Flipping Out Recap: It’s A Girl!

flipping outJenni’s due date has come and gone and she could pop at any minute. So Jeff & Co being the good friends that they are mercilessly teasing her about her perineum tearing completely making “two holes become one.”

The clients this week are a celebrity couple  (Zack from Saved by the Bell? and his wife) who need a nursery and that bitchy, shrieky, Lisa woman they worked for last season who is a bitch to Jenni. The only person who is allowed to be a bitch to Jenni is Jeff.

I can’t believe that Gramercy is really going back on the market. That makes me so sad. I love that house!

Jenni goes into labor! And of course we are right there in the delivery room with her. Jenni had a rough labor and she said it really hurt!  There were way too many people in her delivery room. I am shocked that Jeff was not in there! All of that counting would have caused me to punch someone. Jenni had a gorgeous baby girl who came out with a full head of dark hair. And Jeff has an adorable “niece.”


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6 responses to “Flipping Out Recap: It’s A Girl!

  1. Wallace

    Flipping Out is one of my favorite Bravo shows. I love design, art, architecture and sarcasm so this and MDLNY are my jam. Lisa was hard on them when they did her house previously, but in a fun way. There was another woman, Stacy, who was aggressively insulting to Jenny. She was the wig-wearing media exec who talked about giving bj’s to her hubby for more budget as her young son walked in the room. Poor kid is scarred for life, but hey, she got that air time she was hoping for.

  2. Angel

    I hope Jenni continues to be in scenes, in some capacity, the rest of the season. I like Jeff, but Jeff without Jenni will be a bit flat.

    I have not bought books by reality stars, except a cookbook. (I buy practically everyone’s damn cookbook.) I am curious to know from someone that has read Jenni’s book if it is obvious what Jeff objected to so much that he was suing her. The way I understood it, she was not going to take anything out just because he did not like it. She said it was not slander, only her personal perspective working for him. I, of course, do not know if she caved, or Jeff just had to face that he cannot control everything.

    • Sackem

      I’d love to know to!! This show doesn’t have a massive profile Down Under (although it’s popular) so I’d love to know what all the hoohar was about!

  3. We finally got caught up with the previous seasons and can start watching the current one! Go us. Last season the woman who was horrible to Jenni was Staci not Lisa. Lisa is the lady from Extra who doesn’t put up with Jeff’s crap. Other than her overdone face she’s a riot.

  4. puppylove

    I love flipping out Jeff, Jennie and Zoila, I not real sure about the rest but I guess I will get used to them. I am so happy for Jennie, her baby is beautiful and now she has the family that she wanted so much. Of course Jeff, and Zoila are part of that family. Love the show and will always watch. I do NOT like Staci, she is nasty to Jennie and her potty mouth should be washed out with laundry soup. I feel sorry for her son. Poor kid having to be raised by her. I guess just another screwed up Hollywood kid. I hope he will adjust when he grows up and gets away from his mom.

  5. Shellbelle

    I love Gramercy… I wonder if it has already sold?

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