on the floor crying because she really could not believe she behaved that way. We all get into to trouble when we do something in the heat of the moment. Really, I have said it before those girls did not show enough compassion for Porsha. The girl was going thru a divorce she did not have the proper time to grieve and process things. In order to do that she would have gotten off reality TV. But, we all know that it, being on TV , is intoxicating. You see how drunk NeNe is. I can’t believe that no one understands that. It really seems that Porsha loved Kordell and her housewife friends helped to put her marriage to an end. I am not saying that it is their fault but you see how they were in her ear. As someone pointed out Todd was right on the money. Kenya could have been more sensitive to Porsha calling her dumb, a beard, etc. I bet her good friend Nene was telling her girl you should get it over with just let Kordell go. All the time allegedly working for Kordell so that Porsha did not get anything because she deserved something out of five long years. Now Porsha joins the mugshot mania club.
    Sorry girl, get you a life coach so you can make better decisions.

    • jasmine

      I don’t understand your comments, something is off. Many people have been murdered “in the heat of the moment.” Look closely at Porsha. She seemed inebriated; therefore her senses were off. Alcohol can cause people to react aggressively in normal situations.

      Did Porsha really love Kordell? She played her part well, because she talked about him like a dog, knowing he has a son in which she referred
      to as her stepson. The nation was calling Porsha dumb. Kenya wasn’t her friend. Porsha talked about Kenya from the very beginning. Calling her ashy, old, fake etc…Porsha portrayed herself as a beard as she attempted to ex;plain her marriage. Believe you me, if you are articulate, words can cut a person to their core. Words are very powerful.

      Porsha and Kordell were not together for five years, Their physical marriage lasted less than two years. She received $5,000.00 per month during their separation. That was more than enough for the length of the marriage and considering she didn’t work and was in debt before the marital union.

      Porsha has gone Hollywood and will get eaten up because she appears to be gullible. Beauty can only take you so far. Don’t feel sorry for Porsha. She’ll make money playing the dumb version of the dumb blonde.

      • brillke

        Actually, Porsha was very over-friendly with Kenya at the beginning. I think Porsha saw Kenya as an instant BFF while Kenya saw Porsha as a woman-child she didn’t have time for.

      • By overly friendly do you mean inviting her to a charity event only to publically disrespect her?

        On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 4:54 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • brillke

        No, I mean she, Porsha, over-shared personal information at their first meeting and it made Kenya very uncomfortable.

      • The Jam

        Porsha can’t remember the number of days in a year much less Kenya’s title. I don’t feel like she was purposely trying to disrespect her at her charity function. Kenya just seems to have some sort of problem with the girl and went for the jugular.

      • Brianna

        Porsha called her the wrong tittle when they first sat down and Kenya politely corrected her. Then Porsha did it again in public– that’s embarrassing for both of them. I think that’s when Kenya’s lightbulb went off and she felt that the level Porsha operates on is not the same that she’s on.

      • @ The Jam – while it’s true she doesn’t know much, at the very least if wanting to honor someone in public she should learn about the person. Know the correct title etc.

    • Katrina

      I thought this reunion show was filmed starting in the morning. Normally, the reunions start late in the day but Kenya and Nene were filming on other shows.

      • The reunions ALWAYS start filming in the morning. How many times have we read about them being there for 12hrs or more?! Do you ever read what TT writes or do you just comment on what you think you know?

  23. Kenya definitely deserves to be respected who do they think they are what kills me there men be saying sarcastic things to Kenya moore why its crazy why would these women aloud there men to talk crazy to kenya and she’s the blame for everything thats real crazy

    • Katrina

      Do you mean Peter and/or Apollo?

    • loo

      Kenya is not a girls girl. Her best audience are men and she is VERY provocative w/ the men. She is provocative w/ the ladies but just in a different way. She has long ago crossed lines w/ others ppl husband and BF and the ladies themselves. I don’t think Keyna exudes class nor respectability among the men (especially after a few cocktails) therefore she does not receive it. They men have reciprocated her flattery but I don’t think the think of her a “classy, respectable, women” at the end of the day. Beautiful..banging body and would be a great booty call if they could get away with it. I thinks she puts out what she is getting in return as far as respect.

  24. Katrina

    Do you think if that was a real fight, Kenya’s dress would still be up, while being dragged on the floor?

    • I am amazed at people who blame the fact that Kenya brought props. Then to go so far as to say there should be a no props rule. Why do some people want some governing body to forbid and regulate their every move because of their inability to cope with the world? You would think a toy bullhorn and a silly little wand are lethal weapons. What if Porsha had whipped off a stiletto and assaulted Kenya with that? Would you be calling for a no shoes at the reunion rule?

      On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 9:22 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Jarlath

        They shouldn’t allow printed-out emails, someone could get a paper cut

      • myinfo

        I agree. How about making the women stand during the reunions without shoes because high heel can kill and chairs can be thrown.
        OR Porsha could act like a grown woman and controll herself.
        Porsha, Marlo, Apollo,Nene, Greg, Nene’s Son

      • Katrina

        No, I don’t think it is wrong that Kenya brougjt a bullhorn and a sceptor, but when she stated using the, I think Andy should have said something. Kenya did the same thing last year with that fan and everybody thought is was funny. You see Kandi is not sitting next to Kenya this year. If I am at work and one of my co workers brings a bullhorn to work and proceeds to talk to me with it, I would expect someone in authority to handle it.

      • That’s just sad. Did you have some sort of scarring childhood experience with a bullhorn as a child? Should there also be a rule that Nene can’t yell louder than a certain decibel and point her finger at the person she is screaming at?

        Hmmm , maybe Bravo should make a rule about long fingernails, too.

        On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 9:49 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Katrina

        This is exactly what happens when you see on the news that an employee shot up the work place because if issues at work.

      • You’re right. They should jail Porsha for life because she is likely the type to shoot everyone up in her next place of employment, which will likely be Chuck E Cheese! Save the churren!

        On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 9:54 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • O.O

        Yes they would call for no shoes or they’d say they should have to wear ballet flats only and no earrings or rings .
        Smh my brain is so confused from reading some of these comments .
        There’s a whole lot of hood logic going on in these comments .
        There’s no reasoning , video footage, pictures , the law, the truth , nothing and I mean nothing can or will get through . Because they’re stuck on stupid .

      • 'TheJam'

        I vote that the women should shave their heads to avoid any weave pulling.

      • Kitty Mamma

        @ TT: what you say makes sense but in my profession, construction, OSHA dictates that if there is noise hazzards, then protective hearing aids must be worn. I doubt Bravo is exempt from these standards (with Kenya and her bullhorn). Also Kenya’s props only probably enticed Porsha to act out. I don’t know who underwrites Bravo’s insurance, but the premium can’t be cheap. I certainly don’t envy the people that insure them,

      • Dear you really just compare OSHA to some imaginary governing body that rules HW Reunion episodes? Occupational noise exposure is part and parcel of being a HW.

        On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 2:03 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Ac1111

        Because people are dumb as dirt. I have no other explanation for the comments on this thread… This is a bunch of judgmental, opinionated idiots that have never experienced abuse or anything like it… She “pushed her (his) buttons” is probably the most overused phrase by abusive men, ever. It is NEVER okay to lay your hands on another person. Period. The end. Dumb asses.

      • Oracle5

        No to the no shoes calling! Instead: Call for a straight-jacket for Porsha!

    • brillke

      While I agree that bringing props shouldn’t be banned and isn’t really an issue, how’s about being an adult and not putting your hands on people AND not bringing props? Kenya brought props for a purpose and it worked. I know I’d be aggravated as hell if someone spoke to me in such close proximity with a bullhorn but I’d be smart enough to walk away. Porsha isn’t that smart, we all know that.

  25. Jarlath

    Are people reading the post? Tamara explains the transition between the first and second GIF

  26. jessicat

    TT you are correct. Why are some wanting a no props rule etc etc. These are grown women who should know how to handle themselves. These shows used to be fun to watch but have just turned into nonsense full of hatefulness and vile attitudes and mean girls. Kenya by far is not my favorite person but Porsha could learn a few things from her. Kenya is very calculating and uses her words to get back at people. Words are so much more powerful than a fistful of hair. Porsha needs to grow up. Whether Nene and Phaedra were coaching her or not she is still her own person. Porsha could’ve asked to sit on the other couch or just turned her back and ignored it. Sure it would have been annoying but it would have annoyed Kenya much more than the physical altercation. All Porsha did was to manage to prove Kenya right and that is she is a little girl in way over her head. Bravo of course wants the drama and even though they do not condone it as they say they knew good and well sitting those 2 together was going to stir up something and now they have that something to hype up all week long so on Sunday there will be a record viewership just to see what happened. I’m slowly getting myself not to watch these shows. I cannot bring myself to watch Dance Moms anymore, I have the newest RHOOC on my dvr but have yet to watch it as I just don’t know if I can. Thanks TT for taking one for the team so I can just read your blog:)

    • Bravo should make everyone film nude in separate isolation booths over Skype so that if someone presses their buttons they can’t go all Kanye West on each other.

      Really Bravo. How dare you think grown women who dislike each other could share the same piece of furniture?

      On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 10:00 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • O.O

        Bwhahahahahahahahaha @ Skype and isolation booths in the nude.

      • jessicat

        I’m not blaming Bravo at all I’m just saying they knew that would certainly stir the pot. But then again at some point none of these women get along so there goes that theory really. Joyce was sitting next to Yolanda and we didn’t see Joyce or Yolanda in a brawl. The blame is solely on Porsha. At some point in all of our lives we’ve had to be around or by someone we didn’t like. You just deal with it, you don’t go all crazy and beat the crap outta of them and drag them by their hair or whatever.

    • Teerii

      All Porsha had to do, was be respectful and allow Kenya to answer Andy’s question. And when Kenya asked her to be quiet and let her finish, Porsha started to REV things up to 10 Full Blast! In other word’s, Porsha really didn’t have to do anything, but she chose to make herself the center of attention to show-off her new boobs!

  27. A

    Porsha keep your hands to yourself. No better for you.

  28. Thanks for the play by play break down TT.
    It’s pretty bad. Porsha needs help bad. She lacks any sort of refinement or real restraint.
    Also at the beginning she was sitting there geared up for something, like she was just waiting to act a fool.
    So now we have a better picture and the picture shows how horrendous the incident was. I have no sympathy for or understanding of Porsha.
    I see her poise and respect for her legacy in the beginning was an act. Porsha’s real at being a petulant child and throwing temper tantrums. She is 32 damn years old! What the hell?!
    And now the ridiculous mug shot.
    So too through right now.

  29. If we ever needed proof (I don’t think we did) that you can’t fix stupid, all we needed were some of the comments posted here. TT, can you tag this blog with something along the lines of “Can’t Fix Stupid” so we can easily reference it in the future when we need a reminder? Oh wait, nevermind. I’m sure there’ll be other opportunities to be reminded of this fact.

    Some of the comments here make me think the writer was high fived in the face a few times. 😛

  30. glimmer88

    Thank you Tamara for not taking Porsha’s side like alot of other bloggers are doing.. People only are taking Porsha’s side because they don’t like Kenya and letting the fact that she assaulted her, whether or not it was provoked. Porsha put her hands on Kenya and she was wrong and she knows it. Andy probably should not allow props and I bet he won’t in the future, but still–Porsha should have had more self control and she didn’t. She is a big child and dumb to boot. JMHO.

    • The people who are taking Porsha’s side are the same ones who will be standing outside of a court house somewhere with “Free Porsha Williams” signs but when she looses won’t pay for her legal fees. 😉

  31. SilkyMay

    It seems like Nene and Phaedra have been planning this Beatdown since pillow talk. After Apollo beat Brandon, remember how Nene blocked Kenya in the room pointing her finger in Kenyas face saying Kenya shouldn’t have got up? It seemed like Nene was trying to goad Kenya in to a fight then but Kenya didn’t fall for it. The next day at the spa, Nene said Kenya should have got her ass beat and Phaedra said Brandon shouldn’t have let his mouth write checks his ass couldn’t cash. These people are criminals! They have been setting this up! Their plan was to use Porsha to get Kenya to SNAP but Kenya is not “craycray” she knew if she fought back she would be fired too and play right into their little plan to get her kicked off the show.
    This season the cast blamed Kenya for everything. She has been slandered, alienated, ostracized all in a sick attempt to get her fired. When that didn’t work, they set her up to catch a beatdown. SMDH.. I’m glad Kenya pressed charges..

    • Oh my!



    • ScrappieONE

      Yup I agree Silky May, Miss 265 days a year Porsha took the bait hook, line and sinker.

      Nene can’t stand Kenya because Kenya is taking the spot light off old chompers.
      Phaedra can’t stand Kenya well because we all know Apollo wants some Kenya BAD
      Porsha can’t stand Kenya because she called her out on her stupidity and being Kordell’s beard…

  32. Ericzku

    The one with the bullhorn should have been Andy. I’ve thought since the very first reunion – of any city – that when these screeching harridians start talking and screaming over each other all at the same time, that he should get out the bullhorn to say SHUT THE F UP! ONE AT A TIME! Or at the very least, an air horn to get everyone’s attention and quiet down. We, the audience, will never be that lucky though, I’m sure.

    • brillke

      I think giving Andy a bullhorn is a great idea! Maybe he should get a taser too, just in case Tereasa wants to go for round 2.

  33. Nelly

    Yes, BINGO, how could anyone support Porsha. When she is calling Kenya a slut, so does Phedra. Yet Kenya is not doing anything to that nature, she’s educated and accomplished . Porsha went and got her Brest enlarged, but nothing to better her education. Nothing wrong with focusing on beauty but please make sure your education is taken care of, or at least some basic class.
    Cynthia does not belong on this show she is too nice of a person.
    I’m still down with team twirl .

  34. SilkyMay

    Hey, TT! I know you’re tired of me asking about Bravos contracts, but how was Kandi able to sue Kim over tardy for the party?

  35. Heartland

    Kenya kept calling for her so Porsha finally came for that ass!!

  36. Katie

    Message to Porsha: Use your words!

  37. lori

    OMG, I can’t with that second GIF! Looks more like an episode of COPS than a RH reunion. Messy!

  38. Brianna

    Yes!! Thank you yeezus! Lol. Porsha is a good actress with that crying on the floor right after it happened saying she can’t believe she did that. Girlllll bye! Most would still be heated and angry if she legitimately lost control. She planned that whole thing out all the way down to her outfit. Kenya has tried on multiple occasions to talk to Porsha and Phaedra to work things out but they both ooze fake. They both talk about Kenya behind her back then when Kenya says something to one of them they both go in on her and bully (I use that word loosely) gang up on her. Porsha is all out of cards (now that they are both single women over 30) to play to try and bring Kenya down. She knows she’s not smart enough to get into a verbal argument, so she resorted to violence probably thinking she would get dusted off and placed back on the couch and everyone would cheer for her. … She thought wrong!

  39. ScrappieONE


  40. Terri

    I hadn’t really looked at Porsha’s mug shot until now. What the heck are those strange brown dots along the sides of her mouth & the lines on her nose? Did her makeup person really just forget to blend her makeup before she went to the station for her glamour shot?

  41. BabaBinx

    Yes, what Porsha did was wrong. And yes, she should be punished. However, Kenya runs that mouth nonstop and it was only a matter of time. I don’t condone it, but I can totally see how one of them was ready to smack the sh*t out of her.

    • HeyWig

      Porsha didn’t slap or smack the sh*t out of Kenya she pulled her hair. Thats it I think I see some clawing you know how these kindergarteners fight.

      • Stay tuned to the reunion. I can’t believe you need to know more, but Kenya doesn’t just lay down on the floor.

        On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 11:07 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  42. chocolatestarr

    Im just wondering why Kenya threw the wan all up in Porsha’s face so disresectfully if she wasnt able to defend herself. Not saying Porsha was right in her actions, but clearly, Kenya had to expect some type of reaction from that girl. And the way she came so disresepctfully, you’d thought she’d be ready for whatever. I think that was a dumb move on Kenya’s part. I dont condone fighting, but I dont condone blantant disrespect either.

    • SilkyMay

      So calling someone a whore from the 90’s ain’t disrespectful? Because that’s what Porsha said to Kenya before Kenya pointed in that thing at her. And Kandi dumb for staning for Porsha cause Kandi was famous in the 90’s and a whore too according to big homie Chuck

    • Where did you see the wand anywhere near Porsha’s face? Is there new video I have not seen?

      On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 2:31 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Yes. The news show this afternoon showed the snatch and Kenya asking for production to fetch it. First time I saw this one of all the footage being shown EVERYWHERE. Just because I am now saying extreme provocation is a contributing factor ya’ll do not need to come at me about physical violence is never the answer. Even in court extenuating circumstances are a valid defense in some cases. I don’t think I would ever react like that but never gonna say it’s an absolute.

      • Oh, yeah, yeah we do need to come at you. You are starting to lose your sense. We are trying to help you…

        On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 6:15 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • The Jam

      By saying that “she should be ready for whatever” or insinuating that there are some non-physical things that can be done that would understandably provoke someone to fight is the same as condoning violence.

      I’m team Kenya ( this season) but even I know she’s annoying as hell and I don’t know how well i would take being at a dinner table with her. But Porsha was just out-her-rabbit-a$$-mind for dragging that girl in an evening gown.

      She looks stupid.

  43. Isa

    Kandi never liked Kenya in the first place, she was just cordial and never a friend. If Kandi does come to Porsha’s defense, it’s simply because she doesn’t like Kenya. Truth be told, that is why most people applaud what Porsha did, because they despise Kenya. If the tables were turned and Porsha was taunting and provoking Kenya, they would laugh at Kenya and want her fired for attacking Porsha and not asked to stay like they want with Porsha.


    OMG. Did someone seriously post that Kenya reported the incident so she can get money from Porsha???????????????????? What money exactly???? The girl doesn’t have a pot to pi$$ in or a window to throw it out of. You might be 100% correct in an argument but the second you raise your hands, you become the wrong one. Porsha is too dumb to get it. Assault is never cool.

  45. Why did it take soo long to arrest Porshe?

  46. Free Kroy

    There are such things as fighting actions. If you feel threatened, you have every right to defend yourself. Kenya needs to understand that she can not go pointing objects in people’s face, without them feeling aggression and wanting to defend themselves. If someone sticks a rod in my face, my natural reaction is to grab it or push it away. I’m not sure if they will take it an inch to far and jab my eye out or what. Kenya deserved that and can’t go around pointing things in people’s face. Lets see if she has it and points it in anyone else’s face on part II.

    • How about we watch to see if she points it in anyone’s face at all?

      On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 3:14 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Witchy

        I left you a comment below Tamara. There are a lot of comments on this post, I am replying to a comment of yours so you get a notification. I am sure you do not read every comment. If you do.. i know one thing: I get ignored then. lol
        P.S. Thats how you watermark a picture :-) Thank You. My anxiety and blood pressure is down.

  47. jonathon Goldwater

    The bottom line is that Porsha Williams continues to set back the image of African Americans with her actions on ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’. First she shows us a supposedly educated African American woman descended from a civil rights leader who doesn’t even know about the ‘Underground Railroad’. Now she makes the only ‘Housewives’ franchise comprised of African Americans the ONLY one where the wives themselves are involved and displaying violent tendencies thereby making us all look like ‘Basketball Wives’ is normal behavior. Regardless of whether you are a role model, if you place yourself on television then you need to act like one. If Porsha Williams is brought back to the ‘Atlanta Housewives’ show, I will not be watching. The truth of the matter is that Porsha’s brain could not process her anger at Kenya into intelligent debate so she had to lash out; this is common behavior of adolescent bullies. I also love the reference Tamara Tattles used on ‘Twitter’ with the hashtag #RetardStrength 😉

    • O.O

      Porsha isn’t setting back anyone’s image except her own also she never presented as an educated woman . Ever… She presented as an idiot from her first appearance on camera.
      How can one idiot set back African Americans ?
      Can we ever, ever comment on any of these shows and people without bringing “race” into it. For crying out loud . These shows are for entertainment not race wars.

      • jonathon Goldwater

        You must not be African American and if you don’t think that non-African Americans judge us by these shows you are as out of touch as Porsha. I have several WHITE friends whom I ask about the ‘Atlanta’ version and they say, “Oh, I don’t watch THAT ONE, their too violent” AND this was BEFORE when Nene and Kim would just argue… Race and perception is a part of LIFE! If you haven’t gotten to that threshold of understanding then you are a PORSHA! Period! i.e. IDIOT

      • jonathon Goldwater

        And for you to GET ‘race wars’ out of my concern for us portraying a better image and showing more credibility makes me wonder why I even responded to your stupidity. Take it elsewhere stupid. And when you are a American descendent of a civil rights activist, it is PRESUMED that you are at LEAST educated to a high school level which would have certainly given you knowledge of THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD! Lord please grant me the serenity to NOT respond to IDIOTS with poor perception and cognitive abilities!

      • O.O

        @Johnathon…Free your mind no one can set you back but you.
        African Americans are the only people always stating what you just have.
        No other race takes the poor behavior of one person or even a group of people that “belong to their race” and say “they’re setting us back as a people” II don’t hear Italians saying that the animalistic behavior on the nj branch is setting them back. I don’t hear trailer park people saying that Brandi is setting them back, pick any race that has a member of “their race “committing crimes ,acting the fool on television or killing people for fun kidnapping and keeping them chained up for 10 years , etc and you will never hear them say “they’re setting us back as a people ” How can the actions of this idiot Porsha or NeNe or any of the people on that franchise set back “African Americans”? This victim mentality must end. Their bad behavior represents them and them only .
        You sir or madam sound insane .
        This is a place for fun . Go have a pow wow with Al Sharpton and his action network or Jessie Jackson if you want to whine and cry about poor poor down trodden african Americans .
        No one determines how you’re perceived but you ,and if another race judges you from the behavior they see on tv or from some bad behaving people then thats their problem not mine .

      • WOW! Ten TT Tokens to O.O.

        On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 11:43 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • jonathon Goldwater

        @ O.O. You are simply a fool and I will GLADLY join Al Sharpton AND Jessie Jackson in their crusade to help better us African Americans as a WHOLE! You clearly are trying to turn my post in to a ‘race war’ subject which tells me you ARE WHITE or WANT TO BE WHITE and you take your TEN TT Tokens and whatever they are and spend them in your white wanna be delusional world if you think FOLKS aren’t influenced by OUR behavior when seen… It’s dummies like you and TAMARA (I see) who don’t think that behavior by some REFLECTS ON ALL! I am glad that TAMARA showed her colors by giving your inane thoughts some of her ‘delusional’ tokens to let me know her true character. When American soldiers commit poor acts on foreign soil, it reflects on ALL soldiers, When One GROUP commits acts of STUPIDITY it unfortuanately reflects on that ENTIRE GROUP! It is human nature to subject all of that group to judgment. Sure, growth teaches us not to judge and get past that, but you and your stupidity lead us to know it’s not true. I I challenge YOU and that DUMB TAMARA to point out in my original post where I turned this into a ‘RACE WAR’ as you said! The only people who say that when US black folks try to make each other better is WHITE FOLKS! Take your white self or wanna be white self on. UNCLE TOM!

      • jonathon Goldwater

        Oh and BY THE WAY miss TAMARA! This person said it’s on US AFRICAN AMERICANS who go around saying WE need to put out better ROLE MODELS so we aren’t disparaged as a GROUP! You GAVE 10 TT’s to THAT! WOOOOOWWWWWW!

    • jonathon Goldwater

      O.O. Also said in alluding to ‘US’ African Americans that I sound insane and should JOIN Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson! I’ll take it! You guys go ahead and have your silly fun like your HERO Porsha WILLIAMS! LOL

      • I don’t think Al and Jesse would approve of your behavior. You should probably go reread the talking points.

        On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 12:19 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • O.O

      Bwhahahaha at your response . This will be my last time answering you because you sound dumb and I come here for fun .
      So I’m white or an Uncle Tom because I don’t think like you ? Is that supposed to be an insult ? Please . Like I said free your mind,come out of your small minded gutter mentality thinking that has been rehearsed in your ears for generations , you’ll be less angry ..Hahahahahahahaha . Do you really think that just because you call me stupid repeatly that , that makes it a fact? You’re a small silly man or woman .

      • jonathon Goldwater

        I truly hope it IS your last time talking because I cannot stand ignorant people getting in my mix! AND YES, I do think you are WHITE or a seriously screwed up African American because, and I quote YOU, “African Americans are the only…” <~~ that is rhetoric ONLY used by racist and undercover racist such as yourself! That statement you made also totally VALIDATES my original POINT! The judgment COMES! I ask for you or your friend, TAMARA, to point out in my original comment which YOU came too, that I suggested ANYTHING to do with a 'race war' as you and YOUR IGNORANCE suggested! GO AWAY and do NOT talk to me because life is fun but when you have TWO GROWN black women fighting like banshees for all the world to see on ONE show out of FIVE OR SIX 'Housewives' franchises and the only show with the BANSHEE fight is OURS; it looks bad and it is NOT FUN! And I put that to YOU and TAMARA!

  48. CityGirl81

    TT, thank you! This is the first site I have been on in days that most of the commenters are not hyping up Porsha’s behavior. It was out of line period. I am glad she got arrested. Maybe now she will start to grow up.

    Kandi is a hood rat with money so I am no surprised she would hype up Porsha. Absolutely ridiculous!

  49. Amy

    Picture book version,aww TT you are awesome..

  50. NotThatDeep

    Well I was down to watching ONLY Atlanta because the other HW shows were too dark, re-hashing the same stupid arguments as well as the violence. This season was a sad one for me, the beating that Brandon took was not entertaining one bit, now this fight during the reunion. I can’t believe that people are arguing over who was right and who was wrong? When is it ever right to hit another person? All of the women were just as bad, shady and unladylike! Perhaps the show is going in that dark direction for good and for those applauding Porsha’s behavior, I’m sure they’ll continue to watch, however I won’t bother tuning in!

  51. Witchy

    Is it just me or those scars on Porsha’s face?
    I don’t remember seeing those.
    Nice watermaking by the way. :-)

    • It looks like she got injections in her nasal folds (is that even a term?) to look pretty for the bitches on her cellblock. Do injectables leave marks like that?

      • Katrina

        It looks like someone was drawing on her face for a surgical procedure.

      • Witchy

        No. I admit .. You can’t tell anyone, ok? I had Botox once. If anything my face was swelled for a few days. That is why I was asking because I do not remember seeing scars on her face. Poor girl.

      • O.O

        Boy ,**TT** I didn’t say one thing that this Jonathan person said that I said . Was he reading my answer? (Shrugs) reading is fundamental .
        I hope the “Drop Squad” doesn’t come and get me since I’m racist an Uncle Tom and or I want to be white .
        It’s funny he or she would say that Because that is the first thing that people who suffer from hood logic say when you don’t agree with their views .That’s what I learned growing up in the ghetto aka “the hood”

      • well, apparently what he gained from reading my post is that Porsha is my hero. so, clearly there are issues there. Then he seemed to be saying that when soldiers do “bad things” like the two rampages at Ft Hood in the last few years, it makes all the soldiers look bad.

        I mean how does one even respond to that…

        On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 1:25 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • O.O

      Witchy those aren’t scars . What you see is a poor attempt to contour her nose . Darker foundation is used on the sides of the nose and a lighter foundation going down the middle to give the illusion of a straighter nose .Its all supposed to be blended with the correct color foundation for her skin tone and powder so that no one is the wiser .
      Leave it to Porsha to get made all made up wrong for a mugshot.

      • But there are dark dots in her….nasal folds. If that was contouring it should be light not dark, right?

        On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 11:59 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Also other copies of the pic show weird white lines above and below her eyebrows. Just funky.

      • The Jam

        the nasal fold dots are either the computer or the camera trying to handle the color in her face. Its not really dots its more like some weird from of pixelation.

  52. Witchy

    I cant stop laughing, Kenya brought a bull horn.
    Seriously, you know who needed one? The ladies on Beverly Hills. Yolanda kept interrupting everyone.

  53. myinfo

    I think Reality TV is not good for a lot of people. The fame is not always positive. Porsha was not ready for the attention.
    She came on as a sweet beautiful lady. She now has too much over the top make-up, fake boobs, a divoice and a mug shot.
    Now she has to watch TV as she goes off on Kenya like a thug. Not a good look.

  54. beth

    TT, do you know when Porsha got her new boobs relative to when this reunion episode was filmed? I would have thought a woman with new boobs would be careful about getting physical with someone that might throw a punch in that direction …. ow.

    • eLLe85

      I was thinking the same thing, a dumb thing for a dummy with new surgical enhancements to do, get into a fight with someone. Again, she is lucky Kenya opted not to fight her simple ass back.

  55. Xanadude

    I think the reactions to this are interesting – rather like the Ashley/Danielle assault in Jersey. Ashley was wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. No matter how much you dislike the person being assaulted, it’s still assault and it’s wrong.

    Now the one thing that is sticking in my mind is the fact that Porsha was fired for assault while other Housewives/Friends of Housewives/relative of Housewives were allowed to remain on camera and film. This tells me Porscha was on her way out already. or that there is a different standard for the Atlanta ladies either based on 1) race, 2) Andy no longer being a Bravo exec, or 3) standards have toughened across the board and Porsha is being made an example of (and rightly so. SHE ASSAULTED KENYA.)

    • My sources when leaking the incident all stressed Porsha “snapping” and her severe emotional state. I honestly think that swift action was taken because Porsha who generally seemed to eschew violence randomly and with little to no provocation lost her shit. I believe they think she has mental issues and or with the divorce and the filming drama she could not handle the pressure and became a loose cannon.

      On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 8:18 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  56. Jalen

    A new video has surfaced on bravotv.com that proves Porsha did in fact start and argument with Kenya leading Kenya to wave the wand in her face and tell her to be quiet. Porsha was already hype and heated for no reason. Kenya did nothing to her. Now Kandi want’s to go around as well saying Porsha was provoked. Anything to protect Princess Porsha.

    • You don’t say.

      On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 8:37 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • O.O

        No the dark foundation is painted on the sides of the nose , that’s supposed to make the nose look smaller then the lighter foundation is painted down the center of the nose to make it look straighter. If its done properly you see nothing but the illusion . Often times its also done to create cheekbones. Dark under the cheekbone to make it look hollow and a light color on the cheeks to make them more pronounced .Drag queens mastered the art for obvious reasons .

      • Terri

        If you take a look at her mug shot you’ll see dark brown dots going from her nose to just above her chin on both sides of her mouth. That’s what we’re trying to figure out.

      • I’m not talking about the nose itself. or even the sides of the nose. What we are looking at is in the deep creases between the nose and mouth, or the puppeteer lines, or whatever they are called. I see the stuff you are talking about, we are talking about the facial creases from the end of the nose, downward.

        On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 1:00 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Holly Burnett

      I am thinking Kandi feels she has to support Porsha because of the play a mothers love she constantly plugs it on twitter. Porsha behavior reflects her play, therefore Kandi needs to defend.

  57. MicroOp

    No matter if people think Kenya deserved to be assaulted, the law doesn’t. I’m not sure why people think their opinion is more valid than the law, but life is mysterious.

  58. Team rational human beings

    Thank goodness for your blog TT and for most of your commentators. I feel so badly for Kenya. She’s been called all kinds of demeaning names by most of the women on the show and to top if off, after she’s assaulted by one of her co-workers, people are applauding the perpetrator! I hope she reads your blog and takes comfort in the fact that there are rational people out here who do not condone the physical or verbal assault she has been subjected to.

  59. Middle Child

    Hello Tamaratattles, I’m so pleased I happened upon your website. I have enjoyed reading your fair take on the mess AKA The Real Housewives. I get very weary very quickly with people jumping on the bash Kenya to smithereens band wagon. Yes Kenya came in with a bad attitude,(making her debut memorable good or bad) but was quickly embraced by Phaedra and co when they heard how awful she had been to Cynthia. People also tend to overlook the fact that before Kenya ever spurts her vitriol at anyone it will be in response to a verbal attack on her person, I’m not a huge fan of Kenya’s, but fair is fair.

  60. Kishmish

    What a shame. I avoid the Housewives franchise but from what I HAVE seen of them I preferred these Atlanta girls because they’re less scary-ugly, bizarre looking, with whippet-in-a-wind-tunnel jackknife thin faces and fake lips freakishness than the other housewives from other places. Sure they’re loud and aggressive and wear two pounds of makeup to every half pound of woman but that seems to be the Housewife M.O.
    This’ll teach me not to be so shallow in future.

  61. HannahKingRose

    I think Porsha’s makeup team didn’t get to finish her makeup because the correctional officers called her up for her mugshot before they were done. Those correctional officers probably don’t watch RHOA lol.

  62. HannahKingRose

    It says I made a comment but I don’t see it and it did something funky. Anyhoo here goes again. Sorry TT if it ends up double posting. I think what happened with Porsha’s makeup was her makeup team didn’t get to finish before the correctional officers called her for her mugshot. Obviously, the correctional officers don’t watch RHOA or at least aren’t fans of Porsha. Lol

  63. Simone

    Porsha, such a foolish one…she should have been jumping on Kordell like that for a better divorce settlement instead settling for a 5G check and spending half of it on shoes with her sister. I do not understand the anger that women have towards each other, but none when it comes to important issues like not getting the shaft from your ex. The time for Porsha to fight(non-violently of course) was during the divorce settlement not at the reunion. So tacky! To be dumped and TV’s top fool of the year was just not enough for Porsha. Now we have a mug shot.

  64. When the reunion airs all speculation will end as to what really happened. We can at least all agree whatever happened, Porsha is screwed. I stand by my assertion that Bravo could have probably prevented this if they had not given that septar back to Kenya after Porsha snatched it. Once I saw that my perspective changed. Porsha was being targeted for a reaction (ratings) but they didn’t expect her violent outburst. We’ll see when it airs I’m done with everyone thinking they know what went down. Opinions are like assholes everyone has one so go take a shit and relax until airtime

    • When a child snatches a toy from the hand of another and flings it on the ground. The adult general retrieves the toy and returns it to the kid it belongs to.

      Also we have come full circle. The entire point of this thread was to show people pictures of what happened at the reunion. Now there are even more clips which show pretty much the entire incident.

      It boggles the mind that any sentient adult would need more context to determine who was attacked and who was the victim of an assault and battery.

      On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 7:44 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I think you are missing the context because you are too focused on the point you are trying to make to discern the intent of mine and others. We are not disagreeing with assailant and victim. That would be stupid as we can all see who physically assaulted who. The point that we are making is the extent of the provocation. The septar was in her face as your GIF shows. No one said it touched her face we said in her face to the point she snatched it. Kenya should not have had it returned as there was no use for it so the lose of it was inconsequential to anything going on at the reunion other than to turn up Porsha. Kenya is not a child so I can’t get behind that analogy you used. Not advocating violence but this unstable girl was baited and when the producers had an opportunity to try to prevent the escalation, they chose to return the septar. Things got out of hand quickly and I’m sure after it wrapped someone in production said maybe this fight could have been preventable. We can continue to give our opinions but on these, no matter how many insults we throw back and forth, neither of us are in production so we will have to agree to disagree. It’s time for Shark Tank so ya’ll have at it. My observation stands.

  65. cherry

    Welp….Porsha should have kept her hands to herself but Kenya’s props were out of line. I don’t care if you are not talking to me or not please do not point anything in my direction and def do not talk through a bullhorn In my direction and I am sitting one person away from you! They BOTH were wrong! Kenya is annoying but she is playing her role. Porsha could have moved couches lol Jill did it on a reunion show before *laughs too loud*!

  66. Kandi lost me when she cosigned that bs revisionist account of Game night. (Think they were all @ some kind of Oriental mall spa?) Not surprised she is Team Beard.

  67. IJS

    I don’t know why people continue to refer to Porsha as a girl, she is over 30! That is an age where you tend to come into a realization about who you are and where your going, without all the filters…well, I guess not… and I don’t understand how she tried to paint herself as the battered, and abused spouse, how Cordell would intimidate her, and shake her…yet, you uphold violence..O_o…Porsha has definitely been looking for a storyline, and a character act…and also I believe Kandi, and Phaedra hyped her up to the fullest…Phaedra can’t be seen getting her hands dirty, and Kandi cosigning on Porsha’s so called singing and acting career is suspect…I just feel pity for her, she will get burned through soon, or marry again and be another little trophy wife….with her name on nothing!

  68. Hello Tamara, Let me say you are one of the most intelligent bloggers and dedicated to giving the truth and not the salaciousness where it is so one-sided. I saw the fight and I knew it was so overblown, Porsha pulled Kenya to the ground by pulling her hair and that was about it. She didn’t skull drag or hit Kenya in her face. I am glad you are seeing this for what it is and I don’t know if you are in Atlanta but a voice of reason is surely needed in Atlanta. Thanks for telling the truth from TEAMTWIRL

  69. CP

    I AM a Porsha fan. I think she’s funny, silly and cute. I also detest Kenya, because she’s a bully, an instigator and a manipulation Queen.

    That said, I cannot defend Porsha ‘s actions at all. No matter what is said, you never have the right to put your hands on another human being. EVER. Unless it is in self defense or you feel your life is in danger. Kenya’s head was turned. She was blindsided.

    Porsha deserves to be fired. I’d miss her, but, you reap what you sow.

  70. Blair

    I cannot believe that it just saw this fool have a temper tantrum.

    Wait a minute. Yes, I can. This is the same girl that cannot process a thought for herself and believes the Underground Railroad is a real train.

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