Has Nene Leakes Given Up on Dancing With The Stars?

Nene Dancing

I know I pissed a lot of you off when one of my first posts about Nene Leakes being on Dancing With The Stars was entitled, “How Long Until Nene Quits Dancing With The Stars?” It’s clear to me that when Nene went on Celebrity Apprentice, she thought she could win, but when it was clear that would not happen, and sticking it out would be hard, she quit.

This week on DWTS, Nene is on the bottom of the judges’ score board. There is also a partner swap which means she will likely not be dancing with her beloved Tony. This is a do or die week for Nene. It’s the week to go all out. So here are my observations of Nene this week. DWTS NENE and Tony

Last Monday after the show, Nene and Gregg went to Mr. Chow to get in front of some cameras and have some drinks. Humble Nene that we had been seeing on DWTS was gone and drunk, angry Nene was filmed by TMZ spewing nonsense about Kenya Moore and Wendy Williams.

Tuesday was the last real mention of DWTS except for one picture of her and Tony on from Monday’s show Wednesday morning. Nary a tweet about what dance she will do tomorrow night. Not one story or picture on her website about how hard she is working on her dance. I get that she probably could not post pictures of her new partner, because that is a surprise.  But it’s not like Nene not to talk about how hard she is working.

But she is talking about how hard she is working. She told us about her Zumanity gig next summer.  She told us several times that she would be in Houston at a seminar on Saturday. She filmed the Ellen DeGeneres show this past week for a show that will air on Monday.  Normally, the DWTS cast doesn’t do a show like Ellen until they are voted off. That said the show is airing before Monday’s DWTS so she really can’t say much. She is also tweeting that she will be “hosting her gays” in West Hollywood tonight. She doesn’t give us any information on where that will be or what time exactly that will occur. Who has time for that the night before a live show?

The last update on her website is another one of her quotes for her haters that essentially says she is making money and anyone who doesn’t like her has issues.

How is she doing all of these things and still rehearsing 6 hours a day? Why is there no mention of her dance for this week on twitter?  The chances were good that she would go home this week anyway. Do you think she decided to do other things this week? Will there be some dramatic announcement about her health on Monday before she gets voted off? Or will she show up prepared to dance?


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  1. If Nene were smart she would stick it out as long as possible. She is getting $10,000.00 per week to appear on DWTS. She has to realize her “star” will not last forever. Make the damn money while you can. Maybe someone should hang a picture of Sheree’ in her dressing room to remind her that fame (and money) can be fleeting.

  2. Riley

    Im still waiting for all that “soul” she promised to bring.

  3. Golt DAMN that woman has some big motherfucking feet!!

    • Mia

      She’s 5/10 with size 11 feet which is normal.

      • …for a man.

        Also they are not just long. They are wide and fat.

        How do you know her shoe size? Is she auditioning of Kinky Boots?

      • Dear short little yankee person,

        You could probably by a lot of shoes in the south. Most all of us here are size nine or above. We can get into a brawl at the size ten shoe counter where we are all bunched up. We’d be happy to send you some tiny little yankee shoes in exchange for some grown women’s sized shoes.



      • I guess y’all need something to balance you when your bent over in the field picking all that cotton.

  4. Judy McKenzie

    What the hell happened to NeNe’s hair? asked once before and rec’d no reply that I know of. Did she “over process” and lose it? Or is the Kim’s wig controversy coming back to bite her in the ass? I am not a hater…but really dislike her this season. Is she addicted to something? I call BS on her “Nay nay” persona. She needs to take responsibility for her actions. Just saying…

    • She is using her platform to open a line of Donald Trump wigs, and she is modeling them.

      I think she cannot take criticism, as when the criticism is not 100% glowing you can tell that she wants to cut a bitch. She had a health issue a while back didn’t she? A rather serious one? Look for that to resurface with doctor’s orders that she not continue.

      • Judy McKenzie

        Surely, you jest. Donald Trump wigs? A plethora of images come to mind. There is something amiss when she shows up for a shooting,poorly put together…including hair. Sick? Substance abuse? Mentally ill? Or all of the above?

      • Tanya

        LMBO @ gessiewtf. That is hilarious. I think you hit the nail on the head. Whoever her hair stylist is, needs to be fired. Why are they making George Washington wigs for their client???

      • 'TheJam'

        I don’t understand people who…KNOWING they are wearing an inexpensive wig. and knowing the the front of it was cut in a perfect half-moon shape would WILLINGLY show the hairline on a daily basis. Like display it. As in “hey world check it out. Look where my fake hair meets my forehead!”

    • Her hair looks so unfortunate. A Youtube Vlogger said Nene did once go to her hairstylist. That was back when she first got her pixie cut and it was a suitable honey blonde color. She said she was so glad to hear her stylist say she wasn’t the one currently doing Nene’s hair lmao Linnethia needs to return to that stylist and fire her current one. Honestly she probably doesn’t have one just a set of horrible founding father wigs.

      • SnookumsLynn

        ever since she and Dwight broke up, her hair’s been a consistant MESS!!!

      • Noooo hehe You guys need to STOP right now. I cannot stand any of this talk about that hair, hehehhee my face is hurting right now from laughing so hard. I agree about the color and the style! Goodness I thought the long hair on the first season was bad enough but it got better on the second season up till now WOW…not good looking wig/weave. smh She can do better than that, get Dwight, Derek or Lawrence to do her hair. They would not allow her to run around looking like that. She has also not been too well dressed this season either. What is the deal with NeNe this season?

    • O.O

      No one knows what happened to her hair because its under that terrible George Washington hat wig.

  5. Barbara R.

    It looks like all the dancers ( professional and celebrity) have been instructed to keep their temporary partner and this week’s dance a secret. Of course they have been leaked and I will send a link to Tamara for her use.

  6. lori

    I hope she leaves on a bad note, I really do. She deserves to. A bit off topic, but the sneak peek of this week’s RHOA made me hate her even more. She is such a blowhard, and really, with nothing to back it up. Anyone in Hollywood who watches RHOA will surely be laughing their asses off at her after this week’s show. I’m almost embarrassed for her!

    • Then maybe they will stop using real housewives. I hate it. although I have no longer watched the show now for several years. What’s next? Porno stars?

    • lori

      This week’s RHOA that is.

    • You are so right Lori. I was cringing as I watched. The folks on those so called shows who sent scripts are probably looking with raised eyebrows and saying what character is she being considered to play? That is a good manager to sit there and tolerate how he’s treated. ummm smh He is a good one! I like his patience and tolerance. Maybe it’s a situation where she acts out when things don’t go her way and she’s really nice when they do. When she got the two acting roles and went out to LA she was so nice it made me not need any candy for a season…now upon hearing about the shows hiatus or not returning, here we go, she didn’t go back to the old ways but just slightly back to the old ways. She cannot be really bad because folks who can hire for work are watching too most likely and she is an actress, really she is an actress and has to watch her image. In the old days no way would she tolerate somebody yelling at her anywhere but she walked away from some situations. I say good for you but still fix the hair, you have looked better than that.

  7. I knew when she asked not to be with Derek, she would be with Derek. I also knew Maks would never agree to partner with her. Word is Maks is not happy with the dance Nene and Derek are doing. Not sure why. Some people think this pairing will save Nene for another week. I’m not sure she can handle it if Derek doesn’t coddle her.

    • lori

      She has a temper tantrum if anyone dealing with her doesn’t treat her like the queen of the universe. I don’t know why anyone puts up with her… for the life of me I just don’t get it.

      • glimmer88

        Lori I don’t get it either. I just don’t understand what goes thru the mind of someone who acts like NeNe. Do they just constantly think how fabulous they are all day long? It is enough to make me wanna RETCH. I swear she is nauseating and I can’t wait to see her flung down a few notches. Sorry if that sounds mean–just being honest. I don’t see how anyone can like her with that “no one is on my level here” attitude………
        Also wanna say this is a cool site !!!!!

    • Patricia P

      Why does MaKS give a dam what another team is doing!

  8. myinfo

    People voted her to be with Derek because he is short and thin compared to Nene. Just guessing.
    He is my favorite but it will look weird dancing with Nene.
    Maybe Nene will lift Derek.

  9. bendy

    I thought this was a non elimination week. I don’t read anywhere else so if I didn’t read it here I must have dreamed it.

    I know we were thinking she’d quit but from what they’ve shown of her practice and dances she not working very hard at all. I’m thinking she’ll coast her way to elimination.

    I can’t wait to see her work with Derek. I think he can make anyone look good. This could be his greatest challenge.

  10. Rumors rolling in that Nene and Derek are getting along well despite the producers putting them together to have conflict. The BIG news is that Val is allegedly not pleased with MERYL! How could he not be pleased with MERYL? He is allegedly giving her really hard choreography that is super fast and she is having a hard time keeping up. I find that hard to believe.

  11. bendy

    Val is a tiny little man with an inferiority complex. I totally could see him having trouble.

    • Thanks Bendy. I don’t really follow the show unless there is a “star” on that I am interested in and then when they are out, I usually am too. This season I am loving watching Meryly and Charlie so I will probably watch the whole season.

      On Sun, Apr 6, 2014 at 3:28 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  12. Thought I heard Mak is not getting along w/his partner.

  13. Katrina

    I thought it said the scores for both weeks would be averaged. I’m not sure if voting counts this week. They said someone would be eliminated this week. They kept saying a switch would be made, but I never who the new partners were. I didn’t know everything would be a surprise.

  14. Michelle

    I hope the ice skaters don’t win because they have a advantage. I wish Nene well. I’m glad she is getting along with Tony and Derek. The fact that she with Derek buys her another week. At least she lasted longer than most thought. Even though there are people who would wish her ill will.

    • Okay a very smart DWTS fan explained it to me on twitter, painfully (for her) over and over until I got it.

      No one will go home tomorrow. If they did than I guess they could not do their dances. Okay, explaining this already has me confused. But I think she is right. It’s a non elimination week this week. and then next week they average the two scores over two weeks and someone goes home. So half the scores are from last weeks dance with their partner and the other half this weeks dance with their fake partner, then next week when the partners are together again…. at least one someone goes home. I think.

      On Sun, Apr 6, 2014 at 8:46 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • This is why I think there needs to be two shows a week for these sorts of things. One competition night and then an half hour elimination show.

  15. LoLo

    Nene announced on twitter that she has joined the HSN family and her clothing line is available. She also said she has more BIG news coming…so she is preparing to be booted off DWTS soon…

  16. truth

    has anyone seen nene’s mug shots? she has had for criminal charges for theft now she is trying to make us believe she is a truthful lady. I cant stand nene she is soooo fake.

  17. Deelt4l

    Question: What is Kenya’s story line? Not judging, just asking.

  18. Riley

    I just read that Nene is 49 years old. Hummmm..so that means she is 49 and IGNORANT!!! I started menopause at 49 and my mom started at 47. Before you start accusing others of ignorance Miss Know it All…get your facts straight. You are acting like the most ignorant of all…and we know how much you hate ignorance. You know what I hate…people that think they are the smartest person in the room when actually they just may be the dumbest.

    • Riley

      Oops! I meant to say she’s 46. Not 49. And everything else I stand by.

    • lori

      Am I missing something here? Who is this comment for?

    • Annie

      @Riley—finally someone else actually is CORRECT, maybe someone should ‘school her & then talk down to her”. Peri-menopause can start in some women from EARLY to LATE 30s and MOST women are finished with their monthly at 59-53 years old. Guess Kandi’s question was legit! She or her “two” personalities just got angry that her age will be discovered as many as her lies!

      • Annie

        Ops, my bad typo. Most ALL women are finished their monthly at 50-53. Delusional lying about her age. Phaedra is YOUNGER, her “friends” are close to HER REAL AGE, yearbooks don’t lie! Maybe she’s so worried, exhausted from only reading her select “scripts’ that are worth in her time in her stack of “scripts” ; she’s afraid there would be less “offered” for her “raw” talent. She changes houses every year & now doesn’t clean due to exhaustion. Maybe instead of worrying about ACTING classes destroying her “raw” talent—it’s more about NO money! PLUS ALL real actresses (not bit parts) receive less, and less acting opportunities as Hollywood determines they are old! As soon as her ex-friend who she called ‘wig” received her own show; she started to wear the exact color of wig!!

  19. Since I’ve lost all in interest in these HW’s I’ve got nuthin’.
    … Riley, who are you talking smack to?

    • Riley

      Not talking smack to anyone. The post is the last one written about Nene so I simply went here to comment about learning her age. It’s in reference to her giving Candi shit concerning ignorance. Sorry if you were confused. Did I break a rule?!?

  20. Judy McKenzie

    Nene and Dereck did “jazz”…32/40 points. She was decked out in feathered outfit…staged with fire in kettle…kind of African,I thought. Why don’t they just dance…instead of this major production?

  21. Annie

    I’m really surprised except for anyone in shape and in training does not lose weight. She now dancing 7 hours a day and still NO weight lose! If anyone started working out full time hours should have lost substantial weight and/or ANY weight!

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