Flipping Out! Zoila Killed Lupe!

Jeff Lewis Colors

I somehow managed to get two episodes behind on Flipping Out. I love this show! I’m not interested in doing a full on recap of the episodes, but I did have a few things I wanted to share with y’all as talking points.

Zoila killed Lupe! I thank that is just fantastic! From the day she arrived, Lupe was trying to get Zoila’s cushy job with benefits like a Mercedes and a full body lift. Don’t come between a woman and her gay best friend bearing gifts. RIP, Lupe.

I’m experiencing some cognitive dissonance over the pleasure I get from watching everyone torture Andrew. I’m usually very upset by one cast member getting psychologically tortured and bullied by their cast mates.  This stance makes me feel all morally superior to the rest of you assholes. This show has cast my moral superiority aside and replaced it with heaping helpings of schadenfreude. I am a bad person.

I still do not like Meagan Weaver or her big beaver.  I also did not find the sommelier to be particularly attractive. Andre in the Paint Cans at Dwell

Grandma is going to get eaten by Lucy. But I say let nature take its course. Circle of life and all that. Grandma will die of a broken heart if they try to take the dog.  Death by dog mauling would probably be less painful. I’m merely keeping Grandma’s best interest in mind here.

I can’t believe Jeff is going to sell Gramercy AGAIN! I love that house and was so glad when they got it back. #overinvested  Why sell it now? I would like to live in the rundown looking greenhouse next door to the beach property Jeff looked at as a possible flip. I’m sure it’s probably a steal at $10 million. Can we set up a beach house fund button?

One of Jeff’s paint colors is pearl bracelet. I remember when he wanted it to be called pearl necklace and his investors refused to allow it. I think really offensive paint color names would have been perfect. His investors clearly don’t understand him. Oh Lord, the head corporate guy, Nick has arrived and wants to see the paint can mascots. Andrew is running around molesting the people attending Dwell and saying very inappropriate (but hysterical) things. The search is on to find Andrew and the little person in the little paint can, but they are out back stealing motorized carts for a joy ride. This is going to be bad. OMG! He actually liked it!

Next week: Jenni goes into labor!


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23 responses to “Flipping Out! Zoila Killed Lupe!

  1. MaggieG

    I enjoyed the assured counterpoint to your argument that you can feel morally superior to the rest of us, especially having read some of your more colorful commentaries; but in a somewhat uneasy way, I get it. Ha!

    Don’t know if it makes sense but I like reading here less for what you say (not that there’s anything wrong with what you say) than how you say it. Good stuff.

    • lol my feelings of moral superiority are generally not because I have such lofty morals but the abject lack of them in some of my commenters. :) You know, not to name any names, *cough* TeeCee *cough*

      On Sat, Mar 29, 2014 at 2:06 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Riley

      I know what you mean. I don’t even watch Flipping Out but am drawn toT and her verbal usage. Like a moth to a flame baby…like a moth to a flame.
      Nobody does it better.

  2. tleighb

    Flipping Out started my Bravo addiction. It is still my favorite hands down.

    • Victoria

      Yes! Flipping out, Tabithas Salon Take Over and Project Runway were my firsts and started my obsession.

      My my my how Bravo (and PR for that matter) have changed and repulsed me. Flipping Out, on the other hand, entertains me to no end. I would LOVE to be Jeff’s junior assistant!

      PS I don’t like Megan either.

  3. Blanca

    There’s so much good stuff on this blog. For example, I went and looked up the term schadenfreude. Then I smiled. :)

  4. Kaleesi

    I love Flipping Out and I missed this episode. Yay, Lupe is gone! What happened?! I love Zoila! If I was rich I would hire a Zoila. Not to clean, I rather enjoy cleaning, just to have her around. I can’t remember Jeff’s boyfriend’s name, but every time Zoila calls him a leetle beetch, I die.

  5. I had a difficult time NOT disliking the paint cans. And then I laughed when Nick cracked a smile as he saw them. They were definitely cuter than they had any right to be!

  6. brillke

    I normally get annoyed with Andrew and was prepared to hate the paint can scene but I loved it! Something about how much fun he was having being so inappropriate and hearing the little paint can laugh as he was his willing accomplice made me smile. When they took the cart for a drive, I couldn’t help but laugh.

    I feel bad for Gage. They were supposed to settled down at Gramercy and start planning their family.

    Jeff’s brother is an idiot for getting grandma such a hyper-active dog. Shelters are full of older lap-dogs. It’s not right that Jeff is having to take care of the problem his brother created.

    Can’t wait to see Jenny’s baby. Jeff is going to spoil that little girl rotten!

  7. I’m a fan of Flipping Out as its closer to reality tv. Lupe missing was funny, Jeff knows he could never replace Zoila. Even with his inappropriate comments ill take Andrew over Megan any day. Gramercy is the best house even better than Valley Oak. I miss Ryan and Chloe also. Thanks for recapping TT, I know it doesn’t garner the comments that RH does.

  8. vivaladiva831

    My favorite quote of Zoila was “sometime to be a manager you got to be a little bitch”. Lol!

  9. Jammie

    @TamraTattles…. Did you see on Jeff’s twitter that he found Lupe?? Proof is in the pudding!!! :-)

  10. The reason you can freely enjoy Andrew being the dupe is because he is deep down a nasty little shit. He’s daft if he can’t see that he can’t compare himself with a seasoned, serious designer. He has a deluded high opinion of himself and also takes every opportunity to shit on everyone else that he can.

    And I DO happen to have morals. If you can’t see that you’re totally retarded. Just because they differ from most people, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The thing about morals is: it’s not where you draw your lines. It’s how well you stick to your own rules. So shove it, mongoloid.

  11. Andrew may be a nasty little shit, but Jeff keeps him on the show. Who is totally reatrded?

  12. ECA

    I love this show with a passion. I wish I could say what Jeff does at my job! I find I also relate to Jeffery on a lot of levels. 😉

  13. Shellbelle

    Best bravo show, hands down! Jeff and his merry band of employees keep me rolling!

  14. Flipping Out is Bravo’s best. As good as it may seem that Jeff found Lupe’ her bring missing was a great story.
    Every office needs a Andrew and who ever said he was mean is right. He is funny too with his emotions out there for all to see.
    Wonder how long before Gage walks out? Seems like the relationship with Jeff is all about Jeff.

  15. Scatty

    I can’t put my finger on why I feel this way, but I LOVE Andrew. I cringe when he gets inappropriate because I’m always afraid he’ll get fired.

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