Nene Leakes Interviews Andy Cohen

And she actually asks some interesting questions.  Is she trying to get on Fashion Queens or something similar?  What’s up with this?

UPDATE! Just saw a commercial for this episode of WWHL and ANDY BRINGS UP THE INCIDENT AT THE REUNION!  Hopefully he lets the Porsha freaks understand she is no longer employed so I can stop getting hate tweets and such. :)


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63 responses to “Nene Leakes Interviews Andy Cohen

  1. Maybe Andy Cohen is taking Steven Colbert’s place and Andy is getting The Co-HAN repore and neenee is getting WWHL.

  2. My favorite question was “Do you have to have money to be a housewife?” including Andy’s response and NeNe’s comments. Cheers to grifters and felons everywhere!!

  3. TT: Thanks for posting. NeNe surprised me!

  4. I don’t know when this was taped but was she fake auditioning for a talk show host gig back when they were handing out talk shows like government cheese? She is always over the top and I never saw Andy pause before answering, it’s like he was prepared for the questions. So me thinks it was staged. NeNe is seldom that grammatically succinct in a sporadic conversation. Interesting…

  5. Katrina

    When was this interview done?

  6. myinfo

    Good questions written by Andy.

  7. Wow! Hilarious and I felt completely drawn into show. I wanted to know and Nene asked. I think Andy was very honest.

  8. RealitySux

    This shade of wig looks better than the lighter shade.

  9. Kevin

    I actually cracked up when watching this… LOVE this NeNe Leakes & yes that shade of wig does look good on her! She looked great! GO NeNe!

  10. gigi

    love it! thanks for posting! :)

  11. ICassie

    You think they are gearing up to fire Kenya Moore. He says they, meaning the housewives have to have some kind of relationship with the other housewives. It is so clear that they just don’t like Kenya. I would hate to see her gone and I probably wouldn’t watch any more. I knew he had a say so on who stayed and who left because Nene always seemed to be buzzing around his ear. That is why they only went so far with what they said to Nene. No one ever said anything about her divorce she and Greg were never really apart but all the cast members let her get away with that knowing damn well that was for show. You see Phadrea laid off
    Regarding Nene’s family members or no one bothered to say to Nene to her legs closed to married men. It doesn’t matter that you are separated if you don’t have the divorce decree you are still married, But she was allowed to spread that venom on to Kim. Kandi only goes so far also. So we will see and Porsha will probablybe back or did Nene thro her under the bus by saying we never put our hands on each other. But that is a lie because Kim said Nene choked her but Mr. Andy let her get away with that and he made sure it wasn’t shown on TV. Just cryin foul.

    • O.O

      I don’t think NeNe has as much power as youre saying. She probably thinks she has enough pull to get people hired and fired and Andy allows her to think so . It adds to her comical circus monkey behavior.
      The other women don’t go as far as she does because most people don’t behave like NeNe .
      If they get rid of Kenya it will have nothing to do with what NeNe desires .

    • If that was the case they wouldn’t have hire Kenya in the first place. B/c she lives in L.A. and didn’t personally know ANY of these women. Neither did Porsha. Shoot of Cynthia for that matter That’s just one of the many qualities Andy named. Kenya is an open book to the camera and let’s be real that’s what matters most. That’s why I said Phaedra either won’t return next season or will be gone after that b/c I doubt she’ll let them tape all of the legal foolishness going on in her life,

  12. Good Grief, where is the rum?
    In headed into the light, apparently alone.

    • I was trying to follow the light, but then TT got all SHOUTY with me. I had no choice but to return to my usual bitchy snarky self. :-)

    • Full disclosure: Outside the house me, would not allow inside the house me to go to Taco Bell. However we compromised on one of those olive cheddar onion roll thingys with a schmear. Small woodland creatures rejoice as my attitude is already adjusting.


      On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 5:34 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  13. pfffttt

    I didn’t think this was a good interview. Nene was waay to forced, and she will NEVER be a talk show host. Awful!

  14. Katrina

    It should be fun show. Is RHOA being supersized? I noticed that Married to Medicine does not come on until 9:30 eastern and WWHL is on at 10:30 eastern.

  15. Wallace

    I really felt that Nene was basically using her Pillow Talk night as an audition reel. She’s trying way to hard to show she can host something and kept saying how she had invented or created it. She is coming across as fake and unrelatable. Had season one Nene done that interview, she would have knocked it out of the park. Too bad she is long gone.

  16. TT and Teecee66… y’all made my day. AGAIN…. love y’all!

  17. CityGirl81

    Another horrible wig by NeNe. And she sounds so stupid in this “fake” interview.

  18. Fahlina_g

    No. More. Nene. Leakes. EVER.

  19. bravogirl24/7

    I liked it. It confirms Andy IS THE QUEEN!!

  20. Angela

    How can they fire Porsha for what Kenya describes as just a hit on the head when the Jersey crew actually jumped a guy and destroyed a business. None of the cast was fired and they are all back for a new season. This just doesn’t make sense. Unless her contract is over, they will have a lawsuit on their hands for discrimination.

  21. Jessika

    I just can not deal with Mrs. Leakes. She is clearly just a star in her own mind. She is completely classless and over exaggerates everything that she does. I do like the questions she asked Andy but she looked and acted like a drag queen performing. I just can not take her seriously…every

  22. Guccinara

    Is she really that much younger than Gregg? I thought they were about the same age!

  23. CocoTalks

    I dunnoooo seems like she is auditioning for a hosting gig to me

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