Kandi Burruss and Taylor Armstrong Both Got Married Yesterday!

kandi and todd tucker

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Kandi Burruss is now Kandi Tucker as she and Todd finally made it down the aisle yesterday at Le Fais do-do (that’s doh doh !), a special events facility in Atlanta. Quotes abound from Kandi about how happy she is to be married to her best friend. It seems that Mama Joyce was properly sedated and did not object to the event. Kandi’s daughter Riley, Phaedra Parks, and Mama Joyce’s BFF Carmon were all in the wedding.  The wedding party was dressed in floor length purple gowns. And of course the entire thing was filmed for Kandi’s wedding spinoff which is expected to be called Bridal Kandi.  Tweets from attendees declare the event was “like a fairy tale.” Sidenote: Somebody bought Porsha Stewart some GINORMOUS boobies.john Bluher and Taylor Armstrong

Taylor Armstrong married her former attorney John Bluher on Friday as well at the Bel-Air Bay Club in Pacific Palisades. Several of her former RHOBH cast mates where in attendance including Faye Resnick, Kim and Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof multiple sources are reporting.  WE TV cameras were rolling and David Tutera was the wedding planner which means we can look forward to seeing the nuptials on a future episode of My Fair Wedding.

I am really not excited to see Faye and Adrienne at the wedding. There are all sorts of disturbing rumors out there about those two trying to get back on RHOBH. I choose not to believe them.


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35 responses to “Kandi Burruss and Taylor Armstrong Both Got Married Yesterday!

  1. ICassie

    So so happy for Kandi any word as to who showed up at the wedding. (Cast mates)

    • Phaedra was in the wedding party. APOLLO was a guest. Cynthia and Peter and Porsha were there. I think that is everyone. Oh and word on the curb is that Sheree Whitfield was there. There were also a ton of other celebs… I know Sherri Shepherd from the view was there. …It was a big event.

      On Sat, Apr 5, 2014 at 12:43 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  2. kc

    Yeah Kandi you are such a sweetheart and Todd is a keeper!

  3. Barbara R.

    I’m happy that Mama Joyce didn’t create a scene.

  4. Riley

    If Maloof and Resnick join RHOBH…..I WON’T!

  5. myinfo

    “. It seems that Mama Joyce was properly sedated and did not object to the event. “. TT LOL

    I am Happy for both couples.
    Love Kandi
    Bring crazy Taylor back on RHOBH

  6. Congrats to Kandi and Todd. Good luck to Taylor and John. I’ve lost interest, for now at least, in any RH franchise but will definitely say, if Faye is added as a cast member I’m out. Adrienne could be fun to see again.

  7. Katrina

    I am happy for Kandi! Who’s , going to sedate Mama Joyce, now that the wedding is over?
    I hope Taylor finds happiness with her new life.

  8. Really!!!

    I can say from the very bottom of my heart…. I am so, so happy for Kandi and Todd. From what I have seen of her on TV she’s smart and will be a good wife to Todd. Todd seems like he’s an okay guy.

    I’m glad Mama Joyce was sedated enough to keep her quiet. I’m thinking a lot of what she did on TV was scripted anyway. She wanted her daughter to have a lasting storyline and thought she would spice it up a bit to keep it going on the show.. LOL. At least I hope that’s what she was doing.

    Also, good luck to Taylor and her new hubby. After the troubles she had in her last marriage, ending with his suicide, I hope this one will be much different and happier for her.

    Good luck and much happiness to both Kandi and Taylor.

  9. Vanessa

    Congratulations to Kandi and Todd and to Taylor and John. I wish you all much happiness.

  10. Hot Mess

    Sedated = paid off?

  11. Fahlina_g

    Who invites Faye Resnick to their wedding?

  12. Fahlina_g

    What I MEANT to say is…..How desperate do you have to be to invite Faye Resnick to your wedding????

  13. Let us all pray, that FR don’t return, I will have to stop watching!

  14. Enough Already

    Congratulations Todd and Kandi…
    Dont care for Taylor and her man…

  15. bunniecarrot

    Why does everyone hate Maloof so much and see no problem with Brandi outting her baby birthing secret.

  16. Patricia

    I wish them both happiness. I hope they both get from their marriages what they think their lives are missing. I wish them love, success and MANY years of happiness. BTW – I doubt Adrienne is trying to get back on rhob, for what reason – to damage the family brand with bull? If she is trying to, she needs to move on.

  17. NiKki-T

    Congratulations to the happy couples! A very special congrats to Kandi and Todd. I wish them an eternal life of happiness.

  18. I read Faye Resnick’s book on Nicole Brown years ago and liked it. She came off as strange in a few of her memories and actions of that time but reasonable.
    I personally would not mind seeing more of her. That could also be because Im so over the other housewives.
    Into the light, right?

  19. Hope “coupling” with Todd is all she imagines it will be. As for the RHOBH nuptials, hope she didn’t marry for status recovery and a chance to return to the show. Adrienne and Faye would shake up that show and I think in a much needed way. Bring the ol’ gals back to the hills

  20. lori

    I am so happy for Kandi! Todd really seems like a terrific guy, and I wish them a long (till death do they part), happy marriage.

  21. Nicole

    Happy for Kandi. Can’t stand Taylor and her fake self. Can not stand Faye R. She’s like a man. I like Maloof and thought it was wrong of Brandi to tell it, especially on national TV. Something like that should be heard from your parents, not your friends who saw it on TV.

    • bunniecarrot

      Finally some on who agrees with me. In the past year of coming to TT I haven’t stumbled acrossnot one commenter who liked maloof. Nor have I seen anyone call out Brandi for the childbirth situation.

      • Gosh. I hope I did but I don’t remember. I was a it freaked out because I got so many views I thought the internet was broken .For real.

        On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 11:03 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Indeed you are so on point. That was tacky business putting out her secret about the children. I did like Adrienne though and no problem with Faye or Taylor. Happy for Taylor to be moving on in her life and making a good life for Kennedy. Kandi and Todd are going to be great together and so is her family. Good to hear both couples got married, wish them happiness.

  22. Sackem

    Why does that announcement remind me of an alcohol ad – like Bacardi or some kind of bourbon?

  23. Im happy for Kandi. Its nice to see someone get what they want. Its very interesting that the African witch doctor predicted the whole thing. I hope Moma Joye finds a man too, because that the only way she’s gonna leave Kandi and Todd alone LOL
    Oh and congrats Taylor! I saw her and her fiance on couples therapy. He seems great for her after all she’s been though
    great blog, btw TT!!

  24. chocolatestarr

    Im happy for Kandi! Its always a beautiful thing when someone can marry their bestfriend. Its really interesting that the African witch doctor predicted the whole thing! I hope momma Joyce finds love too because her codependecy with Kandi is unhealthy for any parent/ child relationship.

    Oh and congrats too, Taylor!! I saw her fiance and her on couples therapy. He seems really good for her considering all she has been through. He seemed very suppotive.

    Oh and great blog btw,TT
    your rules to the blog are hilarious, but well understood :)

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