Nene Leakes Dances the Fox Trot on DWTS

Fog horn Leg Horn

In case you missed LAST week. It was Foghorn Leghorn week, allegedly.

It’s Disney night on Dancing With The Stars. I’m already bored. I really hope Nene dances in the first hour but I swear they hold her until last knowing we will all suffer through to watch her. Drew Carey, who had the same scores from the judges the last two weeks as Nene was put through for another week. That means it is likely either Nene or Candace going home tonight. For some reason the judges hate Candace, who actually dances, and love Nene, who lumbers around in bizarre costumes vogueing like Madonna and pulling faces. I don’t think it is fair is Candace goes home this week.

Nene and Tony were in the second group to find out if they were safe or in jeopardy. They are in jeopardy! So is the super famous Australian kid, Cody! Nene did not take the news well, letting out a burst of a laugh, then making a weird face and looking like she might cry. Speaking of her looks. Once again, I am not sure I can describe it. There are no pictures on her website. I think she is supposed to be Cruella DeVille. I’m not kidding. It’s Disney week, remember? It’s a big black and white ensemble and her wig is new, with black streaks in it. nene dwts

In other news, the honeymoon is over for Nene and Tony. It may have a lot to do with the fact that she has been booking everything offered to her while still on the show. In the teaser for her segment, it seems that Nene went back to Tony gushing about Derek. Tony was already mad that Derek and Nene were assigned Jazz last week which was the last genre she had a  prayer at doing well in. Everyone one else went back and told their old partner they missed them. Not Nene.

This week Nene and Tony have to dance a fox trot. As Tony tried to explain to Nene last week she had the jazz routine with Derek , so now she is going from a dance with no rules to a dance with very many rules. OMG. Nene actually walked out of rehearsal and told Tony to come back tomorrow with a better attitude! That’s the NayNay we’ve all come to hate. I don’t think it was a joke either.

Okay, despite everything I just said, this was the best Nene has danced all season. It wasn’t great, but there was a whole lot more choreography and actual DANCING involved. Nene and Tony did a lot of hugging and kissing afterwards. Looks like they’ve made up. Let’s see what the judges think.

Donny Osmond LOVED it. He said they she owned the stage and they should change the name of the show to Dancing with Nene!

Bruno loved it!

Carrie Ann says Nene can rock the villain, Cruella DeVille ain’t got nothing on Nene. Tony’s choreography was the best ever. Carrie Ann REALLY, REALLY pissed off Tony by saying that the switch up was the best thing that ever happened to Nene. Which was rude. I don’t think she understands how rude it was.

Len said (because Nene said in a talking head that if she and Tony were married, she’d be filing for divorce) that sometimes you think you want a divorce then you realize the folly of your ways. You two are a match made in dance heaven. Len says it was her best dance. Which it was. Which is not saying much.

Nene DancingNene is an emotional wreck. We have humble Nene back and goddamnit now I am pulling for the bitch again. By the time it was Nene’s turn Nene was biting her bottom lip to avoid the full on ugly cry.

The new Stupid Interviewer Bitch who replaced the old idiot interviewer immediately says, “You look emotional. What is going on?” Nene can barely eek out “No….thing… I’m….okay.” I swear to God I am not gonna cry with this bitch. Tony talks for her and says they love each other. Every couple has their tiffs. The clip was not what happened the whole week. They love each other, please vote for them. They want to go all the way to the end. Then the Stupid Interviewer Bitch says to Tony, “Do you want to just take my mike and do my job for me?” That’s TWO bitches that have insulted Tony in the past five minutes for no reason, the other being Carrie Ann. WTF?  Stupid Interviewer Bitch then says for the second time, “It’s emotional, we all know it, we’ve all been through it, let’s hear from the judges.” GAWD. It’s really hard to make me take Nene’s side but I am just proud of her for not decking this bitch.

Nene got straight 9s. Stupid Interviewer Bitch asks he how that sounds and she can barely say “great, thank you.” She was hugging Tony and sobbing through the judges scores.

Nene hugs Tony and bawls some more while Stupid Interviewer Bitch says, “Well if Nene gets through tonight, she’ll need your votes for next week!”  She did not say that to the hot Australian boy who is also in jeopardy.

If I can calm down from wanting to cut this Stupid Interviewer Bitch (in defense of NENE!!!! WTF?) and try to see her perspective, the judges have consistently over scored and over praised Nene. They have never uttered one word of criticism or correction to her, which really could have helped her. Perhaps there is a vibe that she is getting special treatment?

Maks and Meryl danced second to last and got the same score as Nene and Tony.

Candace is the last to dance. She has danced better than Nene all season and scored lower AND the judges eviscerate her at judging every week for no apparent reason. Last week she was with Tony and got all 7s putting her in last place and a scathing review. She has agreed to show some skin this week because she is Ariel. Let’s see how she does. She really loosened up and did great! The judges were nice. She got all 9s except for an 8 from Carrie Ann.

So it’s down to Candace, Nene, and Cody for elimination. NENE IS SAFE! And in a shocking turn of evens CODY GOES HOME!  I suppose his fan base in the US is just not that large. Candace survives another week!

The audience is booing LOUDLY and the judges are hysterical. It’s a SHOCKING ELIMINATION, y’all!

Did you watch? What did you think? Who is your favorite?


























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61 responses to “Nene Leakes Dances the Fox Trot on DWTS

  1. Michelle

    Go Nene!!!!

    • I thought Nene’s behavior towards Tony in rehearsal was disgraceful. I thought that the dance was just o.k., horrible actually compared to all the others, yet inexplicably the judges heaped praise on her once again, proving that this is not a real dance competition show. How do you cry without tears? That is a real feat. Not once did she apologize to Tony or even act grateful. She is classless.

      • Trishabelle

        I know my reply is much after the fact timing wise…but I couldn’t agree with you more. She is infuriating with all her ignorant antics and her entire personae is a disgrace. I will never understand how it is possible that with so such genuine talent out there, people who actually have a real gift to share, how they (anyone) can call her a star. Star of what, begging uniquely self-centered, entitled, self-serving, obnoxious, rude, classless, fake/phony, boisterous, and ignorant? None of those equals star quality, yet apparently if one possesses these character traits, that’s all it takes. DWTS needs to rethink their marketing strategies and bring on people who are interesting, talented, and deserving of the title “Star”, not fool.

      • Patricia P

        DWTS has been “Dancing with the Remotely Familiar” since Season 3. It seems to be a lot of hard work and my guess is true “stars” dont see an upside to doing the show.

  2. bendy

    I liked Nene as Cruella. The longer wig softened her look. She acted terribly to Tony at rehearsal. The jaded me thinks the only reason she’s upset is because her poor behavior was shown on TV. She did dance much better, not 9’s better but better.

    I am really enjoying Maks this season. I have never been a fan but he and Meryl are great together. It’s about time they gave him a partner that was under 250 pounds and has some chance of going all the way. (Not hating on the big girls, they just don’t usually have it as easy as the little ones.)

    I usually love Derek but can’t stand him this season.

    • Oh I definitely think all the crying was because she looked like such an ass in her intro package. And also because the dance went well.

      On Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 10:30 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • ialliman

        I Agree

      • NotThatDeep

        TT is it true that an arrest warrant has been issued for Porsha’s arrest?

      • Trishabelle

        She did and usually does behave like an ass, so no surprise there. There was nothing real about her emotions getting the best of her. I felt she was being a big phony as usual and attempting to produce fake tears so that the audience could try to see her as human. She is truly has one of the ugliest personalities I’ve ever witnessed. I’m so disappointed in her as a woman, a black woman who has been given the rare, unique opportunity to be a role model. She is in the public eye yet she represents women, in general so poorly. Shame.

  3. gigi

    it was definitively her best dance. i cried. lol
    thanks for keeping it real TT.
    another post like this, and i might buy you a pill.. lol!!

    • I’m on new treatment plan. Organic diet, therapy, meditation. You can buy a tub of Organic Girl greens. This organic shit is expensive. LOL.

      But don’t rush in like no fool, I’ll probably piss you off again by tomorrow. I’d hate to eat spinach and spring greens purchased with $ filled with regret and bitterness.

      On Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 10:39 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  4. Katrina

    I loved Nene’s outfit this week. I think she did great with her dance. UI hate that Nene and Tony were having issues this week. I hope they find solid ground and do even better next week.
    I think Meryl and Max were very relaxed this week. They are great together.

    • Clearly Maks and Meryl are fucking.

      On Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 10:40 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • GRAMMS

        It’s a known fact that Maks dates almost all of his partners. He even dated Erin Andrews for a while. Derek Hough, Mark Ballas and Cheryl Burke also known for dating some of their partners. Maks was engaged to Karina Smirnoff until he caught her cheating.

  5. I’m so glad I don’t have to watch this show.

    • Fuck. I was waiting for your critique. You could at least call me a fucktard for falling for Nene, AGAIN. WTF is wrong with you?

      On Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 10:43 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Teerii

        Have no fear, here’s my comment….Fall for NeNe, WTF!!! It pained me to see the hurt look on Tony’s face when she turned on him. This woman must be part pit bull! Everyone on the show treats her with kid gloves because they don’t want her blowing up their show with her schizophrenic behavior. Who walks out of a dance rehearsal and reprimands the dance teacher? This woman is an emotional retard and I’m not referring to mentally challenged people. NeNe has the emotions of a two year old. And or she’s high on something all day long…..

  6. Katrina

    Tamara, I love your recap!! I just knew Nene was going home this week.

    • ialliman

      They’re keeping her around for diversity. Not to mention, she’s the only recognizable face this season. They continue to show her in a negative light each week so I doubt she’s getting the votes. This is pure exploitation.

  7. BananaBug

    Shocking . . . . . what the hell just happened? Does ABC wanna be NBC?

  8. Angel

    I thought Nene looked her best ever. Best hair and makeup. Her dance was her best, actual dancing, but not 9 good. I agree with you TT about the judges. I am guessing Cody’s fan base doesn’t watch DWTS much, as well as being new in US.

    The whole show seems off to me this year. The new woman host is an idiot with terrible voice. Amazingly, she is an experienced broadcaster. I sense the pro’s have more attitude this season. Either it is the plan with revamped show, or they are getting fed up. It almost seems like a character act of the old seasons. I think Disney music might have influenced me there. It seems to be turning into a joke. The judges sort of fell all over some they were pretty nasty to last week. Could they be influenced by criticism?

    This was NOT Tony’s best ever choreography, I don’t think he agreed with that statement either. May be best just for Nene so far. She is improving, as everyone does.

  9. Tiffany Reed

    That was her best and as usual entertaining. She had on shoes and did intricate footwork. I think she has been given 8′ previously, when it should have been 6. She earned a real 8 in my opinion, not 9 which is par with meryl. Good job, can’t wait to see next week. She didn’t even mean mug anybody scores. I give a pass for how shitty she was in practice because she really gave her all in performance!

  10. I have to admit Nene can move. I am still laughing from your recap TT. “Stupid interviewer Bitch”, on my goodness too damn funny!

    Nene does seem to enjoy dancing and we saw real emotion. Just wish she would leave the extra at the door.

  11. Tanya

    Ha! Why watch when I can get the blow by blow from you.
    Well done as usual. I kinda get annoyed with Ne-Nay but find myself wanting to see that maniac succeed.
    She puts on a good act. We tall gals have an image to maintain.
    I stopped..I’m 68..ya don’t like me by now, ya never will.
    Oh crap…
    Go Nay-ne
    Go Nay-ne

  12. “Stupid interviewer bitch” is Erin Andrews. Also known, in Seattle, as “The. Worst.” Can’t stand her as a sports broadcaster. She is smug, full of herself, and I’ll never forget the disdainful faces that she has made at my favorite Seahawks players over the past couple of years. Girl thinks her sh*t don’t stink….

  13. I do not understand how Nene sucked you in. What’s wrong with you? Go eat a raw hamburger with double fried onion rings,

    • MicroOp

      For some reason I’m rooting for her too. I think it’s because I’m often rooting for women to do well career wise even if I don’t like them on real housewives. There are exceptions though. I don’t think I’d ever take my Pom poms out for Brandi.

    • Gingersnap

      I don’t know how she got sucked in either. *sobs* 😉 It’s obvious NeNe is getting some kind of special something, because she has NEVER gotten a true score yet. She never points her toes, she can’t truly kick her leg out, and she isn’t 9 material by any stretch of the imagination. She’s putting on another face for show. Gurl, please.

  14. Valerie

    Cody fell down during the opening dance when they all danced together. I have no idea if that was considered in the back of the judges minds when they scored or not. Personally I liked him the least as a personality. When he wrote and sang that song to his partner, I threw up a little in my mouth. I just cannot like that kid. Donny Osmond as a judge made the evening that much longer as he plugged himself as the voice of this and the character on Broadway for that. Walt Disney being the guy who made his brothers who they were, etc… I threw up a little in my mouth. Nene should have been the one to go home. She should be ashamed of herself. She was acting like Tony was jealous of Derek (and that may be true) but then she said to Tony, “If you wanna go back to Candace, call production, so you can be happy with Candace.” Or there abouts. And then she told Tony she didn’t need his attitude. I threw up a little in my mouth. The funny thing is, they never showed Tony having an attitude. After the dance, Nene looked sorry and kept trying to get some eye contact with Tony, so yes I felt for her for a second. It passed. Tamera is calling the lady with the mic, “Stupid Interviewer Bitch” because this is already a long post I will shorten that to SIB. Anyway, SIB seemed to be fawning all over Derek, it was gross, I threw up a little in my mouth. I thought Candace’s dance was super cute, plus she can dance as opposed to Nene. When Tony threw Nene onto the judges table she was about as graceful as a bowling ball, plus I was afraid for the poor judges because I wasn’t sure she wouldn’t hit them like bowling pins. Lastly but most importantly, yes, Meryl and Maks are fucking.

    • Oh, thank you, thank you, BOTH, thought I was standing alone waiting for TT to toss me out or worse yell at me.
      Something is going on with the Judges this season. Maybe Nene blooped them with the evil eye.
      I’m befuddled, again.

    • Skeeter

      You sure throw up in your mouth a lot!

    • I only saw Cody fall during the opening credits when everyone comes out together with their partner. If that’s the same place you are talking about then they are not scored on their intro – it doesn’t have any effect on their performance.

      • Valerie

        Jackie, yes that’s what I was referring to. Thanks for the info.

        Also Happy Lyfe, thanks for the LOL, I’m never sure if I’m the only person that thinks I’m funny.

    • Tara C.

      I love that Meryl n Maks are fucking ! They look super hot together! I bet he really turned her out! Lol! He is probably a freaking God in Bed!! I’d love to have just one night with his fine ass!

      • Tara C.

        Also PETA n James were the best , for the night! I cried during their performance to Let it Go , from Frozen. Absolutely breathtaking

  15. myinfo

    Nene did great. Tony was pissed they showed Nene walking out. I am sure other partners got pissed with each , BUT production did not show it
    I guess Bravo and DWTS Production staff do not care for Nene. .

  16. Katrina

    I think this is the first time Candance really let loose since her fist performance. The judges expectation is high and she is very capable. She keeps saying what she is not going to do. How can she dance without touching? I think Candance over thinks it.
    I really enjoy Charlie too, he seems to be having fun with his dancing.

  17. LoLo

    Thanks for the recap TT. I stopped watching the show after the second week. I started watching to critique NeNe but she nor anyone else could hold my attention.

  18. GRAMMS

    NeNe’s relationship with Tony is strained and forever changed. Been watching DWTS since it started in 2005. Tony has always had a seriousness with his partners until this season when he started having fun with Nene. Tony is a professional and NeNe totally disrespected him with her immature antics and leaving the dance rehearsal. I will no longer vote for her and the sooner she gets off her high horse the better.

  19. Dietrich Buxtehude

    Could barely sit through this show… Just not into Disney- themed anything!
    However, viewers must understand that this show works just like any other “reality” show. Producers promote phony drama and romances in the hope of increasing ratings. Therefore, dancing is sacrificed for personality. I am absolutely positive that NeNe was instructed to bring some of that “Housewives” bullshit to the ballroom!
    This will prolong her stay no matter how much her dancing is like watching a Clydesdale trotting around the dance floor. She will stay while better dancers with less ” personality” get the axe.
    Let’s be real…. The final three will be the two ice skaters and James… With Derek’s partner a possible long shot.
    If you want a genuine dance show experience, watch “So You Think You Can Dance”… Real dancers and real Judges! Bloop!!

  20. Randee

    Nene has been horrible the whole season so far !!! The dance she did with Derek SUCKED !!!!!!!!!!’mmmmmmmm

  21. Lisa

    NeNe’s dance was well…ok but certainly did not deserve a 9. Next week maybe they will give her a dance pole and she might do better. (I doubt it though) Just like she does with everyone else in her life, she starts out nice and sweet and then shows the “real” NeNe with the attitude. I felt the whole emotional thing was NeNe trying to act. IMO it wasn’t real at all. Not 1 real tear, her eyes never even filled up. It was a futile attempt to gain some sympathy after her major attitude with her partner. As always NeNe will be Nay Nay.

  22. Katrina

    I find that even when Nene is being on her best behavoir and not bothering anybody, people will still find something negative to say.

    • Lisa

      Katrina, that may be true. There are a lot of haters out there. I don’t hate her, I am just keeping it real.(IMO) NeNe has a best behavior? I don’t believe I have ever seen it. Even when she says she is sincere, its all fake. When she is nice to people, its all fake. If she smiles at you, its all fake and you better watch your back. Even the way she talks is fake. Anyone who has to stop and think about how to pronounce the words before they come out of their mouth imo is fake. Sorry if you don’t agree.

  23. myinfo

    I have add that Nene’s hair and makeup looked great.
    The judges are scoring her way too high. Don’t know why?

    • Because it is irrelevant at this point. They want Nene around for drama and possible implosion. She has a lot of people watching that are RHOA fans. Once the competition I narrowed down, the judges will start scoring her appropriately which will piss Nene off and make her dance worse and get voted off. This is why the never even bother to critique Nene, because it doesn’t matter what she does.

  24. Patricia P

    I did not care for the Maks/Meryl dance this week….it was just weird trying to Samba to that music. I’ve seen them do better, BTW does Meryl have ANY body fat??????? don’t think so! (oh & yeah they are fucking!)

    Candace and her partner were, in my opinion just awful. I think she got scored way too high…I mean those little crab “trots” or whatever the fuck they were…..YUCK! But do agree that some of her other efforts were a bit low.

    I think that package of NeNe was shown to keep her ass in line….I am sure this was not the first time she has flung attitude around the rehearsal hall. I thought she did well, considering her previous efforts.

    It is a known fact that the longer the pro/celebrity last the more they are paid. I think I read somewhere that the scoring is done based on the dancers improvement from week to week rather then against the others, makes some sense given the scoring….

    I’m sorry but Brooke did not bother me, at least she is nice to look at, Stupid Interviewer Bitch is just AWFUL!

  25. Amy

    I think Nene thinks she is more famous than she is and that more people give a shit than really do. She has a horrible attitude and was very disrespectful to her partner. I hope the public didn’t vote for her and she gets kicked off just for how she treated him. I didn’t see anything spectacular about her dancing and she was my least favorite. I really couldn’t believe the praise the judges heaped on them. I hope she gets kicked off Monday. Crossing fingers.

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