Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 3:

RHOBH Reunion

So once again I am faced with the dilemma of how to recap this disastrous excuse for a reunion. I seriously doubt it will be anything more than what it was for the last two weeks only this time we will add a house husband or two.  I’m going to just list anything remotely interesting they say under their names below. Meanwhile I am twelve minutes in and would rather watch Nene Leakes do the rumba with a half nekkid man on repeat for an hour than watch this crap. Bring out the men. Give us something new! Anything except Brandi whining about Scheana (which is what this whole season has been about, Brandi’s jealousy of some waitress at a WeHo bar or Kyle continuing to bring up her husband’s infidelity over and over while begging no one else to mention it.

I think the next person that Yolanda tells to stay out of it should slap her upside the head! She is acting like someone moderating a debate on global warming. I’m cranky and I want her slapped! No sooner did I type this did Yolanda cut of Joyce and Joyce said, “You love to be the referee! You love to play director!” Yolanda does this snide laugh and says, “Did you hear what she said?” as if Joyce had said she had three heads.  Andy takes Yolanda’s side and goes back on my shit list. He is such a power hungry person. Yolanda can be as hideous as she wants he will never call her out because of David Foster.


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So now Yolanda has told Carlton and Joyce not to speak because the issue is between Kyle and Lisa but now she is pontificating away like a politician wearing a Halloween dress.

The men come out in the last ten minutes. WHY? They should have been on this entire episode. Kyle is holding onto Mauricio for dear life saying how close they are and that she knew it was a lie. #TheGoodWife

Wow, Brandi managed to manipulate Lisa and Ken right back in. Ken hugged her and Lisa is crying because Brandi is crying. #FoolMeTwice

Kim Richards

I still love turtles

Kyle Richards

Well let me diminish the shit I’ve heard about everyone in this room then. Should I do that? Bring it all up?

And now it’s a whole fucking season of lies about my husband who doesn’t deserve it!

The fans love us and they hate us and I felt like Lisa when they loved me you were there and when they didn’t you were gone.”

I can let things go.

Yolanda Foster

(To Joyce) Stay out of it!

(To Carlton) Stay out of it!

Brandi Glanville

I told you no more Scheana and you kept bringing her around!


Lisa told me I was losing my audience, and then I lost my friend.

I’m the Underdog!

If there was a fire burning and we were both in it? Who would you save?

Scheana! Scheana! Scheana!

You let her dance in bad panty hose on your Bar!

You threw her an engagement party!

You don’t have to help her get engaged! I feel like I am being cheated on all over again with the same woman! Why does everyone like Scheana better than me! Scheana! Scheana! Scheana!

He also cheated with Leann and when my best friend started hanging out with Leann I said, “You’re dead to me!”

Why doesn’t anyone pick me, me, me!

You take Scheana shopping for her birthday and buy her things! It’s always SCHEANA!

You’ve been with one man for a hundred years so you don’t understand it’s not fun to keep remembering that!

Scheana! Scheana! Scheana!

Carlton Gebbia

You’re the kind of person that throws the rock and hides your hand. You are the biggest shit stirrer! You are just trash! (to Kyle)

Joyce Giraud

You love to play the referee Yolanda. You love to play director.

Lisa Vanderpump

To Kyle: “When did you do that? (try to make things right) You trashed talked me in every interview!”

This was last reunion! Do we have to go through that again!

I wanted to diminish it by you bring it up every second! ( To Kyle about Mauricio’s alleged infidelities)

Scheana is not my friend. She’s a waitress!

I can’t stand Kristen!

If I’m so imperfect and you’ve got all these grievances about me, why do you want to be my friend? (to Brandi)

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 4Michael Ohoven

On thing I learned is not to go on a show like this if you are not in good shape. (He’s lost some weight)

He also spoke to some Wiccans who he says don’t identify Carlton as someone who practices that beautiful religion. (oh Michael, I wish you would not have said that).

Michael had someone to come in and bless the house and clear out all the bad spirits.

I didn’t raise my voice to Brandi or call her bad names. Everyone at the table defended Brandi. It wasn’t a situation where she was alone. She insulted my wife and I am not going to tolerate that.

Ken Todd

Oh come on Mauricio, that was a joke!

I don’t think I could ever let Brandi back into my life. (Brandi sobs hysterically) Okay maybe I could let back in then. (OH KEN!)

Mauricio Umansky

I was definitely upset that Lisa brought up the rumors in front of Portia.

Sorry, I am feeling cranky tonight for no reason. And there was nothing very humorous about this reunion. I am just glad it is over. Thanks for a great month of reading and commenting you guys! xoxo




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157 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 3:

  1. i am so glad this train wreck is over

  2. Andrea

    Love your blogs – best part of the night – thank you!
    wish you would take on RHONYC!

  3. Wampascat

    Damn it all to hell, why does Ken have to be such a nice guy?

  4. beth

    glad I didn’t watch it … sorry you had to though TT

  5. O.O

    I don’t think I’ve rolled my eyes and shook my head so many times in one hour.
    Brandi -must of stopped maturing at 16. I have post traumatic stress syndrome from those over emotional years with my girls and watching her brings it back! Is she serious? How is she going to raise 2 children when she’s a child? Why is she acting like Eddie married shena?
    Kyle – Her husband must be a serial cheater and how in the world would porsha know what Lisa was joking about ??? Are both of them serious ? Are men now Turing into women?
    Kim .- zzzzzzzzz ( she’s the roha porsha of this group
    Yolanda- sigh she needs to go .
    Why go on ? I’m so confused as to why this was in three parts and whose side Andy was on. This gets a 2 on the scale of 1-10 … If Lisa doesn’t stop bringing home injured rabid strays she’s going to keep getting burned. First the guy and now this one . Smh again

  6. CocoTalks

    What is Andy’s problem? Is it me being biased for Lisa, or is he being biased against Lisa? I understand the other women want to take her down to claim the top spot, but what did she do to him? Lets call out every ridiculous argument against her but not call out anyone else on any of their BS. Unwatchable and infuriating

    • CocoTalks

      Do you think they are mad about DWTS? Her going on a different network and a show that said they would never cast a housewife? And maybe Andy is jealous it wasn’t him?

    • I felt the same way.

      On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 11:18 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • CocoTalks

        I’m frankly insulted as a viewer. Bravo clearly thinks they can edit their show any way they want and we as the audience will eat it up without forming our own opinions

      • fahlina_g

        For what its worth, I think ANDY is the biggest “Hollywood Friend”. Season 1 he sucked up to Kyle, most likely with the intentions of trying to get in with the Hilton’s. By season 2, he realized that Lisa was the one with power and connections and kissed HER ass, and then Yolanda shows up with connections to both Mohamed AND A-lister David Foster, and, well…there you have it! Andy Cohen, ultimate chess player and grade A, social climbing Hollywood BITCH!

    • He really did seem to be pro Brandi and Yolanda. I didn’t understand the whole “let’s go around the room and bash Lisa again, again, and again until she apologizes” approach.

    • pfffttt

      Is Andy trying to make Lisa the Teresa of Beverly Hills? First of all despite what the Tre huggers say. Teresa does bring a lot of the negativity on herself. But everything Lisa did was magnified and blown way out or proportion.

      Lisa was really getting the Teresa treatment this entire season, and at the reunion. Everything was focused on Lisa. When Carlton jumped in, while Kyle was groaning and bitching about Lisa Yolanda dismissed her, and even Andy dismissed her. WTF?

      They even tried to vilify Ken. I mean come on Bravo, that man is NO “Juicy Joe.” He stuck up for his wife when a room full of crazed cows kept trying to have a go at her.

      The man even apologized to Kim, and Yolanda. He even warmed up to Brandi… He is a GENTLEMAN!

      Andy and Bravo needs to realize, Lisa and Ken earned their money before RHOB. They can walk away and be fine financially. They don’t need the show to pay off their legal bills or pay for their criminal defense attorneys because they ripped people off.

      Lisa and Ken are not Tre and Joe… Do not go that route Bravo. Because that would be really stupid.

      • CocoTalks

        So agree! Look at Theresa and Joe now the issues were clearly legitimate! Does Bravo think this can be spun as the same thing?

      • I was thinking that myself..Ken and Lisa don’t need bravo..I am sure it benefits them with the businesses but they made their millions long before bravo and will continue to do so after bravo way I see it…bravo needs them

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        Excellent post. I agree with every word. Andy is meant to be impartial (ho hum)

        Lisa should just say goodbye. This franchise has become ugly, nasty and petty.

      • Sari

        Lisa likes the fame. Period.

        Bonus: her restaurants have never been busier as a result of the shows.

        Lisa bowing out of Bravo television would be bad for business.

      • i don’t agree. lisa uses the show as much as it uses her. she gets paid and gets free PR, to boot. seems she can tolerate a buncha bitches throwing stuff at her quite well for that. i used to like her. i’m on the fence now. i do think she is manipulative. not that she is the only one…

      • fahlina_g

        Lisa is a BUSINESSWOMAN, NOT a “housewife”. There’s a huge difference.

    • Lisa is a golden goose right now for Bravo. I mean, have you seen the ratings for SUR? Perhaps Andy is playing a mind game with viewers to ensure that Lisa retains her popularity by making her the actual underdog his season. Perhaps Andy realizes how fragile Brandi is as well as a big money maker for Bravo and is trying to make her feel more secure while simultaneously helping Lisa to retain her popularity.

    • puppylove

      I’m glad someone else feels the same as I do about Andy. He is being a whole lot nasty to Lisa. Did you notice everyone wanted something from Lisa? Everything was I want, I want , I want. Lisa asked for nothing and asked nothing of them. I haven’t seen any of those women doing anything for Lisa, and they trash her every time they can. On the flip side I don’t believe I have heard Lisa bash any of them. She just wonders what in the world is happening. I think Yo, Kim, Kyle, and Brandi need to get a life. I think they are so jealous of Lisa they find it hard to breath. If I was Lisa I would tell them all including Andy to kiss my back side, but she has way too much class to do that. But watch out you can poke at a lioness just so many times , and the lioness strikes back. I am team LISA all the way.

  7. A snoozefest for me. I’m just waiting for Yolanda’s marriage to implode during the hiatis. They no longer depict that social class they first portrayed. Kim you love turtles, sighhhh. TT, your a doll to even try to recap this mess.

  8. TT – thanks for taking one for the team and recapping this sorry excuse for a reunion hosted by a sorry excuse for a host.

    • ECA

      I could barely watch 15 minutes of this mess. I kept getting so mad and ANNOYED! It was like they were playing the same scene over and over and over again with Brandi constantly crying over Lisa over the past three episodes of the reunion. This whole season was from planet Trash. God bless TT for watching this whole thing!

  9. pfffttt

    This is why I watch RHOA. Yolanda can pull her BS on these girls, but can you imagine what any of the RHOA girls would do to her if she pulled that condescending crap with them?

    I remember when Camille was given the title of “Most Hated Housewife.” That title should go to Yolanda. She is unbearable, and I wish that someone would have pulled a Porsha and decked her. It would have been hilarious and justified. She is just a horrible person.

    I never liked Joyce, because I found her to be very annoying. BUT, the way Yolanda treated her dismissing everything she said, not addressing her by her name, putting her back towards her, and just acting like a bitch was horrible.

    I don’t like David either. I mean anyone that would chose Yolanda for a wife, has to have some serious issues. She is just really turned me off this reunion.

    • CocoTalks

      The thought of Yolanda in Atlanta made me laugh, a housewife swap would be great!

    • Gabriella

      Yep , have always really disliked Yolanda, she just comes across as a bossy bitch. Kyle seemed genuinely upset and angry at Lisa, no smoke without fire. Did anyone not notice that subtle dig Brandi had at Lisa when she said Lisa had been with the same man for a hundred years?? In other words, boring old Lisa. Truth is, Brandi is jealous that Lisa has a gorgeous hubby who is generous, kind, and who adores her and supports her through everything, and on top of that is cute! Oh, and faithful to boot. She wants some of that…

  10. vivaladiva831

    Is anyone else surprised of how forgiving Lisa seems to be to Brandi and not Kyle? Especially when Lisa and Kyle have more history and a longer friendship that was built before the show?

    • Katherine

      That is cause this is Brandi’s first offense. Not once in any season has Kyle taken up for Lisa during accusations or shit talking sessions about her and Lisa knows this. I’m disappointed in Kyle every season for that cause I always hear Lisa defend her. Brandi might have tried to hard to bring drama this season but she has normally had Lisa’s back until the past few episodes. Who even knows what happened with Yolanda. She really didn’t have a dog in the fight but she sure tried to enter in by any means necessary. It was just stupid to watch. I really don’t know how anyone isn’t calling her on her “stuck in the house for 18 months” bullshit. They have like a 5 months break from filming between seasons so that’s an obvious over exaggeration & it’s REEEEAAALLLLYYY been pissing me off. My biggest problem with any housewife franchise is how petty they are about things that don’t matter but no one seems to mention the real issues at hand or call anyone out for actual bad behavior.

      • As someone who has been stuck in the house for longer than 18 months…. I’m offended by Yolanda. I try to travel every summer and I have been paralyzed and freaking out that I had planned a trip to the beach to help me and I was too “sick” to go. I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t pack, I couldn’t GET TO my beach vacay I knew would help. Then I could not get to the plane.

        I am already doing that for this year and this is a big birthday.

        It’s a huge struggle for me to do something fun. Still. So I could not have committed to filming, I definitely could not have attacked the physical trainer guy….I could not have held parties…. she is full of shit.

        And calling this Lyme Disease when it is Chronic Lyme Disease which is not really a thing is absurd.

        She offends people who really do have a hard time leaving their house. And my house is not overlooking the ocean in Malibu with a pool, weight room and a refrigerator that my taff maintains.

        On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 12:21 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • i think it is because she considers kyle more of a peer than she does brandi. plus she has a thing for white orphans. (snicker–boy, can she pick ’em, or what?) kyle is a bit long in the tooth and already has a support system in place.

  11. vivaladiva831

    And why does Yolanda sit with a look on her face like she was letting some silent but deadly farts the whole time? Her little smirk and air of superiority was very annoying.

  12. Nicole

    All these ladies, except maybe Joyce, have the WEIRDEST lips!!! Accckkk! And Brandi, I just want to bitch slap her for crying. Ken, run for your life, don’t let her back in! I hope Lisa realize what a backstabber Brandi is.

    • fahlina_g

      Kyles is the worst! No upper lip combined with that lower rectangle made of silly putty all hanging out on her cube shaped jaw!!!!!! That floundering trout pout shes always trying to pull off doesnt help either! Youre no Paris, boo. You dont look “Hawt”, you look like youre pooping! What a MESS! #LikeSoNotHot #ValleyGirl

  13. terry macon

    Andy is full of it!!!! When will he leave? He directed this wrong. So wrong.

  14. ECA

    I’ll slap Yolanda for everyone.

  15. terry macon

    This seem more like a trial.

  16. Valerie

    Yolanda is a jerk. That’s all I have to add, just Yolanda is a jerk.

    • I feel bad for ever liking Yolanda.

      But now, let’s talk about what a cunt Lisa was from 1874 to present and make her apologize.


      stupidheads. all.

      On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 12:11 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        Yolanda hasn’t blogged since March 10th. I think she’s busy trying desperately to save her marriage. That my theory anyway.

      • Aaron

        How can you guys be on Lisa’s side when she was clearly trying to make Mauricio’s infidelity the entire storyline? I feel like it was confirmed that was her plan on last night’s reunion episode when they showed the flashback to Ken saying “It’s not true” and then Lisa says “Well you never know”. She’s right that you do never know but you don’t SAY that on CAMERA unless you’re trying to start something.

      • Anastasia Beaverhausen

        I also feel like an ass for every liking Yolanda…and even worse, I once liked Brandi. At least I never liked Kyle.

      • I’m with you on the first two comments, but I have started to like Kyle.

        On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 1:06 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I think Bravo assumes we’re the stupidheads. Couldn’t the “writers” come up with a few more story lines? It seems like they were rehashing the same few things over and over and over again. And then they kept us dangling with “all will be revealed” about Lisa. I’m still waiting. What exactly was revealed?

    • fahlina_g

      She should have stuck to lemons and left the Lyme’s! What a sour puss! She can take ALL of her citrus and stick it where the sun don’t shine! And we all know that’s not in Malibu…

  17. Brianna

    One tiny observation… Brandi didn’t bring up the magazine at All. Lisa said she didn’t do it and Brandi didn’t say anything… Crickets!! She wanted the attention to be all about scheana!! Hmmmmm

    • What is all this nonsense about Lisa trying to get Brandi to put the mags in her suitcase to take to Palm Springs ? I seriously doubt that Lisa did that.
      My one question that never occurred to Kyle & Company: “Why don’t you ask Brandi why she bought them and if she felt it was all lies, why didn’t she toss them “? I mean, Brandi thought it was viscous gossip, why keep the laying around her house ???
      Of course no one said that, they need to make Lisa the villain !

  18. Monica

    Is it bad that I would rather read a recap than actually torture myself with watching a full episode???

    • Sosueme

      TT blogs are far more entertaining than the screechy beachfest that this show has become. Lisa’s grim restraint is tough to watch. Yolanda is a pill. If I were Joyce I would have moved far away from her stinkyness. Kim is cray cray and I’m sorry but I’ll never be able to warm to Kyle – no subtlety and definitely no humor. Carton -dunno – too soon, too tell. My .02.

      • Sosueme

        And Brandi….over-the-hill party girl. Wasted & sad.

      • Gabriella

        I can’t understand why everyone seems to dislike Kyle so much, I’ve always liked her, but have I missed something all this time??
        And why did Carlton hate her right from the outset? Please tell me what everyone else seems to know!!

      • fahlina_g

        Gabriella, Kyle is so disliked because she lacks this little thing called “integrity”. That and her annoying whine.

      • fahlina_g

        Brandi, over the HILL? nah, she’ll NEVER claw her way out of the Valley. 😉

  19. If Kyle had taken the tabloid “rumors” with a grain of salt, like made-up tabloid rumors should be, then this would have been over in 10 seconds. Oh, but then she would have had no story.
    The “rumor” about Mauricio is just about as outlandish as you can get (not just cheating, but transexual hooker cheating). If it wasn’t true, or with some grain of truth, the proper and expected response to Lisa would have been “Well I read you were pregnant with Andy’s baby,” and then laugh it all off together because stupid tabloid stories come with the territory. Instead, Kyle and Mauricio treat it as if Lisa had exposed some giant family secret, not tangentially joking about some silly tabloid story. So Kyle and Mauricio: Methinks you two doth protest WAAAAAY too much.

    I love Kim, but I hate her crazy finger pointing. I like funny silly Kim, not angry vengeful Kim.

    Brandi exhibits all the emotional immaturity of an alcoholic, and also the victim mentality and paranoid delusions. I always liked Brandi, but not like this.

    Bye Carlton. Bye Joyce. BYE YOLANDA.

    All Hail to the Queen: Lisa.

    • Valerie

      I didn’t realize it was transsexual hooker cheating. Now that I believe. (Kidding)

      • Anastasia Beaverhausen

        So THAT explains Carlton’s blog regarding sexual preferences. I didn’t know about the transsexual hookers either.

    • CocoTalks

      I agree when you go on reality TV your putting yourself out there, I don’t understand this not wanting it to be discussed on TV issue, isnt that the point? And Kyle having a problem with it being discussed was what perpetuated it. It’s funny how the ladies so painstakingly pointing out all of Lisa’s faults and working so hard to bring her down only makes them all look bad, not Lisa. Good life lesson

    • do you have kids? children take in EVERYTHING. you can bet portia asked her parents what that was all about. probably repeated it word for word, too. i would have been super pissed if one of my friends had done that to me. yes, i got a wicked laugh out of it–it was droll–but it was appalling nonetheless.

      • Okay, you lost me here. Anyone who thinks that a five year old walking into the kitchen for her camera time holding her father’s hand is even paying attention to the conversation let alone getting an adult joke is kidding themselves.

        On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 11:32 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Exactly, TT. And yes I raised two kids to adulthood, and the best way to slide things past little ones is to not make any fuss over things at all. Kyle chose to keep that conversation going throughout the season, if she’d left it at Lisa’s comment Sophia never would have absorbed it. NOW it’s a “thing” instead of a dumb tabloid story.

      • Valerie

        I do have kids and Lisa’s comment would only have bothered me if I knew my husband was a big fat cheater. Shame on Kyle if her 5 year old knows the meaning of her father stepping out with other women. No 5 year old should be watching the Housewives, especially if their parents are on it. It can’t be healthy for that child.

      • i’m an aunt and babysitter many times over. i don’t think the kids i took care of are any smarter than any other kids. but omg the things they repeated that they overheard adults speaking about. especially if they suss out that the adults wouldn’t want them to have heard it. yikes.even a 3-4 yr old makes the best detective. they know where EVERYTHING is.

      • fahlina_g

        I have 3. Trust. Portia didn’t have a freaking clue. (Maybe its the name….)

  20. I am thinking this 3 hrs of my life I will never get back…it’s probably the worst reunion I have ever seen….I used time like Brandi not anymore… is she that desperate for a paycheck that she would ruin what was probably one of the most true sincere friendships on this show? You never heard about any if them spending time together in the off season..but Brandi and Lisa did..Kyle and the rest of them..ick just ick.. Yolanda needs to remove the stick out of her ass..I thought while I was watching this….if the whole point was to make the fans turn on Lisa.. epic fail..I felt bad for Lisa and hated the rest of them..I hope they bring on a new hw next season who destroys them all..the whole Brandi /scheana thing? Really? 5 yr Oldsmobile are more mature with their little friends than Brandi everything with her is Eddie and LeAnns fault…that ship sailed two seasons ago get over yourself..seriously if she’s always been this big of a raging bitch no wonder Eddie screwed around on her smh.. glad this season is over..overall it sucked

    • ITA. Brandi commented on (I believe Reunion part 1) that Lisa only stepped up to help Brandi from drinking and making an idiot of herself only when they were filming and not off season.
      Brandi, you moron ! Lisa did it while filming because she was trying to save her from herself!
      Brandi saw this as Lisa being her on-air friend in order to make herself look good!
      That’s so over her head to understand— just like when Andy said she looked “so 40’s”. Brandi took it that Andy was saying she looked like she was in her 40s… Dumb !!

  21. Gingersnap

    I like Lisa, but I feel that she did drop Brandi. Ken verified it when he said Brandi did a couple of things and they had to distance themselves. Lisa has a reputation to maintain and she doesn’t want to be the one dragging a drunk Brandi around with a tampon string hanging from her cooch.

    • I agree that Lisa and Ken distanced themselves from Brandi; however, I got the impression that Lisa did try to counsel Brandi. Remember when Brandi referenced Lisa’s comment “you are losing your fan base”? Let’s face it, no matter how much fun you have with someone, when they establish a pattern of inappropriate behavior , (e.g. drunken tampon gate, child molestation gate), sometimes you just have to cut a bitch loose.

    • CocoTalks

      Lisa distanced herself only when Brandi started lashing out at her about “strategizing”, mothering, and trying to make her look bad. Brandi made it clear to her she was being overbearing so she listened and backed off, then Brandi attacked her for “dumping” her. Lisa did nothing wrong

      • SnookumsLynn

        this is what I think too…Brandi didn’t want a loyal friend to be her friend and bring to her in love some quiet help. So she shot her big ass mouth off and got what she asked for, then she realized, that’s not what i wanted… Brandi just wanted a friend to cosign her dumbass behavior and still be her friend; Lisa is not that type of chick and that’s why Brandi f**ed up big time…a friend that tells you when your wrong is actually the friend that everyone needs.

    • fahlina_g

      ESPECIALLY not when its in one of their bars, lol!!!

  22. Victoria

    I noticed that a lot of people on twitter had the same misconception you relayed in the recap/ dissection.

    Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you’re all right in believing that Lisa and Todd disappointingly fell for Brandi’s tears — but I don’t think so.

    I think Lisa checkmated the SH1T out of Brandi, because not only did she get Brandi to apologize, admit that she’s jealous, and admit that they never filed bankruptcy (deferring the allegations to Kyle, who denied), but now Lisa is not cold and frigid to the tears of manipulation.

    The last words for instance, Brandi is boo-hoo-ing and telling Andy how hard life has been and Lisa dropped her and whatever else. Probably a few more Scheana references.
    Then, our queen Lisa gets the last word. She musters mist in her eyes, looks dead at Brandi and checkmates her. “It makes me cry to see you cry. It’s been so hard”

    Lisa didn’t forgive Brandi and they are not making up. Lisa beat Brandi at her own game and I LOVE HER FOR IT!

    Side note: what grown woman brazenly tries to force a friend to abandon a co-worker/friend ? Brandi came across like a desperate petulent child. She absolutely needs therapy. Eddie cheated with Scheana HOW many years ago? Brandi knows that scenes are set up and filmed. She just hopes viewers don’t know so that it may appear like Lisa invites Scheana shopping with her as girlfriends. I’m really, really, really tired of Brandi. At this point, I, too, prefer to go hang out with Leeann for a while. Anything has to be better than this.

    • Sari

      Interesting perspective.

      I didn’t see it QUITE the same way, but I do think Lisa held on to her dignity as best as she could with those diamond-adorned talons of hers. With Kyle and Brandi trying to coax admissions of guilt and apologies out of her (even Andy tried to do so), Lisa only conceded to the bare minimum in order to retain her dignity and not appear heartless.

      Lisa may be an evil genius, but I like her and want to go hang out in her epic closet, and then swim in a pool of her fabulous statement necklaces while the most privileged maid in Beverly Hills serves me rosé (assuming they’ll unshackled her long enough to do so).

    • CocoTalks

      The scheana thing is ridiculous. How dare ANDY COHEN judge Lisa for putting 2 people who didn’t get along on her show for drama. Brandi and all parties knew what they were doing. Brandi cries about everyone leaving her for pity. Sorry but if EVERYONE you love leaves you shouldn’t you consider a flaw within yourself not each one of those people? We know what drove Lisa and Brandi’s father away (lies about their character for personal gain) I don’t believe her marriage was the rosy picture she painted before he left either.

      • Victoria

        Amen amen!

      • Sari

        I agree. Brandi is the classic example of someone who is so fearful of losing anyone she loves that she attacks them and pushes them away before they can hurt her. This isn’t the way to establish long term relationships of any value.

        She needs to look within, strengthen her own character, and then try to be less of a cunt under the guise of being a “truth cannon” while she drunkenly slurring insults at every social function should should be grateful she’s invited to.

    • fahlina_g

      Lisa and Ken just wanted to keep it moving. They are class before all else.

  23. WhyoWhy

    Oh Jesus. Yolanda is a condescending b***! The way she dismissed Joyce was so rude. And Brandi needs to STFU about Scheana. I am so glad this season is over. Andy also needs to STFU. He is terrible!

    • Does anyone remember when Brandi took Cedric with her to the grand opening of SUR ? Lisa didn’t make a stink about who Brandi would save if a building was on fire, she also didn’t bring it up over & over while sobbing how hurt she was. She just asked Brandi if she knew how horrid Cedric had been to them, especially after they’d fallen for his “my mother was a Parisian prostitute, I never knew who my father was and now I’m an orphan” lie.
      Furthermore, Brandi brought him onto to their property. When Brandi is a guest at a person’s home or business, it’s not her place to comment about who else is in attendance. What an idiot!

      • I recall it differently. Cedric walked into SUR with a woman other than Brandi. Brandi and Cedric did exchange greetings, prior to Cedric being asked to leave by Lisa.

      • Jakies mom

        She didn’t bring him, he came alone and Brandi even stated to Lisa “I didn’t invite him”. He left with the woman he came with but Brandi stayed. Brandi is an idiot in so many ways but can’t blame her for that one.

      • fahlina_g

        That wasn’t Brandi. She was already there.

  24. Tried to watch. Lasted 30 seconds and deleted it. Love Lisa, but the rest are impossible. Will not watch this one again if she is gone. May not watch it again if Yolanda, Brandi, Kyle, and Kim are still there, even if Lisa stays. The combination of hateful and boring is not entertainment, it’s torture.

  25. I haven’t finished watching the show, but noticed you didn’t include any comments from Yolanda’s husband, David Foster. Wasn’t he here for the big finale?

  26. joker

    When the hell did Andy become miss fix it? Shut up and ask the questions we needed answers to. What went down with tabloid-purse?
    Yolanda was ridic. Love Joyce for calling her out and for the poster who gave me the visual of Yolanda letting silent , evil, farts. I cracked up.
    Kim, yawn.
    Carlton, yawn.
    Joyce, yawn.
    Kyle, yawn.
    Lisa and Ken, do not let Brandi back in. You will regret it and deep down you know it. I’d bet my house if Brandi didn’t have those two boys, she’d be living with Lisa and Ken. Lisa, you in danger girl.

  27. Tp

    Yolanda infuriates me! Her arguments are so infantile! She’s pissed because Lisa missed a “painting party” for her daughter (who wasn’t even there btw). What grown women have a painting party for an acquaintances child anyway? And she’s pissed because Lisa didn’t visit her enough while she was sick? To hear her tell it, she’s still not over Lyme’s now! Is she still expected daily visits from her true friends? Geez! And Brandi actually asked Lisa the hypothetical “if you had to choose which one to save ” story??? How old are these women? If these are the horrible grievances they have against Lisa then they needs to find some real problems! So ridiculous it’s laughable. And why do these women, on all these shows, continue to go on national tv and repeat a ridiculous rumor that they claim they know as fact when in actuality they heard it from another housewife who’s sitting next to them on the couch ? And who will btw, sit quietly while letting them make a fool of themselves for even saying it because it’s usually 100% false. Ha ha (Adrienne, Brandi, ect) Lisa and ken filing bankruptcy? Really Brandi? Really ? That’s hilarious.


    TT once again you have hit the nail on the head. Yolanda needs to “stay out of it”. I was kind of waiting for her to say that to Andy but like you said he might make the mighty David angry. Andy could we get an entire new cast next season? I’m sooooo over Brandi crying about Schenna. Move on girlfriend. You know she wasn’t the only one and you yourself opened the door for this when you invited other women into your marriage bed. Just sayin’/

    • Brianna

      And also.. Why would Brandi go to sur that first time if she knew who Scheana was and where she worked!? She blames Lisa but she put herself there

  29. JoJo

    Ouch. Everyone commenting on this reunion and the cast are, at the very least, consistent. The villains are the same, there’s still one flawless victim of all the villains. No shades of grey here. No sympathy for the devils or criticism for the angel(s).
    I expect there’ll be loads more comments with the same sentiment, offering more detail or maybe stating it in a different way. Or not any by anyone who saw things differently but not up for rocking the boat. C’est la vie.

    • spk

      One take-away I had was that the “perceived villains” aren’t organized enough to have banded together to take down the Ice Queen Angel. And yet, they all have the same theme of complaint — and not just this season but in seasons past.

      “You are master manipulator, here’s how you do it and I am afraid to confront you on it”

      It speaks volumes to me that the Ice Queen, smartest business brain of the bunch, is suddenly deaf to this is very simple observation and can’t formulate a sincere response unless they force one out of her.

      Just speaking into the wind here ….

  30. Riley

    I just…..can’t.

  31. Lynn

    While the actions of Yolanda, Kim, Kyle and Brandi were hard to stomach, the worst offender in this reunion show was Andy Cohen. He is a poor moderator, has obvious favorites, lets Kyle and Kim shriek on and on with meanness oozing out of their pores and obviously believes all the “boo-hoo, poor me” fake tears of Brandi. If anyone should go, it is clearly AC. Bravo needs to let someone unbiased moderate these reunions….and, no, Yolanda, we’re not talking about you. Lisa is my favorite- if she goes, there is no reason to watch the rest of the classless witches spin and spew.

    • Terri

      Even on WWHL lately Andy seems to enjoy his guests making fools of themselves. Lisa won’t sink to the levels of childishness that Kim, Brandi, Kyle & even Yolanda will so he encourages them to misbehave. I don’t know whether he’s actually on their side or if he simply decided it would be more fun to stir the pot & let them act like the hyenas they are. The more I think about it the more I believe he did Lisa a favor because most viewers are on her side.

  32. myinfo

    I was flipping between BH and DWTS.
    This reunion should have been one night. It was one dumb Lisa bashing segement turned into 3 nights.
    I now like Lisa and hate Yolanda and Brandi.

  33. Bonton32

    No one’s behavior was more baffling than Andy Cohen’s. He seemed determined to see Lisa beaten to a pulp — no attempt to insert a shred of balance into those infantile discussions last night. The entire reunion was one big sickening pig pile with Mr. Cohen pulling the strings. And for me, the only source of enjoyment this season was this blog site.

  34. eastjames

    Andy needs to let Hello Ross or Jeff Lewis start doing these reunions. His ass licking is getting in the way of asking the real questions.

      • Pgknight

        Andy with his stupid, “I believe when this is all over, you all will be hugging it out.” made me want to slap his silly mouth. Really Andy, you were the worst “host” ever. Absolutely stirring the pot toward Lisa being ridiculed over and over again.

        Kyle, you do it all for the money, honey. Maricio, whatever Kyle says do, he does. Kyle you constantly go over and over the same things and never shut up… oh dear, get over it.

        Yoyo reminds me of a Gestapo police officer or a ruthless Narcissist ruler, ready to send the order, “off with their heads” at any moment. She really is unbearable now. And as someone that has suffered with auto-immune disorders for 4 yrs now and it being very difficult for me to leave our house (because my body won’t allow it) for “outings or wrestling with self defense teachers”, I resent the heck out of her whining about her struggle. Get over it already! Run after your self righteous King David and keep that man close!!!! You may regret letting him out of your sight. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire sweetie.

        Brandi, Scheana, Scheana, Scheana! Omg! Shut up, drink the wine and go away please. (And are you sure the pot and coke are not in the limo too Brandi)? Just saying? I am starting to like Leeann Rimes by the way.

        Carlton was dismissed so much (Yoyo and Andy), but at least you got in a few jabs at Kyle. Good job.

        Joyce, I really feel like you are a good person that takes no crap. Run away from these women before they mess up your kindness! Blessings to you and your husband and family.

        Kim, bless her heart…just bless her heart. (Remainder deleted TT. The information was not about a castmember and highly personal)

        Lisa and Ken, dear precious couple that I adore. I watch because of you both, I thought you held yourselves with great maturity and honor last night. Ken you truly are a gentleman and I dearly was touched by your sincerity last night. Sometimes you apologize not because you are totally wrong in your behavior but because it is the wise and correct thing to do, it disarmed those B’s too, Bravo! (no pun intended) If you guys leave (which I would not blame you), I won’t ever watch this stupid show again.

        Just my two cents. pgk

    • Either would be fabulous! I didn’t watch last night. Just couldn’t take it anymore. The blatant snark of Jeff Lewis or the “innocent” snark of Ross would be refreshing change from butt awful Andy. Great call eastjames.

  35. Lisa is entertaining to watch. She is glamorous and witty. Her life is organically interesting. The other women have devolved into attention seeking screech owls. They don’t have much going for them in the way of careers or educations or hobbies so all they can do is fight with and pick at the others. I had to mute the tv because all the yelling was giving me a headache. RHOBH is supposed to be a peek into fabulous lives that are exciting and interesting. For the most part this season reminded me of a high school lunch table where all the pretty but less than smart girls sat and conspired against each other out of jealousy and boredom.

  36. Daisy

    Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was always one of my favorites. Not this year. They scraped the bottom of the barrel for a story line. Carlton was the only one who brought something new to this season – and that is not saying a lot. And I couldn’t believe how rude Yolanda was at the reunion. She sat with her back to Joyce nearly the whole time. I mean, that is just so disrespectful. I will not be tuning in next season. Okay, I might be tuning in, but I will be hating myself for it.

  37. Angel

    So many great POV’s from everyone. I noticed that Kim, who denied to Lisa earlier she ever talked about turtles, made them her final girlish love shout out as her final words. This is a woman with real personality disorder, mean old Kim and 5 year old silly Kim.

    I’d love Yolanda to sell her mansion and take her fake or Dutch version of class back there to live forever.

    Andy acts so biased, as if Lisa has wronged him. Could she have shopped a show based on Pump and Bravo did not bite? Maybe she is developing with some other partnership. “Don’t put all your eggs in 1 basket”.

  38. jelley

    Thanks for watching and recapping. I read your recap and for some reason decided to watch (mainly fast forward through) the reunion anyway. Probably bc I’m irrational and a little bored. And obv a glutton for punishment. I wish you could host every reunion. When I’m president of the world, that will be my first order of business.

  39. kym

    Just tell me that Kim is leaving the show – I really can’t stand her..

  40. thedisher

    Thanks for blogging this TT, as it was a yawn fest. I was shocked to see Bravo edit out Yolanda’s meanest comment to Ken — about David Foster would never hang around someone like him. The line was right smack in the middle of the clip they were showing & alas–it disappeared; edited right over. Joyce — best line of the night as to Yolanda — you love to be the director. And, Lisa showed us all why she is the Queen. Brandi showed us all why she will never be Queen & should probably be in rehab. Ken, once again, a class act.

  41. Ashley

    This was the worst reunion in history! I hope next season they switch the people again!


    The funniest part of the night was when Kyle told Carlton to shut up — nobody cares what you have to say. I laughed because it was so true. There wa not much camera time for Carlton during the reunion. Do you think Bravo will bring her back. Well other than that, it was a boring reunion.

    • Gingersnap

      I agree with you about the funniest part. She even went so far as to tell Carlton that Lisa didn’t even care about her. Ouch!

    • CocoTalks

      I didn’t think that was very funny, I thought it was rude even Andy shut Carlton and Joyce out of the conversation.

    • I think it would have been a lot funnier if Carlton had told Kyle to shut up!

    • fahlina_g

      I don’t know…, really didn’t care for the Witchy Poo comment. If Carlton had called Kyle Kyke-le or Jewy Poo…see where I’m going here? Kyle is nothing if not ignorant! The best part of the night was when Andy asked Lisa what she wanted from Kylie and Lisa replied “NOTHING”!

  43. Lisa posed the perfect question to Brandi, but it should have been directed towards the whole gang assembled against her on that stage including Andy…If I’m so bad, why do you want to be my friend? All of their answers would have had a large dose of ME, ME, ME in them.

  44. Wampascat

    Andy sat with his cross eyed grin, eating it up. Maybe LeAnn can be the next housewife and she and Lisa can be besties.

    • LeeAnn and Lisa besties? I don’t think that would happen even in the bizzarro world of RHOBH.
      TT: can I still post comments even though I have NOT started to like Kyle?

      • Of course. Apparently I’m the only one who likes Kyle anyway.

        On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 2:29 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Gingersnap

        I like Kyle this season a lot better than the previous ones. I kinda turned against her when she outed Kim for being a drunk and alcoholic, but since they “moved forward” (how many times is that term over-used?) I had to. I totally think Kyle has her side to the story this season. I think Lisa does hold a grudge against Kyle. I remember that scene too well where Lisa told Kyle she had been a loyal friend and for her “not to forget it, missy”. I remember the tone of her statement too. It appears that Lisa feels that Kyle did forget it, she stated that Kyle turned on her too (when? Adrienne?) and has subsequently iced her out. They have to film together and Lisa puts her best foot forward, as does Kyle, but it seems Lisa holds Kyle to a different standard than even Brandi. That’s my take anyway.

      • Valerie

        Every time Kyle laughs a fairy loses her wings. (Isn’t that the saying? Yes, I believe it is.)

  45. Belinda

    My few random (basically insignificant ) observations……
    When Andy asked Yolanda where David was and she responded “at work”,
    her response seemed defensive. Ken is a very sweet man and his loyalty and love for Lisa make him sexy. The same could be said for Michael but he started out very sexy ! I wish Kim no ill will but she gives new meaning to the word insipid. Whether before Eddie or because of Eddie, Brandi is very damaged. Carlton seemed more likeable/attractive than she has all season.
    Kyle is just a dope and why is she constantly touching her hair ? I want to shave her head. (Lisa and Joyce, too.)

    • Gingersnap

      Kim = Insipid = PERFECT!

    • CocoTalks

      I thought her response implied her husband was the only one with a real job that mattered and was very stuck up, Brandi had made that comment to Ken about David at the finale party also so it is obvious the 2 have discussed how important David is together before

      • Agreed. Yolanda came across as an egotistical witch.

      • Valerie

        Yolanda is insufferable. She seems to think she is the all wise one. When I watch her it makes me loose a little more faith in humanity. She may have a lot of $ but I don’t have an ounce of respect for her majesty.

  46. JenB

    The ending reminded me of when the 80s show “Dallas” had the ending with JR not being shot, but it was a dream. I felt like I sat through all of the crap all season and now there is really no big reveal on what Lisa did that was so horrible. And to make it worse, Lisa and Ken are going to be friends with Brandi again. What in hell? It does not add up at all.
    Then Yolanda was such a snippy bitch. No way is Yo really that upset with these women. There has to be a problem in her marriage. She was way too invested in every conversation and butting in non stop. All of the ugliness coming from inside Yo makes her look so old and miserable.
    Loved Kyle’s dress and eyeshadow. Andy Cohen is a bitch and I hate him. He had no idea what he was doing and allowed this reunion to be a circle jerk of bitching at Lisa. it went nowhere.

  47. bunniecarrot

    I hate the way Joyce has been treated. I can completely understand if she decided to leave the show. I sure hope Carlton gets the axe because I cannot tolerate her.

  48. beth

    Andy reminds me of a dental hygienist I used to go to.

    Nice enough woman, but man, she would dig and scrape in one area until I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, and then, yay!, she’s moving on to another area – all done there, right? No, no she’s not, OMG she’s returning, sometimes more than once, to dig and scrape more … the whole appointment I am gripping the chair arms, my whole body tense … I’d leave exhausted, gums throbbing.

    I’ve seen Andy do this more than once at reunions and sometimes WWHL … sounds like he was worse than usual at this reunion.

  49. just me

    The best part of the reunion was Giggi.

  50. Greenwood

    The way that Yolanda twisted around in her seat to turn her back to Joyce and referred to Joyce as “in the back” was so nasty! I am surprised Joyce didn’t jump up and have a fit about it. I think it showed the true jealous, bitter nature of Yolanda. Andy was disgusting in his obvious negative attitude towards Lisa. He is just one of the “mean girls”; a petty, immature little jester. Can’t stand him. I just don’t understand why Lisa puts up with this. That’s the real mystery, to me. I wish she would chuck the whole Bravo snake pit, so that her gentlemanly husband would never have to deal with any of it again. He doesn’t deserve this.

    • Kitty Mamma

      @ Greenwood: it was disgusting how Yo treated Joyce at the reunion. I kept trying to will Joyce to thump Yo the temple just one time after she dropped one of smartassed comments on her. Yo would be stunned, and Joyce would be sitting there beaming one of her perfect, innocent smiles. Of course, then Yo would relapse into full blown lime disease and she’d have to be wheeled out on a stretcher.

  51. FGF

    Brandi and Kim both need to seek professional help. I totally agree with Lisa that it makes no sense for Brandi to bash her and then complain about the demise of their friendship. I also loved how Lisa mumbled, “she wasn’t the only one” whenever Brandi whined about Scheana sleeping with her husband!!!

  52. Em

    Aside from Yolanda being a giant bitchy poo, does anyone know why she was going out of her way to be rude to Joyce? Last I saw, they were getting along, jumping into fountains, running wild on the streets of San Juan. What gives?

    Also, it’s so funny how Carlton will flip out at the most minor things said by Kyle or Joyce, but when Yolanda or Brandi interrupt her or shut her up, she sits there and takes it. Truly pathetic and hypocritical behavior. Yolanda even said about Wicca that she “didn’t know what the hell that was.” I would think Carlton would have flipped her shit at that phrasing, but of course she didn’t!!

    • Terri

      You’re absolutely right. I don’t care what Carleton says she came in with a preconceived notion of Kyle and nothing Kyle said or did could change her mind. I want both of them gone next season.

    • because joyce blogged that she had changed her mind, and that now she knew more of what happened she was on lisa’s side. she got a TON of grief by bravo commenters for it, but i’m sure yolanda is still pissed as hell about it.

  53. appreciate your blogging on this. it was like a boring trainwreck. don’t know how that can happen but it did. i was touched by how ken ended it but clearly he didn’t mean it, per his wife. brandi seemed to say from the heart “please don’t abandon me,” & i don’t think he should have said he wouldn’t if he didn’t mean it. was that just about not wanting to look bad on TV? wonder who had the bright idea of breaking this up into 3 parts instead of the less than one part that it truly was. talk about beating a dead horse.

    • RHOA was already slated for 3 shows out of the reunion before it started. That’s gonna be hard with Porsha getting ejected. Or easier. Not sure.

      On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 11:38 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Oh and btw why do these people put up with a double digit work day? They are paid by the episode (10K per and UP depending on time served?) So the reunion is triple pay in one day. No one wants to lose that. It will be interesting to see if Porsha is included on all three episodes. If so? She got full pay. If they put her in only the first one? She fucked up.

  54. Ame

    I wish that at the end of the reunion, they would provide updates like they do on the finale! I would for them to tell the real status between Brandi and Lisa.

    Also, I think that Andy allows the gang ups, because he thinks it is juicier that way! Even though I think that Brandi really is insecure about Schaena, I think that they are told to run with their storylines! JMO!

  55. Congratulations Brandi and Yolanda! Your attempts to take down Lisa with the public have failed miserably!

    Not only have you jeopardized your place in this show… but you have even further solidified Lisa’s spot as the #1 favorite. Your “mean girls” behavior has made you both look like fools. The public has spoken. From petitions to get Brandi ousted to the large public support that Lisa has received, you totally underestimated the huge fan base LVP has.

    I am sure Bravo has taken notice. LVP will either get another show of her own and leave the franchise or will be able to negotiate a HUGE salary increase for next season. Fans do not want to watch the show without Lisa Vanderpump. If she leaves, the show will go down the tubes and ratings will drop even further than this year… All this, because of the petty drama you both orchestrated.

    Well done!

  56. Epiphanie

    I really have enjoyed Joyce in this reunion. I loved it when Brandi was suggesting that Scheana had flirted with her date at the event at Lisa’s house, and Joyce snapped, “Ridiculous.” The insufferable Yolanda challenged her, and Joyce responded, “She was talking about how excited she was to be engaged.”


  57. RahRah

    Anyone, think Mo does cheat?

    The Kyle has acted makes me feel like he must be a cheater because whatever Lisa said tore her out of her frame. IMHO Kyle should have made jokes about it if it were not true, her reaction makes me think it is true or she wants to embarrass Lisa by saying Lisa started the rumors about her husbands cheating.

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