Dance Moms Recap: No Bollywood For Nia?

Abby Lee

Before I start blogging I try to do the tagging and the categories (seen below each post, that y’all probably don’t ever even use) because once the blog is done I am so ready to just get it up. As I was doing that now I notice the tag for Thalia.  Remember how they did a weird pre-reunion show before this season? Kelly and her girls were on it. That now seems weird. And there was a girl named Thalia that got a solo on that show. That was also weird. Where the hell is Thalia on this season?

On to a down and dirty Dance Moms recap. I am actually starting to have A LIFE and need to get to that shortly! Let’s start with the soul crushing pyramid. There really wasn’t a pyramid. Kalani was on top for her winning solo. Everyone else is even because the all kept dancing when they could not hear the music. Peyton was dismissed from the group last week. ALDC DANCE MOMS

Then Abby tells the girls that her mother is dying. Everyone is sobbing, she allows Maddie to come give her a hug. Chloe sobs in the line-up with the lesser girls. Then she calls Chloe up and hugs her. This is so sad.

Solos go to Kendall and  Nia!!!! Chloe and Kalani get a duet. The group dance is Bollywood inspired and has intricate choreography. I am watching Nia because I know that Abby throws her out of the dance. She looks to be doing well in rehearsal! Perhaps it is because Abby is not there to make her nervous?

Abby is producing Mackenzie’s video. I am not fond of that storyline. Abby comes in to see a run through of the dance and tells them someone is getting pulled because they are short a costume. Suddenly, Nia can’t do the dance. I think that was staged. She was doing it fine before. And how can a televised dance show with a costume budget continually be short on costumes? Again, staged. The overall dying mother story arc is making this show unpleasant to watch. I’m trying to blog more fun, happy stuff! And this show is a downer.  Abby’s mother is fighting. It’s always hardest when that happens.

Everyone is mystified that Nia is not in the dance when it is her best style of dance. On the bus on the way to Ohio, Holly gets the girls all worked up about Abby’s mom dying. This has to stop or I can’t watch this episode.

At the competition, with Abby not there things seem to be going well. Abby calls in to tell them to win. Melissa gets all the girls upset again.

Kalani and Chloe’s duet is a contemporary piece with sad music. It went well, but they didn’t show that much of it. Kendall’s solo was a jazz number that was really good. Nia’s dance was adorable. It was a musical theater piece. She was fantastic with her facial expressions. It was light and up beat and made everyone smile. I think she has a shot at winning!

Oh Lord. The group dance has funky hair pieces for the Bollywood theme. Danger Will Robinson! Much is made in talking heads about Nia having to watch the group go on without her. The Bollywood dance went really well. The head pieces stayed on and everyone did well.

Nia comes in third. I think she should have been higher. Kendall took second. Second is not good enough. Chloe and Kalani take first place with their duet. The group dance took first.

Next week the death watch for Mrs. Miller continues.


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7 responses to “Dance Moms Recap: No Bollywood For Nia?

  1. Riley

    Now that I think about it, maybe the pre-reunion was due to the fight with Kelly. Why, I wouldn’t know. But maybe somehow connected.

  2. Shellbelle

    Melissa drove me crazy in this episode- more so than usual. She made such a production of showing everyone how close she is to Abby and her mom. I felt like she was somehow making it about her(melissa) and I wanted to punch her in the throat.
    Holly didn’t put up much of a fight when Nia was pulled which I found suspicious. She has fought for much lesser reasons. However, Nia’s solo was cute and her facial expressions were on. Maybe if Abby gave her more solos in this genre…

    • The show has become so scripted that I can hardly watch it. If it weren’t for the talanted children, I would give up. Sorry about Mrs. Miller but it shouldn’t be a focal point for a show about dancing. I realize that Abby is the star and that it’s her Mother who started the dance studio…but….this is now about kids with talent. Nia is getting the short end of the stick and if I were her Mother I would pull her out and forget this joyless place. Melissa is a phony and I am tired of her too. Don’t know what else to say except I felt uncomfortable watching something that should be a pleasure to watch.

  3. spk

    That is the best gif ever.

    • That gif reminds me of my mother when I was being a brat about being dragged all over Europe on vacations. Apparently, I came out of the womb kinda bitchy. :) But I think it’s genetics. :)

      On Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 8:52 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  4. Ms. T, I’m glad you keep bringing up the absence of that little girl because when ever I watch I get confused because I assumed she would be there from day one. everytime abby brings in a new girl I think ok that’s her but then realize it isn’t. What game are they playing at?!

    I always cheer for Nia but honestly believe she would do better at a studio that had a teacher who cared about her. As much as Cathy gets on my nerves, she would treat the girl better. Sometimes I feel Nia would do well if Abby gave her attention but then I remeber part of Nia’s problem is her foot. Holly really needs to just get her kid out of there ASAP!

    Anyone know exactly how long the contracts to be at the studio actually lasts for?

    Melissa was going out of her way to keep letting folks know how “close” she is to Abby. Yeah ok Melissa just wait until Abby reveals she has a “new” Maddie and we’ll see just how close they are then

  5. Sari

    My heart always breaks for Nia. Her mother is the sanest woman (currently) on “reality” television.

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