Addressing a Crazy Rumor About Teresa and Joe Giudice

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This is actually part two of a two-part series addressing all the weird stories about the Real Housewives over the past day or two. This final (I hope) one will clear up the latest RHONJ rumor about Teresa and Joe.

Rumor Three: Joe and Teresa Giudice will get a clean slate from the bankruptcy judge — they paid $7,500 to creditors and in the process they’ll erase more than $13 MILLION in debts!!! (started at TMZ and picked up by In Touch)

kawinkydinkThis story simply makes no sense. Two of the felonies they pled guilty to in their plea deal were related to their bankruptcy fraud. Their Bankruptcy case was DENIED years ago because among other things they committed fraud. They were not allowed to claim bankruptcy. The bankruptcy claim was thrown out!  That is when the FEDS started investigating them.  Had they not filed, they would not be in the mess that they are now. So I have no idea what TMZ is talking about when they claim they have discovered new paperwork regarding the bankruptcy from “the bankruptcy judge.”.All of the information about their lack of equity in the properties and so forth was considered way back when they filed for bankruptcy.

The federal indictments for the fraud they committed in the now nonexistent bankruptcy case have yet to be adjudicated. They have pled guilty and are awaiting a hearing for sentencing and restitution.  So that whole “$7,500 to erase $13 Million in debt” is nonsensical. We won’t know what they are required to pay in restitution, or if their property is seized until the hearing.

HOWEVER, Perhaps TMZ is trying to say they got a look at the plea deal. If the plea deal includes only $7,500 in restitution, that would be insane. It seems completely unfathomable to me that they don’t take their assets, like the house. The assets (property, cars, jewelry, etc) should go back to the creditors. In short, the TMZ story doesn’t make any sense.

My Opinion: TMZ was very sketchy about the information. They say it is new information from “the bankruptcy judge.”  There is no bankruptcy case for there to be a judge on anymore. So this has to be Bullshit. Or else they are not explaining what they have. 

To read all the Giudice court cases in detail, click here.


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25 responses to “Addressing a Crazy Rumor About Teresa and Joe Giudice

  1. Thanks so much TT!! I so appreciate you addressing one of my burning questions of the day. I am going to email you my other one. :-)

  2. Terri

    It sounds like TMZ must have talked to Teresa or Joe because that’s the crazy crap they seem to come up with when anyone asks about the court case.

    • Well, Teresa and Joe said they didn’t understand the charges. Maybe they think their upcoming sentencing is all about bankruptcy and now they are off the hook! :-)

  3. I just wrote a check to the IRA for 1245. and I make 12 bucks an hour….if these folk get off that easy, I want a refund and a apology!!

    • puppylove

      Hi gayle holmes
      Haven’t you noticed that the crooks get off scott free or pay very little any more. It makes me crazy with what they get away with . I have been retired for some time now but I had a business for many years. The question of tax’s was not do I pay I always paid. I just asked my accountant how much, and then passed out. Cause it was always a lot. I always said I own a business but work on a percentage for the government. I would NEVER even consider not paying my tax’s. Now here come these clowns (Joe not even a US citizen) they have a business and NEVER pay tax’s and money up the cazoo and back. It just makes you want to scream what people can get away with. I would rather pay than have to worry about what the feds would do to me though. Have a good one.

    • Emily

      I’m sure you mean IRS and not the terrorist organisation…….

  4. Whatever

    I saw those rumors too and dismissed them, especially because a while back I had read the plea papers submitted for each Teresa and Joe, and they include huge lump sump payments in restitution due at the time of sentencing (if I recall correctly.) I am also an attorney and know better. lol…I remember thinking how in the world was she going to pay that back but then again, she’s still out there scamming people. So…..believe none of that.

  5. JenB

    Thanks T for clearing up the rumors! I knew all 3 were BS but I hate that everyone jumps on them and repeats them as if they are true. You are the best.

  6. And this is why I like this site and tend to only believe stuff written here. Other sites see the info and run with it and the readers believe it whole heartedly. I like truth, even in my scripted reality shows.

  7. Karen

    Been looking for you for a few days now and wondering what you thought of all this crap!! I trust your information to be true and accurate… thanks for clearing this up, to be honest, I got a little pissed off to know they could pay $7,500 and walk away scott-free, made no sense and certainly didn’t seem to be enough of a consequence considering the situation… It makes me sick how people ABUSE the system, monies, organizations, programs and THEIR CHILDREN, to say the least… THEY DID THIS TO THEMSELVES AND THEIR CHILDREN BY CHOICE!!! This is pathetic and sad parenting in my opinion…

    • Jarlath

      Has Teresa ever taken responsibility for her behaviour? Her attitude has always been “Why is this happening to us [God-fearing honest people]?!”

  8. Ohnos

    Tmz really. It’s always been a mystery to me why they make any money at all based on fiction. But sadly people are more interested in gossip than truth, hopefully it will change.

    Didn’t read or care what tmz said, but if they owe money the pay it.

    • In fairness, TMZ has good sources and is usually right. Whatever intern they gave the story too just wasn’t smart enough to read the documents. Just like someone on Twitter right now who is adamant that Teresa paid everything back within a year from her RHONJ salary. SMH.

      • Wow! I didn’t know Bravo paid Teresa 13.4 million a year!! :-)

      • Plus more apparently! This is all a great big misunderstanding. I also have someone tweeting me about the government forcing poor innocent creatures like Tre to do such things to feed their children! I’m sure this is all Bush’s fault!

        On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 2:32 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Ohnos

        Fair enough. Good on ya saying positive about Tmz, I still don’t read it, never have, never will. Honestly don’t get why celebrities and wannabes think they run the country.

        I recently lost my job because of them, yippee for them, but yippee for me while I’m looking again I found your blog. Good Humor makes the world go round and keeps your head above the pillow.

        I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but thank you so much for so many laughs. Laughter does the soul good.

  9. Why do you think tmz spends so much time on housewives. And rarely gets it right. Does Harvey have a nephew who loves bravo and can’t be fired??

    • Because the HW call them on each other…

      On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 2:38 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Ohnos

      Who reads and pays attention? who gives stories for other wannabes? I don’t give a rats ass about any of those people, especially since they live a life beyond anyone, want to dictate our lives, yet expect us to support them. No thanks. I don’t and have never clicked on a link. I know I’m just one person and don’t make a difference, but to me I do, and it’s my life and I have to live with myself.

      As I said somewhere here, a reply to some blog post. I won’t go all political because this blog isn’t that, but I lost my job which is how I found this blog and has brought so much humor. This blog is hysterical,.

      Tmz or whatever makes money from people that really fight and work. But they give their money to trash. I can’t and won’t support that. At the end of the day, it’s my head that hits the pillow and my life I’m living.

      I’m not bashing anyone for their choices, but consider the source. And for a lot, how much they make per click. I won’t pay for hatefulness.

  10. TTl Wait..what? Teresa was forced into fradulant activities in order to feed her children? I didn’t realize it costs 13.4 million dollars to feed, clothe, and shelter a family of 6.
    All bitchiness and snarkiness aside, how is it possible for people like Teresa and Joe to rack up that much debt? Where did all the money go?

    • Terri

      Houses, furniture, trips, shoes, purses, failed businesses, equipment for those failed businesses and late charges/penalties on all of the house payments, credit cards, it all adds up.

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