Chateau Sheree Update for 2014!

Chateau Sheree March 2014

Chateau Sheree March 2014

What better than a Chateau Sheree update to celebrate April Fools Day! This is an actual real update that I just saved for today since today has the whole fool theme. Before we talk about current “progress” on the perpetually incomplete structure, let’s see how far it’s come over the years.


The story begins on December 30, 2010 when the property is purchased by Sheree’s mama, Thelma for $319,000. At this point there was a two story fixer upper already on the property. Eventually, there would be a partial demolition on the property.  Why a partial? Who knows, but it certainly set the glacial pace of things to follow.  The good news for the people who wait at the bus stop right there on the corner is that part of what was demolished was a bathroom wall leaving a toilet exposed to the street. So if they just had to go, during this time all they had to do was walk right up to that toilet! It was a service to the neighborhood really. Empty lot Sheree

Eventually, the entire house was removed and empty lot Sheree was born.  It wasn’t until the summer of 2012 that there was a wooden structure that resembled a house. That summer I thought maybe if the construction speed really got going, the place could be ready for Christmas of 2012. But alas, that was not the case. The good news in 2012 was the Tyvek wrapping went up! Now all we need is the façade!

Toward the end of 2012, things starting going terribly awry. Sheree was taken to court by her ex=husband, Bob as well as her divorce attorneys.  Bob’s child support was cut significantly and the divorce attorneys won a judgment for her to pay her bills. Around this time, some insulation was dropped off but it appeared construction had stopped entirely.

By February of 2013, Sheree was feeling some kinda way. If I had to guess I’d say it was something akin to embarrassment.  Suddenly she began dragging all the Atlanta bloggers into court saying we were stalking her. At that same time a construction company dragged her into court (I assume for non-payment). This may explain why Sheree started referring to herself as “a builder” in court. As Sheree spent tons of money on attorneys in four different cases, the poor façade-less Chateau Sheree shivered. The cold Atlanta winter, and soon spring rains continued to take its toll on the Tyvek.

And so it remains today, since the summer of 2012, there were minor fits and starts of construction mixed with long periods of what appears to have been no forward movement. The title of the property has shifted many times. Sheree’s  Mama sold it to her for a dollar, then Sheree sold it to her daughter for a dollar (The daughter actually owned the property when Sheree took me to court for trespassing on “her property”) Then the daughter sold it to a shell LLC.  Things that make you go hmmmm.

So imagine my excitement to finally hear from someone in the neighborhood this weekend that last Friday, some scaffolding was put up! Could it be? Is it possible that 2014 will be the year the house gets a façade? Will 2014 be the year the kids all have a Christmas party in their skatin’ rink next to the lieberry? Miracles do happen!

You can read all the articles about the progress of Chateau Sheree here. If you want to read all about the hysterical court dates you can read here.


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27 responses to “Chateau Sheree Update for 2014!

  1. Tuqwan

    Is she returning to RHOA? Where does she get the money to start construction and then stop construction. It does not add up

    • She must be using somebody not unlike a big Papa to get money here and there which would explain the fits and starts. Even if she was going back to RHOA, there are no advances especially a large one for the likes of her.

      • I imagine the child support payments could pay to have some scaffolding put up. And that is really all she has done in the last year it would seem.

        On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 4:06 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  2. O.O

    Maybe someone bought the land . Oh ! Or maybe sharee hit the number . If its sharee completing the job she won’t have kids at home to skate or watch movies in the theatre room because they’ll be both be off to college . The son may already be gone. Poor kids . It’s hard being raised by a mentally ill parent .

    • Katrina

      I thought Sheree had a daughter that was about 13 years old?

      • Mina

        She has a grown daughter too. The first season, she presented her as a friend, then later, she owned up to having another daughter. Isn’t that awful?

  3. myinfo

    I do not get it. Why do people with no steady income build or buy homes that will leave cash poor?
    She should have taken her HW money and paid cash for a reasonbly priced home or condo.
    Then this FOOL wastes money suing people that brings more attention to lack of money.
    Her home should be on the ATL HW tour.

  4. Redhotmama

    Waiting until your kids are practically out of the nest to build a new house is just plain stupid.

  5. fascinated

    Okay, I just spent my breaks updating myself on the ongoing Chateau Sheree saga. All I can say is OMG. Your commentary brought tears to my eyes, I was laughing so hard (not at your situation but at your interjection). It is fortunate that you had/have the support of your commenters and other blogs. I will never look at this woman the same again. PS, I love Iyanla too.

  6. Shellbelle

    Hilarious!! Loved this update! The exposed toilet had me rolling, the house shivering in the cold sent me right over the edge into peeing my pants!

  7. I know that Tyvek wrap has lost all it’s protection properties by now. It’ll need to be rewrapped, depends on the contractor and in what condition that original wrap is in if it has to come down. I’m surprised the City of Atlanta has allowed it to sit this long as an eye sore.
    Sherre’s original building permit has run out by now so she will have to buy a new one which will be public information. Permits out here are expensive. In California that notice to build has to be posted in a place visible to the public.
    I’m curious if that scaffolding went up before new permit was issued and a inspector already stopped work? Scaffolding that size is expensive to rent and stand idle.
    Just curious.

  8. You almost had me clutching my pearls with the update heading…then read the post and realized it is April Sheree Day

  9. Jarlath

    Hilarious. Poor Sherée, literally

  10. I’ve have had two homes built in my life— it’s a NIGHTMARE to say the least… Over budget always and figure it to take twice as long as planned.
    My contribution is about why tear most of the building out and leave a tiny bit rather than tear the whole place down.
    In most counties, it’s easier to get your plans approved if it’s not a total rebuild. I’m thinking this is the answer

  11. CityGirl81

    Sheree needs to let this foolishness go. Her and Porsha need to take financial management classes. This is beyond ridiculous.

  12. Katrina

    I hope she gets it built before it is too late. With all the rain and as much time that has passsed, mold could set up in the house.

  13. beth

    TT, aren’t there laws or something against properties that are not developed, or are only partially developed, within some sort of limited time frame? If there are neighbors within site of the, er, chateau, wouldn’t they have grounds to complain to the town that the perpetually unfinished property negatively impacts their own property values?

    • Some have. Others have MOVED. This is how I started getting updates in the first place. Disgruntled neighbors trying to call attention to the situation.

      On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 8:11 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  14. eastjames

    “Who ‘gon check me, boo?”

  15. Witchy

    A while back you had a post on two girls that blackmailed producers for their cell phones and I can not find it. Can you help me out?

  16. Emily

    Poor sheree’s kids are living on Ramen while she waits for each child support cheque to buy a few more feet of lumber. They will have graduated from college and be paying their student loans by the time she finishes and have been raised on inflatable mattresses. I think time will judge her harshly as a mother.

    • As a divorcee (actually I’m legally separated) who also received child support payments, the C/S is supposed to go towards the support of the child/ren.
      Granted, part of the money is to provide them with a place to live, the additional cost of insurance, food & utilities. The C/S is not to go towards building the ex-wife a dream home ! From what I’ve seen on the show and read on this and other sites, Sheree seems to think that the money should finance a “fabulous” life for her to include an extravagant home. As a mother, as most mothers, my daughter has always had her financial need and many “wants” before I even consider myself. Fortunately, my former husband does exactly the same.
      I find Sheree shameful to be indulging herself with self-promoting birthday and “freedom” (not sure if that’s what she called them) parties, designer shoes & clothing and luxury cars.
      I think Iyanla hit the nail on the head. Sheree really should’ve listened & taken to heart what she was trying to tell her.
      I’ve always thought motherhood to be synonomous with selfLESSness. Sheree exhibits the opposite! It’s so sad for the children, especially since they’re growing up without an intact family— that can really be difficult for kids. Plus, they seem to be such generally good and sweet kids. I’m afraid Sheree will never change. She has such a need to appear wealthy, all to the detriment to those beautiful children she was blessed with !

  17. Cindy

    I saw Sheree at her Chateau a few days ago and wondered what was going on. She was there with a few worker type trucks. Seems like they’d need to rip that old house wrap off and start over. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  18. Tamara, can you find out how much the property taxes are on this property? Someone still has to pay those taxes. I imagine Thelma is paying for this folly.

  19. Maury P

    It might be some action going on. I just saw her with some guy at the Lowes Home Improvement store down the street from Chateau Sheree just yesterday.. She looked as if she has been running around like crazy to where I asked her to take a picture she acknowledged that she looked a mess.. Oh well looks as if we will just have to see…

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