Lisa Vanderpump’s Final Comments on The Season

Lisa I don't want to hear it

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Lisa Vanderpump has posted her Bravo blog and there is some interesting information in there. First she points out that several of the other cast members are not meeting their blogging commitments. Basically, Lisa, Carlton and Joyce get theirs up like clockwork, the others? Not so much. The implication was, they didn’t want the negative feedback for their behavior.

About Ken, Lisa said, “To have someone who is so principally minded, so loyal, on your side is the greatest comfort of all. Brandi had that with him, too, and she knew it and she blew it. For someone to protect you against others is reassuring when you don’t always make the best choices. Not many would put themselves in that position. He countless times, almost to the point of compromising his own integrity, went out on a limb for her. Thankfully he is now alleviated from that responsibility.”

Looks like there is no going back with Brandi. I hope she stands by that decision.

lisa kyle

About Mauricio, “Would I like an apology from Mauricio for calling me a “f—ing bitch” on the beach, based purely on Kim’s hearsay? I think as Ken started with an apology to Yolanda for saying she was acting stupidly, it would have been the gentlemanly thing to do.”

I love that Lisa didn’t even bring that up on the reunion.

Regarding other apologies she was owed from the ladies, “Yes, it would it be nice for any of them to admit that the constant mimicking of my accent, mocking of my faint, or baseless accusations that were hurled at me were all rather unjust. Or why did no one say “please, I apologize” for concocting stories of bankruptcy?”

About supporting her opportunities, “Maybe just an admission, that all the time I was on Dancing With the Stars, perhaps it was just too difficult for them to tweet support, or the same of Vanderpump Rules that followed for 17 weeks — immediately after RHOBH. Not a word or even an acknowledgment, almost as if it didn’t exist.”

This is the core of all their issues. Brandi is jealous of Scheana and they were all jealous of DWTS and her spin-off.

Then, there was this cryptic statement.

“Thank you for watching and I bid you all farewell, until another time, another place where the dynamic won’t be quite as challenging.”

Oh Lisa, you always leave us guessing and wanting more…. that less challenging dynamic…. does it mean Brandi getting booted? Or you leaving for a second spinoff? Or something else entirely?


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63 responses to “Lisa Vanderpump’s Final Comments on The Season

  1. WhyOWhy

    If she leaves, I’ll go with her.

  2. My favorite part of her blog is the section about Ken and how he supports those he loves. I really hope she does leave for bigger and better things. So many scenes are filmed at her fabulous home and at SUR. Without Lisa we can look forward to more fake story lines about Kim’s sobriety, Brandi’s breakdown, Yolanda’s illness, and Kyle’s store. Not really anything I’m interested in for entertainment value.

  3. Belinda

    Once, twice, three times a lady !

  4. This was my first season watching RHoBH, and after a couple shows, I was staying only to watch fabulous Lisa and Ken. The rest were boring and cringe worthy. From the response from fans, I don’t think I am alone here. Love the blog as always Tamara.

  5. Jan

    Without Lisa there is no RHOBH. If she’s not back, I won’t watch. This season was ridiculous. These petty, childish reasons for confrontation were just plain stupid. Brandi making something out of nothing……..& I do mean nothing. She wants to come across as someone who can hold her own. Then she goes into a “pitiful me” & “are you my friend check yes or no” fit. Grown women w/all the advantages in this world at their feet & acting like jr high. Brandi should be ashamed of herself, although I know alot of it was for the show & not real.(as well as much of the other’s contributions as well)Joyce can’t keep her mouth shut long enough to really hear anyone else
    & contributed nothing except that she is capable of alot of yap w/no substance .Don’t even want to waste comment on Kyle, other than stop it Whiney! Lisa didn’t do anything this season to warrant the words lashed at her. There is no way this should have been a 3 part reunion. One night was enough of that. Just little tired of all the whole “Housewives” shows w/ it’s your turn this year to bear all the blunt of all jokes, take the blunt end of all the blame for every single word you said all season, Surely producers & players can find better material than what we saw this season!!

    • So this means you will start watching The Blacklist and Scandal with me? Oh and I’m going to do the premiere of Million Dollar Listing NY tonight. I am watching season 2 marathon now! I haven’t seen this season!

      • Million Dollar Listing NY – YAY, it’s back!!! :-)

      • Cant wait to read the MDLNY recap tomorrow, after I watch the show. Love that show. LOVE LOVE LOVE Fredrik. Not a fan of Luis but he and Fredrik did make up at the “reunion”/WWHL. Ryan I don’t mind watching but not his biggest fan either.

      • Undine

        Million Dollar Listing is great. It’s such silly good fun, hopefully will wash away the pain of watching the awful RHOBH reunion. I love Fredrik! So hot. And his husband is yummy too.

      • WhyOWhy

        OMG… I caught an episode of MDLNY yesterday and was sucked in. I’m really trying not the add it to my list, but if you’re recapping it, I may just have to watch.

      • SnookumsLynn

        I love me some crazy Fredrick….especially when he does that weird twinkle thing

  6. I think maybe she will get another spin off. Her new place PUMP is opening soon and she just got her license to marry folks. She will be filmed holding wedding ceremonies and acting as the minister for gay weddings and Andy has got to be giddy with glee! I won’t bother watching if Lisa is gone. The rest of the women other than the new ladies are just cringe worthy horrid bitches. Yolanda is so unbearable to me after the reunion. I can’t watch this hateful bunch of jealous lying shrews another season. If Carlton stayed and had Allison DuBois come on next season (Allison tweeted she won’t although Bravo has asked) I would turn in just to see Kyle get beat down as she so rightly deserved. Man I can’t stand Kyle. Never liked her and never will.

    • Watching Lisa officiate weddings would almost rival my love for Jeff Lewis and his minions!

    • Let’s just put the “jealous lying shrews” in the arena to fight to the death.

      • LOL oh yes lets! tootsie I would watch that and love it! I would especially like to see Yolanda get her ass whooped but good. Oh and Kyle. Can’t decide which one getting body slammed I’d enjoy more.

    • Rob Johnson

      Haha Kyle is pathetic – she has a husband who can’t be trusted, sisters & nieces who hate her and a farm house compared to Lisa’s McMansion! Lisa has all the spin offs, Lisa was on dancing with the stars and Lisa is a class act that Kyle knows she can never be!

      • Bella

        Anyone who can see through Kyle and read her for what she is is my hero. Therefore, you are my hero.

    • RealitySux

      If she gets a another spin off doing that ^^ … I am there….won’t ever have to watch RHOBH. Hope Bravo does it..but I also hope ….somehow..>Lisa makes Andy pay dearly for that reunion bs.

  7. Carol

    What I don’t understand about Yolanda, is that she admits that she has had trouble remembering things due to her illness and yet when she speaks (interrupts) she is so adamant that her version is correct.

  8. Kaleesi

    Noooooo, Lisa don’t goooooo!

  9. she’s jerking us around. on twitter people are sending her links to sites saying she’s not coming back and she’s quick to say stop spreading rumors and nothing has been decided.

  10. spk

    Totally sounds like Lisa has other options, probably the wedding officiant angle will be featured (like others mention). Just wish I could wash off the stench of the behavior on VP Rules and not think of her in connection to it.

    That and in a bitchy-bitch moment, I’ve always cringed at the way they designed their new home to have an entry door facade like a Rodeo Dr storefront.

  11. Ms1Dimple

    Tamara, thank you the recap was very elegant and classy. Loved your comments. I just love Lisa, I know she does her little digs but she always remains classy and such a lady. Trash Box who will remain nameless you know who it is.. GO AWAY LITTLE GIRL, and take your side kick yo lemon lime with you!! Please drag Kim too!

    • fahlina_g

      And her awful insecure little sister!!!! Kyle is so ignorant, and although I wasn’t a Carlton fan, I would like to know what Kyle’s reaction would be if Carlton had pointed her finger and called her “Jewy-F’ing Poo”? I abhor people of Kyle’s mentality!

      • Angie B

        Thank you. Just because I don’t believe in another person’s religion doesn’t give me the right to mock it. It seems to me that Kyle was doing that the whole season. At first, passive aggressively and finally directly at the reunion. I can’t believe some people are applauding Kyle for that behavior just because they don’t like Carlton. It made me very uncomfortable because if Carlton was a Christina, Muslim, or Jew, that kind of attack would be off limits.

  12. Gingersnap

    I honestly can’t imagine a BH without Lisa in it. What would I do? Lisa and Joyce were the two most classy and that’s really what I signed on for, that and the sparkle. If they bring Camille back, I could maybe handle it.

    It sounds like Lisa is hoping to move on to bigger and better things, and if that pans out for her, Vaya con Dios! I do think if she doesn’t get another spin-off, she will be back on BH. I think Lisa is keeping her options open and Bravo is trying to figure how to best utilize her. Lisa is a cash cow for them either way. If nothing else, she should negotiate for one big, fat raise because she has leverage. BH needs Lisa more than Lisa needs BH.

  13. JenB

    Tamara, is there another network that could carry a show for Lisa and Ken? I don’t know how her contract with Bravo worked and it is a yearly renewal? Also, I guess since she has VR, she could not leave Bravo. I just wish she could leave Andy Cohen in the dust.. .the little twerp.
    I would have no interest in this show without Lisa.

  14. After watching the reunion and how Lisa and Ken kind of backtracked about Brandi right at the end I was worried they’d let her back in. Glad Ken was a gentleman with her but that they aren’t going down that road anymore.

    • fahlina_g

      Nah Karma, he was just keeping it moving…

    • In Lisa’s blog she said something about hating to see someone cry and reflexively wanting to comfort the person, but in the long run knowing that sometimes there is no going back. That’s a huge paraphrase but what I took her to mean.

      On Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 6:06 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  15. Ryan can be such an ass, I like him.
    Anyone catch the episode where a former frat brother got revenge for Ryan’s past bulling at school?

  16. Riley

    I remember how Kim constantly imitated Lisa’s voice and how stupid she was acting along with disrespectful and annoying. Did she think she sounded cute? It was such a rude thing to do even once…..
    much less multiple times.

  17. deb

    I barely watched this season. Tired of Kyle and Kim and Brandi. Lisa goes and I am completely out.

  18. Shellbelle

    I like Lisa, I like Brandi, there lies the issue for me. I don’t think RHOBH will lose viewers if lisa leaves, if anything, they will bring in someone that’s willing to fight and cause drama which would cause ratings to soar. Atlanta has some of its best ratings ever right now, don’t they? Sadly, I will still watch the hot mess that is BH, with or without Lisa.

    • Daphne

      I think that will be temporary, if indeed Bravo seeks another housewife and says goodbye to the Queen. I was faithful to Atlanta until it got violent – I haven’t watched an episode in a few weeks. I come to Tamara Tattles to get a recap or two, but I’d rather waste my time another way.

  19. Blanca

    Ok, I admit it. I’ve always been rather fond of Lisa and even Giggy. I will also admit, I watched very little of the most recent season….stomaching Brandi, Kyle, Kim and Yolanda is just to much for me to take. I love the recaps here though….very entertaining.

    • I’m glad you are here. I am awakening into a better place. I don’t think some of these women hating women shows are good for us. Let’s find new things that we are not ashamed of! xoxo

      On Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 9:31 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • darling1

        I so agree TT, women versus women can become a rather tiresome premise after a while. Don’t get me wrong, I love a little trash TV from time to time but I must watch other things too. But every once in a while, a girl has to mix it up a bit. A little Scandal here, a little Blacklist there, with an occasional movie in the mix. I’ve been trying a few new shows out this week thanks to the xfinity watchathon.

        Let me also, it’s my pleasure to be here. :) :)

  20. Valerie

    Oh a cliffhanger, I loves me a cliffhanger! Will she or won’t she? Don’t do it Lisa, get away from those women (and men) as fast as you can. I’ll catch her on VR. I love that show.

  21. Bella

    I hope Lisa leaves. Hope she gets a new show. We love you Lisa. Done with RHOBH. Thank you pit vipers aka the rest of them for ruining this once amazing show. I hope it tanks in the ratings and gets axed.

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