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Linsay Lohan

We’re back with Oprah at Dina Lohan’s house. Oprah wants to talk to Dina alone. After a brief chat, Oprah lays down the law for Lindsay. She is to keep her schedule or Oprah is pulling the show.

Thankfully, Matt is agreeing to stay because frankly, he makes the show. The apartment is still an utter shit hole. It’s like a hoarder house with clothes and shoes and handbags stacked sky-high in every room and hallway. Lindsay is not up yet, but Hollie, Matt and her trainer are already slaving away trying to get things together. Production has purchased a ton of hangers and clothing racks to try to get everything organized.

Lindsay’s car is collecting tickets. Matt is taking care of them. Hollie can’t get the clothing racks put together. As hilarity ensues with Lindsay actually trying to help Hollie and the situation only gets worse. A text appears on the screen informing us that Matt fired Hollie for drinking wine in front of Lindsay.

Lindsay goes to pole dancing classes. Michael, her sober coach has reached the end of the his contract. He stayed with her to get settled into her new place and to help her transition from rehab to independent living.  He doesn’t seem particularly confident Lindsay is going to make it.

Lindsay does a sketch for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I didn’t “get” it.

Lindsay has to do 30 hours of community service. On this day, she does some of that time at a children’s school.  This is way better than working at the morgue. Lindsay fell in love with a three-year old boy named Donovan.

Lindsay and her life coach talk about her career. Lindsay if very frustrated with her agency. She feels like they are not pushing hard enough on her behalf. The life coach points out that she is working on a production now and she needs to keep production happy (which she isn’t) so she will have positive recommendations for her next possibility.

In the middle of the night, Lindsay has a dental emergency. Matt gets her an emergency appointment with a dentist first thing the next morning and takes her there. Lindsay’s veneer fell out and has to be glued in again. It is a painless procedure but Lindsay insists on sedation. An anesthesiologist was called in to deeply sedate Lindsay with an IV of valium, fentanyl and propofol. Holy mother of GOD! All to glue her tooth back in her mouth?

Lindsay has been going to clubs until the wee hours. Lindsay clearly lied about coming close but not losing her sobriety in her talking heads. She is one of those people who smile when they are lying.  Michael’s sober coach seems unsure if Lindsay is still sober at this point.

Next week: It looks like Lindsay admits to a relapse.


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  1. She’s a waste of breath. Seriously, she was on Ellen last week and she was NASTY. To Ellen!!! Who the fuck doesn’t get along with Ellen? On her show she always develops a great chemistry with the biggest stars and the frumpiness housewives. I thought watching LL on Ellen would make me like her. Opposite. She’s not talented or particularly cute anymore. She’s not funny and has the charm of a bear trap. Why is she even a topic for Oprah or anyone. Even if you redeem her, your left with an average woman child with a firecrotch.

    • 'TheJam'

      I think oprah may have over-estimated the “oprah effect” on this one. Ellen is nice as hell, I don’t know how she managed that.

  2. Lindsey is surrounded by a team of enablers. It really is a shame.

  3. HOW is it possible that Oprah is involved in a reality show with Lindsay Lohan and I didn’t know it? I will have to check it out.

  4. Brendy_luv

    Thanks for recapping , She is a hot mess and watching the first few episodes you could see her Diva attitude creep in. She needs to get it together if she wants Hollywood to ever consider her in roles again.

  5. Riley

    I feel REAL fear when going to the dentist and I HAVE TO be sedated for most procedures. If not, I have honestly halucinated the birds in the dentist wallpaper were moving. Yet, when I have something done like having a veneer glued.back on….I.always feel proud that on occasions like that, I can feel like a big girl and NOT be sedated. Lindsay…you are fooling no one.

    • SnookumsLynn

      my very best high in the world came from the denist office when I was in high school (wisdom teeth removal) & I hallucinated too, glad I don’t really have the addictive gene, cause I would be walking around telling the dentist to take them all! LMAO

  6. pretty disgusted oprah is exploiting LL. her visit to LL’s mom’s house was just a dressed up bully session. the pitfalls (read: relapse triggers) set in place by this production are shameful, really. guessing lots of people noticed in the final years of her show oprah fancied herself a trained therapist. stupid and potentially dangerous. obviously LL has no one in place to protect her from endangering herself. i sort of liked matt but agree w her that he was a little full of himself.

    • totally agree re the dentist. i’m terrified of the dentist but i havent had any of that when getting major work done. the dentist clearly knew better but ended up doing it anyway.

    • @chriscleo Oprah’s close relationship with Dr. Phil and lyana (sp)made her over think her qualifications. She is neither a licensed coach, spiritual advisor nor therapist but her adoring fans have made her believe she is all three. As with most unlicensed self-proclaimed advisors, she is doing more harm than good with the airing of the LL train wreck. I could no longer watch the abuse.

      • Personally, I think Oprah is a pretty good “therapist” she could get a license quite easily. And while I joke about “going to the church of Oprah” for super soul sunday, I find her guests and their conversations about spirit compelling. It’s ridiculously easy to become a therapist or an ordained minister these days. Those pieces of paper do not impress me. Oprah does.

        On Sun, Apr 6, 2014 at 8:57 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Riley

      Again with the misuse of the word “bully”. When someone says or does something that one may think is inappropriate. doesn’t always mean that they are a bully or they are bullying.
      This word is being used at the drop of a hat these days.

    • I’ve watched Oprah since the beginning of time, and have never known her to exploit anyone. I was just as surprised as most that she decided to tackle and try to help unravel the mess that is Lindsey Lohan. I believe Oprah sees Lindsey for who she was meant to be, and wants to help her get there. Doesn’t seem many around her are offering the same gift.

    • MicroOp

      I don’t agree that oprah is exploiting lindsay for three reasons. 1. Lindsay is being very well compensated for her participation in the program. 2. Lindsay was 27 years old at the time of filming. By 27 a person should be old enough to make choices for themselves and not need to blame others for their own behavior. 3. The show is very tastefully done. It is not scripted nor heavily edited to make Lindsay look bad. When lindsay does look bad it is due to her own behavior, not oprahs. Not everyone Limdsay encounters in life is going to be a trained therapist. That doesn’t mean the opportunities they offer her or the advice they give her isn’t valuable. And it doesn’t mean all of them will be dangerous. Oprah is an extremely successful woman who has overcome a humble upbringing childhood abuse, trauma, as well as a society that didn’t make it easy for black women to reach her level of success. I certainly don’t think she needs to be a licensed therapist to have very valuable advice.

  7. jellybelly

    Holy Wow! All of that just to recement a veneer!!!! Even if she is afraid of dental procedures, nitrous would have been more than sufficient! I think this dentist to the stars might want to look at how all of that worked for Dr.Conrad Murray! Geez!!

    • lori

      No kidding. It’s ridiculous. I’m sure soon we will be seeing her making visits to ERs fire extreme pain do they can pump some dilaudid and ativan into her as well. She’s obviously trying to get high with ways that she can still claim to be sober. It’s a joke. Bad news for her is the only one she’s fooling is herself.

  8. She needs tough love and she would never tolerate that. Sad but after watching her on Oprah I don’t hold out much hope.
    Her production company probably can’t find her work. I can’t imagine her getting insurance through a company to film.

  9. Sosueme

    She got high in the dentist’s chair. What was the dentist thinking? Where were her handlers?

  10. She knew exactly what she was doing when she caused whatever trouble was going on with the veneer.

  11. loriflack

    The reason Lyndsay even has veneers in the first place is due to excessive drug use ruining her natural teeth.

    • How do you know that? I got veneers years ago. They were not so much for cosmetic reason but because I inherited very sensitive, weak teeth.. I didn.’t get CHICKLETS or extra white ones. That said, most of Hollywood has veneers for vanity reasons.

      On Sun, Apr 6, 2014 at 12:29 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  12. I agree, paperwork does not mean you are good at what you do. It just means you took some time out to study the field you are claiming to be knowledgeable (emphasis on claiming). I am weary of self proclaimed experts. Not an O fan. I respect her embracing her views on spirituality. IMO she’s a pontificator which does not ingratiate me to embrace her views. But hey, she’s got millions of people buying in and tuning in to hear her. I just comment on blogs

  13. fascinated

    Your recap was spot on. I do not think Oprah is exploiting Lindsay. I suspect Lindsay thought she could make some easy cash “acting” in a documentary. Lindsay said that she wanted to act and doesn’t understand why they (production) keeps asking her if she has relapsed or if she is sober and why they have to film her just folding clothes. I’ve heard Dr. Drew say that addicts sign up for these documentary type shows thinking that they will make money, only to realize that the therapists or production crew will ask them deep questions and expect truthful answers. This reflective experience is hard to fake and their façade begins to crack.
    Oprah’s approach is respectful and authentic. She is presenting Lindsay with the option of not doing the documentary. However, Lindsay wants and needs the money so was shocked into the reality that Oprah is more than willing to stop production if this isn’t working for her. Some may see this as bullying because honesty is scary. Oprah has no personal investment other than hoping that Lindsay succeeds. Lindsay is not being authentic and her choices will show that. Many people want Lindsay to succeed. We will also see how she may sabotage herself and how her enabling, dysfunctional family will help her fail.
    I suspect this is why some do not like Oprah. Oprah works from a place of authenticity and truth. People are uncomfortable with truth and responsibility. It is Lindsay’s responsibility to say, I cannot continue to do this to remain sober. That is her lesson as an addict.

  14. Kishmish

    Look, a static projection of Oprah on the wall is more “authentic” and certainly more concerned with Lindsay’s well being than either of the girl’s parents—that father makes me want to spit acid. If Lindsay can pick up a third of what Oprah knows about surviving and thriving against overwhelming odds she’ll be a much healthier young lady. It won’t happen though. Lindsay’s self destruction streak runs deep and long, poor girl.
    I’ve gotta watch this.I find Lindsay fascinating.

  15. AnnaQ

    I think Oprah is awesome but seems like she is not there to help that scank but to exploit the situation…i refuse to watch this show. LL has had so many chances!!! why is she getting another one and not even abiding by the rules. It’s true that you cannot help somebody if they are not willing to help themselves. I bet you that if everyone dropped her, stopped helping her and she was forced to sell all her crap and get a job, she would straighten out real quick. That’s what LICENSED THERAPISTS do and advise for addicts! Not constant enabling! Disgusting all the way around!

    • Licensed therapists on your planet force their patients to sell their belongings? You seem oddly jealous of Lindsay…. just saying.

      • AnnaQ

        Do not be so literal, TT. Forcing an addict to survive on their own without enablers all around, including taking away financial support. Jealous I am definitely not. That is one nightmare of a life she is living.

      • I was not aware that therapist could force someone to lose their financial support. Lilo is working for a paycheck. She doesn’t have financial enablers.

        On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 7:47 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • I’m a lapsed Oprah fan. At one time, I thought she walked on water, but a couple of years into her national show, I started to waver. She did and said a few things that shocked me and I have been kind of giving her the side eye since.
      I don’t think she’s exploiting La Lohan, and I think Oprah will pull the plug on the show if she sees Lindsay not taking this chance seriously. I’ve only watched one episode (last night) but I was shocked at the pathetic state Lindsay was in. She seemed to just want to be left alone and be tended to at the same time. Hopefully she starts putting in the work needed to get healthier. If Oprah has any sway with LL, she should convince her to fire that assistant!

    • Pam

      I would hope for more compassion for a young woman who I feel has had many of the cards in the deck stacked against her. Both her parents are looney tunes – with substance abuse issues themselves. She was the money maker for years and I am sure indulged and raised to believe she could get by with whatever she wanted to. Her mom reminds me of Drew Barymore’s mom – taking her to bars long before she was of legal age. So, genetically she is set up for addiction and her youth was spent telling her she could get by with anything. Now, somehow she needs to unlearn all of that and embrace the fact she cannot drink if she wants a good life. Others have done it but it takes a lot of hard work and support. I wish her the best. Maybe if she watches the show several times she will see where she is messing up.

  16. Nicole

    I’m not watching the show, but enjoying reading about the train wreck through your eyes. It is too bad to see this for young movie stars whose parents used them as an ATM machines. If you look at MOST of the young movie stars, they are train wrecks. However, I can think of one that is doing well – Hillary Duff. I hope LL finds the help that she needs. On the subject of Oprah, I just love her. I don’t think you can say anything negative about Oprah to me. She is human, and all that she have done equals greatness to me.

  17. bravocueen

    COMPLETELY off topic: I used to have a very high opinion of Oprah until Hurricane Katrina. My husband was one of the Guard members deployed (almost immediately) to Louisiana under a federal order to assist. By the time Oprah appeared on the scene of the Superdome to do a “special report,” my husband and many with him had been living in conditions just as bad as the residents of New Orleans (where I am from) for over a week. Oprah was downright rude and nasty to most soldiers she came across, as if the whole debacle was their fault and it wasn’t only on one occasion. She treated them like her personal servants and wasn’t the slightest bit courteous. Oprah acted like the political failures for the whole debacle was on the shoulders of the soldiers. I will never be able to see her in a favorable light again. But I have been enjoying the Lindsay show. It’s the only “OWN” program I have watched.

  18. I know that Lyndsay has veneers because it’s been a topic on several shows. The before and after pictures also prove it. Why so sensitive about that? No body implied that you abused drugs!
    Facts are facts.

  19. AnnaQ

    Whose side are you on, TT??? A druggie and a looser? This show is a train wreck like LL herself so do not pretend you are her supporter and defender when just like us you watch a show such as this for purely entertainment and voyeuristic purposes. Speaking of which if you ever watched Intervention show you would see how important it is to take enabling away, financial one especially! She is only collecting a paycheck because of Oprah, not because she is contributing anything to a society in a productive way. Give us a break! Just because it’s on “black” channel does not make it perfect

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