Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Mess Rehearsal

RHOA Don JuanWe begin with Porsha in the studio. I was prepared for her to sound like Kim Zolciak, or the Countess, but she is actually not so bad. I’ve read good things about her song Flatline on my twitter feed but haven’t bothered to check it out. I’m definitely interested in what y’all have to say. The song she is recording here is called Perfectly Worthless. I wonder who is writing her songs because the writing is not bad. The universe seems to disagree with me since some lighting or something falls on her as she is recording.

Porsha is apparently spending time in the studio instead of going to play practice. She has missed numerous rehearsals. Kandi arrives at the studio and she  is not amused.

Nene is in LA meeting with Steven Grossman, her manager, who apparently is a miracle worker and the one that does all the hustling to get Nene bookings. Yet, she walks into the room publically insulting him saying she is looking for a little short man, when she knows exactly where he is.  Don’t bite the hand that feeds you Nene.  Nene is there to approve some sketches for her “fashion line” with HSN. (I thought it was Kmart. Or Sear. Or the Salvation Army. ) She of course makes it sound like HSN tracked her down and begged her to come on board.Nene Leakes Design Photos

Nene is such a douche. She is acting as if she is just bombarded with roles that she is turning down without giving them a glance. One was for a sitcom on USA, Necessary Roughness, which was cancelled in early November, another was Mr. Box office which has not been in production since 2012.  Something in the buttermilk ain’t clean with this whole scene. The only gig Nene has had lately other than DWTS is filling in for a Vegas drag queen going on vacation for a week. Clearly, Nene doesn’t turn down a thing.  I am hysterical over her, “I leave millions of dollars on the table.” comments. None of the roles she pretends that she turned down were anything close to a million dollar role. And how does filling in for a drag queen elevate her? Well, maybe it does now that I think about it. Nene feels as though she is above acting classes.  Of course she does. She surely doesn’t have time to be bothered watching shows she is not in (and never will be) like Scandal. Where she might learn something.

Peter never bothered to tell Cynthia that the properties they rent for their businesses are in foreclosure due to the owners not making their payments. Peter has been paying the bank directly and somehow everything worked itself out, but Cynthia is claiming on the show that she just heard about everything through the blogs. I hope that is storyline. Cynthia is worried about both businesses having to relocate or possibly go out of business. Just this one time, this is not Peter’s fault. He paid the landlord, but the landlord did not pay the bank.

Cynthia and Peter RHOA

Oh god. I was really hoping the Kenya sobbing was fake baby drama. But it sounds like Velvet got out of the gate and was killed by another dog. This breaks my heart.

Kandi and her mother see a counselor who makes housecalls. They flashback to Kandi and Mama Joyce and AJ in counseling years ago. Same issue. Money. The first thing the counselor says to Kandi is to ask her why she is 37 and continuing to tolerate this behavior from her mother? The counselor is kind of hot. Anyway, he talks to Mama Joyce alone to get her side of the situation. She says that somewhere along the way they just lost communication.  She doesn’t mention that was because she tried to hire someone to take pictures of Todd in some compromising situations.

Mama Joyce said that the first thing he did was quit his job paying, 90-100K because Kandi is a millionaire. Yup. First words out of her mouth are about money. Never mentions that Todd is not supposed to date the talent. Or that Todd took another job right away with BET.  Or that Todd loved the job he quit but quit to be with Kandi. Nope. Just that he quit his job.

The counselor says, so that is why you and your daughter are in conflict? Mama Joyce says not it is not. (Yes, yes it is.) But since she has been with him she has gained 30lbs. What? It’s Todd’s fault that Kandi is happy and putting on a few pounds? (I don’t think she has gained 30lbs or anything near that.) She says that Todd needs to remind her to work out every day.  Oh Lawd, let some man tell me one time to be sure to go to the gym….you just let that happen. MMM.HMMM. Now she has moved on to Kandi picks bad men because she had no father and her brother who she was close to died.

The counselor asks Mama Joyce how Todd treats her daughter. She says she doesn’t know because she is not around them. He asks her why she hasn’t taken the time to get to know him. Kandi came back in and interrupted the session. The counselor says he wants to meet with them again. Mama Joyce seems open to the idea. Because, dude is hot.

2014 Sketches fo Nene Leakes Story LineNene flies to NYC to work on her clothing like because none of the housewives particularly want to film with her. She is a diva at the meeting but not too much of one. In her talking head she seems to be stressing that only one of her shows was cancelled. The New Normal was cancelled and Glee chose to drop her character for their final season. This seems to be an important distinction for Nene.

I can’t deal with sad Kenya with a real problem. I like crazy Kenya with baby batter storylines. Let’s keep it light! But she is meeting Cynthia and Kandi (aka the nice girls most of the time) to tell them about her dog dying. Which seems weird but if you have a trauma like that in your life and you have to work with some bitches, it’s best to just put it out there to the ones least likely to turn the knife.

Cynthia and Peter talk about their financial problems. Peter seems to think they are in a place to buy and Cynthia doesn’t.

Kandi continues to rehearse for her play. Porsha is trying to catch up on all the routines she missed. The stage manager questions her to see if she is going to actually show up for the performances. Porsha has no work ethic.  I defended the hell out of her for the rumors that she stood up people who paid for her appearances.  Only to find out it was all true!

Todd and Don Juan and Mama Joyce are walking through the theater.  Don Juan excuses himself so they can talk. Todd speaks to Mama Joyce in such a loving tone. You can tell Todd is very nervous about talking to her. Mama Joyce says that she didn’t stop liking Todd, she stopped respecting him. She says he just stopped working. He explains what the rest of the universe knows. He had to quit Bravo if he wanted to date Kandi. It was his decision. He chose her and he immediately went back to work at BET (which Kandi hates because he has to work outside Atlanta). He turned down some long-term gigs because Kandi did not want him to be gone. He wants everyone to be one big happy family. Mama Joyce seems to be having a little bit of introspection.  They hug it out and women everywhere fall in love with Todd.

Next week on the finale: So much happens. Phaedra graduates (?) Nene gets blood clots in her lungs, the play premieres and Kenya has a memorial service for Velvet.


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136 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Mess Rehearsal

  1. vivaladiva831

    I have been where Kenya is, and to lose a pet violently makes it that much more traumatic. My dog was killed instantly, hit by a car, and when I picked her up she expired a last breath of air. For a week I was tortured with the thought “what if she was still alive and couldn’t move and we buried her alive?” I felt terrible for Kenya and hope she will find some peace.

    • This post was deleted and replaced with a harsh message for Amy. I should not have been quite so mean. However, Amy’s original message was too mean to post here. Clearly she is hurting and we should be more compassionate. Apologies.

      • the truth

        That was so wrong of you. Kenya loved velvet and took good care of her, she even had velvet flown in to be with her when they ladies went to the haunted house. I don’t think you loved your dog or else you would have protected him by getting early medical evaluation and medication. You were not giving your dog medical checkups.. You shed crocodile tears as you failed your dog. Now how does that feel?

      • Thanks TT. I have all the compassion in the world. I lost my dog and my Dad in a 3 month period. I cry daily. tears. All. Day. Long. I can’t even leave the house. Going on since Halloween when I found out my father died. I don’t get any medical treatment. I have no choice but to go through it alone. Alone. I love this site and it gives me happy every day. Until. just now.

        What yall read there. That was not my original post. I truly hope people on here know that. I love y’all and feel ur losses and your pain, those who respond on here, with all of my heart and soul. Kenya didn’t cry tears. I saw none. And I reversed my DVRd 3x. No tears.

        But thanks for your support. And to anyone. My love and tears and prayers to all who’ve lost a father, a mother, a child, and animals are children.

        Probably not even going to be posted. But I adore you TT. Every minute of the day. I pray for your sanity because I know how hard it is on you. Life effing sucks.And it’s not getting better. For anyone.

        I’ll still support you. Always.

        -A Forever Fan, Amy

      • Gingersnap

        @Amy~Kenya did cry tears though and she even had drainage from her nose. It’s hard to fake nose drainage :)

      • Justasportsnut

        Dear IAMAmySuter,

        Your comment lacked compassion, was mean-spirited, cruel and childish.

      • MissCane

        Excuse me. Completely uncalled for. Are you having a psychotic episode?

      • Amy, I am truly sorry for my harsh post. And I am also sorry for the pain you are going through. Losing a parent and a dog is A LOT. As someone who is up the upswing from a very dark place, I encourage you to get out of the hole! I know it seems impossible and people telling you to do things to get better are annoying as fuck. But the longer you sit at the bottom of the hole and feel sorry for yourself because there is no one to lift you out, (I did that for a couple of years myself) the more of your life you waste. I understand that your friends or you family or your knight in shining armor SHOULD be there to help you. But they are not. You can help yourself if you get over the anger that you have no one helping you. And once you do that, people actually do help,

        They help in amazing ways. We will help you here., These people help me EVERY DAY. There is help. You just have to GET UP. Shake it off, and find it.

        Best wishes to you, Amy.

    • truth

      @IAmAmySuter you sound crazy. maybe the death of your dog has caused you mental problems because you know that you caused his death by not getting him proper care. Kenya loved her dog that I give her. Kenya is not as bad as you make her she is someone that defends herself when attacked. go back and watch from season one and find out when nene turned from villain to fan favorite. nene is a jealous woman who wants all to bow to her and is shocked that Kenya will not bow to her. remember when nene told andy that she wants someone fired and that was porsha now that porsha is her puppet she wants porsha to stay. Kenya loved her dog and you cant take that away from her. I think you are suicidal and that you need professional help. I have read your comments and you seem to be in deep depression and that is not good. this can lead to your death. please ask for help.

    • Justasportsnut

      Count me in too as one who lossed a beloved pet dog violently. The pain is searing. My dog Kizzie, was literally torn apart by large dogs that had been roaming the neighborhood. I called for Kizzie all morning and ignored the small bloody animal parts scattered in my yard, dismissed them as one of my neigbor’s rabbits that had gotten out and was mauled by one of the loose dogs. Denial is real. My husband finally and gently told me that the animals parts lying around the yard were Kizzie’s. I was distraught, inconsolable and took to my bed.

      I personally know the heartached that Kenya experienced and I liked Velvet.

      • lori

        How awful justasportsfan. I can’t even imagine. So sorry not only for the loss of your dog Kizzie, but the manner in which you lost her. How awful for you. (((hugs)))

    • Em

      I felt so bad for Kenya after watching this episode. I can’t imagine something like that happening to me, I would be so devastated. All the pain and hurt she felt actually brought me to tears. I never liked Kenya before, but I really felt for her and to see how much of an animal lover she is made me see her differently.

    • Bravogirl24/7

      I know y’all are going to hate me, but my first instinct was that Kenya was faking velvet’s death, and you all know that I ride for Kenya. It was just something inside a voice that said “Kenya is faking”. I hope I am wrong, cause I feel terrible about thinking such a horrible thing. Boy I wish NeNe had consulted Dwight about those fashions cause they were “dreadful”. My mind says the same thing about NeNe, that she is FAKING her entire life. Greg, her career, the glam mom, she said she was a model,her acting, her singing, her clothing line, her body (multiple procedures), her friendships, where’s her dog, everything about seems FAKE. I’m sorry I’m ranting!

      • Katrina

        So you think Nene is pretending to be a grandmother? Greg and Nene did not remarry, it was all a joke. Most people thought they were not married in the first place. Now, Gregg and Nene just live together. Nene probably does not have any children either. I think Kenya really lost her dog.

    • Kaleesi

      I am so so sorry for your loss.
      Hugs to you, and healing thoughts.

      • vivaladiva831

        Thank you so much! It’s been almost 3 years now and I still think of my Ling Ling every day. She was a pug.

  2. HannahKingRose

    I for one want to accept some shame for my smartass comment last week about Kenya and her crying in the preview for this week. I automatically assumed that it was just Kenya being her dramatic self over a silly mechanical doll. Thinking back about how hard she was crying I think I should have given her the benefit of the doubt. I too am a fur baby momma. Had to put my 9 year old rottie Bogey down 2 years ago because he had bone cancer. He was my best friend. He laid by me while I suffered from a broken leg, surgery and then CRPS. He was always with me comforting me. I can cry today almost as hard as the day we had to put him down. All I can say is I’m soooo very sorry Kenya. I believe your pain whether others do or not. You are in my prayers.

  3. Wampascat

    Poor Velvet. I hope she’s having fun chasing squirrels on the other side of the rainbow bridge. As far as Nene is concerned… I guess doors do keep opening, even if they’re just closet doors opening on some ugly ass clothes. Uh…bloop.

    • LOLO55

      OMG, you made me shed some tears with the first two sentences, then I cracked up LOUD on the rest. Too funny, I needed that..THANK YOU.

  4. The thing is, if Nene would just quit pretending she is the next black Meryl Streep and knows everything and is continuously having to turn down million dollar deals, I think we would all be impressed that she was on DWTS, replacing a drag queen and working on a line of clothing. She makes it impossible to like her. Unless you are an illiterate cretin that spends all your time on twitter proving your lack of education…

    • Wampascat

      I so agree! I liked Nene once upon a time. Now, I find her so offensive, I find myself watching the show just to sneer at her. I know that’s awful…

    • TT I agree with you 100 percent – Nene makes it impossible to like her. Her head and mouth and attitude is way to big. I have never seen her act the shows she was on she played herself a loud mouth over the top witch.

      • Alexa

        Agree on everything!!!! Nene is insufferable this season! Has the woman never heard of humility?! I watch the show with my bf (who usually suffers through in quiet silence) and even he was talking about how delusional Nene is!!! She is a walking bobble head with that ego and looks just as dumb!

    • O.O

      @ TT yesssss . My sentiments exactly . I wonder if NeNe knows how insane she is and sounds. What a disgustng display and a lot of hot useless air . I was lol’ing , rolling my eyes, shaking my head ,kissing my teeth all at once each and everytime she said “as an actress”! This is what happens when fools come into more money than they’re use to. They become bigger louder fools.
      Todd made me shed a tear….
      The therapist was cute, I’d like one like that .
      You were very kind in your review of Porsha’s singing .Everytime I see Porsha I wonder if she’s delayed or just high all the time and If none of those, can she really be that dumb? ( sigh)
      I can’t with Peter and Cynthia, were they reading a script ?
      He doesn’t seem concerned about all money put into making Bar One pretty because it was Cynthia’s money .

      Mama Joyce , I hope never to be that way when my girls are looking to marry . She looks and sounds crazy. What mother doesn’t want their child to have love and respect from a mate?

    • Nads

      Ummm…..chiming in. I like NENE. And, I’m FAR from an illiterate cretin. I came here today because I knew the hate and claws would be out and yep they are! LOL.

      Yes Nene is ignorant at times but there is something about her I find endearing for some reason. I think she’s a flawed person trying her best to make it. Her past life I think had an impact on who she is. No dad and and unstable home life. I think in that regard she’s actually a lot like Kenya and it seems a lot of you like Kenya so as I’ve said before I don’t understand the disdain for Nene. Some people cry about their past and some people build a rock hard shell. I think what you see from Nene is her shell. I think underneath it all is a genuine person. I’ll take genuine over fake any day….so bloop to that! :)

      I’m sure HSN DID come to her. They may not have begged her but they came to HER. It was clear they wanted to please her at the meeting so I beg you, stop the hate shall we. It’s not becoming. Wish her well.

      • SnookumsLynn

        I think that’s the problem. She is personable and she is likeable on some level. But then her ugly entitlement and lack of humility rear it’s ugly head and you have the hardest time giving a flip, cause she’s so flippant and foolish in her statements…I leave millions on the table..puhleezeee..if she had milions to leave she and Greg would not have had to go through this fake divorce thing…then i wonder too, if him filing bankruptcy had a negative affect on his prior business dealings? I mean he did used to work and now he’s just Nene’s lap dog or maybe it just pays better?
        I used to ride or die with the hood rat Nene..but I can’t with this asshat NayNay…she’s jerk and she should just own it!!

      • terry macon

        Nads you are standing in front of a firing squad and it is not working. Step aside.

      • heh.

        Nads is literate but misguided. We will assimilate her over time. 😉 Or I will boot her ass.

        On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 8:43 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • myinfo

        Her comment that none of the ladies are on her level turned me off I think forever. Nene was my favorite until this year.

      • Nads

        haha @ TT booted for having a difference of opinion?? My my. Looks like you like yes women. Not really my style. Even my personal friends who jumped off the Nene ship have been trying to convince me to join their team and I still haven’t budged. So hmmm…..I guess I’ll await the booting then….LOL.

        It would be a shame though as I ride with you on many other reality folks like the hopeless Sheree….but I’m willing to walk the plank for Nene. Hope she appreciates it. 😉

      • I think you are an idiot. But you are a literate idiot with a different opinion. As long as you continue to speak English, you are good here We welcome, stupid,. um I mean different opinions

        On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 11:10 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Simone

        Although I am not a Nene fan, I respected your opinion at first until I kept reading. Stop making excuses for bad behavior because she was raised in Athens by a loving family member and not by a mother who didnt want her in NY, as if that earns Nene the right to go around insulting people and acting ‘da damn fool’ as if she is ignorant. Regardless of what you say, Athens, GA is not the worst place on earth to be raised. Once I read your statement that she has a shell AND is genuine then I knew that you did not know what you were talking about. That is an excuse for people who went through hard times and did not build character. If you were a true fan of Nene’s you would not encouraged or defend her recent unprofessional and bad behavior that ultimately affects her future opportunities and places her as a substitue drag queen and selling Simply Fashion’s type clothing that no one is going to buy. This future failed adventure was broadcasted for all to see when those tacky clothes were pulled out on Bravo Sunday. I mean does her line include the ridiculous fur collar outfit she had on that looked curiously as if it came out of the same pack of hair that is on her head, really? Greg had to blow up on Peter and exercise damage control in order to remove the negative attention away from Nene’s diastrous mistake at the charity event so that the bad memory RHOA fans would forget and focus on Peter being a bitch by the season’s end. You do people like Nene the most injustice when you insist that they have the right to act ignorant because she had a hard life and came from a broken home. I bet you are the type that would never act that way yourself but encourage others to act a coonish buffon to make you shine. Nene had a strong fan base and lost it.

      • LOL I get when I have been punked. Fuck you Kenya!

        On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 11:41 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Nads

        @TT. ouch! LOL. Far from it. I just like playing devil’s advocate. And btw….your audience here….I’m sure great for your page views and ad revenue but waaaay too invested in reality TV. It’s only fun. Calm damn! Take all with a grain of salt shall we? k. Thanks :)

    • Okay81

      Lol! Meryl Streep is who I immediately thought of when nene was talking about her amazing acting career. Why can’t she be a little humble? You would think that she’s had a 20 yr acting career. Just when I start liking her, she does or says something stupid. I think she mistakes “rawness” for acting talent. Not every role requires being a loud stereotype. I also cracked up when she was talking about her clothing line. She made it sound as if she designed the pieces herself. All she did was state what she likes and what she didn’t. She needs to have several seats, lol.

    • Bravogirl24/7

      I can’t believe that Porsha would disrespect Kandi’s money like that. She is unprofessional and immature. She can’t make practice but she made time to get her boobs done, she didn’t forget that appointment. I can’t believe Cynthia is not checking every receipt that has to do with her business after the past experience she had with peter and her money, she still insist on giving peter free range over their finances? Mama Joyce, I’m sorry you are never going to love Todd. It ain’t in you. Phaedra you married Appollo for all the wrong reason, maybe you can get some piece of mind while he’s in jail, secretly we all know you guys will never make this marriage work. I’m happy Kandi got married that’s all she wanted since she had Riley.

    • lori

      You hit that nail right on the head TT. If she were humble at all, I’m sure we would have all been (and be) rooting for her every step of the way, just like when she first got on Glee. I don’t know how she doesn’t see that her arrogance and inflated ego is the reason many of us are now actually rooting to see her fall very hard on her face. I have to think that anyone who would have even considered hiring her for a show (non reality) would see something like that scene this week and be completely turned off. By the way, lol at that show being off the air since 2012.

  5. myinfo

    I cried over Velvet. Too sad.
    Mama Joyce and Kandi do need help. I hope Todd is good guy.
    Nene’s wig with right side curl was weird. Can she afford a GOOD WEAVE!!!

    • SnookumsLynn

      I really loved the side curl…I think she was trying a 20’s thing and I think those talking heads looked good. I mean they dind’t have anything on Cynthia and her green sparkly eye shadow, cause those talking heads were FIERCE!

  6. Bran

    Are you recapping Married to Medicine?

  7. Judy McKenzie

    I’m so immature, I took it personally when someone tweeted negatively about Kenya’s loss. I like her…she is perhaps, too professional for some, but I think I understand her. I’ve not seen anything disingenuous about her…EXCEPT when she is dissing someone. And that’s a good thing. NOT a real part of her to be mean spirited.

    Portia: She’s too immature for the show.
    However,the girl can sing…with soul!! Shocked me. Only redeeming quality that I can see.

    Nene: sorry she is ill

    • I cried and cried and cried through Kenya’s scene and half of the commercials that followed. God, I miss my “Sargeant”.

      Nene, I truly don’t understand her wig-ssues. She looks remarkably patriotic with the George Washington edition. I hate everything about it. Other than that…I love her. She is so ridiculous…what’s not to like.

      I hate Porsha.

      Cynthia lost all of my respect when she didn’t check Nene for calling her husband out.

      Phaedra…I didn’t miss you at all tonight.

      Todd is just a great guy.

    • deedle

      Nene is not ill anymor but was really sick when they taped this part of the show. I gave my yorkie of one year to a very good home when I got laid of four years ago and had to move to another state. Just a couple of months ago I could now talk about him without crying. I took Kenyas loss very hard and my heart and prayers go out to her. I just love Velvet and that was one of the reasons w hy I dvr the show. Cannot whatch it live. RiP Velvet.

  8. Michelle

    I think Nene’s issues are with her pride. I think she has a lot of naysayers and wants to prove them wrong. Her word choices are horrible at times, but I admire anyone with a hustle.

    I thought Nene was good with Porsha, Phaedra, and Cynthia. I know kandi may feel a certain way and of course Kenya. Why are you saying no one wants to film with her. Just curious.

  9. Judy McKenzie

    Nice job with this re-cap. I believe I commented on this before…want to add a little something.
    I’ve had kids and I’ve had dogs. Dogs are NEVER ungrateful.

  10. CityGirl81

    NeNe is ridiculous. So you are “turning down roles?” Girl bye, have several. You are NOT an actress. And that so called fashion line is a joke. NeNe has ZERO fashion sense. Who in the hell would wear any of that nonsense.

    Not a pet owner, but I do feel bad for Kenya and that explains why Velvet as been her Twitter profile pic.

    Porsha is stupid and I hope I am not subjected to her ridiculousness for another season. UGGGHHH!!! #idiot

    I hope the lack of Fakedra scenes is signs she is not returning. She has served no purpose this season.

    Peter is a bum and Cynthia is stupid. That’s all I got on those two.

    • NeNe’s line of clothes isn’t even good enough for the closet!!! Who WILL buy these awful things? Then the piece that she said was THE piece – anyone can make by cutting a hole in a sheet! WTH! Now I would buy clothes that Kenya designed. Thank you for Fakedra because that is what she is. The only reason no one talks about how dumb Fakedra is – is because of illiterate Porsha. Wow! I didn’t know I had these feelings! haha!

      • CityGirl81

        ROFL! I love it and “the” piece is classic tacky NeNe. The dress she didn’t like was the only reasonable thing I saw.

  11. barbinga

    I cried when Kenya was crying to her aunt…this girl can bring it in either direction. I know it sounds cold, but I quickly snapped out of it and thought since she blasted what should have been embarrassing (getting evicted for owing $) so publicly, it strikes me as odd that we didn’t already know the Velvet story. I find it difficult to believe a NORMAL person would, but not NeNe/Kenya level of RHOA Fame hoes? I’m surprised she didn’t make up with Phaedra and have Willie and Phaedra productions (TM) work it.

    So I’m guessing Velvet has been in hiding and probably on her lap Giggy style at the reunion. Ok, I know better but we all cope our own ways.

    • No words. Agree. (humbly).

    • I have no doubt that Kenya loved Velvet more than anything, Velvet was her baby. I know that Kenya feels guilty because Velvet died a violent death – and I think that is why we have not heard about it before. I lost my dog to a drowning, and I blamed myself for a long, long time. I think Kenya feels the same way. It is so hard to lose your canine best friend, especially if you feel blame. I felt Kenya’s pain last night, it brought it all home for me. I will never get over losing my Bitsy – never – as time passes, I can sometimes think of her without crying, but now, 7 years later – it still hurts. I have many dogs (5 adults and 2 pups right now, that I truly love) – but Bitsy will always live in my heart – because of the guilt I feel that I was not outside by the pool when she fell in and because she was just the sweetest, cutest, kindest, lovingest dog in the world.

  12. Nene’s pride is starting to be her downfall. Idk why she acting like she’s turning down million dollar deals left and right. Acting like she too good to watch shows whose ratings blow both of the shows she’s been on out of the water. I’m tired of these celebrities claiming to put out clothing lines when they can’t even sketch. Bye Linnethia. Twitter is sometimes too cruel. I din’t think anything was funny about Kenya’s dog dying like that. Dineva especially is a nasty person and he wonders why Kenya pays his behind dust when she sees him in ATL.

  13. Born to be Lucky

    I wouldn’t drop two Nickels on those UGLY clothes and NeNe is full of her self 4 R.E.A.L. Instead of making clothes why not design a wig line or ask her so call encourage to find her a good hair stylist. As for Kenya I’ve been exactly where she is in that place of sadness over poor Velvet. My baby Sampson who was just 18 months old died 2 years ago trying to save my life and was shot in the process during our home invasion. I morn for almost 3 months refusing to leave my bed. Now I have moments where I can smell his doggie cologne because it was one of the last memories I had and smelled as he died in my arms.

    • Gingersnap

      @Born~You had a good dog, I’m very sorry for your loss.

      • Willow

        @Born my heart goes out to you hon, I’m so sorry, it’s so hard , all of us who love animals like family understand how painful it is.

    • O.O

      @ Born to be lucky I’m sorry for your loss and that you went through such an horrific experience in your home …
      But on a lighter note, NeNe does not need to create a wig line . She already has a bunch of women who have no business with blonde hair on their head duplicating her ( for the lack of a better word) style . I can’t imaging having to look at a whole other army of women strutting around with those terrible Davy Crockett looking wigs .

      • spk

        @born, I’m so sorry, that is a terrible way to lose a beloved pet. And I hope you feel safe again. Best wishes –

  14. star

    I think that pray work done by that shaman for Kenya in Mexico was more than that. Everyone started arguing… I think it was a spell to make everyone side with her because she knew she was going to disrespect Phadrea by talking to Appollo in a secluded manner….but I appears that prayer or mystery words came against Kenya…. Karma does write her checks.

  15. Personally I would prefer someone respect me even if they don’t like me so what Mama Joyce said was a real dis to Todd. She is a very insecure woman probably because of what she has gone through with a man. Todd seems sincere so he deserves a chance (pre-nup in place).
    Portia continues to be the airhead of the show. She has a beautiful voice and needs to focus on developing it with training.
    I agree, the therapist is Fine!
    Peter continues to spend money without consulting the person who will have to bail him out. I never thought it was a good idea for her to move her business into that building she thought he bought. He has a big L on his forehead LOSER and she is a follower in all her relationships.
    NeNe is the biggest phony and gets worse as her star fades. Who in the hell is checking for her as actress or designer

  16. Vickie

    Soooo…we admit that this show is fake, but we’re ripping folks to shreds because they’re playing a role. I’m confused why we hate nene so much if the show is all set up and fake.

    And Tamara do you know for a fact no one wanted to film with nene? or maybe the show was edited to mostly focus on certain events going on with the cast. Idk

    • @vickie the storylines are fake because the show is built on a false premise…that these folks are “rich bitches”. The personalities they are exhibiting are real. So we are commenting on the way they present themselves. They can not act so they do no remember lines, they improv based on the direction production wants the story to go. They are competing for air time so the more they turn it up the more we see them. They put themselves out there . In other words, Vicki, they called for us and TT provided the forum and we came. So have a

      • I read all the comments in email so I have no idea if “something is going on” between people. I rarely look to see who said what. but this time I was all like THAT GOD SOMEONE EXPLAINED it is about the behaviors of the reality whores I don’t judge them as PEOPLE they may be girl scouts who work in homeless shelters for all I know… I’m just talking about what they do or say on NATIONAL TV.

        so thanks Vonnie!

        On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 10:00 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • THANK GOD

        On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 10:00 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • kb

        Right on Vonnie!

  17. Gingersnap

    NeNe said she left millions of dollars on the table, if that’s true, then she’s even dumber than she looks. It’s not true though and NeNe is full of shit.

    I feel super bad for Kenya, I have no doubt she is truly grief stricken. RIP little Velvet. God, that is so sad to me.

  18. Viv

    I was sorry to hear about velvet. Our pets are our family.

    It seems as Peter put in a plug for xfinity or maybe it was my imagination.

    Nene needs to stop over exaggerating her life. So tired of her.

    Porsha, porsha, porsha, please stop.

    Phaedra and Apollo are not the couple of the year. I rather read TT’s blog than watch them fake it on RHOA.

    • @viv I caught that “product plug” also. Wonder if there was some under table dealing for that one. He does need the pocket change if he is going to buy a property.

      • I watched it again and definitely see the plug. Now wondering if I have missed product placements. Note to Bravo I love the Truman Show more.

      • Bravo is all about product placement. He was also holding a VOSS water that he doesn’t sell. I suspect both of those where Peter deals and not Bravo ones…

      • Right I guess it was more obvious or done in a bolder way this time. Thanks for your updates and blog, love love

      • hockeymom

        @TT~ Yep, Bravo is known for being the king of product placement among networks. I have seen VOSS bottles on other Bravo shows too, so I am thinking that they have a blanket deal with the network. I read in a trade magazine article many years ago…back when OC first started, that with Bravo, if you see a logo/label, then the company paid big bucks to have it there.
        Hope that you and Banjo are drying out…we are about to drown up here. :)

  19. Viv

    Oh I did watch Married to Medicine. Huge mistake on my part. Surprised that the two shows don’t intersect at one point or another. Perhaps that is a good thing.

  20. Marilyn

    New to posting here but always reading – love the recaps and comments. I didn’t see (read) this mentioned but Nene saying she turned down roles on Necessary Roughness – it was cancelled and I think had wrapped production while Housewives was filming. Mr. Box Office is not currently in production (and hasn’t been since 2012). So – it appears there were no roles to turn down. I actually loved Necessary Roughness – there are actually good actors on the show – not sure how Nene would have fit in. Were they making up offers?
    I feel so bad for Kenya – I love my dog so much but she is getting up there in years.

  21. Nads

    Are you guys serious about Kenya and her dead dog??? Really? Milking it for camera time is more like it. My husband walked into the room and saw her crying and said “what is this fake woman crying about?” LOL. He doesn’t even watch the show but even he knows what’s up.

    Not buying what she’s selling honey.

    • O.O

      Yes nads we are all serious . Yes nads we who say we feel sorry for Kenya’s loss are serious .. Just as you’re serious about supporting and liking the behavior of a Bafoon .

  22. Awesome recap!!! And yes…Todd became a Permanent Sweetie Pie tonight!!
    Soooooooooo ready for the reunion though!

  23. Riley

    My husband and I don’t have any human children. Our dog is our child. Without him, we are only a couple. With him…we are a family.

  24. KReality

    Once again slim to no t time for phaedra.

    I’m starting to think that whole Kandi-Todd-mama Joyce situation was fake.

    Kandi is so weak with people. Porsha should have been fired.

    I undrsrsnd Kemya pain. I know several people who had serious breakdowns when their dog or cat passed.

    Peter should have told Cynthia the moment he got that letter

    • Happy lyfe

      The only time peter wants to involve his wife is when its time to spend more money. He neglected to tell her about the lette, she found out via blogs, but soon as he was told he could purchase both places, he had a sudden sit down with cynthia to discuss them (her) buying it although cynthia knows they dont have enough for that type of ownership. Last night really showed her stupidity and how naive she is. Her not knowing whether theyre renting or buying shows peter continuously misleads his wife into these so-called get rich ideals, and she evidently never checks receipts. What good is beauty without brains…..

      • I don’t believe that Cynthia is out of the financial loop. I think it is storyline. I could be wrong, but she made statements about the situation at the time….

        On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 7:47 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  25. terry macon

    Iamamy, girl please, you are okay, everyone have been there and have had bad days,months, even years.TT would have told you if you were not welcome. Grab a glass of something sit back and stay with us its five o’clock somewhere.

    Smooches xoxoxo

    • Thank you Terry and everyone. I gave my dg thhe best medical care for all of his 9 years of life. The night he died, he was going to the hospital the next day for heart surgery. I was going to use every dollar I could. My mother was with him when he died. In her arms while she sang his favorite song, “Swing low, Sweet chariot…” my beloved Dad woke up at 0100 to call TOD. He sat, at ther dinner table for 4 hours figuring out a way to call my house and tell me.

      I had medical insurance, on my dog. I have none. But my dog did. Years of monthly allergy shots for him because of his being allergic to wheat, etc etc,. Shoot, I cooked fresh fish, steamed veggies and oatmeal DAILY for my dog. I ate spaghettios, out of a can… That dog was my life.

      Thank you all because all of you ALL OF YOU are such wonderful human beings and I call you all my dear friends. And I’ve not met one of ya.

      We support each other. TT is QUEEN!

      Love, Amy

  26. Maya Simone

    Tamara thank you for displaying decorum and compassion with regard to this episode. I’ve said it before, as far as your blogging is concerned, you’re a class act! I’ve gone to another site …

    EDITED BY TT: At this point I have to edit your response. I am glad you like my blog, but we do not discuss and especially disparage other blogs here. Especially the one you mentioned who is is a friend of mine with a different perspective. We do not always agree, but we support each other’s right to have their own blog.

    Thanks! TT

  27. gigi

    NeNe embellishes just like the next person. Give her some credit for riding this out longer than you expected. Let you tell it, she would have been eliminated from DWTS by now; her clothing line would be a flop at Kmart; and she would be sitting in a corner sad, depressed and out of work. (wishful thinking!)

    Is there anything in the rule book about trolls. I’m noticing a certain person trolling on posts. I would like to troll her if it’s not against the rules… unless there’s a different set of rules for different people.. hmmmm.. lol :)

    • meh it depends on who you think is a troll. but in general have at it!

      I do give Nene credit for all that. But it’s like she gets at job at McDonalds making fries and thinks she is the Kroc brothers. I TRY to like her. I do, but she just shoots herself in the foot.

      On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 9:48 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • terry macon

      Gigi, I was so in love with NeNe from the first season with her and Kim those two were a team she started talking about kim, Lisa told Kim. Then Nene on kandi bus pointing her finger at Kim and trying to start a fight. THAT !! Is still a vision I am unable to forget. There must be a reunion with only them to make me a big nene fan again.I
      Am sad and disapointed in my girl.

      • terry macon

        Sorry, disappointed

      • gigi

        Terry I feel you… I’m sticking with NeNe because she is human. She is dealing with the issues any of us would deal with when major changes happen in life. Put $1M in my pocket and I might change too… hehehehe

  28. I keep forgetting to ask TT are those black and white sketches actually from NeNe’s line? Nothing particularly exciting but not ratchet. I didn’t see anything like that on the rack of clothes on the show. Do you think she holding out for a grand presentation?

    • gigi

      I will be acquiring that flowing blouse they showed on this episode.. it works.

      • @gigi I also liked that top but nothing distinctive about it. You can get that same top on HSN or QVC in all sizes. She has no style so she can only duplicate not create a brand.

    • terry macon

      Gigi just by your name I can tell you are kind and caring, we must never,never
      Forget where we come from, when and if we forget we will end up back there or lonely at the top. Get Miss, Post book at the library, taking a class just show me a little sign of class not a lot, Act!! Or just talking with her young son( he is so bright) will help. Again, Gigi I am not asking a lot.

      • gigi

        you may have some sympathy for her after the hospital scene next week.. and next season, NeNe will be kinder and gentler for a longer drawn out season.. lol

  29. quiltmama

    I feel so bad for Kenya I do not like the person she portrays on this show but it broke my heart that she lost Velvet. I can not even imagine losing my fur baby an any way let alone this way. hope you have found some peace in your heart. You were a loving pet parent.

  30. puppylove

    I must say I have really never liked Kenya, but little Velvet was precious. My heart gos out to Kenya for her loss. I have three little dogs and love them as children. You can never be too careful with them, you must know where they are at all time. When they are outside, you just never know if they will get into a place they shouldn’t be. Eyes on puppies always. I know there are some people that don’t understand the absolute love for a pet, but the animal loves do. When I saw the part of how Velvet passed I cried myself for her. I do feel so badly for Kenya right now. Hope she can find comfort in the time she did have with little Velvet .. Little Velvet R.I.P. in heaven. And yes there are animals in heaven.

  31. terry macon

    Lol, thanks Gigi spoken like a kind hearted, caring little sister( diana) sympathy is what I had in season one,two etc. If u say so, But hospital visit. Unless she is hospitalized, or operated on, Gigi if it is
    Her lungs she is dancing, on DWTS and long winded. However Gigi I am listening to you so I will hold on.

  32. Luvlee2u

    Thank you for the recap TT

    Porschyoncé is killing me this episode. She came off as unprofessional and ditzy. The only saving grace was that she can actually hold a note.

    I really felt bad for Kenya. I own a pet and they become your friend and then family member. I’m so happy she at least had Kandi and Cynthia to talk to.

    I think Cynthia knows she is still in financial trouble. Peter is a gambler when it comes to business and will take a risk. She needs to save for a rainy day and the. Save some more after that.

    Kandi!!!! She is 36 and let’s her mother control her life. There is a line between respecting your parent and letting your parent control you. I think Todd came across as a saint in this episode. He was articulate, loving and forgiving. Kandi better stay married to him.

    • Katrina

      You find that a lot of that in marriages – There is always a spender and a saver. It is always difficult to find a balance. Cynthia is the saver and Peter is the gambler. Cynthia spends money too, but it is for her image. Kandi should be in control of her life and money, but her mother may have been helping her this entire time. We don’t know the history of that relationship.

  33. papa smurf

    I feel for Kenya, it’s hard loosing a pet, especially after 7 years, it’s a member of the family. I like Kandi a lot, but I get so frustrated with her, when she’s dealing with her Mom. I know she thinks it’s being respectful, but, there’s a point when you need to stand up and say enough is enough, and let me lead my life. Man, Nene is just too full of herself, it is sickening.
    How she’s left millions on the table, she’d be at the grand opening of a Big Lots, if they paid her enough…

  34. sarcasatire

    Everyone loves Todd when he is emphatic about not wanting Kandi’s money. How will they feel about him next week when he starts acting all cagey about signing a prenup?

    Sure, Mama Joyce is way out of line most of the time. But where there’s smoke, there’s fire.
    I could understand leaving Bravo; conflict of interest. But how many men are willing to just drop their career, mid-momentum, to lay around a chick’s house all day…just because she wants him to? Yea, she will miss him, but is he not looking out for his own interests the way Kandi looks out for hers? I feel like he gave up working too easily. And yes, he had savings, but he also has a child…does he want to look like a kept man? I know Kandi owns the house, so he’s good there, but eventually he may want to get back out there, a his savings dwindle, as he didn’t want to let his career lag for Kandi’s sake. Because she sure as hell won’t leave her business ventures to lay on his couch!

    • Simone

      Let’s clear this up now, Not a Kenya fan here. I think she is smart and entertaining, but thirsty and a northerner. RHOA is my guilty pleasure. That show has embarrassed the hell out of all decent professional black folk here in the south who are actually living the life and not being fronted by Bravo to appear as if they are living the life. Grown folks with mortgages, titles and deeds, not rental leases. Everyone knows here in Atlanta that RHOA has to create events because none of the housewives are invited to the most exclusive functions, but for entertainment purposes I will continue to be amused by RHOA. I am team NO ONE.

      • SoCalCPA

        Wait, I’m sorry… One of the reasons you don’t like Kenya is because she’s a “northerner”? That’s completely archaic, not to mention ridiculous. If you come visit California, should I dislike you and tell you to go back home to the ATL? Give me a break.

  35. lori

    RIP Velvet, and hugs to Kenya over the loss of her beloved baby/best friend. Since Kenya has no human children, that makes the loss of a fur baby, especially suddenly like that, all the more painful. Velvet was Kenya’s child, and my heart really goes out to her on this.

  36. Idk why Nene was pretending like she didn’t like that leather dress. It was the best thing in the whole damn collection. And that blue blouse was the second worst thing in the collection after that hideous coat. That dress looked very much like the blue dress she was wore to an event… but Marlo wore it first. She really needs Marlo to hold her hand through this, because she doesn’t know jack sh!t about fashion.

  37. its_shane

    First of all I love you Tamara, it’s like your walking around in my brain, jotting down exactly what I’m feeling!!

    Second, nothing says ‘i love my daughter’ like announcing to the world you’ve gained 30 lbs. Really nice.

    I’ve said all along, NeNe will not last long, she’s not a team player, she is unable to take direction from anyone, she’s a loud mouth know it all, and she seems unable to have an in depth meaningful conversation, it’s all “bloop, Honey, $$, Bloop, Im rich” over and over…WTF??????

    lastly, i would die if I lost my dog, especially it being attacked and hearing it scream……poor Kenya.

  38. Barbara R.

    I’m almost afraid to write this comment. Let me first say that I am a pet lover. Over the past 20 years I have had multiple dogs, cats and birds. Having any of them pass away is a horrible, gut-renching experience. I had to let go of my 13-year-old Chow about a month ago and tears are streaming down my face as I type this. Nevertheless, as I watched this episode and Kenya’s breakdown my internal bullshit detector was making a soft pinging sound. This was taped several months ago and Kenya is a regular contributor to Twitter. Don’t you think she or one of her Housewife co-stars would have tweeted about this after the poor dog died? Brandi certainly did when her dog went missing. Something just doesn’t seem right about this. I hope that I’m wrong. Actually, I hope that I am right and Velvet hasn’t crossed that fucking rainbow bridge.

    • the truth

      @Barbara R let me say that when I read of you losing your 13 year old chow and tears were running down your face my internal and external bullshit meter was making a loud banging sound. why would your own emotions be real and Kenya’s not real?. she had that dog for 7 years and since she has no husband or kids of her own that was all she had. we saw that the dog was well taken care of and she even had it flown in to be with her when she travelled with the housewives, yet she did not love the dog. I don’t think Kenya would have had a dog for 7 yrs way before the housewives and being on bravo if she did not love the dog. brandi talked about her dog because it was missing and she needed help in finding it, velvet was already dead and a storyline for the show so Kenya couldn’t talk about it(did you think about that?). do not expect sympathy for yourself when you do not show sympathy to others. in death how do you know how a person feels?. am sure now we are to say that we sympathize with you for the death of your dog chow?. do unto others as you want others to do unto you. SMH

      • I have been curious as to why Kenya would keep this tragic accident out of social media. It didn’t occur to me that she couldn’t talk about it because it was a storyline for the show. I am amazed at how little I understand the reality of these supposed “reality” TV shows.

    • Happy lyfe

      @ Barbara R, I’m no kenya fan but, theres no way I can take pleasure in seeing her hurt and in pain like that, some things u just can’t fake. Although I would like for her to feel how shes made other women feel but definitely not by losing something she loves. I read somewhere they are saying its karma for her because of all the things she has done to others, which I think is a horrible thing to say, just as your comment was a horrible thing to say. As much as I love animals, I have no compassion for what u experienced, u took that away with that selfish comment. Now Get!!!!

  39. Valerie

    Sorry, but I couldn’t watch this episode once I read this blog. I know almost everyone has lost a loved one and I lost my little chihuahua Tequila a year ago so I just couldn’t watch. It breaks my heart.

  40. hockeymom

    I think that we all gave our furbabies an extra hug after watching that episode.

  41. TheHousewives

    Tamera do you know anything about kandi, Nene and Phaedra quitting if porsha is fired?

  42. Oracle5

    If so, present each of these women a pair of BOOTS and say, “These BOOTS are made for Walking!”

  43. kb

    I dont believe Kenya not one red cent. I think if Velvet died we would have heard by now. Thiss sounds really fishy.

    • Oracle5

      kb, do you really believe that we would have heard this through the GRAPEVINE that Velvet died? Guess what? Velvet is a HAINT now! Kenya, I am feeling the hurt and pain with you, because, my beloved pet died a year ago. LLPB

  44. quiltmama

    TT did Kenya fake Velvet’s death or was the FU for something else?

  45. Katrina

    Kenya did not fake her dogs death!

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