Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: With Friends Like These

RHOA Nene Mexico

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It is very telling that the title of this episode, With Friends Like These, refers to Cynthia realizing that her friends contract with Nene is essentially null and void. Nene gets the episode on disk the week it airs and this likely prompted her recent comments about “friends” and people “diminishing her character.” Nene cannot stand getting “the bad edit” and this season has been a doozy for her in that regard.

The show begins in Mexico where their last evening is coming to a close. Peter and Gregg are bumping heads a little bit when the women arrive. Nene sticks her nose smack in the middle of the men’s business and tells Peter that he needs to keep his nose out of women’s business. #hypocrite While I realize that Peter does tend to be a bit gossipy at times, in this instance, he is right. He is allowed to have an opinion about Nene’s behavior at Kenya’s charity ball. He kept it to himself until his wife met him in the parking lot. Nene is the one who got into a marital conversation and started puffing up her chest.

Phaedra and Kandi LOL

Back in Atlanta, Kandi and Don Juan sit delusional Porsha down to explain to her that she is not Eddie Levert and will not have her own suite of dressing rooms replete with dozens of hand maidens and a chocolate fountain. She will not be compensated for her mileage driving in from the hinterlands where her ridiculous rental home is located. She will not be receiving top billing over Kandi. She still doesn’t know her character’s name! Rehearsals start that week and so far it appears that no one has assisted her in sounding out the big words in the script. She is the last person to sign her contract and Kandi is handling it well but she and Don Juan both seem to think she needs to get over herself.

We have the dueling scenes between Gregg and Nene and Cynthia and Peter about the argument between Peter and Gregg. Nene is a smartassy bitch in her talking head saying that she did think that Peter was being a bitch. She is wearing the most hideous git up she has ever worn, a mint blue dress that has a should on one side and a black rubber band holding up the other. And the jewelry is garish but not as bad as he bubble gum pink lips. I don’t usually go into so much detail because it will put me behind on getting the blog up, but DAYUM! Are y’all seeing this?  Then her attitude is horrific like she is doing the producers a favor answering their questions. #CuntSatchel

Gregg and Nene seem to think it will all work out and that Cynthia will not hold a grudge and still be her friend.  Cynthia and Peter are not sure they want that friendship to continue.

Kandi goes to her old high school to invite two students to work on Kandi’s play. I’ve never heard of Tri-Cities High School, nor do I know what three cities the name is referring to. Anyway, I love that Kandi always remembers her roots and extends a kind hand to the generation coming up behind her. She really is a class act. With an adult toy line. And twerking little people strippers.

Kenya and Marlo get together to catch up on what happened in Mexico. Kenya says she did not mention a word to Nene about knowing that Nene was on a three-way call with her telling Marlo not to be friends with Kenya. Now I have grown to HATE the dayum telephone, but I didn’t think three-way calling still existed! That’s so high school.  Remember having your friend call someone to talk about you? That never worked out well.  And personally, I could do without Marlo, but given some of the other options and the fact that I came around to liking Kenya (WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT!!!) this season, I suppose I’ll deal with her presence. It’s another stupid scene with Kenya pretending like she wants to have a baby. She has a fake baby like they give wayward high school girls to turn them off of having a baby. Is this scene ridiculous? Yes. Do I believe Kenya wants to/can have a baby? Not one bit. So let’s just look at this as sort of a black version of an I Love Lucy episode and laugh.

RHOA PhaedraYou have to wonder if Willie Watkins is regretting letting Phaedra hand out at his very successful funeral homes considering the fact that so much negative press surrounds Phaedra and Apollo. I’m not sure he is getting the type of free publicity he wanted and frankly, if you are black in Atlanta and die and have enough money, he’s the go to guy for burials anyway. He does seem to really like Phaedra though. Did she just say she is “managing all these companies?” What companies might those be Phaedra?  Phaedra is talking about making sure she smells good and looks good. She might need to work on being good. If you are one of my many new readers, you can read my posts on Apollo’s federal indictments here.

I love, love, love the scenes from Kandi’s play rehearsal. It’s two weeks until the play and Porsha has not shown up. Her understudy is rehearsing. Kandi is such a forgiving person. I just can’t believe she is still having Porsha at her bachelorette party and being supportive of her.  She is not coming to rehearsal and giving more and more days she can’t be there. I stuck up for her when all the stories about her blowing off engagements were in the press here, but now I see the girl has no work ethic at all.

Porsha is partying her ass off and in her talking head she says life is looking up because she “just got the lead in Kandi’s play” and as soon as the contract is negotiated….” MY GOD this woman is a fool. I am so glad she is fired.  It sure looks like Porsha was partying  in this scene when SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HOSTING THIS EVENT! Just when you think she can’t get any stupider? She does.

Time for the showdown between Cynthia and Peter and Nene and Gregg. It’s AWKWARD. Peter says he never calls his friends out of their name or they would not be their friend in the first place. Nene says in her talking head that she didn’t purposely call Peter a bitch, she just calls a spade a spade. And sometimes she can’t take the blame for everything that “NaeNae” does. At the table Nene says  she was in the moment and in that moment she really felt that. She didn’t realize that she called Peter a bitch. Sigh. Nene can never own her mistakes. EVER. Nene says she felt like Peter was acting like a bitch. By the way, everyone else is appropriately dressed. It’s winter. Nene is in a man’s white tee shirt. Sure she probably paid a couple hundred dollars for it, but it is still a plain white tee, and she is wearing a black scarf and a skull cap. Do we really care about her Kmart fashion line? No. No we do not.

Anyway, SOMETHING is always going on with Bravo and the timing of their shows and my DVR cuts off before I can see the last few seconds. I hate how that happens but I can’t add time to the end of all their shows because I tape other things! So someone will have to tell me what the previews for next week were.


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152 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: With Friends Like These

  1. myinfo

    I want to comment but this was a weird eposide in so many ways.

    Kenya with the fake baby was just so weird and dumb.

    Enjoyed all of Kandi’s scenes.

    Cynthia is a punk or someone who is sane and thinks before she talks.

    Nene is unlikable and the lace fronts are getting worst. The RICH B needs to invest in a good weave vs. A wig. Maybe she is bald per Kenya’s comments.

    Greg needs to have a seat.

    Porsha and her lawyer are both lol.

    • Phaedra – Beautiful face, but she chooses clothes that make her look dumpy.

      NaeNae – Lets not fool ourselves, this is the real NeNe

      Porsha – who?

      Cynthia – Always classy, intelligent and mature.

      Kandi – Irritatingly stupid

      Kenya – Gorgeous, smart – maybe a bitch but a real smart one.

  2. Brianna

    Kandi and Cynthia really bug me!! I don’t know it they don’t say things on camea to not come off aggressive or day something theysy regret…but the other cast mates wall all over them. Kandi is starting to look unprofessional by hiring Porsha!! It’s like in school when your friend doesn’t show up to class at all so you fill them in and help them do their homework even though it’s not yours to worry about!! Kandi needs to say something but maybe she’s saving it for the reunion! Cynthia is so quiet it’s strange! Even in the store before Mexico when nene went off on Cynthia for asking about Marlo idk how she could be “friends” with that beast. She makes Cynthia look inept and dull. I wish someone would call me husband a b…. Rip to that brave soul lol.

  3. mimi

    I cringed when NENE called Peter a bitch. Something in me hurt for him especially in front of his wife. I don’t know about Cynthia but there is nothing that would make me keep this type woman around as a friend. Nene is so disrespectful and have no respect for herself or their friendship all in the name of keeping it real. The ironic part of this is that the ones that are quick to keep it real are the ones easily hurt. I can never understand an adult that has no filter, children blurt out their feeling, adults process before speaking. Big difference. Its a shame to have someone at her age continue to disrespect herself really under the pretense of keeping it real. A woman with clearly poor moral, When she stated that during her stripper days that she was not traumatized but rather its was all about the coins. That spoke Volumes about her character. Cynthia, Nene is all about her and she would do whatever it takes to keep those coins. She does not care about your friendship. Keep it moving lady.

  4. Happy lyfe

    TT, next week episode; Porsha finally showed up to rehearsal with Kandi’s stage manager giving her the side-eye about her commitment. Peter and Cynthia are discussing Bar One foreclosing maybe, seems it got heated, but of course they only gave us a teaser. The one thing they previewed that I can’t wait to see is why Kenya was crying about not being able to save someone, I’m hoping its not Velvet, I’m thinking she failed the project baby.

    • vivaladiva831

      I am wondering that too. Have you heard anything Tamara about the dog getting run over or anything? That’s awful, I hope it isn’t about the dog. I have been there and done that, our mailman was man enough to come to our door and let us know he hit our baby, and it about killed me too. I could be going on about nothing, but if that’s what she is crying over I feel terrible for her.

    • I thought maybe her mother. If it’s the fake baby, I’m gonna scream.

      • I knew at once she would kill the fake baby. She got shit to do, she ain’t about having no baby fake or real.

        On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 11:27 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • HannahKingRose

        Of course you’re right about Kenya killing the fake baby. The first thing she did was throw it by its arm into a chair as soon as the lady left. I figured Velvet took the keys used to make the baby stop crying for her chew toy.

      • If it’s not velvet her i am thinking her mother if kenya is cying over the baby doll than i will join in and scream with you…that would be to funny if about the doll…i love that kenya.

      • myinfo

        I was thinking her mother passed away too and she was hoping one day her Mother would claim her.

      • MsJ

        I agree with you, Tamera! lol When she threw it in the chair, poor baby was a goner :(

      • Bravogirl24/7

        I Co-sign what Tamara said.

    • Windingdown

      Happylyfe, I came on here looking to see if it was Velvet, and I have not found anything.. except Kenya left velvet with neighbors for months last year.. not a good mom in deed!

    • I don’t think that NeNe (Nay Nay) can be friends with anyone. She is the most selfish person I’ve ever seen. As for Porsha…Kandi isn’t being kind, she’s being stupid to keep her in her play. If she wants to present a professional and enjoyable play than Porsha needs to go. NO director or producer would put up with those antics unless they were dealing with Mariah or Jennifer or Beyonce. Prosha is none of the above in too many ways too count. I still don’t like Kenya and never know when she is acting or telling the truth.

  5. KReality

    Porsches better find another “beard” job soon because she is too ignorant and unintelligent to survive the entertainment business

    Phaedra once again gets little to no screen time and Apollo gets none

    Love Kandi but she needs to out her foot down every now and then

    Nene: theres no difference between calling someone a b*tch and saying they act like one. I think she told Gregg to start that mess with Peter or else why would he wait til Mexico to get all turned up over it

    Cynthia is gonna start handing mire with Kenya so she can keep her job

    Kenya got a break today from dealing with any of the HW to play with the fake baby after dutily executing all the successful incidents on the show lol she’s doing her job well

    • Windingdown

      Oh KRealty, didn’t you hear? Porsche found a new man, a very rich son of a terrorist

      • Bella

        Not true. The guy said he had never met Porsha and he is dating an actress. Posha made their relationship up and TMZ fell for it.

  6. Boring. Kenya and the doll. Kandi and the school and the “production”, which, btw, looks insufferable. Lots of filler.

    The previews showed Cybthia saying “I choose not to be friends with them” or some such. Maybe I looked away and missed it. But I didn’t hear that in the closet convo. Btw, Cynthia’s closet is just not HW level. It was kinda dark and messy.

    Poor Porsha can’t even dance. That was sad. I did not appreciate her talking head where she intimated that dating a white man would be beneath her, but she’d even consider that. She should be so lucky.

    • Bloggers are supposed to put lots of links to old posts in their blogs so you guys will link to them. I HATE adding links to blogs because I am fucking lazy. But tonight, especially on the Porsha stuff y’all really need to click some links because they go back to what was happening at the time…

      You’re welcome. Please see the tip jar on the right/bottom of your screen. Kidding. Sort of. Not really. :)

      On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 10:17 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • lori

      I had to lol at Phaedra saying it’s a lot of work to make herself smell good. Ewwwww.

    • lori

      @teecee, she did say that in the closet tonight.

    • Bella

      Many white men in Ga say the same thing about none white women though. Just saying.

    • Bella

      “she intimated that dating a white man would be beneath her, but she’d even consider that”.

      That’s what I was responding to. I’m saying that many white men, (my brother, friends and workmates alike) in GA where I lived for several years said the same thing about dating non-white women. So I don’t fault her for having that rationale when it’s the same vice versa.

      • Kenya is a great person she can act very good she always when she’s wrong no one else apologize to her they treat her like a rag doll. Pheadra needs to get boring self off the show she’s crazy always accusing somebody uh a raggedy husband the criminal Apollo

  7. KReality

    Of like to add that kandi once again goes into business with a castmate…first kim then phaedra and we all know how those ended. When is she gonna learn?

  8. diamondgigi

    Wow glad this episode is over. It was a challenge just to watch it. I loved the scenes with Kandi paying it forward was such a good thing. If I never hear/see Nene again would be to soon. Nene is NOT a friend to anyone. At times I really wonder if she LOVES/CARES for Gregg. Cynthia must have seen how hurt her husband was when she failed to have his back during the fray w/Gregg. Women like Cyn really get to me. You can’t always be the peace keep sometimes you have to be the law and bring down the hammer. Porsha poor lil thang she is storyline less and is just all over the place. Kandi may have wanted to do her a favor but her lack of work ethic makes her look “used.” Now as for Kenya and her senseless scenes I just could not get with it at all. That program baby came so out of left field. I though those dolls were used to KEEP you from wanting a baby. Nonetheless, her with that baby only went to show that she DOES not need a child. Far be it for me to say – but from what I saw motherhood is not a good look for her. This has been a long season of Atl. I’m ready for the reunion already. Not looking forward to more foolishness and shenanigans from this bunch. Love me some Don Juan though he has some good one liners.

    • 'TheJam'

      Lmao! I was feeling for Marlo in those moments. She was making so many faces. I’m sure she was thinking…Maybe I should have stuck it out with Nene-this is insane. Cynthia really bothers me that she keeps sticking up for nene against her husband. She actually kind of screamed on him in Mexico and she claimed to have not been on speaking terms with him after the fight with nene in that episode with his birthday party…that’s ridiculous. Cynthia is like rhianna with chris brown – addicted to the abuse. If the cameras were not on, they would still be friends.

      As for the rest of this episode: Boooooooorrrrrrrriiiiiinggg. I mean I love that Kandi gives back, but it’s not entertaining. She gave back for like 20 minutes of the episode. I had to go make a sandwich.

  9. You all don’t think that porsha being cast was a condition of bravo financing the play? Did she actally end up performing? What were her reviews like? How long did the production last? From TT’s article at the time, it sounds like porsha did perform. I would have wagered that she didn’t. The “understudy” was the first choice and porsha was a beard again.

  10. vivaladiva831

    Porsha’s dude from the bar should just bypass her and go out with her sister. “I’m in between phones”…??? Lamest excuse ever.

  11. Gingersnap

    NeNe is talking about NaeNae like she is a complete and separate person that she has no control over. What a shady way to keep from accepting responsibility for being a bitch, unless she has a split personality and I don’t think so.

    I’m not sure what the difference is between being a bitch and acting like a bitch. If someone tells me I’m acting like like a bitch, I suspect I’m going to feel like they called me a bitch. NeNe’s “bitch” theory doesn’t hold water, but nice try. Peter was looking at her like she had two heads (NeNe?/NaeNae?) and Cynthia wasn’t buying the theory either.

    Porsha is so spoiled and immature is hard to watch. I’m glad she got fired too.

    • SnookumsLynn

      trust me…if someone says your acting like a bitch, they are passive aggressivly calling you a bitch – that’s been my experience…

    • Sick of "reality"!

      I think it must really chap Nene’s A$$ that Kenya hit upon the Twirl angle and has been struggling to find her footing ever since the beauty queen came onboard.

      She seems to have settled on a bad Sybil impersonation for her on-going story line with a dose of bi-polar thrown in for kicks with never-ending undercurrents of BITCH and MEANNESS and a hint of DESPERATION.. It’s not entertaining or amusing, more like….appalling!

    • lilk

      @ gingersnap This is why I am in disbelief about nene. Nene wouldnt allow herself nor gregg to be called a b*tch, but she feels it is ok to do it? And her non apology that peter/cyn accepted was more of her bs. Nene said ‘ i apologise if you took offense’ , wtf is that? Nene wouldnt accept that bs non aplogy from anyine. Nene needs to be bounced from the show to humble her ass. She is so arrogant!
      …..and that bs she did when she said ‘nene wasnt here it was naynay who called peter a b*tch’ was stupid.

      • Sick of "reality"!

        Nene/NayNay’s poor impersonation of the schizophrenic Sybil should permanently disqualify her from any acting jobs in the future.

      • Your so right and well put to gather.nene or nay nay was on Arsenio Hall Show laughing like a hyena and about the bravo contract nene should be fired.

      • Are we witnessing Charmain and Frances trying to communicate with each other? They seem to be speaking the same alien language. I checked their IPs they are not the same person. There are actually two of them!

        On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 10:32 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  12. LisaLisaDiva

    OK, other than Kandi’s scenes, this episode was a trip into the Twilight zone. Kenya although messy as hell is looking like the lesser of two evils since NeNe continues to damage her brand (AKA diminishing her money & value) by calling her best friend’s husband a beyotch. Cynthia is a true lady and for those who don’t understand who or how she is, need to respect if a grown woman (let’s face it….doesn’t know how to do habitual ratchetness) chooses to let a man be a man when a ratchet chick calls him out. Peter handled that BS like a real G, a lesser dude would have called NeNe a lot worse than a bitch. Women who hide behind their so called femininity to bully, insult or degrade other people are their own worst enemy. NeNe and Kenya are truly battling for the head chick role on RHOA and even with both of them being ratings gold, the backlash is still more ugly for NeNe. Porsha was played for a buffoon by both of these ladies. They need to hurry up with the reunion cause the unnecessarily stretched out episodes are pure garbage.

  13. Michelle

    Tamara no mention of the Kenya scene when she asks why the baby wasn’t white yet thrashes Porsha for ignorant comments. Also Kenya scenes are not I love Lucy they are pathetic because it’s obvious no one wants to film with her one on one except for Marlo who is thirsty for camera time.

    Cynthia shouldn’t have waited a week to talk to nene about calling her husband out of his name she should have pulled nene aside the same day.

    If nene is going to apologize she should do so and not make excuses makes the apology seem not genuine. Also I find it funny that at the beginning of the season Cynthia and nene were friends so I’m a little confused when these events happened months ago.

    Tamara, have you heard whether or not Marlo was at the reunion.

  14. Angel

    My favorite part of tonight’s show was little Velvet. That pup is so cute with one ear up and one down.

    I think Gregg should have apologized to Peter. I could not tell what he said at dinner, even with volume turned up. That man talks through his teeth. It seemed more like him wanting bygones to be bygones. He actually was acting like he was rolling up his sleeves to spar with Peter in Mexico.

    I am wondering if Porsha is mentally defective, as apposed to not having bothered to comprehend in school.

    looked like Cynthia and Peter had their scenes in their junk room.

    TT, I had similar issue with timing vs DVR being off. Too much crap recorded in front of program and missing ending. My cable company was able to tweak something remotely that gave a measure of improvement, not perfection.

    • Sick of "reality"!

      Closet By Ikea and Walmart….could have done better at Home Depot I think.

    • Angel

      My bad, “opposed”. I did comprehend spelling in grade school, it came to me so easy, I didn’t really believe my Dad when he asked me for a correct spelling when writing a letter. He said he used to be a good speller but forgot with age. I thought right, that doesn’t happen. This is pay back. I know, it’s why we have spell check.

      • Wait until your brain starts making you type know when you mean no and other stupid homophones. I can feel my brain decaying as I sit here…./sigh #OldPeopleProblems

        On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 2:55 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  15. HannahKingRose

    Did anyone else notice Gregg’s comment about not being bothered if a woman called him a bitch. He was again trying to through a little more shade Peter’s way. The reason Gregg wouldn’t mind being called a bitch by a woman is because Nene probably does it to him on a daily basis. Nene for the 2nd time has insinuated herself in a conversation with Peter when he is talking to someone else and still tells him to stay out of women’s bidness. I repeat I don’t care for Peter, but if he was my husband and Nene continued to pull that Neigh-Neigh horseshit and think I would just forgive and forget she could pound sand up her ass.

    • I thought Gregg said if Cynthia called him bitch he would be hurt. Who know what Gregg says half the time. When he delivers the lines Nene tells him, sometimes he gets mixed up.

      On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 11:17 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • O.O

        Bwhahahaha @ gets mixed up and new teefs. Lol!

      • That comment pissed me off so bad.Your wife calls a male friend a bitch and she refuses to apologize and you cosign her refusal to apologize and then you turn around and say you would be hurt if you were in his position… what was Gregg trying to do, get a rise out of Peter to start a showdown?!

      • Sick of "reality"!

        And that hand holding reconciliation scene … How fake was that? And stupid on Cynthia’s part to initite it.

      • Ms1Dimple

        Lmaooooooooooooooooooooooo@ mixed up!

    • HannahKingRose

      Oops ok TT thought Gregg was being a smartass about it. I probably misinterpreted his statement, but I assumed he was saying that meaning being called a bitch by a woman would not bother him. My bad

      • No I just didn’t hear it that way. I don’t know. I watched the same show you did…. I thought he said it would bother him but he probably has new teefs and is hard to understand. :)

        On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 11:36 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • LisaLisaDiva

        new teefs…BAAHAWAAAHAHAAA!!!

      • HannahKingRose

        TT I decided to watch it again. Don’t want to belabor the point, but Gregg’s statement was (with a smile/smirk on his face) that “he would be crushed if Cynthia called him a bitch”. So I still gotta go with my original Gregg being a smartass. He even laughed when Nene told Cynthia to call him a bitch and she did several times.

      • Mari Anne Souza

        I thought Gregg said that he would “be devastated”, by being called a bitch.

    • Just a note…WOMEN bidness…nowhere in the Peter/NeNe exchange were plurals involved. There never are…ever. SMH.

  16. My favorite moment of the night? Eddie Levert singing like a creepy villain from a Scooby Doo episode.

    I lost a ton of respect for Cynthia tonight. There are times to be diplomatic, and there is a time to stop someone dead in their tracks. I don’t care who you are…disrespect my husband. I’ll ask Jesus to turn His back, cuz it’s not gonna be pretty.

    Kandi. How she manages to annoy me and remain likeable is amazing. I heart Don Juan.

    Ken…oh, who cares.

    I really dislike Porscha. I have no patience for dumb girls.

    I wish Phaedra would buy ONE, just one outfit in her correct size.

    NayNay is quite the appropriate nickname for a horse.

    • I was afraid to mention that that person claiming to be Eddie Levert? I ain’t never seen him before…

      On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 11:24 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Nene has been bragging about how much she makes (she makes no where near what she claims)

      A little primer for you all. The reason the CABLE shows have so many reality shows USED to be because they didn’t pay writers, or actors. Now that the shows are so scripted they all have WRITERS which were the people they didn’t want to pay in the first place and they all suck. So now they have to pay the random non actors they picked up from the gutter to work for pennies to embarrass themselves MORE.

      Which puts them in a situation where they are paying actor and writers.

      They are CABLE they can’t afford to do that.

      Reality shows are not reality shows anymore. It would not surprise me in the least if Nene was let go because she is too big for her britches. She seems awfully bitchy now. And if she is no longer on RHOA she will go the way of Jill…. what was her name?

      • Katrina

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Nene was let go. Kenya will be the new headliner.

      • RealitySuxx

        That makes sense to me … and I think it’s about time for Nene to his the road anyway. It’s because of her that Kenya came on…since she was supposed to be going to Hollywood. LMAO

      • Angel

        There is some comfort in thinking much of this is just bad acting from a professional’s bad script. I hated believing there are real people like several in this group.

      • lilk

        I HOPE nene is fired. she is mean and a mess.
        RHOA is her only steady check and I want her to loose it to be humbled.
        Kenya is crazy and she is more than enough to keep RHOA alive.

    • I love this blog, “Laughter is like a medicine. Asking Jesus to turn his back, I am going to use that one!

  17. LisaLisaDiva

    I think its hilarious that anyone thinks Cynthia has the “turn up” gene or capability. She’s been consistent from day one on that point, that’s why people complain that she’s boring all the time. Greg was so off in Mexico, that I started to dislike him for the first time ever. He used to be so admired from the first two seasons, now this whatever the hell he’s turned into after NeNe divorced and remarried him is wack as hell….WTF.

    • I think Greg is a hanger on. What does he really do?

      • Angel

        A “real” man would never put up with Nene’s crap more than a week. I don’t think she could tolerate any kind of relationship that was near the so called 50/50. I would bet her jealous, combative and competitive nature would ruin any normal male/female relationship. Different strokes…

    • Harlyn

      I agree. Cynthia had her one “turnup” moment at the 1st pajama party which resulted in Kandi threatening to “drag” people. As a result, Cynthia has returned to her nature – quiet, subdued and to some, boring.

  18. fatboystruggle

    i am ready for this season to be OVER! it seems so looooonnnngggg. anyway, in the previews for next week, it shows Nene sitting at a table eating (like a cow) with someone (her manager?) when she said she refused to read the script, does anyone think she could be talking about Kandi’s play? it seems to already be cast at this point, but surely Nene isn’t dumb enough to alienate herself even further by dissing an employment opportunity on camera…right?

  19. joker

    Really disappointed in Cynthia and her way of addressing the bitch situation with Nene. No need for violence or swearing but it was so weak. Cynthia likes Nene way more than Nene likes her. I can see Cynthia kissing Nenes ass till the end tho. I’m sure her dream would be a spin off starring her and Nene, kinda Mary and Rhoda-ish. Whoever made the comment about Cynthia s closet was spot on. Junky as hell looking.
    Kandi is just too nice in her treatment of Porsha. Just tell her flat out, she ain’t worthy of what her contract thinks she is. I hope Porsha takes advantage of this gift Kandi gave her and doesn’t let her down.
    Kenya…what in the hell was that all about?

    • LisaLisaDiva

      Cynthia is just not that kind of chick, if she acted out of her character, we all know that would be a sign of her trying to stay on the show. Like all the other desperate ones do…..#Porshagotassfiredthatway.

    • Definitely not a “supermodel” closet. Somehow she always pulls her look together for the show from that junk pile, best dressed on RHOA and she is never label whoring!

      • myinfo

        I could not figure out where she was. What a junkie room. What about her Peter Piper hat. Why was filming in that room?

  20. papa smurf

    Someone needs to show that fool Greg, the clip from the charity ball. I’m getting tired of him & Nene trying to rewrite what transpired in the parking lot. Nene showed her true, hateful, & obnoxious self, on the last night in Mexico. The way she was mugging and carrying on, she is such a class-less clown.The dinner back in Atlanta was all fakery. Cynthia needed to really call her out for her behavior, and not accept that fake ass excuse of “I didn’t realize I called you a bitch, it was Naynay taking over”. Man, I’ll be so glad to see Porsha go, she really has no clue.

    • LisaLisaDiva

      I agree but the reunion (hopefully) will be the end all be all for everybody.Bravo Andy better come with it or the best show of the franchise is going down in the drain like the all the others are doing right now.

  21. CityGirl81

    Porsha is beyond ridiculous. You have demands for your first off broadway stage play? She really is stuck on stupid. As for NeNe, can someone bitch slap her back to reality already? Cynthia is a punk, plain and simple. I wish a heffa would call my man a bitch, no ma’am. I am over Phaedra and I hope she does not return next season.

    • This was not an off Broadway production. It was ✈

      • CityGirl81

        ROFLMAO! True!

      • peachteachr

        Didn’t Kandi say that she was doing the play for the ‘chitlin’ circuit’? Back in the day, that was a group of clubs in South, East Coast, & Midwest that catered to African Americans. I remember when she said it that I didn’t even know that the ‘Chitlin’ Circuit’ was still going strong.

      • I don’t think SHE said that. I think a commenter HERE said that, and it wasn’t meant in a nice way.

        On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 12:49 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Sick of "reality"!

      I know the play got great reviews, has anybody seen any reviews for Porsha’s role?

      • I am over apollo and phedrea the thieves and they lie on kenya woman if she’s not after you man leave her alone before you get something started,first of apollo hangs out with strippers work with that he’s not normal he’s nobody to hold on too please.

  22. NiKki-T

    I read several of the comments but does anybody else besides me find it strange (like one may have a mental issue for real) when a grown woman over the age of 19 plays with the Home Parenting class (high school students will understand) doll? I think at a certain age, playing with dolls are a no-no, with the exception you are entertaining a little girl (cousin, niece, friend’s child, etc). Then the nonsense of Kenya asking why the doll wasn’t white, regardless to being scripted or not that screams “identity problems.” Those who defends this nonsense may want to have a mental evaluation performed soon. I understand why Bravo has to find her people to have scenes with and why the other ladies refuse to film with her unless it’s a group activity.

    The Leakes and The Bailey-Thomas’: It is very unfortunate when a friendship isn’t valued enough to the point where if I disagree with you then it’s not a public ordeal we handle the matter behind close doors. However, I understand it’s reality television. Do it for the cameras? Ne-Ne was wrong to call Peter a bitch or to even say he was acting like a bitch. Greg was wrong to wait until they arrived in Mexico, several weeks later to even mention the matter. With friends you address issues upfront. Cynthia and Peter were not expecting that from The Leakes.

    Phaedra was low key tonight perhaps they should have shown her interacting with her kids because they are adorable in addition with her scene with Mr. Watkins.

    Kandi was great by going back to her high school. Giving back is always encouraging. I’m elated for she and Todd, he seems to be a loving gentleman. I wish them well and lots of babies real quick. lol

    Porsha Lord Porsha! She is not the smartest apple in the bunch and it’s sad to see her this way. Since her first season I have said the same thing, Porsha needs to be in somebody’s school. It appears that being popular and beauty is all she has been taught and knows. During her marriage to Kordell, she should have enrolled in a local community college and after completion then transfer to a major college or university. I am very sure her husband would not have mind her returning to school.

  23. Sick of "reality"!

    Nene’s problem is she thinks she has global rights to BITCH-dom and nobody is allowed to encroach. This whole show is getting boring all around.

    Side note – Kandi is looking magnificent, she’s lost weight and looks like she has a new (good) stylist?

  24. Nee Nee never owns up to being wrong and you Atlanta housewives let her get away with it nee nee ,nay nay oh ever that thang might be at the moment do we care get in her ass she’s not greater than nobody they through that trash box out of “Hollywood ca.them white folks wasn’t having it…and i am so dam hard nee nee won’t be returning to nothing but the set of the Atlanta housewives “ok…….who love you baby.

    • Teerii

      Frances, no disrespect but one question, are you for Real or are you making fun of a show of African-American women? I am strongly suspecting the latter.
      Too many of your comments are following a pattern of remarks making almost no sense.

      • To whom ever this message concern to answer your question i am sick and tired of the Atlanta housewives always getting literally getting away with Dogging Kenya moore and nobody’s taking up for her it’s so sad….and some of my comments I must admit didn’t make any sense because I keep getting cut off and some words are getting squished up what I am saying so I do admit that it didn’t come out right

      • I wannaa know if your writting other poeple on there commets that probably make know sense to as well as me,i am not making fun of anyone i am just saying what i see …
        Now does that make sense.

      • Nope! Where is gigi?

        On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 1:04 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I hope pheadra and apollo doesn’t ripe mr.will walkins,or deceased customers of and take what there relatives put in the caskets for there last farewel…..does this make sense.

      • gigi?

        On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 9:42 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I hate when words get squished up!

        On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 12:54 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  25. Riley

    Let me be clear. Nene IS a BITCH. I’m not saying that she is ACTING like a bitch…but that she IS A BITCH. All of that.double talk was ridiculous. People that act like bitches usually ARE bitches. Her stupid goofy faces and the.long slow suck on her finger made me hate her all the more.
    Porsha…you mindless twit…I too am glad you got fired.
    And Kenya….plan to have a white baby?!? Asking the lady why the baby wasn’t white….well, I.don’t need to or want tonsay anything else about that!

  26. I wonder if Kandi made anything off that play? I didn’t see any meaningful coverage about it before or after. The rehearsal scenes they showed were strange at best. They really added water to the gravy with this episode. BORING.

    • Brewhaha

      The play is said to have done very well. Sold out shows. It is about to be released on DVD and she likely will do very well there too. Smart girl!

    • RealitySuxx

      I too heard it did well. I guess I’m different, I loved the scenes with Kandi, the play, the rehearsals … and I especially love the high school scenes.

    • Sick of "reality"!

      I am glad to see the great reviews. Kandi apparently did a bang-up performance Off Broadway in January. Is there any word on when A Mother’s Love goes on tour?

  27. TT that GIF of Ne-Nay is hysterical. I’m wondering if her hair situation is like Countess Vaughns. Those lace front wigs can take your hair out

  28. myinfo

    Didn’t Kandi say she was thankful that Kenya paid for her trip to Mexico?
    Did I dream that?
    What a big lie.

    • Teerii

      I believe Kenya footed some of the bill or maybe each person is given a budget from which to sponsor trips? I heard Kenya say she paid for NeNe’s suite which would make sense ,since Kenya’s suite was the same luxury level suite. I thought maybe Kenya upgraded NeNe’s suite to “make nice with her”.

      • Bravo pays for the trips for everyone. The person “planning” the trip is selected by Bravo. They neither plan nor pay for the trip.

        On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 11:32 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  29. N Dot

    I am so disappointed to know that I am the only one who noticed that Nene has expanded her vocabulary to include the term ‘nonetheless’. She said it twice.

  30. kym

    “still a plain white tee, and she is wearing a black scarf and a skull cap” – Now we can see when Marlo is missing- …LOL!
    Porsche – I can’t wait say anymore than you did…I can’t wait for the reunion.

  31. gigi

    this episode was dry and warmed over. the only good laugh i got was when NeNe said she can’t control NayNay…. that girl is too funny! lol!! #teamnene

    Keyna’s white doll comment was very telling as well… poor girl.

    • O.O

      I think her saying “why isn’t the baby white”,was her trying to be funny,but the joke fell flat.
      Either way why does that statement/ joke have to be analyzed?

      • Brianna

        I agree Kenya doesn’t take herself too seriously so it was just a bad joke. I think it also may have been a tactful way of her throwing shade at the lady for assuming the baby would be so dark! Haha the lady threw shade right back and Kenya laughed it off! I liked that scene.

      • I think it was a joke too and the poor white lady was afraid to laugh, or go there at all….

        On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 12:34 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Gigi…i so agree with you !!! #TEAMNENE

  32. I so desperately want to like Kenya, and every time I think I’m beginning to like her, she does something that proves she’s too shady for me. Prime example – the 3-way call. Isn’t she always claiming she’s too grown to behave like the other ladies? Last time I did the 3-way call trick I was in middle school.

    I have to agree with Nene that Peter is trying too hard to be on the show. Almost every confrontation he’s had should have come from his wife…you know, the actual Housewife.

    What ever happened to Phaedea’s stun gun line?

    And I continue to be impressed by Kandi.

  33. LoLo

    I was so disappointed that Cynthia let NeNe and Greg off so easy with the BITCH statement. Its very apparent that Cynthia does not have a backbone and at this point will never have one…smh. I don’t think Peter is feeling them anymore but just going along with the tide of the show. I do to believe that friendship will last. No other husband/wife on the show would have let that Bitch statement slide…Greg and NeNe know that Cynthia and Peter are vulnerable right now. financially they just can not afford to stir any pots and lose income…Yes, I concur with the title..with friends like these!!!…

    Kenya with the why the baby is not white statement was too much. Are you kidding me? She also showed her true “baby” colors when she threw the baby in the chair after the consoler left. I agree with you TT she definitely isn’t in the market for having a baby. So she needs to let that stupid storyline go…

    I used to feel so embarrassed and sorry for Porsha, but now I realize she is a 11 year old in a 30 year olds body. I immaturity and non common sense is just too painful to watch. And the I’m in between phones line??!! Please Bravo…no more of Porsha.

    Kandi has a kind heart…good things will continue to come her way.’

    Phaedra probably was probably too embarrass to film with anyone but the Funeral Director after the Apollo arrest. I can’t wait to see how she holds up on the reunion show. I know she will immediately say she can not discuss anything about an ongoing case since they got the court date deferred to after the reunion show…LOL.

    I laughed and Laughed and Laughed when they showed NeNe telling her manager that she didn’t read the script…so now she is so big that she can turn down roles….I’ll be interested to find out what it was she turned down. Also I learned years ago not to talk with your mouth full of food. It was very unbecoming.

    I think Kenya was probably crying about her dog? I can’t see her crying like that over her mother…especially when she made the statement that she wasn’t there to protect her…I’m thinking velvet.

    Cynthia and Peter’s money problems are nothing new…ever since the wedding been the same story with them.

    I’m ready for the reunion shows…this season was too long

    • It’s the longest season ever with 26 episodes! That was 20. 3 more reg and 3 reunions. These people got paid this season!

      On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 2:08 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Katrina

      Peter has never liked Nene, he just tolerates her for Cynthia. Nesxt season, they will probably be hanging out with kandi and Todd.

    • lilk

      __Phaedra probably was probably too embarrass to film with anyone but the Funeral Director after the Apollo arrest. I can’t wait to see how she holds up on the reunion show. I know she will immediately say she can not discuss anything about an ongoing case since they got the court date deferred to after the reunion show…LOL.__

      @lolo this was filmed last year. apollo was just recently arrested on 24 january 2014. was RHOA filming the next season when he was arrested ?
      i think bravo needs a few months to edit so that is why the show is always a few months behnd.

  34. Tai

    Hey Tamara have you heard the 911 tape from Kenya? She doesn’t come across like she really need the police. More of wanting the incident on record. With that said last night RHOA I could have did with out seeing but it is one of my guilty pleasures.

  35. Cassie

    Kenya should have called the police and pressed charges. Evidently she did not because Porsha was living it up at the parties over the weekend. I am beginning to think that maybe Kenya should leave the show because they really just don’t like her and surely that has to mess with her mind just a little. Rejection after rejection is a lot to handle. Her auntie does not seem to approve of all her dramatics. When I watch, WWHL, Andy even looks at her as if he can’t stand her. I don’t believe she dislikes any of them. It just seems like to me, that she lashes out when someone comes for her, only difference in Kenya and Nene is that they will forgive Nene for her transgressions. I would so miss her talking points, she just makes me laugh out loud. Kandi is a real friend, she saw something in Porsha that apparently no one else did. Porsha was right to get an attorney, that is how negotiations goes, you put down what you want then you hash out and come to a conclusion on what you can actually have. You see Kandi is making a DVD of the play and a CD with the music where will all those proceeds go even though Kandi and Todd probably took all the risk, surely bravo did not take that on. Remember, things did not go well with Lawrence , Kim and the people on Kandi factory were complaining also. Although, Kim made out like a bandit. Maybe with Kandi’s guidance Porsha might be able to extend her 15 minutes of fame. I hope Velvet is ok surely she would not cry over a baby doll. It’s amazing that Greg can speak but Peter can’t. Kenya should have read him when he said it was the party she f____ed up. All she had to do was remind him of what happened later that he was involved in not once but twice. Brandon and Kandi.

    • Teerii

      Kenya is a champion winner, my dear. You have to be, in order to enter ,stay in and win one of the most coveted Beauty titles in America. Kenya cut her sensitivity teeth on bricks. The so-called drama these small town girls bring might be irritating but at the end of the day doesn’t register on Kenya’s radar.

      In the world Kenya comes from She’s heard it all, racial slurs, hateful remarks, peanut gallery background noise. Nothing these girls can say will stop Kenya Moore from achieving what she sets out to do.

      And as far as Andy is concern, he knows who Kenya is that’s why they hired her. As you should know by now.,Ms K. took home the awards again, Two of them. Twirl Kenya Twirl!!!!

  36. Aaron

    If you have comcast/xfinity, there’s an option to DVR your shows before and after their scheduled recording time, i.e. if a show ends at 10 you can set it to stop recording at 10:05. Just check your DVR settings.

  37. khintx

    I just don’t understand in what world “I’m sorry, it wasn’t me, it was my split personality” constitutes an adequate apology. kh

  38. stevod

    Just stopped by to say…I’ve been watching reruns of season 4 recently and I’ve just noticed that Nene wore the elastic mint dress thing then in interviews as well. I guess she likes it lol.

  39. stevod

    Also on that note…Apollo’s backpack makes a couple of appearances in season 4.

  40. Chris

    I am so sorry about Velvet

  41. on court documents the feds are waiting for apollo to name the master mind behine his manu business’wife fake pheadra was always bragging about renting dozens of mail boxs from ups and apollo purchased lots of government checks for his fraudulent businesses

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