Nene Leakes Begins Her Yearly Cry For Attention As Contract Time Arrives!


Nene Friends

It’s that time of year again, boys and girls. It’s RHOA contract season in the ATL and just like clockwork, Nene is pretending that she might not re-sign. Oh how I wish it were true but we’ve been down this road many times before and it always ends with her signing whatever Bravo tells her to sign.

Usually, Nene tries to make it seem like she has so many other opportunities she’s just not sure she can fit RHOA into her busy schedule. But not this time. This time she is talking about her morals. Stop. I am serious. Let’s take a look at what she is saying…


In life we never lose friends! We only find out who the true ones are

Nene seems to feel like she has lost a friend. You know how you lose friends, Nene? You call their husband a little bitch on national television. You keep right on talking trying to emasculate him publicly. You sic your rapidly aging lap dog on your friends husband to confront him, when you were very clearly in the wrong. You also lose friends by attempting to strangle them on tour buses. You lose friends by going behind their back and trying to steal their appearance gigs. Gigs they so desperately need to put cheese sandwiches on the table and blow up mattresses on their kid’s bedroom floor.  You lose friends by telling them who they can and cannot be friends with. You lose friends by setting them up to be your patsy and have them take the fall for doing your evil bidding. There are all sorts of ways to lose friends, Nene and you’ve done them all time and time again.

I no longer want 2 b a part of something where u r constantly talked down 2 & ur character being diminished! No amount of money is worth it

I can’t believe you even typed that, not just because I am not sure you even know the meaning of the words “character” or “diminished” (although that is suspicious ). No, it’s the sheer hypocrisy of the entire situation. For six seasons you have been acting like you are so much better than everyone else. There has never been a single episode when you were not degrading someone’s character. Not a single one. You are too good to associate with your cast mates, your twitter followers, your deluded fans, pretty much the entire world is beneath you.

It sounds like Kenya must have gotten to you at the reunion. Perhaps Cynthia got to you as well.  I doubt anyone diminished your character. But it sounds like someone took you down a few pegs, or maybe knocked you off your high horse.

Or maybe I am reading this all wrong, and you are preparing to quit DWTS as I predicted weeks ago.

Which do you guys think it is? It’s the right week for her RHOA antics, but then again, DWTS is notorious for not pampering ther “stars” and treating them badly on purpose to get a reaction. It really could go either way.


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91 responses to “Nene Leakes Begins Her Yearly Cry For Attention As Contract Time Arrives!

  1. Alice

    I wondered if you saw the comment that was deleted, came here and there is was! Excellent job as always, thanks for bringing me back for more :) I am thinking it is about RHOA only because of the follow up about friends. She doesn’t have friends on DWTS that would warrant such anger, but with her it’s pretty easy to get riled up. I’ve been waiting for your prediction to come true, kind of surprised it hasn’t yet!

  2. NeNe + morals = oxymoron. Oh wait, I’m overdoing the “oxymoron” thing, kind of like the “cleary I am an idiot” thing. She’s obviously working it to get a $$$$ raise to continue. Isn’t RHOA her only steady gig?

  3. JustasIam

    I am just cracking up over your read! I’ve got to learn that I can’t drink a beverage and read your blog at the same time. I almost messed up my screen. You kill me!!! She’s not quiting either one. She needs them coins.

  4. Xanadude

    She’s trying to do a Nene version of Lisa Vanderpump’s recent PR swing and it isn’t working.

    • Lisa’s PR swing may not be working. Could explain why Andy wasn’t supportive during the reunion. That aside, I think NeNe is upset about Ms. Kenya Moore. Maybe a contest to see who reigns supreme in the ATL?

  5. Angel

    I do not know what she is really campaiging for or against. Nene just infuriates me. She is one of those perfect examples of “the pot calling the kettle black”. Whatever she rants about other people doing, she is usually a biggest offender of the same issue. In any case, she desperately wants attention. She probably got some shade at the reunion plus has read some unflattering DWTS comments. This woman with stripping, mug shots and who knows what else in her past, plus being a fool in front of the world for 6 years or so, just cannot handle criticism.

    • Well, stripping, mug shots, who knows what else, and being a fool in front of the world sort of defines Real Housewives. Don’t forget to add in a dash of chronic Lyme, depression, and substance abuse, followed by a pinch of allegations of spousal cheating and putting tabloids in a suitcase.

    • “She is one of those perfect examples of “the pot calling the kettle black”. Whatever she rants about other people doing, she is usually a biggest offender of the same issue.” THIS… ALL OF IT! I used to like Nene but her fame has blown up her head completely. The fact that she has simpletons willing to be her lap dogs and do her bidding namely Greg and Porsha as well as her delusional fans blowing her head on twitter she has become too much. I’m hoping she has been knocked off her high horse.

      • Katiedid

        You are so right about the lap dog comment and Greg, a couple episodes ago he was drinking out of a mug that looked like a toilet. The things people do for money!!!!

  6. Nene should get on her knees and thank Jesus that a homely, not-very-bright woman with a Donald Trump wig is making the highest housewives salary and STFU. What is her talent exactly? She has none. She may be the luckiest person on television. And Fire Marshall Bill called and he wants his teeth back.

  7. Child, you said it all…..clearly she’s looking for an edge, just like Lisa V who’s also threatening to quit…..but won’t. She needs the exposure for her restaurant venues…and NeNe need the coins to keep Porky, ie her man in designer pig duds….she ain’t going no where, she just ain’t got the friends anymore because everyone is tired of NeNe…bye boo, its been nice.

  8. JustasIam

    TT do you think Andy was trying to send a message to NeNe and the girls, by having Kim and Sheree’ on WWHL this close to contract negotiations? Those two are unemployed and would be willing to take a slot. Then we could see Chateau Sheree’ brought back from forclosure. We could see Kim struggle with all those kids and Kroy rehabilitate and find work.

    • I doubt it. But that whole WWHL was weird. Kim is filming her spin-off and for season 3 still. I’m not even sure if Andy is the decision maker anymore…

    • CocoTalks

      RHOA ratings this season were the highest they have ever been in any housewife history I believe. I doubt they are going to want to do much to shake up that cast at all

      • I agree. I know “people” were saying Porsha was on the chopping block, but I never believed that. I doubt there were any plans in place to get rid of anyone. I think Porsha was fired less for the violent act and more for the mental instability that occurred during filming. She has been through a lot in her personal life and the stress of the reunion apparently caused her to snap.

        On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 10:57 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • papa smurf

        I’m sorry, did I miss something? Has Phaedra been officially fired from Bravo?

      • lori

        No, she meant to say Porscha.

    • Kroy will be back playing football this upcoming season the guy has a $25 million contract. But I sure wish she had her own show cause I would love to see the all those kids.

      • Nothing in the comment above is true. The salary is wrong and it remains to be seen if he will play this season. Or where.

        On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 9:56 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  9. O.O

    Well TT now that you’ve said she’s preparing to quit ( because I know she’s reading this ) she won’t .
    As long as Kenya is on housewives I don’t think she will quit. It’ll be very interesting now that she has no allies . Monique/ mynique and everyone else she’s tried to bring on this season was a fail . Oh I forgot she still has Greg.

  10. myinfo

    1. The comments on DWTS FB page are 70 percent negative.
    2. RHOA FB posts and any site she does not controll have TONS of neg. Comments.
    3. Kenya and I guess Sheree too are the only HW’s that are willing to take her down.
    4. Kenya just does not care and has gone after Nene non stop.
    5. Marlo and Kenya probably helped get her mugs shots out just in neck of time as she is looking for votes on DWTS.
    6. Cynthia is over Nene too.
    7. The Production staff on Bravo are over her too. They gave her a big time bad edit.
    8. Kenya told her azz off at the reunion.
    9. Cynthia told her off too during the reunion.
    10. Andy is not protecting her anymore.
    She will be back. She needs the money or is smart enough not to pass on a big paycheck. Also crazy like a fox Kenya is the star of show now.
    Kenya brought the rating this year which has driven her crazy.

  11. I was HOPING you posted a blog on this. I’m so over NeNe on the show, and playing the devil’s advocate, a huge chunk of me hopes she leaves. But regardless of her playing a victim as usual, where the hell else is she going to go? Rather, who in their right mind would ever hire her and pay her like Trump? Doesn’t she like being “rich?” It’s bad enough Porsha got her ass fired (allegedly) after listening to her.

    “You sic your rapidly aging lap dog on your friends husband to confront him, when you were very clearly in the wrong.”

    That’s why I referred to Gregg as “molasses” on Twitter.

    Back to NeNe, lest we not forget how she was judging Kandi right out of the gate. I’ll drag Brandi Glanville in it too, only because they both like to start fires they can’t/refuse to put out.

  12. myinfo

    P. S. I will assume the reunion did not go well for Nene.
    Trump put her enemy Kenya on his show which pissed Nene off.
    I think Bravo Production likes Kenya as she makes their job easy as she goes along with their scripted drama.
    During the show and the reunion I think Nene can feel and tell that Andy and Production no longer care for her.
    I bet they care about Kenya more and she picked this up.
    All the women now have heard that Nene feels they are beneath her.

    • I wouldnt be at all surprised info that Kenya is prouduction’s new fav. The woman gets all the low down and exposes people – she makes good tv and she pulls in ratings ATL didnt have when Nene was viewed the queen the first 3 yrs. So it would be no shock if we hear Kenya getting a nice sized new contract for her efforts the last 2 seasons. That has to upset Nene deeply.

    • Pat

      NeNe blew it at the PJ party. Totally out of control!

    • It’s because Kenya clearly knows reality tv is scripted BS and she treats it as it should be another acting job. This is why production loves her. like you said she goes along with it. Outside the filming on interviews she is extremely professional and relatable.

    • Remember Nene left the Donald Trump abruptly. I doubt Kenya will do that –I am waiting to hear she left DWTS unless they vote her out this week instead.

      • Pete, you appear to be new. We have talked about Kenya’s prospects on CA and the potential for Nene to quit DWTS here extensively.

        I’m not trying to be a bitch but please read the commenting rules here and do a little reading here and get to know the place before you jump in with “facts not in the post” I love to hear your personal opinions, but I don’t want to fact check my commenters.


        On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 10:03 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Little bigs

      No more numbered items? Lol :)

  13. I’m going with Nene being unhappy over what’s going down with RHWOA. She wouldn’t ever burn a bridge in Hollywood. She loves to talk about her acting career while looking down her nose at the other ” wives”. She lacks all self awareness which is part of why she’s so entertaining to watch on RHWOA. But, taking a look at Tamara’s long list of hypocritical foibles, Nene better soften her act or she’s gonna flip from being entertaining to grating.

  14. JMB: Alas, TT doesn’t let me use her TT tokens for adult beverages. I wish….

  15. lori

    Fingers crossed.

  16. syd3

    It just feels … strange … to see so many of my sentiments expressed on this blog site. I initially liked Nene at the show’s onset; Nene and Kim were an entertaining/fun duo. However, when Kim dared to befriend Sheree and stray outside of Nene’s orbit, Nene turned on Kim … and turned hard. I still find it difficult to fantom Nene’s sense of absolute impunity: Nene constantly made fun of Kim’s wigs — and yet wears wigs seemingly every time she is photographed or videotaped; Nene insinuated that Kim had a scandalous past — yet we find out that Nene was a stripper and had problems with the law (actions with which Kim has yet to be associated with). Nene — when ‘found out’ about something out of her past — challenges cast mates, BRAVO production and viewers alike with a big “SO WHAT!” Well, bring it on, Kenya — play antagonist to Nene and keep calling her on her ‘stuff.’ No, Kenya is not perfect — but right now she’s the best we’ve got.

  17. Alexa

    Her delusions are becoming overwhelming. To the point I wish I could show up at the reunion and put her in her place. She’s the biggest hypocrite ever!

  18. RealitySux

    She is ridiculous – and has already deleted the tweet.

  19. Riley

    The bottom line….she ain’t worth no freaking million dollars!

  20. Wampascat

    Well, if she quits, fifteen minutes later everyone will be asking , “Nene who?” Bravo should only wait so long and then offer her half the money.

    • Nene deleted the diminishing her character tweet. Because she reads here. Thus I am blocked from her twitter despite never tweeting her. :)

      On Sat, Mar 29, 2014 at 9:53 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • The Jam

        Frankly, the background politics are more interesting than the show.

      • okay I think you should not be moderated anymore. WTF did you do to piss me off in the first place? :)

      • Tamara, not that I doubt it but how did you find out she read here?

      • They all read here. Trust. But I NEVER EVER tweet a person that I blog about unless I have said something kind about them and even then, it’s not a good idea. I learned with the Shahs not to get to close because it makes it hard to blog objectively (I love or have loved most all the shahs and developed an online friendship with a couple of them). This is why I have decided not to interview anymore.

        So the way I know is as soon as I started blogging positively about Kenya (after dogging her all last season, she blocked me on twitter)

        On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 8:53 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  21. Velli

    I am a giant cunt satchel and Tamara has cast me out of the comment section. Perhaps I should just kill myself.

  22. TT I love your blogs. Nene is just full of it – she is one of those that can dish it out but can not take it. I hope she does leave RHOA .

  23. Dracla Dunning

    As an employer it is too bad that Bravo doesn’t see her second comment and decide to be her fairy godmother and grant her wish. Thoughts are things! By her own admission she is an unhappy employee and an unhappy employee is a nonproductive employee. Bravo needs to let Nene go. She can find her happy elsewhere. Nene is obviously not cracked about being Bravo’s employee and if Bravo has a doubt about her true feeling, it is in black and white up above. That statement is demeaning to Bravo. Through an association with Bravo, Nene, as an uneducated, uncouth town clown has had incredible opportunities she would never have experienced otherwise. Show her the door. Hire a housewife that would be honored to be a part of the cast, assume Nene’s role as a thug and earn a living for a fraction of Nene’s salary. She is proving herself to be a bad investment. Nothing like biting the hand that feeds you.

  24. Urethra Franklin

    Thursday night’s WWHL must have been pretaped since the RHOA reunion was also taped on Thursday. Anyway the guest was designer Isaac Mizrahi and Andy asked him which House Wife would he design something specifically for. Isaac responded a rich one. Andy suggested Lisa Vanderpump, and then Andy also suggested “Nene because she has a lot of money too.” I couldn’t believe Andy put Nene in Lisa V’s category of rich. The timing is interesting since it is contract time. Hmmm.

    • I watched that today. Isaac disappointed me saying he would pay Nene just to hang around. But you know, some gays just love a drag queen (Isaac) or a minstrel show (Andy). But yes WWHL is rarely live anymore. And off the air for a week. Nene made it very clear she put Porsha up to losing her job. My source knew about the preplanning… so who knows if production was involved. I don’t get too many questions but it sounds like Andy may have been very supportive of Kenya.

      On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 12:26 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • grandmalou

        Nene is interesting to everyone, even me as I’ve never felt so close to a complete idiot. Bravo is about that life. They know how to make that money using people with little or no or shall I say diminished character. Politics indeed. Let’s not get swept away with the BS. Nene will stay because she’s knows that game recognizes game. Everybody wins and the fans get to talk about it. She’ll come back as Nay-nay as sure as Bravo comes back with high ratings. This whole brand reeks of desperation and yet we wait in great anticipation. I can’t stand Nene and she banks on this.

  25. joker

    No idea who put out NeNes latest on her mugshots. It says she was arrested 3 more times than she had previously copped to. Maybe 1 was a felony? All three *new*old* charges had something to do with a phone company, I think. Does anyone know anything about those charges?
    I watch RHOA because she makes me laugh. Those faces and sayings she comes up with…I die laughing. I don’t expect much from her as far as fairness or niceness so I don’t mind her when she’s…her.

    • She has a lot of struggles with the law as a very young woman in Athens. I don’t think the particulars matter. It’s the hypocrisy that is important. Gregg and Bryson both have mug shots too. I hate to say it but since she is not educating Brentt and bringing him up to believe life is about accumulating the most toys/shoes they will have a complete mugshot family album eventually.

      On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 12:58 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  26. HeyWig

    Well, Hey Wig Bye Wig. Nene has lost her luster what started as a diamond in the rough is now shown to be a cubic zirconium. She has serious mental issues , but as a viewer her and Kenya’s talking heads are Everything. But she is better than everyone and perfect in her own mind . Im on the fence wether she should go or stay. I don’t wish bad on anyone but Nene made herself a bed as Gay America’s dancing monkey. So without housewives she is done.

  27. Steve

    I LIVE for this post. You had me dying.

    Let’s also not forget how Nene disapproves of how Cynthia raises her super nice daughter at the same time her son is getting arrested and earning himself baby mommas!

    • Valerie

      I had forgotten about that. Cynthia has turned to Kenya for friendship, but can she be any worse of a friend than Nene? I doubt it. And if Kenya takes Peter off Cynthia’s hands, even better!

  28. Barbara

    I really love Nene,but she is on a real high horse this season. She is the HBIC but she is acting so Ratchet this season.I’m just so dissapointed with her. Anyway Tamara I dont post much but I go to your blog 1st every day I just love it and appreciate all you do.

  29. beverly

    Can’t wait to see the reunion. I’m sure Nene got questioned by Andy about her gay bashing of Brandon (I guess that’s his name). Of course she’ll claim to love the gays. I have a feeling she didn’t leave this reunion as HBIC and that’s going to be great.

  30. LoLo

    Thanks for this tea TT….PLEASE NeNe isn’t going anywhere! RHOA is her bread and butter now! After she tweeted this…her and Greg probably thought better and she deleted it quick! She hasn’t invested in anything…not even a home. Smart folks at least make sure they have a roof over their head when they come into any kind of $$$. You can run around getting all the short term gigs they she can…but at the end of the day if you have nothing to show for it…its all for naught! Hollywood is not calling her anymore…how she got the Las Vegas gig would be interesting to know. I’m sure there were other “celebrities” that would have brought in people and $$$.

    I thought at one time she stated she had a pizzeria in CA somewhere..or did the rich boyfriend that she USED scrap that. She has no business sense at all. When she was with THAT guy all she did was showcase all the material things she had him buy her…he was trying to set her up in business….but nooooo she was more interested in rolex watches and jewelry.

    She better hope and pray BRAVO wants her back next season..she is becoming expendable. The only thing she has going for her is that she is the only original HW on the show. That being said…I strongly advise her to buy a home and get settled in for life after…..

  31. The good news, NeNe is a hustler so when she pawns the shoes, bags, and ridiculous wedding gifts, she’ll have seed money to start over. The bad news…she has neither the looks nor the body she had during her prime hustle years. Add the facts that she has limited contacts and brains, I don’t think her ladder is long enough to get her out of the media hole she is in. She better

  32. Guccinara

    Couldn’t have said it better myself and consign your post TT. Bravo just seem to be holding onto her for legacy sake. The show carried on fine w/o sheree and Kim etc and I reckon would get on fine w/o her. It’s clear she is only performing for the paycheque. Even Cynthia who I thought was her best friend on the show is treated like an irritant so theres no real friends interaction including those fake mini shopping visits. Nene doesn’t really bring anything or want to be here and I don’t want her so by mutual agreement girl bye!

  33. LoLo

    Oh she coming to her senses now…BIG TIME..Her mug shots have been out all week…now she tweets that 22 years ago she was lost, scared, trapped and a single mom. She cared enough to change her life. The day before DWTS she wants to address the mugshots..LOL and SMH. Yes…and its contract time too. How does BRAVO feel about one of its so called STARS having mugshots all over the internet on addition to the negative public opinion. She needs to calm down that I’m above everyone routine…I’m sure there were and still is several single moms who felt and feel lost, trapped and scared, but haven’t gotten involved with crime. Life eventually catches up with you and its usually at an inconvenient time…..

    • myinfo

      I know if you Google Nene all the articules are about her mug shots.
      She caused this because her blog was all about Marlo’s past mug shots. This too back fired. LOL

  34. Steve

    You forgot to mention how nene betrayed Lisa.

  35. lilk

    TT How long are the Bravo contracts for RHOA ?
    for the other RH cities ?
    It seems like RHOA just didn contract negotiations.
    Bounce nene honestly, she is rude and mean.

  36. myinfo

    I just thought of this;
    MAYBE some people thought she meant DWTS vs. RHOA.
    She is so dumb. I bet her twitter followers asked if she wanted off DWTS.

  37. Katherine

    Did I miss something?! Did Phaedra get fired?? She will not be missed, she gets on my nerves with her little quips cause they aren’t funny & she tries too hard. I will just be sad I can’t look at Apollo anymore :( he might talk in circles & be a bad boy – I mean criminal – but he sure is nice to look at. I’m trying to go to Atlanta & get some text messages.

  38. Angel

    Nene is tweeting about appearing at another women’s expo. It burns my ass this low life gets paid for these appearances, as if she is an exalted role model. Today she says she made mistakes 22 yrs ago but God helped her. Women fall for her BS, she plays any role for a check. Two years ago, when I first saw ad for her being at one of these, like as a keynote speaker, I did some checking to see what these were. I found some of my State Farm Ins money is paying for her to represent financial empowerment. She is an ignorant, low life, just on a bigger stage than most. She is an insult to truly successful women winning the right way

    I will go back to unfollowing her again. My blood pressure cannot handle this. I wish she would be delusional enough to quit RHOA. I do not care if she might, at times, add to the show. It is so seldom anything positive, that’s not entertainment, to me. The only time you see a smile on her face anymore is when she is happily thinking she is above you, or is trying to manipulate you in some way.

  39. diamondgigi

    Nene is such a hypocrite. In all that yelling and going on with her son Byrson about his run ins with the law NEVER once did she mention her ERRORS of the past. I have my moments when I like her and dislike her on many levels but for that I dislike her even more. I get it no one is perfect and everyone has the ability to turn their life around but in all of this she has never owned up to anything other than being a stripper and at first she only owned up to be a stripper for Gregg. If she thinks what she did to Bryson was keeping it 100 she is so sadly mistaken.

    • I wonder if Nene before she took money from men when she was a stripper asked them if they were married men so she could close her legs and dance moves to them. When I seen those mug shots I was really upset with her that she called her son out for doing the same as she did.
      By the way why did Nene grow up with her aunt and not her own parents in New York?

      • Valerie

        That’s a good question Pete. Of course the answer is many of those men were married. I just want to say I have nothing against strippers, supply and demand and all that stuff (besides I’m from Vegas) it’s the hypocrisy of it all.

  40. SoCalCPA

    Great post. Like many of you, I feel as though she’s not leaving RHOA anytime soon. She has that large tax lien from CA to pay off, she has a lifestyle to uphold — she just cannot be without a steady flow of income. She may have a manager or PR agent helping her to revamp her image, thus her constant need to state that she does not want to slip back into “NayNay” mode.

    Kenya has made for great TV this season. She’s just as funny, if not funnier, than Nene. No matter how crazy she seems, you can tell hat she has a good heart. Phaedra’s screen time seems to be diminishing as we close out the season, too. Interesting. Can’t wait for the reunion!

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