Porsha Williams Booked and Released Today!

MUGSHOTIt seems that Porsha turned herself in TODAY ! Porsha Williams, a former RHOA was arrested today and charged with one count of simple battery on Kenya Moore.  She was booked and released on a $2,000 bond.

Ever the the fashion icon, Porsha wore some sort of black Michael Jacksonesque  military ensemble that screamed angry fighting woman. She paired that with the a radiant orchid lipstick (Panetone color for 2014!) and tons of weave from dozens of Asian virgins. When you join the ranks of the many housewives with a record, it’s important to get your hair did and call your glam squad just like you would for any other photo op!

I may be dumb, but I’m pretty and I have new boobs!


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95 responses to “Porsha Williams Booked and Released Today!

  1. O.O

    What a big dummy fool .

    • Bravogirl24/7

      Porsha can turn around and sue Bravo for putting her in an unsafe environment and she felt threatened, while not controlling their employees. I’m obviously drinking!

      • OBVIOUSLY. Since I’ve told you idiots MANY times the Bravo contract precludes suing anyone for anything in civil court.

        On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 11:31 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • myinfo

        Unsafe would be people being around PORSHA.
        The proof of this is Porsha’s Mug shot.

      • bravogirl24/7

        I see you CANT RECOGNIZE sarcasim!!!
        So I’ll stick to Comments for dummies.

  2. Still believe she won’t be back on RHOA?

    • Kat

      If Kenya refuses to return to the show if they bring Porsha back you can bet your bottom dollar Porsha won’t return and Kenya would be justified in that ultimatum. Their are plenty of dumb plastic brauds they can replace porsha with. Those women engage in throwing shade and shouting matched all the time. Why would any of them wanna film with someone who would go crazy at the drop of a dime

    • I understand. But I’m betting she gets rehired.

      • I’ll take that bet.

        On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 9:27 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Simone

        Really, you think Bravo is going to risk that? She is a liability and Bravo is still a company at the end of the day. Why would they rehire a liability who wasnt even that popular? Umm ok,

      • Really? When it’s time for next season to air, do you think more people will watch to see crazy porsha and Kenya in the same room? Or will more people tune in to see nene pretend to be an actress, Kenya pretend to be fertile and Phaedra pretend to be a doctor, lawyer, Indian chief? Cause that all bed played to death.

      • I’m going to swerve back into your lane because I think you made a good point. I didn’t think of it that way but it is possible, Bravo keeps making the point it was the highest rated season so maybe they’ll throw the dice for the money. Who knows.

    • brillke

      “Kenya pretend to be fertile”

      Damn, that was funny. Don’t make me say nice things about you TeeCee, it’s not natural.

  3. Mable Lean

    One can only pray in His name that her charges also include Assault Upon The English Language. Is singing under pitch against the law too? If so, charge her with that too, Jesus.

  4. Jen

    Haha. TT, love your take on it. She needs to go and get some education. Then go back to the entertainment industry. Atleast, she would have a plan B. I hope her Family is trying to talk some sense into her. She needs Love and Discipline, not coddling. I know shes grown, but she still needs direction. Porsha Baby, if your listening? USE YOUR WORDS, Hands ARE NOT FOR HITTING.

    • Did you see her mom and sister? They had her believing she was Tinkerbelle. They probably encouraged the ginormous boob job so she can entice her next sponsor. Don’t think education is their priority.

      • Simone

        Haha, you know Vonnie. I am starting to think Porsha’s mom is like Kris Jenner, promoting gold digging and such. Remember when her mother was crying because her daughter did now have five hundred dollars from Kordell?

      • Lol. Simone, she wish she had Kris Jenner’s game. Kris keeps the money coming in by making sure those girls keep their ratchetness at an acceptable level

  5. Daph1

    I know I’m going to catch hell for this, but imma say it anyway. I don’t believe violence is the way to handle situations, and Porsha should not have wiped the floor with Kenya, but…that was a b*tch move by Kenya to press charges. From the limited RHOA reunion footage that’s been on Bravo, it’s clear that Kenya provoked Porsha, and did so deliberately. I’m certain she wouldn’t have pulled that with any of the other wives. Kenya needs to stop her antics if she’s not willing to deal with the consequences of her antics. Again, I’m well aware that violence isn’t a solution, however, Kenya for sure started it. As my grandfather used to say, “don’t start none, won’t be none.”

    TT, you have once again provided the good scoop! We love it!

    • myinfo

      STOP IT.
      Words never makes someone attack another person!
      So idiot Porsha now has a MUG shot because she let Kenya get to her.
      Kenya, Phaedra and Apollo exchanged heated words during last years reunion and no one got out their seat.
      Porsha is a fool. She is so dumb she let Kenya get to her.

      • Katrina

        How do you think fights start? It srarts with an argument. The old saying, “Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” It is literally true, but not mentally true.

    • Marilyn

      I’m surprised when people say that. Why wouldn’t you call the police if you were assaulted?

    • Harlyn

      I think Kenya is dealing with the consequences of her actions by: (1) pressing charges against Porsha and (2) accepting the pay raise that Bravo will give her for being the most interesting person on the show.

    • bravogirl24/7

      Would You also condone the neighbor who shot the boy who he told many times to stop taunting his dog??

    • Justasportsnut

      I’m hopeful that many of you young people realize that assault is a criminal violation and you can be arrested. I agree with Kenya, I would have filed charges too. Any “ish” that thinks that she can physically assault me and not pay the criminal cost for doing so, is delusional.

  6. This girl is so foolish. She actually contoured for a mugshot???? I. Can’t.

    • Redhotmama

      Haha! I know right. Note to Porsha: Mugshot lighting + layers of contouring makeup= you looking like a fool. She’s naturally pretty, why the need for all that spackle & weave?

  7. Redhotmama

    I have to say, this is a very well timed arrest. Just in time for the reunion. Anyone else find that to be quite the coincidence?

  8. She is so stupid. At least show some remorse for your behavior. It not glamour shots and no matter how she does the hair do, uhm she is still taking a “mug shot”.
    She still has a fucked up attitude. Why be proud of being on national television acting like a thug? This is how she honors her legacy she is so “proud”?
    I think I am even more pissed off realizing that she is suppose to be representing something so profound.
    Porsha William’s claim to fame being an ignorant thug after having several opportunities to be someone inspiring.

  9. Dr. D

    That’s why Porsha is intellectually challenged because all she had to do was be cute and fine and play the naïve role and get a pass. Her family has been enablers and now her fans #TeamPorsha are doing more harm than good by encouraging the behavior. If this was a teenager I would feel some type of way but she’s in her 30s and I don’t see any hope because she’s finally getting the attention/stage that she’s always desired. Unfortunately from a counselor/therapist perspective plastic surgery, fights, mug shots, are only the beginning…

    • Daph1

      Don’t get it twisted: I am no Porsha fan. Not even a little. I still think Kenya poked the wasp nest and got stung, and I think that’s the outcome she was hoping for.

      • Well, you seem like you SHOULD be a Porsha fan. I don’t think anyone with intelligence does anything to get assaulted.

        On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 11:43 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Dr. D

        Kenya chose the action but didn’t expect THAT consequence from her action so she clearly underestimated her opponent; I’m waiting for the reunion to see how she used those props and what made Porsha lose it…should be interesting, well I hope anyway. Warmest regards^_^

      • brillke

        I’m gonna have to agree with Daph1 on this one , TT. Kenya wanted a response and she got one. I don’t think Kenya thought she would get attacked but a meltdown followed by lots of tears and screaming would have made her day.

        Porsha is dumb. She’s like Lennie accidentally kills the bunnies dumb. Her family, especially her mom, has enabled her her entire life and I think it stunted her emotional growth. She’s a teenager mentally and most probably always will be, no matter what her chronological age is.

        Kenya is a raging bitch who enjoys toying with people and their emotions. She senses their weaknesses and goes to work. She is a master manipulator and can go from ice queen to victim in a blink of an eye. She enjoys destroying peoples self-esteem.

        I don’t like Kenya and no editing will ever change that. I don’t like Porsha. Porsha should have walked away. Kenya gets zero pity from me. Assault is illegal and Kenya has every right to press charges and I hope she does. Maybe this could be the thing to wake Porsha up and force her to grow up.

  10. Daph1

    Apparently I was out of line for giving an opinion. My mistake. Won’t happen again.

    • Just Saying

      Come sit by me, Daph1. I agree with everything you’ve said in this thread.

    • Want some cheese with that whine? Seriously. Post something stupid and get called on it. Happens a lot here. Happens to most at some point. Either suck it up buttercup or move on to another blog.

      • Just Saying

        Wasn’t talking to you, Karma. Not interested in your opinion, Karma. Have seen you post incredibly stupid comments, Karma, and didn’t feel the need to call you on it. So why don’t you suck it up and mind your own business. Seriously.

      • Someone said this to me and I had to remind them as I do you…when you post on a blog your talking to EVERYONE. Not nasty just reality

      • Just Saying

        Vonnie0511 – I don’t know where this will stack in the replies, but to your comment at 1:14pm – I appreciate your comment, but I clearly addressed Daph1. I’m not you (not said hatefully, just respectfully noting differences). I don’t ‘drink wine, lick wounds’ and start over. I don’t enjoy the increasingly hostile tone towards anyone who offers a differing opinion – not a refutation of facts, but simply a different opinion or different perception. Ad hominem attacks aren’t logic. Inferring attitude and assigning intention isn’t intelligent. There a middle-school mean girl vibe here, and if you don’t follow the crowd, you get called names. I don’t comment often, and when I do reach out to someone who seems to feel the same way, I don’t need the thought police to come along and tell me to suck it up or move on. If you want feel comfortable being part of the gang, Vonnie0511, I’m happy for you (truly, not snarky). I just wanted to pop out for Daph1.

      • Respectfully, I’ve never been part of a gang so that’s an interesting analogy blog = gang. Guess I better be careful because I didn’t know it was that serious. Oh wait…it’s not. We will never meet so the opinions here are not going to effect me at all. When I comment I realize that anyone can respond viscerally or amicably. I choose when I engage and when I pass. Don’t think gang members have that choice. Have a

      • Yup, you have seen me post stupid shit. Never said I didn’t. TT and others have called me on it. I didn’t throw a temper tantrum or feel the need to exclaim that I’d never state my opinion again!! Also my reply wasn’t to you so not sure why your panties are in a wad and really don’t care. Like Vonnie said, when we post here we’re talking to everyone.

      • Well, I see that y’all are all getting along swimmingly while I am attending to real life responsibilities.

        Carry on.

        On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 2:14 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • We try to play nice and infighting does occur but every now and then a sheep gets caught in the lion’s den and takes this shit personally.

      • BTW, Vonnie, you be LYAO if you could see what is going on on the other side of the velet ropes.

        Besides the Porsha Stans, I also have people very upset with me for calling my commenters stupid. I mean, am I really not allowed to notice? /innocent grin.

      • You know what I said…your house your rules. If they choose to visit they need to grab a

      • Just Saying

        Panties not in a wad, not needing to correct everyone on everything. But if I was….

        “Also my reply wasn’t to you ….. Like Vonnie said, when we post here we’re talking to everyone.”

        Guess I’m not ‘everyone’, or maybe it’s just a stupid post. Just saying….

      • Just Saying

        No, Tamara, your blog, your rules, and for bonus points, you get to put words in other people’s mouths ‘Not enjoying’ is not the same as ‘being very upset’. Some of your posters are illiterate, some are illogical, and some are abysmally stupid. Who could fail to notice? It’s this way because you like it this way. How else could you make fun of your feral gang on Twitter?

        Out of curiosity, are your Blacklist recaps bad because you don’t care anymore?

      • @JS, you’re hilarious. I’m sure others understand exactly what I said/meant in those two sentences. Nice try though. And now I see you’re trying to insult Tamara so I’ll step aside and let you hang yourself there. Have a great time.

      • Just Saying

        What fun. It’s always entertaining to watch the posters curry favor with the blogger. “Lion’s den”? Just a little aggrandizing. Sharpen your teeth on my bones? Haven’t been able to do that, yet. Discuss amongst yourselves.

      • Insecure and need validation? Wrong address sweetie but look…you have fun trying to find a friend. I find you quite trite and boring but someone here will find you fun. That’s what happens when you encourage diversity in a blog rather than one size fits all. BTW love muffin, your trying to hard. I’m satiated so I’m licking my lips

      • Well that went well.

        And my Blacklist recaps are fabulous. Glad to know you are one of the three people that read them.

        On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 4:17 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  11. TT, good post, love the photo.
    No excuse for what Porsche did.
    There are so many ways to get back at someone when they least expect it.
    I do think Kenya was wrong to press charges, attention seeking move.
    I’m curious to see if there will be a backlash against her for pressing charges weeks later.
    Great for the reunion show.

    • Victims of a crime should not press charges? Great thing to teach kids. Are you a mom? If your kid was attacked at school would you just not do a thing?

      On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 12:29 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Jessika

        I agree…I think pressing charges came too late for this cast. Brandon should have pressed charges against Apollo. Make it clear that no one will be laying hands. Kenya made grown woman moves against someone who acts like a child..

      • Brandon knew that if he pressed charges against Apollo he would be in violation of his probation and he would go back to prison. He didn’t want the boys to be without their father. Ironically, weeks later, Apollo was arrested for other felonies.

        On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 9:16 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  12. JenB

    Porsha got exactly what she deserved. I have no idea why anyone would think that Kenya should NOT have called the police when they have not even seen the fight. How about you all watch the fight first and then decide if you would call the cops. Porsha is not innocent. She has been saying nasty things to Kenya and about Kenya for 2 seasons.

    Kenya did not deserve to be attacked. Kenya was giving back to Porsha what Porsha dishes out. Porsha tries to talk over everyone and Kenya did not back down. Last year’s reunion, Porsha took the floor and yapped on and on about how great her marriage was and how she was so upset with the other HW because of the way they treated her, blah blah. Porsha is a drama queen teen ager. She needed to learn this lesson the hard way.

    Porsha brought up the subject of Kordell’s sexualtiy long ago before this season began. Kenya is only calling her out on what she Porsha was saying for the past year. Porsha should have never made that claim about Kordell and then once she ran her mouth, she tried to back track. But Kenya would not let her.

  13. 'The Jam'

    Kenya Moore was absolutely correct to press charges IMO. These hussies are out of control. But they’ll learn how the real world works the hard way

  14. barbinga

    Awww, I feel like a proud step parent (Bravo would be the inlaws) seeing our dear youngest get her first mug shot. I kind of wish it hadn’t been confirmed yet and only rumor of a fight. The way the first half of the season went, I would have guessed NeNe if she was still on her apparent binge.

  15. Kat

    Kenya did the right thing. filing charges will do a lot more damage to porsha than stooping to her level. Imagine every time you fill out an application and that question about a criminal past comes up. None of them can judge Marlo without making the same judgement on porsha. Provoked or not she’s considered a violent person which had nothing to do with self defense

  16. SaraK

    Only thing Kenya did wrong was to not encourage the dude in red to press charges against Apollo when he got his ass whooped. It is amazing to me how there was no out cry over that but folks are up in arms over pretty simple not bright Porsha getting a mug shot. I guess “we don’t hit people” is another lesson mom forgot to teach her.

  17. khintx

    I am flabergasted that folks think it is the person who filed the complaint who got porsha in trouble. That’s like saying if you were robbed and you filed a police report YOU are the person responsible for getting the robber in trouble? Tsk Tsk. What a world we live in. kh

    • Well in some RL cases, the robber who was injured, aka shot, during the robbery has sued AND WON against the store worker he was robbing for injuring him. So this mentality, while idiotic, no longer surprises me.

  18. Katrina

    Porsha is charged, but she has not been convicted yet. We all know that just because it looks a certain way, does not mean it will lead to a conviction. I am sure her mother did teach her about hitting, but Porsha is an adult.

  19. Katrina

    Once you make a police report, it is out of your hands. If they go to court, Kenya will have to go to testify. The other women will be called too.

  20. RVA

    TT you SLAY me.
    LMAO @ she threw the ONLY punch.
    I hope my boss doesn’t walk by my cube and wonder why I am laughing hysterically to myself.

    • It’s true! Kenya’s hands never stopped clutching that bullhorn for dear life before Porsha could wallop her with that too!

      On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 9:40 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  21. Amazeballs!!

    Even if Kenya did manipulate te situation to get Porsha to throw a punch I’m still impressed. That’s the best way to get what you want without getting your hands dirty. Porsha looks like an idiot and Kenya is the victim because Porsha couldn’t control her temper. Bravo!!!!
    And Porsha is still wrong even if Kenya didnt do it on purpose, bc like TT said intelligent people don’t do that. You can’t hit people without consequences

  22. Katrina

    Danielle Staub pressed charges against Ashley, Jaqueline’s daughter, when she ripped her hair out on film on RHONJ. They went to court. Danielle was eventually let go.

  23. Daphne

    This is all so disappointing and sad. Kenya and Porsha are what they say, “a piece of work.” It really takes maturity to curb your anger when urged to strike; Porsha doesn’t have the maturity …. Kenya knew it and antagonized the f**k out of that poor little girl. The show is at an all time low, however, in my opinion. The fighting, the physical fighting, keeps these group of people in a negative light and, unfortunately, the stigma STICKS. Thank you, TT, for your blogs – I suppose this will be the only way I’ll keep up with RHOA because I believe watching the show is no longer an option for me.

    • Better women than you have tried an failed to quit them honey. You’ll be back, I’ll save you a seat. :)

      On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 4:33 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Daphne

        Well, considering I enjoyed watching the tidbits you’ve posted (simply cuz I can’t stand Kenya, but not supporting Porsha’s behavior — you know like when Sheree poked at Kim’s wig), you’re probably right Ms. T. Damn BRAVO!!! Save the recliner for me and keep the chard chilled!!!

    • Teerii

      There is nothing poor or “little” about Porsha. Porsha is just as tall and more hippier that Kenya. And she”s over 30 years old. If antagonizing someone is answering them back when they talk crazy at you,then you are clearly using the word out of context, if you know what I mean?

      • But, but, but, Bravo should have know that Porsha had a fear of toy wands and bullhorns! Who would not have a psychotic break if someone waved a magic wand in their general direction? Kenya brought PROPS!

        seriously. I can’t wait for this reunion to be over and Porsha to be a distant memory.

        On Sat, Apr 19, 2014 at 8:10 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  24. Simone

    As a cute woman myself, I have been saying this for years and it is STILL true. UGLY people love to see beautiful women get assaulted. THey will come up with a justification for the assault in a minute. After reading so many blogs from grown people who probulary have children I see why bullying is such a problem in schools. I have never seen such ignorant supportive remarks for Porsha’s criminal act.

  25. MicroOp

    Porsha was wrong and I think she fully deserves to be fired and arrested. But If you’re going to have a mug shot it might as well be pretty.

  26. how can Ne Ne or any one else say that Kenya provoked Porsha. All the women was throwing bad shade on each other before the attack. Porsha has a big mouth and likes to talk over people. Porsha goes on and on saying dumb things. Didn’t you hear her tell Kenya that she had a rotten vagina. You can tell that Kenya didn’t want to go there about Kordell. Porsha can dish it out but she couldn’t take it I hope Kenya sue her for the little money she got. And why if Kordell have 55 million dollars she didn’t even get 1 million. And how do that dummy think she is gonna pay for that big house. Just call me team Kenya

  27. And one more thing. Did you see Porsha try to get Cynthia to stop Kenya from using the bullhorn first,before she got up out of seat. She should have known that Cynthia wasn’t gonna bust a grape. Cynthia got to worry about whether Peter has stole all of her money

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