Exclusive: Porsha Williams Fired From Real Housewives of Atlanta!

Kenya Talking Head 2014

Finally hearing  from sources about the melee at the Real Housewives Reunion yesterday. Before I tell you what I heard, let me tell you a few things about sources. My sources and other Atlanta bloggers sources are most likely not the same people. I don’t know for sure because I don’t reveal mine and they don’t reveal theirs.  So today you will probably hear more than one version of what went down.  Remember after Pajama Brawl 2013 none of people who were there, and who participated, told the same version of what happened. I say all this so you can save your breath when someone else with a good source comes out and says something different.  Remember none of the sources are supposed to be talking and they don’t spill the whole story all the time. More importantly, just like us, the person doing the telling is biased toward one housewife or the other.

So this is what my exclusive source is saying, which isn’t a whole lot. Frankly, I want to hear the play-by-play but my relationship to sources is a delicate balance of getting as much as I can for you guys without pissing off any sources by pestering them for information. RHOA Pagent Wave Kenya

First of all, Nene and Phaedra got together to come at Kenya on the reunion. But two on one was not enough for them. They needed a patsy to take the fall.  When you look up patsy in the dictionary, you will see a large picture of Porsha Williams.  Nene and Phaedra got in Porsha’s ear and got her all riled up about Kenya. Let’s back up a minute. Remember last week when Porsha was on Bethenny?  Bethenny asked her a series of “Would you ever …” questions. One of those questions was “Would you ever slap a housewife?”  Porsha said no, but she does think about slapping Kenya a lot. Perhaps Phaedra saw that and said, “hmmmm I bet I can make that happen…”  I don’t know.  What I do know is that Nene, Phaedra and Porsha were in cahoots to come after Kenya at the reunion. Nene and Phaedra did everything they could to goad Porsha into attacking Kenya on camera.

And it worked.

I asked my sources about sex toys on the stage. That is a complete fabrication. It never happened. Kenya did say disparaging things about Porsha’s marriage and verbally pushed her buttons. But it appeared the attack on Kenya was planned from the start. Nene and Phaedra told  Porsha she needed to turn it up at the reunion to save her job. The reunion is usually the last chance to save your contract if you are in danger of being let go.  So Porsha went big and got physical with Kenya. There was no dragging anyone across a stage.  It was more like middle school slap fight that was immediately stopped. And, here is the tea you have been waiting for…  Porsha was sent home immediately, did not finish the reunion, and  she was fired.

Now I don’t think anyone screamed. “You’re fired! ” like they were Donald Trump, well maybe Kenya did that, who knows? But my sources, indicated that Porsha Williams is no longer employed by Bravo. I still haven’t heard from everyone I could possibly hear from yet, so stay tuned.


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358 responses to “Exclusive: Porsha Williams Fired From Real Housewives of Atlanta!

  1. michelle

    You knew Nene had something to do with it! Poor girl she couldn’t hang with the big dogs.

    • LisaLisaDiva

      Is it me or does everyone else think that NeNe will officially drop Porsha as a “friend”now that Porsha has been fired from RHOA? i didn’t see a real deep friendship bond between them anyway, it looked pretty superficial to me. No hate towards either lady, just sayin.

      • I absolutely agree! There was no genuine friendship there whatsoever, and I expect Porsha won’t be hearing from NeNe again, ever. NeNe got what she wanted from P, Kenya slapped and her own hands clean.

      • charmaine

        I seen this coming from a distance, I tweet Kenya had to tell her be careful with Portia and forget to mention this same exact scen, I don’t know if I have a special gift 99.9 when I tell someone something it all ways happened in a matter of days. sometimes I am afraid to mention how I feel, and what I see, if someone is going to die, arrested , get into confusion or how anyone feels about me or any body, I know and then I smile. I already advice Kenya to sue Portia, teach them a lesson. Every body bitch talk each other, talk all you want the moment one leaves their space an invade another person space, touch, push anything physical towards the other person is attack. No one has the right to do that. This is exactly what Nene wanted Kenya to do at the pillow talk, was to go up to Natalie, fight and get Kenya fired. WHY PLAY WITH GOD, HE IS AMAZING, KENYA DONT NEED TO FIGHT, JUST ASK GOD HE SURELY DELIVERS ALL THE TIME. I just remember I told Kenya, when Apollo got charge months ago watch what will happened to Portia. OK watch what will happen to—————. I ALREADY KNOW

      • Oooh look, TT’s blog has it’s very own psychic!

      • Karma

        Nope i agree with you


      Of course. Everything that goes wrong has to be NeNe’s fault. Even if it isn’t you all will claim it to be and pat each other on your collective asses.
      As NeNe said, Haters gonna Hate. Hello Hater!…WAVE……

      • Please enlighten us on the good qualities Nene displays on RHOA this season. Perhaps we are looking at it all wrong. Help us see what you see…

        On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 11:23 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • well,

      Personally I think Phadrea and Nene set Porsha up to be fired. Why would they want a pretty,in shape single lady hanging their husbands. They set her up for the okey doke, imo….

      • Karma

        I understand what you’re saying however i believe before they got Porsha fired they would want Kenya fired esp phaedra because she doesn’t trust Apollo & Kenya to together & NeNe of course wants 2 be queen B & how dare Kenya befriend Marlo

        now i don’t know why i like NeNe but i do but i won’t make excuses for her I’ll call it how i see it

    • getreal2014

      Porsha is too impressionable and she’s also incapable of thinking clearly. It had to be easy for them to manipulate her, and then acting as if they were on her side. Sorry, those chicks aren’t on anyone’s side but their own. One day, Porsha may see it, but I doubt it.

  2. RVA

    oh Dear! poor porsha.

  3. ScrappieONE

    I knew it couldn’t be true that little Porsha dragged Kenya across the stage… Really, Kenya is build like a stack of bricks, I bet should could take on Peter and Greg at the same time…. She’s solid muscle, no joke…

    • Yeah but wouldn’t it have been great to see? Little P dragging Kenya across a stage by her hair, it sounds like almost beyond Basketball Wives stuff.

      • charmaine

        That’s what you really said, to see another person got attacked. Will you liked your baby don’t matter what age, get attack by some one else? when you have children never wish no evil towards some one else, remember you point one finger , nine are pointing back at you. Think no evil, do no evil

      • Girl bye, this is hypothetically speaking. As Tamara said in the blog, Kenya wasn’t dragged, and the fight wasn’t that bad. What I said was it is entertaining to imagine Porsha dragging Kenya, a girl several inches bigger than her, across a stage by her hair. It did not happen. I did not wish it too happen. Merely the thought of that visually is amusing to me.

      • Yes, it would have been nice. Kenya has an ego as big as her head. I don’t care who takes her down. But karma is a ???. So I can be patient, and she will explode on her own.

      • Amen! As the saying goes, give the girl enough rope and she’ll hang herself.

      • I sure hope Porsha got a significant raise, not fired. Kenya needs to twirl her way off BRAVO. She thinks she’s too “smart” for RHOA.

    • Angel B

      solid muscle can be dragged adrenalin is a motherucker..lol

  4. Taraya Williams

    Porsha is a “toddler.” She could not use her words so she had to resort to childish behavior. I hope it’s true that she was fired because we don’t need another “Love and Hip Hop” show. Physical fighting will bring down the Real Housewives brand and Bravo should make it clear that they won’t allow that to happen.

    • Pam

      Yeah, because RHONJ was cancelled due to fighting and bringing down the brand. Yep, that’s the ticket.

      • kreality

        rhonj has not been canccelled, where did you hear that. they just wrapped up filming for the next season

      • Pam

        Sarcasm. It’s What’s for Dinner?

      • Taraya Williams

        None of the “Housewives” fought on RHONJ. The men don’t count. They aren’t “housewives”!

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        On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 9:08 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Tamara Perras

        Yes! I thought the same thing! And Bravo put that scene up for most dramatic (?) And won!
        Let’s not forget Ashley being charged for attacking Danielle.

      • Don’t leave out the Vanderpump Rules bitch slapping by both boys and girls. I haven’t read all 300+comments, but just in case no one else mentioned it. It is a bit confuzzling why so many other “slaps” have been played and endlessly replayed for publicity by Bravo with no consequences. Me thinks maybe this is one that wasn’t scripted?? Lol, poor dumb Porsha, no one let her in on the scripting secret? She best find a straight (as in not gay) sugar daddy with a quickness, or at least before her $5k boots go out of style.

      • You should probably read the other comments.

        Porsha went mental.

        On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 11:20 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • pfffttt

      There is a difference between a little cat fight (Kim and Sheree wig pull) or a slap like on Miami Housewives… and an all out BRAWL. From the sounds of this TT report, it sounds like Porsha didn’t cross a line that hasn’t been crossed before.

      If she went all Apollo during the reunion, I can understand her getting fired. But this really is unfair IMO.

      • My sources were not very clear on the exact nature of the attack. Just that Porsha attacked Kenya and was quickly carted away. I was told that the dragging by the hair thing was bullshit. Porsha either punched or slapped or elbowed or in some way attacked Kenya. The level of seriousness is not being addressed to me. Yet. Kenya is tweeting away today so clearly she is okay, but I would think for Porsha to get fired she likely did something beyond a slap. But who knows? I’m still talking with people and everyone is pretty closed mouthed. It happened, it was brief and Porsha was removed from the event immediately. That’s all my sources agree on.

        On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 12:59 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • peachteachr

        Really, Porsha needs to be out of the limelight. She needs to spend some time with some books and up her IQ quotient BEFORE she comes back into the public arena.

      • 'TheJam'

        No shade this may be a good thing for her. As far as I can see everything has been going downhill for her since she got on the show. Now she’s slapping people and getting implants? She’s too easily corrupted.

      • charmaine

        Are the whole 3 hours of reunion recorded. I heard Portia was pulling on Kenya hair, maybe she think Kenya was wearing naked, she is a mule combi of Nene and Fakedra. Kenya need to slap her with 2-3 mill, law suit donate some of it to bullying foundation. I already send Kenya law firm in NY waiting to represent her. If it was kenya attacking any one off them they will file faster that light. Nene treatend to sue Kenya when she pulled her earlobe right. I am physically giving the attorney Kenya info to sue Portia. Darm right

      • As soon as I get done with reading all the comments, you are my first stop to block. I’m sorry, I have no idea what all those letters and words are supposed to come together to mean… Is it English? Swedish? Some mixture of Alien languages? IDGI

        On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 9:50 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • So not only is Charmaine a psychic she’s now an insider too? With info to give an attorney? Can I laugh now or should we start a fund for her med refill?

      • Is she speaking in tongues and y’all have the ability to convert her gibberish to English? Because I can’t make heads or tails of what she is saying….

        On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 11:03 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Angela

        If Portia was truly fired, I’m pretty sure she’s filing a lawsuit as we speak. Because Jacqueline, Chris, and Joe assaulted someone and had an all out brawl but they were not fired on the spot. Jacqueline was a housewife and she continued filming including the reunion. So there appears to be a bit of unfairness here.

      • The housewives work on a year long contract. The reunion is the final requirement of the contract. New contracts are offered or not after the reunion films. She can’t sue anyone. She simply is not receiving a new contract this season. You can not get another offer for any reason. Boring, Crazy, difficult to work with, ugly hair cut. it doesn’t matter.

        On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 4:07 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Mia

      I agree! That’s the reason I don’t watch those shows. Use ur words, ain’t nobody got time for that street mess.

      Good riddance, hopefully she’ll go back to St.Olaf with all the other dummies.

    • Mia

      I agree! That’s the reason I don’t watch those shows. Use ur words, ain’t nobody got time for that street mess.

      Good riddance, hopefully she’ll go back to St.Olaf with all the other dummies.

    • I will say bravo are being a tiny bit hypocritical. Bravo was grand when these fights happened on the show, that was bound to get brought into the reunion. Now something actually physical occur they are making excuses for a lack of security. I think Porsha was doomed with or without the fight.

    • 'TheJam'

      Yaaaaas! I’m happy to hear this, this is exactly what needs to happen! RHOA’s brand could not recover from allowing that to live on air especially with all of the fighting and drama that went on this season. Carlos King would have to put on a dress and call himself Mona Young. That fight didn’t seem like Porsha. tbh except for the allusions to her husband being gay ( which was really goofy) she usually carried herself very well in interviews on the subject of her marriage both as a wife and as an ex-wife. So I’m not surprised to hear people put her up to it. She’s a dummy for not realizing that she would lose her job and she’s a dummy for letting people use her.

      • charmaine

        Since last reunion Fakedra has been calling Kenya names, also Portia has been calling Kenya names and bich talk with Nene and Phadra so now Kenya words sting and stay she reacting, you dish she shoud receive,

      • The Jam

        @charmaine, are you responding to this blog on your phone? I had to read that three times, but I get it…i think.

  5. Mimsy

    Out of all the stories I have read, this one seems the most plausible. I found it VERY hard to believe that #1 athletic Kenya would let the dummy..I mean Porscha to literally drag her across a stage. Second Bravo is not Vh1. There is no way that everyone would just sit and watch that happen. No way. Porscha is an idiot if she believed anything that HeNe and Fakedrae said to her. I hope she did get fired. Her storyline was BORING!

    Sidebar: This season has turned my feelings around on Kenya. I can say I honestly like her now. Especially after that conversation with Apollo where he basically admitted to making it all up. Fakedrae really needs to take stock and see the light. Until then, anything she says is irrelevant.

    • ScrappieONE

      Completely agree with your whole statement. I too have begun to like Kenya more this season, I think she is putting them all on blast with her digs and sets them all up to hang themselves… It’s great! :)

      • With you on that one ScrappieONE! Kenya has figured out how to handle these women – let their own words and actions expose who they are. She brings high camp but you can see there’s a mind there, a savvy if not a full on intellect. phaedra has some of those talents too but in order to keep her criminal bent hidden, she’s put on this veneer that comes across as false and shady. Not surprised at her joining Nene in this kind of action because that’s part of her MO. She/appollo/his bro rope in a female groupie and before she knows it, she’s taking the fall and doing the time while Phaedra continues to profit. NeNe is drowning and is trying to hold onto the brand she’d built for herself. the sad thing is that her insecurities got the best of her this year. they caused her to be messy. Porsha – bless her one sammich short of a picnic self – was headed down this road from the time she started in on Kenya at that lame event she organized last year. She and the others don’t get that Kenya knows how to play this game. She’s been a little over the top with it but I have a feeling she’s going to dial it down and manage herself better next year.

    • @ Minsy, just for your 411….

      4. Using Stupid Nicknames for Housewives or Other People We Discuss Here.

      I know this one perplexes many of you. Maybe you post at other sites where bloggers never even mention the actual name of who they are being hateful to. This is not a hate blog. And frankly, I find the practice juvenile. On rare occasion it can be humorous. The problem is we all have different stupid nicknames and it makes reading comments tedious as we all try to figure out who you are talking about. So please, just don’t. If you want to refer to Kyle as Vyle, just say, “Kyle is such a vile person.” Then we are all on the same page. I want comments to be readable. I reserve the right to do whatever the fuck I want. This is my blog.

    • Sharnee

      Well said.

    • I’m not sorry about the passenger on the underground railroad losing her seat on the train, but, I am surprised that aynone likes Kenya. She is a creep. She actually belongs with Apollo. As for Phaedra worrying about Kenya and Apollo…not going to be a problem. Apollo will be away for a long, long time and I have a feeling that eventually Phaedra willl move on.

      • charmaine

        KENYA don’t want him he is to dumb, anyone can wrap him around their finger before he can figure them out. PHADRA is dumb also she loses all cases, once she is in front the judge she don’t know how to plead and defend cases. She use big words to make us think she is smart but she is not.
        She is better at drafting Estate wills Prenap,Etc , and writing on paper that’s all.

      • Katrina

        Kenya will find another housewife’s husband to flirt with next season. Maybe they won’t mind as much.

      • I sure hope a prenap leads to predeath.

    • Undine

      Wait! Hold up! Folks keep saying or applauding Kenya for “getting the truth from Apollo” about the texting. But if my memory serves, Kenya is the one who made it an issue in the first place. She threw down the gauntlet in her rage to get at Phaedra at the previous reunion and said something like “then you should stop texting me then!”. Kenya was the one who made it sound like the whole texting thing was inappropriate. In everyone’s rush to applaud this season’s Kenya they forget she was the heifer that started the lie (on her own self!). I can’t understand why people are feeling this broad at the moment, she is one of the most shady low down heifers ever on reality tv.

      • Brianna

        That’s the whole point! Phaedra brought up Kenya being a hoe or whatever and Kenya said that in response. However Kenya didn’t imply that the texts were sexual…

      • Oh my!

        @Undine you are struggling dear.

      • vivaladiva831

        Undine I don’t think you’re struggling at all – while I don’t agree whatsoever with what Porsha did, getting physical, there is something extremely I likeable about Kenya. She is right in a lot of her observations, and fun to watch stir up shit on tv, she still just reeks of desperation.

      • vivaladiva831


      • Katherine

        Uhhh excuse you Undine, Kenya didn’t pop up out of nowhere last reunion about the texting. She also didn’t imply anything about them. Apollo came for her & said he didn’t like her & she said “then maybe you should stop texting me” which by the way ANY woman would say to a guy that hits on them & texts them & then proceeds to tell them they don’t like them on national television. Oh you will no try to make me look stupid cause I still have cards to play. I have the same mindset as Kenya, I have a lot of things to use against people but I never ever will unless they come for me first. I think that’s why I like Kenya so much. But I digress…. please guys, remember things correctly or rewatch before you start talking about something to avoid coming off dumb. I’m an avid reader of TT but I rarely comment. I mostly enjoy the comments though because Tamara weeds out the ignorant trolls. Keep up.

    • Patricia

      Who’s to say that Nene & Phaedra actually did put her up to it? You people don’t think that all of Kenya’s name calling and put downs got to Porsha? Sure, everyone eluded to her not being so bright. However, KENYA, is the only one saying it constantly OVER and OVER. Clearly, Kenya is JEALOUS of Porsha! She’s younger, prettier, etc. Kenya IS JEALOUS OF PORSHA plain and simple. Otherwise, leave her the hell alone. No, she couldn’t and Porsha got feed up and went after her azz. I can see that happening.

      As for Kenya’s reputation; it’s as much in the toilet today as it was the day she started. She’s still the person that was so high and mighty. That had this great bf who was on the verge of marrying her, was so well off she purchased this great house, as this successful studio, etc. etc. NONE OF WHICH TURNED OUT TO BE TRUE. Some folks might have changed in regards to her, I never will. I hope Porsha did beat her azz and I wish her the best of luck.

      • Brianna

        Kenya jealous of porsha?? Porsha is like the scarecrow — born without a brain! Porsha isn’t that much younger then Kenya! Just because she acts like a child doesn’t mean she is one. Porsha probably came for Kenya and Kenya fired back. Point black period.

        Now Let’s recap porsha’s story.

        Porsha was only on the show because of kordell (Kenya got on because of her own legacy). Porsha had a fake relationship according to her own admission not just rumors… And now porsha is jobless– she could’nt even get onDWTS — the end.

      • Patricia

        Well, at least she admitted it. Kenya has yet to admit her farce of a relationship – even after being busted. Still sticking to the same ol tired lie….Being 12 years younger and still within child bearing years is HUGE. Just ask Kenya what she’d rather be 44 or 32? As for legacy. I won’t even go there out of being kind – something Kenya never was to Porsha. So, I say again, I don’t blame her at all if she snapped. It should have been Phaedra who snapped and went ape crazy on…………………………

      • Brianna

        I am pretty sure that Kenya’s relationship was not fake. Kenya is def smart enough to pick a high profile man to have a fake relationship with. Kenya tried to talk to porsha many times but porsha kept trying to start drama. She was unhappy in her marriage so she took it out on Kenya. You can have children at 44 Kenya is healthy and takes care of herself. Many women are a lot happier in their 40s. By 32 Kenya had already been miss USA and finished in the top 6 at miss universe. Porsha can’t even spell universe at 32. Those are great accomplishments. Kenya did those all by herself.

      • Bella

        No one is jealous of broke, weave wearing, no talent, low IQ, ratchet Porsha. No one. Most of the people who like her are like her, the others are just major Kenya haters. The insecure, Phaedra loving, “hood” types.

      • Oh my!

        Poor Patty condoning violence .

      • The Jam

        I’m not with the encouragement of anyone ‘beating anyone’s ass’. That is childish. You can’t hit someone because you don’t like what they say – you just look like you’re out of control. I have never seen ( after middle school) an instance of a woman about to get into a fight where she didn’t look STUUUUUUUPID. And that’s not weakness, I’m over 6 feet tall and I hit the gym on the reg. The very few women who have tried to scream on me, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I could hurt them if i so chose. But I know how WEAK i would feel if i let some chick cause me to scrap because she talked about my mother or she tried to look at my man.

        Let me ask you, aren’t you SICK AND TIRED of watching black women look like that DAY in and DAY out, for NO GODDAMN REASON? There are reason’s to fight but it ain’t on RHOA: No ones house got burned down, no one’s child got hurt, no one’s marriage was destroyed, no one lost their job….but yeah she should fight.

        So you can go ahead and stand behind porsha on if ya wanna. just remember that image will be broadcast in every corner of the world from Japanese TV to the BBC, so don’t get your panties in a bunch when they call us animals…and they do.

      • The Jam

        I had an Iyanla Vanzant moment. 😉

      • Kenya is not Jealous of Porsha.. When Porsha first started on RHOA, her and Kenya had words.Porsha was bragging abut her perfect marriage.and life

    • alana67

      okay, first I can never follow anything in apollonese, it just doesn’t make sense to me when he speaks so I didn’t know he admitted to making it up HOWEVER I loved Kenya’s rebuttal of his b.s. by saying “mf-er, if you could have, you would have” and going on about how she gets offers from the mailman, the man at Home Depot, etc, which any reasonable person would find believable. Her “99 problems” speech was brilliant and I really don’t get what Apollo was trying to prove with his behavior but he sure humiliated his wife on national television in order to make it. I wonder if the rumors that Phaedra is leaving RHOA are true…with her funeral business making for plenty of good tv next season I can’t imagine her getting fired but maybe having a mockery made of her marriage was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  6. Urethra Franklin

    Nene’s tweet to Porsha last night:

    NeNe Leakes ‏@NeNeLeakes 15h
    Love u @Porsha4real

    • Gingersnap

      How convenient that she loves Porsha all of a sudden because I wasn’t feeling any love she had for Porsha all season long. NeNe is a tool 4real.

      • Nene only loves Porsha cause she got her to do her dirty work while being a drunk mess. No wonder Nene always want to view Porsha as her “lil sister” in training.

      • That reminded me of Porsha saying on Bethenny that she is back in the friend zone with Nene….Clearly Nene was grooming her just before the reunion aired.

        On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 2:32 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • The Jam

        She had to attach herself to porsha, phaedra and kandi hate her, she hates kenya and she just fell out with cynthia. She had no other recourse. She’s losing her queen bee power and she is running out of people to film with. Funny people give Kenya such a hard time when Nene has just as many burned bridges.

  7. Guccinara

    *stunned look with mouth open* wow. Way to go porsha a ball of fire all guns blazing. So what now? It was kind of on the cards anyway so hopefully she has her plan b all lined up. I wish her good luck its not like she was a mean or bad person. (Something we can’t say about all other HW on these types of shows).

    • Mari Anne Souza

      I know, right, Guccinara!? I’m shocked and disappointed; I really liked Porsha,and I’ll miss her. Damn, just damn! Thank you for this info, Tamara!

      • Bravogirl24/7

        Porsha knew she was on her way OUT,so she was willing to do whatever it took to keep her job! Epic FAIL!!

      • This is a perfect one sentence summary of my post. :)

        On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 2:07 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Pam

        Contrary to society’s accepted norms, there are those of us who sometimes reach a breaking point with some people who push and push and push verbally. It may not be the best reaction to have and it may be classier to walk away. But at the end of the day it just makes you feel all better inside to know you clocked them a good one. The consequences of it can be damned because inside you know you did what you had been wanting to do for a long ass time and for you the consequences are worth it. Don’t know one way or the other if that is how Porsha feels now, but I bet you a dollar to donuts that she was feeling that way while being escorted from the set. Not that I have any personal experience with this…

    • Bernice

      Porsha is a sweet person. Yes, I too believe NeNe and Phaedra definitely has those slick messy personalities to sit back and enjoy watching their witchcraft do it’s thang.
      Kenya I’m sure pushed too far.
      As far as Porsha’s getting fired? I don’t think she should have.

  8. Shirley

    Don’t come for me unless, I sent for you! Lmfao and your fired!!! That’s awesome she boring! All the gay bashing on her ex husband was uncalled for also! Bye bitch

  9. pfffttt

    I’m Team Kenya most of the time, (LOL one tard here accused me of being Kenya one time. bwahahaha) However, I actually like Porsha, I find her likable despite her air headed comments. I don’t think she is a malicious person, and I’m sad she allowed Nene and Phaedra to manipulate her into being their puppet, and now she is out of a job.

    Nene basically through her under the bus. SMH…

    Why would Bravo fire her for this? I mean we’ve seen slaps before on Real Housewives of Miami… We’ve seen them throw wine… and Ramona even throws a wine GLASS at the new RHONYC this season causing her to bleed. They’ve flipped tables, chased people through country clubs, and tore up salons causing thousands of dollars in damage and even bringing out their high heels to stab people in the head (RHONJ) but Porsha gets fired for this?

    Porsha actually seems to have made friends on RHOA with Kandi and even worked with Kandi in her play. I was hoping she’d return for a season 7, and we could actually see her try to accomplish something.

    If anyone should be fired IMO it is Cynthia (no offense, I find her likable as well, but she is just not good reality TV) and Nene (her time is up and her over inflated ego is beyond annoying at this point.)

    • khintx

      I know. I figured Porsha would have gotten a raise and a new tagline! Bravo eats this crap up! kh

    • Bella

      I am glad Porsha is gone! She is an embarrassment to women everywhere. A grown up woman who behaves like a 5 year old child. She is uneducated, extremely co-dependent, not articulate in the least, is an embarrassment to her grandfather’s legacy and she is all around annoying and boring. I hope she enrolls in some sort of adult education program and gets a real job. Her high pitched voice was like chalk screeching on a dry black board made extra annoying with her poor vocabulary skills. The girl is just dumb and ratchet. BYE!!!!!!!

    • kungfoohustle

      The police being called to the set is a big deal. RH’s holds itself above shows like Basketball Wives. Also, no one watches RHOM.

    • alana67

      I think they were planning on axing her anyway and this was just an easy excuse…I wonder if she treats filming with Bravo like she treated showing up for rehearsals at Kandi’s play…

  10. Maybe she could go to the “underground railroad” and take a ride somewhere else!! Go back to school Porscha it may help you in the future!

  11. Steve

    Porscha came on the show, got divorced, looked like a fool, and is now fired. Was it worth it?

    Phaedra and Nene are so weak for needing a third person to go against Kenya.

    • 'TheJam'

      They’re not weak, they’re conniving. They knew better than to do it themselves.

      • Ne Ne was conniving from the very start.when she talked porsha into confronting Kenya on that trip when Kenya said that she was gone with the wind fabulous, It was none of Porsha’s business and you could tell that Ne Ne pushed her dumb ass up to do it.. Porsha and Kenya had already gotten off to a bad start with that fund raiser she asked Kenya to attend when porsha called her Miss America. Kenya saw that Porsha was an air head that had wasted her time.. Then Phaedra got on the band wagon when she realized that her husband (beauty and no brain Apollo) was attracted to Kenya and truly wanted to smash her. Did you see how he looked at Kenya when they was swimming in the cave.

    • Michelle

      Nene and Phaedra both have had image problems lately. They know they are walking on thin ice with the public and their futures. So Porsha became the answer.

    • Oracle5

      Phaedra warned Kenya that she very well could get smacked, Kenya wasn’t expecting Porsha to be the one to cater to Phaedra’s demands. If not Phaedra who? No one else but Phaedra to do this to Kenya.

  12. LoLo

    Well they knew Porsha was SLOW and she got used. Porsha was expendable and everyone knew it. If true…I’m sorry she was fired, but this will be a lesson for her moving forward. I saw tweet from NeNe to Porsha …it say I Love u…I was wondering what that was about…I guess it was a goodbye from the show tweet….lol

  13. puppylove

    Kenya is a BITCH no joke. The others were just plain nasty to crank up Porsha like that. They knew what they were doing. Just low life trash. Porsha needs to wise up and yes grow up a lot, I’m sure she didn’t think this thing threw and went on the others advise. From what TT said of physical conflict, Porsha should know better than to touch another person. You leave yourself wide open for TROUBLE. I wonder if ole Porsha will try to or even get the chance to explain to Bravo what went down be for the reunion. I wish her luck

  14. pfffttt

    On another note, I hope Bravo doesn’t give Peter a spin off for BarOne. I use to live and work in Atlanta, and his bar is located in a very hood area. He doesn’t run a lounge like SUR.

    Peter’s bar is not in a very hip area of Atlanta like Buckhead, or Midtown. I lived in Virginia-Highland and they have great bars I use to hang out at. Peter’s just cannot compare.

    He is delusional if he thinks he can get a spin off on Bravo for his crappy bar.

    My off topic rant is over.

  15. myinfo

    It might have been hard to break up the Brandon and Apollo, but if 2 women were fighting in dresses and high heels I will assume that Andy and the Production staff could have ended the “hair pull” incident very quickly.

    Now I can believe that they fired Porsha. I bet after the Apollo Beat Down Bravo probably sat them down and told them if you touch anyone you are fired.

    I like Porsha but she is dumb. If someone (Peter) asks you about you marriage all she had to do is say “I am not going to discuss my marriage with you”. No Porsha digs a bigger hole and puts her foot in her month and did make it seem like she was Kordells beard.

  16. kreality

    I’m not surprised. Contrary to what most may want to believe, Kenya is the lifesaver of that show, so they would automatically get rid of any one of those other housewives before they let Kenya go. If Kenya gave them an ultimatum to fire Porsha or she’s leaving, I would totally believe it….now doesnt that sound like what a former queen of the show did to She by Sheree?

    • Sona

      I agree with you 100%. In the season before Kenya I was thinking the show was getting stale, especially once it became apparent that Kim Z was distancing herself from the rest of the cast. I only sporadically watched the season before Kenya. I was excited about Marlo when she first came on, but then she proved herself to be a little too crunk and that slur she made during the fight with Sheree in South Africa seemed to seal her fate. But it looks like they might be giving her another shot and I’m glad. She seems to have toned down a little so I hope to see more of her.

  17. O-Boy I knew it was going to be Nene to get this mess going I just knew it, I really want to say Thank You so much for the time an Truth.

    • myinfo

      Porsha is a grown woman with her own mind. If she was stupid enough to touch Kenya it is all on Porsha. I am no longer a Nene fan but Porsha should take all the blame.

  18. BJ

    I’m honestly saddened… that girl probably felt she had to show out to get a spot next year since thats her only income… It also shows nene is not as powerful as she portrays because she clearly couldnt keep her on the show… It makes me wonder why we should even support these shoes?.. lives get ruined.. families broken.. suicide etc…

    • That man and Porsha don’t even know each other. And all those “gifts” on Instagram were made up lies with intent of a 13 year old trying to make her ex jealous. Same with the tits.

      On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 5:35 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  19. Oh my!

    Wow! Team Kenya.

  20. Oh my!

    lol at Kenya waving in that GIf rotfl

  21. Shrimpenstein

    Nene and Phadera feel so threatened and insecure by Kenya. Then on the other hand, Porsha is the buck. She is constantly pushed around with Ill advice from these two.
    POSITIVE gets you everywhere! Kenya never lacks, nor falls short of this great word!

    • Karen W

      when is Kenya positive? Kenya is a sh*t stirrer. As far as Porsha hitting her that is wrong but I can understand if she did because some people can hit a raw nerve and you have went off before you know it. But every *itch will get their day. That why those egg will stay dried up. BAD KARMA.

      • Shrimpenstein

        Karen W…She is positive and confident with herself. Woman who attain these qualities, have come full circle. Although the funny part is, none of them, get it, yet! Twirling or fan snapping is a good start for all these girls. WORD! Lol 😉

      • O.O

        I don’t know about that,not everyone lacks self control . Being able to control out urges is what sets us apart from animals . I have never struck anyone , people disrespect me quite often and I would never strike them . The only way I could ever see myself attack someone is if one of my children were in danger.
        So its bad Karma the makes one unable to conceive ? I’ve seen pregnant crack heads and heroin addicts . Do they have bad karma? Or good ?

      • charmaine

        Don’t say that, they insult Kenya all the time Phadra call her names Portia
        said Kenya is unmarried and call her names, what gos around comes around. Kenya has all her blessings coming one by one you see, everybody has their SEASONED

  22. sequoia

    Oh happy day.

  23. Katrina

    I think Porsha was already fired. We haven’t actually seen the ending RHOA, so there may be some clues to how things ended last year. If anything, she was too embarrassed to come back, after the fight happened. I honestly think the producers put most of these stories out. It builds up interest in their shows.

  24. myinfo

    TT – I am getting more and more addicted to your site. Great Scoop, keep it coming, NO PRESSURE :)

  25. Everyone is screaming TeamNoMan/NoHusbandKenya…..she is messy, dramatic and not a wife nor mother, nor atlanta resident…She needs to go. If she was slapped, she deserved it. She bullied Porsha from the beginning of last season. She/Kenya should go!

    • Bella

      Does Porsha have a man? No. She made fun of Kenya for making one up and yet she made up her very own “African Prince” who was quick to shut her down! Porsha the 33 year old woman with a 5 year old brain had to go! She is ratchet and made herself look really bad. No wonder she got NOTHING from her fake marriage. Good riddance! TEAM KENYA

    • Oh my!

      Kandi isn’t married, neither was Kim. So what if she doesn’t have a husband? All of them are married yet miserable. Porsha made many digs at Kenya. Like I said #teamKenya

      • The Jam

        Bethanny wasn’t married, neither is Brandi, nor Kandi, Marlo or Kim Zolciak neither was that dentist woman with the smile in miami or joanna krupa. Kim Richards isn’t married. engaged not married, Sherrie wasn’t married. “Real Housewives” is just a title. None of the women on the franchise is actually a housewife except jill Zarin, maybe the countess ( I’ve never really watched OC they’re bubble heads) but everyone else has a job.

      • Oh my!

        Hey Jam exactly. Which is why I don’t understand. All these digs at Kenya, that she isn’t married. And should be booted off the show.

      • Katrina

        Who is Sherri? A lot of people complain about some of the women not being married. It never was criteria! Also, people complain about some of the women not being rich. It never was a criteria! Real housewives is just a title, like Desperate Housewives. I think Bethanny and Kenya are the only two housewives so far that were not married and did not have children. I think the rest of the housewives, at least had children or a husband.

  26. Kenya should be the one fired, she is such a trouble maker

    • I couldn’t agree more!
      She is little more than a chit disturber.

    • eastjames

      That’s the very thing that will keep her employed.

      • Bingo East. Kenya might piss off the cast and many viewers but her antics are keeping things watchable and entertaining. People who claim they miss Kim & She so much, the ratings werent half as high when they were on. So yeah Kenya haters need to understand it’s about business.

      • Little bigs

        No offense, but I don’t understand why people thinking Kenya is entertaining. She is constantly insulting others and goes reaaalllly below the belt. That is not honorable or deserves any praise. She did not strike anyone with her hands, but she strikes with her mouth. I don’t blame Portia for touching her. Enough is enough.
        The only positive I can say about Kenya is that she is funny sometimes. But her constant attacks on how people look, their weight, their marriages… And all her ill will wishes towards other really make her look like a bitter old hag.
        Some things are better left unsaid as everything has it’s consequence… Whoever thinks Kenya is this positive figure who is so confident is seeing her through rose colored glasses.
        There are things people should respect… Like Apollo and Phaedras marriage. She knows damn well if she was married she would be pissed if another woman acted like her to her hubby. Certain things are just wrong you know?

      • Brianna

        I think you need to watch a bit more closely. Kenya doesn’t do any of that unless she is verbally attacked so she sticks up for herself. She never said anything about Phaedra until shadyphaephae said she was mentally Ill and called her a whore. She never insulted porsha until Anguilla when porsha called her a b^^^* and insulted her age. Kenya never calls anyone out of their name. Kandi and Kenya have never had words and neither have Kenya and Cynthia. But it’s ok for nene to call Peter a bitch. It’s ok for Phaedra to call Kenya a homewrecker. Kenya is smart and she uses her vocab and (truth) to bring them back down to size.

    • O.O

      The show was getting quite boring until Kenya showed up. Nene was above all the drama all of a sudden when she thought that she was moving to Hollywood permanently .Does anyone remember her ” I’m not used to being around these twitter people ” comment when Kandi invited her fans to an event ? Nene was not showing up or showing up very late to events and acting as my people say like ” country come to town”and had no idea how ridiculous she looked. When Kenya came ,NeNe was back with both feet in and started to interact with the rest if the cast once again.

      • Oh my!

        O.O exactly .

      • CityGirl81

        That is what kills me with these over the top NeNe fans. She berates you to nothing but “twitter people,” and yet these idiots are still riding for her. That comment shows how stupid she really is. Without the “twitter people” you would be nothing.

  27. SABLE

    After watching Kandi go ballistic at the bedroom party, ( you know she could do some serious damage, she was livid) watching Apollo plummit that dude in the red (cant think of his name), Nene all up in everyone’s face…I think it was just a matter of time before one of these ladies popped off.

    I just think that the blame should lie where it belongs. If Porsha laid her hands on Kenya, that crime belongs to Porsha. Not Nene or Phadrea. Thats almost kin to Brandi blaming Lisa for manipulating her into being a bitch. No one can force you to do anything. I hope this is a false rumor, I kinda liked Porsha, at least I like her better than Kenya.

    • The Real Deal

      Agreed. So tired of people blaming Nene and now Phaedra for Porsha using HER own brain, mouth, body and whatever to confront Kenya. It is so stupid.

    • brillke

      I agree, if Porsha put her hands on Kenya, all the blame is on her. I don’t care if Nene and Phaedra had charts, graphs, scripts and rehearsals for what went down, Porscha is an adult and responsible for her own actions.

      I’m not a Kenya fan at all and this season did nothing to change my opinion of her. I’m not really a fan of Porscha either and do feel she was on her way out anyway so I guess she figured she might as well go out in a blaze of glory.

      TT, thanks for the scoop.

  28. ICassie

    I certainly hope this is not true. Porsha still needs a little more time to learn how to play the game. Hopefully she was dismissed to calm down. With Kenya and Nene being busy, I wonder if it’s going to be a 3 part reunion? Kenya really needs to be a little more careful with her shade throwing. People really get fired up and the constant talk makes you want to hit someone. The rumors about a real beat down did seem to be a bit much especially since they lacked proper security at the pj party.

  29. HA. Porsha didnt even finish the reunion… that speaks volumes. See this is a prime example you never let your friend influence you.

  30. well let me be the first to say…”BYE ASHY”!!! HAHAHAHAHA! so glad that Porsha officially confirmed her ratchetivity LOL! it was only but a matter of time…i could tell when she jumped in that argument for Phaedra that she was being fooled by Phae as Kenya pointed out last season.

    Welp, Porsha, maybe you can get a job with Phaedra embalming bodies…you can SLAP on the hair and makeup….#flatline

  31. The Real Deal

    First of all, how do we know that Nene and Phaedra had anything to do with this? Porsha has never liked Kenya, so I don’t think she really needed to have anyone in her ear to go after Kenya. Again, any way that it can be perceived as Nene having to do with a situation….of course it will be misconstruded as such. Why don’t we all wait for the reunion to air before passing judgement. Porsha has a mind of her own (although somewhat challenged). Also, I think the notion that everyone got together to plan to attack Kenya is false. Every cast member has had their own issue or run-in with her, so its only natural that each person would discuss their issues with her.

  32. RahRah

    they got the nerve to fire PS but leave the remaining ratchetness and trash? what about Kenya, Kyle, Brandi, Meho? why haven’t they been fired, they are more dangerous with their words.

  33. Really!!!

    I hope Kenya didn’t get fired. I don’t like Kenya and never have since day one. She likes to start the pot boiling with her innuendos accompanied by that sickening grin on her face then act like she’s the one whose been treated badly when you get in her face about it.

    • The Real Deal

      But here with these people, Kenya can do no wrong……does matter what she does to verbally attack people and or manipulate situations.

      • so why are you here with these people ??? WHY?

        On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 2:08 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Oh my!

        Verbally attack people? Oh! Do you mean like Phae calling her Whoremoore? Or verbally attacking her that she have “scramble eggs”? Or making fun at Kenya mental health, mental issues is NO laughing matter. Or verbally attacking Kenya for not having a huzzbund? Puh leaze! Double standards, and sheer hyprocrocy. Thanks for the laughs!

      • pfffttt

        Porsha put her marriage on marriage on reality TV. Apollo and Phaedra made up allegations that Kenya tried to sleep with Apollo. Kenya has a right to comment.

        Her comments are usually spot on, that’s why people get so butt hurt over them.

        I like Porsha, but Porsha signed on to be Kordell’s beard. Come on now.

    • Why on earth would you think Kenya would get fired for being physically attacked? SMDH

      On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 2:06 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Really!!!

      Came back on the site to read any new updates and noticed I said “I hope Kenya didn’t get fired”…….I meant to say “I hope PORSHA didn’t get fired”. Yea, all the lights are not on upstairs but I still like her. She made me laugh and/or shake my head with some of the things she said. She could play the role of the “iighter side of the RHWOA” since the rest of them do nothing but complain and snark on each other. Bring a bit of humor to the show.

  34. Mannie

    I honestly stopped watching about a 3rd of the way thropugh the season because of Kenya. IMO The show used to be about light hearted shade nothing really DEEP. Like because Kenya doesnt know any of the women she has no limits which to me makes it less fun to watch. I dont know i would’ve prefered almost anyone over Kenya. I like everyone on the show BUT Kenya.

  35. There were already rumors flying around that Porsha was on the chopping block to lose her spot anyway. So it doesn’t surprise me she felt the need to turn it up at the reunion and it ended up backfiring. She’s clearly easily manipulated smdh at Nene and Phaedra. My thing is she could have easily made this season work for her. Get a makeover, go out on some dates, show yourself in meetings developing your hair line but no she spent half the season bashing Kordell about his sexuality. She should have just shut Peter and Greg down when they brought it up but her constant whining and need for approval had her inserting her foot in her mouth. Yet folks want to jump on Kenya when all she did was reiterate what Porsha just said. Porsha is an embarrassment. I laugh whenever she tries to throw that sham of a marriage in Kenya’s face. Kenya can be a messy b*tch but she doesn’t lie when she shades. I just hope they don’t edit the altercation out.

    • excellent breakdown.

      in the end, porsha blew it for herself. the fact nene got in her ear was stupid. nene only wants mynique to replace one of these women anyhow, and porsha straight fell for it.

    • pfffttt

      In Porsha’s defense in the trailer it clearly shows her out in the club partying and dancing and getting numbers from men. Looks like the producers edited that out this season. There are 2 episodes, maybe we’ll see it.

    • Urethra Franklin

      I don’t think Bravo will show the slap/assault on Kenya. This is how I imagine Bravo will handle the altercation:

      We will see Porsha get up & charge Kenya, then screens goes black. Next thing we see is Kenya shuffling herself together with no sight of Porsha. Andy will have a serious look on his face, but doing a happy dance on the inside, as he tells the viewers that Porsha’s behavior was unacceptable and will not be continuing with the reunion.

      Hi Wreck It Retha!

      • And Andy will say, “Porsha’s last act as a housewife was to charge one of her castmates.”

      • brillke

        Just before it fades to black, everything will be in slow motion.

      • LoLo

        Yes…I agree! Thats will be the scenario. Porsha will look like the FOOL once again…smh

      • Andy will probably make up some story that Porsha had an emergency during taping and she had to leave, which we be a lie.

      • Urethra Franklin

        LOL yes the emergency was her hands got stuck around Kenya’s throat. Oh how I wish to GAWD Bravo shows us this altercation.

      • Hey Uretha! Yeah I don’t think they’ll show it either *pout face*. I’d rather have the dramatic fade to black and Andy proclaiming Porsha has been voted off the island than that shaky camera foolishness VH1 does lol. I can’t wait to see Cynthia’s face I swear to God she gives the best shock faces on the ATL cast besides Kim when Nene was gonna choke her on that bus.

      • Urethra Franklin

        Even VH-1 blacked out Brooke whooping Jackie Christie’s ass. Oh how I wanted to see that beat down.

      • VH1 also blacked out Draya’s attack on Sundy. Draya really messed her eye up this past Monday. She did the same thing Porsha might have done to Kenya. Too bad it wont fly with Bravo.

      • Beth

        Urethra, Bravo did the same thing when Josh Flag slapped Josh Altman. Bravo made a big deal of it by teasing the audience and when it came time for the scene… fade to black, but they did keep the sound. Bravo pushes these people to the limit and then they react.
        Hope all has been well in your world.

  36. Jericho

    Glad the fight wasn’t as bad as originally reported, it made my skin crawl. Good riddance to Porsha! Not even attacking Kenya will make you relevant. Bye!

  37. RealHousewives101

    Porsha got played like a fiddle by Nene. Proves she is to childish and immature to be on this show. I KNEW the whole “Porsha dragged Kenya” story was fake… Looks like Porsha is now gone with the wind

    • Lady Chatterley

      I know this was 2 days ago, but this is just too funny! When you said that Porsha was too “childish and immature” to be on this show, it just cracked me up. Aren’t they all extremely childish and immature? I thought that was pretty much a job requirement.

      • Hey! Lady! Where have you been? I remember you from way back and haven’t seen you here lately! Welcome back!

        On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 9:00 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  38. Tanya

    Porsha is beyond desperate to stay on this show. She has been pulling all kinds of tricks these last few weeks: from rumors of her being with Tamala Jones man, telling the world she has a sex tape, and now fighting kenya. Porsha I thought you were better than this. Guess it was too good to be true. You are just another ratchet embarrassment on TV.

  39. Gingersnap

    Porsha the patsy is right, and like a lamb to slaughter too. Bet she wasn’t thinking things were going to turn out the way they did, since she had NeNe and Phaedra on her side. Now that’s a laugh. She’s too green to realize that NeNe and Phaedra are on their own side, first and foremost. I’m glad their plan backfired, but it’s kinda sad that Porsha is the one that has egg all over her face again. I’m sure her getting fired in front of God and everybody is a blessing in disguise somehow. SMH.

  40. Goodtimes

    Porsha’s “legacy” will be tarnished by this show. She’s the descendant of a major civil rights activist, appears to have no real grasp of African American history but seems prone to hood behavior. She let Nene and Phaedra play her! Nene has a brand to protect and a limited vocabulary so she wasn’t going to do anything. Phaedra’s husband’s case will be settled by the time the show airs so she can’t do anything so they used Porsha and she fell hook, line and sinker. But I did notice some of the alliances on this show shifting w/ Cynthia and Peter aligning more with Kenya so they know Nene doesn’t have the clout she claims she does. Its probably eating her alive that Kenya is on Celebrity Apprentice so she used Porsha to do her dirty work. Porsha lost her marriage and legacy listening to Nene.

    • You said it all! She was so pressed over Kenya that she forgot the others were just playing her for a fool and Todd was kind of right when he said that when Porsha started listening to the “get fresh crew” she begin to have problems in her marriage. Not one couple on that show makes me jealous or want to get married. The Married To Medicine chicks seem to have more stable relationships. It’s funny how everyone who keeps coming at Kenya ends up with egg all over their face. Now Porsha will probably be the laughing stock in ATL.

    • I don’t think NeNe had anything to do with Porsha losing her marriage or legacy.

    • Oh my!

      “Her legacy” was tainted the day she decided to become a music video model. Puh leaze . Rotfl

      • Now that she is off the show, I’ll point out that “her legacy” is a grandfather who got busted for DUI a Brazilian times and was always in the news for minor mischief. Her gene pool is not as deep as she would like y’all to believe.

        On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 7:20 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • jrleaguer

        TT~ Thank you! I lived in Atlanta while he was creating his “legacy” and every time it was mentioned on RHOA, I would just roll my eyes. I seem to also remember his questionable bingo parlors.

      • Yeah, I didn’t want to point all that out here lest we start a whole debacle about the skeletons that were not even kept in the closet but paraded across the news on the regular. There were plenty of times he was in the pokey on the day of his Feed the Homeless annual event…Let me hush.

        On Sat, Mar 29, 2014 at 12:57 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • peachteachr

        Every Thanksgiving, he came out and said we’re begging for food to feed the hungry. I’d always be like what you been doing the past 12 months when you were soliciting funds for the dinner? Something besides drinking going on there.

    • tleighb

      Legacy? She doesnt have one to lose…

      • Oracle5

        Yeah, Hosea and Alley Pat bbf, very likeable people, very comical twosome, I miss them, but they did do all of the above mentioned things. I didn’t want to be the first to say anything , because, I was waiting to hear someone else say it. Hosea and Alley Pat tv program was hilarious. I miss this Legacy.

      • Oracle5

        oops, Hosea and Alley Pat, BFF, not bbf.

    • Hair vs Hair nots

      TT this is the first gossip blog I’ve ever read and continued to read :). I gave up gossip many moons ago when I was 21 and repeated something to mutual friends about another friend that resulted in irreparable fall out. I learned my lesson permanently and as I result I watch the gossip fueled train wrecks that are Reality TV with a great mix of emotions.
      The first is Fascination because I have always been fascinated by the motivations of the mind and spirit of individuals both solo and in group behavior. The inability of people to truly See themselves and the ability of people’s perceptions and misconceptions to totally replace reality. Reading this blog adds another dimension which is the viewers and the fascinating way everyone watches the same thing but processes it so differently leading to passionate selections and defense of Teams i.e. Team Nene Team Kenya etc. with great fervor and loyalty that might be devoted to republicans vs democrats or the hatfields vs mccoys. All this leads me to believe perhaps nene vs Kenya is about an age old deeply rooted in our culture, y’all know what I mean, Good Hair Hatred or Hair vs Hair KNots!
      Nene is the not so pretty Hair Not but has done great things with what she’s been blessed with, Queen of Reading yo a$$ that has risen from the ashes of less than stellar beginnings to the cover of Ebony. Watching the realization of the dream of an ordinary person achieving celebrity must be powerful and relatable to those so thirsty for it. Kudos to the Queen of Read! Oh but wait! Here comes Kenya with her own Hair long luxurious locks, educated attractive with a bigger vocabulary and seemingly quicker sharper responses. Not only is there no room in the kingdom for two queens there is probably not room in people’s hearts for two. Given our sad hair history (it still makes me flinch to hear people say Got that Good Hair in 2014) I think I understand why so many would side with the reining Queen who epitomizes the struggle of the Hair Knots for recognition and validation. Long live the Queen who ever it is!

  41. Good for Bravo! Tamara you have been on point with your tea! Most of the women on the more urban blogs were so happy that Kenya supposedly got attacked. It just tells you a lot about people really. I personally think they hate Kenya because she is pretty, she’s smart, she’s in shape, and she doesn’t let people screw her over like Cynthia does. If you dish it to Kenya you got to be able to take it. I am not in the least bit shocked that Nene and Phaedra possibly set Porsha up. The thing is, Porsha thought those two were really her friends. If they were they would have NEVER encouraged her to attack Kenya. Good for Kenya! Despite what many say she is the show and it’s because of her that the ratings have skyrocketed for two seasons now. Now all they need to do is make Marlo a permanent cast member and they are good to go! I only watch because of Kenya anyway.

    • Makes you wonder where the additional 1-2 million views came from once Kim and Sheree left over 2 seasons ago.  Kenya has a lot of haters but I dont see many people tuning out in spite if her.  People can claim it’s a collective unit cast but only she and Mama Joyce have made this season impactful especially with the ratings.

  42. I saw this reported on other blogs where I am a voyeur not a poster. Was waiting patiently with my cup for the tea to be poured here so I could comment. Porsha has been a bad decision maker from the moment she joined RHOA. This brawl was just another example of poor judgment. Her little wig line and lingerie doesn’t really stand a chance in this saturated market so it will go the route of “She by Sheree”. I do believe NeNe and Phaedra instigated the brawl because Porsha is easily influenced and although grown folks have free will, this woman hasn’t learned had to be a grown up yet. Porsha, have a

  43. I’m gone with the wind fabulous, now twirl! LOL!

  44. WhyOWhy

    Well damn. Now I need to watch this. When is it going to air? (I’m not a HWOA watcher)

  45. pfffttt

    Let’s go back to season 2 of RHOA. We all heard Kim Zolciak call the police and say that she was filming her show, and her “co star” strangled her. That co star was Nene Leakes. Kim said producers were witnesses. That scene never made it on the air.

    Why would Bravo allow Nene to get away with CHOKING someone, but fire Porsha for this? I don’t doubt TT’s sources, she has been spot on in the past, but the double standard from Bravo is annoying.

    It’s OK for Nene Leakes to choke people, and Phaedra’s husband to start beating people and for Cynthia husband to hold the victim down while he gets beat… But if Porsha does it, she gets fired.

    I’m team Kenya, but I don’t think a firing is warranted here.

    • Really good point re: NeNe choking Kim and Kim filing a police report. Maybe there is more to this story? It can’t be all about Porsha having the IQ of a rock.

    • eastjames

      Porsha was probably getting fired anyway. Assaulting one of Bravo’s cash cows at a reunion is just a sure fire way to speed that process along. Like Nene or not, she’s also been making money for Andy since day 1 so there you have it.

    • They were probably going to get rid of Porsha anyway. It’s not like she brought anything worthwhile to the season.

    • N Dot

      If my memory serves me correctly, RHOA hinged on Nene during that time. She never has really been expendable; she always has been the favorite. However, Porsha is easily expendable. Chalk it up to favoritism.

    • terry macon

      Poor Porsha, she is young. I’m sure her mom warned her. But she had to do it her way. She lost a lot messing with dogs, you get up with fleas. Porsha brush yourself off don’t look back and move on!

      • Porsha was in way over her head from day one.

      • Porsha thought she would come on the show and be the goodie good attractive princess that spends up Kordell’s bank account. These women should at least watch a few episodes of these HWs to know the women are bound to get in your marriage, engagment, or divorce one way or another. You wont sit back and take a back sit to the drama, especially from the women of ATL.

    • Dracla Dunning

      Possibly with Andy turning over the reins there is a new sheriff in town and he has laid down the law. In any work environment there are repercussions for battery, usually termination. These women are paid workers like any other worker bee and must follow workplace guidelines. My hat is off to Bravo for taking a stand against thug behavior. If the other women don’t like it, they can join Porsha in the unemployment line. I have no sympathy for Porsha. Nene and Phaedra should pay the piper as well since it appears the actions of Porsha were the result of a conserted effort.

    • Kiyoshigirl

      Physical incidents that occur during “filming” of the show fall on the production company, not Bravo. Physical Incidents that occur during the taping of the reunion fall on Bravo. That’s the difference. Is it hypocritical that Bravo will air physical altercations that occurred during filming, but not allow it during taping of the reunion? Yes, but it is what it is, and all the ladies know the rules.

      • So you don’t think that True Entertainment produces the reunions? You need to tell that to the producers that are there on set every season. They’ll probably be thrilled to know they don’t have to work those long assed days…

        On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 6:24 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Scatty

      I think if Andy were still in charge there would have been no firing. Maybe the new management has a zero tolerance policy in place?

      • I don’t think so. I think Phaedra was unhinged and worked up ahead of time into a state of mental instability. I’ve never seen them SEND ANYONE HOME from filming the reunion before. She must have been completely loco.

        On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 6:54 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I agree TT. Andy might love his ratings and money, but go back to NJ S2 Reunion when Teresa almost regulated on Danielle for bringing up her family. Andy did stop Teresa from potentially dragging Danielle.

    • The Jam

      They’re not biased towards this or that castmate – they are biased towards their own pockets and their brand.
      Nene was the biggest draw of the entire franchise, she brings in money so they handled it in a way that didn’t affect the brand. They completely played it down, and Andy sat next to Nene and laughed as kim called in to WWHL while nene was very dismissive of the whole thing even happening.

      However this season the men fought…and it got UGLY, then Kandi almost fought, the set is tense as hell these days, and I really believe that they want to keep the women above the fray – you can probably toss a drink in someones face or something “classy” but a brawl with the women looks bad for the brand. Porsha ( the most expendable member of the entire cast) decides to get physical with another woman on the season where bravo is already taking a LOT of heat for the drama on the show. The brand is already getting Love and Hip Hop comparisons

      IMO they can’t afford to entertain her little temper tantrum, nor is she bringing enough to the show for them to even try.

      Even when I heard about the fight, it didn’t sound right – on top of the fact that it doesn’t fit Porsha’s personality, she had no reason to be mad at Kenya enough to hit her— i’ll bet the whole hair pulling scene looks fake or rehearsed.

  46. Aahn

    Kenya saved this show two years in a row: she is divisive as she has people alternately loving and hating her or either one all the time. She brings Drama and I love it. Porsha cannot string together a sentence properly and sounds like Apolla when she starts hollering, trying to “school” Kenya on the “conviction” of a housewife. I am not surprised she attacked Kenya; she has nothing to lose given she has no storyline, on the chopping block, no career outside of RHoA, no money or discernible talent. I hope that she was canned on the spot; we teach out kids that violence never solves anything so the appropriate response is to teach by example and get rid of Porsha on the spot for that antic. Further, I hope Kenya files civil charges and criminal charges are brought against her. Bravo had to fire her to show it did not sanction Porsha’s conduct lest it also be named as a defendant in any suit Kenya brings. Nene’s tweet of support, which is how I interpret what she did, may jeopardize her role on RHoA also. If they don’t ferret Nene out too then it is tacit support of what Porsha did which may still cause bravo to be on the hook. Well played Kenya in totally holding all the cards right now.

  47. Bye Felicia! Don’t forget to ask the Underground Railroad conductor where to get off!

  48. Ronnie

    Doing the dance of joy. I wish Kenya had her fan and would have said “Bye Ashy!” and then popped that fan to Porsha….#Don’tLetThaDoorKnobHitYaWhereTheGoodLawdSplitYa

  49. myinfo

    1. Nene will blame Kenya for Porsha pulling her hair and standing up.
    2. Cynthia will say she did not see Porsha touch Kenya.
    3. Phaedra will say Kenya got what she deserved.
    4. Kandi will say Porsha should have dragged the Bi#ch.
    5. Kenya just screams SECURITY.

  50. Riley

    Well ladies.and gents…what kind of housewife do we want to.replace the recently fired one? Do we want someone with more class or another piece of trash…..no.names mentioned.
    BTW the comment about sarcasm being what’s for dinner…funny.
    As always thanks to our blogger for what we can feel certain was the for real 411.

  51. Auntannmarie

    It is inevitable the next step would be physical drama. You can only scream over one another so many times until you need to step it up.
    It’s Bravo’s fault for condoning bad behavior with pay raises.
    In all honesty I thought it would be Nene to throw the first punch!

    • Nene only mess with women 5ft and under or white, ie Kim. She never messed with Sheree, Marlo, Kenya or Cynthia..hint, hint!! Poorsha is just dumnb, when Nene claims to be your BFF, that in itself should have sent out warning signals…..

      • charmaine

        As we Caribbean people will say derpi knows who to frighten , monkey knows what tree to climb, HA HA HA

  52. Nene, who’s so jealous of Kenya’s rise on the show looks like the type that won’t fight her own battles and poor 2ft tall Paedra who talk a lot of articulate crap but can’t hurt a fly, yeah I can see these two wanting the ding bat Poorsha to do their dirty work. She’s that stupid…

  53. myinfo

    From Kenya’s twitter page:

    “One thing u will NEVER see me do is fight. Your brain and tongue are your most powerful weapon”

  54. Starrkitty

    Hate Kenya if anyone wants, but the Bravo voters have spoken and she received a Housewife award…Kenya is not going anywhere for now..And she is making head way..I think Nene doesn’t like her becasue Kenya is moving in on her territory..Celebrity Apprentice..next she will be on DWTS..I strongly believe Nene is just mad becasue Kenya is “Doing it”, but looks prettier..”Doing it”…

    • Agree with you that Kenya is very attractive. However, she does rate pretty high on the ‘crazy meter’.

      • Bella

        Nene appears to be more of a bipolar type to me but everyone calls Kenya crazy? Nene has extreme mood swings, maybe she has split personalities. She even admitted there are two sides to her, Nene and Naynay. It’s like people have to walk on thin ice around Nene, you just never know which side of her will come out. She is either REALLY happy and nice (Manic) or raging mad, irritable, short tempered (Depressive?). And lets not forget Phaedra who seems to be some kind of sociopath. IMO Kenya has handled herself pretty well and her mood/mind seems consistent. It was Phaedra who instigated the “Kenya is crazy” and everyone started saying it there after. IMO it’s horrible to make fun of ones mental health issues. It’s no joke.

    • NeNe sadly but understandily thinks she’s ATL housewives and she makes the show…Kenya however has proven her wrong and it stings like hell!!

    • JustasIam

      Kenya already got her twirl down. So DWTS should be calling,

  55. myinfo

    Just came from store. One of the rag magazines has Nene on the cover and her and Gregg’s mug shot inside.
    I guess Nene saying Marlo was a thug back fired. + her son’s mug shot is in the Magazine too. I guess they are the mug shot family.

    • Gingersnap

      I have that song “Dirty Laundry” rolling around in my head for some reason.

    • Starrkitty

      The family that Mugs together stays together…

    • CharlieC

      That’s some ghetto shit. How the fuck 3/4 of your household has a damn mugshot, and several mugshots each too?!! It’s not even to say they all got into a dispute at a family function or something. These mugshots are probably spaced over a period of 25 years. Then she gets a job in Hollywood and totally forgets that her personal household has serious MORAL flaws, coming on TV and acting like she has oh so much class.

  56. JenB

    Haha Love it. Now Porsha is Gone With The Wind! Bye Porsha.
    Still love Kenya.
    Thanks T. You made my day.

  57. Xanadude

    I have the feeling Kenya may be “Staubed” next season by the other ATLers.

    • I don’t think so, Cynthia and Peter have moved onto team Kenya. They shift where the power goes. If for some reason Phaedra is unavailable next season, Kandi and Kenya will call down…

      On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 6:16 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Katrina

        Next season, we will see Kenya stirring up the Thomas household. Do you think they will air season 7 around November or push it out to next year?

  58. Emily

    I wouldn’t mind betting producers hyped up poor little porsha also. They needed a stunt to promote the reunion and they wanted porsha gone. Bravo does not have a clear stance in violence, I am absolutely appalled by the RHONY clip where Ramona throws a glass in the new girls face. She could have blinded her. She should be charged but I haven’t heard she faced any repercussions at all.

  59. Kimmie

    Folks, it is Very unfortunate for poor little Porsha who apparently was Not very Mature for her Age and Not very smart to not actually recognize when somebody is Trying to set you up to Fall in order for them to Secure their Job with Bravo. Leaving herself (Out) of a (JOB) and in the Unemployment line. Porsha should know by now at her age that physically attacking another person on a Job will Only get you FIRED. However, it is Very Clear to the Fans of Bravo 4 Million TV viewers that KENYA MOORE Is one of their CASH COWS. So, therefore, with Porsha having Physically attacked one of their CASH COWS Will definitely Show Porsha to the Door and then Immediately “Fired”. And this is certainly Not a laughing matter because this young girl Porsha has to even Try Harder to get another Job paying close to what Bravo was paying her in order for her to maintain a certain type of lifestyle that she is obviously accustomed to during her previous Marriage.

  60. Linda

    Remember on the last episode when they were sitting around the pool and Greg said to Peter something to the effect, “I like to talk with you later” (this is before they went to Kenya’s room). Did anyone notice Nene’s face when he said that. Nene knew that Greg was going to start some mess then, and not only did she not learn her lesson the first time from jumping in Peter’s face, she had the audacity to put her arm on the wall (like to block him in). When you get in a man’s face, you should be able to withstand any ass whopping repercussions that come with it. Nene is definitely, “a piece of work.”

  61. Brianna

    Perhaps porscha had made a verbal threat during the attack that pushed the producers to make the final decision to cut this crazy lady! Porsha is obviously unstable crying every 5 min and making bad financial choices (buying that big a$& house before the divorce hearing then she didn’t receive a dime). Kenya is intelligent and funny but I can see why some people wouldn’t like her though. Kenya’s game on the tv show requires the audience to have a semi high IQ to grasp. Kenya doesn’t come after someone unless they say something about her first so she retaliates. Sticking up for yourself to someone’s face might be considered “shit stirring” I guess.

    • Porsha was renting like most of the HWs of Everywhere. :) In fact, I would not be surprised if Bravo took a short term lease on that house just for a couple of months to give her storyline, she was already out of there and in an apt before filming stopped.

      On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 7:11 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I dont believe that Bravo had anything to do with that house. I believe that Porsha and lawyer cooked that up to show the life style that she was accustomed to so that Kordell would give her more money in the divorce (which back-fired). That lawyer might have been good for Ne Ne, but not for Porsha. That wedding planner might have been good for Porsha and Kordell but not for Ne Ne and Greg. Porsha should have got rid of that lawyer the same way Ne Ne got rid of that wedding planner.

  62. HannahKingRose

    I agree that Porsha (incited by Nene and Phaedra) knew that her job was on the line and she needed to bring it to the reunion. My question is what if anything was going through her head the split second before she charged across the stage to attack Kenya. Was there a particular statement from Kenya she was waiting for to jump? Did she expect production people to stop her from getting to Kenya so that it would not get completely physical? We’ve seen production jump in on fights with the men. If they had stopped her she might not have been fired but would have turned it up. Maybe I’m giving empty headed Porsha too much credit for actually thinking before acting.

  63. Starrkitty

    The saddest part about Porsha is, she will go down in history as the dumbest housewife in the whole franchise..(Kelly Bensimon a close second).Every time Porsha said something, I would feel dumb my darn self for at least 22 seconds….It scared me..*shivered*..All the ATL housewives would raise an eyebrow ANYTIME Porsha opened her mouth afraid of what she would say that might embarrass herself…Kordell divorced her becasue her dumbness would make his penis soft…

  64. Sona

    I think Porsha went into the reunion already knowing that she was going to be released from the show and she probably figured that if she was going to go, she would go in a very memorable way (which might extend her 15 minutes of fame). Don’t get me wrong – I don’t doubt for a minute that Nene and Phaedra encouraged Porsha in this foolishness, but I think she had already made up her mind to get at Kenya because it might just be her last shot. I mean, what story line does she have? How many more seasons of listening to her sincerely make dumb/ignorant/embarassing remarks and slander her ex-husband can the fans endure?

    I’ve always believed that Porsha was going to be let go at the end of last season. Her divorce drama with Kordell os what bought her an extra season. That’s why when there were rumors that she and Kordell cooked-up the divorce scheme to keep her on the show, I was willing to believe it.

    Now I need them to get rid of Phaedra. I’m truly shocked that she had the nerve to show-up to the reunion. Shamelss!! (I don’t care what anyone says – you will never be able to convince me that Phaedra wasn’t behind Apollo’s crimes). She is so disgusting to me – she’s a complete fraud, in my opinion. As much as I dislike Nene, she at least adds something dramatic and interesting to the show. I would love for them to add Marlo, but please (if the Bravo god – Andy Cohen – is listening) get rid of Phaedra!

    • Brianna

      Exactly!! Phaedra is just as shady as Kenya said she is! Remember a few seasons ago when she was getting paid to represent someone in cash “under the table” and then last season when she was trying to double talk Kenya but Kenya isn’t dumb enough to believe her! All of these things were red flags to me! Apollo is a con man and may not be legally smart but he was right to make good with Kenya because all the useless drama keeps them in the spot light Phaedra should’ve kissed and made up with Kenya a long time ago– just to let the shady-ness blow over!

      • I get really irritated when y’all think that Phaedra getting paid in cash in the parking lot is shady. My legal expenses with regard to Sheree where huge, http://s17948.p20.sites.pressdns.com/?s=sheree+court I paid my atty in CASH because she didn’t take credit cards (oh the skymiles I lost there) and the bank was just up the street from her office. Lots of attys take cash or check only. I just pulled the cash out and drove it over. Checks are sort of passé .

        On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 8:05 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Brianna

        I’m sure if your atty was on tv and was married to someone that was a convicted felon, everything would look as legal as possible. I didn’t say it was wrong I said it was a red flag — I have paid a lawyer bill with cash of course but I didn’t slide my lawyer a stack in the parking lot.

      • well true. I took her my $ before she even billed me because y’all paid and I was just the middle person! But if I was to need her again, I could see showing up to court and handing her the money.

        On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 8:47 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Kitty Mamma

        @ Brianna: I’m going to kindly disagree with you: Phaedra did not receive any legal fees under the table from what I saw, she received them in the parking lot of the courthouse. Having worked with (not for) a criminal atty before, he would frequently meet people on the courthouse steps and take money from them as a retainer, walk into the courthouse, and have their case continued. This would give the client time to gather legal fees and give him time to mount a defense. Technically, you can retain an atty for a dollar, but I’ve never seen an atty prep docs (answers, motions, or orders) without receiving thier fees. (Criminal) defendants are far more likely to procrastinate in paying their fees than plaintiffs. And attys prefer cash bc they receive 100%. If they take credit cards, then they generally lose at least 3.5% or more in credit card vendor fees. If they accept checks, then they could lose 100% of their fees. Attys like leverage, and money is the best leverage of all when freedom is at stake.

      • Brianna

        That makes sense as a retainer before you defend someone. However I could have swore she received them in the parking lot after to the hearing before he left. It seemed to be more like “thanks for keeping me out of jail” present. I could be mistaken about that though and like I said I didn’t think it was wrong it just seemed strange for her to have that withy the cameras rolling.. Just something that stood out from pervious episodes. Also, is Phaedra even still lawyer? Lol don’t remember seeing her practice law at all this season it’s been all dead people.

    • charmaine



      Please revisit commenting rules. Particularly this part:

      10. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY. I’m reminded of my mother when my father would interrupt with a point saying, “WHO IS TELLING THIS STORY? ”

      I am the storyteller here. Your comments should be on MY TELLING. If you want to tell stories, websites just like this one are free. Go tell yours. I realize some of you are great researchers. I love that BECAUSE YOU EMAIL ME and I can fact check and move forward with new information. I do not want to hear about stupid shit you heard somewhere else in comments. That FORCES me to say that blogger is full of shit, and I would rather avoid that. If there is nothing that interests you in MY POST go somewhere else where random babbling is encouraged there are PLENTY of blogs who want lots of comments. Ask yourself. Do I really have 87 comments a day that Tamara wants to hear about? Because, noe. Noe you do not. But there are tons of blogs and message boards on the Internet that do! Go find your happy place! This is not it!

  65. such gossip and lies floating around. I have been reading for months in the tabloids that Kenya and Porsha and Phaedra was fired. So that rumor has been written a dozen times already. These shows are really going down the tube rock bottom. Only one half classy one left but its attracting a certain type audience and economic lever of people

    • please take a moment to check the commenting rules. here http://s17948.p20.sites.pressdns.com/commenting-rules/ especially this part.

      *3. I think I heard or read something once about…*

      Muchlike links, I don’t want to hear about what you heard or read somewhere else. Please comment on it there. I try to do my best to post facts along with my opinion. If you post some random shit you read “somewhere” people here start thinking I am rubber stamping someone else’s content. I don’t have time to verify other people’s assertions. If you read something earth shattering somewhere else, *EMAIL ME* and I will take a look at it. Otherwise comment wherever “somewhere else” is.

      On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 8:09 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • What quality and economic “lever” is that? And there is also a rule here about your subjects matching your predicates. The rumor was that they WERE fired. Not that they WAS fired.

  66. JustasIam

    Sounds about right. That’s Phaedra’s MO. She always gets someone else to do her dirty work. She has it out for Kenya because Apollo wants Kenya.

  67. joker

    But my sources, indicated that Porsha Williams is no longer employed by Bravo.”

    In memory of the late, great Florida Evans…..damn. .damn ..DAMN!

  68. I’ve never been attracted to any of the RHOA personalities after season 2. I don’t know Atlanta at all so I would have enjoyed seeing some of the sights there occasionally.
    Do these women ever go outside, honestly not to film?
    Poor Porsche, yes, she is responsible for her own actions. Wonder if she will be moving back to her Mama’s house?

  69. Well won’t this be a ratings boon! And….won’t it be another compelling twist when she’s “rehired” and we all can’t wait to tune in next season to see how the two of them will ever be in the same room again. But they will.

    Kenya took down nene, Phaedra and now porsha. 1-2-3. It’s a funny script.

  70. Valerie

    Porsha did this…Porsha. I gasped when I read this. Scandalous. I really hope Bravo let’s us see this as well. I find Kendra entertaining, Porsha, not so much, so this I got to see. Thanks for the info.

  71. Sorry Porsha is in this jam. I might not watch this show anymore because it’s gotten to this point. I cannot stand to see anybody pushed too far. That means there is some behavior that an offline conversation and understanding of what will and won’t be tolerated. I hope it works out for everybody but this might be my last season watching this show. I like Porsha, Phadra, and Kandi. Oh well, let’s see what happens with this cast and the storylines.

  72. Cocoa

    I feel like 3 housewives should follow Porsha and that is Cynthia getting tired of Peter being her “breasts”, Phaedra getting tired of her being in “Mommy” mode even with her husband Apollo and Kandi getting tired of her and Todd period. These 3 storylines are nonexistent for me. Kandi and her crying when Todd threatens to leave, Cynthia always cleaning up Peter’s shade throwing at the girls, and Phaedra being either an old lady or being Apollo’s mom. I think these 3 are just in it for exposure and two for the money. Kandi and Todd doesn’t add anything to the show. But Kandi, her mother, her child, and Kandi working on her different ventures did before she met Todd. Cynthia reminds me of the meek, mousy, dumb doormat with no backbone. She always did, Beauty with no brains. A woman who comes off like she doesn’t know how to tell her man when he’s fucking up. Kinda scary chick. That’s why Peter took her part in the show he knows that if Cynthia doesn’t get something poppin with a castmate on the show bye bye Bravo check. Phaedra the bookworm but not street smart chick. Hard up chick that guys probably thought to themselves “meh” and “she’s aright”. Probably brought up too strict in her home. Probably thought she wasn’t ever going to get married or have children so why not Apollo. cute, young, a little ‘bad” boy syndrome thrown in. He’s single, broke, perfect. She’s bougghetto perfect. He’s willing to open up on RHOA but Mommy holding the purse strings Phaedra is saying “YOU bet not”. So as a result their storyline is blah, they need to exit the show.

  73. joker

    It’s just hypocritical of Kenya to act like she’s somehow offended that Porsha may have insinuated Kordell was gay. When Kenya did the exact same thing with Walter when he dumped her. All that talk about her being naked or in the shower naked with Walter and he didn’t react like a normal heterosexual man and insinuating that Walter was gay. Kenya did the exact same thing she’s now criticizing Porsha for.

  74. Foxee

    Now, Kenya, at first I didn’t like the way YOU CAME AT Cynthia. Not a “Cynthia-fan” but a fan of humane sane handling of people. When you objected to working for free for Phaedra, and things seem to turn on you, or SHE turned on you after that and all ties devolved, I first saw it as your Karma…again, for how you “entered” the show, your debut–dissin’ Cynthia for no real reason.

    But later? I started to feel bad for you. Cause I can’t see “What you did to any of them that WARRANTS this type of persistent maltreatment???” They behave as if you DID steal their man, or their money. Kim stole Kandi’s money, and Kandi, most of them treat Kim better than they treat you! It’s weird…this passionate contempt they hold for you. It makes no sense! And none of them could elucidate on it in any intelligent way, what warrants their real conflict WITH YOU?

    And they all NON FIGHTERS! Ones that steered another NON FIGHTER to FIGHT YOU! Porsha ain’t about THAT LIFE! Why would she even attempt to pretend? Porsha, you exercised saying WHATEVER you like to Kenya, right? Well, Kenya exercised that same 1st Amendment Right! What’s the matter your ditsy braincells couldn’t keep up with all the TRUTHful logic she was hurling your way? ‘Can’t beat her in truth & speech, so you tried to see if your hands could be that equalizer. Pity, Kenya too is a non-fighter. Kenya really wished you THREW THEM BOWS rightly. Kenya, sue Porsha! No, not for the money, for the principle! What Kandi said she sued/suing Kim for.

    Real fighters know there’s consequences for their poor impulse control acts. It’s time non-fighters know the same!

    Kenya, as Twirly and surface you can be, there’s gots to be something STRONG about you. It has to be!

    Phaedra, or Ne Ne couldn’t tackle you by themselves? Really? They HAD to enlist a Porsha??? Really? Intellectually, I can see why Ne Ne or Porsha don’t think they can hang wit’ you. But Phaedra, too? P.P. YOU need help with verbally-handling Kenya? Word? Truth hurts, huh?

    Porsha, Phaedra called you dumb “small head/small brain,” Ne Ne said similar and added you need to seek psychological therapy, and THESE are the two you take your cue from to FIGHT? You posed as a puppet for two that think you aren’t too bright? Really? Is it any wonder that they knew they could manipulate you? Then Ne Ne gonna send you “love” on Twitter? Yeah, after she got you to do her bidding. She ain’t even fight Marlo back, but gonna summon you to fight Kenya. And foolishly, you followed orders. Sigh…

    Kenya, the whole planet is programmed to hate Black people. Yeah, it’s called “racism,” but… think about it, the WHOLE PLANNED-NET is programmed to hate one group of people. Why? That must be a STRONG PEOPLE! I know I just macro-micro this matter of yours. But sometimes to get a better perspective of a small petty matter, you gotta MACRO it.

    Kenya, when you’re bored and around what’s called the “conscious community,” ask someone who was/is the guy, the healthfood store/site owner that had conflict with a popular racy utube lady/personality, his former business connect. He’s been since taken down from utube. Once you discover this, email him. Ask him to send you the video where he speaking about said lady and the demise of their friendship/business connection. While he was mad at her he STILL found space to admit that she’s STRONG. Too have THAT MANY detractors…that’s STRENGTH! He’s pretty hands-on..he’ll send you the video. Close-in on his facial expression.

    Don’t feel bad about hate, analyze it.

  75. Kenya is a pot stirrer, and as much as I like Phaedra, I would buy Kenya’s dvd. But at the end of the day, Kenya is alone. So rather than try tp blow up everyone else’s relationship, she should figure out how to hang on to one of her own.

  76. terry macon

    Are there not certain standards that goes alone with that title Miss USA?

  77. HeyWig

    Im not team kenya but her antics keep me as a viewer. I have no sympathy for Porsha she insinuated for the first like four or five episodes,that Kordell was gay. Then when Kandi was helping her go thru her things from Kordells’s house they found a open box of anal beads. Porsha stated I never opened those Kordell must have. No matter what Kenya said Porsha shoulda had a read waiting for her. People applaud Porsha attacking Kenya , but thats not fair. People justify it because Kenya is a homewrecker…..but who’s home did she wreck? The second episode of the Mexico trip either Bravo was being slick with their editing or Apollo was eyeing Kenya hard as hell. And Apollo admittedly told her how attractive she was how he was almost about to smash her……..thats a real problem (but now him and Phadera have all their skeletons hanging out karma! !) But Kenya isnt for everyone her wit and humor is for the very smart intellectual SHADY Shadyfest type of woman who can insult you with a smile. Myself I love Kenya she was paid to do a job and she is doing it very well.And last I have no idea why people think a un married woman can give any input after listening to a unhappy married woman a divorced wiman and a woman who has her husband on a leash nobody on this show has a perfect relationship .

  78. Katrina

    Nene did not say that Porsha was her BFF. You don’t have to be someones BFF to support them.

    • Teerii

      NeNe had better look like she’s supporting Porsha so Porsha won’t “spill the tea””on how NeNe and Phaedra put her up to playing hard ball with Kenya at the Reunion.

  79. khintx

    I think it’s all BS. After the disastrous RHOBH reunion (can you believe we still have to get through part 3 and lost reels?) I think this is a stunt to beef up the viewers’ interest in yet another reunion show after a so-so season. I admit RHOA has been more interesting than “are you my friend” and “mauricio cheated” gate. kh

    • Katrina

      I think a lot of it is public relations. A lot of people wanted something to happen to Kenya. Now that it might have happened, people are outraged. Hopefully it won’t be 3 parts, but you never know. Porsha and Kenya started off wrong, so I am not surprised. I don’t just think Porsha attacked her, Kenya did something. We just don’t know what! I is possible that they changed the seating order and somehow Porsha was sitting next to Kenya. You know how Kenya was with that fan last year. Poor Kandi took it quite well.

  80. TT thanks for putting it out there about Porsha’s grandpa’s “legacy”(you really do your research, were you a journalism major?). I just found your comment in the flurry of responses to this post and let out a sigh of relief that someone finally put that “legacy” in the spotlight. I have been cringing throughout this season everytime that silly girl used it as a means to elevate her status. Puh-leese, this little girl in a woman’s body didn’t even research her own family legacy that’s why she didn’t research anything else. Again I give here a

  81. Mary

    Oh how I love this blog and the blogger!

  82. jrleaguer

    Charmaine~ Honey, are you having a stroke? If not, then please step away from your keyboard. You are getting way too worked up about a “reality” show.
    In the real world, none of the cast members would stop to give you the time of day. Step back, take a breath and try to form a sentence that makes sense.

  83. You were able to decipher her comments? Kudos to you :-)

  84. Angel

    Because of this crap, Andy is probably working out extra hard before reunion shows. I don’t think he has ever got over the ‘get outa my way push back into his chair’ by Theresa on RHONJ reunion.

  85. *sigh* My ADHD, Lyme, and Depression is kicking in. Can’t wait until we have something different to snark about.

  86. DJ

    KENYA IS WINNING. Poor Porsha. She grow up sheltered in an affluent, prestigious family. She probably never even swatted a fly in her life.

    These girls USED her. If she thinks Phaedra and Nene are her friends, she is sadly mistaken. Although, if there is any truth to Marlo joining the show Nene may fight tooth and nail to get Porsha back. She needs a sidekick she can control since Cynthia and her on the rocks.

  87. kb

    TT, didn’t the hair pulling thing happened on RHONJ also. I really hope that the did not fire porsha

    • myinfo

      Maybe next year Bravo will add the Award for best hair pull. I forgot about the NJ hair pull. Sheree also pulled on Kim’s wig.

  88. Nene and Phaedra have come a long ways haven’t they?! 😛

  89. SnookumsLynn

    Porsha was bound to get fired this season…I just think she sucks, cause now Kenya gonna be running around talking about I got her fired…poor dummy!

  90. papa smurf

    Could have seen this coming from miles away, of course Nene & Phaedra were going to put a bug in that clueless girls ear, to get her to do the dirty work & keep their hands clean. But in a battle of wits, Porsha is unarmed.
    I’m glad to see her go, she was just too dumb & boring to care about.

  91. Portia Springer

    This season on the RHOA Nene had no job other than the show. Last season she was on the New Normal and Glee. So she had to stir the pot. And if she got in Porsha’s ear she should be ashamed she is to old. And Porsha should not listen to other people who do not have her best interest in mind.

  92. Brianna

    Omg another thing that makes this hilarious is that Kenya TRIED To sit down and have a polite conversation with Porsha about Phaedra trying to play her like a fiddle. Porsha was a bitch in her talking head and said she’s a grown women and she doesn’t need to be told who to watch out for and that she can handle herself (or something along those lines) Porsha got defensive with Kenya and didn’t take Kenya’s advice! Haaaaa #splat

  93. MamaKat

    Nene has really gone down hill since season1.

  94. Judy McKenzie

    Thank you for. the only credible report so far. Perhaps this will quell the b.s. that is out there now regarding Kenya’s beloved Velvet: Velvet is alive and well living with
    Brandon in L.A.
    I’ve seen your report previously…and I trust you and your source on this. It would help Bravo’s image to back it up. Zero tolerance=zero tolerance. Porsha indulged too much…she (and our young people watching) need to know that this is unacceptable behavior.
    This show has become a part of our culture…part of our history. Bravo has a responsibility to do the right thing.

  95. Karma

    NeNe & phaedra took total advantage of Porsha’ naivety/ stupidity.

    I no I’ll prob get alot of feed back for this but Porsha is a grown women & made that decision all on her own. whether NeNe or phaedra did goad her or not shes old enough to know you never put your hand on anyone regardless in much they piss u off or what they say their intention is get a reaction out of you you.

    We all no Kenya hates Porsha & got more than the reaction she suspected from her which made her plan even better. Porsha you just let Kenya win without thinking bout the acquaintances consequences. After Bravo sent a warning to all their franchises that violence physical violence will result in immediate dismissal.

    Sorry but Bravo this time acted wisely maybe thjoey Gorga will think twice before he attacks anyone same with Apollo.

    I don’t in the least feel sorry for her she knew the consequences and as in court you cannot please ignore and least even though she’s ignorant

    • Katrina

      When did Bravo’s warning go out? Before or after they aired Pillow talk brawl.

      • Karma

        Straight after the Apollo/Brandon brawl it may have even been the next day.

      • Karma

        after NeNe infamous pillowtalk night i believe Bravo warned all the housewives franchiseswas that physical violence will not be tolerated it would mean instant termination

  96. Atlanta housewives about porsha putting her hands on beautiful Kenya moore i am glad porsha got fired and if the rest of crew like nene and like ugly phay phay,want to leave bravo let them there beautiful woman waiting in linkenya

  97. I truly love kenya i think Kenya’s a lot of fun poeple just gotta accept. the different personalities of poeple that God gives us all to deal with in the world and stop permoting hate stop it nene your both fake.kenya needs to sue porsha Williams.

    • I find it very interesting that many heap abuse on Porscha for her lack of brainpower, but call Kenya the savior of the franchise for her below the belt bullying. What has she done that deserves applause? Create a fake relationship so she can look like a woman scorned? She is just as anxious to use RHOA to spring board her doa career. No one is saying that Kenya is not an attractive woman on the outside, but her inside is shallow and cartoonish, and when you are presenting yourself to a prospective mate that way, the only thing that will happen is a one night stand.

      • Teerii

        Well my friend, you should be directing your questions to the EXECUTIVES and Fans of BravoTV, they gave Kenya Moore TWO AWARDS this year.

  98. denee

    Okay, I just started reading this blog a few days ago and I NEVER EVER have commented on a blog before…but here goes:

    1. I am very happy to see that not only are you an intelligent blogger, but you watch some of the same guilty pleasure shows that I do (such as RHOA & CA).

    2. Why is this the only blog I’ve found that doesn’t seem to get a commission check from NeNe Leakes or Phaedra Parks? I have never understood why/how people can “cosign” on NeNe’s behavior and attitude or Phaedra’s alleged untruths.

    3. #5 on your rules list had me cracking up! I definitely will be back regularly! Too funny!

    4. Oh, and I just watched part one of the reunion…Porsha did actually drag Kenya a bit by the hair. I’m not a fan of Porsha (she might need to stick to her coloring books) and I agree with most that Kenya aggravates everyone for a reason (she is earning her peach check) but she did get dragged. Porsha needs to keep her hands to herself and learn how to fight words with words. Until she can do that (and get a relevant storyline), she needs to go. That is all.

  99. If the Atlanta housewives are planning to walk there better poeple waiting on the job porsha no! dam excu keep yo hands to yourself kenya you need to to sue porsha Williams for damages and that will cut her and her fans giggle box.

  100. Cesar Benz

    As a man commenting for the first time ever on a predominantly female blog, I just hope no one will do a “Nene Leaks” on me and treat me like Peter, lol. But perhaps my opinion would be a bit more objective than many women on here. I seriously think that none of these women are perfect (but no one is really…), but Nene Leakes must be the least likeable of the bunch. She instigated issues (pillow party, the Marlo situation, etc.) and had double standards the whole time (over the top antics when people were late to her events but her being later to other people’s events or talking about everyone’s business but refusing to address the Marlo stuff in Mexico). Phaedra thinks her shit doesn’t stink and I really don’t know why…She is the most highly conflicted of them all as she keeps claiming her Christian faith and southern values but does not exhibit any of them in the way she deals with adversity. I find Kenya rather intelligent, articulated and genuine. Yes, she fights dirty but only once I remember her starting the mess (talking about a woman’s marriage where the husband claimed her as common-law)…The comment from Kenya was dumb even in isolation but I re-iterate: Other than that time, she has usually been attacked and went back in hard to defend herself. I like Kenya. Kandi is the most likeable and real…Cynthia was the most likeable and the one that seemed to be the most logical of the bunch until she allowed Peter to be called a “bitch” in front of her and not even move an eyebrow…I mean, the reaction she had when she found out Velvet had died is what should have happened when Nene said the most inappropriate of things about her husband. I don’t think Bravo would have and could have fired her had she decided to put her hands on Nene then…I agree that Porsha should take all the blame for the physical altercation, manipulated by others or not. She needs to figure out what she wants out of life and that can only be done away from the cameras…she may not be a child at 32+ year-old but she still has a long time on this earth according to the statistics. Hopefully she will learn from this and come back in the public light stronger when/if the stars aligned for her again.

    So my verdict is: Get rid of Cynthia and replace her with her sister Mal; Porsha is on her way out it seems but Marlo could replace her and actually provide an ally for Kenya to go against Nene (who will now team up with Phaedra). Just my humble opinions/wishes

    Last, I have to say that it is hard to witness beautiful and mostly intelligent african-american women (and men) making fools of themselves on INTERNATIONAL TV week after week…The RHODC was my all-time favourite as the women were intelligent, successful and knew how to handle themselves and each other….sadly, it doesn’t make for “good” TV (how ironic) and the show was cancelled after one lone season. It does says a lot about what our society has become when we rather watch a train wreck than finding out about a successful story.

    • Welcome Cesar… you sure have a lot to say!

    • Brianna

      Cesar!! Yes your so right about everything but especially about Cynthia! WTf!? She was more outspoken and aggressive towards peter about the bar-one rent issue then she was when nene called him a “bitch”, I think Helen Keller would’ve said more to nene then Cynthia did!! I’m glad her and nene are getting along now though!

  101. Glory from jersey

    Manly nene and fugly Phaektra should be fired. Call nenes bluff . Phaektra knew what her husband was doing. She is such a fake. Look at nene in 2008 and look at her now. She’s no longer wanted in Hollywood. Why should we have to suffer. And porscha doesn’t belong with the big dawgs. She needs a psychiatrist . She absolutely needs help and now I know why Cordell called her a knucklehead.

  102. bkisses

    anyone who thinks fighting solves problems needs their head examined,..Porsha was coaxed by Nene and Phaedra and they used that poor girl to do their dirty work…. and Porsha thinking that Nene and Phaedra are her friends is truly ignorant….on her behalf. Kenya could have walloped on Porsha, she knows if she fights, Bravo would fire her..So she let Porsha carry out Nene and Phaedras arttacks… and now look Porsha has no job.. while Nene and Phaedra do.

  103. woo jones

    How,I wish I could get an pay check like the case of Atlanta house wives,instead of reading about them.

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