Why Was Brandi Glanville’s Son Hospitalized?

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Last weekend Brandi Glanville’s son Mason was hospitalized for an undisclosed medical emergency. I found that very odd because Brandi tweeted pictures of Mason in the ambulance and tweets every little thing that happens. So why not tell the world what happened to her kid? So of course now I must know what happened.

Finally, I found out. Mason was rushed to the hospital with anaphylactic shock. My sources were not clear on what caused the boy to go into shock specifically, but anaphylactic shock is basically a severe allergic reaction.  In kids it usually turns out to be a food allergy, usually to nuts or shellfish. It can also be caused by bites from fire ants or bee stings. The symptoms (burning, itching skin, difficulty breathing, rapidly falling blood pressure, fainting, etc.) can be fatal if treatment is not received in a timely manner.

Generally, the treatment is a shot of epinephrine and some monitoring in the hospital for a few hours after symptoms abate. After it happens once, the patient will usually be prescribed an epi pen to be carried at all times in case they accidentally come into contact with the allergen again.

So anyway. Now you know.  The boys are back in California and as far as we know Brandi is still working on Celebrity Apprentice.


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31 responses to “Why Was Brandi Glanville’s Son Hospitalized?

  1. Thanks for finding out! I was interested and at the same time I felt guilty for being interested because I don’t think she should have put that picture on Twitter.

  2. Your throat closes up and it’s very scary. If she was so casual about it, I’d guess it wasn’t his first time.

  3. Shellbelle

    It happens to me after a yellow jacket sting. I wasn’t aware I was allergic until I was an adult- very scary.

  4. myinfo

    Who in the hell puts their childs picture in an ambulance on the way to the ER? A psycho that is who. That would be the last thing on my mind. Brandi is NUTS.

  5. ScrappieONE

    Thank GOD TT… I’ve been wondering the same thing… Thanks

  6. Glad he’s ok and you found the tea. I hope he’s not one of those kids that ends up allergic to everything imaginable.

  7. Cali

    This is why this trick need to stop getting whorist drunk. When you have children you never know when there will be an emergency.

  8. Valerie

    Scary. I’ve had to call an ambulance for my son before and the very LAST thing I would have ever thought of doing is take a picture of him. Her behavior is beyond strange in this situation. I’m shaking my head, what the hell is she thinking?

    • Just try to think of some other “celebrity” on planet earth that would post their child’s picture on social media for the world to see when he was in some sort of physical crisis. I bet you can’t think of one. Brandi is a dangerous person. You just wait.

  9. Maggie5

    I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt about the pictures. When my daughter was having a procedure, I took a bunch of photos just to distract her and keep er from getting bored and anxious. (Although it was a scheduled procedure with no health risk and I certainly didn’t tweet them!)

    BUT now that we know he is okay – I wonder how much Brandi will use this event to excuse her subsequent behavior?

  10. Kevin

    Some of you people have no soul whatsoever. Be happy her son is okay and that everything worked out okay. Some of you look for any reason to be negative. It’d be a shame if one of your children had an allergic reaction like that while you’re sitting here online talking shit about someone you see on television and don’t even know. Thank you for clearing this up, Tamara.

    • Undine

      Ha! I guess add me to the list of the “souless”. I seriously doubt Brandi’s son was in serious danger. And if he actually was, you have to be a real famewhore to tweet out pictures.There is no actual legitimate reason for her to publish those photos. None. She and Leann Rhimes are cut from the same cloth: mysterious injuries, all these ploys for sympathy and attention–you want to talk about soulless? These two broads have to be at the center of attention of all times. I hope Brandi and Eddie’s kids have good, involved grandparents in their lives because their actual parents aren’t for shit.

      • Actually, he could have died if he had not received an injection. It’s very traumatic and scary. I’m just glad he is okay. He’s a cute kid.

        On Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 10:00 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Undine

        I hear ya, TT. All my shade and side eye is towards Brandi not her lil guy. I’m glad her son is alright. I guess Brandi has told so many lies and exaggerations it all just seems very iffy. She says he had a severe allergic reaction, shock etc–but I really don’t know if she is credible source about the severity of the situation. When someone lies about little things you start to question everything they say. That’s my point, but certainly I wish her son well.

      • I haven’t read her TL lately but last I saw she didn’t say a thing about what was wrong with him. I’m the only one reporting the anaphylactic shock stuff that I know about.

        On Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 7:02 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Maybe the kid has already had this happen and he is supposed to carry an epi pen and they didn’t and that is why she didn’t say what happened? I dunno. I’m just guessing as to why she didn’t tweet the info like she does everything else.

  11. HannahKingRose

    Anaphylactic shock is a very dangerous situation. My mother was allergic to bee stings. She got stung several times and by the time medical personnel reached her, she was clinically dead…no pulse or breathing. They were able fortunately to revive her. How a mother (and I use that term loosely) would even think about taking pictures and posting them on social media is beyond my comprehension. She could do that but it didn’t cross her mind to notify his father even if they have no relationship. He still does with his son. Again Brandi wants sympathy for herself. How about the child who was experiencing a medical emergency? The more I hear about her behavior, the more certain I am that she is a waste of space and air.

    • lilk

      eddie and leann have blocked brandi’s phone #. so she couldnt call eddie nor leann and tell them mason was sick.
      also when mason/jake got sick while with eddie/leann eddie didnt tell brandi.
      eddie brandi leann all need to stay of social media.

      • Undine

        The whole blocked phone number thing is so bogus. If that’s true, then it’s yet another reason Brandi should not have posted about her son’s illness on Twitter. That was wrong on so many fronts, not only because the child’s father didn’t know about the situation but have some decorum–for goodness sake. It’s all types of inappropriate, and weird. She should have been focus on her child– his health, well being and privacy–instead of blasting a photo on Twitter.

      • Kevin Oko

        You should write a book on perfect parenting!

  12. GNG

    and my thought was same as yours Tamara, that she probably didn’t post WHAT was going on because it would give Eddie ammo (because she didn’t have the epi pen, wasn’t watching what he ate, etc…)

  13. Really!!!

    I was also wondering what happen to him. Whether Brandi knew what was going on or not IMO she should not have tweeted anything about her son until he was doing better and back at home.

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