Is Joyce Telling Us Goodbye in Her Blog?


Despite the rumors of Joyce and Carlton being cut from the RHOBH cast for next season, it’s only now that contracts are actually being handed out. It is starting to look like the rumors are true at least for Joyce. If I had to cut two women it would be Kim and Brandi. I think that the Beverly Hills franchise should try to stay classy. While I was not particularly fond of Carlton this season, I think if they would edit her differently, we might come to like her. I also don’t think they should replace whoever they cut. Seven housewives is too many. Five would give us more insight into the ladies, make a better show and cut costs. When I am running Bravo, that’s what I will do.

But for now, let’s take a look at Joyce’s blog this week. She starts off with the same old Brandi issues that we were all tired of, but her take on Yolanda was very interesting. I really liked Yolanda on her first season, but then the season two monster arrived. There is something that happens to all the Bravolebrities in their second season, and usually it is not pretty.

real-housewives-beverly-hills-joyce-husband (2)

Here is what Joyce had to say about Yolanda.

Someone who truly caught me off guard, as I thought I would have loved her, was Yolanda. I was convinced we would become quick friends. The first day we met she gave me her number and I was so happy I called her right away the next morning to invite her to lunch. When we finally did lunch (on camera, mind you), she really surprised me as I was talking about my soft spot (my mother) I was teary eyed and she suddenly says: “This is boring, let’s talk about what happened at Carlton’s lunch” (referring to Lisa’s HairGate incident). Apparently it was far more interesting for her to throw her friend under the bus with the new girl than to get to know the new girl.

I realize that Yolanda is Dutch and that the Dutch are generally  considered a bit brusque, but this is beyond brusque and into the land of just plain rude. It seems that Yolanda immediately did not take to Joyce and was only interested in talking storyline with her.

Her husband David has been a true gentleman each time I’ve met him. I LOVE her kids, and I’m good friends with her ex-husband. I really don’t understand where all the arrogance and the elitist behavior fits in. She tries to play the voice of reason, but it’s very obvious that she is out to attack Lisa and excuse Brandi. During the entire Reunion she gave me her back, as she was mad at the fact that I defended Lisa. Originally I was going to sit next to Carlton, but I changed to be away from her. as I didn’t want to deal with the negative energy. Had I known Yolanda would be so disrespectful and give me her back the entire time I would’ve rather dealt with Carlton’s negative energy than Yolanda’s arrogant behavior and her cutting me off every time I spoke.

So, David likes Joyce, Mohammed likes Joyce but Yolanda has an issue with her. Isn’t that interesting. Yolanda is not fond of Lisa either, yet Mohammed loves her. Seems like jealousy to me…

Anyhow. . .It’s only one more episode left until the journey is over. But I want you all to know that I will forever be grateful for the love and support you gave me.

Is it just me? Or is Joyce saying goodbye? I will really miss her. Thank God Siberia is coming back!



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  1. if they would jsut get rid of that nasty carlton …

    • Xanadude

      It’s interesting that David Foster has always presented himself as pretty no nonsense and down to earth. After the reality show with previous ex wife and the Jenner boys, he struck me as someone who didn’t put up with the nonsense that Yolanda is now spewing. I’m wondering if the divorce rumors are true. and Mohammed – truly, the man behind the Housewives franchise. He has ties to all of the current cities, doesn’t he?

      • puppylove

        Do you think Yolanda is acting like that around David? I could be wrong but it looked like she is in awe of David and maybe a little afraid of acting like an ASS in front of him like she does in front of all the ladies (all the time.) David gets all the attention when he is around, and I totally agree with that. He acts like a gentleman and is a respected musician. It seems like Yo wants it to be me, me, me. She can only get that away from David and around the other girls. She has NO talent she is or WAS a model but over the hill now. I guess she could model for older women. Now I say that because she knocked Lisa’s age, and insinuated that Lisa was old. Well Yo and Lisa are pretty close in age, so she threw the first stone and apparently lives in a glass house. Down comes the house and the mistress of lemons. I can say older women because I am older than both of them ( not put together ) so don’t go there.

      • joleeface

        And to Shahs of Sunset too.

      • pfffttt

        Mohommaed doesn’t have ties to the Atlanta, Jersey, or Orange County Housewives. Just Miami via JoAnna Krupa and Beverly Hills. Not sure about NYC.

      • CocoTalks

        The real big name husbands don’t usually appreciate their wives on reality TV showing their personal lives, highlighting their faults and getting involved with drama. I think they view it as beneath them, tainting their image, and expect their wives to live in their shadows. I think David will either expect her to leave or leave her.

  2. joleeface

    I liked Joyce, she was classy, had integrity, stood her ground and was honest at all times.

    • joker

      Joyce really doesn’t fit in. She’s nice and beautiful and pretty smart too but this isn’t for her.
      Yolanda with her back to Joyce the whole time was so petty, so Yolanda. I noticed in the one episode that had Brandi gifting her mother with a new car, that Brandi was doing her cutesy thing with David that she did with Ken. When they went into room where David was working Yolanda hesitated momentarily and Brandi snatched that opportunity to be the one to interrupt David and play cutesy piano girl and flirt with David over his song. Watch her Yolanda as David has been known to wander when offered and Brandi would offer. I think Yolanda is embarrassed that her husband can never accompany her to anything, even a couples trip.
      Kim, please go away. You’re so burnt and you just make every situation or gathering uncomfortable. Andy seemed completely bored with everything about her and the only time he perked up concerning Kim was when she said she was dating Jimmy mcnichol. If Kim stays for another season she’ll probably try and make Jimmy part of her thing.
      Splits, go away. You aren’t the star Lisa won. Selling out your own family couldn’t help. Just go.
      Lisa, seriously, wtf? If I had a group of women so creepy clingy wanting to be my friends I’d freak the f out. Sooo weird with the who would you save? drama. Kim and Kyle hate you as does Yolanda. They do, really. As Allison dubwah would say “know that”.
      Carltons ok but her shtick is weird her nanny is weird and her reasoning is weird. Just not that interesting.
      Yolanda is rude, a liar, a hypocrite and a shitty friend. I think she’s unhappy in her personal life and that’s why she’s flipped this season. Hopefully she’s just in securely jealous and David isn’t cheating/leaving her. But I think he might…

      • Oh my god! Please don’t mention Jimmy McNichol! Apparently he has throngs of deranged fans who scour the Internet for any mention of his name. They were SUPER PISSED AT ME (????) when that episode aired. They wanted to me to know that he was happily married to a beautiful woman and Kim doesn’t have a chance!!!!!!!!

        Trust me. It is very important to these women that we all know that.

        This is just some of the weirdos I have emailing me on the daily. lol.

        On Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 11:12 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Pat

        Willing to cut Yolanda some slack because of the Lyme disease. Very debilitating side effects. Her behavior was off this year. Think David is a snob.

  3. jelley

    I noticed Yo had her back turn to Joyce at the reunion and spoke to her over her shoulder only. She really was acting like a cunt satchel (if I may borrow the term)

  4. Mollymom

    I immediately thought that was a final good-bye from Joyce. I fine the worse BHHW to be Kyle. A backstabber who will not speak up for anyone but herself and her husband unless its to her benefit. She is a sneak, and mostly a coward.

    • Mollymom I completely agree. Kyle is nasty as is her sister. Both are vicious and I didn’t buy into her damn storyline about the cheating rumors either. I wouldn’t doubt if she put the story out there herself. She is mean, sneaky and an all around asshole. IMO. I wish she would go along with her sister and Brandi. Plus her clothes are horrendous. She is either hiding her bodies with old lady caftans or wearing stuff too tight that does not flatter her at all. She annoys me more than Brandi. And that’s bad.

      • Bella

        OMG Thank you for saying this! I find Kyle to be worse than Brandi. Brandi is an unstable, backstabbing trash heap and I don’t think she pretends to be anything other than the bitter biatch she is but Kyle is absolutely HORRIBLE and PRETENDS as if she is demure and innocent. She is a major sh!t starter. She’s insecure, evil, trash trying to pass of as class. She is an uneducated social climber and I find her and Kim to be really low class. I also think she is a Lisa wannabe. I have been to Kyle’s house and please! The neighborhood she lives in is called Bel Air Crest (not the same as Bel Air mind you). It’s pretty much considered the poor man’s Bel Air because it is your average neighborhood, homes there are cheaper than average for Mulholland Dr. She does not belong on this show! And they street park. Who street parks a Maserati? If you can’t afford a yard big enough to park your really expensive car you have no business driving one IMO. All for show. She gets under my skin. Look who her friends are, Faye Resnick, Taylor Armstrong. Says a lot about who she really is.

      • 'The Jam'

        The Richards sisters are sooooooooo annoying. Kyle – to me – is more dangerous because it’s hard to see what a snake she is. I used to sympathize with Kim but she has turned into a vicious little VICTIM. she runs at people snapping at them like a keyed up chihuahua, but if some one even raises their eyebrows at her she’s in tears and whining about her addictions. It’s infuriating

    • CocoTalks

      I completely agree! Kyle is fun and funny until you mess with her and then the true chess player comes out. Poor Lisa just made the mistake of becoming more popular than her because Kyle thinks its supposed to be her show. When it comes to Lisa Kyle has verbal diarrhea and just cannot help herself trying to make her look bad every chance she can she is obsessed. The only person that looks bad with this is Kyle.

  5. This franchise began to get ratchet after season 2. Kim needs to go, Carlton is bizarre (and not in an interesting way) Kyle is boring, Brandi is desperately seeking something and is tiresome, Lisa is queen bee who is slowly losing her followers, Yolanda is a phony who lives in the shadow of her famous husband and is now pushing her daughter into the spotlight she so desperately craves and I never cared about Joyce. They lost their DVR spot a year ago and now I watch the reruns occasionally if nothing else is on

    • Yep. Season 3 was bad, Season 4 worse. I think they should just retire this one.

    • CocoTalks

      I know what you mean. It was originally loved for the glamorous over the top BH lifestyles they showed now the majority of the cast are hardly even financially stable by BH standards. Also I have come to believe BH is King of backstabbing cutthroat behavior probably because of its show business background and it’s not pretty and not a place I wish to be

      • Wait..what? You think the majority of the cast isn’t financially stable? On what planet?

      • CocoTalks

        On planet beverly hills

      • Bella

        Vonnie I agree with you. My partner was born and raised in Beverly Hills. We have a condo in Beverly Hills along with a house he inherited in the heart of BH, my grandparents have lived in BH for more than 30 years so I am very much a BH girl shall we say. It is my daily life, and the only women on this show that actually live in BH are Carlton and Lisa. Lisa has to drive passed our house everyday to get to her house. Joyce lives in the Valley (Studio City) near George Clooney, Brandi lives in the Valley (Encino) and I think Kim lives in the Valley as well. I socialize with REAL housewives and women of BH everyday. Parties, fundraisers, family events etc and RHOBH women are just your average Los Angeles women. Kyle and Mauricio for example are considered working class. There are SO MANY real estate agents in this town as Camille said in season one he is a dime s dozen. Not people you consider high class/wealthy by BH standards. Most REAL BH women, (like my mother in law who has lived here since 1980) would rather NOT do a reality show. It’s mostly the Hollywood wannabe types who do it. BH has estates, mega wealthy people like Mohammed level wealth but RHOBH women live in standard homes with the exception of Lisa, Yolymeda & maybe Carlton. Kyle’s fake self does not live in BH either! She is literally right across the street from Sherman Oaks which is in the Valley too. They do not belong on this show. They should be on RHOTValley or RHOHollywood. Don’t get me wrong, the Valley is where most celebrities actually live, but this show is meant to be about BH!

  6. puravidacostarica2

    *slowly waves her cupped pageant hand*

  7. Mollymom

    Haha exactly Puravidacostarica. Princess Diana called it “screwing in a lightbulb”.

  8. Valerie Campbell

    I completely agree. I think she is saying farewell. I think that both Carlton and Joyce should be given another year. I like the idea of just 5 housewives as well. I’m so upset with how boring and mean-spirited this show has become and I think the two that need to go are Kim and Yolanda. Why are they given so much airtime? There is nothing I like about either of them…nothing.

    • I agree that Kim needs to go, and I am with you that I don’t understand why either her or Yolanda got so much airtime with no story to tell this season. Especially when we hear about scenes like the Joyce/Yolanda lunch that could add understanding to the show.
      But that said I would want Yolanda back because she is one of the only few who can represent the wealthy BH style this show was previously known for! I would cut Brandi and Kim personally, and add just one more woman to represent the BH lifestyle properly, and to spice this dull group up as well!

  9. Ame

    Sounds like she’s leaving!! IMO, she is hated so much because of how beautiful she is and how perfect her life seems! Lisa is the queen of the show and is beautiful as well, but the other women feel ugly when they are in the same room with Joyce.

  10. The other women feel ugly when they are in the same room with Joyce? I pretty much doubt that.

    • It seems pretty obvious to me. ESPECIALLY Yolanda and Brandi.

      On Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 10:57 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Ok, so instead of blaming Lisa for everything that is wrong in the BH world, we can just blame Joyce’s beauty. Sounds good to me! 😉

      • I 100% agree with you! Brandi and Yolanda used to be the pretty ones, the models of the group. Now that’s Joyce, and she’s younger and more naturally beautiful than both of them. I think that kills them and it was only a matter of time before they turned their guns on her no matter how the friendship started! Just think back to Tamra Barney hating Gretchen on her first season! Tamra was “the hottest housewife in Orange County” until Gretchen came along, and that when the great OC war began! This is a true repeat of that, except Joyce is nowhere near as vile as Gretchen got

      • 'The Jam'

        I agree. Why would you doubt it. Joyce is stunning and exotic and (appears to be) restylane free (sp). If I were Yolanda or Brandi I’d be jealous of anyone whose face moved.

    • puravidacostarica2

      I feel ugly when *looking* at a picture of Joyce, but I am not jealous of other people’s physical beauty. I admire women who are smart and witty and successful without regard to who they are married to, and save any envy I might allow myself to have for those attributes. Women like Joyce set us all back decades

      • Beautiful women with great hair set us all back decades? What am I missing?

      • Don’t mind her. She’s a feminazi .

        On Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 11:18 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • JoJo

        puravidacostarica: since you seem safe in not being a Joyce stan, I’ll agree with you. I, too, really admire women who are ‘smart and witty and successful without regard to who they are married to.’ I think Joyce is pretty and I’m not envious of that in the least. I do not think Joyce is dumb. But I do not think she is witty or has a sense of humor, or even gets other’s senses of humor. She takes things way to seriously and when she tries to funny, it falls flat. Her storyline with Queen of the Universe & flipping birds for photoshoots for an Anti-bullying project are boring to me.
        Most important though as a ‘successful’ actress, apparently with a TV series renewed, I don’t even understand why she’d risk a show like this. Humiliation is part and parcel of these shows, if not immediately, then after the 1st season.
        Being nice and sweet are great, but what does a perfect Pollyanna or Mary Poppins bring to a Real Housewife show? That’s all they thrive on – people that have interesting or odd storylines or those that bring drama.
        I think Joyce will be just fine if she doesn’t return for a second season.

      • JoJo

        puravidacostarica: I read what you wrote as not meaning beautiful woman with great hair set women back decades.
        I read it as women who aren’t necessarily smart, witty and successful without the help of who they’re married to as the reason.
        Joyce obviously had success over a decade ago as Miss Puerto Rico etc. which is quite an accomplishment of course. I interpreted what you wrote as referring to successful in the acting career she has now which may be related to her influential producer husband.
        I could be wrong 😉

    • Ame

      Maybe not ugly, but definitely the “not as pretty” stepsisters!!

  11. Hmmm. Feminazi +Real Housewives = oxymoron.

    • You expect me to have normal friends? BWAHAHAHAHHAH

      On Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 11:33 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • puravidacostarica2

      I am not a “feminazi”. I’m a woman who celebrates women who are successful, witty, and smart. If they have a hot or successful husband, well, all the better for them. But if they let that fact (having a husband) help to define who they are (as I believe Joyce does), then THAT is what I believe sets back women. It’s just an opinion; like assholes, we all have one.

  12. Tootsie, I grin big at your comments. You’ve a fan in me. When TT joins in the comments with you I’m double grinning. That’s grinning not double chinning. Plus your usually correct. I enjoy you wit. Still smiling.

    • SHHHH. You have to comment on the post, or we’ll both get fined TT tokens or sent to time out!! :-)

      • Jeeze, this is rare you following a rule in here. Gasping! Ok, here goes, I’ve grown to like Joyce and Carlton, honest. Think Kim should pretty please fade away. Brandi too, she has become messy. Happy now?

  13. It sounds like Joyce is not returning. I would think by her own choice. I started out finding her annoying but came to respect her spunk and quick answers to Brandi’s lies and crap she spewed toward Joyce every chance she got. Brandi is so jealous of Joyce it has deranged her. Joyce was great during these first two episodes of the reunion. Yolanda was horrible to her. She sat with her back toward her the entire time that I saw. Yolanda is a good example of being likeable her first season and just despicable this one. I wish Joyce and Carlton both did next season. I don’t think we know them much the first season and usually by the next their true colors come out. Joyce is way to nice to stay with this bunch of hags.

  14. Bella

    I loved this TT. You are on point. I think they should have given them both a chance to stay. I agree that we only got to see one side of Carlton but I think she is actually fair minded. Joyce is classy and gorgeous and seems like a really good person unlike the rest of them. I think she is better off without them though.

  15. i am not as long term a fan as others here but i believe joyce may be taking a page from lisa. if i remember correctly, lisa has wrapped prior seasons by acting as if she may not be returning.
    i hope joyce does return. we’re only just getting to know her. carlton — ugh. if i had a dvr i’d be fast forwarding her.

  16. Scatty

    Yep, it did sound like her swan song. Also soooo agree that Kim and Brandi should get their pink slips. Then Kyle and Carlton can duke it out, and Lisa and Yolanda can do the same, Euro-style.

  17. Kitty Mamma

    I’m totally confused: the majority seems so disgusted by Yo, Brandi, Kyle, and Kim’s behavior; but then Joyce is so beautiful and nice and boring that she should be expelled? I’m trying to reconcile that sentiment.

    I love Joyce. She’s beautiful, smart, witty, poised, elegant, playful, and upbeat, all while coming across as very humble. Being a beauty queen means she’s probably very dedicated, disciplined, talented, and charitable. She speaks both Spanish and English with perfect diction. And if she doesn’t seem to hold her own as much with all the slang and shade all the girls throw at her, you have to remember, a lot of that garbage does not translate (or transliterate) into her native tongue.

    • Kitty Mamma

      And does anyone kind of think that Carlton is Kyle’s antithesis? Meaning that Carlton has been a nature-centered Wiccan since childhood (her words). And that Kyle is stupidly pulling the anti-Semite card when she’s NOT a Jew? She’s a convert (her words). And she only gave up Jesus Christ, her personal Lord and Savior to marry the man who may or may not be cheating on her? I’ve spoken to my Jewish friends; this Christian/Jew convert scenario is sketchy at best, disasterous at worst. They say Christians accept all, and we’re not accepting applications. Thank you.

      • WTF does this mean? “They say Christians accept all, and we’re not accepting applications. ”

        On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 1:10 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        I’m not sure what that means either. Now I’m confused Kitty Mamma.

      • Kitty Mamma

        Sure, I’ll explain myself. I’m not trying to cause any animosity. I’ve spoken to my Jewish friends when it comes to blending families. There view is that they see the Christian religion as a “come one, come all” religion. And that is true. I am a Christian. Their view is that Judiasm is what you “are” or “born” into. What I have been told is that most Jews that marry Christians are not strong in their faith. I’m sure there’s exceptions to every rule as rules are made to be broken, right? I mean no harm, but I have discussed this (and, no, I have not mentioned any Housewives in this discussion, lol).

      • Jakies mom

        What an ignorant and ridiculous post. Anyone who goes through the conversion process is most definately a Jew and is recognized and accepted as one by most of the denominations (except the Orthodox community) I don’t like Kyle but that fact is a fact.

      • jakies mom

        ” Their view is that Judiasm is what you “are” or “born” into. What I have been told is that most Jews that marry Christians are not strong in their faith.”

        More nonsense.

      • JoJo

        Goodness, Kitty Mama you’re first post loving everything under the sun about Joyce is perfectly understandable, most people here do. You gave a perfectly reasonable explanation for doing so.
        But the Kyle thing – claiming she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior then converted to Judaism reads as you think that Kyle was some devout sort of born again Christian, and not a garden variety Christian (I think I read it was Catholic btw). I honestly doubt Kyle is devout anything as far as the religion thing.
        And I don’t think it really make a difference in the least why her involvement in or practicing any religion is of any importance.
        I don’t think any of the Richards clan practiced any faith with fervor – even Kim, who now claims to not caring that she drops to her knees at any moment to pray to God over this new sobriety thing.
        Kyle converted for Mauricio’s sake and raising the kids Jewish. But other than that I don’t believe she’s in the Temple ever Saturday etc. just as I don’t believe she was devout & in the Catholic or whatever Christian church before her conversion. Just my opinion.
        There’s a lot of things with which to takes issue with Kyle but conversion and her religion is the least that I can think as being one. And I’ve never heard of Christians of any sort not accepting applications unless you’re referring to deeper issues for particular denominations and homosexuality?

      • Kate

        Please explain your statement “anti Semite card” Carlton was rude to Kyle and doesn’t like her.

      • Kitty Mamma

        @ Jakie’s mom: Are you Jewish? Regardless, I want to sincerly apologize for offending you. Thank you for reminding me how polarizing talk of religion can be. I will refrain from such talk in the future. I promise I meant no harm.

      • Kitty Mamma

        @ Jojo: You misunderstood me. I never insuated that anyone was homosexual. Or Catholic. I meerly meant to say that I thought Kyle and Carlton were yin and yang. And did a poor job in doing so.

    • Valerie

      I hear what your saying Kitty Mamma. Even though I belong to the group that thinks both newbies should be given a second season, I’m gonna try and explain why someone like a Brandi will always be invited back to these shows, but not a Joyce. Because deep down if everyone is telling the truth, the only thing that is truly unforgivable is a boring person. I can see forgiving a murderer, a liar, a thief, but give me a boring person and I want to hang myself. (I’m not saying that’s Joyce, but in some people’s opinions, it is) Shallow? Maybe, but it’s the truth. The reason I love this blog is because I love me some scandal, as it’s the opposite of boring. Again, I do think Joyce should get another year, but I don’t think doing this show did her any favors. I will say I was most disgusted with Yolanda this season and I wish she wouldn’t come back, but she completely bores me, and I don’t have time for that anymore. Hope this helps Kitty Mamma (I just love saying Kitty Mamma) and doesn’t make me look like a shallow bitch. Oh well I’ve heard worse.

      • Kitty Mamma

        @ Valerie: I agree with you 100%. I see why they keep bringing Brandi back (although I genuinely worry about her). I would hate to see Joyce degrade herself to the likes of these girls. I’d rather they cut her loose. Oh, and re: my posting name: Kitty Mamma, you made me Lol. Thanks!

  18. donna

    Welp, I still won’t watch! I will still rely on Recaps! Because, I’ve always said, “AS LONG AS BRANDI STAYS? I WILL BOT WATCH!” So thanks for the recaps!

  19. jakies mom

    @Kitty’s mama

    The bottom line is your statements were just bullsh*t and have no basis in fact. Kinda like Brandi. Her friends supposedly tell her things too which aren’t true.

    • ECA

      I know Yolanda’s health has been bad and it obviously has changed her ability to cope with this show. But DANG I want to hate her guts with how she acts!!! It’s becoming more and more difficult to just pass ALL of her behavior on her health.

    • Kitty Mamma

      @ Jakie’s mom: why are my comments bullshit? I will gladly conceed to your authority. What are your credentials? Opinion does not an expert make.

  20. Tp

    I really can’t stand Yolanda! Like Lisa , she doesn’t take responsibility for anything she says or does that’s offensive or rude. And if the others call her out she just lies and very arrogantly taunts the accuser. In the first season she acted like she was better than the others but this season she took it to a new level! Not only does she totally overreact to everything and insist that the smallest problems are made into a federal case right then and there, she’s rude and dismissive to anyone who disagrees with her .i mean, hearts on the place cards and referring to them as the “dream team” ? Come on! Yet she actually tried to say it wasn’t on purpose. And accused Joyce of being childish? She is just weird to me and she just doesn’t gel with the group. And I really don’t care that David Foster is a legit songwriter and the only truly professionally respected one of the bunch. He’s arrogant and when he’s in the room, it’s all me, me, me. It grossed me out to see Yolanda kiss his a** sooo much. It was kinda pathetic. Yolanda acts as if they’re all in the presence of The Lord when her husband enters the room and as if everyone should act accordingly , as she does. Uhg! Barf! Yolanda just acts weird . She seems mean, arrogant, totally awkward, she’s catty, she overreacts to the dumbest things and was all around just a pain in the a** to watch.
    I don’t know why everyone is giving Kim such a hard time tho. I actually liked her this season. This cast needs her cookiness (sp?) sometimes. Lisa def does dismiss her and doesn’t take her seriously. Kim isn’t incredibly wealthy and she doesn’t have a husband which makes her less important than a fly to Lisa IMO. I can’t blame Kim for being frustrated with Lisa.
    One thing I’ll say about Lisa even tho I love her anyway.. She can dish it out but absolutely can not take it. And she’s calculating but every woman on the show is doing the same thing and they know it!
    I took kyle’s side watching the episodes with the exception of the cat story and killing the bee. But after watching the reunion, I kinda changed my mind. Kyle was a real b to her on the reunion and she did keep picking that nerve about religion. Although, I don’t get the Wicca thing either and didn’t enjoy any of Carlton’s story lines.
    Brandi is very, very insecure and as soon as she suspected that Lisa was backing away even a little bit, whether true or imagined, she lashed out and went for the jugular and immediately tried to suck up to Kyle in doing so. And even tho I found Joyce a little annoying too, it’s obvious that Brandi wasn’t comfortable having a younger , more beautiful woman to compete with. She was awful to her. Joyce did stand her ground tho, and I liked her for that.
    IMO I think that Kim, Kyle, Lisa and Brandi should stay and possibly Joyce. Have 5 and keep Joyce or add one new cast member but def do not keep Yolanda. She’s just not fun to watch and she just got too nasty and mean this season. And she didn’t do one thing to make me like her, all bad

  21. jan williams

    i dont plan on watching any of the rhwo anywhere.totally sick of the whole fake set-ups.i am really sick of yolanda,brandi,kim,nene,kenya.its sad how these women are so jealous of the beautiful joyce.she was a happy sweet person and didnt fit into their drama.lisa will always be the queen,love her and ken.i think these shows have run out their shelf boring same drama,same type people different friends and family so bored with
    the drama and fighting.its just not entertaining anymore.
    funny that they are sending two of the most hated of b.h. to help the failing
    hags of new york.

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