Gigi Hadid Debuts in Boyfriend Cody’s Simpson’s Latest Music Video, Surfboard

Cody Simpson, the 17-year-old crooner from down under, may have been prematurely booted from #DWTS last night, but he’s riding high today, releasing his Surfboard video in the wake of his DWTS publicity.  His 19-year-old cradle robbing girlfriend Gigi Hadid stars in the sexy but not raunchy video set mainly on the beach.

I haven’t looked at Yolanda’s timeline lately, but if I had to guess, I’d say she is retweeting this to death. It’s a shame the kid got voted off last night. He’s actually a decent dancer. My theory is that his fan base just isn’t the DWTS type. All his tweener girl fans are jealous of Gigi!

How do you think she did?


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28 responses to “Gigi Hadid Debuts in Boyfriend Cody’s Simpson’s Latest Music Video, Surfboard

  1. MarketingMom

    Gigi is incredibly beautiful and has learned from her mother all about self-promotion. Cody – I’m sure he has plenty of charisma and certainly talent but as a cougar myself I’d say he just doesn’t do it for me. They are cute together though.

  2. Is it just me being old fashioned again or is the maturity level differences between a 17 year old boy and a 19 year old young lady kind of a big deal?

    Also, is it me or does Gigi look a bit sad about not having a fingerpainting by Lisa Vanderpump on the wall of the apartment she is never at? I mean that must still pain her to the core, no?

    • Agree, Gigi appears to be heartbroken over the missing painting canvas from her dear friend LVP. I think I read somewhere that Lisa is attempting to remedy the situation by taking Giggy to Yolanda’s Malibu pad and dip his paws in paint to come up with a substitute. Gigi will most likely end up on Iyanla Fix My Life to deal with the heartache. :-)

    • I’m going to say a bit old fashioned but it does depend on the maturity of the 17 year old. On another note, did Beyonce make “surfing” the new it thing?

    • Valerie

      Gigi dating Cody is worse than Demi dating Cody. At least Demi could teach him a thing or two and than maybe he wouldn’t be such an asshat. What the hell is Gigi gonna do with an arrogant little snot like Cody? Nothing good will come from these two dating…Nothing I say! Give him to Demi, that might make him interesting (strong emphasis on “might”). I’m just kidding people (sort of).

      As far as the fingerpainting by Lisa, I’m sure that Gigi cries herself to sleep nightly because it’s missing from her apartment walls. Lisa should paint a picture of a clown for her, since that’s all they are according to David and or Yolanda. I am so not fond of this family, can you tell? Sorry I’m really being mean, I can’t stop. I need help. I used to be such a nice person. Seriously.

  3. I’m sorry was that a fashion modeling thing. Just feel like young Cody should have been shown more.
    Gigi I am not that familiar with except from Yolanda’s comments about Gigi’s career and diet. In that sense Gigi seems to be pushing herself along that path and with the help of her boyfriend.

  4. MicroOp

    How did Gigi do? Well I think she can do a lot better than a 17 year old bad pop singer. But maybe he’s a wonderful person.

  5. BananaBug

    Young people in love. Few things are better than this!

  6. Is that what I would look like if I only ate one almond? Damn!

  7. Didn’t listen to the video…but is this a reference to Beyonce’s surfboard?

  8. Valerie

    So he’s dating Gigi. He should fit right in with her narcissistic mother and stepdad. I’ve said this before, I just can’t like him. But that’s ok because he seems to like himself a whole lot. He was hard for me to watch, insufferable really. I just don’t get the attraction, however as he is 17 years old maybe he will mature into something other than whatever the hell that is now.

    Sorry, I’m being really hard on him, I’m menopausal and therefore not responsible for my own actions. (Did I mention that I don’t like Cody?)

  9. Valerie

    Vonnie, what is this sexual surfing you speak of? Do you need a surfboard, ocean, wetsuit, what?

  10. @Valerie same ol’ sex position new name and location

  11. LittleP

    Seriously, can someone explain to me: who listen’s to this shit? Is this really music? Why is he’s famous? This song is so STUPID & he is so auto tuned that it can’t truly be considered a hit right? I’m so confused. Justin Bieber opened the flood gates for unattractive, narcissistic teeny boppers but at least he had some talented – what is this shit?? Tedious, boring & douchey – it will haunt Gigi when she realizes what a joke this is. I pray my unborn children will not subject me to this sort of crap.

    • You can count on future music to be this bad or worse. The music industry is run by narcissistic idiots who churn out garbage because it’s cheaper to produce.

    • Anastasia Beaverhausen

      He opened up for Justin Bieber last summer and the year before he opened up for Big Time Rush. Sadly, I’m up on this stuff because I took my 8-year-old to both concerts. We’re going to see 1D this summer. She loves Cody Simpson. I don’t know anything about him. Is he a jerk. She took all her Bieber posters down when he got in trouble and replaced them with 1D.

  12. Angel

    I like it a bit and get it. Maybe I have dementia, due to being 65 years old, or could be going into 2nd childhood.

    They look good together. Due to video giving GiGi more career credit, I’m sure it and Cody were stamped with Yolanda’s approval.

    His family moved here on a shoestring and a prayer, after kid was noticed on You Tube, as Bieber was. When they appeared in DWTS audience, they were dressed like for a quick late night run to 7 / 11. Not like usual dressy people that may not get to be shown. So not Yo!

  13. HotinAK

    I can see Yo La directing and showing Gigi how to do this video….

  14. beth

    The song is lousy – Gig is beautiful though.

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