Real Housewives of Atlanta Finale Recap: Final Curtain Call



Why were there no first looks this week? Getting the first 8 minutes ahead of time really helps in the set up process! We begin the RHOA finale with Kandi rehearsing in her living room and she really sounds great. Todd and Kandi are worried about ticket sales. Kandi says that after the play, it’s time to get started planning the wedding. Kandi brings up the pre-nup again.

I like Kenya just fine but I just don’t get making a big ass production on TV over the death of her dog. I can see the crying scenes telling her cast mates about the passing, but not some road site funeral mess. And what the motherfuck is she wearing?  Did her aunt just call the urn a urine. Where the hell are they? I just can’t with this. I didn’t watch Sonja burying her dog on camera this season, but personally, I can do without this. Just like the three episodes of slow death of Abby Lee Miller’s mom on Dance Moms.  I don’t watch these shows for televised despair.

Ayden and Apollo made a cake to congratulate Phaedra on graduating from mortuary school. She wants to buy a crematorium. Sidenote: Ayden was sporting a large Band-Aid on his forehead. RHOA

Porsha used the word “surreal” correctly in a sentence. Porsha didn’t want to go to court with Kordell so she asked for a quick end to the process and didn’t ask for anything other than her hospital bills.

Cynthia is setting up a sexy scene for Peter to come home to in order to improve their sex life. Peter laughs hysterically. I am bored. How can I be bored on a supersized RHOA finale? Mostly because I don’t think we’ve seen Nene yet and Kenya is busy grieving. These other girls….*yawn*.

Kandi and Todd are getting ready for the play. There is a lot of last minute practicing and anxiety. Porsha is actually on time to rehearsal, but she is too busy fucking around to be in place for her rehearsal. Todd’s contribution seems to be to walk around and ask “How does this work?” to everyone he passes. Porsha is napping and the stage manager, who is very nervous about Porsha’s ability to perform, comes to give her some last minute direction. Somehow Porsha interprets this as an apology from the stage director rather than the obvious meaning, that the director has no faith in her abilities at all.

The performance has sold out and Tyler Perry is in the audience. So are some other minor Atlanta celebrities. Mama Joyce is no where to be found.

Why is Cynthia asking Phaedra if she knows how Nene is like those two are on speaking terms? Mama Joyce arrives. As if there were any doubt she would miss a photo op. Carmon goes to hide in the dressing room. Kenya arrives in her Bentley. And it’s time for everyone to find their seats. Mama Joyce goes to the dressing room to glad hand congratulate her daughter. Eddie Lavert asks her if she was really like the mama in the play. Um, no Eddie, she was worse.


And the show begins….

Porsha sings a song about God looking out for babies and fools where she begs God to look out for her. According to the premise, I think God has Porsha covered. Phaedra and Cynthia sat together and made fun of Porsha saying she is playing herself. Apollo nodded off before the curtain went up. Kenya is sitting by herself elsewhere in the audience with her aunt. He aunt says Porsha is doing very well. Kenya agrees. The play  went off great and was met with great reviews her locally.  Backstage Kandi’s parents and Todd’s mom were all back in her dressing room. Todd’s mom thought it was great and brought Kandi roses. Mama Joyce says she loves the play. Kandi and her dad have a sweet moment where he tells her he supports her and he sees the love she and Todd have for each other.


Phaedra plans to open a crematorium in Athens, GA. Out of her many jobssss representing Apollo in his fraud case will not be one of them. So, sounds like Phaedra wants to move back to Athens. Interesting to see if that happens since she just bought the house in Atlanta.  I don’t think she has the credentials or the money to rush into that, but it will be interesting to watch what happens.

Porsha received no alimony in her divorce. Rumor has it that she is dating an African tycoon…not to be confused with Kenya’s!

Bar One is still in limbo. Peter is talking to investors about buying the property….Cynthia isn’t one of them.

Kenya and her African “prince” are planning to undergo in vitro in June…. unless she gets inseminated the old-fashioned way first!  I am really starting to believe Kenya may be trying to have a baby.

Nene says “the doctors said her lung have a collapse.” WTF? She went on every show she could talking about blood clots in her lungs. Girl please.

On the preview for the reunion: Girl it is bad. Porsha loses her mind on Kenya. What does Porsha cry out when she is being carried away to the looney bin?



















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94 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Finale Recap: Final Curtain Call

  1. Alexa

    OMG I am watching the Nene interview afterwards and she is such a bitch!!! I can’t believe she’s talking about Cynthia the way she is! Does she not realize that when u keep losing friends it’s prolly you and not them?! I am in awe of how Nene acts lately, I wish they would kick her bitch-ass off the show!

    • N Dot

      I thought I was the only one. This was a really bad look for Nene. Half of those questions, she shouldn’t have answered at all. I’m wondering if she realizes that she proved Marlo to be telling the truth through it all- especially if you listen to how Nene talks about Cynthia. The common denominator is Kenya. I think Nene also helped Cynthia stay on RHOA for one more season.

    • Blackbyrd

      NeNe is a vile, lowdown dirty monkey with a busted wig on! Her ass is beyond simple. I hope there is more knocking this bitch off her high horse next season.

    • I agree EVERY season she has lost friends and at some point you need to realize you’re the common denominator in all the BS. Cynthia has been nothing but a good friend to her, kissed her ass and even remained neutral when she really wanted to and should have checked Nene. However just like with Marlo as soon as they decided to befriend Kenya somehow they were being bad friends. She literally dogged her out and Nene has never said a bad word about Nene. She really has no real concept of what a friend is. When Nene falls she’s gonna fall hard and she’ll be there to pick up the pieces alone. Well she’ll have her but kisser by marriage Greg there.

  2. Blanca

    I absolutely love your recaps Tamera. Your humor and quick wittedness shine through in a way that I just haven’t seen anywhere else. For example, “What does Porsha cry out when she is being carried away to the looney bin?”

    I laughed out loud literally! I do wonder who that was carrying her out…..

  3. myinfo

    I hate Porsha’s boobs. Her shape was so cute without big fake boobs
    They carried Porsha out. Pitiful!

    Tyler Perry at play was cool.

    Watching Nene’s one on one with Andy and strangely I find her right and agree with everything she has said so far.

    I am liking Nene again. OMG
    Andy should do more one on ones

    Moma Joyce has a man, go girl.

    Kandi- 5 sold out shows!! Love it.

    Dwight is now on married to medicine!!!! This going to be a long bravo night.

  4. Karma

    All i can say is i really can’t wait for the reunion hope they show Porsha & Kenya’ altercation and the removal of porsche from the set

  5. To repeat my tweet: Is the dog graveyard at Chateau Sheree? Or does Atlanta have a lot of dirty vacant lots?

    • And yeah. One of the bald old ladies on tonight’s show called an urn a urine. How sad.

      As for Ayden’s bandaid, the following conversation took place:
      Me: is that a bandaid?
      Him: Yeah, he probably got hit in the face.
      Me: He probably had it coming.

      Insane laughter. We are not nice people.

      • Mari Anne Souza

        It sounded like the aunt said, yurn.

      • Marilyn

        That is kinda funny

      • Oracle5

        The Mother or Grandmother has taught this adorable young child very well with the pronounciation of words, as well as, speaking words that some children his age have never heard before. My request to this child’s Mother and Grandmother is this: Please include in this child’s vocabulary the meaning and distinct pronouniciation of these words: BAD, THIEF, FRAUD, IDENTITY THEFT, LIAR. Honesty, is the best policy! It is wrong to steal hard working people retirement checks, as well as, IDENTITY! These are the FACTS OF LIFE!

      • Dear god. They has taught him???


      On Sun, Apr 13, 2014 at 9:47 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Oracle5

        To Tee Cee, The present : he/she/it has taught is the present conjugation. I never said: (They has taught,) I said, The Mother or Grandmother has taught which is present. Do not use the name of the Lord in Vain! However, if I am wrong with this conjugation I will definitely admit it! SO BE IT!. The Mother has or the Grandmother has which are the nouns that I used to coordinate these two nouns in the same clause with the conjunction OR. I never said, The Mother HAVE nor The Grandmonther HAVE. Nor did I say They Have. I used the conjunction OR! Which means the Mother has taught or the Grandmother has taught.

      • BLOOP!

        On Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 4:49 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Oracle5

        Where is spell check: Grandmonther? (Grandmother)

      • The Lord can eat a bag of dicks too.

      • I’m pretty sure Scott Disick has eaten multiple bags of dicks.

        On Tue, Apr 15, 2014 at 10:16 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • It wasn’t funny the first time, love.

  6. RandomBogan

    She yelled “I embarrassed myself!”

  7. HeyWig

    Team Kenya Moore her and the blowhorn the specter she determined to keep her Bravo Check…..I really wish Porsha was smart enough to go word for word with Kenya. But if your going to act like a barbarian can u at least throw a punch…but she just pulled hair………is she still in sixth grade ? But im sure there is a 40+ bitter single childish woman who will praise Porscha’s actions

  8. pfffttt

    Nene acted like a HAG on #WWHL. I wish Andy would get rid of the moose.

  9. Goodday

    I loved how Andy was sideeyeing nene during the whole post interview. I think he is finally over her. I’m glad this season is overall all this hitting below the belt is too much – definitely one of my least favorite seasons. I think after everything is said done I think Kenya, Kandi, and Cynthia will be the only ones returning next year. Nene and Phaedra have been Lisa Wu’d and are hardly on the show anymore and Porsha – well she is gone with the wind.

  10. vivaladiva831

    This is the first time in my housewives series’ viewing history, that I watche about 20 min then quit. So, so boring. Droll.

  11. So you briefly mentioned Bar One, but have you heard anything about Sports One. It seems to be going the way of Chateau Sheree. LOL

  12. Tamarangela

    Nene Nene Nene can’t keep no friends cause errybody jealous of her uhm “success”. ha! Aint no one jealous of Kandi and her millions and Cynthia and her long time modeling career or even Phaedra and her perseverance in many careers and money. But omigosh… Nene and her two limited guest starring roles and rented house has made these ladies green with envy. smh But her ass was funny on WWHL though. ha. As soon as she builds a bridge, she burns it.

    • Jessika

      My sentiments exactly!! NeNe has done nothing to be jealous of. Her state of mind is real off. People tend to support and encourage you when new things enter your life and all the girls did. No one is jealous of NeNe….NeNe wants people to be jealous of her…its sad really

  13. myinfo

    Kenya- cried about Velvet and I cried too. I agree with Nene that Kenya is good for the show.

    Cynthia is boring. She will film and be with anyone. She has no backbone and never makes a stand.

    Phaedra is too stressed due to Apollo’s charges to film with anyone. She must feel like a fool.

    Porsha is cute and I love her outfits Sad she attacked Kenya. She was fun to watch. If she is fired I bet she now wishes she got money from Kordell since her RHOA gig is over.

    Kandi- love her.

    Nene had a bad year, but after her one on one with Andy I kind of like her again.

  14. KReality

    When i saw phaedra was gonna open a crematorium my first thought: so that’s how she’s gonna hide the evidence

    Porsha should be fired and anyone else who gets that physical.

    Nene was very messy on the interview she threw a lot of shade but I did agree with her on a few points….only a few lol. I thought she could have reserved some of her derogatory comments about cynthia and Marlo

    Nene has outgrown the show its time to move on but rhoa is the only place where she thinks she can act like that and get away with it.

    I don’t see Peter and Cynthia returning next year.

    Kandi and Todd will stay and their storyline will be a baby.

    • Tamarangela

      I think Cynthia might stay just so they can show the animosity Nene now has for her. I think Porsha will be the only one gone next season.

    • NeNe’s giant head has outgrown the show! If she isn’t on this show, she will disappear into infinity! Momma Joyce should disappear also. She is a vile and vicious person who doesn’t want some “man” taking over her gravy train!

  15. patrice

    I believe both Andy and Nene played their parts of making sure Porsha would get fired. Nene even said on her one on one interview Kenya brings the drama.

  16. Gingersnap

    Mama Joyce wants to believe the play, excuse me, musical had to be really extreme, by virtue of the fact that it’s a musical. Everything larger than life and all that. Fact is, Kandi was fucking kind in the light she presented her mother in. MJ sat there watching with a vapid look on her face. Uh, duh.

    I never expected to see Porsha’s ass on the ground. That was Porsha, right? It will be interesting to see how that went down. She sure snatched that scepter out of Kenya’s hand like greased lightning. She looked good at that point, too bad she wound up with her ass on the ground. It was pretty surprising and very undignified in her fancy dress and shoes, and she had to be toted out. Lord have mercy.

    NeNe was “conversating” with Andy and kicked Cynthia to the curb too. Marlo was right, if your not kissing NeNe’s ass, you’re not her friend. Everyone has used NeNe up and she’s weary of it all. The Head Bitch crown is soooo heavy at times. Boohoo. It’s kinda funny how Greg immediately thought NeNe was gaseous (didn’t I say that nice?) and went for the Alka-Seltzer. She is full of gas, just a big ole windbag, and a total downer. She might as well pass the Head Bitch crown onto Kenya, cause Kenya is gonna wrangle it out of her one way or the other.

  17. Did I expect better? Nope. Kenya was a bit much during Velvet’s funeral, but she is anyway. She did give Porsha credit for her performance. However we need to recognize that Porsha is talented and stupid.

    Cynthia so boring as usual but I think that we expect her to be that way.

    I am happy for Khandi and Todd, and I might invest in the DVD of the play just out of curiosity. I actually didn’t mind that Nene was not there. I am sincerely glad she has recovered, but heard enough. She was at her worst this season. Can’t wait for the reunion and TT’s recaps.

  18. Horrible finale.

    Loved the skirt Kenya was wearing at the funeral, but loved the hell Cynthia’s dog was giving her the whole time more.

    CanNOT wait to see Porsha on the ground next week, kicking her feet like the Wicked Witch being crushed by the house!!!! I really can’t stand her.

    • You loved Kenya’s funeral get up? I did NOT. And it is KENYA on the ground next week. And the story about her getting dragged doesn’t seem far from the truth. Porsha lost her shit within the first two hours of filming and brutally attacked Kenya to try and stay on the show. I really don’t think that was necessary. I think everyone would have stayed if Porsha had not suddenly gone bat shit crazy!

      On Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 12:10 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Her outfit must have been given to her by one of fertility voodoo people. Wacko. Even Cynthia’s dog was trying to escape. It really looked like on of those side of the road memorials. Didn’t Phaedra want to go into the pet burying business ?? This was her chance to get screen time.

  19. Angel

    I wonder if Phaedra will get Willie Watkins or whatever his name is to go into cremation business with her, assuming he has money and collateral.

    Cynthia seems nearly desperate for ideas to film. The one trying to appear sexy was lame. If she has to work that hard to look sexy for her man, there shouldn’t be hope for average looking girls. Maybe she just doesn’t feel it for Peter…

    I would be so embarrassed to have a musical criticizing me. MJ took it surprisingly well. Seems odd Kandi could do that but not take a stand with her Mother to her face. I think it proves it is all made up behavior to support a play idea. Todd did look useless going around asking everyone the same question. It made him look dumb right after Kandi said she couldn’t do it without him. Obviously he was supportive some other way.

  20. O.O

    Well I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought the funeral was too much . Had it been a small child I would of understood ,but the aunt had a eulogy and she was dead serious . And what kind of ball gown did Kenya have on?? I just can not with this foolery. Too much ! I found it funny that only Cynthia and some other woman I’ve never seen showed up for the ceremony .

    I’m so glad that they didnt show more of the love scene with cyn and Peter . Did anyone catch that mal took a shot at Peter( showing him to be ignorant ) again when her and cyn were role playing? Lol she needs to give up.

    Lol at Greg calling himself a gas expert. He waddled over to the cabinet so quickly for the gas meds.

    I was amused because the man sitting next to mama Joyce was afraid to clap at the end of the play.

    That’s all I got .

    • Gabriella

      Just watched here in Oz. I actually cried, I felt so sorry for Kenya and Velvet was so cute in the recaps, but agree with the comments on the memorial place, I thought they would do it in a little grassy, shady area or something. Anyway, hate Mama Joyce, I don’t know why Kandy doesn’t blast her. Cynthia, too neutral and boring. Porsha, fairly talented but thick, Kandy, talented, smart and a nice girl. Nene, too big for her huge boots but entertaining. I do admire Phaedra, she works hard.

      • Gabriella

        By the way, can someone remind me..isn’t mama Joyce a reverend or something? If so, how can a reverend be such a bitch???

  21. misscologirl

    I noticed that Xfinity must have paid for screen time because this episode is the second time a housewife/family on the show has been prominently shown using the house “gadget”. The first time was with Peter & Cynthia.

  22. Kitty Mamma

    I think Kenya must have buried Velvet on the moon given the geography. Yes, it’s a little much.
    Cynthia being sexy for Peter in Spanx, practicing for Mel, was too much. It jumped the shark.
    Kandi wins for writing the longest novel in the world to read a bitch-her mom!
    And lastly, Porsha is looking fantastic! However, we know differently. I’m disappointed that her reality is betraying how she is currently shining on the show.
    Didn’t remember Nene and Phaedra so much.

    • The Spanx was strange. The black bra was stranger. I guess Cynthia is still uncomfortable with her post surgery body and remember that asshole husband criticized her body before when she was I’ll. She could have skipped all the awkward foreplay gave him a couple drinks and let him paw her like he usually does on the show when he’s drinking. And I also remember, on a previous show, Mal saying she screws her husband daily. Puh-leese. I bet her husband was chuckling (wherever he was this time) . Most women would have been buck naked under that dress if they were trying to seduce their man. Maybe that’s why Peter was laughing.

      • Karma

        Cynthia is stunning & sexy but i don’t think it’s in her to be/act sexy.. there’s many women that just can’t do it they feel awkward, esp that pig of a husband kept telling her she needs to lose weight i would kill my husband if he said anything like that to me, only a few esp ago if said she’s looking good just little more to go ARE YOU E**KING kidding me.

        Now the spanx that was a classic i couldn’t stop laughing yep Cynthia that’s real sexy.

        But i do love me some Cindy even at times she can irritate me

    • Oracle5

      I was thinking that Velvet’s memorial was held on a portion of Stone Moutain.

  23. docsue

    It was “little head” Porsha on her back kicking psychotically, crying, and screaming out, “I can’t believe I did that,” after she went nuts and attacked Kenya at the reunion. Bye-bye ashy.

  24. Bella

    I think the scene with Cynthia trying to be sexy was funny and lighthearted. It wasn’t as bad as people are making it out to be. Cynthia is a nerd, it’s her personality. It’s cute. I like her. Not everyone should be hard headed all the time.

    I thought Kenya looked pretty at Velvet’s funeral. I cried. Reminded me of the loss of my own pets. I never held any funerals for them though.

    Looks like the initial reports about the Kenya/Porsha altercation may have been close to the truth based on the preview. Does anyone know who the blond crying on the floor is? Did someone snatch Nene’s wig off or something? The preview was to fast.

  25. myinfo

    It looked like as soon as Porsha and Kenya stood up that Andy jumped in between them. My guess is Porsha got in one hit.
    How did she end up on the floor?
    Kenya had a bull horn. OMG too crazy.

  26. jenny marsh

    Unpopular opinion around these parts but I think Kenya has been a heinous bully with regard to Porsha from the very beginning. That’s not an excuse for Porsha to get physical with her but I understand why she snapped. Remember their first encounter? Kenya was such an entitled haughty bitch simply because Porsha confused Miss USA and Miss America. I’m not sure what it is about Porsha but she really gets under Kenya’s skin. Porsha is a twit but I don’t thinks he means harm. Kenya is smart but I think she’s a damaged person with a real mean streak. The latter might be better for reality TV but I’d prefer dealing with the former in real life. JMO

    • SilkyMay

      Heres my thing with Porsha.. Porsha made such a big deal about her grandfathers peaceful nobel prize winning civil rights legacy, then turns around and drag Miss USA, of all people, on national television. Do you think her grandfather would be proud of her or Kenya? She Flatlined his legacy with that ignorance. Glad she’s fired because teenagers idolize her dumb ass. Check her twitter followers.. a bunch of 15yr old kids.. so not a good look…

      • Oracle5

        SilkyMay, You have made an erroneous statement; Porsha’s grandfather was never a NOBEL Peace prize winner for civil rights. He was indeed a civil rights activist. Somehow, he made his own rules: UNBOUGHT AND UNBOSSED!

    • Teerii

      Are you Porsha’s cousin? Porsha has been calling Kenya out of her name from day one. On the reunion she’s calling Kenya a bitch and threatening to put the scepter up her behind. She has made personal remarks about Kenya’s age, hair, body, relationship status throughout the entire season. It makes one think is Porsha jealous of Miss America. I think she is….. Every chance she gets, she gossip’s about Kenya with all the ladies.

      And no Kenya doesn’t like her. Even after Kenya gives her a compliment Porsha continues to put Kenya down. Why? Because, Porsha thought she would “EARN” brownie points with NeNe. And by the way, Porsha is a grown woman and there’s nothing innocent about her. Ask Kordell!!!

  27. RVA

    Am I the only one who thought Mama Joyce’s boyfriend is goodlooking?!

  28. Before the reunion, Kenya tweeted asking what prop she should bring to the reunion this year. I’m sure that’s how the bullhorn and scepter came to be.

  29. Karma

    I too found the funeral a bit too much but each to their own it was nice me Cynthia to go & speak and you’re right she should’ve know velvet was a girl. and maybe not a good idea to bring her dog at another dogs funeral knowing that Kenya would be hurt by just looking at the other dog but i could be wrong she may have appreciated it.
    Momma Joyce well well she has a man he’s too good for her i don’t think I’ve seen that women crack a smile & if things get serious will she make him sign a pre-nup better still if he has $$ will she sign a pre-nup hmmm

    • Katrina

      Was that Momma Joyce’s man? I thought that was Kandi’s father.

      • Karma

        I’m pretty sure its her boyfriend not husband i think he left her, Kandi doesn’t& Kandi’ Bro when they were younger.

        But i could be wrong but petty sure Im not

  30. jrleaguer

    Where did my comment go? Am I in the naughty corner? :)


    Kenya came on the show and did what she was suppose to do take over,NeNe had been pulling the strings for too long.I’m over this mean girl tactics for forty year olds.

  32. Starrkitty

    This is the reason why Nene doesn’t personally like Kenya. Kenya came and stole her show..Yes, Kenya is full of Drama, and everyone knows Andy loves a good Drama Queen( Miss USA 1993)…Kenya had more television time than Porsha & Phaedra put together…And she didn’t even have to film with the cast to get it..Brandon, Miss Lawrence, her Aunt, and Marlo. Nene thought becasue they paid her a million dollars,she believed she is the show. Kenya stole the show from Nene, and Nene handed all of her “friends” over to Kenya as well…Kenya is going to be what Robert Downey jr. is to Iron Man..and Nene will be Terrence Howard.(replaced by another).

  33. Porsha was really boring. I felt bad for Kandi’s parents. Her mother looked really sad throughout the play. I don’t defend the way that she has behaved regarding Todd, and I think she should have kept her mouth shut and not been such a trouble maker, but it was sad the way Kandi used the play to humiliate her mother. Was that really necessary? Can’t Kandi be creative enough to write a play without using her family issues and humiliating her mother publically? New housewives needed!

  34. I also felt really sad for Kenya. A couple of years ago I had to euthanize my beloved dog of 15 years, and it broke my heart. I was as grief stricken as Keny was. But I did wonder about what she was wearing – definitely not Kenya’s sexy style, but I suppose that shows how grief stricken she was.

  35. I really don’t like Cynthia’s bright blue eyeshadow in her talking heads. Maybe I’m just too damn old for this show.

  36. kym

    Who was at the fake memorial for poor Velvet? Me, you, Cynthia, Auntie and another girl – out there at a park that they had to clean up after filming. And did anyone notice how Kenya pulled up to the theatre on the wrong side of the street? LOL! The play looks interesting, I may get the DVD if someone doesn’t put it on YouTube any minute now. Kandi needs to sell it to BET or Centric. Kandi is so talented, writing all those songs and very ambitious.
    And if you are NeNe’s friend, you must not hang out with people she doesn’t like OR if you do hang out with them, you must call NeNe to tell her, Marlo! And NeNe can talk to you any she wants to, but you can’t do that to her because she is “way above all these girls on the show”..LOL! Seems like NeNe and Kandi get into also on the reunion. Can’t wait for the reunion – its gonna be a doozy…

  37. I will admit that I haven’t watched many episodes of RHOA this season, but I did watch the finale. It seemed like the Kenya dog funeral and the Cynthia seduction scene were just filler leading up to Kandi’s musical. Can’t wrap my head around Cynthia wearing spanx for her big seduction of Peter. By the time I got my spanx off I wouldn’t have the energy for anyting other than a drink or two. Don’t want to comment on Kenya’s dog funeral. Having been a single woman who lost a long time pet companion, something just seems off to me. And her comment about God taking Velvet to make room for a human baby took me over the edge.

  38. Porsha was way out of her league here from day one. She proved that last reunion with her over the top response to her marriage. I wonder how much of her “breakdown” this reunion was staged.

  39. Best part of the whole hour long yawnfest, Peter: “How you gonna be sexy with Spanks on?” Bwhahaha, I laughed my ass off.

  40. Oh my!

    LOL@ this recap. Those Endnote are fabulous. Such shade.

  41. I have a little question… Aren’t most of these women small? Like size 6 and below? What is up with their butts? Why do they look so giant? Is it the camera?

  42. Terri

    Apparently the Nene One-On-One interview scored the highest ratings for WWHL in the history of the show bumping Jill Zarin from that spot. Jill is probably on the phone asking Andy for a rematch.

    • except that is utter horseshit. I know Bravo is saying it because they can, but what they did was list WWHL as RHOA and force it into the first RHOA showing. Those ratings count DVRINGs. So everyone who DVRed RHOA was counted as watching WWHL. If that makes sense. It pissed me off.

      CNN has been doing the same thing with Anthony Bourdain’s popular show. They list it on the cable channel listing as Parts Unknown Episose 0 so your DVR picks it up as a “new Episode” but when you open the recording it’s some other CNN show.

      It’s all a big fat lie! :)

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