WWHL With Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer

bethenny and RamonaWell this should be good!  Please understand I am not discussing RHONY here this season, so I won’t be including certain parts and neither will your comments. That said, Andy is busting at the seams with happiness.  He wastes no time kissing Bethenny’s ass!  Ramona shares that Bethenny sends really nice floral arrangements to her guests.

Obvi, Bethenny gets first chair, as it should be.

Apparently Sonja needs 35 people to help her function. The interns live in her house!  The poll question is who do you miss the most of the dearly departed housewives?  Bethenny calls Andy a shit stirrer. Then Andy plays a Turtle Time! video. #goodtimes  The bartender is a zoo guy with a baby sloth named Mo short for Molasses. How adorbs!

Andy asks Ramona about her marital issues. She says she is taking it day by day and then asks Andy about his ring. This has been an issue since last summer when we though he might be engaged to recently booted DWTS cast member, Sean Avery.  Andy says he just bought it for himself. I don’t believe it, it’s a wedding band on his gay ring finger. Nice one, Ramoner!

Ramona on BethennyAndy asks Bethenny if she is divorced yet (he knows full well she is not and only recently moved out of the apartment she was sharing with Jason) she says it has been 15 months and she doesn’t want to talk about it. Bethenny says she is dating and she is happy and finally feeling a bit of liberation. She says it has been a really hard time. She won’t even admit to the fact that she moved out.

With regard to the talk show, she admits it was cancelled. Andy says in her statements she seemed a bit relieved. Bethenny basically says taping two shows a day was hard and that she felt edited, diluted and controlled. It seems that having her own talk show was not everything she hoped it would be. She says she wanted it to be renewed because of all of the people who had invested in it and all the jobs involved, but ultimately, she didn’t love it the way she thought that she would. Frankly, that show was a hot mess and I don’t think Bethenny really wanted to interact with her great unwashed fans. Just my personal opinion. I think she was surprised when she met her fans face to face and realized who they were. I will leave it at that.

After the break, zoo guy has a really pretty python! Sidenote: Bethenny’s face looks weird, like she is on the way to Brandi’s Madame puppet look to me? Does anyone else see that? This is  not the best I have seen Bethenny look…


Have either of you seen Jill Zarin lately? Bethenny says no. Ramona says if she does see her she pretends she doesn’t. Bethenny says she doesn’t have any animosity toward her and she tries to say something to Ramona who knocks Bethenny’s hand away and says, “Let’s not even talk about it.”  Jill Zarin has been doing interviews about Ramona’s relationship with Mario since Ramona filed for divorce. That pissed Bethenny off. She held up her hand in a “talk to the hand” sort of way and said, “Fine, talk to the snake!”

What is your opinion, Bethenny on the new taglines for RHONY? Bethenny appears to be drunk and so does the caller, BTW.  Bethenny says Bethenny says she didn’t love Sonja’s because she has a daughter and talking about going commando … (going commando is something you would not say in front of your HS DAUGHTER is wrong but all the other shit she does on the show if fine, WTF?) She says Ramona’s is about turtle time and that is whimsical. Bethenny does not like Heather and her HOLLA. In fact she doesn’t seem to like the “Jewish Girl in the Garment Industry” a tall.  Neither do I Bethenny!  She likes Carole’s. She does not like Kristen’s.

Bethenny, what fight from your seasons still makes you mad to think about now? Bethenny says none of them make her mad. Some of them make her happy to think about! It’s just funny to think about.  Especially, “I’m up here, you’re down there!”

Gametime! Satchels of Gold! It’s a clip from the seasons they were on together and they have to guess the answers. The important part was that Bethenny looked horrified. So those rumors about Bethenny and Jill coming back next season can be safely put to bed, as if anyone believed them in the first place. If Bethenny wants to come back to Bravo, she will get her own show.

Mazel goes to the hashtag  #COCKINASOCK apparently this is a hashtag to raise awareness for testicular cancer. Which is great. I used to have a friend with benefits who had testicular cancer and when we were friends we were like late 20s early 30s? and he had been through all the chemo and the whole nine. Get yourself checked out guys!

As always, my DVR cuts off before WWHL ends. So I need y’all to tell me the Jackhole and the poll results!


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26 responses to “WWHL With Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer

  1. Jackie

    Bethenny won the poll results, but not by a large margin like I expected – Jill was a close second.

    Jackhole was DWTS for kicking off Sean Avery when Andy thinks it should have been Billy Dee Williams who went home.

    • peachteachr

      Wasn’t Jill 20+ points behind Bethenny? That’s a lot to me.

    • Michelle

      It should have been Billy Dee instead of the swimmer. Billy Dee should never have been on the show with all his hip problems. He could easily get hurt not to mention that he walks through the dance.

  2. sym382013

    I forget the Jackhole but the poll results were Bethenny first and Jill second and just minimal numbers after that! Bethenny clearly won!!

  3. I (*think*) the poll results were Bethenny 51% & Jill 36% – I didn’t expect Jill to reach the double digits.

  4. Ramona needs to climb down off that high horse she is/has been riding on. When others had marital issues she was the first person to comment under the guise of “it’s the truth.” The media is ever present, they are the sh$t stirrers….did anyone really think they were not going to call/ e-mail/ ask Jill what she thought about Ramona’s divorce? Especially after what she said in Morocco…..Ramona refused to listen at the time. Obviously she should have. In any event she needs to reel in the outrage. Jill didn’t cause this Mario did. Thou does protest to much……

    • barbinga

      She’s displayed outrage? She was way more graceful than I would have been being asked those questions and going through it .

  5. Urethra Franklin

    Bethenny did not look happy at all to be on WWHL. Her hair looked good with those layers, but she had a pissy look on her face the entire time.

    Tonight I searched and could not find a clip of the infamous Kelly/Bethenny “I’m up here, your’e down here scene” which is my all time favorite.

  6. peachteachr

    It was a cute show to me and I don’t watch Andy a lot. I know that we are not discussing RHNY, but I have been dying to point out that you don’t see Ramona and Mario in any scenes together. I think Ramona has been nicer this season than any other. She looks good and is acting fairly good, too.

  7. puravidacostarica2

    Sloth? Did someone say sloth? Molasses, my baby, come back to me, Mo! :-)


    I think Ramona looks great…..clearly divorce is agreeing with her. I’m so not a Ramona fan either. Happy to see Bethenny and Ramona together too.

  9. myinfo

    I loved watching both of them. They both looked great.
    Jill and her greasy husband are just unlikable.
    The tagline “but I am pretty” is dumb.

  10. Michelle

    I’m surprised Betheny admitted her show was CANCELLED instead of trying to spin it and say it was a mutual agreement and she had equal say in it.

  11. Katie

    Thanks, TT, for mentioning Bethenny’s face. It looked odd to me, too. Ramona looks amazing. Bethenny, not so much. I wish I could attribute it to stress, but I think you are right – she and Brandi are indulging in some bad filler action. I like Bethenny, but she needs to step out of the spotlight for a while. Feeling saturated with her now.

  12. Kaleesi

    I LOVE slotheses!!! So cute!

  13. I’d be fine with the “we’re not doing RHONY” here if it came with fewer cuntish comments from Tamara. We get it, you get pissy when people disagree with you and it’s your blog blah blah blah.

  14. Kaleesi

    What tha FUCK, Snatchdoodle?!
    Why don’t you go start a blog? Or go soak your head, either one.

  15. JentheAUfan

    I know we are to not comment on rhony but I have to say one thing and hope I dont get put in detention. I giggle at the fact that the countess is blogging her little fingers to the bone about these episodes she wasnt in. Its just funny. Im sorry.

  16. Belinda

    Since we are talking about faces looking odd and Heather’s name was mentioned……what the fuck is wrong with HER face ? Or is she just plain fugly?

  17. Lela

    “great unwashed fans” – Hahaha… what do you mean by that? Her fans don’t take showers?

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