Nene Leakes Dances the Rumba

Nene Dancing

I’m still not over last week’s episode of DWTS. I didn’t like how they did the long distance swimmer telling her she could not dance and then letting her. I didn’t like the eliminations happening at random times. It was all very annoying.I don’t know exactly how I am going to juggle DWTS with the Real Housewives  of Beverly Hills reunion. For some reason time go away from me today and nothing is preloaded. So hold on this is going to be a bumpy night.

It looks like Billy Dee Williams is dropping out so there will be no elimination tonight. If Nene dances early, this will make my life a lot easier. So Billy Dee quit because of his back issues. I don’t think he was expecting to stick around past the first elimination. And Nene is dancing second, so life is back in order. Nene is dancing the rumba. It’s the week where the stars choose their most memorable year. Nene is picking last year when she remarried Gregg. Nene has been tweeting about Gregg a LOT lately. He bought her something! He did something nice! They are so in love! It’s very odd. She chose the song, I Believe in You and Me by Whitney, the song she walked down the aisle to the second time. She says when she first got married they were really stuck on attraction. Nene says she is a very good communicator and Gregg not so much. She did very well telling the story and pronouncing her words! I won’t even go there about the hair in her talking head, because she seems to be trying so hard to be a civilized woman on this show.

The song choice was great because it draws the audience in. Guest judge Robin Roberts said she is the life of the party. She has an enormous personality but she showed us a different side of herself tonight. It was beautiful and sensual. Nene is crying and being very gracious. Bruno says she did a good job maintaining the flow of movement but she needs to work on the basics. Carrie Ann says she did a beautiful job and her passion evident. Beautiful Job. Len was the least complimentary, but he still claimed to like it.

There was a BED for a prop. She and Tony smacked lips at the end. She sort of reminded of The Karate Kid practicing the crane position a lot. Still very little dancing and a lot of entertaining. She wore a negligee sort of costume and some invisible flat sandals. Tony danced shirtless. I am a bit worried about her, she could easily go next week if she doesn’t go this week.

Everyone gave them an 8 except Len who gave them a 7. I am going to switch over now to RHOBH. Keep me updated on the scores if you can and let me know if anyone else gets voted off.

What did you think of Nene’s Rumba? Outfit? Behavior?


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25 responses to “Nene Leakes Dances the Rumba

  1. I give Nene credit for having the nerve to appear on the show. She’s not a great dancer, nor is she terrible. I don’t really care if she stays or goes. Hope she is making a lot of money.

  2. Dietrich Buxtehude

    NeNe was ok but she really is just getting by on personality . Unfortunately, her dancing is at the lower end of the spectrum. Kind of like watching a Clydesdale go through its paces

  3. barbinga

    eh, she was ok. There was so little to it besides that leg lift. Winnie Cooper blew me away though.

  4. beth

    that was a Rumba? Not what I expected … didn’t seem like any dancing going on at all, really …

  5. Oh my!

    Still waiting to see the Rumba.
    She will be eliminated next week.

  6. Pre1

    I think she’ll last awhile because of views. But I doubt she’ll win. I applaud her & her team for taking advantage of most opportunities. She’s actually doing well and to come from the bottom to being where she is now speaks volumes. I’m happy for her. In my head she’s family and I want her to win in life. Period.

  7. lori

    I thought it was sweet. I hate dwts for making me feel a little emotional about nene. Like sad. :(

    The double amputee, her story… ugh, that was a tear jerker.

    Tamara, I know we no longer have to worry about this, because tonight is the final bh reunion, but bravo always reruns it either 1/2 hour to an hour later. That’s what I’ve been doing… taping the second showing. Of course I don’t have a blog to get up for my thirsty readers!

    • Look as far as a DANCING competition goes she is the bottom of the pack. But she is really working us over with her whole teary eyed humble I’m so in love routine.

      I’m buying it and I know better. She’s a better actress than I thought. #KarateKid

      On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 11:04 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  8. TamarAngela

    I think she did very well. Not that she will win or even close to it compared to her competition but she still did good….much better than I thought. I figured she would be on par with Sherri Shephard but she is better IMO. Anyone who doesn’t watch Housewives of Atl would probably love the personality she is showing and the genuine love that her and Greg are showing for each other.

  9. Crass

    I think Nene is doing well on DWTS. i wish they would have paired her with a height appropriate man. I didnt even know she had on invincible shoes i thought she was barefoot. I did notice an extravagant increase in Nene talking about Greg, I thought it was to shade Kenya and Marlo because they’re not married

  10. myinfo

    Nene was OK. Good for her, but this year there is the ok and great. Mostly all are great except Nene and Billy D.
    Hate her but she is doing great.
    Overall hate the show this year. Stars for me are boring or too good of dancers from day one.

  11. watching the last half now. OMG The girl ice skater and maks are to die fore. I was mesmerized.

  12. I can’t help to much with any updates because I just watched Nene dance (time difference) and I’m going to be switching back and forth to another channel.
    I’ve never been attracted to Nene’s personality on RHOA, she was funny but that was it. On DWTS I’m beginning to like Nene. Since my dancer is gone I’ll vote for her.I don’t think Nene kisses other men to often, at least that kiss looked like she was uncomfortable.

    • You really want to see the last half of this show, it’s spectacular. I really like THE VOICE but may have to change to DWTS without nene…. tonight’s show is really good.

      On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 11:39 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  13. Katrina

    The show was very good tonight. A lot of inspiring stories!

  14. Your right, I was switching with The Voice. Yes I just watched the ice skater, Merril (sp?) and the the snowboarder, Amy, you are right, so good. I love great dancing, always have. I had 12 years of ballet. Waiting to watch Charlie, he is good.

  15. What I’m not going to like about the season is the number of dancer’s that should win the Mirror Ball trophy. Even Cody, the Australian pop star is very good.

  16. Juclips

    NeNe seems to dance in flats only, doesn’t that five her a slight advantage? Having to accomplish those steps in heels would seem to add a degree of difficulty. It’s probably done so that she will not tower over her partner nevertheless good for her.

  17. Tara C.

    I just can’t with Candace. I was really rooting for her, but then she opened her mouth! Having a meeting with the costume design people and making sure Mark wasn’t shirtless, during their dance?! Give me a break! Stop with the “I keep some things private for my husband” ! It’s a costume bitch!

    • Pre1

      Why does she have to be a b**ch? That’s horrible to call any woman. I believe she has the right to express what she wanted.

  18. Angel

    I agree with TT, and others. Nene is doing great, for her, in all aspects. I think the longer she is around these other “real” stars, she gets the hang of appropriate behavior. I think her dance was made easy for her, not much rumba. I was surprised judges were not picker about that lack of content. Normally, they are. I thought this was her best costume. So many other dancers are just exceptional. It was a good performance from Drew Cary, I thought. Probably the one person more of Nene’s caliber.

    I record everything! No live viewing, no commercials, FF a lot. Recorded The Voice and DWTS at same time. Recorded late showing of RHOBH. The Voice is yet to be viewed. I have another DVR on another TV that gets programmed if I need it. I set up programming about a week in advance. Do not have to worry I’ll forget. I know my weird, late viewing scheduled is not doable for timely blogging. I often am only 15 minutes behind everyone else on the one I choose to watch first.

  19. Ashley

    I think Nene did good but the other celebs were better this week.

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