Joe and Teresa Giudice Prepare to Lose House and Cars

Joe and Tre RHONJ

Is it me or are we in hot water?

Yesterday, I tried to sort out some false rumors floating around. I generally do not address them at all but so many of you were asking it was just easier to make a post or two.  I covered the RHOA rumors here and the RHONJ rumors here.  I was amazed that TMZ would run such a factually incorrect story and was curious as to what this “document from the bankruptcy judge” was really about. Today I know.

Here is what triggered the erroneous reporting.  Back in 2010, the Giudices filed for bankruptcy. Because they are lying liars who lie, they hid the few assets they had from the bankruptcy court. This made the court mad. Both Joe and Tre invoked their right not to incriminated themselves. Then the court told them they could take a short leap from a tall building. Their request to discharge their debt was DENIED. No bankruptcy was allowed.

Since then, Dudley Doright bankruptcy trustee has been working on “the paperwork” at a glacial pace, as one does when one works for the government. So the other day, Dudley turned in his paperwork that said he was able to get $15,000 in liquid assets from the Giudices. He kept half for court fees and the other $7,500 went toward other legal fees associates with the discharge. AND NOW THAT HE IS DONE, because the government always gets first dibs in these matters,  their creditors (aka the banks) can now go after whatever assets they can get. There were no debts discharged by the court, so the Giudice’s remain liable for all of their debt.

So THE REAL STORY is pretty much the exact opposite of what was being reported by TMZ. The real story is that the Giudices are finally about to lose their house and cars.


UPDATE: A tiny bit of non news today. Joe has a hearing on June 2nd for his drivers license fraud stuff. Which doesn’t matter because they won’t try Joe or strike a plea deal until the Feds get done with him.  


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  1. O.O

    And this is why you are “The Woman” ( I guess I made that up)

  2. Katrina

    Tamara t., you are a great detective! Even if Teresa and Joe sell the house, they probably will not get a lot of money for it. The market is still down and it is decorated to Teresa’s taste. If they are in jail, at least they have a place to stay.

    • The house only has 140K of equity in it. Which they will never be able to get out unless they sell the house for 140K more than the loans on the house. Which they won’t, because it is VERY upside down with the bank. The bank will be selling the house and taking whatever they can get.

      These two are flat busted.

      On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 12:10 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Celestine

        “Lying liars who lie.” Have I mentioned how much I love you today (and everyday)? Priceless!

  3. Oh and I forgot to mention they IRS is still coming at them (as part of the plea deal) for almost $400k between the two of them. Teresa needs to be taking her purses and shoes to a consignment shop about now.

  4. spk

    Never heard mentioned if any of the valuables were put into any of the kids names, to protect from seizure by the gov’t? Although, I guess that only works in true bankruptcy filings, which this is NOT.

    • correct. This is NOT a bankruptcy at all. I mean they are bankrupt, sure, but they tried to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 whichever way they went and were denied because they hid assets. So it’s just like never filing for bankruptcy at all, only worse, because they had to pay all the court costs, and most importantly they drew attention to themselves by lying in court which is what caused the Federal investigation.

      They just made things a million times worse by trying to file for bankruptcy.

      On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 12:23 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  5. Terri

    “Lying liars who lie” I absolutely love your writing!

  6. $15,000 in liquid assets? These two have to be hiding money. What about her RHONJ salary? It seems impossible to me that they wouldn’t have more cash.

    • SnookumsLynn

      If you are living above your means and robbing peter to pay paul, I can’t imagine them having any cash…they probably burned through the real housewives money as soon as they got it…I can’t imagine they saved anything or anything…they’ve just been living off of what they get…they aren’t particularily bright, they put all their liquid cash into upside down investments.
      sorry, can’t be bothered to use caps today…

    • LLO

      LOL! According to their “Assets” provided to the court, ((Pls, Tamara, not quoting a site!) They listed “family apparel” or something like that at $3,000.00/ “Jewelry” $2,150… T has bragged about purses or shoes costing more than this… Still lying… Does she not know the court has access to RHONJ (tapes)?

      • I think in Bankruptcy Court it’s what you would receive if you sold the items you’re listing, not what you paid for them. A purse could’ve been bought 15 years ago for $2000 but the Court doesn’t care because if they auctioned it tomorrow it would only have a resale value of $200 because it’s beat to shit and old, therefore not worth it to mess with. It’s been a long time since I worked in anything related to bankruptcy court proceedings but I can’t see why that would’ve changed. I totally agree with you though, any way you slice it those are some way low estimates. I seem to remember Joe giving Tre some piece of jewellery on the show, that one alone would probably cover $2150. If those estimates were to the Bankruptcy Court no matter since no more bankruptcy for those two.

  7. Even if they sell everything they own and end up living in a trailer down by the river, Teresa will make the best of it and RISE ABOVE. Both she and Joe will do what they have to to survive and thrive.
    I hope they square up with all their creditors and can start fresh. Maybe Oprah will give them a reality show after LiLo’s is cancelled.

    • Best way to punish these fools is to ban them from reality TV and social media forever.

    • Morgan LeFay

      Hate to burst your bubble, Cammie, but I know several folks who grew up with Teresa and Joe and this couple is not well liked at all; they have always been perceived as greedy, materialistic and above others. Teresa doesn’t know how to “rise above.” That’s just fan-induced fantasy on your part.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble, Cammie. I know several people who grew up in Paterson and do not have nice things to say about these former neighbors of theirs. “Obnoxious,” “greedy,” “scumbags.” That’s the general sentiment. Teresa doesn’t know how to “make the best of it and rise above.” She will always try to take the easy way and scam out.

    • hmmm…is that the script you anti-Teresa trolls are following this season? So although Morgan and Antonia have very similar things to say, my bubble will not be burst until the whole thing is played out and I can judge for myself.

    • SnookumsLynn

      HAHA!! this has to be a funny right…cause yeah, they so need to be redeemed by society cause yeah, they’re such pillars of the community and Harpo is probably itching to save them….BWAAAAAHAAAAHAAAA!!!!

    • CocoTalks

      Actually I don’t think you can sink lower than they already have. They also did whatever they could to thrive and that’s how they got in this mess. I am so tired of people sticking up for them. They didn’t stumble upon some bad luck, they went out and broke the law.

  8. MaggieG

    I take it that NJ doesn’t exempt one’s homestead from being attached by creditors?

    • Yes, I totally forgot, in NEW JERSEY you don’t have to pay the bank for your house as long as you live there. You can just pick a mansion, sign a mortgage and go buy Loubs instead! Thanks for reminding me!

      On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 1:16 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Homestead exemption typically protects the primary residence from asset seizure (wouldn’t apply to the other two properties). They would still have to pay their mortgage and taxes. And of course the IRS can put a lien on any property for unpaid federal taxes.

      • Um, IT APPEARS MY SARCASM IS NOT WORKING and some of you don’t understand that THE BANK CAN TAKE THE HOUSE BECAUSE THEY DID NOT PAY FOR THE HOUSE! It’s called FORECLOSURE and happens all the time to people who live in their houses.

        This ridiculous conversation about homestead exemption has to do with creditors other than the mortgage provider coming after your home.


        For fucksakes, people.

        On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 2:41 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Damn, I was just about to start packing for my move to Jersey. Your sarcasm burst my bubble.

      • Well Jersey does seem to be a magical land where cretins with the IQ of a teenaged mutant ninja turtle can buy multi million dollar houses with a 100K down and then no payments ever….

        On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 10:26 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • *Goes back to packing*

  9. Ohnos

    I don’t read TMZ and wouldn’t pay attention even if I did. I think the only people that take it for gossip are the people they write about, to keep themselves relevant somehow. Ugh.

    But bankruptcies, I have ZERO sympathy. I know someone that didn’t spend HW millions, but overspent and then cried boo hoo and filed for bankruptcy. Then laughed that they had all debt, including their mortgage discharged and had three new credit cards and was buying another house.

  10. puppylove

    Lets face it, they tried to defraud by saying they were bankrupt . They have never been the brightest light bulb on the block. Sooooo now they bring all kinds of attention to themselves. How dumb can you be. They think they have everything all figured out, well I guess not. Now that they have tried every way possible to hide any money there are people that will dig even harder to find anything else they can. If they had kept their mouths shut and not bragged so much they might not be in this situation. I hear hind sight is better than no sight , but in this mess nothing is going to help

  11. captivagrl

    Just curious, anyone know what happens with their current income? If they still receive income from appearances, photo sales, etc.
    , are they allowed to spend it on food, gas, etc?

  12. Isn’t it ironic that all these reality personalities (refuse to use stars) seek the spotlight and so many end up getting caught by that same spotlight in a negative way. But yet there is no shortage of people lining up to board the reality train. smh
    Ah fame, you fickled bitch

  13. Carol

    How are they paying the team of lawyers?

  14. Ohnos

    I don’t care who they are, or what they owe. It’s not better or worse. I don’t care if they owe $100 or a $1,000,000. I pay my bills, so should everyone. I don’t want to pay anyone else’s. And I shouldn’t have to.

  15. Tsk tsk. I’m hugging this Tre for dear life. Blessed be them. lol

    Can’t wait for the reunion when she’s going to have to take a taxi to get there!

    • Ohnos

      But she doesn’t even say the cost of a taxi.I live in NYS and recently had to go to NYC because of a non profit event, it cost me a lot of money and wasn’t vacation but it was ok. However, paying for $40 for a less than 2 mile cab ride? NYC cab drive is unreal, and the drivers are hostile. I gave a $6 tip for nothing, the driver never left the car, didn’t help with my bag In or out, just paid to drive. At the airport they actually got out of the car to accost me and tell me I didn’t tip them enough. While I was taking my bag out of the trunk, Really? Does “tree” have that same experience in a cab? I don’t think so.

  16. I’m watching. 1990 movie with Kirstie Alley. She looks exactly like a waspy Teresa. Same face. Different coloring. Same 3 head. Same voice without the accent.

    So I predict that TG will balloon up like e Hindenburg.

  17. Riley

    And she claims to be such a good mother. A good mother does not subject her children to even a fraction of the bad publicity that these girls have had to live with, much less a mountain of horrible consequences that they all have to face….all in the name of greed. No sympathy here…only disgust.

    • She’s not brought. But she does what she thinks is being the best mother she can be. Don’t imply that she is remotely selfish. Intentionally.

    • Ohnos

      She does blather on about what a good mother she is. But neither is a good parent so don’t just attack the mother. Nothing personal about you as a poster but Joe as the father is equable in upbringing and equably culpable for the brats. .

      If she’s a horrible mother, he’s equally a horrible father.

      • Riley

        Oh I agree about BOTh being bad parents…so I only mentioned Teresa because she has constantly claimed to be such a great mom…so shoot me!

    • Ohnos

      Actually the more your comment about motherhood sits the more it is really pissing me off. The attack on her as a mother, but not the father, and where is any comment on Brandi glanville? I wouldn’t comment on anyone as a mother, because they aren’t that much in my life, but since she’s brought up as a mother,…….well

      Not you as a poster, but the mother comment.

  18. thedisher

    great reporting. how much does TMZ pay their idiot “reporters”….i can’t believe the crap they post.

  19. Geeze TT. No need to get all SHOUTY! Please feel free to seize all of tootsie’s current and future TT tokens. Please excuse me while I go wash down a couple of happy pills with a shot of vodka. :-)

  20. Ya know we really know to much about these selfish people. They would have been fine living within their means. But they are the ” gotta have it now” idiots. To go along with that the children of these two are the real cost of their over indulgent life style, and stupid dishonest decisions.

    Thanks TT for putting the record straight yet again.

    • I wonder how their daughters are going to feel in about 10 years after they realize what a couple of grifters their parents are. I wonder if they’ll look back at all the overindulgent parties, clothing & toys their parent got (not bought) for them and feel badly that their parents did this & that they might feel some blame ? Sometimes children feel guilty about these things.
      I also wonder if they’ll have equally-or even greater- expectations from their future boyfriends or husbands ? I think once a person is used to a certain lifestyle, they can’t deal with having less ?
      Considering that Gia is now a teenager, it’s going to be particularly difficult for her. She’s old enough to have a pretty good idea of what’s gone on. I believe she’s in junior high school— kids that age are brutal ! Plus, she’ll be dealing with puberty and all the roller coaster emotions that brings!
      I really hope all the girls get age appropriate counseling to deal with what will be emotionally devastating time when her parents are serving time.
      As badly as I feel for the daughters, I don’t thing Tre should be exempt from punishment based on that. They do have several family members in the area whom they know well.
      I’m curious how the judge will sentence them. TT is very knowledgable in her estimate, but I do believe that those estimates can have an upward departure. I can’t image the judge hasn’t been made aware of the Giudice’s flouting the law while awaiting sentencing. The fact that Tre accepted only case and refused receipts at her Posche book signing recently. She claimed she gave it all to charity, but no doubt the judge knows these two have a problem telling the truth.
      All in all, it’s a real mess they’ve made of their (and their daughter’s) lives. Sad, very sad, indeed !

      • That all cash, no receipts thing just didn’t make sense. There’s no way to keep track of how much was received without a paper trail, so she could pretty much do whatever she wantsedwith the money. Plus, wouldn’t the folks paying the $25 dollars (i.e. making a dontation to charity) want a receipt for their personal tax purposes?

      • I haven’t heard about this charity thing except from the commenter here. When you are 13.5 million dollars in debt, you ARE the charity and it would make no sense to be giving money away that could keep your ass from going to jail even longer. Then again, sense is not a strong suit in the Giudice family.

        On Fri, Apr 11, 2014 at 3:45 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Katrina

        There are children that have lived through much worse and have a happy life. At least these children have a family and don’t have to enter the foster care system. The Teresa and Joe are not being executed.

  21. It just don’t seem like being on reality TV pans out over time for anybody but maybe Bethany and NeNe. They took it and ran with it and turned it into more than the reality show but a brand that could benefit them with or without the benefit of the shows they were on. The less you brag or boast about your stuff the better off maybe. If you got a lot somebody is going to begin digging and wanting to know why and how you got it; if you file bankruptcy it draws attention to how you still got all that stuff and acquiring more and your life is depicted on TV or so much of it is, enough for the public and the government to see it. How dare you claim you got problems and you are living large. Don’t go on TV and broadcast what you got unless you are prepared to go under the microscope. Look at the relationships and other problems of some who are on reality TV. smh I feel for them because of their children’s welfare. I feel for them because they are human beings and we should love everybody but not like their actions, behavior and I don’t agree with some of their doings but still wish the best outcome for them just because they love their family. Just can’t wish ill will on anybody no matter what they have done. Let the court decide their fate and God bless them to be okay in the long run.

    • Ohnos

      Huh? Bless you brooks 86 but I read this twice and still can’t understand it.

      I think you are probably a good soul, and yes deciphering I agree children aren’t at fault of the parents, beyond that …. Lost. Are the parents or people somehow our fault? Or blameless because they want to be lebertities? Confused by that part.

      But put blame where it belongs.

    • NeNe has a brand? I really don’t think she and Bethenny are in the same league as far as brands go.

      • SparksVintageGal

        My thoughts exactly. NeNe is filling out rental applications whilst circling the drain meanwhile Bethany is deciding whether to add on to the Hamptons house or just buy a bigger one. Not even remotely in the same category.

    • spk

      You’re fine brooks86 – what you wrote made sense. Some people have a hard time reading while on their xanax 😉

      The only thing with “seeing them as human” is that many of these housewives don’t act human. They act like the one you’d use pepperspray on if they were near you in a public place.

      Bethany & Nene ARE developing brands. No ones buying the other RHW’s products (wine OC or NY, skincare NY or Miami, etc). But we’re all watching Nene dance, even if it’s just to see if she quits. We know who says “bloop”. Or what’s a Skinny drink.

      • Thanks so much for the clarification. I didn’t realize “bloop” was NeNe’s brand.

      • Me neither, but it makes sense. It does rhyme with poop.

        On Fri, Apr 11, 2014 at 9:35 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • @SPK – I beg to differ…
        “Bethany & Nene ARE developing brands.” I do believe you’re confused, let me clarify this for you.

        Bethany developed a brand, made an asston of bucks from it, and then sold it for what Forbes estimated at the time as a minimum of around $60 +/- million + ongoing stock options and back end payments. Then she went on to host HER OWN talk show ala Oprah style, didn’t fly like Oprah style but still. NeNe is now developing a brand after a couple short lived acting stints and a long swim in the reality tv pool. No comparison, none, nada, not even remotely close.

        Sorry, she baited and I bit. I can’t with people who are just flat out wrong.

      • spk

        CAM — Amazing how you get your nose outta kink because I said they’re developing a brand. Let me simplify it for you so your blood pressure can return to normal:

        -Bethany DEVELOPED and will continue DEVELOPING
        -Nene DEVELOPING

        A brand is being created when you connect something to a particular person. And while I think NeNe is a horses ass, the fact that everyone uses Bloop (which IS total poop) when talking about her is because its an inside joke. She got you using it and now you watch her outside of RH. Developing her branding. You love to hate her. It’s totally insane but it’s what Nene uses to get attention.

        I wasn’t entirely comfortable making the comparison to Bethany vs Nene because Bethany IS far-and-beyond branded.

        JAE — God no we don’t have to love these idiots. These RH’s are asshats, thats all. Sorry for your loss Jae, that is horrible. My dad worked at the site and died from an illness contracted there. I’m totally down for Friday lunch cocktail(s)!

      • My nose isn’t outta kink in the least. It’s comments on a blog, it takes a lot more than that hun, I have 2 teenage daughters.

        But I do wonder in my smartassy way, that might come across kinky, if my posts are not coming through clearly? Bethany SOLD her BRAND. She sold it to another company, they now own it. She developed a brand by the process of branding and she is no longer “branding” jack diddly shit. She did it, she’s done with it and she walked with $60+ million dollars, probably much more than that but beside the point.

        As far as NeNe and her bloopedy poopedy I have not a clue what she’s doing except for a 19pc clothing collection for the Home Shopping Network. But I do know for a fact she hasn’t touched $60mil in her entire life combined, so my point was and still is, there’s no comparison and Bethany is not currently branding a thing, it’s done and it’s called SkinnyGirl.
        What was this blog post about again? It’s now my yoga time, Namaste or Bloop or Bye Ashy…you can take your pick!

      • I feel bad for not doing yoga. I hope you are happy. I had forgotten the gym even existed.

        On Fri, Apr 11, 2014 at 5:08 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Jae

      I’m sorry, I *have* to love everybody but not like their actions?

      Am I supposed to love the 9/11 terrorists? The man who murdered my aunt? Nevermind that you’re telling me to love “celebrities” THAT I DONT KNOW.

      Is it too early for a Xanax champagne cocktail?

      • It is never too early for a Xanax champagne cocktail.

      • spk

        *whoops, meant to put this here*

        JAE — God no we don’t have to love these idiots. These RH’s are asshats, thats all. Sorry for your loss Jae, that is horrible. My dad worked at the site and died from an illness contracted there. I’m totally down for Friday lunch cocktail(s)!

  22. My dislike of the Gudice’s fraud, lying, filing false bank statements, not paying taxes and so on is fairness in our justice system.
    We all know of people or heard stories about the person that has had huge legal fees, court fines and more for misdemeanor charges. They have to pay back in full plus court fines Gudice’s will be lucky if they pay back 15% on the dollar.
    It seems to me the big thieves and corporations get off lighter than the small time crook or those that simply made a mistake.
    I want Lady Justice be fair.

    TT, great work, thank you.

    • Ohnos

      Yes and not just the guidices. We have one of the most corrupt governments in the world. As far as tax dollars, the guiices are nothing. It won’t ever change until people vote for country and stop voting for party.

      • I used to think the same way. I now don’t have any faith left in the voting process as not being rigged too. Sorry, but I sadly think our entire government from the County Commissioners to the Oval Office is on par with Mexico on the corruption scale.

  23. Wampascat

    I knew something was off the first time I saw Teresa. Watching her lick her thumb and count off that pile of hundreds for that dreadful furniture…

  24. Ktina

    Love it, TT! Thanks for the sleuthing :)

  25. Ms. TT-What happened to all of the income from the four or five cook books Tre has ghost written, which supposedly were on the New York times best seller list? What happened to Fabullini (the wine she endorsed), Joe’s pizza shop (which was gonna become a chain like Domino’s), and her make-up line? The Guidices claimed that these business ventures were going to be the legacy they would leave for their children and this was the reason for appearing on the show. With all of these streams of income, the Feds should have been able to collect more than $15,000 from the fiscally responsible couple.

    On another note, what happened with Joe’s former real estate partner who claimed Joe falsified the bank loans? Will Joe’s drunk driving/driving with a suspended license/giving the police his brother’s driver’s license case be settled before the two geniuses are sentenced by the Feds?

  26. goldenindigo

    Ms. TT-What happened to all of the income from the four or five cook books Tre has ghost written, which supposedly were on the New York times best seller list? What happened to Fabullini (the wine she endorsed), Joe’s pizza shop (which was gonna become a chain like Domino’s), and her make-up line? The Guidices claimed that these business ventures were going to be the legacy they would leave for their children and this was the reason for appearing on the show. With all of these streams of income, the Feds should have been able to collect more than $15,000 from the fiscally responsible couple.

    On another note, what happened with Joe’s former real estate partner who claimed Joe falsified the bank loans? Will Joe’s drunk driving/driving with a suspended license/giving the police his brother’s driver’s license case be settled before the two geniuses are sentenced by the Feds?

  27. Gossip Junkie

    Great job Tamara – I can always count on your site for the facts and it is greatly appreciated! Please keep doing what you do :)

  28. Huh just thought about Joe and Theresa and they almost had everyone convinced they were victims of misunderstandings and sabatoge.

    Now my first impression of them being ridiculous and strange, and out of place, seems right on.

    Always a detachment from reality even scripted reality. An excuse or a twist on circumstances when confronted with facts. So I can not be surprised about the “hammer of justice” coming down. However I am appalled by the total disregard for how their behavior affects their children. They are disgusting.

  29. Cammie: Although Bethenny sold her line of Skinnygirl cocktails, she did not sell her BRAND. She has other Skinnygirl products(e.g. nutrition bars, vitamins) that are currently on the market.
    *tootsie ducks and runs*

  30. Jae

    SPK: It was a long time ago, and was meant for Brooks86 as an example for why we don’t have to love everyone. I’m not sure I need to respect anyone, either (unless they hold they’re the keeper of the Xanax champagne cocktail bowl).

    I’m sorry for your loss – I have at least one friend who suffered for a long time from the fallout debris. More examples of why it’s okay to not love everyone or have respect for everyone.

    (I can’t for the life of me figure out how to reply within a thread, sorry).

  31. Anuxamoon

    “Lying liars who lie.” A good phrase, but not original. It’s ben in books before, i.e., Al Franken’s book. But a GREAT phrase. It’s about time they lost their shirts. They’ve been freeloading for ages. I do not feel sorry for them at all. Additionally I hope they both go to prison. Any of US would have already been in prison for this.

  32. Kat

    You rock!!! #fistpumpforTT

  33. June 2nd is also Andy Cohen’s birthday. LOL

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