Bravo Press Release Breaks Down RHOA Reunion; Nene On Millionaire Matchmaker!


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Bravo published a press release today that outlines the three part RHOA reunion, and announces Nene and two of her bridesmaids will be on Millionaire Match Maker!  Read through this one because it is juicy if you know what to look for. And the readers at ALWAYS know what to look for!

NEW YORK – April 14, 2014 – Pacing to be the highest-rated season yet for the franchise, Bravo Media’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” is serving up a triple dose of drama and fun with a three-part reunion beginning on Sunday, April 20 at 8pm ET/PT. Host Andy Cohen looks back at some of the season’s most talked about moments with the fabulous Southern ladies Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss, NeNe Leakes, Kenya Moore, Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams. For even more things “Hotlanta” that night, stay tuned for “The Millionaire Matchmaker” season finale at 10pm ET/PT as Patti Stanger helps set up two of NeNe’s bridesmaids.

RHOA Don Juan

During Part I of the reunion on Sunday, April 20 at 8pm ET/PT, the ladies come together for the first time in a while to reveal what’s new in their lives and to discuss some of the drama revolving around Kenya this season. Plus, the ongoing tension between Porsha and Kenya takes center stage. Andy then sits down with Porsha one-on-one, which results in a surprising turn of events. For a sneak peek of the three-part reunion go to:

Surprising turn of events = You’re fired!

Then on “The Millionaire Matchmaker” season finale at 10pm ET/PT, NeNe and Patti use their tell-it-like-it-is attitude to set up two of NeNe’s bridesmaids. First up is Dawn Robinson, a tall, beautiful and intelligent woman.  Men approach her, but NeNe says Dawn scares them off with her intimidating ways. Next is Diana Gowins, mother of three and a former nurse who tends to over-nurture her man. With NeNe’s help along the way, can Patti break both bridesmaids of their bad habits and help them find love? Check out a sneak peek of the episode at

Immediately following at 11pm ET/PT, Phaedra Parks and Quad Webb-Lunceford join host Andy Cohen in the Club house.
In Reunion Part II, airing on Sunday, April 27 at 8pm ET/PT, the ladies discuss the Porsha vs. Kenya aftermath. Momma Joyce joins the women to reflect on the drama from this season and where she stands with her opinion of Kandi and Todd’s relationship. Cynthia and NeNe also hash out their issues from this season, which leads to an unexpected outcome.

Unexpected outcome = No More Friend Contract!

During a 90-minute Part III of the reunion on Sunday, May 4 at 8pm ET/PT, Apollo joins the women to address rumors about him and Phaedra and his alleged run in with the law. NeNe and Kenya go head-to-head in a battle of the titans, plus, the rest of the husbands join the mix to offer their thoughts on all of the ups and downs of this season.

Following the three-part reunion, on Sunday, May 11 at 8pm ET/PT, the network will air a “Secrets Revealed” special, which will feature NeNe dining with one of her “Glee” co-stars, unseen footage of Kandi and Momma Joyce and more of the aftermath from the couples Pillow Talk night.

Well that was a whole lot of tea for a press release! Thoughts?


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23 responses to “Bravo Press Release Breaks Down RHOA Reunion; Nene On Millionaire Matchmaker!

  1. Harlyn

    Wow. TT was correct about Porsha having some sort of mental breakdown. The brief reunion preview showed Porsha on the ground kicking her legs up and down saying “I embarrassed myself” just before being carried out. Poor, poor Porsha (literally & figuratively) is having a one-on-one with Andy in the middle of the reunion? You’re right – she was definitely fired. Now who is cray,cray??! (no offense to the mentally-challenged)

  2. NotThatDeep

    Thanks for the tea TT, the only show I just can’t take is MM with Patti, heck she found her man online lol, after all of these years she’s still just a girlfriend, she can’t help herself! lol

  3. All ready and set to watch…..can’t wait!!

  4. Waygonnnancy

    Brie-may . . . LOL !

  5. WhitD

    Poor Porsha! Just can’t roll with the big dogs. I hope she learns from this experience bc she lost everything behind this show!!!!

  6. It sounds like they are gonna turn it up for the reunion but disappointed they are stretching it out all these damn reunions for 3 parts. They are definitely releasing just enough info to get us hooked. They better not fucking disappoint because I know a viscerally crazy under medicated person in the wrong lane that may need to be unleashed.

  7. Oh my Brie Mays I can’t I can’t. Thanks TT again the Tea was just sweet.
    I truly hope a life lesson and change comes to Porsha. She needs to stop being an idiot. Especially if it involves her stability on all facets; financially, mentally, and physically.
    Can’t wait to see the shows and the one on one with Porsha. I will be watching Millionaire Matchmaker too.

    • “She needs to stop being an idiot”. Is it really that easy?

      • No it isn’t easy especially for Porsha. Her family and fake friends encourage her dumb ass behavior.

        Porsha herself encourages her own dumb ass behavior. Maybe I should have said dumb ass instead of idiot.

        Redirecting your life for betterment overall is hard as hell. If it were easy would we the watch RH franchise or would there be a new location and set of wives every season, because the old ones got their shit straight and are now boring?
        Now we just move on with their crazy asses to the next thing.

        No not that easy. Porsha just needs to no how far to go with her dumb ass from now on.

  8. *Doing my evil Mr. Burns finger dance*. This is gonna be gooooood.

  9. Jericho

    I hope they do show the entire fight on Sunday’s episode and not the start of it with a ‘To Be Continued…’ at the end.

    I guess this means we should be getting the RHONJ press release and trailer soon? I have high hopes for this new season considering how terrible the past two have been.

  10. Oops I meant to say “know how far to go with her dumb ass”. Became dumb while referencing Porsha.

  11. Patricia P

    While I do not condone any type of violence, If I were at the reunion and Kenya showed up wagging that damn scepter at me, I would have snatched it out of her hand as well. Why in the world did they allow her to bring the mega phone? Kenya constantly antagonizes anyone she percieves as weak, who the hell died and made her the behavior monitor? Porsha is dumb, but so what? someone has to be. At least she isn’t mean and vindictive like a lot of the other ladies….

    • So wait, you don’t think it was mean for Porsha to talk over Kenya when answering a question, or for Porsha to reach over and snatch something out of Kenya’s hand, or for Porsha to get up and run up on Kenya and start wailing on her like a psychotic lunatic all because Kenya told her to STFU so she could answer Andy’s question?

      Because, wow. Delusional.

      On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 1:30 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  12. I see Bravo is milking the hell out of this reunion and I don’t blame them. I will surely be watching!

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