Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Films Tomorrow!

Real housewives of Atlanta

This should be an exclusive unless my source got chatty. It’s finally time for the RHOA to film the reunion episode and there is so much potential for disaster! First of all both Kenya and Nene will have to leave their current engagements to fly in to the ATL.  This won’t be much of an issue for Nene because she and Tony have already secured rehearsal space here for when Nene has to be in Atlanta. So she is likely already back here. But Kenya is working on Celebrity Apprentice all day today and then flying out tonight and likely flying back right after the reunion.  For that reason Andy won’t be able to keep everyone there until the wee hours of the morning like he tends to do. They are going to have to do this down and dirty this time!

So what can we expect? LOTS of drama that is what.

Cynthia and Nene

Photo Credit: Cynthia’s Twitter

Nene has allegedly unfollowed her number one foot soldier, Cynthia on Twitter in the past few days! It seems that Cynthia is none to pleased with Nene disrespecting her man. With Cynthia washing her hands of Nene, Nene is going to be looking for an ally. Porsha recently said on the Bethenny show that she and Nene are back in the friend zone. Neither Nene nor Porsha like Kenya at all so they will likely team up on her.

Nene and Porsha will be allies.

In the other corner, we have Kenya.  This season Kenya has improved her image and upped her fanbase; however, that more positive image does not extend to her cast mates. Nene, Porsha, Phaedra and Kandi cannot stand her. But she does have a shocking new ally. Cynthia.  You might have noticed that the RHOA have been super crappy at keeping their blogs updated lately. Nene and Kenya are an excused absence because they simply do not have time. Kandi has never enjoyed blogging and Phaedra has the whole Apollo situation to deal with and her own legal battles with Angela Stanton which are not resolving in her favor. You should totally click those links if you have not read them, the deposition are hysterical! Porsha can’t really read or write that well I’m assuming so she gets a pass on blogging. That leaves us with Cynthia.

If you check out her short blog from March 19th on Bravo,  she talks about one thing, Kenya and her maternal desires. Cynthia says, ” I sincerely wish Kenya is able to have the unbelievable fulfillment that I felt when I became a mother. I feel that Kenya has a strong desire for her own family because of her relationship with her mother. I believe that becoming a mother will not only satisfy Kenya, but also fill this void, giving her an overwhelming feeling of completeness. My heart goes out to her and all women who have missed the opportunity of being raised by a loving and present mother. However, life always presents missed opportunities. God willing and when the time is right, Kenya will be the mother that she never had. I am hopeful that Kenya is walking into her time and moment for this precious gift! “ It seems Cynthia is team Kenya now.  But will she speak up for her or herself at the reunion?

Cynthia and Kenya will be allies.

RHOAKandiandMamaJoyceI expect Kandi to lay low and promote the soundtrack from her play which hits the market next week. She might talk about her marriage to Todd which is supposed to happen next week. Word on the street the wedding will be a spin-off. I am not sure if Bravo is ready to announce that yet, but by the time the reunion airs, Kandi should be a married woman unless Mama Joyce comes up with a way to stop it!  Kandi only likes Phaedra. Phaedra will be repeating phrases like, “I can’t comment on any active legal case.” repeatedly.

Kandi and Phaedra will be allies.

That said, while it looks like we have three teams of two, only Kandi and Phaedra are tight. As we know, every reunion needs a target. This season it will once again be Kenya. In all actuality, Kenya’s only glimmer of hope for an ally is Cynthia. But Cynthia can’t exactly be counted on.  I’m not too worried. Kenya is likely to be exhausted from all the early morning calls on Celebrity Apprentice, but I think she can handle herself. Plus we really don’t know whether Nene or NaeNae will show up for the reunion. Nene has been on her best behavior for DWTS.  Who do you think will be on the reunion couches? Nene or NaeNae? Will missing an entire day of practice damage Nene’s dance next Monday?  Will Kenya be given a pass from the ladies on her team or will she be in danger of getting fired for missing a full day of work?

Tomorrow it all goes down in the ATL. I can almost hear the shouting starting already.


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67 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Films Tomorrow!

  1. papa smurf

    I’m not worried about Kenya one bit. She can handle all the ladies.
    I’m not sure when the reunion will air, so Nene or Naynay could show up, but knowing how she’s unable to control herself, I’m thinking it will be the latter. I’d be super surprised if we hear a peep out of Cynthia. Now when Peter comes on, that will be a different story. You’re spot on about Phaedra…no comment due to ongoing legal issues…blah, blah, blah.
    I’m wondering if Apollo will show up, is he contractually obligated to show?
    I also wondering if Marlo will be brought out to antagonize Nene….

    • I think Kenya will handle herself very well – she always does. I really don’t care anything about Kandi and wish they would fire her. Porsha is more interesting than her. Honestly? An adult woman who is incapable of telling her overbearing mother to back off is just stupid. Kandi should be embarrased. I actually like phaedra although I think she takes the jealousy thing too far. And nene is naynya. I liked nene, but now I can’t stand her.

  2. Riley

    Well we can probably be certain of one thing….the chance of Atlanta’s reunion being more interesting than the Beverly Hills reunion….are astronomical.

  3. Sari

    A legitimately interesting season has given me hope for a great reunion.

    I also hope NaeNae rolls up. I like it when she’s actually being true to her nature… Which is ghetto. Granted, she is more tame when she has work… So, it’s not looking like our resident thug from the South will be in full force.

  4. Katrina

    That means the reunion will probably be short.

  5. Katrina

    I don’t think Apollo will be there and I don’t think Apollo’s charges will be addressed. I think Kenya wil try to bring it up or Andy. It’s possible that they will bring Marlo out to stir up trouble.

  6. joleeface

    Nene and NaeNae are one and the same. I have never seen much of a demarcation. Nene is marginally tolerable when she is convinced, in her mind, that she is doing better than the other ladies. When she has doubt, she is in full force as the raging hateful lunatic.

  7. myinfo

    Nene will remain calm and not answer anything in detail. She will give yes and no answers like she did the last reunion when Kim was last on. She will keep saying “no comment” “I have no opinion” “I am not discussing Marlo” and on and on and on

    Kenya will be calm at first, but when someone comes for her she will go all out crazy. Do you think she will bring a prop?

    Phaedra – If she goes for Kenya then Kenya will bring up Apollo’s charges so Phaedra might stay home.

    Porsha will go after Peter and then try to explain the Kordell situation and dig a bigger hole as his beard.

    Kandi will discuss Mama Joyce but in a lovely way.

    Cynthia will say something to Nene about Peter in a punky way.

  8. Mollymom

    I can’t wait for this, especially after that elementary school reunion that was Beverly Hills. Kenya will bring it because the one thing she says about herself, and its so true is “she ain’t no punk”.

  9. Ne-Nae will be there but her handlers will make sure she doesn’t blow any of her current hustles so she will give sour face but not much commentary. Cynthia will try to stir the pot but her spoon is too small. Kenya will try to get it turned up but her best targets Nae-Nae and Phaedra have too much to lose to play. Porsha is such a lightweight nobody cares and unless someone comes for Mama Joyce, Kandi will be quiet and hopefully just bring a good hairdo

  10. J

    I haven’t been this excited for a reunion in a long time! Not since Scary Island in RHoNYC.

  11. DoverAdair

    I don’t get why people are so quick to attack Nene or Nae Nae – or whatever she goes by when all these women are just as irrational. Kenya was hired for this show to stir the pot and the pot has been stirred, steamed, reheated and microwaved. She took this opportunity on this reality tv show to reignite a lackluster career into a thriving one based on her insane antics on a show that does have an expiration date – like other reality tv shows all the women will most likely be forgotten and their products will too be shelved (where can I buy Jessica Simpson’s edible makeup — anyone???) so we should be entertained while it last and don’t take these things too seriously – I will like to see the reunion and I don’t blame Nene for leaving her alter-ego at home I am sure Bravo does not pay extra to put on a clown suit. Great dialogue everyone and have a good evening all.

    • Totally Loved your comment I agree with EVERYTHING u said!

    • Thank You , DoverAir !! I so agree with you !
      But what i don’t understand is how KENYA keeps getting a pass when started out lying and continues to do so ! she is way over the top ! Kenya , reminds me of the girl in school that bullies and tells lies !! That lives in a Fantasy World .

  12. donna

    I wonder will they talk about Phaedra throwing Apollo out the house?

  13. Wampascat

    I predict Marlo will be there with bells on. Andy would not miss an opportunity to shove her in Nene’s (Naenae’s) face.

  14. I’m not worried about Kenya. She has proven time and time again that she can put all these ladies in their place. Kandi may be Phaedra’s bff, but she’s not one to jump into business that isn’t her’s unless asked. Outside of Phaedra/Nene/Porsha, I don’t see the other girls targeting Kenya.

    Bring on Marlo!!!

  15. KReality

    Kenya will reign supreme. She def has a spot for next season. They bit at her last year and shes been biting back at each one this season. I expect all the other ladies to stay in their place with Kenya if they want to have a job for next season, including Nene.

    Poor Nene it must be tough to act nice. Lucky for her she survived another week on dwts so Kenya can’t go in on her for that but considering she’s starting from the bottom she won’t last long (I still can’t get over those hideous shoes on DWTS). Nene may return unless they ask Marlo to join.

    Cynthia will be acting out cause her and Nene are no longer close and since she’s cool with Kenya she’s going to cosign. I think Cynthia will return next year

    Porsha (yawn) bravo had to resort to bringing Kordell on the show to keep her relevant. I don think age will return

    Poor Phaedra and Kandi both weak women. One being mentally abused by her husband the other by her mother. Pha will return next year if offered she’s a hustler and she can’t afford those over the top parties without it. Kandi may do another season to get her wedding shown on national tv

    Even tho Kenya will be the queen b she better bring an umbrella just in case of the shade lol

    Question? Who does the hiring now since Andy is out as bravo exec? Dies he still have that power? If not Nene porsha and phaedra may not return

  16. court

    U mean commenting jusr like u are?

  17. TheHousewives

    Did porsha really beat Kenya down at the reunion? I don’t play that, yes Kenya goes to far sometimes but really porsha smh

  18. ROL and US weekly are reporting that Porsha attacked Kenya at the reunion. I have contacts out to my sources and am waiting to here the real story. This one seems kinda fishy to me.

    • 'TheJam'

      As entertaining as fights are to watch. I hope to god that’s not true. Either way I’m not watching next season. I have a hard time believing porsha would attack someone or that she could overtake the bigger buffer Kenya.

    • Mia

      I’m not believing this one either. I think Kenya wud beat the crap out of Porsha. Also Porsha doesn’t seem like the brawling type. I wrote on other sites, “if T T isn’t reporting it, it didn’t happen”

  19. I noticed today that there seemed to be lots of breaks in the shooting when Andy, Kandi, Nene and Cynthia would get a tweet or two out. NOTHING from Phaedra, Kenya or Porsha. Not sure that means anything.

    Marlo tweeted something about life being easier when you hold your head up high and own your mistakes. (probably because someone brought up Nene’s mug shots making the rounds. )

    And then she tweeted that eveyr diva (Kenya?) needs a superman (Security?)

    Nary a peep from my sources.

    • Tim

      I’m kinda leaving toward this all being just rumors since I can’t really see production allowing it to escalate that far, a small confrontation yes but certainly not to the point of the beatdown that’s been reported. However, if it’s a rumor its certainly spreading like wildfire. It’s jumped off the blogs onto some of the mainstream media websites already.

    • JentheAUfan

      I cant picture a beatdown by porsha unless shes at a shoe sale and I wouldn’t think she could get kenya. And if its true the lawsuits will keep us from seeing it and I will be mad!!! What do u think TT

      • I would agree that since Porsha does come from a well known civil rights family, non-violence would be in her DNA. But who knows. Again she needs that cash.

  20. pffttt

    I wouldn’t be shocked if Porsha pulls this to stay on next season…

    • Me neither! Porsha is desperate IMO and needs that Bravo money now more than ever. So if she really went postal on Kenya it would make so much sense. Not to mention, Nene surely isn’t going to put hands on Kenya. Nene has a few hustles coming in so get a new partner in Porsha was worth it. I’d laugh if this doesn’t work for Porsha in the end.

  21. Steve

    I wonder if she was attacked by Patricia :p

  22. Still no word. Keep checking back. Imma watch Scandal…with my phone next to me and one eye on my email…

  23. TheHousewives

    Hmmm judging from Nene’s love you porsha tweet I can see she must have had porsha carry out her to plan to beat Kenya smh.

    • He is my take since my sources are either gagged or exhausted…. Nene is the one who planted this story in the media.

      SOMEONE seems to have brought up Nene’s mugshots right before the reunion. Marlo’s tweets lead me to believe either Kenya or Marlo brought that up today. Will it air? I have no idea. But you have to admit that nene’s mugshots getting out was perfectly timed by someone who doesn’t like her.

      So Nene retaliates by contacting the tabloids during filming with this bizarre rumor. That is how it is looking to me.

      On Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 11:21 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • The Jam

        First off that would be genius! I don’t know that nene is capable of genius, but I hope your right. If not Rhoa is going the way of love and hip hop.

  24. TheHousewives

    I absolutely love you Tamera, you keep it classy and real at the same time unlike two other Atlanta bloggers who thinks its cool to fight. Kenya is no saint but porsha had no right to put her hands on her, case closed. And everyone going around saying Kenya deserved it is disgusting.

  25. I wonder if Nene has always been so domineering where friends are concerned. You know the whole my way or the highway and you better pick my way or I’ll make everyone hate you thing? Say for instance there was a shop lifting arrest and she left you holding the bag?

  26. Porsha needs to shut her mouth when she talks ignorance is bliss. As for Kandi I use to like her a lot but she reminds me of a whining child when it comes to dealing with her mom. She truly needs to stand up to her mom and quit being up in Kenya’s business and taking sides with Phaedra when she knows nothing was going on with Kenya and Apollo. Apollo clearly lied because he was pissed off at Kenya. And Phaedra the other idiot needs to shut her mouth their is nothing christian about that woman. Christian women don’t run around calling other women whores and blaming their marital problems on them. Phaedra knew exactly who she was getting when she married Apollo his life was an open book but she didn’t care she married a criminal. Now don’t blame other people for your ignorance. As for Cynthia I wish her the best with Peter. I don’t think Nene is her friend, friends don’t call other friends husbands bitches. Nene is a joke and she needs to tone down her big mouth. She really thinks she is better than everyone else. That side makes her appear very ugly. As for Kenya I do think at times she does love to be the center of attention but that’s what Kenya does best.. she love to twirl and be known Miss Kenya Moore is in the house. She is smart, beautiful and I think she is fun she makes the show.

    • Guest

      They said Kenya brought sex toys as props and antagonized Porscha about being Cordell’s beard and Porscha snapped. Given everything that Porscha has been through with her divorce and how far Kenya has pushed her all season on the subject , you never know what a person is capable of. Often the person who runs there mouth the most is the person who can’t fight, and Kenya is the first one to run her mouth about what somebody won’t do, but is always making sure she has back-up with her every where she goes.

  27. Why am I not at all shocked Porsha is going to ride Nene’s coattails just to stay on the show. Nene should love that Porsha will be her new buddy in crime so she can tell her how to be and how to act like “lady” in the eyes Nene. I hope the physical stuff isn’t true, I digs drama on the reality show reunions but a beat down, that’s not cute. Yes, Kenya is no holds barred and surely a troublemaker, but to get beat on, Porsha that’s not cute at all and she should be better than that if the rumor has any clout.

    As for Kenya and Cynthia being new bosom buddies, I don’t even know about this one. Cynthia is light weight, but Cynthia is a low-key troublemaker (i.e. Sheree’s invite drama and her telling the other women about what Christopher’s wife saide about Todd). So it might work but I still feel Kenya will have to still hold down the fork between the two.

    The other pairs, no comment. They are obvi pairings and friendships.

  28. Valley Girl

    I’m curious as to why people think Kenya is going to come out on top verbal wise at this reunion?

    The majority of Kenya’s snarky comments come in talking heads and on her blogs. They are rehearsed. As evidenced by last year’s reunion she doesn’t think quickly on her feet. Phaedra gutted her like a fish last year. The only verbal jabs she scored last year were the ones she had practiced and when Phaedra responded with a quick read she faltered terribly.

    She couldn’t handle Phaedra and there is nothing that she has done or said that makes me think she can handle NeNe. Her only saving grace is that NeNe wants to behave for DWTS. If “Nae Nae” shows up it’s a wrap I think.

    I could be wrong, but if she does win the verbal war I would be shocked.

  29. Pulling hair does not measure up to a beat-down, but I guess that’s the best Porshe could dole out.

    • myinfo

      Some site said the so called fight lasted 2 seconds. But waiting for TT’s real scope.

      • Dr. D

        US Weekly who initially put the story out said it was an all out “Brawl” with dragging across the stage and a beatdown to come back today with an update that it lasted a few seconds and there was some hair pulling but no beat down so who knows…

      • So US Weekly is admitting their first story was bullshit? Story developing…. :)

        On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 11:01 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  30. Dr. D

    Hi Tamara, first thanks for your unbiased and well-researched blogs! I’m a counselor/therapist so I figure it’s only right that I donate to the happy pill fund today since I have been enjoying your coverage. US Weekly has updated their first article and are now saying that the altercation only lasted a few seconds without any “dragging” but there was hair pulling, just seeing if your sources confirm that? ^_^

  31. Wampascat

    Why does Kenya have to show up with props? That fan got on my nerves so bad last reunion!!!

  32. Foxee

    Again, those two will “team up” on Kenya. It really takes multiples to handle one woman? Kenya, again, you must speak TRUTH! And you speak it intelligently. Truth & Intelligence will ALWAYS make the ego and or a dummy feel inferior, thus requiring allies…to aid in attack. Sigh.. So lame.

    And Kandi “can’t stand” Kenya. Why Kandi? What has Kenya ever done to you? She didn’t have you record a song for her, FOR FREE. She never mentioned your child ON AIR in any derogatory “black baby” way, yet you can’t stand her? But you respect Kim, don’tcha? Even sung at her wedding. Wayward warped way of thinking. Sigh…

    Kandi’s own show would be boring. That Kandi Factory show didn’t even stay on the air long…were you enthralled there? Unless Mama Joyce is on her show, often, it’ll be hella boring.

    Kenya, Cynthia didn’t even defend herself or her husband, DO NOT look to her to defend you, no matter how much truth & logic you put forth. And don’t feel alone either. Truth is a hellavah companion!

    Again, bare in mind, who do the WHOLE BLACK RACE have as an ally? Racism pervades the earth. Yet Black People persevere. Stay Strong!

    Real strong, cause we sense Andy doesn’t even like you; and what on earth for? What could he think you could have ever done to him?

    *There must be a strength about you that’s not evident to you. As it’s said “Stand on your Square!”

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