Kandi Burruss on Bethenny

kANDI bURRUSThey are really publicizing the hell out of this RHOA reunion. Today, Kandi was on Bethenny  as part of the publicity tour. First of all, Kandi is rocking her wedding band with a new engagement ring. I know she caught a lot of flack for the nontraditional one she picked for herself in Vegas. She is still wearing the old one on her other hand. At first I was worried that she just succumbed to the pressure of a more traditional style but in reality the first one was not made to have a wedding band slide up against the band of the ring.  Her new set is very pretty, modest and has the pave diamonds that she likes and goes will with the previous ring.

When asked how married life is, Kandi says it is good but two days after they got married, one of Todd’s shows he produces got picked up and he had to leave to go film. Todd has his own production company now! Kandi says they don’t have time for a real honeymoon for the next five months  but they plan to take a weekend trip before then.

Kandi RHOA I'll fucking drag you in this bitch!

Who is shocked that Kandi supports Porsha?

Mama Joyce is still not really giving him any credit. Kandi thinks that her mom just went with her feelings for so long that she just can’t bear to admit she was wrong. Kandi says Mama Joyce was there at the wedding but not smiling. Kandi says that she was so happy at the wedding that she could not stop doing the big cheesy grin. She felt like she had “the wrong smile” for some of her photos. In every picture with Mama Joyce and Kandi she says Mama Joyce has the stank face and Kandi has the over the top grin.

Kandi says I am not normally one to brag, but my wedding was the best wedding ever. Kandi says there were three hundred guests invited to her Coming to America themed wedding. (I think she should have called that something that does not involve Eddie Murphy imagery. Perhaps “Out of Africa”  which, btw is the major them of my home décor, but I digress.) Musical performers included Doug E Fresh and Bell Biv Devoe at reception.

She talked about Fantasia and her foul-mouthed drunken toast. Kandi seems like she is tired of explaining this story. She just says that Tasia was having a lot of fun and she was not offended by any of it, she loves her.

Kandi says she invited all the housewives but Nene and Kenya were working out of town. So she did invite Kenya to the wedding. Kandi talks about the midget woman stripper and the  old lady stripper that Phaedra brought to the bachelorette party.

Kandi is giddy and glowing and so happy when she talks about being married. It’s very sweet.

Kandi You Trying ME! RHOA

With regard to the reunion, Kandi says Porsha was provoked. Bethenny asked about the idiotic rumor that everyone is going to walk if they don’t keep Porsha. Kandi says she has not been told that Porsha is fired, but if they are getting rid of her it should not be for that. There have been other instances of violence, like when Nene choked Kim or when Sheree pulled Kim’s wig, She says they did not get fired so she doesn’t think it is fair to fire Porsha. Kandi says she wants everyone back next season. Kandi launches into how RHOA is real and not made up. I suppose she might even believe the things she is saying.

Bethenny asks how she is with Nene right now. She says she doesn’t necessarily think she is her best friend but they are cordial. She says she doesn’t know why she and Nene are not really cool. They just aren’t.  Bethenny asks about the Peter and Nene confrontation and Bethenny was supportive of Peter. Kandi says there will be highly emotional moments on the reunion about that incident. Kandi says that Peter always has an opinion. Kandi said that Porsha ended up doing great in the play despite rough road to get her there. Kandi is just so damn happy. She loves Todd, she loves the play, she is loving life. So good to see that. Oh, and they want babies.


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65 responses to “Kandi Burruss on Bethenny

  1. I can’t help but love Kandi. She’s fun and funny, but she’ll drag a bitch if she needs to. I’m glad she found herself on RHOA.

    • Found herself? I must have blinked and missed that part. Khandi is pathetic and will be pathetic until the day she dies. I have never seen this chic stand up to anybody but talk a lot of crap!!

    • I don’t care for Kandi. I don’t like the way she went on Betheny saying that Kenya should drop these charges. This violence is serious. Kenya did nothing to Porsha. Kandi is so weak. She feels she is nothing without a man. And she takes care of them. Kandi can’t even stand up for herself when it come’s to her mother. You don’t have to be disrespectful. But she needs to set boundaries with her mother. Her mother is embarrassing.

      • I sure didn’t hear Kandi say Kenya should drop the charges…

        On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 1:20 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Destiny Khan

        She was on that show Betheny talking cramp. She laugh like it is a joke. And Kandi Buress twitted this #FreePorsha #KenyaDropTheCharges #TheyBetterBringPorshaBackSeason7 #WhyYouCallThePoPoe #StopThe Madness. This is from Kandi ‘s Instagram.

  2. Kandi is one of my favorite Housewives. She’s creative, works hard, forgiving, and entertaining. Not surprised she is happy.

    • Wookie

      Kandi and sometimes, Porsha, are the only wives out of that show that I do like. Hopefully, Todd will be the one to put her disgusting thug of a mother in her place when Kandi can’t stand up to her although, I do wish Kandi would grow a backbone. It’s become tiresome watching Kandi cave in to the old bitch. I guess time will tell. I’m really happy for Kandi. She’s very sweet and genuine. Kenya needs to be burned at the stake, enough said about her fat ass.

    • denise

      Completely agree. She is so happy that she glows. So happy she finally got married despite her family.

  3. Katrina

    I am glad that Kandi is enjoying married life. It is goin to be tough with Todd away.

  4. myinfo

    Kandi is probably the most liked.
    I am also glad she invited everyone to her wedding.
    I am also glad she wants everyone back.

    • Are you kidding me. Kandi wants everyone back. Because Kandi hates Kenya. She is just being fake and she knows this. She wants Porsha and Kenya back because she loved the fact. That all of them were jealous of Kenya. The only one with the long beautiful hair. And you know how it is with black women with the hair topic. Kandi wants to see violence. And she wants Kenya to be embarrassed. KANDI FOOLS NO ONE. DON’T LIKE KANDI AT ALL. SHE IS SO TWO FACED.

      • AmberKnows

        Kenya’s not hated because of her beautiful hair. Sure that can cause envy amongst the follicle-y challenged, but she’s hated because she’s an asshole and a bitch. Nothing more nothing less. She’s a habitual line crosser and while some can blame Porsha for losing control, i’d like to see how the common woman would react to someone insulting them while invading their aura with a possible weapon. It’s no fun when the rabbits got the gun.

        Andy was quoted as saying the fight… i.e. Porsha’s reaction was ‘Gross’. He found it incredibly funny that Kenya was waving a sceptor inches from her face and person but gross that Porsha snapped when she had enough of the mockery and humiliation? Silly gay man. Stay in your UES gay bars and Fire Island/Hamptons haunts, because if anyone tries that at ANY BoystownUSA bar, they’ll be picking up their teeth.

      • lilk

        @ destiny that you think kenya gets hate just bc of her hair(which btw she does wear extensions) is foolish. kenya from the moment she joined the show has just lied. lied about walter being her boyf, lied about her house, lied about her production company. this season she has been lying about her african prince.

        kenya has good looks but not a good personality.

  5. Ktina

    I love Kandi. Where can a girl find a Todd?!

  6. Good for her. Glad she found happiness. Hopefully MJ will swallow her pride/ego eventually and apologize to Todd. It doesn’t need to be on camera but it needs to happen.

    Maybe they’re hyping the A reunion so hard because we know the BH one was so extremely dull. They’re probably concerned that viewers won’t tune in since BH didn’t live up to it’s hype.

  7. Simone

    I am sorry but I just do not see the fascination with Kandi by her fans. Kandi has always bored me. Until this season she has brought nothing to the show and really still did her mama did. I think Mama Joyce should replace Kandi. She is way more entertaining.

    • Gingersnap

      Kandi bores me too.

    • Olive

      Me too – but I agree also that I’m happy she’s happy. Though with her mother as such, not sure how happy she can be. I hope she’s worked through in therapy trying to set aside her mom’s issues & things she can’t control

      • kym

        I’m wonder what you “bored” people want on the show? She is a millionaire with multiple businesses and now she is married. What is keeping you watching the show?

      • Not many are tuning in because of Kandi that’s for sure! She’s the most successful and the most boring. If this was suppose to be a show about successful black women, they missed that mark but got the ratings with ratchetness.

      • I love Kandi ‘s success BUT when her part comes on I use the time to go to the bathroom.

    • pfffttt

      Kandi doesn’t need to bring “drama.” This chick actually has a career, and owns multiple businesses. She is always working on a new project. I enjoy what Kandi brings to the show. I’d take her over the fake wannabe A-Lister Nene anyday!

  8. So glad Kandi is doing her thing despite her mother’s negativity.
    It’s good that she will be there to offer blind and misguided support to Phaedra and Porsha. They will need it.

  9. O.O

    I’m glad that Kandi is happy and for all her success ,she really is glowing , its amazing how joy can change your countenance.
    That being said I’m not surprised that Kandi is on Porsha’s side . If you have a mom that tries to fight in a wedding salon and has to have her gang hold her back or threatens to “drag”anyone , much less someone at least 30 years her junior , Kandi’s mindset is to be expected .

  10. Lisa

    I like Kandi but I will agree with some. She is kinda boring but someone has to try and balance out all the other DRAMA QUEENS. She is the only housewife that has made her own way financially (that is legal) Oh and she wants babies too? Oh lord, just the fact that she was engaged put mama over the edge, then the wedding and now babies? Mama Joyce is gonna have a hissy fit big time. I can’t wait to watch.

    • Olive

      Cynthia and Kenya didn’t do anything legally for their money? What did I miss, OMG …..

    • jenny marsh

      “I like Kandi but I will agree with some. She is kinda boring but someone has to try and balance out all the other DRAMA QUEENS.”

      LOL THIS! If there was no balance in personalities the show would be unbearable to watch. Honestly I think the only thing wrong with Kandi is her lack of a personality disorder. Something that is apparently a pre-requesite to be a successful reality tv personality.

      I like Kandi because she works hard and when she sets her sights on a goal she actually makes it happen. That’s a rare thing in life and almost unheard of among reality show personalities. She’s also very loyal to her friends and appears to have a good heart.

      She’s a talented self-made woman – the furthest thing from pathetic. Anyway I’m really happy for her and Todd and I wish them only the best. She’s been through alot of pain with the loss of her brother and her fiancee. The lady deserves some happiness.

  11. Judy McKenzie

    This is not abt current post…TT…just watched the rhoa finale. Mama Joyce,;

  12. therealdeb

    i stopped watching after last season, i read the recaps though. i just cannot take all the crazy street speak screamed all the time. i have liked kandi though, she is self made and hasn’t relied on a man for her money. she is a hard worker and her mother needs to step back. i think this show has done atlanta a huge dis service

  13. Judy McKenzie

    This is off topic…was watching finale again…big question…please answer.

    sorry for inc. replies. Too excited.

    Did Todd’s mom tell him something like”I’m
    worried because of the threat”??? Then the coat don Juan was carrying (mama Joyce’s) coat…she was staring at it. the scene I’m talking abt …finale…Mama j.. at kandi’s rehearsal…Don Juan and Todd…anyone besides Phaedra get a threat?? Did she have anything to do with Kandi’s first fiance’ ?

    • Cammie

      Lol, so you’re saying Mama Joyce should be Phaedra’s silent partner/funeral home backer so she has somewhere to hide her bodies too? That’ll be one busy funeral home without any actual paying customers.

  14. Juclips

    Good to see she decided to do an interview without sounding as if her lower jaw was wired. And hopefully her mother will come around it would make things better for their household.

  15. Kandi is now the only housewife on this show who is a rich bitch. But I have to agree with some other posters, she is boring as hell

    • Oh they have a storyline. They want babies and MJ will be dead set against it. Using Kandi’s daughter as a pawn/excuse for it not to happen.

    • Simone

      Kandi is boring as stated and I ‘hope’ she is happy to because I am tired of seeing her cry. Seriously, some people really should not cry on TV if they can help it. I respect her success and like how she paves it forward.

  16. pfffttt

    Did y’all check out the behind the scenes for the reunion. All the other ladies simply had their names on their dressing room door, but Nene had her name and below it an extra sign that said in ALL CAPS “Don’t knock. Do not Enter.” Puuuuhleaze. How much more of a cuntSATCHEL does this D-Lister have to be?

  17. barbinga

    Its super nice to see a bride glowing. I cant wait til it airs, one thing lacking from the tons of weddings they insist on showing us is a happy bride.

  18. Espi

    Kandi, the self made, always standing up for herself to all the ladies (except her mother) is a great asset to this franchise and character to this cast. Woman need to appreciate a go getter and innovative mind. She’s also passionate. She doesn’t need to make a fool of herself in every episode to entertain you but she does have her highs and lows every season.
    Commenting on this specific TT post, I’m glad TT included that Porsha has not been officially fired to the cast. Violence was not a means of termination since the franchise has always had physical altercations. Whether people condone them or not, the jury is still out for Porsha on Bravo.

    • I think you sort of missed the point. Kandi is not allowed to say that Porsha is fired so first she said no one has told her that Porsha is fired, and then launched into saying she should not have been fired for attacking Kenya.

      • Espi

        Interesting. I reread your post and that’s still not the tone I got. I get they don’t want the cast to ‘say’ such things but the blog seemed aloof to the certainty from kandi. You on the other hand do mock with she might believe what she is saying… It’s not that big a deal. I don’t care for Porsha. But it all is so very interesting. Reality TV never seems to care about violence. There must be something specific to the reunion in the casts contracts. !?!

      • I honestly think that it was the seeming break with reality Porsha had, the unexpectedness of the violent assault that shook Andy.

        On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 1:13 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • tleighb

        I agreed , TT. I also believe that her “break” from reality had more impact on Andy,etc.then the actual beat down. The image of her on the floor after being taken down, stomping her feet and saying “I can’t believe I did that” was telling and very disturbing.

      • And yet, last night she took her new boobs to da club to host a party at a very large venue in downtown ATL. I honestly don’t think she is intelligent enough to navigate those types of waters. I hope she has some sort of lady sitter and a body guard. I’m not even trying to throw shade when I say I don’t think she can take care of herself in any sense of the term.

        On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 6:13 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Katrina

        Andy saw the break real time, so the effect is different. Although Porsha was mouthy a lot, she seemed to shy away from big blow ups. She left the pillow party. When she gets upset, she sort of leaves the room and get herself together. When Peter brought up Kordell, she just made her statement and went on. On the final day of Mexico, when Kenya went in on her about Kordell, she stopped herself and backed down. All the interviews she has been doing lately seem to indicate that she was moving on and in a good place. It horrifying to see someone you think is together, falling completely apart. Porsha is very naïve in a lot of ways and she has had to learn a lot of grown up lessons in a short time. It’s usually the quiet ones that you have to watch. You can only take in so much pain, before something happens!

  19. LisaLisaDiva

    I like Kandi a lot and she is the only true rich chick on the show but she gives loyalty to some dumb ass acting chicks. She should have learned her lesson after Kim, now she’s siding with Porsha who looks and acts like she is dimmer than a nightlight. Kenya’s actions were probably annoying as hell ( I would have snatched that specter out of Kenya’s hand too if it was in my face) but I would have justed cussed her ass out. If Porsha doesn’t know how to verbally stand up for herself (head to head or toe to toe) against someone who is disrespecting her, she shouldn’t have been on the show much less attacked Kenya the way she did. I bet she wouldn’t have brought that crazy looking physical game to NeNe (that’s a big ole strong looking chick compared to Porsha’s sketchy ass) ..That’s why she’s catching a ratchet ass criminal case right now, as would any other grown ass individual who did what Porsha did. Kandi needs to distance herself from Porsha, I don’t see any sense in being loyal to someone that damn ditzy. We all know Phaedra Is Kandi’s friend, that doesn’t mean you have to condone Porsha’s behavior when it seems Kandi is not really that close to Porsha. Hmmmmm….so is Kandi defending Porsha out of friendship or because of her (real friend) Phaedra’s hatred of Kenya? Whatcha think TT?

    • Olive

      Interesting angle ……

      And I notice again how they placed the lesser important cast at the outer edges of the couches. Ratchet mess on one end and the newest felon on the other, next to Kandi.

      Does anyone know about the rules of dress code for reunions?
      Why on Beverly Hills they are mandated to not wear long dresses yet on Atlanta it’s ok? Also no black allowed on BH but Kandi wore black so that’s ok in Atlanta I suppose.
      Just wondering if maybe Tamara knew about that ….

  20. Is her name really spelled burruss? It’s like someone who had no knowledge of how things are spelled threw it together and was all greedy, taking as many letters as possible. What. They are FREE? Ok. Give me and extra r and a needless s up in that bitch!

  21. patrice

    It shouldnt be a surprise to Kandi that Nene is a very hateful and jealous person. Im dissapointed that Kandi supports Porsha because she could have handle Kenya by staying in her seat. Violence is never the answer. It was strategic to have both Kenya and Porsha to sit close to each other at the reunion but hands down Kenya wins again.

  22. A

    Kandi is full of bull. She is so busy talking about all her friends that were in her wedding, what about her daughter? She never mentions this young lady. Also, you cannot compare wig pulling and/or chocking to assault wherein injuries occurred. If there were no substantial injuries received the fulton county prosecutor would not have issued the arrest warrant for tack-head Porsha.. Hope she does get fired. Maybe she’ll learn to keep her paws to herself.

    • Katrina

      If Kenya sustained substantial injuries, she should have went to the hospital. Kenya called the police and made a report, so that is all they need.

  23. loo

    Sooo..I certain amount of violence is ok as long as it doesn’t break the skin? Did anybody see Tom bust Jax head open? Isn’t violence,…violence? Choking is ok because she lived and it didn’t crush her wind pipe? I don’t get it. Well.. I do get…I am just appalled at the “logic”…. I guess were calling it.

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