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Hello ROss

Not too long ago, Brandi Glanville appeared on Hello Ross! and as usual got a bit reckless with her mouth. Lisa Vanderpump has been laying low and out of the press, but said she had to come when Ross summoned her to his couch.  Ross is beyond thrilled with himself to be the only interview Lisa is giving about the world’s most trivial reunion.

Ross asks why everyone is coming for Lisa this season. Lisa says they have just been beating her up for seven weeks now and to be honest, she can’t even watch the show anymore. He asks her if there is anyone on the cast she still talks to…she says Joyce and Carlton. So perhaps they will be back after all? Or maybe they are all leaving together?  Lisa says Brandi is incarcerated now….working on Celebrity Apprentice.


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Ross says that Brandi was on his show recently. Lisa interrupts to ask where she was sitting. He replied, right where you are! And she jokingly moves over a bit. Ross said he did have to ask her if she was fucking nuts? Lisa replied, “Why would you even have to ask that question?”

Ross says, so what is going on with the feud? Lisa says, “There is so much out there, she said I filed for bankruptcy, which I didn’t. You can say anything about anyone and then you just have to keep defending yourself.”  Lisa says it is really, really, irritating. Ross asks, “She says false things?”  Lisa is like YEAH! I haven’t filed for bankruptcy yet!

Ross asks, “People are asking if you are coming back. Are you going to go back to that kind of shit storm?” Lisa says, “Right now I’d rather go in the ring with Mike Tyson for five, make that 25 rounds.” Ross asks if there is anyone she doesn’t want to come back. Is there anyone she is saying I won’t come back if she is there?  Lisa gives a grin and says, “Oh you naughty boy!”  Then she leans over and asks him who she wants him to say. GREAT deflection of the question.

Ross says he doesn’t want her to say anyone, he just wants her happy and on the show. He asks again, “Under what conditions would you come back?” She replies, “How much money have you got?” And that ladies and gentleman is your answer. Lisa is always the last one to negotiate a contract in Beverly Hills. Unlike Nene who starts blustering about being the star of the show and no one watching it anymore if she left,  Lisa simply sits and waits and drops little hints in her blog that she is growing weary of all the bashing.

But she follows up saying, the show has become a bitchfest and she didn’t sign up for that. She continued, “I’m not going to put them down. They’ve done their round of talk shows putting me down, I’m not going to do that, they can do that themselves. ”

NEWSFLASH about the Lady Gaga video.  Lisa turned Lady Gaga down when she asked her because she was not in a great place with the women. So Lady Gaga called Lisa directly and Lisa said she would need Giggy there and she said okay. She cleverly leaves out the part about not having Brandi there. She has mad praise for Gaga’s talents at such a young age.

Lisa is currently busy hiring the waitstaff for PUMP. It must be rough interviewing gorgeous gay men all day. Ross says he has his own topless male waitstaff and two topless 400lb men come out to serve Lisa’s new Sangria.

Off Topic: Ross has a cute little show. Tamar Braxton is batshit crazy.


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32 responses to “Lisa Vanderpump on Hello Ross!

  1. Thanks for the great recap, Tamara. I hope Lisa comes back, because she and her family are the only reason I watch.

    • Bravogirl24/7

      Tamara, your last sentence was such a tease. Did I miss something, when, what’s up with Tamar ? Was she on the couch with Ross? On Lisa. I love her respect her, i hate that dog!

  2. TT: thanks for recapping – I wasn’t able to watch the show. Sounds like it was a fun interview.

  3. puppylove

    If Lisa doesn’t come back I have no interest in watching those backstabbers
    do there dirty work. Joyce and Carlton to my surprise seem to be decent people. I have no use for the others. They will put Lisa down every time they have a chance. On the flip side of that Lisa Does NOT put them down no matter how much she may dislike them. That my friends is what you call CLASS. Lisa has it, four of them don’t . Meaning Yolanda, Kyle, Kim, and first and foremost Brandi. Brandi does and says things she knows are wrong, does it anyway and thinks all she has to do is say I am sorry. That works one or two or even three times. I have lost count of how many times she keeps trying this poor little me gig. She has no use for Lisa, because now she has attached herself at the hip to Yolanda. I think that is very clear.
    I used to, or should I say I tried to like Yo because of David. I admire David’s musical work, But I have to say Yolanda is right up there with Brandi for being a B@#%*. She became close to the wrong bunch and will fall because of it. She has no class either. She can’t get that through marriage. If you notice the classless ones have little to no education either.

  4. Riley

    That Lisa Vanderpump…the classiest one of all.
    And yes…Tamar Braxton…definitely batshit crazy!
    As always thanks to T for bringing us the hits. They just keep on a coming.

  5. MaggieG

    I’m not saying that Lisa can’t use humor to disguise comments that cut to the bone; nor that she’s as ambitious as the rest to exploit the Bravo forum in order to best promote herself & her businesses. I agree that she’s skilled & intelligent at manipulating circumstances to her advantage. All these traits that her detractors use to reduce her to Brandi’s or Kyle’s or Kim’s level are exactly the characteristics that differentiate her from them & their clumsy machinations. Yes, Lisa isn’t perfect (I’m so tired of people stating the obvious, as if anyone, anywhere ever is/was perfect). So what? I just like her style, imperfections included.

    • puppylove

      Here, here. Well Said

    • Vanessa W

      I saw the interview and I loved it I love Ross and lisa it was cute. I agree that I definitely don’t think lisa is perfect, she can be just as snarky and bitchy, but she is so good at it and she does it where I think it comes off as funny. Also I don’t think lisa claimed to be perfect the others are just using that against her because THEY think that she is. At the end of the day I think lisa knows when to walk away and having the others gang up on her for no reason makes me just like/root for her more. That being said I honestly can’t imagine a season 5 with this crew. It will be interesting.

      P.s has there ever been a franchise where ganging up on one person did work out ?

  6. Angel

    I agree precisely with what each of you 4 and T said. I like Ross, I saw him on a home redecorating show, he was controlling, and bat shit crazy.

  7. Belinda

    I was channel surfing and came across some woman singing. It was so-o-o
    bad that I lingered to try to find out who it was……..Tamar Braxton !

  8. I get a kick out of the fact that she turned down participating Gag’s video until Gaga telephoned her. And what can I say about Giggy – love, love, love him!
    RHOBH has been so awful this year, I’m not sure why she would want to return. However, I’m not sure anyone would tune in just to watch Yolanda, Brandi, Kim, and Kyle pretend to be besties (like that ridiculous scene where they are dancing through the streets in Puerto Rico).

  9. sequoia

    Do I detect another spin off called “VanderPUMP Rules!

  10. sequoia

    it was a joke.

  11. BananaBug

    Tamar B. IS “bat-shit” crazy! She needs a man. Not a good man . . . . anyone’s useless man!

    • Apollo might be available, she’ll just have to settle for visitation for a bit.

    • SnookumsLynn

      Tamar is married to the big man Vincent Herbert…supposedly he’s a manager or producer of Gaga’s and worth boocooo bucks…but recently I’ve heard he may have IRS issues…but she’s got a man…she’s just crazy

    • MomofAJ

      Tamar has a husband, one that is quite respectable in his own right. Vince used to manage Toni and has an extensive list of clients. Lady Gaga is on that list.

  12. Lisa Adcox

    Great interview.Again Lisa is a bigger person by not sitting there bad mouthing the other ladies like they have done to her.

  13. Valerie

    Lisa’s “friends” have decided that their lives are crappy because of Lisa and to some degree Ken. They give her all the power when they do that. She’s basically in control of their misery levels I guess. I didn’t really see Lisa being able to keep Brandi off the show next season, but if it worked with Gaga, who knows? I keep telling anyone that seems interested that I think Carlton and Joyce should be given another year, so maybe Lisa can make that happen too. The only one that I find I can’t watch is Kim, drunk or sober. Someone (besides Lisa) needs to dismiss her, the poor dear.

    • If we could see more “real” Carlton, like the scene in Lisa’s closet and at the event standing up to Brandi, then I’m all for it. Love Joyce and definitely want her back.

      • Valerie

        I’d rather watch Carlton than, Yolanda, Kyle, Kim and occasionally Brandi. I get a kick out of her even when she’s all angry.

  14. Sosueme

    I got hooked on RHBH for the houses, closets & clothing porn. Wonderfully shallow & delicious. Just can’t watch/listen to shrill (mean) grown women air their petty petty peeves – way too much nasty. Bring back the “everything should be diamonds & rose –darling.” That’s the lovely indulgent escapism I need in my own far too real life.

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