Evelyn Lozada Reads Wendy Williams For Her Ugly Remarks

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Andy Cohen and Wendy Williams in Happier Times.

Wendy Williams has been a bit messier than usual this week.  On Monday’s show she crossed the line big time when she referred to Evelyn Lozada’s son as a cash register!  Evelyn, who you may recall had a short tumultuous marriage to Chad Ochocinco in 2012 that ended after Chad got violent with her, is engaged to a very wealthy baseball player name Carl Leo Crawford. Over the weekend she gave birth to his son and named him Carl Leo Jr.

Well, on Hot Topics Wendy said, “Evelyn gave birth to a cash register, I mean a baby boy. I didn’t mean to make that cash register joke, but you see why it’s easy to be said. Evelyn, girl, congratulations.”  Then on top of that she insulted her fiancé’s looks! Wendy said, “[Carl] is  not a bad looking man, but he certainly wasn’t getting the likes of Evelyn Lozada if he wasn’t playing baseball… take care of your cash register!” She also suggested that Evelyn not sit idly by while raking in the marital dough. She said she needs to open another shoe store like the one she had in Miami.

Really Wendy? What sort of mother insults another woman’s child? Such bad form.Evelyn decided to give Wendy a very public read. One of my tweeps sent me this which a compilation of tweets that were sent from Evelyn to Wendy yesterday. Wendy did not say a word about this on the show today and didn’t seem bothered by anything at all. Wendy has lost weight and is looking really good lately. Perhaps she is trying to ward off the competition?

wendy williams hot topics

Today, in a totally non-related event, Wendy put all of Nene’s mugshots on her hot topics panel. She also acted like Nene was trying to hide her past. I’m pretty sure all of that was in her book. That was a pretty rachet thing to do as well, mostly because she needs to be trying to make up with Bravo over the whole Bethenny debacle.

Meanwhile, now Evelyn has put it out there that her husband cheats on her. That rumor has come around before years and years ago, but now it is back. All because she insulted a newborn baby. Oh Wendy!

Whose side are you on?


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83 responses to “Evelyn Lozada Reads Wendy Williams For Her Ugly Remarks

  1. lyn

    Doesn’t matter. It is true

  2. Katrina

    When is it okay to go on national TV and insult a child! What is wrong with Wendy! Does she need some attention?

  3. Urethra Franklin

    Evelyn took Wendy to school, dragged her into the lieberry, and the read her to filth….but Wendy started it. The rumors about Wendy’s husband have been LOUD for years.

    • Willow

      Who is Wendy’s husband? Is he well known? How long have they been married? Don’t know that much about her.

      • Urethra Franklin

        Her husband of 15 years is Kevin Hunter. He is also her manager, and executive producer of her show.

    • Mina

      Yes, you are right about that. I remember years ago, I was at Bentley’s in Manhattan, and there he was, sucking face with some random hooch. Someone said, “ooh Girl, look at Wendy William’s huzbin all over that girl!!”. It wasn’t Wendy. My bff’s son is a stylist and he told us that they have an “open” marriage because he can’t keep it in his pants. Horrific. And he is not cute.

      • kym

        No, he is not cute. A hoodlum from back in the day. She first caught him cheating when she was on the radio and she was pregnant. She wrote about it in her book. But once is figured out how to do it and not get “caught” he is all open with it.

      • Love Wendy & the show but it is unreal how the streets are screaming about her husband for years yet she lectures everyone else. She seems like she has it together but him as her choice takes that all away. Guess her advice is do as I say, don’t do as I do. She actually never says anything great about him but makes no sense why she’d be married to him. Her parents seem lovely, and she’s said he’s a wrong side of the tracks guy. Weird.

    • Bravogirl24/7

      Wendy ain’t hiding her Huss-band. She done raked her own dirt and told the world about her low down cheating man.

  4. Nene looked SO much better back then. She was actually pretty.

  5. Okay81

    I don’t agree that Wendy’s comment was an insult to the child. Was it messy? Yes. But an insult to the kid? No. If anything, it insulted Evelyn’s character by equating her with being a gold digger. Now, calling the kid ugly or something would be an insult.

  6. Witchy

    As far as Nene, in her book Nene claimed she was arrested because her friend stole something and was later pulled over by a cop because of it. What Nene failed to leave our is she pleaded guilty and later was arrested at least two separate occasions for violating probation. I guess this is brought up because Marlo was fine until she and Kenya became buddies and now Nene is bringing up her arrests.

    Speaking of Wendy,

    How you do-in Tamara.

  7. O.O

    It seems as if its impossible to read or embarrass Wendy. Years ago when she was on Hot 97 or 98.7 kiss up here in NY ,before Puffy got Wendy blackballed for some years for outing him as gay , so many artists would call up and curse her out . For example Trech(?) from naughty by nature called the station and cussed her out for talking about he and Peppet ( the rapper) and Wendy played him cussing her out as her commercial break everyday for weeks . Then there was the legendary Whitney Houston interview .. Oh my goodness ! Whitney started the interview cussing her out and ended it cussing her out . Wendy was undaunted and kept taunting Whitney so that she would keep saying off the wall things ( And it was a long interview) One of the things that Whitney kept shouting was that she was from Newark and that she would come meet Wendy to beat her up after she left work that day ,despite Whitney being in FL at the time . Wendy played parts of Whitney cussing her as her commercial break for months . Then there was the time that Angie Martinez ( a fellow dj) beat Wendy up for discussing her business . Again Wendy was undaunted . Something is missing or she has the skin of an armadillo . I don’t think Wendy cares what Ev said . Everyone up in these parts knows he cheats and is rumored to be gay so idk. If she’s not ashamed to marry man who looks as if he just got out of prison today . Nothing can shame her. I could go on and on about Wendy talking on radio about all of her own dirt and surgeries so that it can’t be used against her but you guys get my point .

    • Willow

      Thanks, I really didn’t know much about her at all. You gave me some insight to her personality.

    • Urethra Franklin

      Wendy was way more abrasive, explicit, and controversial during her radio days….Her tv show is a much more censored & sanitized Wendy.

      • Mina

        If she were still acting the way she did on her radio show, she never would have gotten that tv show. Her that damn Charlamaigne

    • Wendy is a boss bitch and gives NO f****s, so don’t forget it. To all her haters: HOW YOU DOING?!

    • AlwaystheTeacher

      Um…Angie did not beat up Wendy. Wendy actually beat up Angie. That was the final straw for Hot 97 and they fired her (on paper) because of that. In her lawsuit, Wendy was able to prove that the powers that be at Hot 97 were in fact conspiring against her for some time, AND that their non-compete clause (prohibiting her from working within a certain radius of NYC) was in fact illegal. Wendy got broke off in the multimillions.

      • O.O

        I guess you’re a wendy super fan but my point wasn’t about her finances, I said it seems impossible to embarrass her and listed the reasons that formed my opinion ..Wendy did get beat down .Could Wendy have taken Angie ? Maybe ! But she wasn’t expecting Angie to walk in and attack her .

      • AlwaystheTeacher

        Um…not a superfan. I just like to clarify facts. Oh, and where did I get these facts? The court sealed most of the lawsuit details, but in certain legal courses (Business Law/Contracts) where non-compete agreements are discussed, the Wolf Warner and Wendy Williams cases are always discussed. That O.O., is where the information came from. Some of these documents can be downloaded from a number of legal doc sites.

  8. Wendy Williams is in the business of insulting people and airing out their dirty laundry. Don’t forget Evelyn was this woman who insulted other women and attack them, she is no angel by far. Now she played this good person who wanted a baby boy and found some guy to get her pregnant and this guy just happens to be mega rich…Do you seriously think she was going to get pregnant by a poor guy? It’s all about the money and fame. Wendy called it out and she’s right.

  9. Michelle

    What I hate most about Wendy is that she stresses the importance of getting a good education but fawns all over ignorant Kim K as if she was some brilliant dynamo instead of just a puppet for her men and mother. Thankfully she did say Khloe needs to get a sense of humor regarding the Joan Rivers/RayJ parody sex tape.

    Wendy is also very forgetful. She must be stressed at home.

    • Um Wendy hates Kim K and mocked her cover with the rest of the sane world.

      On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 1:06 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Then why did Kim K. agree to be on the premier episode of Wendy’s new ‘celebrity-dun-gone-undercover’ TV Show?

        I believe it’s her production company’s first

      • bravocueen

        She also acts like she hates Teresa Guidice and says some of the most awful things about her but fawns all over her when Tre appears (pursuant to Bravo contract I think) on her talk show. Even called Tre her “favorite” housewife last time. She got a good side-eye for that.

    • Urethra Franklin

      Wendy cant stand Kim K or her mother. She always refers to Kris Jenner as “that woman or that motha um hmmm.” The only Kardashian that Wendy likes is Khloe.

  10. I wouldn’t say what Wendy did publicly and I’ld never use the ugly word how Wendy did. There was no reason to go there. Carl is amazing athlete from what my sons told me. Not just a baseball player, they said he was offered scholarships in football and basketball. What Wendy said about the cash registrar is true but no one knows if they are in love, not even Wendy.
    Carl has no other children that I can find so he knows how to cover it. I’m thinking it was a planned pregnancy.
    Evelyn is 38, Carl is 32 so it’s time.

    • Carl does have others and one was born just a few months ago. With this baby he has a set of Irish twins. I think this new baby brings his total to 3

      • LoLo

        Yes…Evelyn got pregnant while his FORMER fiancé was pregnant! She knew exactly what she was doing when she got pregnant with his child…I am a believer in KARMA…so I’ll wait to see how all of this pans out.

      • “Irish Twins” funny. Thank you, I did not read where I should have.

      • lilk

        @digal, really? has he paid these ladies for silence ? how come they arent telling ?

  11. I’m on Wendy’s side. It was a joke in poor taste. You can call her a gold digger. It’s true, but leave the child alone. I mean, what Wendy said is totally on the mark, which is why Evelyn is so riled up. Wendy is a smart woman. She knows her man steps out on her, which is why she paid Evelyn’s come back ceiling fan dust…as she should.

    Also, I don’t think Wendy needs to make up with Bravo for anything. Wendy;s doing alright for herself and isn’t the one whose show just got cancelled. Bad move Andy.

  12. MomofAJ

    No matter what anyone thinks of Evelyn, to say she gave birth to a cash register is in poor taste. I don’t remember her talking about how she met Carl, so he may have been the one who pursued her.

  13. I can not stand Wendy and that is why I do not watch her show. I am glad Evelyn put her on blast.

  14. Monihew

    I am not sure that I would say Wendy insulted the child. Truth be told, Evelyn has put her child in the situation by her behavior and decisions past and present. She could have shown she has grown up and wants to TRY and be a lady by ignoring it………………….but we know that will NEVER happen.

    I don’t think Wendy cares what Evelyn says, especially about her marriage because Wendy already knows who Kevin is and what he did. It’s like insulting Wendy because she has large breast…….so what! Wendy has spent many years being insulted and the butt of other people’s jokes, Evelyn will have to do much better if she wants to move the needle.

  15. Wendy’s husband married a cash register.

    • kym

      I’m not mad at Evelyn for getting involved with successful men – better than ex-thugs who jeopardize your radio career. He was the cause of a sexual abuse charge bought on the radio station by one of the interns. This happened right before she left radio. Wendy has to be prepared because she talks about everyone, eventually someone is going to spill her beans.

    • Monihew

      I don’t thiink she was one when they got married.

  16. Wendy has earned a spot on my DVR for the past two years because she did get better. If you go on her show she is going to ask questions that’s her job. If your relationship is tabloid messy she is gonna report it because that’s her job. She does try to confirm some of the crap and re-reports if she gets more info. She is a tabloid girl and sensational reporting is what she does. It doesn’t have to necessarily be accurate, just juicy. She is not a journalist, she is a talk show host so her research does not have to be in depth. She crosses the line and when SHE thinks she has, she tweeted mea culpa as needed. All this to say, she doesn’t think she was out of line with Evelyn and frankly neither do I. Harsh maybe but honesty can sometimes be harsh. Wendy believes Evelyn is a gold digger and so do I. Sometimes it’s easier to mine for gold when your pregnant

  17. We didn’t see that NeNe mug shot show here where her 10 am Est live show is repeated at 2pm. They repeated Mondays show where Evelyn was the hot topic. Was there a new show on today? Shade or scheduling snafu or ironic coincidence? Curious since Friday is usually a new show.

  18. LewLew

    Wendy is a jealous woman. She is always belittling other women (especially women of color — Lindsey Lohan is the exception). Calling another woman’s child out of his name is never exceptable. Evelyn has every right to defend her child. Let’s be honest wouldn’t you all be upset if Wendy called your child out of his name. There’s probably a lot Evelyn did not say about Wendy’s cheating husband.
    Wendy always has a lot to say about others such as telling young people not to get married in their twenties. She’s always talking about other celebrities relationships especially the women who marry much younger men such as Demi Moore. Well guess what she married Kevin when he was 22 and she was 33. That’s right he is 11 years younger than she. He got his career off of her back, her hard work. What has her husband accomplished on his own. Google his cheating, it is all over the internet. She talks a tough game, but she’s a weak woman! All that cheating and she is still with Kevin. At least Evelyn was smart enough to get away from Chad.

    • lori

      Thanks for sharing that. I didn’t realize that her husband was eleven years younger than her and was only 22 when they married. I’ve always thought that Wendy is a huge hypocrite, but this one blows my mind. I hate the way the talks about Demi Moore. It’s just cruel, but this makes it even worse. I do like Wendy, and I dvr her show every day, but when she’s in one of her “moods”, I hit stop and erase. Also, I can only watch her show if I’m in a good mood, otherwise I often feel even more icky while I’m watching it. I’ve always wondered when someone was going to give it back to her. It seems like a very long time since anyone has.

      • I go back and forth about Wendy just like I do about Andy Cohen and well everyone else. :) I do think that WW looks REALLY good lately. I think she is about to turn 50 and is trying to do it in style. That said, I fell out with her when all her hot topics were sooooo very WRONG and she would site a place that rhymes with FakeOut. Lately, she and Andy both havehad Fred on their show. Wonder how much Fred pays for that?

        On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 7:46 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • lori

        She definitely looks fantastic (and she knows it!). Even though she gets on my nerves a lot, I have to say, I really admire her stamina. She does her show, and then is constantly doing a bunch of other stuff. She is living life to its fullest and makes it look so easy.

        I also agree with you about her views on things (our reality shows anyway). Usually whatever she says is pretty much opposite of what’s really going on.

  19. loriflack

    I watch her sporadically, the last time I did she started to cry about her son hating her nowadays :(
    Didn’t know about her husband. She talks about having multiple miscarriages…it’s confusing.

  20. AubreyT

    I don’t get the WW hate, she told the damn truth. Like Nene always say; “a hit dog will holler”. The lady is just earning her bread and butter like the next person just. Geesh, the woman is telling her own business, so she can’t take herself seriously. Wendy is saying things other people wish they had the nerve to say. I don’t see the difference in what she is doing than any other gossip site. Love her or hate her, we are still talking about her!

    • LOL never heard that but I will be using that “a hit dog will holla” for deniers’ of the truth.

      • peachteachr

        We actually say, “Hit dog always hollers first.” As in when you hear a statement that’s not exactly good and you can’t attribute it to a specific person, the one that ‘hollers’ first is guilty.

    • lilk

      @aubrey t : the problem is wendy gives advice when no 1 asks and is a hypocrite. ww says dont marry younger, yet kevin is younger than her.
      ww says if he cheats, he will leave you. yet kevin has cheated repeatedly, even while she was pregnant with their son, and she is still with him. in fact, there is a tape of him having sex with a lady online, but wendy is still with him.
      she slams ladies who earn more when she herself bout that huge ring she wears, but she claims kevin bought it.
      o please.

      and have you noticed she has long ht segments and long ask wendy..she cant book guests. her show needs to be cancelled like bethenny.

  21. Foxee

    Wendy did speak to his cheating in one of her memoirs. But, silly me, got the impression that THAT was his one & ONLY “incident.” There was even a portion in that same book where he explained himself on “THAT” matter. The irony: In that same read Wendy hired a private eye to find out just WHO that female was. Then later wrote, referring to that female that she’s a “non-entity.” Wendy, girl, a “non-entity” YOU hired [payed $] a private eye to dig up dirt on? Uh yeah, whatever. Sex creates a soul tie. She now [will forever] has one with your husband. But the point here: In that episode where Evelyn SHOUTED to Tami that she was a “Non Mu*tha F*ckin’ Factor!” My mind immediately went to that passage in Wendy’s read where she called that outside woman a “non entity.” Full Circle, here in this blog. Interesting.

    Big Kev probably thought that that shoe shop owner would NEVER be on a hit TV show in the future when he bought those boots. Wow! Lol… Most Virgos are frugal, the men can be so even with themselves. For him to walk in a store and make such a purchase…That CHICK had to be special! Why not just give the chick the money to buy them herself, Kev? Wendy, I hope you ask him that. And Ev, how did you KNOW that those boots weren’t for Wendy, but for ANOTHER woman? Sag’s perception? Sharp!
    I give it to ya. You held on to that piece of data for a while…don’t know if that “holding” was due to class or just waiting for a MOMENT like the one Wendy presented to you.

    I met him once, he was warm and receptive. A Virgo. Oddly, I took more to him than her (and she was there, about 5 feet away). What else is odd, I found him to be cute. In a real gangsta type of way. If you old skool, YOU KNOW “Real Niggaz” when you interface with them. Wendy caught a real one, why she can’t let him go…she knows they’re a dying breed. Wendy is VERY intuitive. If he’s been cheating [or they’re in an open marriage] or cheats from time to time, she KNOWS. ..even with no proof, she KNOWS. And if she can weather that well, whatever Ev or the public say? Her THICK skin is tighten all the more stronger.

    No, not a Wendy fan. The way SHE GOT at Lauryn? But I think that she intended to call Ev out for being a what’s deemed a “Gold-digger,” not diss a baby. If that Crawford guy were just a regular guy, say a UPS worker, would Ev pay him any mind? Nah, we doubt it. Perhaps this is what Wendy was pointing out.

    Let’s face it, Wendy was hired to do exactly what she’s doing. And she DELIVERS!

    pardon the typos.

    • lori

      I would guess that she knew the shoes weren’t for Wendy if they were a size smaller than a ten or an eleven, or whatever Wendy wears.

    • Monihew

      So you believed Evelyn? I find it hard to believe that after all these years and all of those customers she remembers EXACTLY what Wendy’s husband did years ago. I never thought for one second she was telling the truth.

  22. Foxee

    One more thing. Evelyn, if you are reading this:

    Never mind the Wendy stuff. I recommend you get your baby’s natal chart interpretted FAST. He’s a he, one with Mars Rx & Saturn Rx. Uranus is in Aries, & it must conjunct his Sun; Saturn in Scorpio, and Mars in Libra. ..for a male? Yikes! Evelyn, I would recommend an astute astrologer, but this is not the thread for that. But please ask around, do your due diligence! We all have past-life Karma, not to mention the Karma we incur in this present incarnation, the good & the mal., but… Well, thankfully you have the re$ources to hire the best tutors to teach him, speaking academically as well as spiritually.

    But Mars Rx for any male has… Study, you’ll soon see what that entail. Not to worry you, just to inform you. If I knew you personally, I’d sit and teach you his chart, for FREE! It gave me such concern. Cosmic concern.

    “I am not my sister’s keeper. I am my sister.” ~Iyanla Vanzant <3

  23. As I said before, Wendy is NOT a journalist, she is strictly for entertainment. So anyone watching should expect no more journalistic integrity from her than from any of the other entertainment shows like ET, Access Hollywood, TMZ etc. They use unnamed sources that may or may not pan out to be true. She uses several on line sites and ALL the magazines so her accuracy rate is bound to be 50/50. Many times she says”don’t believe it but we’ll be watching”. The word “allegedly” has become a regular part of her vocabulary. So she gives us info and it’s up to you to investigate further to form your own opinions. She’s doing what she’s paid to do and she’s trying to parlay it into an empire. Her husband hitched himself on to the right one so he could come up. Wonder if they have a prenup? She wasn’t a millionaire when they married but for sure, he was a “nillionaire” so a pre nup was warranted. If not, a post nup should have been done once she decided to “stand by her man” after the cheating scandal(s). She never pretends marriage is easy breezy so I give her

    • lilk

      @vonnie : i thought wendy has a journalism degree –broadcast journalism– fromboston’s northeastern university.

      what is a nillionaire? kevin owend a hair salon when wendy met him. he wasnt a drug dealer..or was he ?

  24. MaryC

    I thought Evelyn striking out at Wendy was funny. I just shook my head and said, that’s old Evelyn lol. Also Wendy doesn’t need to make up with Bravo. Bravo needs to be kissing her butt. The housewives have no daytime show to go on. They used to go on Anderson: CANCELLED. They’re going on Bethenny now but it’s already been CANCELLED. Hey Wendy How You Doin? LOL

    • Wendy made a point to say she had no beef with Bravo or Andy Cohen. This was the other day when Jeff from Flipping Out was on her show so she maybe giving signals that the feathers have been unruffled. I’m just catching up with my DVR shows so I ‘m just watching that episode. Thanks for ya’ll letting me know Wendy is not new on Fri. That’s why I like this blog. Folks keep you up on thangs

      • I heard her say that. I didn’t believe her… I do think they will make up eventually. They have a sort of symbiotic relationship.

        On Sat, Mar 29, 2014 at 2:23 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • lilk

        huh ? what happened btwn bravo and wendy ? is it bc wendy said she isnt watching RHOA / who cares ? the ratings are the highest ever so wendy is the non muth fvckin factor!

  25. lilk

    TT, have you noticed she has long ht segments and long ask wendy….is it that she cant book guests?
    her show needs to be cancelled like bethenny show ahs been cancelled.

  26. SnookumsLynn

    Evelyn is ALL in her feelings…maybe it’s the post pardem, but she should have just let Wendy do her thing, everyone knows Wendy’s husband cheats, she will never confirm nor deny any more than she already has. Evelyn is just talking out loud to whomever is passing by and it’s not a good look for her. I thought it was kinda funny, not too offensive. But what Ev is really telling the world that if you cheat and u buy from me, one day I might out you….. is that what that business woman wants to put out there?
    Oh & I think Wendy gave Ev some good business advise…she should use it
    I thought whomever chose to repeat that episode was being extremely messy and it was someone’s way of saying keep tweeting about it, keep talking about it, cause we will…lol

    • As for the episode, WW has not been airing new eps on Friday for a couple of weeks. Both times they just replayed one from earlier that week, maybe even Monday. I don’t think that was deliberate shade. But I could be wrong.

      On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 9:44 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  27. Colletta Johnston

    What Wendy Williams said may be true but it is also true that Wendy herself has a face straight from planet of the apes.

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