Sonja Morgan Has Vacated Her Townhome

sonja's townhouse

Sonja Morgan’s E. 63rd St. is desperately in need of Fredrik Eklund. Here is a quick primer on Sonja pre-RHONY, Sonja was a little go getter with aspirations who put herself through college and did some modeling and ended up living in NYC working at an Italian restaurant where she met her future husband who is somehow related to JP Morgan the steel guy. I forget all the particulars but he was an older gent with serious old NYC money and Sonja married him. But despite anchoring the relationship with a kid, the marriage failed and they were separated in 2006 and divorced in 2008.

In the divorce, Sonja got the 4,500ish square feet place with  5 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms with plumbing issues that bought in the late 1990s for around $9million. Shortly after the divorce she began trying to sell. I think she started around $12million, then $9 million. Then she tried to declare bankruptcy because back toward the end of the marriage she formed a company and named it Sonja Entertainment (or something similar) and promised some Hollywood types that she would get financing for a John Travolta movie to the tune of $7million or so.  But the courts refused to let her off the hook. sonja

Despite trying to sell the place at a loss for five years now, it seem no one will touch it. That seems odd to me. The place was purchased around 15 years ago before the bubble burst and the ensuing market recovery. I have a feeling the Morgans just overpaid for the skinny little place in the ’90s and Sonja’s hubby knew it so he gave it to her in the divorce.

Since she is in desperate need of money, she has moved out to rent the place for $25K a month. That means Sonja needs to move to a more modest place up the street and her eleventy billion interns may have to move back in with mommy and daddy.

Here is what I wonder though. Since the place is no longer her primary residence and is now income/rental property, can the people with the $7million+ judgment take the townhouse? Anyone?


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  1. Valerie

    Tamara, I work at a law office and I will ask one of our attorneys what’s what tomorrow. I’m the first person to post which is exciting to me as I am easily entertained. This makes me happy. Anyway I’ll get back to you tomorrow night with an answer.

  2. Chellie

    They can put a lien against the property (on title) and can make it very difficult for her to sell the property before paying the lienholder(s). Once the lien is settled, it will be cleared off title and the sale can proceed–if the buyer were being financed through a mortgage lender. But, they cannot take her property or assume ownership because she holds title.*

    *At least in Texas.

    • I know that is the case for a primary residence, actually, though the lien just means they get first dips into the proceeds from the sale,but if she is using it as a rental property now… I’m thinking she fucked up. I could be wrong. I think once it becomes a rental property it is a seizeable asset, no? With all the collapsed lung experts we have here, surely we have some bankruptcy experts.:) Thanks for answering.

      • I am ROFLMA and as a result at my age, pissing my pants @all the collapsed lung experts. You truly have an eclectic following which makes it fun up in here

      • The other day a Nene Stan Twitter Troll tweeted me to say “How dare you doubt Nene, you need to educate yourself about blood clots on the lungs!” I just blocked them, but I thought to myself, I have probably read more “personal accounts” and research on pulmonary emboli today than some med students have in a lifetime. Of course, if I had to guess, I’d imagine some of these stories or fictionalized. That or I am a magnet for people with collapsed lungs.

        On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 1:59 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Em

        Haha, if only med school was filled with reading personal accounts and doing internet research. Wouldn’t that be the life. First I’m hearing about this Nene situation so I just read your earlier blog post, but you can get collapse of the small airways or atelectasis from a PE. Pneumothorax isn’t really associated with a PE, but they both present with similar signs and symptoms. I don’t trust any of these women to give an accurate or remotely knowledgeable account of their own medical problems, though.

      • So you are here as an expert on med school, posting in a thread about Sonja Morgan about Nene? Interesting.

        On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 10:49 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        In my state, if you’re not using the residence as your primary residence then it can be seized, even if she’s homesteaded it. I think she probably did fuck herself. That’s the short answer.

    • Em

      I went to med school and took licensing exams, never stated I’m an expert. I’m just sharing what I know on the medical condition since it’s really common. Pretty sure people in medicine take breaks from time to time to indulge in blogs on entertaining shows I don’t have time to watch.

  3. Yes Sonya blew through money with that company she formed however I think it’s horrible her ex husband has not quietly stepped in to help her out.

    That’s the mother of his daughter and respectable thing to do.

  4. Jarlath

    Isn’t her house right next to a car park?


      It certainly is. RIGHT next to a car park. I park in that lot all the time.

      • It obviously has major plumbing issues which have been on the show a lot. it’s a very skinny condo there are five floors and less than 5,000 feet so the entire floor on each level is under 1.000 feet, which means each floor is smaller than my little shack in the ghetto. Basically you are climbing stairs are getting in a tiny scary elevator to go from ROOM to ROOM.

        On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 3:11 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Kitty Mamma

        I read this comment, looked up, and thought of approx. four more houses stacked on top of mine. Weird. Of course they don’t sell real estate by the square inch where I live.

    • MeSoCrazy

      Yes! I actually live on E 65th right near her & walk by her home on way to work some days. It’s gorgeous on outside BUT so is most of UES so not sure why she’s having such issues selling ? It’s perfect location !

  5. Denise

    Jp Morgan Chase bank. Damn he sure is cold. Money talks. What happened to her cash settlement?

  6. puppylove

    Doesn’t this guy even care where his daughter lives. If he doesn’t care about Sonja and it’s clear he doesn’t, what about the child? I thought I heard Sonja say on a clip that there were custody issues, is this true? Is the child’s father going for custody. I know Sonja adores her daughter, but she paints a very BAD picture on the RHNY. Too much drinking to many sex partners, and just plane too much TMI. I feel bad for her in a way but my goodness she needs some major counseling. In her private life and her business life, and a little humble pie wouldn’t hurt either. Oddly enough I still wish her well.

    • 'The Jam'

      I kinda…useta like Sonja, but honestly now when I see her she just grosses me out. I would never eat her cooked food. Whenever I see her I just think of her putting her face in a bidet, menstrual accidents, anal romping with strangers, her dog eating from the table and losing a tooth. I can forgive all ( except the bidet…eew) but I can’t get over her telling EVERYONE about it.

      Ugh! She couldn’t even hand me an orange. Bleh!

  7. jrleaguer

    I hate to see anyone lose a house….even a Real Housewife.
    I was freaking out during the Hamptons episode when she was so excited about hot water because she does not have it in the city. WTH kind of dad would let his child reside in a home where there is not hot water??? His great-great grandfather was JP MORGAN…so the guy can afford a water bill at least until his daughter goes to boarding school or college.
    I picture Sonja morphing into Edith Bouvier Beale some day.

    • YES! What was with the hot water, when she said that, I could not even focus for a while and was just thinking of her kid taking cold showers or baths or having to boil water to have warm water as if they live in the 1800’s.

    • I don’t watch this show all the time but I know the players. Sonja was a very rich bitch when she was married and became just a semi- bitch when she divorced. That being said, why didn’t she adjust her lifestyle? She got a fair settlement so why should her husband continue to support her bad decisions and habits. She is a party girl and partying cost. She should have known budget just like everyone else. I can’t believe, based on Million Dollar Listings, that she can’t sell that apartment. Maybe she needs to hook up with one of the boys!

    • barbinga

      Maybe somewhere the branches reach to Simon Barney?

    • Mounainflower

      She will live in denial until she is forced to live in a hovel while eating catfood out of a tin can.Don’t forget to feed the racoons as the cats shit behind a mllion dollar painting leaning on the floor.

    • Kris

      Her daughter lives away at a boarding school. She’s full of it with her single mom routine

    • Margarett

      Oh my, you’re so right on the money about her becoming like the “Grey Garden” woman. I can just picture her with a little flag dancing around in that falling apart home of hers. So sad…hope I got that name right. It’s been ages since I watched the movie.
      Frightening but accurate.

      • jrleaguer

        @Margarett~ The HBO movie with Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore was very good. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend the actual 1975 documentary by Albert and David Maysles. I think that there are bits of it that you can view online and you will see how spot on Jessica and Drew were with their performances. :)

  8. Jill-O

    If memory serves me. Her daughter goes to a boarding school and is rarely with Sonja. She spends a good deal of the holidays with her father. Also, her ex husband was quite generous in the divorce settlement. The only reason they didn’t divorce sooner was because she dragged her feet and demanded more. I would imagine there is a sizes bel trust for the daughter that Sonja can’t touch, good thing since she is clearly incapable of handling finances.

    • She has apparently wasted the money she did get and it’s kind of sad because she did seem to have a good idea with the toaster oven but she dragged her feet on that and seemed to be ungrateful for the freebies that were given to her by friends. I would hope that there is a trust for the daughter, it’s shocking to see someone squander financial opportunities when there are so many women and men who walk away from divorces 50% – 75% POORER.

    • The court ruled that Sonja was to receive $3 million. According to court papers, JA Morgan has not paid her the settlement and is $300,000 behind in child support or alimony payments. (Not sure which)

  9. Candace

    It all depends on which type of bankruptcy she filed (Chapter 7 or Chapter 13).

    When you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you don’t have to give up any of your property. Instead, you use your income to repay some or all of your debts, over a three- to five-year repayment period. So you don’t face the danger of having your rental property taken and sold by the trustee.

    When you file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, you get to keep any property that’s “exempt” under state law. No matter how much equity your state’s law protects, however, it applies only to your residence: the home in which you live. It doesn’t protect other property you own and don’t use as a residence, such as rental property. Because your rental property is almost certainly not exempt, the bankruptcy trustee can take it, sell it, and distribute the proceeds to your creditors.
    The trustee will take nonexempt property only if the proceeds from selling it will significantly exceed the costs of taking and selling it. So, if you have little or no equity in your rental property, the trustee may choose not to take it. In this situation, the mortgage holder would be entitled to all or most of the proceeds from the sale, leaving nothing for your other creditors.

    • Thanks Candace. I’m not sure which flavor she filed for but I don’t think she was granted bankruptcy anyway. I just remember she filed to try and have her debts discharged and the judge denied the request. She appealed and still denied. So she simply owes $7million to one creditor and ???? to others. I imagine this means they have put a lien on the property.

      On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 12:57 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Kitty Mamma

      @ Candace, you are right, but you are a weee bit wrong on a few things:
      1. People get to keep and/or surrender property with both ch. 7 and 13’s.
      2. Real and personal property exemptions apply to both ch. 7 and 13’s (or any bk).
      3. No trustee can take any rental property bc it does not belong to the debtor. A lease is a lease. Even if it a gym membership, etc. (No trustee would seize a gym or apt. bldg, right?)
      4. Generically speaking, people that file ch. 7 are current on their (secured) bills, people that file ch. 13 are behind in their bills, and people that file ch. 11 are business entities that are forced into bk.

  10. KWM

    I thought she filled for Chapter 11 bankruptcy for her business, Sonja Productions????? Not sure the difference between all the different bankruptcies are.

    On a total aside and I can’t believe I never put these together, but I knew John Morgans brother (died a few years ago) and family. Very nice family. All these years and I never put the 2 together. Oh man I would love to know what they think of Sonja.

  11. Daphne

    Huh….why was her request rejected? That may be the key to all of this.

  12. I thought she was sued and they won the 7 million judgement which here in canada u can’t go bankrupt on, u must pay any judgement against u. I remember her stating she had to go bankrupt both, personal and business
    Her constant bragging. Is what got her into trouble

  13. After I originally commented I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new
    comments are added- checkbox and now every time a
    comment is added I get 4 emails with the exact same comment.
    There has to be a means you are able to remove me from that service?


    • Sorry, I replied to this early without realizing your comment was moderated. I can’t fix it for you but if you go to the box at the bottom of the post and click as if you are going to make a reply, that should pull the boxes up so that you can uncheck the one you checked. That is a setting between you and WordPress and I have no control over it.

  14. I think Sonja’s home would probably be looked at as a “fixer upper”, she has obviously not kept up with the repairs. Also her home is right next door to a parking garage. No one is going to pay millions of dollars to live next to a parking garage.

  15. JoJo

    So late to this party, but nothing’s changed about Sonja & RHNY still airing – wonder if her new digs will be ‘filmable’?
    No matter, Sonja was slowing, now rapidly turning into Blanche Dubois, Grey Gardens, on the road to Norma Desmond. Fantasy land is hard for a 50 yoa woman.

  16. Patricia

    I really like Sonja. She has a kind spirit, a little on the whacky side but aren’t we all in one way or another? I wish her much luck, happiness n success. Team Sonja! Now Nene…..just not a fan, never was, never will be but wish all of them well. I just despise seeing women go on such verbal assaults against each other….saddens me that this behavior is suppose to make you a celebrity?

  17. Erin

    Why are people jumping on Sonja’s ex husband? I’m sure she had well more than enough money to fix her plumbing issues so why should he be concerned.? I’m sure if it’s that bad the daughter could live with him. Furthermore she gets paid to be on RHONY. I barely watch that show so I’m clueless to her plumbing issues but why didn’t she get them corrected? I would die to live in a five story townhouse. I like narrow places and I have an idea of what the setup is like because I dated a man with a narrow townhouse that was four stories. These ugly women are so lucky to have the things they have but yet they are stupid and selfish.

  18. Lainie

    I just don’t get how these problems don’t get dealt with when these women are in positions where they are being well-paid, seem to have connections to lots of people. Surely she has friends who can help her/advice her? I do think some of the stuff is very much dramatized and fabricated for the show! After all these women know they have to keep their stories interesting or they may be cut from the next season! Sonja needs her RHONY income…therefore she needs to keep her story fun and interesting…someone who does everything correct with no issues would soon become dry!? Who really knows these women’s lives…we get to see about ten minutes of them each week. I still love to watch though!! I’m from the UK, will there ever be a ‘real housewives of …London or Manchester, lol!? After-all Australia have started with the real housewives of Melbourne!? Wait n see!!!

  19. Mickey

    Sonja needs to check in with her humble beginnings and get a grip on reality….go get herself a brain and follow through with all the ventures she claims to have going on and start to act like a 50 year old LADY…she would gain back some respect and maybe get a real gig ….support herself instead of crying the blues on Bravo tv showing a trashy side which she does very well..what was the spectacle in the Hampton all about??? Shaking those saddlebags on stage and being the star of a one woman show… :( You made your own bed and now need interns to make it for you………
    let’s all feel sorry for Sonja !!!!!

  20. Jemma

    Sonja is losing it… Bad behavior each episode will really embarrass her in years to come….time to get your life in order…its becoming sad not funny

  21. KittyKat7990

    Like Kristin said on the reunion, she is delusional. The straw that broke the camel’s back for any respect I had for Sonja was when the ladies were in the Hampton’s and she was drunk and yelling at Kristin on the 2nd floor. Well then they showed her out that night, still drinking, lying back on someone with her 50 year old vagina hanging out for the world to see. She has no class and a very obvious drinking problem which I am sure she denies both. Look her up in the dictionary, she is under HOT MESS. HOT half a century old MESS!!

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